The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 24, 1963 · Page 41
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 41

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1963
Page 41
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to..' ' ,&.. ..... f ii I WAV f All Nw,? ,:.Yj... a AMBITION Pantgrah, Pluomlngtitn, III., Sunday, Nov. SI. I'tfiS. 41 President's Death Dips Stock Market i Worst Loss In 17 Months On Street Cullom Study Club To Get Together CULLOM - (PNS) - Visitation Study Club of St. John's Catholic Parish will meet at NEW YORK (AP) - Shocked 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the home by President Kennedy's assas- of Mrs. Arthur Kane. Solemn-faced President Lyndon Johnson leaves the White House at the start of his first full day as Chief Executive Saturday. With the new President is Rep. Homer Thornberry, D-Texas. Lyndon B. Johnson, Our 36th President Nation's new First Lady, Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, wearing a black lace hat, presents a closeup study Saturday in Washington. By The Associated Press 1 In the summer of I960, Lyndon B. Johnson, now the 36th president, had just been beaten by John F. Kennedy for the Democratic presidential nomination. Kennedy summoned Johnson for a conference and asked him to run for vice president. Johnson agreed. Many of his followers thought it was a mistake for Johnson to which are not settled by justice surrender his vast powers as 'and fair play will sooner Senate majority leader. Some ( or later be settled by force and called Johnson the second most violence" he has said. powerful man in Washington As vice president, he had lit- In another speech, Johnson said, "The law cannot bring tie power and little to do. In reasonable men and women to-power - conscious Washington, gether to work out their differ-the vice president is a relative- ences. But it can restrain un-ly obscure figure. reasonable men and women But he was just a heartbeat! from imposing their will on a from the Presidency. And that community and then the rea-heartbeat was stilled when'sonable people can and will get President Kennedy was assas-j together and work out their sinated by a hidden sniper in problems themselves." Dallas, Tex. Johnson has served as chair- Now Johnson had the job he man of the President's Commit-had prepared for all his life, tee on Equal Employment Op-He was groomed for the Presi-portunity and his civil rights dency by both his father and the speeches won him a distin-late House speaker, Sam Ray-'guished service award from the burn, a fellow Texan. The Ray-Capital Press Club, an organiza-burn-Johnson team led a Demo-'tion of Negro newspapermen, cratically controlled Congress' In other major assignments during most of the administra- given him by Kennedy, Johnson tion of former President Dwight has been deeply involved in the D. Eisenhower. J space program as chairman of Marked for Politics !tne National Aeronautics and Lyndon's father, Sam. was Space Council. Last summer he himself a canny politician. Even completed a survey for the his grandfather was politically- rresiaem on ine proposed sup-minded. When Lyndon was ersonic commercial airliner, born, his grandfather looked! Maintained Loyalty him over approvingly and said: Johnson and Kennedy who "He'll be a U.S. Senator some had some nasty things to say day." j about each other when they As a young man, Johnson were battling for the Democrat-went to Washington as a Con-'ic nomination in 1960 surprised gressman's secretary. He re- many people by getting along turned as a Representative, as remarkably well, a Senator, as Senate majority This is attributed partly to a leader, as vice president, and, decision by Johnson not to hold now, as President. (news conferences where report- At 6-foot-3, weighing close to ers might jockey him into posi-200 pounds since his 1955 heart tions at cross purposes with attack he has tried to hold his Kennedy. The President was weight down Johnson is super- boss and Johnson never ques- charged with restless energy. Former Vice President Rich- tioned this. Also, the drawling Texan ard M. Nixon, 1960 Republican demonstrated a willingness to presidential nominee who could take on any assignment, be a Johnson rival for the Pres- He had such varied ones as idency next year, once de- his trip to Berlin to bolster scribed Johnson as "one of the, Western morale after the Corn-ablest political craftsmen of our munists built the wall, and his time." flight to Rome to represent the Johnson turned loose this po- President at the funeral of Pope litical know-how and restless en- John. ergy on a myriad of tasks for And Kennedy, in turn, reward-President Kennedy. ed Johnson the loyal team play-He has been a goodwill am- er by counting him in on such bassador to foreign lands. , decisions as that of the Cuban In September, Johnson made missile blockade. He has been a two-week. 15,000-mile tour of a participant in many key phas-five Scandinavian nations. He es of the Kennedy administra-flew to Belgium and Holland in tion. early November to represent' In fact, the 55-year-old John-the United States at an agricul- son has political and govern-tural exposition in Rotterdam mental know-how that few men and a banquet in Brussels spon- ever acquire, sored by Belgian and American ! Elected to the House of Rep-groups supporting the North At- resentatives in 1937 at 29, he be-lantic Treaty Organization. icame a Senator at 40 in 1948. To Team Again L He made his mark as the Before Kennedy's sudden Democratic leader of the Senate death, Johnson was happily pre- a. dazzling performance as paring to return to the political a benind the scenes operator wars with him in 1964. He "IU racu a brushed aside rumors Kennedy ''''cally. might ditch him for another; Charmer vice-presidential candidate. The 55-year-old President is a Johnson campaigned for Ken- hard driver of himself and of nedy in 43 states in 1960 and was others. But when he is in a re-a key factor in the narrow Dem- laxing mood, he can charm the ocratic victory over Nixon, birds out of the trees. Johnson's home state of Texas j During the years 1955 to 1961 went Democratic in 1960 a when he was the Senate's ma-crucial 25 electoral votes after jority leader and Republican twice going for Eisenhower, j Dwight D. Eisenhower was pres- In his tasks as vice-president, ident. Johnson counseled his fel-Johnson has tried to erase the low Democrats against opposi-image of a Southern, or even a tion for opposition's sake. Western politician. ; He urged a course of respon- He has become a special sibility as best for his party and pleader for conciliation in solv- the country and preached the ing racial problems. "Issues doctrine that reasonable men of good will can resolve their differences. "Let us reason together," was one of his favorite admonitions to his colleagues. Johnson ran virtually a one-man show, serving as the Democratic floor leader, chairman of the Democratic conference, chairman of the party steering committee and chairman of the policy committee. He was always a man on the move, nervous, fidgety and impatient. Whether in his office, his car or his home, he is apt to be on the telephone talking, persuading, arranging. After suffering a severe heart attack on July 2, 1955, Johnson quit smoking. Until then he had been a chain smoker, burning up three packs of cigarettes a day. He did not noticeably slow his pace despite his brush with death. Some senators found his way of running the Senate hard to take. Mostly the criticism came I from liberal Democrats resent-Iful of Johnson's middle-of-the-Iroad course, but there was some grumbling from others that he was iron-handed and inconsiderate. Can Lose Temper ! Johnson is a man who likes to be liked and who is sensitive jto criticism. He also has a I streak of vanity, as shown when he tells photographers to take 'pictures only from his left side. j Johnson sometimes loses his I temper, but he is no pop - off. 'Most of his statements are carefully prepared. He is no great shakes as an orator, and many of his speeches are larded with homilies. The new President was born in Stonewall, Tex., 'Aug. 27, 1908, and was educated at Southwest State Teachers College, San Marcos, Tex., and at Georgetown Law School. I He was married to the former Claudia Lady Bird Taylor in 11934. They have two daughters, 'Lynda Bird, 19, and Lucy Baines, 16. Johnson was elected to the House from Texas in 1936. In 1948, at the age of 40, he was elected to the Senate. Four years later the Senate Democrats chose him as their leader. In 1960 he lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Kennedy, who then chose him for second place on the ticket. Death Reported, No Comment TOKYO (LTD - The new China News Agency, official ' voice of Communist China and one of President Kennedy's I most severe critics, reported his assassination without comment Saturday. ! For a time after reporting the death, the news agency carried what appeared to be previously I written dispatches containing derogatory references to the slain American President. I HEADER DROPS 'FIRST FAMILY' MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UPI) Comedian Vaughn Meader, who wowed millions with his impersonations of the late President John F. Kennedy, said he will drop from his act all material on the First Family. "I'm just as grieved as the average American citizen," he said. JOHNSON SECOND OF HIS CHURCH WASHINGTON (AP)-President Johnson is the second chief executive to belong to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The other was President James A. Garfield, who was shot by an assassin July 2, 1881 and died Sept. 19 of that year. The Christian Church, as it is most commonly known, numbers about 1.8 million members in the United States. Speculation Takes Bobby From Cabinet WASHINGTON (UPI) -President Kennedy's assassination has increased chances that his brother, Atty. Robert F. Kennedy, will resign from the cabinet in an effort to further his own political fortunes. There had been persistent re- sination, the stock market last ' Magazine and newspaper ar-ports the attorney general was week took its worst loss in 17 tides concerning, "The Ecu-preparing to leave the cabinet months. menical Council." "The Crisis even before his brother was Not since the week ended in South America," and "The shot down. June 23, 1962 when the big United Nations." will be dis- These reports, however, said niarkct plunge of that spring cussed at the meeting. the attorney general would quit bottomed out had stocks unto conduct his brother's cam- ergone such a decline. tu: t. iu. i t - : paign. lllls "it mi iw dimes in-( Kennedy himself told report- dustrial average fell 28.51 to t ers earlier this week that his 711.49, compared with the fall of i current plans were to remain: 38 99 in the June '62 week. ! in the cabinet during the 1964 ! The Associated Press average 1 presidential race although he of 60 stocks last week fell 9.9; might do some campaigning in ,0 268 3- i,s biggest fall since' his brother's behalf. itne 'oss f tne same June Now all this is changed. 2 week. Thp attorney eeneral has heen ' The decline, however, proba- the dynamo behind the execu- b,y wouId have bwn far worse futures market carried its gen- tion of many of his brother's naa tt1e ork t(X'K - cral decline through another moves in the field of politics V""" " v week on the Board of Trade at and in carrying out the duties inrougnoui ine na uon-noi sus- BPpIl.ratd .,,. with most of the presidency. Pded t ad ng a half hour at - commo(i(ips wi t h e j p But he has been concerned f.r tbe f"t"w ame h:t broadest losses for any com-for some time because both of e President .had been shot , ' ' dpn c his brothers were serving in'iri UinK was s PPeci an nour ' ' elected posts while he held only ,andti minutes belore the usual;" " an appointive office, generally Ult , , bushel in sovbenns. to more an ineffective springboard for'""" ."-v" "w'' "u, in ,.;. n hinh nnlitirnl nffipp ican De guessea DV Uie CXieni 01 """" ""- " nign political otnee i .7. a . inr- a jn ,v rnrn a,n, mlntivp v me uniinc tin oi ui. io, i.m.i. , Grain Futures Market Carries General Decline CHICAGO (AP) - The grain Last Rites Prepare Man To Meet God By GEORGE W. CORNELL AP RELIGIOUS WRITER According to his faith, President Kennedy's death Friday was a meeting place between him and his God. As the moment of death approached, a Roman Catholic priest standing over him uttered these words, as set down in the church rites: "Go forth, Christian soul, out of this world, in the name of God, the Father Almighty, who created thee; in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, who suffered for thee 11 It is an interval of mystery, as the church sees it, a time of pain and sorrow, but also of assurance, because Christ already has joined men in it in His Crucifixion, and wrought victory over it for His own. As administered to the dying President in a Dallas hospital emergency room, the rites of Extreme Unction, or anointing of the sick, sought his restoration, in the widest sense. The rite is a plea for physical recovery, in part, but in the extremity of death, as was this case, it is also a preparation for encounter with God. "Heal, O Redeemer, the infirmities of this sick person," the priest prays, ". . .and forgive him his sins. . ." In that crucial and final hour, when a man comes to his direst agony, the sacrament is considered an occasion when he receives ultimate forgiveness, and is readied for entry into divine companionship. It is linked to Christ's resurrection, for only in finally surmounting the inevitability of Saunemin Approves Bond Issue SAUNEMIN -(PNS)- Only one Saunemin voter opposed the issuance of $10,000 in bonds for water improvements in a referendum Saturday. The proposal carried by a vote of 89 to 1. The money will be used to provide a casing and piping for a new community well that has already been dug at the edge of town. The well was necessary to alleviate recurrent water shortages in Saunemin. Another factor bearing on T?nhnrf TCAnnnrlu'c futiira io tUa t?M hat ha u,iii n innnnr v, ferd a heart attack 1UI.I IHUI. ilV nil! IIW IWIJLLl 1 UC , II ll T wnrkin? with hie hrnthnr in thp udya lu" MfSMim-me uow in White House. AFTER JOHNSON McCormack Next In Succession when President Eisenhower suf-i steady at declines of less than On that two cents. Commercial demand was fair- dustrials lost 31.89 and the AP ly steady in corn and absorbed average 11.4. jmost of the offerings on hedg- The news of the President's ing accounts although the open death came to a Wall Street interest there continued to climb which had been jittery most of rapidly. ithe week. WASHINGTON (AP) - This is the top order of succession to the presidency as established by law in 1947: now vacant with the elevation Thanksgiving Has Effect On Steers Some of the most active trad ing of the week came during the final few minutes when word reached the pits that President Kennedy had been shot. However, the market had closed when it became known that the wound was fatal. In that period, prices slumped then recovered somewhat on news that the death itself is any healing com plete. I The priest said: I "We implore thee, O Lord, look with kindness on they servant, John F. Kennedy, who is ! growing weak as his body fails. I "Cherish and revive the soul i which thou didst create, so that purified and made whole by his suffering, he may find himself 'restored by Thy healing through Christ our Lord." In the rite, the priest anoints with oil the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, hands and feet, praying that any sins committed through the organs of sense or i limbs of the body may be forgiven. The oil, the movements, the words are regarded as physical, earthly symbols of spiritual action, as promised by Christ, who also performed His ministry through physical means, but with meaning on a higher plane. Special Permit ! Allows Sunday Requiem Mass WASHINGTON (UPI) The Roman Catholic apostolic delegate to this country, Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi, said Saturday that every "Catholic church in the United States would be permitted one Requiem Mass Sunday. The permission was extraordinary because, according to Catholic practice, funeral Masses and Requiems, or Masses in commemoration of the dead, are not permitted on Sunday or Holy Days. The Catholic bishops of the United States meanwhile issued a statement praising the first Catholic President of the United States as a "compassionate champion of peace and brotherhood" and petitioning God for "the repose of Jiis soul in the company of his creator and re deemer. The bishops said Kennedy "described his own life" when he said in his inaugural address I "Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country." j KENNEY 1 Mr. and Mrs. Claude Peacock returned Monday to their home at Munster, Ind., after j visiting since Friday in the Charles Peacock home. rmrAr.n iap Tho nrv .w.i, f n.,ni,..n;inn nA v,,' President had been rushed to a The vice president, a post ?..., r t u( hosn ta . The sunnosit on was 'tion .ui, ,i.i00i ,,.ii0 that the assassination attempt oi iynuon n. jonnson io me t d weakcning infiUPnce in had failed. 'the slaughter steer market last At the end of the week, Wheat ine speaker of me House o k gnd . t d t0 was 6-10 cents a bushel lower Representatives, now Demorcat CPnts hundredweieht lower. ! than a week ago. December John W. McCormack of Massa chusetts The average cost of ali;$2.08-07:V; corn Pn-1 lower, The president pro tempore of . nffprinos nf f,llttlp nn !7. inupr nPf.rmirr fi7U mnts? the Senate, now Democratic the 12 major markets amounted rye 4Wa lower, December The se 202'200 head comPared with il.42-43; soybean 8-16 low- ine secretary ot state - Dean mm a week aB0 u, Janliarv 2 .rbu'A. ttUSK OI INCW YOrK. . .f r u.u. L,i ZZZ Z. ' fiwas the largest since last Dec- S'M "cw ember and that market was 25 to 50 cents lower. Offerings over 250 lbs showed the ex treme decline. Lower prices for dressed pork also contributed! to the weakness. Aldous Huxley Dies of Cancer HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-Novel-! TU . ie TP ist AlriniK Hi.vW famoH fnr I ween a uj ij j, (Mm his satirical vison of a "brave1 1 Pa the previous er, January $2.66Vi-67'. Chenoan's Car Hit By Train GRIDLEY - A 21 - year-old Chenoa man was injured at iit nui ij auu a 1111.1111., I U ' t...l. v n t t I l the eminent British family ofi"7n .h. h.n n,rt. uw.1"1" 8 , uTy t , . letters and sciences Hied Fri- ,In ,the S,heeP m?rket- wooIed car ws struck by a Toledo, SI Z pop hJ . Vo i daughter lambs closed 50 to 75 Peoria and Western freight Lt-J'ZJZJS-vJ '? P.-11 Strain just north of Gridley n ..j ...v. . cause 0I lncreast.d offerings, vate funeral services were con- ducted Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Huxley was the son of Leon ard Huxley and grandson of re- the Gridley-Flanagan blacktop. Taken to St. James Hospital, Pontiac, was Vernon Shiflett. News Breaks Strike TOLEDO. Ohio (UPI) - The He remained a patient Satur- assassination of President Ken-'day night. noHv hrnnoht an pnH R:itnrHav ApcnrHino In lal nnticp fh nowned biologist Thomas Hux- of the wcck-old Toledo news- Shiflett car crossed in front of ley, credited with popularizing 'papcr slrjke, and publication 'the train and was struck in the the evolutionary theories of resumed with the Sunday edi-i side. Damage to the 1958 model Charles Darwin. He was the tion of the Toledo Filarle. car was estimated at SfiOfl. 'brother of Julian Huxley, noted! - - - biologist and writer and grand-I nephew of poet-essayist Matthew Arnold. ANDREW JOHNSON LINCOLN'S SUCCESSOR WASHINGTON (UPI)-Lyndon B. Johnson is the second President of the United States w ith the name of Johnson and also the second to take office because of an assassin's bullet. Andrew Johnson became president of the United States on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth. Moro, Enemies Reach Accord ROME (UPI) - Premler- : designate Aldo Moro announced I Saturday he has reached agreement with the Socialists to form a new center-left government. I Despite the optimism expressed by Moro in his brief announcement, there still were fears such a government would be torpedoed before it ever got off the ground. The agreement reached by Moro and Socialist leader Pi-etro Nenni must be ratified by the ruling bodies of their parties, the Social Democrats and the Republicans a left-wing party. BIRCH SOCIETY SENDS REGRETS BELMONT, Mass. m -Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, sent a telegram of condolence to Mrs. John F. Kennedy. The message read: "Even though words are futile in the face of such tragedy please let me add this message to the tremendous number I know you will receive. "On behalf of the council of John Birch Society and our members and myself, I wish to express our deep sorrow at so untimely a loss to our nation of its youngest elected President and to convey more particularly to you and to all members of President Kennedy's family our sincere and heartfelt sympathy in your overwhelming personal loss." Car Not Made Bullet Proof, But Specifications Rigid CINCINNATI (UPI) - The car in which President Kennedy was assassinated Friday was custom built here in 1961 to rigid secret service specifications, but was not bullet proof. The "Presidential Continental" had more specially designed features than any car ever before used for government duties. It was delivered to the White House in June, 19G1. But Ford motor company, which owned the car and leased it to the White House, said that it was not equipped with a bullet-proof top or bullet proof glass. I The car replaced an 11-ycar-old Lincoln which had carried three former presidents more than HX),000 miles, j The firm which outfitted the automobile, installed a protective "bubble-top." This top was down when Kennedy was shot. The car was more than 21 feet in over-all length, a spokesman said. It was equipped with exterior retractable steps for six secret service agents to ride on. Inside the car were two-way radio - telephones to keep the President and his guards in constant communication with staff members along any parade route. FATEFUL COINCIDENCE President Elected Every 20 Years Dies in Office WASHINGTON (AP) - President Kennedy's death Friday continues the coincidence that presidents elected at 20 year intervals in zero-numbered years die in office. The list includes: 1840 William Henry Harrison 18C0 Abraham Lincoln 1830 James A. Garfield 1900 William McKinley 1920 Warren G. Harding 1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt 19f.0-John F. Kennedy Students Guests FREEPOP.T (UPI) - Foreign students from the Chicago metropolitan area will be guests of local communities for the Thanksgiving holiday, it was announced Saturday. Roosevelt did not die In the third term to which he was elected in 1940 but during his fourth term. Three of the previous presidents on the list were assassinated Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley. Pair of Rocking Chairs Retired WASHINGTON (UPI) - Pa-pers and files of John F. Ken nedy were moved from his While House office Saturday to a building next door. Two of the slain President's rocking chairs were taken across the street to be placed in storage.

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