The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1955 · Page 41
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 41

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1955
Page 41
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A short and to-the-point business meeting is always a problem in women's clubs. We gals cer- lainly get off on a tangent easily. Now. Grace has to plead guilty 1o contributing to the delinquency of a business meeting for it's many a train of thought I've derailed at club meeting. 'I've often wondered h liw the 'minutes would sound if the secretary wrote down a really accurate report of the meeting. If she wrote down everything that went on it might go something like the following. It's an • xagcrated version and it wouldn't happen in any of the club; you and I bHemg t'j Or would 'it? ^ "The President called the November meeting of the Jolly Joint is Women's Club to order", the real minutes rniiiht start "Fifteen men-be: s ie-ponded to roil call." In reality. Madame Chairman was fif'ei n minutes late, her-flf and when she got there- she had to pound l 'o;- navel for another ten minutes in order to yet the uo;r<>n to -top \-ak- \\\n:\ ! .;',!; enough foi ii"i t . b. h",i:d. • * m When Mrs Lena Gulch's name was called on the roll, somebody reported her ill. So there was ten minutes of lively di--cu-sion on whethe; or not Mi- Gulch cou!<! po..--.:h!v iv pregnant :ii_'ain. Mr- l.'.n-y I.ock'tt wa:; ab-ent ;.!-" SI-.- c.,!i!dn't iv-i a b .by sitter Naturally the club mem- li'-rs had t « t:ilk about t>;e un- ri-li.ibil-tv "f bat>y -i!.t"i- and >:x ladle, gave detail--!) a'-i-'-jnts o! !•-.••;:• V la- ~ ,:i t":,t d<-p.,i :::;enV • * * "The minutes of the las} pre- Vi"U- iv-'.-ting wen- ;o;ri and approve,;", .-ays ti'.e \'.'ri!'--;i TI. p-nt of th." ni"etinir. ljut i! wasn't leailv 'bat ea-v. Mrs Auathn K.II [5 •;;,•..! >he did not .-•"< orui the :n:xi-d :-,u!-- •,vit!; the lunch, as •••po;'ed b->- the -"rretaiv l! wa. c Li.vie T://. I. •//:<• Tr// : iv.i- An::i«- .-Vvi"-:. v.-r.o :-t..-ji!v .i'-n-.-i :t Mr- A:r.b-: eh-'mctly ;.-n.- !nbe:/-d that she- ma-.le l!.o ir,"!;-'!! to <'. -rate fitly cent- to the h.une for -:ck cat'? and that -):»< r.adn't n'h<?rw;.;e op.-ne:! her mouth nil af'. rn- on. Then Mrs Harp -poke up. She guo-sevl she did '.ec'ind the motio'n after all. So trv minutes of the pievious meeting wen.- approved as read. • * • ;• -... «i , "The Treasurer reported STTiS in the S-.cial Fund: S2.18 in the I'.i-nevo-i-nt Fund and 62c in the GiPetsng Card Fund. .Dues in :.'-,e arroi:;-.: of Jl "iO were collert- ' i" >..;-' !''• :r.i:ixite-; \V'-;.i! actll- il!\' 'r ;,p; n'lu-.i wa- '.' ..' M',- Geo. S'V!'-. .'r w,i.. bii--y iha'.'.mg to Mrs T'-:-!, J'-n-->. Sr .-.nd -i.e -ini i-, -'' e ;i-,k'-l ! , have it read over. Mrs Smith. Jr. then objected to the amount in the Greeting Card Fund. She told the group that she had had Tonsilitis for three whole days ;-.nd nobody sent her a card from the Club. If they were that careful about who they sent cards too, said Mrs Smith, they should have lots of money left. At the word Tonsilitis. Annie Amber perked up : . Her boy, Alphonse harl been having Tonsiitis. too •ind she wondered what did Mrs Smith. Jr. do for it. Then the nros and con* of having your tonsils mit when you are a child wore discus.'-ccl and thirty more m'mites went by. Madame Chairman had to pound her gavel and veil for order again. * * • Then, according to- the secretary's report. "The President apked if there was any unfinished business." What business there might have been is still unfinished for it was at that moment tin* I aura Luscious arrived w-aririi; her new fur coat. She wa-; late, as usual. This divided the meeting into three m >ups. One was crowding around Laura, stroking the skin? of the coat and gushing about how beautiful it was. Another. less enthusiastic group w a s gathered over in the corner in- volvd In a low-toned conversation. Then- w;-s an opinion or two voiced in this (lathering that f Lr.ura'; husband. Harry would pay his bills. Laura wouldn't have that coat. There was also •: MV akin;: suspicion that Harry playing around a bit and 'id h"iu:!it the coat as a peace ..ffe.-ing' I:i all probability, this ;ioiip concluded, the coat wasn't mink at all. merely dyed rabbit. The third uroup consisted of Madam" Chairman. Mrs Secretary and the Treasurer. They iworc filming up how much j Lain,- Luscious owed the club i in baek dues. I » * * | "New business consisted of a ! M; '.it n by Mr- Ti//ie Li// that i the club ladie:- hold a Christmas i party for the husbands. Mrs Agatha Earp seconded the motion i <• Santa Claus, Annio Amber 1old of what her boy did on Halloween and like an atomic chain reaction there were forty-seven tales about offspring. Plus three reports about how mael iClra Arthur Armitridge, an absent club member, is always getting at her husband. * « * "There being no further business, the meeting adjourned", says the report. Don't you believe it. There was more business conducted after the meeting ww closed than there was during the official session. The club voted on flowers far Mrs Abernathy, decided on committees and place for the Christmas party and switched the next regular meeting to Mrs Jones' house because Annie Amber was going to have company. Light refreshments followed— Chicken Salad, Hot Rolls, Jam and Marmalade, Pickles and Olives. Pumpkin Pie, Whipped Cream, Ceif- fee and assorted mints and nuts. The rest of the time was spent in social conversation. The whole- club meeting only took six hour? and forty minutes! * • • At pur house this week we are enjoying two gifts from generous readers. The first is a jar of Amber Jam from Mrs Jim Butler of Whitlemore and it is really delicious. Mrs Butler wem the' recipe contest with this jam a while back and it was the first chance we had to sample it. • • • The other gift was both practical and beautiful. Carrie Durant made up a box of vegetables from her garden and brought them down to u.s. The:e were, beets, carrots, squash, pumpkin, radishes and a much appreciated pot of growing parsley. Miss Durant is an artist as well a.s a gardener and they were arranged so beautifully we hated to break up the picture to eat the vegetables. * * • From last week's recipe contest I have a wonderful collection of cookie recipes. There' have been several phone calls from readers who said they would like to see lots more eif the cookie recipc-s in print because the holiday season is coming up. So here's a couple of them that nearly won in the contest. The recipe for Princess Gem.-: THESE WOMEN! By <f Alessto "Weeks and weeks of conniving to get him interested in me — and then, I lose my inlerest in HIM!'" mixture. Add nil IF ,'iivl citron i last. Chill. Jf the ciouuh is allowed to ripen for several d;|ys before rollrng out. the flavor an'i texture- are somewhat improved. Roll out about 'i inch thick and cut th" six.c of a playing card. Hake at about :',50 d"- grocs. Ice; with colored ji.-mg or sugar gla/o. To make suyar s'la:-"..' dilute, a little powdeiod sugar with .just enough water to make it the consistency of cream. Cover the lop <j[ thf cookies. Let ripen several weeks. —GRACE. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1955 A!gbnt» (to.) Upper DeS Moines— 3 old j Boohrn nt the Rtandnrd Oil Co. of Mason Cit.y. Moth H'/c ainduates of the Titonka Co~Op Buys Oil Firm, Whittemore comes from Mr.- Frank Sterling of Algona. 1 cup shortening '-2 cup butter 2 tsp. powdered ammonium carbonate 2 cups sugar 2';.' cups sifted ail-purpose flout 1 cup ;;!,ieddfrj coconut Cream t.jgeth'.: the shortening and butter, add the ammonium carbonate and sugi-ir gi actually, creaming well. Add fleiur a little at a time, then coconut. Use more coconut 'f , v " u 1'ke. Form into small balls about '•'• t inch in diameter, bvtween hands Place on e.-onkic sheet. 1 inch apart and bake ;r. 325 degree oven for 20 minutes until lightly browned. Be careful lest they ;;e* too brown. Roll m confectioner* sugar wliile warm. Yield 9 dov.en. Thi- ammonium caibon- ate turned up m an >t v ier recipe in the conte.-t. You it at a drug store—-ab-.iir. 25,- w,,rth will m;.!:" .-; veral batches and if it's .n .u.'ups pound it to powder. Mrs S'',!.n^ warn- against breathing '/.'• iunies from the powder. This holiday cookie, Braunes •.L-. bkuehen comes from Mrs R. H. "Borchardl of Fenton. 2/".\ cups hon'.-y J cup sugar !/'•! cup butter 1 egg '_• tsp. salt I/',' t up water 4 i -.;;.)- cake flour I t - ;i. -oda 1 t: p. cinnamon :' •'• ' M» chopped nuts 1 /.> cup chopped citron Boil siuar, honey and buttei t-'ue'.her fi.'r five minutes. Cool. B".-it eutis and add to water. Mix and ,-iit til'.- flour, soda, salt and | .-;):•'•-. the sifted dry m- I L. e'i.-.-n's alternately with the -!.q-.;.d in.urc'di-.-nt.s to the honey Amy Fisher Of Titonka Wed To Spirit Lake Man Tilonka — Good Hope Lutheran church was the setting Saturday evening. Oct. 15. for the beautiful autumn wedding of Amy Fisher, daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Fisher and John Boehm. son of Mr Jack Boehm of Spirit Lake'. The processional aisle through which the.' bridal party passed to the altar was lighted by cathedral candles on tall standards. Maurice? Sathoff and Reginald Sehutjer served as altar boys, and lighter! the candles. Rev. B. II. Schwerin perfornled the double ring ceremony m the presence of 350 guests. Entering the church with her father, who gave her in marriage, the bride appeared in an exquisitely designed gown of imported hand clipper] chantilly lace and nylon tulle over bridal satin. fashioned with a fitted bosrnie bodice, buttoned snugly down the buck to a lowered waistline- with tiny buttons. The sweetheart neckline was fashioned with intricate handclipped lace medal- ions appliqued on the sheer tulle. Slender fitted sleeves came to a point of the hands. The very billowing skirt of luce of tulle and satin, was worn of hoops and cnmahn's cascading back into a full circular cathedral length train. The tiered overskirt of lace swept into wide points in front and back. Completing her bridal costume was a fingertip veil of silk illusion net. cascading from a tiered lace shell hall. The veil was the same veil worn by the bride's mother 27 years ago. The bi id"'s only jeweli '• c;v,;;.-. a ;;:Tt '.,!' the f-ar.'ie.i a white oM-hul (rimmed w;lh M"phan;,U.-- on a whi'c bibl.e. Solving a.- maid of honor w.i; Mi - Joan Johnson, irieir.l of the bnd(-. The bridesn-a-ds w. i-r- Mi Donald I.),-,;iin.-in. M-.-. [Jon Fans. Mrs ,It.i. ep'n Kuh and Mrs Bob Davis. | .In t pi-reeding the bride to tlv i Whittemore — At a special altar was Mary Fi/her. eon/in of i meeting of the Whittemore Cotin- bride who v.-:,-: tin- t'lower i Op- rativc Elevator Company Kill. Cecil Welhous: n, cousin of i >,t Id by stockholders, Oct. if. the groom was riiiL 1 ')' an r. ; :u"inhr-rs voted to purchase _ PreeedmiMho co.i nio-y Harris' : Mike's Service Company. The SoiinenburLi rani; ",Ie--.'is 1 / ad : fn-Op will take possession Nov. Th-o." accompanied by M;:-s Jan-! 1. The late Mike B"sch started el Paxton. Mason Cily. who play-i in F'-nion with the Rural Ser- etl the traditional wi-ddnn; | vie" Co. and for the past two During the ceremony Mr Sornv M-i ve,i,-s he became the sole own°r btirc also satii; while the couple | ',,f hi.; own bulk tanks and hand- knelt at the altar. ; I, H | I'SulUps «(> products. U.-h"rs were J.-ur.e.-: Sehni"d-i rv liP to the death of her hlis- ' or, Mankato. Minn.. ,,nd Ronald band. Mr• Besch felt that she was un.ibi" to continue the firm. The FJ'-vatnt Company expects to put on two trucks to expand and Krouse. Des Mo; proom as best man was Rus.-'el Fisher, brother of Ihe hi ide. Groomsman included H e r m a n j '-mi'!" bu-iness through the W"lhou.;er,. consm of the uiootn. elevator office. Harold Bide. V; i lyn Tjarks. and | .. Is M. P. Graduate CAMP GORDON, GA Armv Pir.k and white pri-donurat'd at the r..-'-';oij Ivld in the church < .,, parlor-. C.-ntering th" bnd.-.d table was a four !ie;vd W. ddin-.; cake crowned with a small wr< ath of •Ah;te iriun;:--. H< v. B. If. S. hwrrin >• rv. d • s masti r of <-.-] omonies T' i -n II. S'l.'ward. whose wife. Joan, lives at 'i!7 S. Dodge, Al^ona. recently was graduated fr->;n tiu- Military Police Training ("'i ;i!'-r at Camp Gordon. Ga. He :•• a -on of Airs Homer Sabin, Bur'.. Mi,-- Alie Lar- biide, saris' Miss Sylv;;i Van H.ive hart f hari 1 .'.- of tlv- L'o'--t i;ook. Misses Carol Cailson, Sharon F.d- ei; an i Mi - V.'ili-'u \V.-lhou^-n | as'-ist-'d with the mfts. j ServiriL' tlie '.veddinj table wer" i j Mr.- LeRoy Ph'-lus ar.d Mrs Paul I'n:;a. Mi- F.lcanor N'arth and M;s P. H. Bjorkciuist poured while Mrs Ever, tt Sleper and Mrs Paul Kahlstorf served the W(-d- ding cake. Waitress'.-:-; wer" Misa-s Carolin-- Van Hove, Bt v-.-rlv Sleeker. Diane Hex,v.-r anr! Mu:i--l Sehut- jer. Th" v.'Minen serving in the j kitchen -.v--r- Mrs L'.-i'-r Callios. Mrs Sylvan Hanna. Mrs Loren '' Hans. Mrs Dan Wubbcn. Mis! _,. . •••ii Geomo Je,,e and Mr, Geo Alke. ChOrleS Miller Alt', r th" weddit;:; trip to th" „„„__ «.,, Fq .Black Hills the- couple will be at ! RUSCO SALES j home t.,-t ,-.f Titonka. Mr Boehm i Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. will con'mile his v.-oik at the (Display al 116 So. Dodge, Algonn Farmers Elevator Co. and Mrs VSV/J//VS/WMSMSSJWM/MSMMS/MM/SMM, RUSCO WINDOWS GALVANIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and comfort than any other combination window ! RUSCO DOOR HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly to the beauty of your home ! and motion carried", the repost reads. But really, the Christmas party was discussed hardly at all. At the word, Christmas, Mrs Tom Jonas, Sr. told about her nevor-fail recipe .^ for fruit cake and the other members had 1o take it down: Mrs Sarah Stirpot said she had a better recipe for Christmas Fruit cake only it was made with brandy There was a little buzzing among some of the member?. Seems they thought . alcoholic l.v.-vr: age ;:u:. C! ti:a B.inmair about the cute have no place in cook- istmas re-minded Ber- hter said about K A party in a package! Elsie-molds of Borden's ice , and sherbet package of 4— at most dealers So easy...just pop out to serve 9 4 aay individual molds of Borden's luscious velvety ice cream, topped with glistening fruit sherbet! 9 Delicious conversation-pieces for any sort of party. And imagine how >ount'su % rs will lo\e them any time! • Inexpensive, yet so very festive. Be first in your crowd • to serve brand-new Elsie-molds! Only your Borden deafer has new Elsie-molds! Mtnm, Tastes Even Defter! Take a look at Pan-0-Gold's new picture wrapper at your grocer's. See how GOOD! Carry a loaf home and you'll agre^-it's even better than it looks. Smell how GOOD *n fragrant! Feel how GOOD 'n fresh! Taste how GOOD 'n delicious \ Yes, get yourself a GOOD bread buy. Get Pan-0-Gold today! -0-GOLD BREAD in the Yellow Wrapper

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