The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 25, 1963 · Page 8
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 8

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1963
Page 8
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I v. ? ! vTrv- '' v; 1 Pantagraph, Bloomlngton, III., Monday, Nov. 5. 196. 8 i V A Caroline Had Look of Child Who Understood By HELEN THOMAS husband with the two children1 of the youngsters. of a child who understood the took Caroline by the hand and WASHINGTON (UPI)- John he so openly adored-Caroline.l It was no surprise to many, solemn occasion. Her face was led her o the cottin w trie Fitzgerald Kennedy would have who will be 6 years old Wednes- that Mrs. Kennedy brought the pale. Every once in a while she hushed silence of tne rotunda, been proud of his wife Jacque- day, and John Jr., who is 3 to-! children. Her husband's great would look up at her mother,, With Caroline watching, Mrs. line and their two children Sun- day. sense of history had prompted as if for reassurance. Kennedy kissed the flag cover- day. ! Mrs. Kennedy was strikingly : her and ne has always want-j JOHN JR. had heard the 21- ing the coffin. ' They heard with dignity and beautiful in a black suit with ed the family to share together gun salute many times on hap-j fna'ly Tth.ey Tleltl 10 De re elegance the tributes to him as a black lace mantilla over her ' in its life-the good and the pier occasions, but somehow joined by John Jr. . a man and to his work in life dark hair. She wore deeper bad. She knew her husband al- the silence that prevailed and. As they came out or the ro-that sounded in the rotunda of makeup than usual, probably to ways liked to take the children . the sad faces around him kept tunda, John, on his mothers the Capitol. hide tear stains. Even so, there along with him. Sometimes she! the active little boy quiet as left, walked down the 36 steps THE 34-year-old widow of the were tear stains on her face; had to put her foot down be-' the honors were rendered to his of the Capi o1 OT 8 J Uny slain President wanted to share as she walked up the steps clause of the attention they got. father. ! American flag clutched in a the last historic tributes to her the Capitol, holding the hands' Caroline Sunday had the look! In a sad farewell, her mother, small fist. Mansfield Tribute to Fallen President A happier time for the first, family. The Info President John F. Kennedy; his wife, Jacqueline, and their children, John Jr., and Caroline are shown as they left the Kennedy family home in Palm Ileach, Fla., last April 14 where they attended a private Easter service. (AP Wirephoto) Saddened World Sharing Jacqueline Kennedy's Grief .seen death strike a loved one while sparing her. On Aug. 7, 10(13, By HELEN THOMAS United Prtu International WASHINGTON UPI)- The On Auc. 7. 19B3. she had world which had toasted Jac-lgjVen birth prematurely to 1 president on his final journey queline Bouvier Kennedy on Patrick liouvier Kennedy. Two, today from the Capitol to the many a yesterday wept for her!riavs latnr ho rlicri si mado! White House and walked, be- Monday his body lay in state in the Capitol rotunda. Mrs.! Kennedy accompanied the late today This once most fortunate la brave recovery. of I Hack in the While 11,,,,,.,. (I,., , Uril IV 111 Llll TTII1LV 11WU.11. till lovely ladies came home from '34-year-old Jackie changed her Dallas, Tex.; bearing a bur- mind about something. .She had den of grief too heavy for utter-j. shied away from political ance. i travels with her husband. She At mid -day she had said changed her mind, she told a gaily to her husband, "you frj,,u, because she fell that can't say Dallas wasn't friend- this time "he needs my help." ly to you." The crowds had So she went on the Texas trip been huge, their cheers deafen- ana planned to travel with him1 hind the casket as it moved from the White House to St. Matthew's Cathedral for services. CENTRAL ILLINOIS WEDDINGS GRAU SPENCER FLANAGAN - Miss Sandra Marie Grau of Flanagan wore a chip,.,- .,;.,i Mi mini uimiiiicu juuiin ja m , i imij J iu it r i t i;v;vn vu i i uui icu itii.c auu tunc the course of his campaign for, .,., ,tf4 u c reelection. Hit Problem! Hers i She had never wanted to lie aj First Lady. But her husband's career was hers, too over Italian tatteta for her fcat-urday marriage to John Owen Spencer of Streator. After a wedding trip to southern Illinois, they will live in in a way. streat()r. Ing as they rode side by through the city. Moments later she was cradling his wounded body in her arms, crying, "Oh, no!" Less than an hour later he dead. They had been married 10 years, two months, and 10 days. Death Struck Close Somehow the assassin's bul- T lets missed her, seated inches tlwir development." P away on the President's left. It The beautiful Jacqueline Hmi- s,)nS? of Clinton. Parents of the was the second time in three ier, the daughter of Mrs. Hugh Pa'r are Mr- m& Mrs- Daniel and a half months that she had n Aucliinloss of Washington "issong of Cerro Gordo and Mr. :inrl the int.. .Inlm u.mviiT nf and Mrs. Homer Short of Wa- ' Niw Viirk- u n ni:ii i i((l tn llu pella. ifian .Inlm F.i Following a week's Kennedy, on Sent. 12. l!)f3. n Anmist. l'lfitl. her f rst ha hv i" van mircn m cnnion was horn dead shortly alter her WASHINGTON (AP)- Fol-lowing is the text of a tribute to the late President Kennedy delivered by Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-Mont., Sunday: "There was a sound of laughter; in a moment, it was no more. And, so, she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. "There was a wit in a man neither young nor old; but a wit full of an old man's wisdom and of a child's wisdom, and, then, in a moment it was no more. And, so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. "THERE WAS A MAN marked with the scars of his love of country, a body active with the surge of a life far, far from spent and, in a moment, it was no more. And so, she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. "There was a father with a little boy, a little girl, and a joy of each in the other. In a moment it was no more, and so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. "There was a husband who asked much and cave much, and, out of the giving and the asking, wove with a woman what could not be broken in life, and, in a moment it was no more. And so, she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands, and kissed him and closed the lid of a coffin. "A piece of each of us died at that moment. Yet, in death he gave of himself to us. He gave us of a good heart from which the laughter came. He gave us of a kindness and a strength fused into a human courage to seek peace without fear. "HE GAVE US of his love that we, too, In turn, might give. He gave that we might give of ourselves, what he might give to one another until there would be no room, no room at all, for the bigotry, the hatred, prejudice, and the arrogance which converged in that moment of horror to strike him down. "In leaving us these gifts, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States, leaves with us. Will we take them, Mr. President? Will we have, now, the sense and the responsibility and the courage to take them?" jiu.jijiuiiimiiiinuii.MU ui t fmmlmmmm'mW' I I" ' ' ' 5" ' K ' i Russian Girl With Flowers MOSCOW (UPI)- A tearful young Soviet girl showed up at the residence of U.S. Ambassador Foy Kohler with a bouquet of flowers: "I brought these because I liked your President." Pointers Miss Mary Ellen Newell HwkliH Photo Miss Roberta List Cmtra Craft Studio Engagements Announced Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gerjets I Mr. and Mrs. Karl List of ru-of Lacon announce the engage- j ral Edgewood announce the en-ment of Mary Ellen Newell of gagement of their daughter, Ro-915 W. Market to Daniel E.berta Marie of 411 E. Douglas, Eikenberry of 602 S. East, son to Charles E. White, son of Mr. of the Ralph H. Eikenberrys. and Mrs, Maurice White of Miss Newell graduated from'pranitp ritv miu-VUUill.Y OCIIJUJ ilIKH kJUIIWUI in Varna and is employed by Miss List is a 1960 graduate State Farm Insurance ComDa-,of Altamont Community High nies. Mr. Eikenberry graduated School and Mr. White is a 1960 from Bloomington High School ! graduate of Salem Community and is employed with Blooming-j High School. Both are employed ton Battery Service Co. at Illinois Agricultural Associa- The couple plans an April tion. wedding. I A Dec. 28 wedding is planned. DEAR POLLY-A good way to clean a bread or meat cutting board that has become discolored is to rub it with the inside of lemon rinds. Wash with warm water and the board will be light and clean looking after it dries.-MRS. D. M. POET LAUREATE IN TRIBUTE LONDON The Times of London Monday published this tribute by John Mase-field, England's poet laureate: John Fitzgerald Kennedy All generous hearts lament the leader killed, The young chief with the smile, the radiant face, The winning way that turned a wondrous race Into sublimer pathways, leading on. Grant to us life that though the man be gone The promise of his, spirit b fulfilled. For French Pancakes A couple of tablespoons of melted butter or margarine will help make French pancakes the thin variety tender. Use a one-cup flour recipe and stir into the batter. I ' CHRISTMAS ISA FAMILY AFFAIR; 23s BETTER w I la A FAMILY GIFT, os that can be enjoyed by all for yean to come,' is the smart solution to holiday gift problems. LET US HELP YOU la (he financing of a new car, home appliance, TV, or any other major gift the whole family can use and appreciate. I C K 41A X. Main St., Bloomington Curtis Houw, Mgr. Thone 087-9515 HOURS: Mon. 9-7, Tues., Wed., Thurs. 9 5, Trl. 9 6 She to d an interviewer some months ago that "all (lie prob- SHORT-HISSONG lenis that arise for mv husband Donald Owen Short of Wapel- feel with him, all through la tlM,k !,s ,11S nri(le Sunday at 1 p.m. Miss Alicia Sharon His- New Names In The News (VUSB3 Twin girls Catherine Mary Hauskins and Christina Maria Hauskins arrived Nov. 13 at southern Mennonite Hospital, weighing wedding trip, they will live at pounds, 15 ounces, and 4 pounds, 14 ounces. They are daughters l he new Mrs. Short gradual- of Mr. and Mrs. William H Troubled with GETTING UP NIGHTS Paint In BACK, HIPS, LEGS Tiredness, LOSS OF VIGOR If you are a victim ot tlieoe aymn- bo husband lost his bid lor the ,(1 H"m Manchester College, Hauskins of 605 Hovey, Normal, Democratic vice presidential North Manchester, Ind., and ls'and granddaughters of the nomination. Since then she had employed by the University of Preston Ensigns of 605 Hovey been blessed with Caroline. 6 Illinois as De Witt County home, and Mrs. Mary Hauskins of toms then your troubles nmv traced to GlnndulRr Indnmnmtion on Wednesday, and John Jr., 3 adviser. Mr. Short is today. , mail carrier in Clinton. She may not have wanted to be a First Ladv. Hut when the S r.?iiZ5 .!,T !f, 1i in - incredible blow fell Fridav, she atltulional disease and medirintu that giv temporiiry relief will not proved herself to be a Great remove the cnue of your trouble. I.ady. She stood silently wilh- Neulect of Glandular InflaiiuiiH. out '(ears jn Dallas as Lvildon tion often leads to premature aenu ,, , , , ,. ,i f ity. and incurabl. rondiliona. I' Johnson took the oath of The past year men from 1,000 office as Hie new President-communities have been auccewfiillv then kissed her on the cheek, to-ested. They have found eoothinfc- Shp s(on(i for R nlompntt star-relief and improved health. , . ,, ,. , .. inn H.ivin :it Imp f iwir tmhtinc IvlTdiral nd biting her lip. has a New Then she pulled herself together !lu:.K .?,OK and turned to face the group that tells how ,, . n 1 these trouble. tbe plane. maviwrorrmtod 1 Dallas Police Chief, J. E. bv PROVEN NON- Pnrrnv u nnt nn to hrr tnoLr a city RECTAL-COLON art otttn (tioclitid with Glandular In-llimmilion. Reducible Hernia It minibli te i mild Nan-turf leal trttmnt. any of thin dirndl r i nay hi treated at thi iwiii tlmi Tin art ri-ilvlni OlmdulK Inllimmi till triatminti. 406' 4 N. Roosevelt. The twins have a 15 month old brother, Bradley. There are in the United States at least 180 metropolitan areas with population of more than 50,000. Choose l I ADDRESS., "own l!ZLTIarr TREATMENTS. nano. anu saui: This book mav I "God bless vou, little ladv. " roVr'Tp''":1 to , down'' roupon below. "No thanks," she said in a No ubliKatinn. firniVoice. 'Tm fine, rcallv."! Sat Beside Casket 1 Then as the plane took off and gained altitude, she went back to the rear compartment it beside the casket for ntire flight to Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington. The President's body was placed in a hearse for the trip to its temporary resting place, at the Bethesda, Md., Naval Hospital. She went along with him on this trip, too. I Affected Person Gets Caught An affected speaker often gets caught in the web of his own mispronunciations. and I.ay-Away for Christmas D- Gifts NOW rm FREE BOOK- j Excelsior Medical Clinic i Dept. B7990 Eiciltlor Sprlnat, Mo.l I Cintlimm: Klndlr lend mi it onci.! liM... Uau. IDrr I am lnt,.frf lnl I Mull Infirmitun (Pliiu Chick Boi) j , " i 1 tnp mil iC: Hernia O Metal-Colon fjeimdulir I ',' ON ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS ISAVE 50WEEKENDS IThundoy thrttqh Smdoy: 2 day m'mlmim) WITH THIS COUPON UPON REGISTRATION 1 Inllimtnitionl I I -I COMPLETUY AIR-C0NOITI0NEO mm M i RADIO I VI n IVERY ROOM cfou, em saw fhis week on. eumode STYLES Plain weave, nude heel and demi-toe Plain weave, reinforced heel and toe Micro-weave, reinforced heel and toe ALL FIRST QUALITY i i s---.----a.-J PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANERS GARMENTS - DRAPES - STORAGE WALL TO WALL CARPETING UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE FOR PICKUP end DELIVERY Ph. 823-8063 SONS WE 5iv SH Guru Stomal 215 E. FRONT PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANERS No chirp tor children ndr 14 acciipyinf tame room. Randolph it Li Salle "In trie hurt it the Loop" ampll Pirklnf Adjacent Horn of thi f.moui SWISS CHALET Coming Weekend Attroctiom in Chicagolqnd Wciktnd, Nov. 14-17: "Nivtr Too Lid," Blick Hawhl VI. 'Hr,tt ?'e- M.pli Liali eiack.tont ln vi. Ora Lr,t r' Bay P.cken p,r,,t Ho"' lllinon at Wiicontln c( j.viiit" Htrvptt Moon ov Fosllval, ChicMO "finnhiuier" StDdium ... . .. "Mow to Succpfd In Buiinttt," Shubirt "ipyond Iht Fnnr." thr Nov. 30, fludcbikir Nov. 11 "Tannhaunr" Nov. , "Don Patquali" Wnd, Nov. ll-Dtc. 1 1 Bun vi. Minneiota Vlklnn Black Hawki vi, Maplt Liafl Black Hawki vi. N. V. Humeri Santa Claui Paridi Purdui al Indiana Black Hawki vi. Montrial Canadlem Lvnc Opera. LWeitock Epo. t Opri Noum, Hon Show, thru Piilfvolioni a Information Writ Room No. Phono Ctntrat 6-0123 OffER IXPKSi DU, $0, 1941 Die. 7, Amphithiatir "Tha 1 Siltin," Thru Die. It, Goodman Lyric Opira, Opara Houn, Nov. 21, "Don Painualo" Wifkend, Die l-li Bean vi. SF ilin Black Hawki vi. Montreal Canadicni "Camelot," Optra Housa ii ot MA YOUR CHOICE OF 3 7 f3 I a whs- --m , , frl V HOSIERY U l; i (i I ! i 313 N. Main S. Sizes 8 toll Season's Popular Shades Open Tuesday Morning 9:30 'til 9 p.m. HOSIERY xiiniot JUVENIll

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