Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 12, 1901 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1901
Page 8
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: OAEX.AKD TRIBUNEr AUGUST 12. 1C01 BOWEM , GO-: Our name on a label, is a seal of quality Quality never sacrificed for price Monday Tuesday Wednesday U n e eda , bi scu it Uneeda biscuits 3 days Uneedi milk biscuits 3 days Kennedy's oysterettes 3 days Zu Zu snaps 3 days taste them at the counter C o f fee Kona (Hawaiian) freshly roasted reg'Iy 25c lb pkge 05c 05c 05c 05c 20C B aeon Ferris'costs more-but reg'ly 22c lb 19c a r 1 n e s Royans with truffle and pickle a happy change 2 ;v .'- jar cans; 25c reg "y 15 can Cats u p Our bottling natural and sweet reg'ly 20c bottle 15c B 1 1 o u 1 1 1 o n Anker beef tea caosules- easily made reg'ly 30c box of 10 -Pi n e a p p 1 25c Singapore -Sliced 'Kg'ly whole " 20c 25c 25c 15 c 20 c 22C 25C S a 1 a d dressi Sierra Madre ; reg'ly 30c bottle. Corn and Succotash Sea foam best Maine i cans 25c reg'ly 15c can dozen $1 4c Porte r a 1-e White label Bass' a!e Guinness' porter-reg'ly $2 25 and $2 Whisk e y Reg'ly Specia' Old Crow bourbon 1803 bottle $1 25 ?r gallon 5 Hermitage Rye 1894 bottle gallon 1 25 5 o c k t 1 a 1 Imperial 6 kinds Ready to use reg'ly $j 25 bot 90c 65 c i t s 40c R e is 1 i Mountain white wine reg'ly $1 gallon Candied n g r u French glace' including pine apple fritters reg'ly 50c lb Toilet ammonia Lavender violet for thebath yrr reg'ly 30c bottle . At o I asses For ginger bread New Orleans r rC reg'ly 75c gallon :.. ' JJW T o i 1 e t p a Belvidere-extra-12000 sheets reg'ly $150 P e r $1 IC T o i 1 01 let s o a P 5c Colgate's Turkish bath reg'ly 60c doz W a t e r p Fiber reg'ly 40c Dust pan and a 1 1 s 3oc brush Steel edge reg'ly 25c floor dusting brush reg'ly 35c 20c 25c Send postal foz August Catalog 432 Pine 32 Sutter 1800 California San Francisco Thirteenth and Clay streets Oakland MELROSE SCHOOL IS ; NEARING COMPLETION ." MELROSE, "Aug. 12-The new shcool at Melrcne Is rapidly Hearing completion. The building when completed wi'l be a handsome structure. It ia situated on rising ground which givea a srod view of the surrounding coun try. ' . I ARCHiTCCTSBUiLPER . .' , , OM f S AVENUE . 1 row OApwf , V - . LI M PA VISTA TERRACE The" handsome house shown above is ia course of construction o 1 Moss Avenue, adjoining the residence of E. A. Heron and David McKay and oppesite C. B. (paM and G. L. Belcher. On the first floor are main hali,; reception room, living room and dining room, besides kitchen, pmtries, servant's room and laundry. "I The second floor contains four large bedrooms, besides batb loom and! closets, and on the, third floor is a spacious attic. The interior architectural, features ire the deep bay window in the living room and the beamed teiling and the combined mantel and sideboard, extending entirely acjoss one side of the dining room. The lot is 50 feet front and afford a handsome terrace to the street. .Tt The house is being built in the most substantial manner and the property can be purchased at a very moderate price and, if desired, on monthly payments. I r HERON HOLCOMB, io6o'Bfoachvay DPEIIItIG DAY 4T UrilVERSiTY, Hundreds of Students Arrive- on the Morning ; Trains. ' BERKELET,' Aug. 12. Hundreds of students arrived on. the incoming trains today to Te present at the opening day of the-fan term at the University of Cl - if ornia. 'Today .marked the commence- ment of three days of entrance examina - tions. Next Wednesday and Thursday mem bers of the faculty will keep office hours. Thursday will be registration day and on i-ridayi Instructions for upper classmen will begin, Next: Monday the 4-eeults of the'exami- natioIs -will be :announced, .- Tjie indications are ''that the enrolling -freshmen class will be an unusually largo-one. berkeley:schools OPENED TODAY. BERKELEY : Aug. 12-. The.-grammar and commercial departments " of the public schools opened today.: The new High . School building will not be completed before September 1st, but an effort will be made to use .some of the rooms for classes on . August 19th. Rooms have een refurnished In the old High School building for the commercial department. The ninth grade will meet in the new High School. PERSONAL NOTES FROM WEST; BERKELEY WEST BERKELEY. Aug. 12. Mr." L. Eilett of Arizona, is the guest of Mi. and Mrs. T. Bauman of 2413 Eighth street. i Miss. Florence Wil3on has returned from. visit with relatives In Sacrai raonto. "-t - ' f . Mrs. HugTi Forgie has returned from nvernesa, where, Avhere ishe spent her vacation.. : Mrs. . George ' James of 906 Bristol street is the guest of Mrs. K. .Duarte of Pinole. - 1 ' : mer warren or .Uw Angeles has :en ip Jils residence at 2008 Eighth sticet. rl - Ruperft and Joseph Matty of?Bo3taii are th guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. Tl l:lsTrfp of 1029 Bancroft Way Mr. and Mrs. Williim T. Bishop of 1029 Bancroft Way, -will move this we;k to Pan Francisco, where Mr. Bishop Is ensraged in business. Mrs. F. Nelson t the guest of Mrs. A. Anderson Of 708 Channing way. Mrs. Thomas Turner of 1312 University' avenue is convalescing, after her repent serious illness. BERKELEY LETTER CARRIER IS BADLY INJURED BERKELEY, Aug. 12. 'Robert Welch, a letter, carrier lp -the local office was hadly Injured while going to work this morning. Hs was riding on his wheel and while attempting to turn out of 'the "way of a vehicle, collided with-a telephone pole at the corner of Francisco street and Shattuck avenue. Welch was rendered unconscious lay the blow and fell Unto the gutter where he lay prostrate and covered with b'.ood C- P. Davis wha happened to be passing in a wagon took Welch to his home at the corner of Walnut and Vine streets where he is now In the care of surgeons.; 1 Welch wheel was completely wracked through tbe impact with the pole. WILL BE PROBATED. , The will of Rebecca P. Wainwright, deceased, has been admitted to probate and betters testamentary granted - to John R. Glascock. The estate in California is valued at $6,050. The remainder of the estate is in Massachusetts, where 'Mrs. -Wainwright died. 1 - HOMESTEADS ' DECLARED. ; Madeiine B. Gomes has , declared a homestead on property in San Leandro, valued at $2,000. Lillie Clark has declared a homestead on property on Ellsworth street, near Dwightway, Berkeley, valued at $4,500. I Moss Ave., Linda Vista. SHHGE Was Louis Wanner III Treated at ' l the Ukiah Insane t ' Asylum. ' ' ALAMEDA, Aug. 12. When, the bodv of rmi. xirann , , ... --r j C"e Insane asylum at Ukiah. wftere he was.takeri only ashort time . ago, it bore Unmistakable siens of vi- oience naving been used. The left eye was quite dark and the right side, of tft- nead ani temple was.badiy bruised. TftO 41T - ... Jl . A - - - . .-. . . . j " ai'vaivi 10-. se DroKtn ana linger-marks off the i. throat-Were Still visible" where. b.e' had been choked. i'ThV certificate from Dr. E. W. King, Medical Superintendent of the asylum .showed" that death had been due to "mania. " r . ,. i ?t:. ?. A. number of the. dead man's friends .when they viewed the body were em phatic in the belief that Wanner had been ' Violently used. Sergeant Kamp of the police department, who first found Wanner on the ferryboat in a demented condition and brought him home, was of the opinion that the bruises were caused from the insane man falling and throwing himself around. ' '( . . . - Wanner was quite violent and before being taken away would throw up his arms and fall on Jiia back and the battered condition of the jaw and head was no doubt caused In that way. The funeral took place today at 2 p. m. from the undertaking oarlors of Smiler & Gallagher. 1 ..: DEATH OF MRS. HATCH AT HER ALAMEDA HOME ALAMEDA, Aug.. 12. Yesterday Mrs. Mary H. Hatch passed away at her home!. 1817 Everett street. She was a native Of Massachusetts, aged 93 years. ' ; She is survived by her daughters, Mrs. Main Adams, Miss Clara Hatch and Mrs. A. von Nott of San Francisco, Theo. Hatch of Boston and G. Hatch of . Saa Francisco. ( ' ' . ; Mrs. Hatch had been an invalid for a great many years. The f uneral will take place tomorrow at 10:30 A. M., from her late residence, 'and will ;be conducted by a spiritualist, Mrs. Hatch having been of that belief. . -; 4 MRS. MARY FUSION DIED IN A LAM ED A TO DAY ALAMEDA, . Aug. 12. This morning Mrs. Mary1 Y Fusion died at her home. r 1205 Nintn street. . -The deceased was a native of New York aged 66 years. ? She letves a husband, two sons,. Daniel and AlrmvC. Fusion,- and a sister, Mrs. D. L. Shed, all of this city. . AN ALAMEDA TEACHER r GOES BACK TO FRESNO ALAMEDA, Aug. 12. Mr. Olney, principal of the Fresno High school,' has returned to that city. - Mr. Qlney has been temporary teacher of mathematics in the local High school. His place wiil be taken by Miss White of Marysville. j . : f , -( DEMURRERS ARE FILED TO CONTEST OF WILL The defendants in the action brought by John Duffy and others to invalidate the will of Margaret O'Brien, deceased, have filed demurrers to the contest. It is alleged that the contest, is ambiguous' and that there is a misjoinder of brothers, nephews . and . nieces in the a jftlou and that their separate claims are not set forth.- - , " Mrs. O'Brien's estate is valued at about $ip,000. She left a large part of her estate to "religious institutions. The defendants in the contest are Daniel-J. Murphy, Mary A. Murphy, Mary Ann Kelly, Winnifred Gallagher and Executor James Kelly. HOT f-iETAL IllllSffi Richard Kelley of San Leandro . fleets Wlth'a Painful . . .. Accident SAN LEANDRO, Aug. 12. Richard Kelley, who has been, working for the Oakland Gas Company, "had the", misfortune have, a piece of bot metal get into his right eye a ' few ; weeks agoB ' ' Iwas hoped that .the. eye might be save,4, and he was under treatment for the same for some time. Last week it was decided to perform the Muni operation. The ' operation consists of removing the pupil and inserting a globei. - k . ' 'f . ' ; NOTES AND PERSONALS . ! -: ; FROM SAN LEAND30 SAN " LEANDRO, Aug. 12.-N. D. Simny has '9. 'cosiracC to erect a four-room cottage or Phjllp Borsi on Harlan street- " . . ' ' - J. R. Faulks has a contract toT build a house 3n Oakdale.. .V' 7 :; 1 v ii. J. Knaugh, who has for the past four months been employed Sn'the Southern Pacific shops at Oakland, is now doing the woodworking at Hopper's. : -W. W. Cunningham and wife .have returned from a visit to Marysville. ' J. Flynn and (family who pent two months in this place, left for -their home in San Francisco last week. . C.- H" Carroll formerly of the electric Car Ifhey ls mow" connected with the Recorder's department of ' Wella, Fargo & Company, at San Francisco. : ; ' Dr. McMurdo land Dr. Tormey removed a cataract from the right eye of Alphonse Thierry last week. Dr. K. B. Smtth arrived today from Mendocino -countv. - : VJ . null O.IJU CSf L'T't b WWC QH. V outing In the Blue Lakes country. J-ast week Cap'taln Hansen sent three carloads of horse beans to Chicago and two to New York. ' SAN LEANDRO MAN IS INJURED IN CONTRA COSTA SAN LEANDRO, Aug. 12,-tT. L. Tormey, a brother of Dr. Tormey of this place, recently .met with an accident while superintending the construction of a bridge in Contra Costa co.unty. A derrcik fell, striking Mr. Tormey, the blow throwing him to the creek bed, a distance of 25 feet. .His leg was broken by the fall. .. ; ., ; . FRUIT CANNERS RENT 4 SAN LEANDRO EVAPORATOR SAN LEANDRO, Aug. 12. Th California Fruit Canners' Association has rented the Bodwell Fruit Evaporator and it is rapidly being filled with pears. W - t HAS BEEN EMPLOYED BY, CONTRA COSTA COMPANY ' SAN "LEANDRO, 'Aug. 12. Sam Cle-land is spending the summer in Redwood Canyon; Where he ls employed as a oare taker- by the Contra Costa Water company. ?.r CHANGE MADE IN THE PAY DAY AT ELMHURST ELMHUR8T, Aug. 12 A change has been mad in" the time - of "paying th employes of the Oakland, San Leandro, and Haywards Eleotritf 4 Railway. Heretofore 'the , payments have been marje to cover from Monday to Sunday andy settlements made on jTuesday. Hereafter the accounts fwi'd run from Friday to Thursday both days included and pay day will either be Saturday or Monday, the exact day not yet having been determined upon. In the future the Khomnen will toe paid weekly instead of monthly as has formerly been the qustom. ' ' , .' ; " ELMHURST LODGE HAS , ELECTED ITS. DELEGATES - ' ELMHURST Aug. 12. --Conjanche Tribe No. 79 of this place will : send John Q Skelley, Philip Banbin. William F. Krlieger and M. S. Show as representatives ' of the lodge' to 'the great Council of the Improved Order of Red Men which will assemble in San Fran cisco tomorrow. . . ' .!. PERSONAL. NOTES" FROM " TOWN OF ELMHURST ELMHURST, , Aug. 1. Charles S. Alvord contemplates organizing a- ciri cle of Companions of the Forest in San Leandro. . '- i' John Toting, formerly of Elmhurst no-.V of 'Alameda - visited rrienas nere lajst week. 1 " NEW PETITION FOR THE . - ' TOWN OF FRUITVALE v-r; ' i -' FRUITVALE. Aug. 12.--Another DtS'h Schobr-petition 4s now in' circu lation and is rabidly 'bing filled. Some time .ago.. ?.a , petruon. w sot- ten .up .. and after, being flll-tt -wi th . the . roper nmber of eigna tition was gotten-p-and after-being fliipd with the proper number of signa tures it was rejected, by the . County Superintendent ; of ; Schools, , on the srmund that another petition was out and had been signed by many. WILL MANAGE. ESTATE. Henry- Gar.sherg has been appointed administrator of the $798 estate of Fred J. A. Gansberg, 'deceased.- . : .' .. -a f- ' ATTACHMENT RELEASED. Charles V. Manner has released n attachmenL'of $246.95 on property bn Twenty-third avnue, near Twenty- llrd ayhue. first street, x .. USE ALLEH'S FOOT-EASE. A powder (o behakea into tie shoe.. Yo'ir feet leel swollc jierTous sad hat, and jet tired huIt. Tf on h smart nr feet or liaht sboes. trr Allen's Foot-Ease U cool the Jeet and make walking ea v. Cures awoUen, swehtn g f et, inKrawtng pS Is. blister, sad cJlou spots. Kelievescirnit ad bunions of all pain and givrs rst nd"conifott. ;ry it to-day. otd by .l drurjriAtsand ho stores for tyic Trial pscksge FREE. Address, Allta S. Olmsted, Le Ro-, N. Y LIBRE LIEU il WARNED. Striking Teamsters Tell Work-men Not to Go to San t Francisco. v , - . -- - - -'r - j ' - ' . . LIVERMORE, Aug. 12 The follow ing circular Ls being distributed here: "NOTICE Teamsters ' eep away from San Francisco. Strike still on between the teamsters and employers. The, fnducements offered are fakes. Keep away f rom San Franckaco. "Lrotherhood of Teamsters.".: -jb.- . PERSONAL NOTES FROM TOWN OF LIVERMORE , LTVERMORE, ' 'Aug. 12. Wi . W. Wrisht and T. iJ. Knox paid a Visit to the vicinity of Midway yesterday to apm-aise the "estate of thelateT T. "E. Getchell. - r - - 1 . ' B. C - Ha wes, public administrator was in town on Thursday. 1 Socrates Huff of San Leandro en route to Sah Joaquin county, passed through town Friday. Supervisor Horner was in town Friday cn official business. , . The - Salvation Army after a. week of crowded meetings Ih as folded ita ttent and. left for Oakdale in quest of more converts. . y - LIVERMORE HAY. MAY V BE RUINED BY RAIN LIVERMORE, Aug. 12. The strike in San Francisco is having a bad effect ton the hay shipments not over half a dozen cars per. day leaving here. The hay warehouses have a large force at work storing Jiay. There appears to be ' a scarcity of presses and many rresses and many, farmeis are afraid they will be caught With rain (before they can get their product in the inark-et.y ' -r- , 1 -. HAY IS BURNED IN . , - , ' THE LIVERMORE FIELD LIVERMORE, AU. 12. Large quantities of., barley are toeing shipped to Oakland wharf and then, loaded on 'ft vessel destined to Nework. . A ffre in the field near AJtamont on Thursday destroyed a large Stock , of hiy owned by Havren and Skefrlck. The 1-ss was about 'JSOO and was fully inaured- !DS WAHTS A HEW STATION Residents Will Ask the Railroad j Managers to Make the Improvement. .. HAYWARDS. Aug. 12 With the dally Increasing shipments from this place ard the putting in of sidetracks which encroach on;, the .station, it is hoped by- many of -the-prominent citizens that the railroad; company will build a new sta tion.-: - k - -Niles and Decoto will have nef build ings shortly, and considering the extent of the local shipping a larger station is very much needed here.. , , ' ;., ', . Work will commence shortly on . the fruit track, which will greatly accommodate the cannery. The hay and grain shipments are steadily increasing as well as the fruit, ..which. is being turned. out at a lively rate at the cannery. .. iJ r' - . LIVELY RUNAWAY IN TOWN OF HAYWARDS HA Y WARDS, Aug. 12. A runaway Saturday caused considerable damage to a rubber tired buggy owned by J. GaHegos, thevwirie man of Mission San Jose. Mr. "Siairegos map .brought the rig , to this place to undergo some repairs. While the horse to which the buggy was attached was tied in front of Martin's wine cellar the animal became frightened and broke away. " With several quick lunges the hoise went completely through the harness, while the buggy . ran Into a tree. One wheel was badly broken. . HAYWARDS THE MAN KILLED IN MINES IN MONTANA HAYWARDS, Aug. 12, Several days ago word was received by telegram of the death of Jose R. Gomes, brother of Joseph and Antone Gomes of this place. The telegram stated that he had been killed in a mine near Butte. Mont. Joseph Gomes left Thursday for Butte to bring the remains home. :- LIVERMORE PLAYERS WILL MEET HAYWARDS BOYS HAYWARDS. Aug. 12. A baseball game is slated to take place at the athletic park on the 25th of this month. The game promises to be an interesting one. The match will be between the Howard Tailoring Company team of -Livexmore and the local team. - ' -. T HAYWARDS HIGH SCHOOL : MAKES" A GOOD SHOWING HAYWARDS. Aug. 12. With the opening of the local High school jthe class already numbers twenty-seven with several others yet to come. - ' Miss Lemos. Miss Florence De Canfp, Roy Merwin and Bayard Elmore will enter the University of California. .. DENIES DESERTION. Albert C. Wyber has demurred to the suit of Frances Wyber for a divorce. H admits that there is one child, but denies that he deserted his fwlfe 011 July 1. 130C. THREE MONThFOR VAGRANCY C. Darls was sentenced in Judge J. G. Quinn's court to serve three months in the coun nty jail for vagrancy. it- Mm GRANTED LETTERS. Public "Administrator"', B. C. Hawes has been granted letters on-the SS5 estate of Gearge-Mclnnis, deceased. . r ,;:-i" . r " 1 v Exhales from children as fragi ance from flowers. The little lips are always puckered to give or take a kiss. In homes where there are children, love reaches its fairest and sweetest proportions. In I childless homes the, kiss of wife and husband grows formal, and presently is neglected ; the springs of love in the heart become choked for want of use and exercise. Childlessness 11 great sorrow to many-women; It is like a curse from Nature, who bids all creatures to be fruitful' It is not a curse but a misfortune. Often the conditions which cause childlessness are removable. Dr. Pierce's Favorite -. Prescription has brought joy to many a woman oy giving her the , happiness of motherhood. It gives to the womanly organs vigor and vitality, removes loeel abstractions, and practically does away With the pains and pangs of maternity. There is no alcohol or narcotic in Favorite Prescription." I have never written yon how grateful l am to you for tout help in- seeming good health and one of the sweetest, dearest, thirteen pound girls that ever came Into a home," writes Mrs. M. Vastine, of 647 Sooth Liberty St., Galesbtirs;, HI. "I took six bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, four of the 'Golden Medical Discovery,' and four -vials of 'Pleasant Pellets." Before I had taken four bottles of the ' Favorite Prescription ' I - was a new woman. I cannot make pen describe my heart-felt gratitude." t " To keep the bowels regular use Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. IAL FROM PLEASftHTOH Country People Keep Going and Coming A Stove Explodes. v ';' PLEASANTON, Aug.- 12. - Miss .Bena Kojb has returned home from a visit to San Francisco. ' ' Mr, and Mrs. H. Arendt were recent visitors to San Francisco. C. B. Steane spent Wednesday In bay cities. :'- The office 'of the Beet Company been moved. A large shipment is th .has ex- pected from here ?urinj the year. ' r MOVED TO OAKLAND, Mr. Spur, the foreman of the Pleasan-ton sugar beet ranch, has moved to Oakland, where he w.'ll make his home. Mrs. ,E. M. Heller ,1s recovering from a serious illness. Will De Lopas, a young man employed In carrying milk, was thrown from a horse and seriously wounded.. HIs shoulder bone was broken and he sustained other Injuries of a serious nature. QUARANTINED THE PREMISES. Mr. : and -Mrs. Harry Abbot's children are sick with scarlet fever. Dr. Emerson of Centerville has. quarantined the premises. . - ; Archie Ayer of Sunol has moved to Palo Alto, where he will be employed as clerk in Fuller & Handerwort's store, Jack Stevenson of San Francisco spent Sunday at his father's home. .. Mr. Saunders, the tailor, : narrowly averted the destruction of his establishment by the explosion of a gasoline stove. ; , . ' ' ' ' NEWS NOTES FROM : , TOWN OF ALVARADO . ALVARADO. Aug. 12. MissV Edna Hlings of San Francisco spenti" Wednesday and Thursday' with Jude and Mrs. Richmond. V ; Mr. and Mrs. j. II. Ralph have returned from their camping trip. S. A. D. RuchananMs agaiiT in town, after spending a week In Shasta county. , Chas. W. Heyer has returned "to his home in San Francisco -after visiting a week"- with his sister, 'Mrs. Chas. R. Nauert. -- Mrs. E. Beebe is in Centerville witlT her mother, Mrs McCormick. . 8. S. Poorman Jr. of the city was in town last week. v ,: Mrs. George Harvey of 'Oakland is visiting relatives here. Mrs. Wm. Jamison of the metropolis is the guest of her mother, Mrs. H. Behrmann, at her home near town. Mrs. A. W. Lassen and Miss Clara Jackson are convalescing from their illness. . ' . . - Miss Elza Schmidt Is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Katy Ralph. Miss Alpha West ol San Jose -and Miss Alice Marlhy of San Lorenzo are the guests of Miss Oscarno. Nauert, Frank Caspar fell from a wagon load of hay last week and broke his arm. - , REV. MOBRAY. HEARD FROM, , v - ON HIS TRIP FRUIT VALF, . Aug. ..12.-Rev, Dr. lobrav has been heard from since he started on his-trip- to the East, The doctor reports having had a fine" triirf' which extended " tip Into Canada. .. - J GOLF PLAYERS WILL GO TO MjONTEREY. There will be a large golf tournament at Monterey from August i Ito .28 in elusive. Oakland will be represented by .tle following !men iind -women: Mrs Peter - E. Bowles, ,Mrs.-'t' H, Sher wood. Mrs. W. P. Johnson. Mrs. Fred Magce, Miss Marie-Dean, Miss Alice Knowles, ' Miss' 'Lucy. ;)Moffitt, Miss Dee Hooper, Charles P. Hubbard, Ores tea; Pierce, George iwheaton, Peter. E Bowles, Harry H. Sherwood, George W.'McNtar, Sr., Geor W. McNear, Jr.. It ."M.rFitzgeratd,-Af. Kales. 3eorgv firnwood.'K. -it. Fotartr. W. P. John jn F..- Stjwtton. H: M. A. iMillcrt George De Golia, SArthur Goodall, CaD tainCharjes IS. -AJoopau ana a urea Higgins. , - . ' - - - . - oBJEcfidM is MAOg;;" TO APPEALED CONTEST. y- - jr. Mary Ann Cunniff and Celia Agnes PERSUt DIES B;(ATSGIIIfjS(l Co.: 10 Third St., San Francisco - Talk of thb Town Our SHOE OFFERINGS ladies' Shoes Broken Lines of Ladies' Shoes BUTTOII AHD LACE Taa ndi black kid, cloth and kid top v sewed . and turned aoles. These shoes arc runt, some of the world's best shoe producers, and comprise the lollowinjjj sizes : Ak 3 to CtUtos and 6 to s , ,1 A H o 8 , ' V jfjio 4 and 5 to 6 " B i to 8 H llptQ 4-and 6 10 8 We Do Not Guarantee to Fill Mail Orders on- these Shoes. Button and Lace Shoes for ;v the Little Ones. We have placed together such Makers of children's shoes as Laird Scbober, J. & T, Cousins and Ma Ion ey Bros., in tan and Mack kid and patent leather, cloth and kid tops, hand-turned soles and spring heels, composed of the follow?ng 'sizes :...,:- '', .- . .. A 5 to 8 C 6to8 ;': 11. B s to 8 : ; , i 7,i to 8 RemeinberWe Adrertlse Facts. i- Wt lnf ab braoch stores nor . - i. traveling saleMnen. . Philadelphia Shoe Co. 10 THIRD STREET San Francisco. ' Cunriiflf have filed an opposition to the appeal)taken from the order denying- . 1 . .HH 's T T7, n tmm - - uiciKHMDit ui xvusa r . cumuli a iam-ily allowance from the estate of Frank D... Cunniff, who committed suicide' while ari;Inmate of an insane asylum. Rosa T. Cunniff 'claimed to be a widow of Frank D.' Cunniff. The court found that 'she - had never been legally married to Cunniff, and her application for a . share of -his estate was denied. Shortly; afterward Rosa Cunniff died. Her executors are now appealing the case.-' ':' The appeal is objected to on - the ground that, the defendants were not allowed to Hie amendments to the io-posed bill of exceptions on the appeal. . . ' - JljbGMENT SATISFIED. j Arthur , P. Holland has released & judgment of fTO against V. P. Mitchefs. It Dazzles the World. No Discovery in medk-Ine has ever created one-quarter of the excitement that has been caused toy Dr. Kin.tt's New Discovery for; Consumption. Its severest testa have teen on " hopeless-- vlctlma of Corisumption, Pneumonia, Hemorrhage, Pleurisy and Brcrchlti3, thousands of whom .it has restoied to oerfect hnnlth-. Fsvef, HocrsentsH anl "WTiooping Cough it -is the quickest, surest cure in th worId.-lt is sold ty Osgood Bros,. .Sev enth a-nd Broadway, who gnarantee satisfaction or refund money. Large bottles 5Cc and $1.00... Tiial bottles free. , - WEATHER AND BUTTER f . . ... A - 5 Are very -closely allied. Unless butter be of the purest quality and made under the most healthy and cleanly con-. dltions it is apt to bear unpleasant tes timony to the fact that these are hot days. Our .products stand all tests. OAKLAND CREAM DEPOT. v ; 4- . - The Rapid Safety Filter. Indorsed by the Board of Health of New York city. Leased only; $L50 per month arid upwards. F. M. Owen, resident manager, 135? Broadway. Phone Cedar 412. . - ' . Cutter's Place la eool. restful and sv rendezvous tor old triends nd good liquors. 473 Ninth street. ABSOLUTE - . . . ' . ' - . ECURITV. Genuine Carter's Little Liver PiUs. r Must Bear Signature of fee RscSImlle Wrappsr Beiew. Tsar sail umA mm mmmy -t take m smjar. ! FCS REAIACKL res timxut. res Biusssszsi. : FCSTCZFiaUYU. res c:T(PATi:a. res ijlubw siis. res txCSpixx::3 wt2U I rioMor tsiWuisytWA ,CURE ?1C)C HEADACHE.5; ( 'CAIirER'S PIIAO.

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