The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 24, 1963 · Page 1
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 1

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1963
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Not So Cold Fair and a little warmer Sunday. High in 40s. Partly cloudy not so cold Sunday night. Low in lower 30s. Partly cloudy and warmer Monday. Sunday Edition 15c 118th Year. 328th Day. Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, Sunday, November 24, 1963. GS Pages. eclare Photographs Show Po ice Osw a Holding Slaying Weapon If 4f!S Ml 1 irin ft irii MU: loffM U v MUM Ml rC( t iJ II M 8 I I J : il lit fi & M Mm. RI M State To Ask Death Penalty than two hours after the assas- innocence since his arrest less sination. than two hours after the assas- Police continued questioning Oswald into the night. When newsmen asked him if sination. Oswald stuck to his story that he left work early in the By JOHN V. YOUNG DALLAS (UPD Police said Saturday thev have knee an airtight case against pro-Castro Marxist Lee Harvey ! "I have nothing against any Oswald as the assassin of President Kennedy, includ- body. he aimed at Connally, whom he building from which the shots once had threatened, he said: j were fired because he thought "Look, I don't know what you it would close in honor of the people are talking about. I have; President. He said he rode a not committed anv act of vio-ibus halfway to a room he rent ing photos of him holding the rifle Police, were reported showing ri the photos to the sullen, 24- vear-oid ex-Marine trom sui)ur- ban Irving, Tex., who has steadfastly maintained his innocence No Accomplices Police said they had all the ed under a fictitious name, took a cab home, changed clothes and went to a movie. He was subdued in a fight with police at the theater. His boss said a dusty sixth floor room of the evidence they need to prove in Texas schoolbook depository j court that Oswald was the buildings about 100 yards from fourth presidential assassin in the spot where Kennedy was U.S. history. and has also denied slaying a slain, had been ordered sent to j They said he had no accom-Dallas policeman. a Dallas post office box. plices, though they continued to The photos, police said, show rne weapon was now In question several men, apparent- him with both the rifle usedjy-asnjngton and being tested, 'y n connection with the 24-to kill President Kennedy and Police said thev were sure it 1 year - old ex-Marine's move- was the assassination weapon. ;ments before and after a snip-Three shots were fired at the er fired two bullets into Presi-President and Gov. John B. dent Kennedy from ambush in Connallv who was wounded. downtown Dallas. Three spent shells were found by the rifle. the pistol used to kill pursuing Patrolman J. D. Tippitt shortly after the assassination. "This case is cinched," said homicide Chief Capt. Will Fritz. "Yes, we have a picture of him with the rifle and with the pistol," Fritz said. Police were reported having shown him several photographs. Evidence Grows Tighter Police Chief Jesse Curry wove police evidence tighter around More Pictures, Stories on Pages 2, 3, 5, 16, 17&41 Accounts of local observances appear on pages 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10. he saw Oswald in the building right after the assassination. Officers continued questioning a second man described as a "The case is cinched," said known subversive and friend of homicide chief Capt. Will Fritz, 'Oswald, who was discharged as "We have no final ballistics one of the most respected po- li'n nffifnrc in Tnvnc report, but we understand it, IThpre was a npw dowop. win uc idvui duic, vun:i uiij niont saia. in undesirable by the Marine Corps Washington (AP) Members of the White House staff file past the body of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, lying in repose Saturday in a closed, flag-draped coffin in the historic East Room of the Executive Mansion. Behind casket is a large bouquet of rhododendron and in front is a great spray of lilies and carnations. Coffin goes to rotunda of nation's Capitol Sunday. Slain President Going To Arlington Cemetery Various Nations Send Emissaries to Funeral WASHINGTON (AP) President Kennedy will be Gov. Connally Learns Wounds Fatal to Friend DALLAS (UPI)-Texas Gov. John Connally, recovering from a sniper's bullet after four will take the body to the Capitol. Ceremonial troops, military musicians with muffled drums. I v, rint rfciof f ctaff ,m Ki hours of surgery, was told by . ., . j his wife Saturday that his in ii ic jji uccaanm. Treading behind the caisson friend John F. Kennedy died of his wounds. had buried in Arlington JNational Cemetery at tne wisn otjwjn g0 a sjnge serviceman! "It was pretty well resolved the family." bearine the presidential flag. ! in his own mind that the Presi- This was announced baturday ny nerre malinger, Th n "motor cars carrvins 1 dent was dead," said Connally's White House press secretary. He said he could not pin point at this time the exact site of the grave. ivenneuy win oecuinc uie bcu-i Jacqueline Kennedy, other; administrative assistant, bin members of the family, Presi-tinson. dent Johnson and his wife. Ladv Connally rested well during ond president to be buried in assassination, will have their ir the night, the wooded, rolling cemetery turn to pray silently at the bier j Th'e same Drocession will ac-l President Johnson called to just across the Potomac from in the great rotunda of the I mno u kj ,u u s ' check on his condition. the capitol city. Former Presi-! Capitol. 7:1 Z ' V". J c I A medical bulletin issued at dent William Howard Taft is Then on Mondav. at the fu-' V". u ' 13 p.m. said Gov. Connally "is buried at Arlington, the site ofinpml wnrps th hnweH lieaHsl . in control of his faculties. His ...iii u, o.,k on. wimi W1,IU w"- v ta s otis fniilsp. resn ra on.'markab V well. kS C " 21 r ls, SK'looi Doc" are pleased with broke the news of the assa.- ui udj . dui nc vidiicu ii Bevcim hjS continuing progress. He is nation ot fresiaeni jonn ien-times, to pray at the casket, to mentally clear ;ne(jy to the father, study the state or world affairs I nr. Tom shires had said The elder Kennedy, 75-year- the map-lined "situation !aj;- .Qn v;iQi cin. ore nlH nntriarch of the clan, was the Tomb of the Unknowns Up to the time of the announcement there had been al most a presumption that burial, Kennedy dissolved by death Mioyan Coming Oswald. He said the FBI re-;Were being violated. He de ported that Oswald bought the manded either New York attor- Itahan 6.5 Carcano bolt-action ney John Abt, who has defend-rifle with a telescope sighted the Communist party, or aid from a Chicago mail order from the American Civil Liber ties Union. He has not had an ; morning," he said, "but I am Famed Lawyer Wanted not in a position to reveal it. Oswald shouted that his rights Hovever, we are sure of our reserve. Wade said Oswald will be the case since this tried first - probahly in mid- case. Sticks To Story January in the death of the President. "If we get the death penalty as expected, there will be no need to try him in the other house for $12.78. The handwriting on the mail order was Oswald's, Curry said. The photographs were found at Oswald's home in Irving. They showed him with the pis tol strapped around his waist, holding the rifle in his hand. Behind him could be seen two periodicals. One had the headline. "Be Militant." The other had a line reading "The Worker." Weapon Under Test The pictures were believed to be transparencies. Police said the rifle, found in Kennedy's Father Told Of Slaying HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (UPI)-Ailing Joseph P. Ken nedy was told Saturday mai nis son, the President of the United States was dead. He took the tragic news ' re- seek the death penalty for Os- attorney since his arrest less wald, who has maintained his District Attorney Henry Wade; case," said Wade. He has pros-cautiously agreed. There was ecuted 24 murder cases and ob- no question but that they would 'tained the death penalty 23 times. He got a life verdict the other time. would be in Kennedy's native Massachusetts after some cere mony in Boston Sir Alex Douglas-Home, new nrime minister of Britain, and in rweiuieuy uuuy win uc icmcn irince Fni ID. renresentinu rnnm" whprp sppret rpnnrts j .. " t.. j ...u 4ij to Arlington immediately after Queeri Elizabeth II. ifrom around the globe are g rt mwmnr fhp p-I Mrs. Rose Kennedy, the am King Baudouin of Belgium. screened. Teardrops In Rain And then again he and Mrs. Richard Cardinal Cushing of Dnotnn o norcnnal fripnH flf tllfl I assassinated chief executive of-1 Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of Sea " at a Solemn Reqde Germany and Mayor Wil- Mass In WashrnS's K Bra"dt of West Berlin, thew's Cathedral Monday. Foreign Minister Masayoshi Tn nrlditinn tn the funeral serv- 0hira of JaPan- Ice there will be graveside rites ! Anastas I. Mikoyan, first dep-j executive suit where Johnson ident in the White House lim-,bassador's wife, and Mrs. Eu-ousine swiveled in horror when nice Shriver, a daughter, were the first two bullets struck Ken- i there. A doctor, a nurse, and Johnson, shielded by umbrellas, MY- The quick movement Kennedy s niece Ann Oargan dashM across the rain-drenched probably saved his life. also were present. street from the vice-presidential at the cemetery Rout To Be Told Salinger said the route of the was functioning, to greet former President Eisenhower. Honor guards clicked their POLICEMAN HERO uty chairman of the Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R. And from the Old Sod of Ken ill hp an. nedy's ancestors, President Ea- heels as the man who preceded nounced Sunday mon de Va,era of Ireland, the Kennedy stepped out of a large t. i a u.,f r,m 81-year-old rebel whose spirit is black limousine. y Z Hi, face solemn and hi, bear- radio broadcast, or the ftonlj be , . , brated at noon Monday at St. ;waq. t ramp tn nav mv rp-Like a magnet of tragedy, the MaUhews Cathedral by Cardi-! ds P V closed, flag-enveloped casket of nal Cushing. I' ' John F, Kennedy is attracting, - Qf Mournim, LV'S '!!"! ? fnHS Xr i But President Johnson ,3" H :;' .ciaimca wonaay a aay oi na- Mrs. Warren. Tears were evi . mu.,. ,v, nvm,, on Mrg yvarren s cneeKS. n t- -l mint ArJ tUn lifMll'n nnnnlA Another Funeral Not Forgotten By KYLE THOMPSON southern edge of Dallas. She ls DALLAS (UPI)-There is an-; 38. other funeral, another grief- Dallas (AP) IiC? Harvey Oswald, 21, su.srKvt in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, holds up his manacled hands as he is led through rx)lice station. He has been chatted with murder in the killing of a Dallas policeman trying to arrest him in a theater. Nursing Home Fire Fatal to 63 in Ohi io NORWALK. 'Ohio (AP) Sixty-three persons per- crushed by the collapsing roof I ished Saturday in a fire that swept a path of devastation -two heroes emerged. They thrniifih a niirsintt home for the aped, infirm and were the Cood Samaritans who "Daddy had just come home I for lunch at 11:30 a m. He had pitt shares with Jacqueline a sandwich and some milk be-, IICpnnoHv thn enrrntv nf uiHnW-1 tm-a Via uront harlf t1 HlltV." ci..J.. uunai iiiuuiiiiui: iui iciiiicuv, rtpnt nn Mrs Warrpn'j rhPk v,.. ....... . .. j, raying nonidKe Ocuuiuav as nj ;,,;inA U " unnJ fnr l,pr hnshanH wa s am Mrs Tinn t cniH ii.. li: n.:jt I IU Q"u niviicu uic runu a uuuuic ..v, n... me siain r esiuu.i j ; to tn : nj fo r "all who love free- i r too. "Then the next thine I heard thronrth a nnrsini? home for the aped, infirm and ? . - S I fnrpJ I nuiaht dom wil1 mourn his death " dSTrO rears one man Is charged with was that he was dead." mentally ill. Twenty-four other persons were rescued. w"e driving by on U.S. 250 and S EisSwer S sormwing1 .J"" rf,f steajH 'Worse Policv' heir deaths. But there all simi- Mrs. Tippitt said she "cer- Twelve hours after the fire 62 S mt the bUi'd'ng l m lMrfprVnMne U S government I rain that dnpPed from the VVOrie r0llt lanty ends. tainly knows" how Mrs. Ken- bodies had been removed to a cause can be determined. He liv- . . ncludfng the MIAMI (LTD - Premier FT- Pr Kennedy was nedy feels. She said the slain S VJm Oxti the time of the fire's . Tt)e two who risked their lives Son B Johnson iHoUse north entrance; the delro said Saturday ight man of history and wealth. President's brother, Atty. Gen.' 7 of Ee had been ten- origin at 5 a.m. Gov. James A. ."the J adly moke rt flames Friend; Opponent, Alike ToT forgSn" SCC"e Cuba ma face "e'Sti J- D. Tippitt, 39, made $490 Robert Kennedy, called her Fri- tativel ; i d entified and two the ; scene - J ma", truck Also: former President Harry , h thT m Sie of the East worse Policy" from the United a mo"th as.? PSem1fn HTl "'g claimed by relatives. Authon- from h, Columh m office or- JJffJrd,rF h 21, 'a gra'duate S. Truman; three possibilities Room with its prkeless three States as a result of President Prt h,lS m? threC Gratitude Expr..ed tics said one more body was d red a full invcstig wj by he from B fn th. nonnhiiran llL .'ul. Kpnnpdv's assassination. dren. He had no insurance. The! .., ,m u being sought in the rubble. Ohio Highway patrol and the cmin.jru in .:.. Mi.C iui r.. .-- ciidiiueiHTS overneaa, siooa a ' :.. :J.. : 'c v-aniii uu , - ciofp urp mnriha nff ip """" "- nomination, Govs. Nelson A. catafalque draped in black vel-l Cuba may be confronted with ,clty Provldes none- -t 1 t 11 t XTa.h T ,.. ' f mint i T! .'.IL ..... 1 4 . i behalf of Mrs. Kennedy," Mrs.! The blaze destroyed the 10- state fire marshal's office. Carter said the flames had French was headed to his home Rockefeller of New York, vet. 0n it rested the casket ! a new U.S.-backed invasion un- Tippitt was shot and killed on Tippitt said. "He expressed year-old Golden Age Nursing : wrier wia me narms ridu jn Woosteri Ohio, with his wife, George W. Romney of Michi-i One could not tell whether the der President Lyndon B. John- a Dallas street while pursuing their sympathy and sorrow Home near rjtchvwe, 15 miles V , " Elaine, 22. can and William W. Scrafiton of ra.L.Pt w hrnnp P ,.; son. he said. President Kennpriv's accused ovpr our loss. I told him to ex southeast of here. The one-story ne saw was ot wood construe- Pennsylvania; and one of Ken- er material, because an Ameri-1 But the Cuban leader, who assassin, nedv's bitterest critics. Gov. nn " ... , , umvu 11 v-iMiiuicii.iv. nds luiiuiiuuum Y diidCKCu, ill- nomi TOT Luncn "" .-...v - . . , r,n,, Georce C. Wallace of Alabama. Rrnpaih th n( fh j w:..j t- a., i u. ...u. j itfnw hnw shp fnels " and tar roofing. A brisk wind irance. Sunday, and, on Monday posed the handsome head struck even before he won the 1960 children, Allen. 14; Brendai Mrs. Tippitt said she was1 morning, common folk, many of by the assassin s gunfire. presidential election, said his Kay, 10, and Curtiss Glenn, 5, 'grateful for the thouchfulness! Kennedy's HST SAYS: Left not confute like and ditliket with right and wrong. Read Mr. Tru- whom cried in the streets on At 1 p.m. Sunday a caisson! assassination "has no justifica- live in a neat suburban area of of the Kennedys in calling their 'spector. said it will be two or beds, others crippled or too1 man't article) on civil hearing the news of Kennedy's drawn by seven white horses ttion." medium brick homes on the concern. ithret days before the exact weak to walk and still others' rightt on Paga 4 today. lldllllc'J life lidlliu.'). illiu lilc ai'Jl ui nwi i in Harold Carter, state arson in- elderly persons trapped in their '4

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