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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
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Saturday, April 6, 1901
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SATURDAY JBVEOTNQ, OAKLAND TRIBUNE. APRIL 5. 1901 EASTER MUSIC if ft'?. Fine Programs are Arranged for Sun- ' day Services. :. s p. Below will be found the musical' pro- grams which are to be rendered in the various churches of this city tomorrow I at the' -Easter services both in the j looming and evening, it will be no- .tieed that, while many of the selec-j tions are familiar, there are not a few that" are fresh and new and which are j; known to be both beautiful and ar- tisMc: P 1 i St. John's Episcopal. I The music at St. John's Church, cor-'-ner of Eighth and Grove streets, Easter fi'will be highly festal in character. At the -high celebration of the Holy Fuji charist at 11 a. m., the music will .be I rBTidprPfl bv the full vested choir- of !;! fortv men and boys. Berthold Tours' K I full communion .service in C will be p sung, with solos by Louis Merwin, bas-t; so, and W. M. Smith, tenor. .The-or- pan will be augmented: by an orelies- 'tra of-rings, consisting- of Messrs. f Frank Kendall. first violin: Joseph Kendall, second violin; Eugene Colby, 1 Vida and J. J. Bruenn, cello; John de F. Teller, organist and director of music. '' . In the evening a.t 7:30 o'clock the ser-vfo will ronsist of choral even sons. -Master Kalph Armitage, one of the boy soprano soioijhs oi ine cnoir win muk Handel's "Angels Ever Bright and Fair." The following Is the full order of service: . , ' Prelude.. .. .. .....i. Raff Cavatina arranged for two vlo-' Hns and organ by F. J. Smith. Processional Hymn 110, "Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain.".. ..Sir Arthur Sullivan Introit Hymn 112 "Jesus Christ is Risen Today." Dr. Morgan "Kyrie Eieison" J.-H. A. Hall Sequence Hymn 121 "Alleluia, the Strife Is O'er." Palestrina "Gloriai.Tibl" in C Berthold Tours "Credo'1 in C .....Berthold Tours "Hymn J16 "Angels Roll the Kock Away." -C r. woper Sermon,. - ' Rev. M. N. Ray. Offertory Anthems: (a) "Wny Seek Ye "the Living Among the Dead??- ..E. A. Clare Sursum (ora" (b) "This is the day",. Jj. .. Arthur Keteby "Sanctus"..'! ,. ...Cantus Solemnis "Sanctus" In C Berthold Tours "Benedictus Qual Venit" in C ... .. . L ...... : .'Berthold Tours ! "Agnus Dei" in C Berthold Tours .' "Gloria in Excelsis" in F..Sir J. Stalner j tenor Solo "0 Salutaris Hostia".. r "Nunc Dimittis" (chant) .. ..J. Barnby j Hymn for Solemn Procession 397 j "Ancient Plain.". . J Festival "Te teum" in F (song).J t .. .. .. .. .. .. .Berthold Tours 1 Retrocessional ' Hymn 118 "At the ' Lamb's High Feast We ;Sing" ;.s J. Roismmullen ' i . . . i - ' " "i ' ? i ' - j Tenth ,Avenue Baptist. i The morning exercises at the Tenth avenue Baptist Church, Rey. C. H. 'Hill, pastor, will be as follows: , , t Organ- Prelude "Festival Fanta- 1 sia".. .. i. Tschirch i 'Why Seek Te the Living Among I thf nead?-' .....Warren "Christ Our Passover" .SchneckerJ "The Resurrection".. .. .. ..'..Shelley ( "Crown Him With Many Crowns" j; .. " ; .Brackett )' The "evPnin? program will be as fol-j lows: Organ Prelude "Sonata," Alle-1 erro Moderato.' ...Volckmar ."He Lives, the Folds of Death Give f Way.".. . ;"They Have .......... VV. I II IlllUlil-l Taken Away My ; Lord.":. ...Harrington '("Christ Our PassrSver" j .Schilling Organ Postlude "Grand i Chorus".. I; Guilmant The choir consists 6f 40 voices with , the following principals: O. M. Ves-iper director; Miss Ida Fording, organ-list; Solo Quartet: Soprano. Mrs. Min- .. ;TiIe Kempy Henderson: alto. Miss Eth-;el Bates: .tenor. Charles A. Katzen-jbach; basso, Alfred C. Read. j St Andrew's Episcopal. The program of St. Andrew's Epis-' copal Church, corner of Ninth and Cy- -fpress streets. Rev. J. A. O'Mara, rec. 'tor is as follows: ; . I Processional .Hymn 109.. , Chant. "Christ Our Passover-".. Rudd f"Te Deum" .. v.Kotschmar I "Jubilate".. .. Allen Hymn 113 ' Anthem "Hosannah" '..Jules Grainer I "Sanctus" .c3..... ..Camidge .-"Benedictus"., .. .. t OK"f 1 j "Gloria in Excelsis" (old chant).. -i;"Nune Dimittis" ... ..Twiles SRetrocesptonal. Hymn 454, - St. Paul's Episcopal. I The following music-will be rendered by the full vested choir of 40 voices I at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Four-I teenth and Harrison streets In the morning: . , '. Prelude. Melody, "Song- Without ' Words" .. .. ....Guilmant f Processional. Hymn 109, "Welcome, Happy Morning.".. .. .. Calkin ! Easter. Chant.-143.. i "Glorlii Patri," 143 Crotch Crotch "Te Deum in D..;.. " J.. Parry ! "Introit," 118.. ..... i "At- the' Lamb's High "Feast we Sing.".. Elvey "Kyrie,".. j Woodward ! Hymn 116 "Angels, Roll the-Rock Away."., ., x..... ....... Roper Offertory,-1 "Fear Not-Ye, O Israel." .... ....-. Buck , ' E. D. Crandall. "Presentation1 of Alms," 89.. .. .-. . "Sanctus.'.'.: WotfcTward "Agnua-Dei." .. .......Woodward "Gloria In, Excelsis." 439.... "Christ, Ahe Lord, Is Riseq Today." .. ..,..........Mosart Postlude-"Marcia Religiosa.. fPerelli In the - evening the blowing 1 will be rendered: . - - ' ' - Prelude. - Hymns op 37, No; J.". ..Fielita Processional. HWAngels, Roll' the Rock Aw;ay.",. .. ...Roper "Gloria Patri," Nares "Magnificat.".. ... .'. West "Nunc Diromitis.". Hymn US.... West "At the Lamb's Hltrh Feast ".. ..Elvey Offertor "Hossanah." .. .. ....Granier Miss Gretchen Bennett. "Presentation of Alms," US... . Baritone Solo "Resurrection" .... - .. V- ....Shelley T , Otto Wedemeyer. Chorus "Come. See . the Place .. v.-"Where Jesun Lay." ........Parker Contralto Solo, "The King of Glory" THE CHURCHES -OF- - a: Local Pastors ? 1 Preach on I Willt the Resurrection, ? a .. '. Coombs Mrs. Cecilia Decker Cox. Chorus "Worthy Is the Lamb" from "Messiah." Handel Retrocessional, 403, "O Mother Dear Jerusalem." :...Ward Postlude, "Festival March Guilmam The organist is Mr. Arthur T. Flck-enscher and . the choirmaster, Edwin Dunbar Crandall. First English Lutheran. The morning features in the- First English Lutheran church will be as follows: Organ Prelude, Moderato Anthem, "He Is Risen".. Liturgical, service, with ..Schumann . .. ..Lerman responses. Scripture I reading. Hymn 239. Prayer. Hymn 39S. - Sermon. Offerings. Organ Offertory, "O Lord" .. Rest In the . Mendelssohn Anthem, "The Love . of Christ" ....... Emerson Hymn 261. Communion service; Hymn 14a. Benediction. Postlude, "Sacred Song" ..Beethoven The evening numbers are as follows: Organ Prelude, "Melody" Dassoigue Mehul Anthem, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" Williams Prayer. ' Anthem, ' "The Love of Christ'1- j" Emerson Violin Solo, Selected .. .John Ray Lewis Solo and Chorus, "Calvary".;. Rodney Hymns 241. Offerings. . Organ Offertory, "Evening Song" Isidor Seiss Soprano Solo, "Dawn of Hope," i i Krogmann Miss Julia Johnson. ; Anthem. "Angels Roll the Rock Away" ! ... Lerman Hymn 15. ! Anthem, "Crown Him Everlasting King" .. ..... . .Warren Hymrt 149. Benediction. Postlude, "Bouree" ........Bach The choiris as follows: Soprano Miss Julia Johnson, Miss Pauline Peterson, Mrs. Alice Leich-senring. Alto Mrs. William Kelly, Miss Minnie Peterson. ' Tenor Harry Crandall. - Bass George Flick, - John C. Walling. . ' ' Organist Leo R. Weil. Director John C. Walling. The choir will be assisted ! by John txny i,ewisr violin.; Union Street Presbyterian. At Union Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. D.-E. Potter. pastor, morning exercises will be. as follows: Organ Prelude, "Andante No. 11," L-Edouatd Batiste Anthem, "Come See the Place Where Jesu3 Lay" Wm. Reed Mrs. A. J. Bradley and choir. Offertory, "Easter". .Miss Lillie-E. -' ' i Cooper Anthem, ?'Who is This That ('ometh From Edom?".. .. C. M. Tebbs Choir. Postlude, "Gavotte"- (Duponj)..W. " J. Weisterhrook In the evening: - , j ; Organ Prelude, "Fantasle".;Omer ! Guirard Male Chorus, "Jesus Shall Reign" Ladies' Trio, "Hail to the Risen Lori" Gaul-Shepard Choir. Offertory, "We Would See Jesus" W. H. Ailing Miss Margaret Cooper and Choir Anthem. "Who is This that Com- eth?" Choir Postlude, "Marcia La Favorita" ' Donizetti The members of-the choir are as foP-low.s: Sopranos Mrs. A. J Bradley, Mrs. Wr. P. Ransom, Mrs. J. H. McKeen, Mrs. A. Aldrich, iMrs. C. -C. Borton, Miss M. Cooper, Miss Edna Cunard, Miss Edith Whitehead, Miss H. L. Crandall, -Miss V. I L. Hatfield. Altos Mrs. F. P. Howland. Miss Lillie E. Cooper, !Mjss Stella Mathie-son, Miss Effie Kiroll. Tenors S. V. Peacrh, J. E. Whitehead, F. Taylor, V. J. Oaks. Bassos J. M. Morrison, if. 11. Grib-ben, C C. Borton, A. J. Bradley. G-o. Pollitt is organist and W. S Oakes choir d Rector, j First Presbyterian. At the First Presbvterian 'fknwii the following are the selections for the morning: i N Organ prelude, i Anthem, "Hallelujah Christ is ,P msln"' .........Steane Tenor Solo, "Come Let Us Sing," Bartlett Anthem, 'Christ Our Passover".. Buck Soprano solo, "Came See the Place Where the Lard Lay" Barrett Anthem, "Christ is Risen Aikn Chorus, "Gloria", . ...Gounod's Cecilia Organ postlude. In the evenings Organ prelude. Chorus, "Hallelujah." "Mount, of Olives" .. Beethoven Soprano solo. "I Know ThaU 'My Redeemer Liveth'V... ...Handel Chorus, "As it Began to Dawn" t , , Elliott Contralto solo. "Easter Day"..Bearan Baritone solo-, "Hosannah".. ..Granier 'With cello obligato. f Soprano solo, "The Bells of Easter Day ,'r'" "." Dressier With violin obligato. i Chorus, "Unfold ye Portraits" . Redemption Organ prelude. Mrs. Carrie Brown Dexter, soprano; Mrs. Grace Morei Dickman. contralto; u. Algernon Aspland, tenor; W Clement. Rowlands, bass. These will be assisted by 'Mrs. Josephine Bayley soprano. . . The sextette, off strings will be as follows: yioHns, Alex Stewart, W. F. L r MISS Hibbard. Mr. Menden-Howard? Se,by: celI- Frak Prof. Dohrmann la Clement Rowlands choirmaster. First Congregational. The morning exercises at the First Congregational Church will be as follows: . . - ' ' p - -Organ prelude. " Alleluia'?.... .V..Loret "-". "The Lord: is Risen" j .. , - v. ' . .. Sullivan' THE CITY. i I 4 Evening Services XL Be Held in IVianv Churches. t Bass. solo; ."HOsannah" Soprano solo, "I Know Redeemer Liveth" Anthenjij "Credq" -., Postlude, "March for Festival" In the eveninsr: ..Granier That My ........Handel Gounod a Church . ..W. T. Best Prelude, "Allegro Yivace" ......Widor Anthem, "Very . Early in the Morning" .. Stevenson Anthem, "They Have Taken Away" " . ' ' Stainer Contralto solo. "Glory to God".Rotoli Anthem,. "Agnus Dei'" Widor Offertory, "Offertory for Easter Day" .. ....................... Batiste Soprano solo and Women's Chorus, "Remember Now;" . . . Massenet Anthem, "King All Glorious". Barnby Postlude, "Toccala" !.,: .....Dubois The soloists are: Mrs. Martin Schultz. Harry L. Taylor. Mrs. Carroll Nicholson, Thomas RIckard. The organis't and director is William B. King. ' Brooklyn Presbyterian j At the Brooklyn riesbyterlan the following will be the morning services: i "Hosar.ri.i.; - Offertory .. Mrs Dlnsley In the evening: , Organ prelude, "Pilgrim's Chorus"... ....... , Wagner Invocation, "The Lord s Prayer" t Paster and Choir. "Gloria Pslria." j ; Eastef psalm ' Prelate Evans ar.onsregation. , I 'Gloria in Excelsis." Scripture lessen, i Festivai Te Deum in E Flat.. Dudley Buck The Apostles' Creed. "Oiorla Patria." J , '' ' Prayer. , ' Hymn, "Coronation" Congregation. Offertory, "Guide Me, O Thou Gieat : Jehovah" ........... Male Chorus. j ; Address by the pastor. j i ; j Hymn, "Soldiers cf Christ, Arise'; j..... Congregation. j ; The Requiem. ' I Choir, Sir Knights and Congregation-Benediction. i . .-' Or era n pcstlude. ! The choir comprises the following mala chorus; Messrs. Alexander,. Summ?, Fra-eer, Kinard, Wallace, Rpy Morehouse, Fierspn Morehouse, Thayer, Lundv. Jas. and Robt. Sutherland. Dingley McKnlght. The solo quartet is as follows? Mrs. Dingley, alto; Richard Mould, tenor: Mrs Edith Norman KLcck, soprano; Av. J. Mc- Xnight, basso. .1 Centennial Presbyterian; At Centennial 1 Presbyterlm Chnwii ifi Will adrUtion to the special Eatter service atTflale; "Lifit Up Your Heads," Ogden; ii oeiocK tnere will be ihe installation of the new church officers and- receiDtion of members. -4 The pastor. Rev. C. R. Stone, will preach on "Christ, Risen for Our Justification." After the sermon the sacrament of the Lord's supper will be observed. The musical program 1s as follows: Organ, allegro Swift Doxology. "Holy, Holy" ........... Invocation, Anthem, "Death's Conqueror" Parks Scripture. . Duet, "Come, Let Us Seek the Lowly I Tomb'' ." ' I Miss Nettie Camp end Mrs. -Wood-I ' side. Offertory solo, "The: Easter Sunshine Breaks Again"..... Geo. A. MIctzke Miss Anderson. Sermon. Anthem, " Christ Our Passover"1. ..... P. A. Schnecker Organ, Andante Maestoso Homma The choir comprises the followirg: Soprano-Miss May B. Cruff, Miss -Nettie I. Camp, Miss Helene Anderson. Alto-Mrs. V codside, Miss Hazel Camp Miss Ethel Mills. Tenor C. Vose, M. A. Fowler, E. Robir.son. , H. Mills. Bass C. McClain, M. W ri r H v; 1 iI Bransford, L. v Miss lola G. Willlams'is organist North- Temescal Presbyterian. ; . . ' MORNING. .Voluntary. Dpxojgy, "Praise God From Whom All Blessings1 Flow.". i . Invocation. ' 4 Gloria Patri. " ; Anthem", "Consider the Lilies' Excel). (E. O. Hymn, "Welcome, Happy Morning," (Ellerton). ' ; : . . Scripture lesson. ? ." Anthem, "The M.agdal3ne" (George William Warren). Prayer. wsponse Offertory. 4)lo, Hope" (Krogmann). "The Dawn of Hymn, VI Know That, He Liveth." Sermon. " Prayer. !.-"' HymTi "O, Christ, the Lord of Heaven" (Ray Palmer). Benediction. EVENING. Voluntary. Hymn, "The New Song" (A.. F. Pier-son). . Anthem, ".Thanks Be to God (W. F Sudds). ' ' Scripture lesson. . ( Anthem, "Joyful Easter Tide" ( Bierly), " Prayer. ' Response. ' . . Offertory.' - Quartet,-"Rosehe" (Chas. H. Gabriel). Hymn, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" (Handel). . ' - .Sermon. ; Prayer ' . Hymn, O Christ, - Thou Jast Ascended" (Bickersteth). ' !' i Benediction. , St. Andrew's Episcopal. St. Andrew's Episcopal? Jjprj:h. coroner "Ninth and Cypress "ftrefets. "West Oak&hd Rev. J. A. O'Meara, D. D., jiastor. Easter, ISOl. Holy communion at 8 a. m. Sunday school at 9:45 a; m,-; Mominp -prayer . (w-rmon: . ana boly communion at 11 o'clock. Evening prayer. BiSStia&Trnnn at 7:30 p. m. .-Seats free. AH are cordially invited. r Golden Gate flE. Easter Sunday at Golden Gate M. E. Church will be observed at 6 a. ip., by a sunrise prayer meeting in church; at 11 a. m;, Easter -service, 'sermon by Rev. John; Coy le, D. D., followed ! by-holy' communion; at 7:45 p. m., a service of song by the Sunday school. Everyone is cordially invited to alii of thee services. ' Fruttvale Congregational. Fruitvale" Congregational Chapel Rev. H. B. Mowbray, pastor. 11 a. m., sermon, reception of members and the following numbers by the choir, Anson Hilton director, Miss Frances Ful$a orgrinlst: Organ Prelude Anthem, "The Easter Mcrn".. Marquis Gloria 'Plltri 4. ilyrnn, "Hark, Ten Thousand Harps" Soio, "Hosanna" ... .Grainer Mrs. Anson Hilton. Hymn, "pur Lord Is Risen" ........... Anthem, "They Have Taken Away My Lord" : StaineH Solo, "Callest Thou Thus, Oh Master" .. ... Mietzk'e Hymn, ;"I Love Thy 'Kingdom" .. Organ postlude At 7:30 p. m., praise service by chorus of male voices under direction of Mrs. Blake-Alversbn, Mrs. Alexander Glenn organist. - Organ prelude "Christ Our Lord Is Risen Today" ..'.....' Shelley Hymn, ; "Oh, Day of Joy and Gladness" "Sun of My Soul" . ....... "Lead Kindly Light" ........ "Christ Is Risen'' ............. Solo, :'Thy King" Burton F. Fletcher. "It is Well With My Soul".. Hymn, "Worthy the Lamb" . Solo, "The King" Mrs. Blake Alverson. Hymn, "Coronation" Organ" postlude , .Reyner . ..Dykes Morgan . Rodney SpofCord Rodney First Church cf Christ. First Church of Christ, Scientist At Loring Hall. Sunday at 11 a. rn. Sub ject, "Are Sin; Disease and DeathJ;( ( Real? Evening seryiee af 7:4o p. m.; Wednesday evening meeting at 7:45 p m. " - Latter Day Saints, f Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints Services held In California Hall, 1015 Clay street: Sunday school, 10:30 a. m.; preaching,' 11:45' a. m.; evening 'services, 7:45 -p. m. Elder Walter Jenson speaker; subject, "Baptism and Holy Ghost." Seats free; all are invited. Tenth Avenue Baptist. Tenth Avenue Baptist The pastorT Claiborne M. Hill, will preach. 11 a. m., "Christ's Message From the Resurrection Garden." 7:30 p. m., "Since Christ is Risen, What Then?" Special music both morning and evening by quartet and chorus of ' forty voices. Seats free. Fourth Congregational, c Fourth Congregational Church. Thirty-fourth and Adeline streets Pastor, Rev. Alfred Bayley. Morning, pastor will pre&cK Qn "The World's Mecca is Not the Burdened Cross but the Erripty Game." Evening, "The Ethics of Easter." The choir will sing the following "Praise the Lord," "Praise Ye the Lord." Scott; 'Resur- lection," a solo, Holden. First riethodist. At 7 a. m.v Easter sunrise prayer and praise service led by the assistant pastor. , - . At 11 a. m'.'Rev. EH McClish wii preach, '"The First Day in the ' Life of the Risen ChrjFt." At the morning service the following speciaF numbers will be rendered by toe choir: "Resurrection," Shelley; "Resurrexit," Tosti; "Life,'s; Resurrection Hour," Neidlin-ger. ' At 7:30 p. m. the scared cfintata. "FromSepvilchre to Throne, by Thorn- as. C Shepard, will be rendered by an augmented choir. . Dr. McClish -will be rendered; by an augmented choir. Dr. McClish; will give a short jujdress upon the "Relation of Music to Worship." j '.-..' Second Congregatioi J. W. Phillips, pastor, Morning, service at 11 A. M. Organ prelude, Pastcrele.. .:.H. Lichr Doxology. .. Invocation, Lord's Prayer, In Unison. Hymn, "Coronation." , l ! Scripture lesson. -i Anthem, "Christ Our Fassover" Fred Schilling Prayer. ,. k K Baptism of children. , . .. V: Hymn, "Hie Is Riser from the Dead." Notices and offertory. " ; ', Tenor solo, "The Resurrection ' Song" by .;')(!.. HJH. Shflloy Sermon Subject : "Christ Triumphant." Hymn, "Alleluia, Christ Is Risen."', Benediction. ; V -':.', EVENING AT 7:45. Organ prelude, Andante.... .H. Freyer Doxology. . Invocation.; : i ' ' Song, "O Come It Us Sirg With the Lord." Scripture reading. . Anthem, "Sing Alleluia Forth," by.... .."..: .............. Dudley Buck Prayerl ' I ' . Hymn; "I Know That He Liveth." i I Address-by paster on "Worship with ' , Music." I ' ! Anthem, "Christ Our Passover," by,.. , Fred Schilling Hymn, "Christ Is JUsen Today." Benediction. j Dr. J C. Gilbertson. choir1 c'irector. Mrs. J. W. rhilllps, organist. First Unitarian. Benjamin Fay Mills, minister, i D. P. Hughes, musical director." Miss Abba Kellogg, organist Morning service, 10.45 Av'M. sharp. - Seat holders will please .occupy their sittings promptly. V"; Organ prelude. ( Grand Chorus, by . Dubois Soprano duet and chorus., -t-f A" hymn of praise, "I Waited for the , Lord," by v.. Mendelssohn Sung by Mrs. O. K. McMunay, Mrs. " Charles Poulter and chorus. Hymn, Spring Tide. -Come, Sin3 with Holy Gladness," by - John of Damascus Sermon by Mr. Mills on "A Real Res- i ' urrecticn." r. Ceremony of reception of new mera- bers. ... ,..u L ; ; - ..- Soprano solo, "Hall. Easter Mora!" - V "Words by Mrs. Margaret Cameron Smith. Music by D. P. Hughes. Sung by Mrs. O. K. MeMurray ' j.; with : violinbligato by Leiwyn. f Hughes- t. , . ' Hj'mn, "O Day of Godl" by............. ' ' .........I.. ....... Charles G. Ames Organ p6stlude. . March from Mendelssohn's "Athalie." Special evening services 7;30 P. it . All seats free. Full ichoir, assisted by Madam von Schrader, the noted prima donna, accompanied by Prof. Katzsnbach. Organ prelude. 1 "Pilgrim Chorus," by ..Tannhauser Soprano solo, "I ..Will' Extol Thee, O Lord!" by Casta Sung by Madam Marion, von Schrader, the noted prima donna. Duet and chorus (from "Athalie") "Ever Blessed Children, Rejoic!' by I, Mmdelssohn Sung by Mrs. Charles Foulter, Mis. p. K MeMrray and chorus. i Hymn, Resurrection., ' "Lo, thi EauTl Risen Again," by....' , 1 .V...,. Scmuel Longfellow Sermon by Mr. 'Mills. on "Does "Death '" End All" Hytiin, "Hope, for the Day Is Dawn- ... ing!" by ...j.s. D. P. Hcpp Soprano solo, "Ave Maria," by Gounod Sung by Madam ven -Schrader. Organ prstlude. March for the Church Festival, by W. T. Best.j FAMINE'S FELL WORK IN INDIA. Associated Frest Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. LONDON, April 6 The depopulation of India through famine nd choler.i is assuming alarming 1 ropcrtions. . The liitsft advices from Simla ray the census returns of the central, provinces shov a decrease of over a million since 1841, when undor normal conditions an increase of a million and a half might ha'e been expected. It is believed that five millions have die! In India since l?9fi from causes directly due to the famine. i W PARDON FOR THE YOUNGERS. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tiibune's Special Leaped Wlr.. ST. JOSEPH. Mich., Arril 6. The bill to parole the Younger brother?, now serving sentences of life imprisonment in the State Prison for the -bank robbery and muruers m connection therewith at Northfield, 'Minn.,' twenty-three yee.rs ago, was today finally killed by the House of Representatives. CECIL RHODES SERIOUSLY ILL Associated Press Dispatches by ; i The Tribune's Special Leased "Wire. LONDON. April 6. The South African critic, a periodical published in fhis city, says Cecil Rhodes is seriously ill. JURIES DIFFER ABOUT HICKEL-IN-SLOT CASES. The nickel-in-the-slo machine men have now won best t'wo out of three. Of-the, three defendants tried in the Police Court within the pas.t- week or so, Frank Periera has been the 'only one convicted by a jury. In the first case tried, the jury acquitted and last evening in the case of W. H. Buehler the jury aain acquitted. Now Periera has demanded a. new trial, and in the event this is refused he will appeal to the gupreme Court. WILL TEACH IN JAPAN SCHOOLS. BERKELEY, April 6. Two students of the University of California have been chosen to teach English in Japan. They are Edward A. Dixon and Emanuel Gustafson. They will act as instructors in the High School of Yama-guchi prefecture. : floulton Is Dying Associated Press Dispatches by The-Tiibune's Srecial Leased Wire. NEW YORK, April 6. Robert Harden Mculton, .the principal in the recent sensational shooting affray at the Palit -Hotel, is s.iid to be dyintr at Bellevup Hos pital. The authorities Selare he te-came a wreck from excessfre use of morphine and that-he cannot recover. i . , j Gen. Lee Well Again. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. DENVER, Colo., April 6. General Fitz-hugh Lte, having recovered from the ill ness , caused by a cold contracted .on a journey In the mountains on Wednesday last, resumed his journey lo the Pacific Coast this atei noon: He will visit Colorado Springs and Munitou en route.- Kruger on His Travels. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's. Special Leaded Wire. UTRECHT, Holland, April 6. Ttfr. Kru-ger hasi started for Hilversumi where he will stay for some time. The Burgomaster of Utrecht and a 'big crowd bid him good-bye at the station. f : ; Elks Will Shoot. Th? Elks' Antlers Gun Club will hftld its shoot tomorrow at 10 a. m. at the Empire grounds. r ' To Cure a Cold in One Day Take Laxative' Bromc-QuiEine Tablets. 25c .- - -"'":.'. ' HARRIED. "E ENTWORTH GILBERT In this citv. March 31, laoi. by Rev. Paul MansflM Spencer. Franklin Chandler Wentworth and Lizzie Kenrtey jGiJbert, both of Berkeley. ' (, M VEY FARROW In this city, Xpril 1, lftil. by Rev. Paul, Mansfield Spercer. Charles MeVey and Annie Farrow, both oi san je ranciKCO. I , . r- died; NICHOLS In this city. April 5. IW1, Edward Samuel, beloved son ' of Francis Nichols and grardson of Mr. and "Mrs. Edwin Rogers, a native cf Oikland, aged 4 years, 11 month3-nd 26 days. '. Friends ard acqueintencea are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral TOMORROW (Sunday), at 1.20 . P. M., from No. 1209 Twenty-eighth street. Interment Mountain View Cemetery ;- .... . , t C W. Kinsey, Dealer in New Style Household Furniture, Carpets, Ranges, Etc. - a.'-- ;. Modern furniture "bought, exchanged or sold on Installment payments.- Cash discount 30 p cent froui-rnataUment pricea 4ti2-lt,i-Thirteth street, Oakland,' DIR. WQOISEY MA'KEJj) A mi DSSCOVERY; . .- i : ', ; .--. v- All the . Women of Oakland May Now Be Radiant Beauties. ' Oakland is to have the most beautiful women in all the world. Up to the present the Athens of -the Pacific, the "City of Homes and Schools and. churches," has had some of the molt beautiful women in the world, says the Examiner. Broadway, Oakland, has been noted as the walk of beauty. Washington street has been called the Nymphs' Parade. But that was because of the occasional belie who Wandered there, groomed to the moment, svelte, languorous and passing fair. ' But now the humblest Oakland scullion, the meanest Kitchen scrub, has it in her p"ower to outshine Phryne and Cleopatra,' Ninon and Recamier and Pompadour, Beatrice Cenci, Laura, and Faustina. There will now be faces coming over on the boats that will make the stately beauties of Gibson seem like sin in all its ugliness. Trilby- wbuld be put to blush if she traveled in such comrany, and Lillian Russell at her best would be merely a fat woman gone to seed. Liane de Pougy would feel herself as pockmarked, as a colander in juxtaposition to thesejre-alized dreams of .delight, and the houris of Abdul Hamil would look like a collection of sunburned lepers "loether by Charity." AH this is because of a little ? research into the lore of the ancients. The adventurers, the scientists, the cosmogiaphers of the time of Columbus and Fernao de Magalhaes, of Bas-tidas, Vespucius arid Jaques, felt, that the ancients had compassed all the domain of wisdom. They had "searched the. heavens for ipower" and had platted th'e ways of human gentleness and peace. But we haye wandered further from the -knowledge of ancients since Ihen than ever did Fer-nam de Andrade or Sebastian Elcan.o. : SECRET OF BEAUTY. It has remained for an. Oakland physician to go back toi the lore of the olden time and unlock the secret of beauty, beyond compare. He has let loose, that secret, as Pandora let slip the woes. None may tell what j the effect will be, for old Blaise ' Pascal declared that "if the .nose of Cleopatra had been shorter the whole face of the earth would have " changed." And now "the Oakland women, . already beautiful, are tq become Beautiful as sweet, And; young as beautiful, and scft as : ' ynung, i ; V: :! And gay as soft, and innocent asgay. There is' no telling what situation- in national policies more' serlou3 than the Chinese imbroglio may yfct arise out Of the desire of all men-tn all lands to woo and win an Oakland fair. It was Dr. E. H. -Woolsey, old enough and experienced enough to have known better, who caused all this likely muss. He was dipping with eager eyes into his Ovid', and shufled with- lingering delight through "The Art of Love," and then through "The Art of Beauty." Suddenly his eyes bulged ; with fervor. He read in the Latin .and slowly translated the ancient poet-philosopher's pr?scription t5 insure female loveliness. Jotting the thing down by measured feet, and labored metric goadings, Dr. Woolsey worked 'iut the prescription thus: Now on,' my muse, and tell -'em when they rise, j When drowsy sleep forsakes their tender eyes .'.. !. HoW; they may look as fair as morning skies. Vetches, and beaten barley, let '. 'em take. And with the whites of eggs a mixture make: ,,'.' i Then dry the precious paste with sun and - wind, . ' B. KATSGHINSKl PHILADELPHIA SHOE CO. 10 Third St., San Francisco JUST AS GOOD AS CHEAP AS STYLISH I' We manufacture good shoes in this city and every pair can be guaranteed for wear, shoes that fit the foot look stylish and are com-, fortable. : They are union made and bear the stamp. Help our local industries by calling for home-made Union shoes. Ladies Fine Vici Kid Lace Shoes, kid, cloth or vesting tops, coin toes and tips, flexible-soles, all widths and sizes. Price $2- 50 in black or tan. just oat 8page Dlustrated Catalogue-Send for one. ' . - Free delivery in Oaklaad,-Alameda aod Berkeley. J PHILADELPHIA SHOE CO. 10 TKI3D ST., SAN FRANCISCO 'And into powder very gently grind; uet hartshorn next (but let it be thai first : ; That creature bleeds,) and beat it well to dust; " -r- Six pounds In all; then mix and ilft 'em well, . And think the while how fond Narcissus fell; Six roots to that pensive flower must yield - To mingle with the rest, well bruised and clean plll'd. Two ounces next of gum and thural seed, . That for the gracious gods does incense breed, - " ... And let a double share of honey last succeed. , I With this whatever damsel paints her :' face , . Will need no flattering glass 'to show a grace. -: WILL NOT MAKE MEN BEAUTIFUL Woolsey did not stop to string the daisy chains of speculation An this meadow of fancy, but he posted off to a drug store. He turned the- thing over to the pharmacist as a prescription and set modern science to work on the tip given by the ancient, Lo, there came into life a powder which easily was merged into a lotion. Woolsey, with the eager anticipation of a discoverer, tried the stuff on a hotel chambermaid, ugly as a toad. In less than a week she walked in beauty, garmented in light. And so the: thing- Is out. Woolsey is giving theprescription to Oakland belles and matrqns, and "the ivory mischief" grows apace In all of Oak- land's drawing rooms. All the devices of Psyche's boudoir are as nothing to this one concoction. Women go traipsing about the county of Alameda "clad in the beauty of a thausand stars." It is told that the. days of magic are come again, an- Albertus Magnus never had such worshipers' aa this grizzled doctor, who has spied upon the secret of the past.' But the great w oe'is, it doesn't touch the men. ' Thought they plaster their faces till they Idokgllke the jolly miller on the river Dee,: they cannot coma forth as glowing; as Aleibiades or as godlike as the Phrygian who loved the. O'aesar. They are a homely lot,' are the Oakland men, and now they're trying to bribe " Woolsey to read up some philter, plaster or physifc which will enable them to fairly match-the women, who, beneath his touch, have grown' so beautiful. Meantime they quote again from Ovid: "Hei mihi! quod nullls amor est med-icabilis herbis." (Ah me! that no herbs can cure the lovesick.) To Prevent Pneumonia and Crip. Laxative Bromo-Quinine removes" the cause. ENGLISH STRIKE IS HOW OVER. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune'u Special Leased Wfre, LO: iV)N, April 6. The Lanarkshire strikes. Aire apparently ended, the engine, workers having agreed to resume workl April Sth.- The miners will in consequence resume .work also. The strike brought mo . gains to- the workmen. '- LOST ALL THE . CARGO III STORM. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. SAN FRANCISCO, April 6. The steam schoonep Ranier from ' Seattle reports having been compelled to cut loose" her deck load of lumber during a storm which she encountered several days ago. Altogether nearly '100,000 of lumber was lost. - . . AN EXECUTOR IS IN TROUBLE. Serious trouble is in store for John Baker. He has been cited to appear before Judge Ogden Miday, April 13, and explain " why he has not carried out tho provisions of the' will ofj Joseph "Devon,; j who' died September II, 1S97. il f ' i Revolutionists Arrested. ; Associated "Press Dtrpatche's by ' The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. SOFIA, Bulgaria, April 6. The leading members of the Macedonian . Committee here, including M. Sarafoff, were arrested last night. The building in which :th committee met has fceer sealed up. j :-. ; f S.ole a' Bicycle. Harry Hawkins, brother of Sammy Hawkins, who has been aent to lone, and another little boy named Duncan, aged 9 and 8 years respectively, were arrested by Detectives Shorey and Holland today.1 They stole a bicycle. Too Late fpr Classification LOVELY sunny alccve room with, board. 570 Eleventh st., ccr. Jefferson. . a FOR EXCHANGE Fine alfalfa and dairy ranch, near. Los Angeles; want property Oakland cr Berkeley. Owner, 817 Twentieth St., Oakland , v SINGER1 Sewing Machine Co., 4S50 Tele-graph ave.; machines repaired or "i-changed;" rented at (2 a month; needle, . and attachment all machines. Tel. red 510. --.vi-v.-r-. -' i . "-- ' ,..-., .- WANTED Respectable middle aged wo. fl man: plain family cocklrar and cham- V ' ber workgdod hornet small wages.' Ap . ply. room 44,1165 Waibington gt. r - ' Y

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