Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 8, 1901 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1901
Page 2
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9 MARCH 8, .UMAi! &TATE. Whitney has filed a report .pralsem (niumsnt nf th .iolTa'tsral ln- -tax on the'estate cV the late Ed- jTHtndman. The report-shews the J value of the estate to be $106,449.77. this amount J09.S23.46 is subject to the ' inheritance tax. The residuary heirs ate Mrs: Elizabeth -Beach. Lucius V. Blerce, Mizs Lottie Clark and Harry Munson. The first three receive 526,619.59 each and era eaah assessed J1.330.9S for the inherit, once tax. Harry Munson : Is to receive ' $10,964.63. oiT vhich. he tnuzt pay an Jn-heritance tax of S9PS.23. The total Jnher-ltance$tax on -the estate is 54,991.17. j A pice of jyopcrty on Eighth street near ' Washington street, which haz been, appraised at $30,000, is found to have been worth -inly $1S,000 at the time of Hind-man's death. 100 Genuine ; Contis Italian Soap 65c a bar , : Headquarters for Genuine California Olive Oil All the .. well-known brands at Cut Rates. , -, OSGOOD 4 Wholesale arid The Lowest Prices S o vc nth a h d J a ipost-At the ves are m Point on to ' the compel rid' light on their he-ir being no it is unsafe for has been many as in town yes- smeas. Fred Mally were In nlarlit attendlne the ybrulds' Lodge. yiU is spending a few davs ynte's mountain ranch. JL Mitchell is visiting: friends rancisco. 4 . 'isturbed Angeli's Peace. r 'Antone Bee was arrested this morn- ins on complaint of G. Ahgeli, who charges him with disturbing the peace. Angeli had purchased some fruit at the place of Bee's employment and had asked the latter to place the fruit carefully in the wagon so as not to bruise any of it, so Angeli claims, when Bee repeatedly applied iyile epitheths to him.. ' ' . .. - .. Defendant Answers. . Mrs. Refugia Bernal Felis has filed ' an answer to the suit of Antonio B. Mezza and D. M. Conner to foreclose on a piece of property at Pleasanton. She claims to be sole owner of the property and says that the mortgage I was taken by plaintiffs from another ! r,a.r ilaanlfa f4b mfannlncr that shn was the sole owner. Guardian's Account. . .. . The eighith annual account of Eugene M. Freeman as guardian of the person and estate of E. Fprd Freeman, a minor, shows a cash balance of $1,400.48. ' ' '. . CASES i r Imported Castile Soap 25c a bar i Retail Druggists for the Best Goods1 B rb a d way i PROBABLE LEAP TO EiLV DEATH, Student Schuster Is Seriously Injured on - . 'I - ! the Campus. Henry M. Schuster, a student In the University of California, lies in a critical condition at the East Bay Sani-torium today as a consequence of an accident on the campus of the University which resulted In the-, breaking of one of the vertebrae of the neck. The injury i may result in death. though the outcome may not be fore- told for perhaps twenty-four hours, so the physicians said todays. If the young man should escape death, there is a certainty that be will be a cripple for the remainder of his life. -The accident happened yesterday afternoon. Schuster was training for the pole Vault with the intention of winning ao place on the University track team. He had been exercising and had leaped over tlie high bar several times before the unfortunate trial. On the last attempt, just, as he-reached the highest point of the vault, the pole snapped between the young athlete's hands. Schuster ifell flat on his back from a height of tenfeet. His neck struck squarely across a four-inch scantling which connects the bases of the two uprights. His head went back with an audible snap and an instant paralysis seized his body. Schuster was removed to the gymnasium and (afterward to the Sanitori-um, where he is under the care of Drs. Sherman, Moffitt, Taylor and Krone. He is conscious, suffers no pain, but has no control over his limbs ibelow the elbows. , Schuster is a Junior in the College of Social Sciences. He is a member of the University Glee Club as also at member of the freshmen football team. His parents reside in Santa' Barbara and are now In attendance at his bedside. BOERS OCCUPY TOWN. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. CRADOCK; Cape Colony, Thursday, Mar. 7. A force of 300 Boers occupied Maraisburg yesterday evening without opposition. There were no British troops (there. . ... - Missing Boy. John Dolan, aged 16 years, ? who 'mysteriously disappeared from the Youths' Directory, 4?an Franciscoj reeentjy, has been located in this city by Detectives Holland and Shorey. The boy has been earning a living as a waiter in a local restaurant where he was regarded as a well -behaved and competent employe. lie has been turned; over Officer T. - J "Coleman r of San Franciscbt oat an effort, wilt be made to secura his discharge from the Di rectory and allow him to return to his employment. NILE CLUB HAS OPEN SESSION Clever Entertainmefit at the Rooms Last Evening. The flrs ladies1 night of-the Nile Club took place last evening at the rooms of . the organization. It was largely attended and occasioned a great deal of amusement. It was characterized by a novelty namely a public meeting of the olden style in which the members of the Club, attired In the costume of Colonial days, took part and afforded a great deal of pleasure. This feature of the1 show was 'styled the "Punkinsenter PsiUUc Meetiins. The programs circulated read as fal lows. Introductory remarka, Abe jP. L,eacn; overture ."Sousey.". Punkinsen ter Orcestry; Carrie Nation addresses congregation; "Letter" from Jedse Hank Melvin; "Farmers Union," Setn Ludlow; "selections," Punklnsenter Orcestry (fronv Vagner, opus 7. out of Green Book;)" "A Few Punkins'V by Punkinsenter quartet; "Women On and Off the Farm," Jason Ayers; Squire Crowell will sing of the "Clan o'Crow ley; ''Other Punkins and sech things.' Jeff McLaughlin and Ruben Heeseman "The. Political Situation." Deekan Jtfsh-ua Woolner; "Medley." Punkinsenter Orcestry (Popular Airs. No. 140. out of New Book.) Deacon Joshua . Woolner, mewsick direckter. The , Punkinsenter Orcestry Is composed of Prof. Anahouser Pacldywhis-kie Pulclfer, organ; Joshanas OI Bull Campbell, fiddle'. Prof. Shlltz Cushing bazzoo; Otto Spoondike. kornet; Ruben Heeseman, big drum; Jeff McLausrhlin, little, drum; Joslyn Melvin, slide horn; Zwei Budweiser Flint, valt horn. The Punkinsenter Quartet comprised Hezeklah Dowdle. Zeke Baker. Ebenez- er Crowell, Biss'Crane. - The officers who had charge of the entertainment were: F.. M. Umphred. president; Ben.F. Woolner. treasurer; A. II. Breed, secretary; W. K. Hume, financial secretary; directors F. M. Umphred, Ben F. Woolner. Abe P, Leach, A. H. Breed. "W. R. Hume: reception committee F. G. Wieht (chairman.) A. H. Breed.' F. K. Mott. D. D. Crowley. B. C. Guvellier: floor committee George M. Flint., manager; R. B. Ayer,- Clarence Crowell, J. V. Campbell, H, T. Gower. P. C. Black, aids. After the meeting there was a supper and a dance. ? ,:;.. ! ' ,.y M'Guire and Zuboff. Thomas McGuire's preliminary hear ing on a charge of robbery was to have been held in the Police Court this morning, but it was decided tocontInue the matter until tomorrow, when F. J. Zuboff's preliminary, also takes place. This was done out of accommodation for witnesses who couJ4 not be present today. McGuIre and Zuboff are the two men accused of sandbagging and robbing D, C Millan, a painter, of $1.3 two weeks ago while .the 'latter was walking to his home on Louisa street. U. I MILLER IS SCORED BY THE DEMOCRATS Agricultural Engineer Comes In for a Roast. Hiram Luttrell presWed over the Democratic mass meeting held at Al- catraz Masonic Hall, on Peralta street, last evening:, and, before introducing: the various candidates on Jthe municipal ticket, he delivered. a bitter arraignment against the present condi- tions that has caused a deficit in the High School Fund which may result In the closing of the High and Central Sohools during the remainder of "the present school year ending next June. "On the one hand," he said, "there is a big deficit in the school fund, "while on the other the City Council has managed to create ajolj for M. K. Miller, as special engineer in the. Lake Merrltt farce, with compensation fixed at $500 or more." : Other speakers ' were E. M. Rallton. Dave ttortree,, nominee for Treasurer; JohnCreegan, Councilman Sixth ward; J.: J. White, Councilman-at-Large; and Warren English, Democratic nominee for Mayor. f Mr, English stated that the present condition' of Oakland's finances was. due to maladministration and incon-petency in office. He charged the Municipal League as being responsible for it. f i"They howl about water." he said. ''They have water on the brain, and need tapping. What you want t do is to turn these fellows out end give us a few good Democrats, and you Hi have better government.-, lr x am eiecxea Mayor I will endeavor to see thkt. ev ery Interest ineyery .section of the city is looked after. If not I snail go down with my banner unsullied and unstained.". ' - '-'' HliSBAHD AND WIFE ! QUARREL IK COURT. S' A legal warfare has teen commenced between May E. Kraft ad her husband, August H. Kraft,- over the estate of their son. Henry A. Kraft, who died February i of this year. Matrimonial differences arose between Kraft and his wlfo some time ago, ana resulted in their separation. Kraft; came tt Vila rllv tr. roulile whllp Mrs. Kraft remained at their home, 3248 Encinajl vA whosa estate the parents are now nghtirisj remained with the mother. About'two weeks after the son's death Mrs. Kraft filed application for letters of administration on his cBtste. This con sists of $00 cash in the hands of the son s guardian at New Albany, Indiana. About a week later the father njfcappli- cation for letters on the son'sstateTv Today Mrs. Kraft filed an rixsi tiers her husband's application. She allel fc that he is not a fit or nrocer nerson -f I be entrusted with the estate on accouMJ of his habitual intemperance and his im providence. As the mother of the de ceased, she claims she is entitled to re ceive letters of administration. The parents are the cnly heirs. to the estate. It Is expected that there will be some lively developments in the contest before it Is finally concluded. THE HUGHES CLUB 1 CONCERT T0NICHT. The Hughes Club, composed exclu sively of ladies, j will give a concert in the First Unitarian Church1 this evening. The members of the organization are individually j! proficient as vocalists and the ensemble of the club is well nigh perfect. Tle program is an interesting one and jthere Is no doubt that It will be rendered in a most acceptable manner. Aside from the efforts of the club, there will be solos by Miss Cope, Mr. Langstroth Air. JVeaie. and Miss Williams. The club will e under the direction Of its leader D. IP. Hughes. Easter! Weather. Associated Press 'I&patches br -The Tribuni s Special Leased "Wire. CHICAGO, March 8. Temperatures at 7 a. m.: New York 32, Boston 34, ashington 32, Chlca go 38, Minneapolis 34, Cincinnati 38, St Louis 42, Lord Brock's Case Set. . The case of Tkomas Hefferlan, alias Lord Brock, charged with petit . larceny, has been set for trial for March 13th, Stops the Cough and Works Off the cold. ; Laxative Bromoj-Quinlne Tablet cur a cold In one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price (a oeou. 1 ! PHILLIPS In Berkeley, March 7.. JP01. Stanley Ccoper j Phillips, aged 3 year and 2 months. 1 NORRIS In Center ville, March 7, ! J9P1, Gilbert uavia jsiprns, agea l year, f- ' C. W. Kinsey, Dealer In New Style Household Flurnlture, Carpets, Ranges; Etc. - Modern furnltuae bright, "exchanged or sold on Installment payments. Cash dis count 10 par cent from installment prices. 462-64-Thirt-Hth street, Oakland. ' balls are out in the cranks. On all bicycles you have the balla 1 to 1 inches from the center of the cranks. The chain pull Is between the bearings on a jjSt, ETCJ3Ca2I3 FRANK I COAST AGENT MANY C0IIIC TO BAKERSFIELD On the Big Southern Pacific Excur Ion Tomorrow. The excursion to Bakersfeld announced by th Southern Pticific tomorrow comes at a timely hour la many respects. Now that the whole region is bustling with the activities of development the very best opportunity is afforded for inspection. Weather conditions ere also perferct. So soon after the rains and so early In the season there will be tho dust or uncomfortable temperatures. And the cost will be little more than naif .the regular rate, ten dollars for the round trip, sleeper extra.; 1 The train will ruin special, and will be composed of sleeping cars and day coaches exclusively or the excursion. The sleepers will have flrst-claara buffet service for those who prefer ' to take their meals on the train. Low rate side trips will be made right into the heart of the derrick fields and every facility given to excursionists ito study the practical side of oil production. Leaving Saturday night and returning Monday morning avoids loss o time from business hours, Wm. H. Menton, Excursion Passenger Agent, win be in charge. The train will leave Oakland Pier about T.SO P. M., and it will be made up of both Bleeping cars and day coaches. Reservations should be made at the earliest practicable moment at the Southern Pacific's city ticket office In San Francisco, 61S Market street. , : Blint to Be Tried, i The ""trial of Arthuj Blint, charged with disturbing the peace, will i take place in the Police Court April 8th. 962 Washington St. No woSder we are baiy when we sell fine shoti at these prices. OnSALE TOMORROW 250 pair of a W, 3 and 3 ladies fine French Kid buttoned Shoes in all styles very near all sizes at 95c 159 pairs ladies-' Dongola lace Shoes, vesting top or kid top, up-to-date toe at $115 d 'iao pairs ladies' Vici Kid lace onoe, np-to-aate styles, worth $1.50 at $U5 160 pairs ladies I3 co Shoes, made out of Vici Kid, silk vesting or kid top, the new.- coin toe, in eight different styles, at $1.95 200 pairs Kast Glanvillie's $3.50 hand-sewed with heavy extension sole, just as goed as y $i'S ne on sale, fur $2.45 60 pairs, just come in, Indies' Patent Leather Ties, with military heels or French heels, werth a. 50, at ' $1.45 . jt paira Ladies' French Calf Patent Leather Ties, : with heavy extension sole, worth $3.50 at $1.95 f 72 pairs French Vici Kid Ties, silk vesting top, I XV French heels, worth $3.00, on sale for '$1.65 300 pairs Ladies' Tics, worth I1.50 to f 2.50. on sale at : j 75c . i- : : Come early and see the bar gains in Men's, Boys', Children's and Misses Shoes. ON SALE TOMORROW . The TRUSTEE SflOE SALE 862 Washington St. J. 8fe0.v. Trvatee Too Late for Classification WANTED Girl for general housework: family of three; wages J20. Apply 1104 Myrue st. , 1 FOR SALS at a bargain; Shetland pony; ou. Appiy avwi weDsier su WANTED A capable gardener; also to uine care 01 iwu cows; rererencea re--quired. Apply Kent's 457 Twelfth at. d OIL. IP TOU WANT to make money Investi-. gate the new oil deal; it is a sure thing- stock positively, non-assessable; company own land In the heart of McKit-trick District; will sell limited s mount of stock at Vt cents per share; buy now ana you wui aouDie your -money in a few weeks. For further particulars call ; at office of Oil Land Company, 459 Ninth street. , . IS THE BEST. AND WHY? Because it has perfect self-oiling Crank-hanger. The Crank-hanger is the heart of a bicycle. Here is a cut of the Recycle Craflk-hauger. The not so on a bicycle. , 171 . JONES SACRAMENTO, CAL. r ' -THE - 1 TRUSTEE SHOE SALE Last Grand Republican Rally OF THE CAMPAIGN. ELITE HALL Twelfth and Webster Saturday Evening, Harch 9 at 8 o'clock. GILES H7 GRAY, Chairman. HON. W. R. DAVIS HONCHAS. N. FOX R. H. CHAMBERLAIN-GEO. W. REED GEORGE SAMUELS ' AND OTHERS Will UelWr Addresses. ANSON BARSTOW, Candidate for Mayor, JAMES A. JOHNSON, Candidate for City Attorney, WILL ADDRESS ' THI? MEETING. . . . The exercises will be interspersed with good music. D. W. DOODY. j EVERETT J. BRoWN, Secretary, il ' Chairman. lltlSMHtll laiBIMIMMi IWIBWitiW W e1QOQOoi "The Credit House" Six Stories High t I1 1 Hardwood Dining Chair that will stand hard use. We have more of them than we need, but you certainly haven't at the price; not more than 6 to anyone. 50 C. PARLOR SETS Mahogany Finish, neat carving,' velour upholstered divan arm and reception chairs. Was $20; JJ jjj CHINA CLOSET Golden oak, glass front and sides. Was $17.50, uow .jjjlQQ REDUCED PRICES Another week for the customers the bad weather kept away: Furniture, Big Rugs and Curtains. Rugs for Home for Office for You for Half-price I Made up Rugs of short lengths of our j standard carpets. Most any color or pattern. Here's the way they run: ! Body Brussels Jg-ioxio-g feett at 522.00; now $11. 00 5 -6 xo-o feet, at $12,50;, now $ 6.25 j Axminster 16-oxo feet, at $13.50; ;'"w $ 6.75 j 8-3x11 feet, -at $22.00; now $11.00 j Tapestry 6-9x9 feet,1' at $ 9.00; now $ 4.50 8-2ZH feet, at $18.00; sow $9.00 j Velvet 6 x 7 feet, at $12.50; now $6.25 16x8 feet, at $1 3.755 now $ 6.85 j t I Fre Delivery ,n Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley j : M. FRIEDMAN & CO. J (Inoorporated) ! 5 233-233-237 Post St. San franclsco. i Telephone Private Exchange 37. Spring Goods JUST ARRIVED: H. S. BRIDGE & CO. TAILORS Opp. Palaefe Hotet

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