The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 25, 1963 · Page 3
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 3

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1963
Page 3
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Assassination Diagram Fabricated by Oswald Pantograph, Bloomlngton, in Monday, Nov, 15, 1963. Trajectory of Bullets Shown on Blueprint DALLAS Lee Harvev Oswald, slain Sundav bv Jack Ruby in swift, savage reprisal for the murder of President John F. Kennedy, left behind in death a blueprint for the Friday assassination. The Dallas Morning News in a copyrighted story said that police had found a map in Oswald's room marking the path of the bullets fired at Kennedy and Gov. John Connally, the Associated Press reported. Dist. Atty. Henry Wade made no mention of the map in outlining evidence against Oswald to newsmen Sunday night but he confirmed its existence Monday. "This Is it I've sent men to the electric chair on less evidence than we have against Lee Harvey Oswald," Wade told reporters as he revealed evidence convincing Dallas law authorities that they had an airtight case against the accused assassin. "There is no doubt in my mind that Oswald was the killer," Wade said. The newspaper quoted what It termed a reliable source as saying: "This was a map of the City of Dallas. Oswald had placed marks at major intersections along the motorcade route-three or four as I recall. Line From Building "There was also a line from the Texas School Book Deposi tory Building to Elm Street. This was the trajectory of the bul lets to the President and Gov ernor Connally." The map constituted what po lice termed major evidence against Oswald in Kennedy's as sassination, but which they had refused earlier to reveal. The News said officers theorized Oswald marked spots on the map from which a sniper could get a good shot at the Kennedy motorcade. Wade said two facts stood high in the mass of evidence linking the slim, brown-haired Oswald to the slaying. Palm Print Found First, a palm print on the underside of the rifle which fired the bullets that killed Kennedy was identified as Oswald's. Secondly, Wade said, Oswald had definitely been placed inside the building at the time shots were fired from there at Kennedy. "The gun was here, his prints were on the gun, the gun was the gun that killed Kennedy, his palm prints were on the box on which the killer sat, BULLETIN DALLAS (UPD- Two detectives rushed Jack Ruby, slayer of Lee Harvey Oswald, from city jail to the county courthouse today. He pressed down on the car seat so pass-ersby would not see him. and witnesses put him on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting." Asked if he believed Oswald was slain to keep him from talking, Wade said police were looking into that angle, but so far no connection has been established between Oswald and Ruby. Concentration On Ruby "There is no concrete evidence to go on that there is anyone else connected with the assassination," Wade said, but added that some aspects of the case may still be investigated. The district attorney said that because Ruby's slaying of Oswald was an assassination "I am certain that I can get the death penalty for Ruby. Ruby walked up to a man who was handcuffed and defenseless and cold - bloodedly assassinated him." Wade added several specific details to evidence previously brought out. He said Oswald bought the Italian-make assassination rifle in March from a Chicago mail order firm, at a cost of slightly more than $12. The FBI, he said, confirmed the serial number of the mail order rifle matched that of the rifle that fired the shots at Kennedy. Rifle In Pictures Wade said police found a photograph showing Oswald holding the rifle,- at what he called an "at attention" stance. In one hand, Oswald held the rifle and in the other copies of the Daily Worker and a Fascist publication, The Militant. There was no evidence that showed Oswald was a member of the Communist party, Wade said. "However, there was lots of material dealing with communism, such as the Daily Worker, and there was even more material dealing with the Fair Play for Cuba organization Officers said earlier Oswald told them he was a Communist, and was proud of it. Wade also said three ej'ected shells, of an odd calibre that came from the assassination rifle found on the floor, were located near the box at the ambush window . where a palm print of Oswald's was impressed. Police All Around Jack Rubinstein, alias Ruby, 52, a bachelor owner of a down town Dallas striptease joint, brooding since Kennedy's untimely death, stepped wordlessly forward from the ranks of onlookers outside City Hall to send a single pistol bullet into Oswald's abdomen. The 24-year-old Oswald, a self-styled Communist, dropped unconscious at Ruby's feet, within a cordon of escorting police officers. That was 11:20 a.m. while Oswald was being taken from City Hall detention quarters to a permanent maximum security cell in Dallas County Jail, there to await trial for Kennedy's assassination. Oswald died at 1:07 p.m. In the same hospital where President Kennedy expired Friday, with two of the same doctors working over him who labored vainly to save the President's life. Ruby was charged with murdering Oswald. Oswald Handcuffed Oswald had emerged from behind prison walls for the first time since his arrest. He wore a dark sweater, gray pants and a white, open-collared shirt. He came out of City Hall a few steps behind Capt. Will Fritz, his hands handcuffed in front of him, with detectives holding him by either arm. Ruby had leaped a three-foot railing and worked his way through newsmen and police officials until he was in the front row. Then, without warning, as. network television recorded the scene, Ruby put the gun against Oswald's midriff and pulled the trigger once. A slight smile on Oswald s face vanished and his mouth popped open. A single cry of anguish escaped his lips and he hit the pavement and lay motionless, in the midst of the cordon of police officers. Gunman Subdued A wave of police bore the gun wielder face down to the ground, like a football halfback being snowed under a line of determined tacklers. There had . been reports of death threats circulating in Dal las against Oswald. The deci sion to go ahead with his trans fer m broad daylight was after ward explained to newsmen by Dallas Police Chief Jerry Cur ry: "If I hadn't promised you people I would not take Oswald until this morning, we would have taken him during the night. I told you I wouldn't back down on my pledge." 'TO 5 A V? . j .... , t . . ;: -t r - V I 1 ,' iiaiiini) urt .i..;.. . -flfr i -i - Tinnr-i rn Y'-'---""'1 jti y- " ja Is gunman steps in to slay accused assassin Ruby Defense Money Offered PITTSBURGH (UPI)-Nicho las Odata of suburban Brent wood, a mortgage broker, Sun day offered $100 toward legal expenses in defending Jack Ruby, who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assas sin of President Kennedy. Odata said he would withdraw the offer if he learned Ruby had any connection with Oswald. Funeral Coverage Pages I, 2 TOUGH GUY Eyewitness Describes Shooting By Detective B. H. Combest As told to The Associated Press DALLAS, Tex. (AP) I was standing at a corner of the guy this Jack Ruby. Ruby Described as Loner, Tremendously Patriotic By WILBUR MARTIN Associated Press Staff Writer DALLAS (AP)-He's a tough ramp as they led Lee Oswald out of the building, and then I saw Jack Ruby and I knew what he was going to do. I yelled, "Jack, you son of a bitch." I tried to reach him but I He's a loner, too. He's emotional real emotional. He flies off the handle. A cop who saw him moving in on Lee Harvey Oswald, the self-styled Communist accused carrying a concealed weapon, Real Gentleman once in July of this year, once "ue's a reai gentleman with in lviay 01 iuat. ror viuiauriK a (j)e ladies. dance hall ordinance in rJ.i!) And just a few days ago for aggravated assault. He had a fight in another night sxt. A guy heckled him. Little Odd "He's a little odd," said Bill wp T If" :vz .. j Kit .-':' If I i Li L ; . , - ' . j - - x ' - ' . . ; . . ..... i ,t .. .,, . ... . . v ..... ."wj '. t t (y-. K r-'- V. - i -m:-(S-- couldn't get to him. He rushed iof assassinating President Ken-right up to Oswald and put the,"6' seamed: "Jack, you son-of-a-bilch. . Jack Ruby rammed the nick- gun just flat against his chest. And I saw a flash of fire. I think Ruby did what he was el-plated pistol he always ear- But he is rough. "lie didn't need a bouncer. He could handle himself. He was proud of that." He didn't see the sun too much, Jack Ruby. But he didn't lutint in twi f 1 fiftfttr I In ufic n1tf DeMar, the master of ceremo- , i,:,.l., i. . u. ...... ..,.. ,, , . medium height and had a heavy n pq u-nii hr riff nn tlm clrin- .... 0 pers at the Carousel Club, "But , u" . 1L 1L tremendously patriotic." ,,1S manager at the other club "For a buck " raid his ex- Iluby owns lhe Vc!:,s a drink" nJnnr iinR and dancing place, put it ithin vuav: JildVJTii H'MMflfl "Kuby works out with the would have killed him. Not the. ... ,'.u. ., planning on doing all this time :"ed into Oswald and pulled the President's death. Hut the busi-lda , hig apartmcnt Some' since the President ws killed i trigger. "ess. You live hr the holidays tj ' . to f. ymca. - in this town. Two months of The manager, George Sena- since the President was killed. I trigger. ii. j: ju .... ii J fn-11oM itnrt k lirfiA mnio. ne aiuni sav anvmine as nei ",vu u""t fr r,i; n .,i. i " was taken nut t thinV hnM a!.1 than an hour later. v, ..f '. ,tr. said of Ruby: ready accomplished his SWSL .busiT, ,S 'hol SSia n' d Pose. ir. of the man WadrhahanKi:;n8' C'ir,,filmas' had been saying: 'Oh, that poor One of his employes had ' t 01 the niKht bcf called me earlier and told mehen the strip-tease joint own ZZ like Jack Ruby. JjZmt Ruby felt a sense of shame crashed a news conference nf. wasn't inti..;i.rf i , ? . y J, ,. Dallas. A lot of us knew him as police revealed more details know how it was with ; - He's "00! f ti Ik r ut uauac vi wic uuaiucaa lie nua.ui mtn lbtc auiub v.inaiu. ntm" AnimalS. in running a strip joint. "I can take care of myself," I helped carry Oswald to the Ruby always boasted. jail basement office. Someone said, "What do you want to do ;with him?" and I heard some- Cats." Tills was the dramatic moment as nightclub owner Jack Ruby stepped forward and levelled a revolver at Lee Harvey Oswald, accused astiassin of Presi- dent Kennedy. A second later, Ruby pumped a bullet into Oswald's stomach. Jack Bwrs of the Dallas Morning News made this picture. (Copyright, Tin Dallas Mornir Nawt, I963), In Dallas 13 Years His real name is Jack Ruben stein. He showed un in Dallas iiiir it t a it- tit J' .ill I IUI .1L one answer. Well. lets Eet him ahmit 15 vears mm mnvirm h out of here fast." nn Hin n'o nidht lifo tti I think the city jail physician ' swinging little place called the said the bullet went in at a slant silver Slipper, but did not come out the other j The cops know Ruby, too. side that it entered his left side ! "I know all the policemen," and you could feel it under the Ruby breezily told Wade at the skin on the opposite side. press conference. "And the I think the gun was a .38- newsmen. I just came down to caliber blue steel snub-nose. listen In." Ruby pushed It right up against That's why it didn't seem him. strange to have Jack Ruby pop Ruby must have climbed over Up among the crowd of news-the railing to get into the crowd, men, photographers and stet-I didn't see him go over the son-hatted detectives forming a railing the first I saw was barrier that Oswald had to cross when he rushed forward. i in his transfer from one jail Oswald had a powder burn to another, about as big as a fist on his ; The police knew him for oth-sweater. er reasons. Like two arrests for Television audience sees oswald slaying NEW YORK TAP) - The! the right of the pictures show- shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald ing on the television screens, I in Dallas was seen live on tele- stepped in front of Oswald, a ,-.!; 1 il 1- . . I. . 1 1 -J 1 1 ; vision screens oy uiuusanus 01 snoi was neara anu uie ac-persons across the nation Sun- cused assassin slumped to the day. floor. Both the National Broadcast-! All was confusion as police ing Co. and the Columbia rrw? the killer to the floor (he Broadcasting System had their ws later identified as Jack cameras on the scene when the Ruby). Some cameras picked up shooting took place. backs of policemen as they The pictures showed the scene rushed 10 grab uuby. uther ;in the jail basement as Oswald camera scenes were blanked !was brought down a corridor to' out by flying coat tails of re- be placed in an armored truck, porters as they pushed forward He was flanked by two Dallas for their stories, detectives. The corridor was Then an ambulance was 'lined with policemen and news brought into the building corri-Teporters and photographers dor and Oswald, lying very were behind rope barriers. i still on a stretcher, was hustled I Suddenly, a man moved from off to the hospital Three dogs. he-s got a iUe stutter. He ain't a had piiv nnrlfr:tnnrl lip's a Ruby is a character In a bus!-; K,KKj m ne-( givo you a buck ness of characters. f iF you needed it. He never ne ooesni nrinK or smone. iiKed to see a guy without a buck." 1 j ' ' .- "4" ' , ' V f 1 1 V ...wWnM.MlHMl4 tit it ' i Jack Ruby, Dallas nightclub owner, walks through Dallas city jail toi be arraigned on murdor charges, He is accused of firing a fatal bullet into the abdomen of Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy ' accu-sed assaisain.

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