The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 30, 1922 · Page 16
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 16

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Tuesday, May 30, 1922
Page 16
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A Reminder-- Do you remember the good meals you used to get in our former restaurant across from the Claypool Hotel? We are serving the same high-class food in our new restaurant at a price you will not mind paying. STEGEMEIER'S CAFE BASEMENT OCCIDENTAL BUILDING O P K N 0 A. M. TO 1 A. .M. TRIAL SET TOMORROW Judge Anderson to Try Clinton (Ind.) Defendant for^lleged Whisky Operations. .Judge A. P. A n d e r s o n In Federal court tomorrow will hear the t r i a l of "Rig Jim" Oirrern of Clinton. Ind.. and twen- t y othj-r defendants, said to have been lemberi or a K l g a n t l c "whisky ring" of which "Big J i m " Is alleged to have been the leader. Three have pleaded guilty, I n c l u d i n g William Davte, Wll- lam S m i t h and Fred Hatfleld. all of Indianapolis. According to Homer Elliott. Jnlted States district a t t o r n e y , other defendant? involved in the case are ex- eot»d to c-hange t h e i r pitas tomorrow, n i n e t e e n of the defendants have been arrested. Mr. Elllolt said t h a t f o u r defendants, ho had entered pleas of not guilty when arraixneVl May s. had changed their pleas to guilty. The four defendants are Dennis Shea and Rimer Niece I of Terre Haute, charged with violation of the nations! prohibition law; Naomi Cochrane of Indianapolis, charged with violation of the n a t i o n a l banking laws; and Jesse Clark of rvntenary. near Clinton, charged with violation" of the national prohibition law. Try Cites Friday. Shea snd Nlec» were scheduled on the Federal court calendar to be tried Thursday. The Corhrane girl via to have been given a h e a r i n g - J u n e B. Clark's trial was set for June 8. George N. Cass of-Cumberland, Ind.. formerly In charge of the special delivery boys at the Indianapolis post- office, charged with padding the pay rolls of the delivery boys to the exten of about $1,200 and taking- the, mone for his own use, will be tried Friday Oorbett Graves and William Fix of Am »la. Tnd., will also b% tried for viola Jon of the postal laws. Morris Barton of Hammond. Tnd charged with displaying stills In hi second-hand furniture store and havlni stills In his possession, will be triei Saturday. Your Savings are not only safe here, hut p a r n i n K an attractive rate of interest. Ask us about opening an account. $1.00 Starts It Farmers Trust Company 130 East Market Street I WALK 2 SQUARES 8*T* * dollar OK your THE PANTS STORE CO. I Storei Full of P»it». 4s Weit Ohio St. 114 E»»t Oklo St. RACE RESULTS TO BE BROADCAST BY RADIO FIRST TIME W h e n rrAndmother Mimtt to T l U l t , trh.T nnt perpetuale the event with * rh»r- CONTESTANTS GAIN VOTES All but One Opponent Report* Favorable Recount of Primary Ballot!. G a i n s in all contests except that for justice of the, peace, last night marked tile end of the fourth day of r e c o u n t i n g primary ballots at t h e Instigation of five candidates, defeated for n o m i n a - tion by their party opponents. Judge W. TV. Thornton, c o n t e s t i n g the nomination of James M. Leathers for judge of Superior court, Room 1. was claiming a net gain of sixteen -votes. Mr. Leathers acknowledged t h a t his claim of a net gain of ten had received a setback. Sidney S. Miller, whose n o m i n a i i o n for judge of Superior court. Room :! is being contested by J. Fred Masters, made a net gain of t h i r t y - t w o votes yesterday, according to unofficial reports. Masters's official election figure is said to have decreased. Reports Vote Gain. Thomas I* Dexter, colored, defeated for the Republican nomination for state representative, ? ald that he had made a net gain of n i n e t y - t h r e e votes. Th*eleventh representative elected ii onlv fifty-four votes ahead of h i m it «as reported. Henry M. Cochrane. contesting the nomination of John I,. Puval for county treasurer, asserted thst he experts to i nave a net gain of approximately 5,12 votes at conclusion of the recount nnrt ! in defaced ballots which will he taken ' before .the board of county commission- ; William K. Henderson, colored contesting the Justice of the peace nomination, failed to increase his votes durlne yesterday's recount. It was rVport»d The lowest of the five successful candidates Is said to have made a nrt *nln of twenty-eight votes in sixty-two pre- oincts. The consolidated recount commission advanced to the Third word yes- Circuit Judge Harry O. Chamberlin has Indicated he will sustain a motion In w.vS. "^S the rec , ount w ° precincts in wards where only one. poll signed the ballots, it was Star-Hatfield Stadio Installs Special Wire to Obtain Announcements. fir the first time in the history nf the great motor car classic at the gpesd- way. the official results are to ;ie sent out today to thousands of interested fans throughout the country by radio from The Star-Hatfleid broadcasting studio, while Interesting race news and comment will be sent f r o m time to time during the Intervals by tho .Vews-Ayres-Ham- Illon (WLK) studios, so that the radio fans can keep in constant touch with the progress and events of the race. The Star-Hatneld CVVOH) studio has Installed a special wire direct into tho judges' stand, o\er which the official bulletins will he flashed into the studio for broadcasting at various periods. This studio has also Installed a huge six-foot megaphone, twenty-eight inches across at Its outer edRc. t h n i u g h which music by the l,000-pie( r. band at the Speedway w i l l he broadcast to the fans previous lo the actual start of the, race. The special wire was given its official tryout y e s t e r d a y and proved to be in surprisingly g-jod condition. A n n o u n c e m e n t ! Plainl.y H e a r d . , A t t a c h e d in th« hii(re megaphone and connec/ed w i t h a t e l e p h o n e at the studio end it brought into the broadcasting rooms the chugging and snorting of t h e cnjrines in 1)19 big racing- cars, which were being given t h e i r final tryout. In a way which marie Ha listeners t h i n k they were a c t u a l l y on the spot, w h i l e announcements and even ordinary conversation at the Speedway, six miles away, wer^ phiinly audible. The program for the WOH racing service today, as announced last night. ' EXPERT TALKS ON ADVERTISING John L dough Gives Pointers at Weekly Luncheon of Rotary Club. "Back of the failure of any advertising campaign there i» a reason," declared J o h n U Clougn of the dough Advertising Agency, who spoke, before the Rotary Club at its meeting- in tho Riley re-cm of the Claypool hotel yesterday noon, "and usually It can bi assigned to one of the following causes: "A misconception of the power of advertising and a failure to recognize its '.nutations; i at -k of vision; oven-nthusi- Wedding Rings of Platinum T HE platinum we use is of very fine quality, with the alloy correctly proportioned to jrive strength without causing the disappointing darkening with age. The slim, dainty bands are exquisitely carved in symbolic designs--tiny wreaths, little sprigs of orange blossoms, or miniature wedding bells. The delicacy and beauty of the hand workmanship make our prices appear surprisingly moderate, $22.00 up to $325.00 Ringi made to order in your ovm^esiam, $25.00 «j. Charles Mayer Company 89-81 W. Washington Street. "GIFTS SINCJ5 1»40" · IROTTO MEMBERS WHOOP IT UP AT MIDNIGHT FROLIC Pun and then some more fun." th slogan adopted by the Sahara Grott for Its midnight theater party at Loew' «tate last nlglit, antly describes th ·how. There were fifteen acts of vaude vllle. cabaret entertainment, motioi pictures and surprise stunt* on the pro rann. Mayor Shank-was billed an on headljners, hut was unable ti At midnight a l u n c h wa of the attend. served. Iris Myers, 4-year-old d a u g h t e r ·ed My«rs. was thf youngest per orm " of aonirs. 1Ulckly h !,,,,, , mmeil « te ""' mor » valuable, and m , wiimii f"TM 1 " , 0 t w i l l , lack of porsintence or p*ttA««- c«feru in t h e fundamental pSr r V x *?K".»°. n , ln ', he wcrlln * »' 'hi ·«- v m s e m e n t ; misrepresentation or den"" " lf« Name That Count*. The t a l k by Mr. Ciough was given In accordance w i t h the club's pUn of having the Individual member discuss his own business field. Charles Rhodes editor of the Indiana Farmers' Guide also spoke. in^tlL ratier : ot "« advertisement "It's «x«ctly Ilk* (he signature on a 000 or 0 ", 11 n0te ' " mSy "" W0r 'h »"«·- 000 or it may not be copper TM P L .1 ».*.. ,!.-, TI BO i iijT! j'-"ujiftec L per mer. She sang "I Am the Daughte Pirate Kidd." and several othe ilts. Al Hoffmelster and Simmle Henderson, blackface entertainers, pre sented "The Boys Behind the Voice.' and were roundly applauded. During the showing of "Sahara Plies the Trowel," a motion picture reeor of various activities of the Grotto Wed«»en's Irresistible Five, a jazz orchestra, played a program of popular and classical numbers, Other Act* on Program. Other acts Included Richard Davenport, a Terre Haute youngster, who sang a number of clever Jazz selections, Bert -lyindsey. illustrated song leader, Bobbie Stevens, in Indian dances; Charles'.!. Maly. magician; Minette and Riddle, two Indianapolis boys, dubbed "Kings of the Accordion;" George W Kadel and Emll Selrtel, leader of the Loew's State orchestra, in songs and piano numbers; Fred Myers, stories and songs: Al Leane, in soft shoe dances and jigs, and Janice Jones, in songa Th» program closed with the singing of 'Tount I h e Days." written by Jack Tlison, a member of the orchestra of the Colonial theater. The Grotto band and about 300 members will attend the national convention of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, J u n e 27. 28 and 29. in the trl-clties. Rock Island and Moiine, 111.. arM-Davenport, la. The proceeds of the frolic will be used In defraying the expenses of the band on the trip. POLICE EAVESDROP ON PHONE, ARREST 2 UNDER DRY ACT may not be worth depending nn , h e Mmf of which signs the advertisement. The Is as follo Nine o'clock a. m. to 9:16, official e n t r y list and car numbers; 9-J." lo 9:4"). music from fh* 1.000-plf-oe hand a t the S p e w l u a y ; 9.=4) to 10 o ' r l o f k , the i i n r u p arul a c t u a l si art of t h p biff racing cars; 10:10 to 10.4? vari- f " i s i t e m s of rav* n p w i and p\r*ntj on th* Krom 10 4S to 10:55 t h e first oiT/rja! h u l j f f n j f l or. th«? profiT^ss nf the race will p f - n t o u r . Prnm n.1 t o 1 .iiO i h e r - f w i l l br a n o t h e r broadcasting of the nfTl'-ial s t a n d i n g of th* 1 various r o n - t r - s t a m n . anrl a t 4 p m thp official r e s u l t s of tho big: e v e n t will be sent out In d e t a i l . e n . h e farmer who p l a n t s wheat in the fall anrf harvests it in July ,, f t R r.T^ a 7fr W '; h th * ma " who u "«"- ! i P, V gh us * of »*vertlsln»,to'e*- tabllsh a reputation and a. fund of rood will t h a t represents money to him -(Many promisinr advertisinf plans (iron by he wayside because the ad- e a vert ser like the steamboat In Lincoln's story, has a thirty-horsepower whistle u \ t w e "ty-horsepower boiler and when he a t t e m p t s to blow the whistle the engine and t h e . steamboat stop. Slowly-Growing Success "Bex" "It caji not be too rreatly emphasized that in a majority of cases, success In. the advertising- field is a matte* of slow growth. This is not' a disadvantage to the advertiser; on the contrary It Is the one big element which makes for permanent success. Translated to terms of business. It simply means an outlet secured for a product through persistent - mo*t sub- advertiser GOODRICH LEAVES LONDON ON RETURN TRIP TO RUSSIA f.O.VDO.V. May 29. - Ex-Governor Goodrich of I n d i a n a , l e f t London t o d a y for Moscow t o investigate Russian h a r v-Pt prospi-rts. Edfrar Richard and " a l t e r T.yman Brown. European directors of t h e American rrliof administra- .. 'ion. and nirli-tlan A. Hi-rter. secretary flcialiy last'"niri,V "-riT" report ? d l m o f - ! t(1 Herbert Hoover, will follow Mr w». I y0 w In'S'lh TM e , 8h5 ,. Precincts. It Goodrich w i t h i n a week. Thev expect th. . .. nf 'J' e ! '" l r a v p l I h r o u s h o i i t the Volga vallev clerk ] Candidates contesting' the nominations. Judgeship : x h c r p the j people. A R. A is f e e d i n g S.OOn.ODO DIAMONDS Graduation Presents There is nothing more suitable than diamonds. No matter how email ft is It is always appreciated and carries with It not o . u l y sentiment, but real value that does not diminish. J. P. Mullally . Diamond Merchant DIAMONDS, intrinsic Worth as Well as Beauty men! Bc.auIy in m o u n t - ing a« well as Q u a 1 uy irt-Njhfi stonp has markSd )»r d i a m o n d en- gafrrTMent r i n g s for .v?arF. Y o u r h r i d p - to - bo will s l w a s bp proud of t h e r i n c t h a t y o u bu.(' from us. L. S. Ayres Co. ·*'rrrt Floor A.\D IT. advertising- constitutes the stantial asset -which the possesses." More than thirty members of the club will accompany the orairnlzation's base- b a l l - t e a m ta Bluffton Friday, where t h e y will play the Bluffton Rotary nine They expect to charter a special car George T. Ogden and C. M. Benson, both of Kokomo, Ind., who are appearing at the Circle theater this week, gave a musical program, U. S. AGENTS TODAY TO ENFORCE LICENSE MEASURE FOR TAXIS Receiving » "tip" regarding th» Me t the telephone for liquor transaction?. ·»pt. Tuck And Seryt. WInkler plugged n on the telephone of Edivard Hill, M N'orth Addison avenue, yesterday, and. t i» esld. heard Albert Smith, colored hop a.t the Hotel English, order a lalf pint for a customer. When Smith went to deliver the mule, both he and HIU were arrested on blind tijrer charges. Ten alleged tiger operators were flned in City court yesterday. They are Walter Trlbby, 4S6 South New Jersey street, $150; Ixivel Wal»ar, M2 Church street, *1SO; Mary Jameson, 113) North Senate avanue, $100. Ora, Magson, 510 Cincinnati street, $100; Mary Manfrede, J100. Manuel Kennedy. 707 Indiana avenue, (100; Roila Dempsey, «2fl Blake street, $50; James Garv'in, B24 North Senate avenue, $50; Daniel Meyers, 629 Blake street, SBO; Oscar Kivett, Noblesville. $50. Kivett -was fined $100 for carrying concealed weapons. SPBAY CLOTHES WITH SOA1-. A device to spray r l o t h e n w i t h A Hoap solution has been invented to makt home w a s h i n g naafer. Revenue agents from the office of M. Bert Thurman, collector of internal revenue of Indiana, will be among those present today at the. 500-mile automobile classic, but most of them will have their eyes not on tffe rsce but violators of the i n t e r n a l revenue law. which calls for Federal license to operate taxis or ".jitneys," All automobile owners w h o . contemplate usinp their automobiles for carrying passengers for pay to the .Speedway fir t h » d a y only w l j l b P required to "kick in." Mr. ThurWn Has decrep.d, to Uncle Sam's cnffer? to t h e f x t ^ n f of al least $1.6*i. w h i c h 'will '·over t h p fee for May and .Tune. The a n n u a l Federal tax for ta.iis amounts to $10 m t h e cases of seven-passenger axirars and J20 a year for busses with i capacltv of more t h a n seven passengers. A 25 per cent p e n a l t y will be im- liused In addition to the tax if drivers ail to l a k e out the required license. FIND COIN, NO LIQUOR. ROME. Ga.--Dallas Grimes, a negro, .11(1 not buy any silk shirts or throw noney to the winds when the world war on and people acted like money was ROMINGER SAYS HE FELT FORCE Released Prisoner in VanBriggle Case Starts Cross- Corrvplaint. Compelled, he asserts, to indorse a J5.9SO note of the defunct Van-Briggle Manufacturing Company, Henry S. Rominger. ex-Tndlanapotls wholesale grocer recently paroled from a Federal Penitentiary, yeeterday filed a cross petition in a suit on trial in Superior court. Room 6, declaring that the. plain-j tiffs. Frank and John Bowers of Fowl- j er, Ind.. threatened him with violence and arrest unless he met their demands.] Trial of .the suit Is the outgrowth of alleged irregularities of the Insolvent firm preceding bankruptcy In 1920. Ltlburn H. VanBriggle, an executive of the concern who is serving five years in a Federal prison, executed the note In payment of a debt. It was found on the company's records subsequent to receivership. Rominger, at that time president of the Indianapolis Fancy Grocery Company, was also treasurer of the Van- Briggle firm. The Bowerses, to whom the debt was owed, it was said, learned of Illicit activities of the company and called a meeting at which Rominger asserts he was intimidated. Planned Factory. Through fear of exposure and incidental notoriety, Rominger declared, he signed the note, but not until the Boweres revealed they .knew the' firm nVd perpetrated s. scheme to liquidate its capital stock. Rominger later pleaded guilty to charges of misrepresentation and was sentenced to eighteen month* in the Federal penitentiary at Atlanta, Ga. Van- Brlggle wns committed to the Federal prison at Leavenworth, Kas. Frank and John Bowers, In answer to Romlnger's charges yesterday, asserted a meeting was called at which Rominger and VanBrigfle agreed to purchase the Bowers Manufacturing Company at r'owler, Ind., and to subsequently organize and Incorporate what would be oiown as the VanBrtggle Manufactur- ng Company. VanBrigfle, Rominger, Joseph F. ^hepard, Iflrlch Z. Wiley, Lemuel Shipman, John Hawkins and the two Bow- erses attended the meeting, the bill «al«. during negotiations, according to the answer, a conference was held at which an agreement was reached to extend .he maturing date of the $6,950 note, ilnety days. Rominger. who waa at hat time considered wealthy, willingly signed the note, the petition said. The Bowerses are asking the court for i«;800 judgment against Rominger and anBriggIe, $600 of which is attorney ees. A jury was selected yesterday morning to hear the 'testimony which will be resumed at 9 o'clock- Wednes- lay morning. Rominger It 72 years old and was laroled after serving six months of ils sentence. Several prominent citizens of Indianapolia are said to have een instrumental In obtaining. his re- ease. RINK'S ^ERSONAL EXPENSE OF $1,600.04 IN RACE PAID BY BEVERIDGE I. O. P. Senatorial Nominee Filet Itemized List With Clerk. Albert J. Beverldge, Republican-nom- nee for United States senator, made ersonal expenditures amounting to 1,600.04 In waging his primary cam- according to an itemized state- lent filed- yesterday in the office of he county clerk. Mr. Beveridge'a disbursements were venly apportioned a-s follows: Multi- j raph speeches, postage and stationery, ·nailing out special articles, subscrip- ons to newspapers, salaries and travel- e expenses, which included hotels and raneportation. Henry A, Roberta, Republican candl- ate for clerk of'the Supreme and Ap- :llate courts, · expended $1,134 during la primary campaign. Thornt Judge W. W. ton, defeated for enominatlon for Judge of Superior ourt. Room 1, disbursed $1,297.07, In aking 'his race. Arthur C. Renlck, epublican candidate for county aud- or, spent $1,555.50. Other Candidates' Expenses- Others filing were: Republicans -- C. L. Hoglc, county Council, Second district, no expense; Harry K. Miller, assessor, $3*75; John J. Griffith; county surveyor, $133.91 ; Louis J. Pahls, assessor "Washington township, $27.75 1 J. F. Ake, county councilman at large, $10.50; John W. Quill, precinct commltteeman, no expense: Frank Broi, constable, $26.50; r. L,. Corners, state representative, $10; ilobert N. Pulton, juvenile judge, $509.25; James D. Cavanaugh, county recorder, $90; Thomas L. Dexter, colored, state representative', $94.95. Iemocri,ts-- J. -H. Scajilan, justice of the peace, no expense; Jacob L. Stein- mets, juvenile Judge, $18.32; C. H. Schilling, assessor. $«.50: Thomas M. MoCormiok, sheriff. $84.50: Joseph P. Turk, representative in Congress, Seventh district, $1T5.»S. ,, Wednesday! we are selling 500 HATS Worth $5 to $10 at only Garden Hats Sport Hats Dress Hats BeHerelGetYburs! Third Floor Do Mast Everything With Electricity Use electrical " a p p l i - ances for greater convenience, orderliness and elimination of discomfort. Come to our store and let us demonstrate how thoroughly, how comfortably and how conveniently all our appliances work -- with no health taxing endeavors. Everything you want -- electric fans, wash-, ing machines, i r o n s , mangles, vacuum cleaners, toasters, percolators and other electric necessities. Indianapolis Light and Heat Co. 48 Monument Place ·heaja. He saved his llscovered the extent pennies. Police of his savings when they scorched -his premises for Iquor and found Instead a jug contaln- ng L'.SOO pennies. The negro told them be burled the jug of pennies in his back yard during the w a r with the idea that it might be useful 'later on. He had just dug it up, he told the raiders fearing «""« one would dlicover iti hiding place. ANDERSON Among the prominent speaker? on the program for the twenty-seventh annual convention of the National Association of Credit Men. which meets In Indianapolis next week, will be Sydney A. Anderson, representative in Congress from Minnesota and chairman of the joint commission of agricultural Inquiry. Mr. Anderson will speak at the rrlday morning. June 9. session in t,oews State theater on the subject. "Financing the Farm." He is recognized as »n orator of tinusflal a-hillty and has heen identified closely with the movement of legislation for the benefit of agriculture. More than 3,000 persons are expected to corns to Indianapolis for tie convention. is "fir will examine your they cut sawtbitktir .TKWELER t*-4» K. IIXINOM «T. "A teste you can't f o r g e t . Dove Brand Hams and Bacon." Wt Own and Occupy MI Entin Building - 0» rBONl rOR CATALOA. ud North «.. Pk. MAI. tU HE- torn* 34, 38 and 8S N, PemuylTiuiU St. Come in Wednesday and see Our new "Young Brothers'* "NEW YORKER" Straw Hat 8 Store Clotei Today -- Memorial Day We Cook Twice Today _ LUNCH AND DINNER Come (town «ff at the hot pavement »nd e.t rour Innch and dinner In » cool, enjoj-»bl» atmosphere--When the- food U dflicloualj cooked and temptingly served. Chicken Gnmb* S o u p . . , , , . , , . . . .JOo Consomme loo Baked Whltefish 300 Jumbo Frog Leo With Tartar Sauce s.v Pork Tenderloin, Stuffed 550 Baked Virginia Ram With Current Jelly 350 Fried Chicken With Dressing 40o Aweetbreadl, a la King 2flj' Beef Tongue and Spinach 20c KAHN BUILDING CAFEYERIA Basement /KahnBuiMino Washington Meridian St. Watch the Gateway TM? TM? U J£J? , th L* atewa y l ° the b «ly. »nd whe treatment, I h»ve long doubted the assertion that Meth could b 8 eitraoted piln- JtMljt. but by »ptu»l Mtperlonee I *ra now convinced thst it Is being done eyerr a»y »t Th« P«ople'« Duntisu. Toun, MRS. EDWARD HOBBY. 1906 Roosevelt St. "Tan c«n par n I »m glad to Hv« you usi my narnt to recommend your method of «- traconr. All or my teeth wero removed painlessly in your office, and I am piMlni th« word to my fr end.. Touri truly. c. F. LOVETT 3720 Ruckle St. work prtcrMMi." THE PEOPLE'S DENTISTS SundBjr, » a. n . t« 12 ro. »6 WEST WASHINGTON 8TBKKT. 6 ** on SAVINGS and PAID-UP CERTIFCAtES **·£»"' ·! ***"'* OTW ...... .............. *a,*oo,ooo.o» ·uu.iD.ft. ' Contingent or Slnktag Fnnd Surplus. $168,000,0* n TBAJtB OMl AND KZTIB FAID LESS MAX « VM CBKI. HW DUMud* Xitm»t Am Ftdtnl heenw, Xu. Union National Savingi Loan Association Ind., 114 M.rcb»t. Buk BAM. OB WHIMS ypB LAST BTATEHBKT AlfD FtllX PAKTIOITLAH* Electrical Chandeliers Eight beautifully arranged display rooms and hundreds of samples to choose from. N Factory and Office Lighting a Specialty. Hatf ield Electric Company MAin 0123 102 South Meridian Street Beautify Your Home With Ferns and Flowers IN HANGING BASKETS, PORCH and WINDOW BOXES Flowers greatly increase the outward charm of your' horns and make it look cool and ln- ·viting. Dry, -hot ledges of windows or porches art transformed with banks of -greenery and blossoms at little cost Our low prices will Burpriee you. A. Wiegand's Sons Co. 1810-I6JO North HUn«li KAndolph WB7, Aut« 41-4M. Try a "Lifetime" Pen Ask about our three-day trial offer of this remark! · able writing instrument, with Its point tipped'~with iridium, the hardest substance known, and guaran- "* ' teed forever. Besides Its indestructible point it has ' a score of other virtues. " ' . ' , - , ' The H. Lieber Go. « INVALIDS ASK FOR Hor lick's feOrigiaal Avoid Imitation* **Sub*titutu fartaftatt, DmSili«d antrimCMMm i «"-"f- -- " r i t i n l n i i t i i i t !· Th Oridul Food-Drink For All AIM I "- *'JJ -i-"-··r"-ln« - trlnrtHli MAin 5555 111* irorth.UUnol*. Morton Hotel Rates $1,$ 1.25, $1.50 Per Day Large room with bath, facing Soldiers' and Sailor*' Momunrot, 9B.0 per 3*7. Special rate by the week. H. 8. GRAVES, Hft MAIM LINCOLN ^fe^^^^^^^^ Ct.**»mmm 'i i y I A t lEWSPAPERI lEWSPAPERl

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