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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 14
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 14

The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
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ranlagraph, Bloomington, Monday, Xov. 25, liHiS. 14 TWIN CITY REACTIONS People Deplore Killings Admire Mrs. Kennedy evident Monday morning Oswald case should not among factory workers, stu- be c.sed. There were more dents and others questioned in if Dystrophy March Runs All Week The Jerry Lewis Mothers March for Muscular dystrophy will continue the rest of this week because of the President's assassination, according to drive director Edwin Smiley.

Only about $800 was turned in from the Sunday march because many mothers did not want to march Sunday. Less than 100 mothers had turned in their money Monday afternoon. Vote Donations ATLANTA (PNS) The American Legion Auxiliary voted at their Thursday meeting By DAVE HAAKE Lee Harvey Oswald's murder Sunday morning in the basement of a Dallas police station "solved nothing" in the eyes of people interviewed Monday Bloomington-Normal. aione. Was He Guilty? "It doesn't eive us a rhanr-p Concern for the family of J.

to know if Oswald was artnallv Tippitt, the Dallas police by Pantagraph reporters Rpatinn tn thP morrUm till. Builtv of killing the President killed rnday afternoon by ing resounded Sunday from alllMrs. Carl Brandt of 1115 David was expressed by sev-corners of the nation. People Drive, Normal, commented. "If ieral interviewees.

People Oswald had had a proper trial His death, said one man, "is just as tragic as the President's. Something should be i nim ii Miimm mm inn i ni ''rilTi-in i I we have known for sure. Mrs. Nnrman Orr nf 7flS TIar. high in public life and leaders from all parts of the nation deplored the action of Jack Rubinstein "taking justice into his own hands." Hs Normal caid hor omniinno 'done for his family.

also left, and Mayor and Mrs. Richard Daley of Chicago. (AP Wirephoto) President Lyndon B. Johnson is flanked in his White House office by Illinois Gov. and Mrs.

Otto Kerner, "were mixed" on the Oswald died in the line of duty" Much the same reaction was killing. too bad he was Question Coverage shot; we'll always have a doubt people said they whether he actually shot thejwished the Dallas police had President." cleared the basement of the i it i in i i i See Us for Your WARP'S FLEX-O-GLASS "I don't believe in anyone cuy naii ana oarrea an taught us: Lead us not into to give $160 to the eight point temptation, and free us from program and canteen books, evil." It was also announced Sun-' of New York is expected to of-day that a solemn rite in suf-ificiate at the Mass. Representa-frage of the late President will! fives of the Italian government, be conducted at 11 a.m. Mon-jthe diplomatic corps, the Amer-day in St. John Lateran, the ican colony in Rome and cathedral church of Rome and American prelates here for the the Catholic world.

Ecumenical Council have been Francis Cardinal Spellman invited. killing anybody. or! iransicr not," Robert Michael of Towan-of 0fiWaId to the DalIas county da commented. "Investigation of the Kennedy death should be I "Too much coverage has been Parker Bros. 923 E.

Grovt St. continued. looked like Riven to the weekend's events," he knew Ruhv. This nossibilitv Mr. Kmcaid commented.

"Its WE HAVE should be investigated." all we've lived with since Friday. It's been good coverage, but so much of it has been re- Concern for Policeman Thn fnpliniT that "fhrrp's something more behind the P111 lhat il almost begins to Prosidont 's death" than drive yu batty" wmr ir itegrity TWIN CITY HARDWARE 707 W. Choilnut St. McLEAN HARDWARE McUan, Illinois resentment and hate of a single, warped individual was expressed by many of those interviewed. "There's more behind it than meets the eye," declared Lester Kincaid of 507 W.

Wood. is the aim of every service we rform. We shall always be Pope Deplores Threat to Civil Order, Peace VATICAN CITY (UPI) -Pope Paul VI said Sunday that the assassination of President Kennedy demonstrates "how great a capacity for hate and evil there is in the world and how great a threat to civil order and peace." The mourning pontiff made the statement to an audience of 30,000 persons assembled in St. Peter's Square to receive the regular Sunday papal blessing. "Very dear children, we cannot in this moment of common prayer take our thought, a sad thought, away from the crime that in these days has aroused the deploration of the entire world," the pope said.

"Our thought, after that of suffrage for he who is missing from this life, is of comfort to those who remain in sorrow and regret. "It detects how great a capacity for hate and evjl there is still in the world and how great a threat to civil order and peace, and also how much need there is of the grace of God, his mercy and his pardon." "Thus we pray as Jesus worthy of your trust. METZLER Memorial Home "I don't know what would possess a man to kill another a dirty shame," said Mrs. Fred Coyle of 1011 W. Seminary.

"There's something bigger than Oswald or Ruby behind all this. could be communism or racial hatred." Sees Solidarity Doubt was expressed by others that the assassination of the President or murder of Oswald could have been ordered by a foreign power. "What possibly could be the gain of such action?" one man asked. "President Kennedy's WE HAVE THE GENUINE Mi WINDOW Materials Washington State Sts, Phone 822-5420 HOLD IN HEAT-KEEP OUT COLD Cheaper fhon glass Far Storm DooMond Window, Porch Incloiurof FiexOGiass Theodore Metzler August Metzler, ir lass-ONet III OHf.TTU iWyr-0-Giass death has solidified America, brought forth a unified support for President Johnson." "I think Ruby tried to shut up Oswald," Mrs. Marie White of 1503 W.

Graham commented. "There's some connection some place the way Oswald looked at at Ensenbergers Useful New Accessories mIFlexOPahe LUMBER CO. SAKEMILLER New Low Prices! A crowd on the Ginza, Tokyo's busiest street, passes a Japanese flag lowered to half mast in respect for assassinated President Kennedy. The Japanese capital had been decorated with flags for the nation's Labor Day holiday. All were lowered to half mast.

Fireplace Equipment Cast Iron and Solid Brass Fittings 100S MORRISSEY DRIVE (On U.S. Rout 150 South) Ruby." Still Stunned "I'm still stunned by it all," said Joe Berry of 809 E. Mar WE HAVE THE GENUINj MEMORIALS AROUND GLOBE ket. "I've got a real feeling of u'ATOP QUALITu ifnjmr window World Joins VJZOf Materials H01D IH HIAT-KEtP OUT C01 continued to flock to the U.S. headquarters and the City Hall to sign condolence books.

Berliners were to gather at nightfall in the City Hall Square for a ceremony renaming it for Kennedy. I (j Mjrr my a-a Flex 0 Glass! Mournina GlassONetI DON'T PAMPER YOUR WIFE Let Her Winterproof the Porch with FLEX-O-GLASS This Year Any little lady ran enclose a porch or breczt'wuy with Warp's FLEX-O-GLASS. It's so easy! Just exit with shears and tnck over Bcrot'ns. Makes a warm, eunlit room, flooded with healthful Ultraviolet rays, where the children con play all winter long or use as an extra Store-room. Genuine, crystal-clear FLEX-O-GLSS la-sU for years at a fraction the cost of class.

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horror to the Oswald death. I'm more afraid of the reaction to Oswald's death in our own country than I am to foreign reactions. I can't believe Ruby acted out of grief alone. there's more to it than that. I'd hate to be in Ruby's shoes." Dick Rogala of Waukegan, a senior at Illinois State Normal University, said he felt Oswald "got off too easily." If Oswald had lived, he added, "Maybe he'd have realized how few would have backed him in shooting the President." -iJ'jSCREEMGLAS! Flex-O-Pane iin- LONDON (AP) Governments and men and women around the world joined Monday in mourning services for President Kennedy.

They started in the Far East, where Nov. 25 first dawned, and followed around the globe as it turned to (Advertisement) FIX BROKEN DENTURES SVKil" PLATE-WELD Amazing PLATE-WELD repairs plates, fills cracks and replaces teeth. Simply flow on put together. America's heat selling repair "I'LATK WKl.U" is guaranteed to work every time and hold like new or your money back. Only Jl.W stall leading druggists.

the sun. Only in Communist China Admiration for Mrs. Jacque Officials of the Berlin city government also were present. Thousands of Berlin citizens MILLER'S Town Country Store, Inc. 109 S.

Madison Bloomington, III. 1 Grttn Slompi i fcw was there no official observ- 1 hours of grief was expressed by New Arrivals extra quality Fireplace accessories at money saving prices; finest Cast iron and Solid Brass items to keep the Home Fires burning! Brass Wood Holder $10.93 Cast Iron 27" and 30" sizes $9.95 to $12.95 THE CLOISTERS 1 rriTrir ARM AND SHOULDER PAIN By Ilobert E. Connolly, D.C. We invite you to visit the Park Hill Mausoleum. Single and companion crypts are available inside or in the lovely Garden Sanctuary.

Make your selection now over $200,000 in trust almost all of those questioned. "She's conducted herself like the lady of a real leader," Mr. Berry commented. "She's a wonderful woman." "She's a brave woman, I doubt many other women exuld have stood up under the situation as she has," another said. "She's let the nation take over her husband," another The Chinese Reds reported Kennedy's death Friday, but have made no comment on it.

Thousands of American soldiers attended memorial services in South Korea. Most of the 50,000 GI's were taken off duty to observe the day of mourning and attend the services. Lower Japanese Flag Japanese Emperor Hirohito Folding Fire Screens 7.95 Brass Trim Screens $11.95 Fire Sets $8.50, $11.95 Black Wood Holders 7.95 Blazing Birch Logs, Elec $1 5.95 Full Drape Curtain Screens, Traverse Control $26 to $49.95 Main Floor Display for future care. PARK HILL MAUSOLEUM JWli JHffr A week rarely passes without the chiropractor seeing someone complaining of a pain in the shoulder and upper arm Phone 124-5345 S. Morris West of the Park Office on Grounds "A Cemetery lor the Living" woman added.

"She realizes fnAmheiqjeib that her husband belonged to sent Crown Prince Akihito and UUi'lHLii mm Crown Princess Michiko to me that may or may not been won- 'the people. Kxtcndcd payment UfNITUNI TO WIST MM tOttUM derful." extend in the hand and fingers. Many have been iagnosed as Bursitis and have tried most from Fireplace Wood! A NUMBER WORTH REPEATING FOR THE BEST IN HOME HEATING Well Seasoned Hardwoods "PRESTO" LOGS 9 67-6276 MM 40 Carton of 10, Ijl.t Ka. $1.29 Ka. the brachial nerves In the neck associated with a reflex spasm of the scalenus muscle of the shoulder.

This painful condition is caused by displacement of a neck vertebra of the first or second rib. Reflex pains often extend to the upper chest, arm pit, between tlx shoulders, in the neA, and up back of head. The arm gives a feeling of being heavy as if it will drop olf. The arm and hand often feel cold with numbness and loss of grip. Such tasks as sweeping, shaving, painting, may cause severe pain.

A few weeks ago fifty-five year old fanner remarked he had txxMi unable to raise his arm or get his handkerchief (Hit of his back picket for months. lie had pain and aching in his shoulder whenever he attempt ed these moves. The trouble was found to lw misplaced vertebrae in his neck and in lx'tween his shoulder blades that were causing irritation of the nerves supplying his shoulder. Corrective adjustments were given to correct this misalignment and in a few weeks bis shoulder returned to normal. "That's the most amazing thing has hnp-ix'iied to me," he said.

You may be suffering needlessly with an arm or shoulder pain that you lc-lieve hopeless. Why not Investigate chiropractic? What can you possibly lose except your shoulder pains? Imorial services at Tokyo's St. Ignatius Church. The government ordered the Japanese flag flown at half staff over all government buildings Monday and Tuesday. At U.S.

bases throughout Japan the big guns roared final salutes over the heads of 50,000 servicemen and their dependents, assembled in a cold rain, i Most of the 10,000 Americans on Formosa attended religious services for the President. Thousands of Chinese from all walks of life joined them. Nationalist China's flags also were at half staff. Pauses Of Respect The Italian tricolor flew at half staff for the third day, and unions throughout Italy scheduled five-minute pauses of respect for the dead American. Indian Prime Minister Nehru and President Sarvcpalli Ilad-hakrishnan attended a memorial service at the U.S.

Embassy in New Delhi. Then Nehru drove to Parliament to eulo to all AUTHORS in this area A representative of a well-known New York book publisher will soon be in Bloomington to interview writers. His purpose is to uncover manuscripts worthy of publication. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, juveniles, collections of short stories or articles, religious, specialized and even controversial subjects will be considered. If you have a book-length manuscript ready for publication (or are still working on it) and would like to discuss it with this executive, please telephone 674-8282 in Peoria, between 8:00 A.M.

and 10:00 P.M., and leave your name and address. You will be contacted, later, to arrange for a definite appointment. If you prefer, write toi Editorial Director, P.O. Box 219, C.P.O., NY. 1, Y.

For Top-Quality Heating Oil ORDER NOW! Phone 824-3261 SCHVULST LUMBER COAL CO. 416 S. Robinion 7-6276 Expert Burner Service gize Kennedy. Both houses ad 1967-8276 Dr. Connolly shoul(i-r to tranquilizing drugs for relief.

When all efforts fail and their unlx'arable pains persist, they find tlioir way to the chiropractor who can usually relieve their misery. Theix1 are various types of shoulder and arm conditions but we find the pain ran often be eliminated by tracing the affected nerves to their points of inflation in the spine and removing the cause. If you find water on the floor, don't you look to see where it is coining irom. or do you close the door and try to forget il The bursa is sack like fibrous membra no that encloses a joint and keeps the socket lubricated much like your mouth is kept moist. Hursilis simply means this bursa has become inflamed which causes severe pain with some loss of movement.

Frozen shoulder is an affliction that starts with painful firm movements which is usually worse at niuht when inactive muscles become contracted. If neglected this condition gradually limits normal range of movement such as combing the hair, slipping a dress over the head, or reaching up for something. One of the most common painful shoulder and arm eondilions is the Scalenus Anticus fiynrirome which is simply an inflammation of 3--" I journed after members stood in silent homage. far az2)H right coal Automatic Keep-Fill Delivery Joo M. hick, Mgr.

I1LOOMINGTON CENTRAL LOAN INC. fell Cfi sjfe Oil 7-6276 Quality FURNACE or STOKER More Heat Less Ash ONEY Westerners in Moscow paid their respects to Kennedy's memory at Protestant services at Spaso House- residence of U.S. Ambassador Foy P. Holder, and at Catholic riles at the Soviet capital's one small Roman Catholic church, St. Louis le Franeais.

Rename Berlin Square In Poland, flags were at half staff on all official buildings, and the government radio and television stations played appropriate music. Dancing was banned in night clubs and restaurants and theaters canceled their entertainment. The Allied garrisons In West Berlin attended memorial serv- Monthly Payment Budget Plan. ItiMirst Dally 9 to il, 1:30 to 5:00 Kxcepl Thursday Simdity I'lione RII 410 Stcrry nidg. I'onliac, III.

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headquarters. t..

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