The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 23, 1963 · Page 1
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 1

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1963
Page 1
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Colder Mostly cloudy and much cold er Saturday and Saturday night. Daytime high Saturday about 35. Low Saturday night about 20. Week End Edition 10c 118th Year. 327th Day. Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, Saturday, November 23, 1963. 28 Pages. ohnson Takes Presidentia ation Mourns JFK -Stunne 1 . r Lyndon Oath d N ' Devotee of Communism Charged With Murder BULLETIN DALLAS, Tex. (AP) Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who once tried to renounce his American citizenship and swore allegiance to the Soviet Union, early today was tagged as the hidden assassin who killed the President of the United States. A murder charge was filed against Oswald and Henry Wade, district attorney in Dallas, said the case will probably be brought to the grand jury by the middle of next week. Police said Oswald had made no statement, had signed nothing and had admitted no part in the President's dath. - u u Leafless trees frame the White House shortly after the flag atop the building Was lowered to half staff Friday. A lone figure in a pensive mood reflects the feeling of the nation. Government officials indicated that the body will lie in state at the White House today for viewing of the family and government officials. (AP Wirephoto) PRESIDENT JOHNSON'S PLEA: DALLAS (UPI) - President Kennedy was assassinated by a sniper Friday. Police seized as a prime suspect a pro-Castro former Marine who once sought citizenship in Russia. The 46-year-old-Kennedy 35th President of the United States was mortally wounded in the head at 12:31 p.m. (CST) as he drove, smiling and waving, in an open car through a Texas crowd of a quarter million. Kennedy died at Parkland Hospital at about 1 p.m. His wife, Jacqueline, circled his bloody head in her arms during the frantic but futile dash to the hospital. Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as President at 2:39 p.m. inside the presidential plane, and then left for Washington with the body of his late chief. John- Of? a. s r r ;A A - I 1 ' . .I - Ak - " ' A ft' ' mil iwLiHiiir'MtJtrvitt: Oswald nmisrri President assassin's Kennedy victim oilier room of the building. So was Lyndon B. Johnson. A man with a history of heart trouble, doctors and White House aides were worried about the effect of the shock on Johnson. Within a short time after Kennedy's death, a bronze cas ket was brought out of the. hospital and placed in a white Lee H hearse. Mrs. Kennedy on the first nolitical tour with her hus-1 band since his election in 10C0 suspect - who turned nut to be -was helped into the hearse Oswald - and subdued him aft-beside him for the trip to Love r a fight. P'iold. I Tippit was shot dead. Oswald There, on the runway, was admitted owning a snub-nose 38-the presidential special plane- caliber pistol used to gun down a 707 jet marked simply "Air .Tippit. Oswald did not admit Force 1." owning the rifle found in the It was to have flown on with building near the scene of the the presidential party later P'ri- assassination, day to Austin and a night at Asked whether fingerprints on Johnson's "LIU Ranch" with a the rifle mulched those on the nossihle rWr hnntino Pvnorlifinn pistol, police Det. Chief Will ... . , . Fritz said, "I don't know." Police -said Oswald and his Johnson was sworn in as the wC a Kussian, does not speaic Tjjii .in presinent ny renerai junge son had been in the downtown Dallas cavalcade, but several ing park toward an apparently Saturday. ,..,.. L'J,, J U innnennt Noorn cnnnln citfinrt' It W3S in the forward ffim i J nnrtmnnf r,f "Air Vnrrc V that Wife have tWO children. Hl.1 UXV II I T L I C. im tim lib vi j.tii, .. Texas Gov. John B. ConnallyJ Speeds To Hospital fiA'tnrt tr iYa iiimn coif f orin n ' C ,-,.nt Cni iim ,m -.I uiuZ.::?X ?r: .."v,,lc. ' ' '" T mh the w,,m.: When Oswald went to Moscow LiAr, i: wo ...: ...uij .u ..rr . an ndt-p n the 0;i as fedora m !!))!), he told the United iup pi c.nuuiiuai iniiuu.iiic iia lllliune Willi leu llie Ldl IMI III- j- -o- -- . , m i iui un ,- top down-was wounded by ward the Parkland Hospital distri(-,t- she ha(i bt'pn appointed at es lf ,lnn" "c ' one bullet through the right w i t h the President's While. Kennedy. S shoulder. His condition was sat- House physician, Rear AdmJ In a rPar rompartmcnt was and had read doors on it since isfactory. 'c-orge Burkley, in a car close Kennedy's body. he was 15 years o l. Mauser Found . Ihehind. i Johnson Sworn In I .W . authorities said h The fatal shot apparently I Mrs. Kennedy, her bright1 Mrs. Kennmiy witnessed llw'ur ?! ' 7 ... .1 ' f I r II -I 1 . .. . ... F ) JUL lll 111 HI Llfl 1 I till LILI" don B. Johnson took over the before he left on the capital-the airport, he boarded a heli-, turned to Washington on tne came in.rn a w.nuow oi ine pinK wool suit splattered with swearing in ot trie new rresi- jv hp r"r(urnpd ,0 th)J ine"a aLiiwm uwim u:i".-)ii.'ji j UIIHIU, hirOKt'll HIT nilSOailU S Ui Ml. OIII-' MIIIHl HI me K'll OI .. ; . . . . , , .... I ; n 1 1 er Vltlne ipI l r o i f onI rA Main brow and, at the hospital, she Johnson and silently watched ,1 u s Ask Your Help-and God's WASHINGTON (UPI) I.yn- tial office by a woman judge al leaders and other officials at the new First Lady. They re- plane with the President. uuiui'iis ui ine ui csiueiiL V r 1 1-; uuiinu uidiic umi uui e ine uuuy ; copier iui ine snui i nuc iu ine .. , , ., . u,,:ij: ni,n.ini!n : .. ! ' !...'. .... same craft that bore President building overlooking cay nigni. pienging 10 ao his ih rresincm ivenneay. ivvnue House m aowniown Kennedy's body. Street. A Mauser rifle was clung to him and helped lift as he took the oath of office, pesi in ine nations '"riicm '""! He arrived in the capital at , wasnmgton-a route traveiea The oa(h was administered by found on a fifth floor landing, him to a stretcher. his hand on a small Bible. nee wnn me neip ot uoa ana 5:58 p,m. EST, and was at onen oy rresiaeni isenneay. TIS niRtri i,,ap Sarah tj Three empty shells were near-; Ten doctors fathered in fhn Johnson embraced her. then! came involved in the Cuban controversy. Leaders Called Hughes, 67, an old friend of the y. . emergency surgical ward. The his wife Ladybird, now Amori Within minutes, President Johnson family. 'he "prime suspect," Lee H. President's throat was opened ca's First Lady. Views Body Saturday l u k u P J In the capital he found at. "uVh Oswald was seized In mid- the American people. Work almost at once. He flew Still s'tunncd by the assassi- to the White House from An- nation of John F. Kennedy, the drews Air Force Base in a heli-' Johnson was in the executive j new President began his White copter. ' ! mansion ready to carry out his tt a. i i : ... : i u ! i' i fi 1 1 : 1. 1 l a i i : i i : i : i 1 1 nouse icnuie uy mmiiiK wnn unuur nouuunis ai narews new ana grave responsioiuues. OQ..4 Q fomnnrQn, nc unn Defense Secretary Robert S Air Force Base just outside) It was aboard the presidential fulness among members of both fte,;noon J" ih Jc?aS.vie McNamara and presidential Washington, the grim Texan nlanp at nalia! that th 55. ,..u uj i, u ;r.j theater where he fled with two aide McGeorge Bundy shortly read his first statement as the year-old Johnson took the oath hv the Kennedv assassination a"as c''v Pl't,e pursuit. after his arrival in the capital nations Mth president. While which made him the 36th Chief The new President faces H shot ka?d kl'led "e u,thS ""Ws were administered intra- infi. They soon came across the ri,s for prcsid(.nt John F. Ken-from Texas. his wife stood by his side with Executive and the fonrlh in . h,,- .:(.i c,i. ...i, t officers before he was subdued vnmillci pht,ci,.,Unc i,h,,r,i in rifle in the school book denosi- ;n k a i- m P . , .. i, , . . . , ,. amiji niudi uaiuiuaj nntii ai , - :, , ( ...... .,miij i" . CUT will IJtz in:i l"l liuru III .. v.. r .v v..w '"""iu.o. insiory 10 succfua 10 ine a.m. he views the body of; X ' T. , , Keep respiration at a Jile-sus- ""J m'u"IMK' A few minutes after the cere mony, the presidential plane iook oil ior nahiunnoiii. At the scene of the ambush, i Secret Service agents and po- to relieve breathing. Blood and !l('p WPre searching every build- Biography, Pictures On Pages 6&7 President's Last Rites On Monday WASHINGTON (UPI) - Last k n o wn as an exacting task master, also summoned Democratic and Republican congressional leaders to the White House for a mid-evening conference on the difficult legislative problems he faces. Takes Oath Johnson, only a few cars back when an assassin's bullet fnllprl hie nrnAnnpxznr in a Flnl- "This is a sad time for all people. We have suffered a loss that cannot be weighed. For me it is a deep personal tragedy. I know the world shares the sorrow that Mrs. Kennedy and her family bear. I will do my best. That is all I can do. I ask your help and God's." u.d. history to succeed to the n a.m. he views the body of j ' ,j c kwP rpsP'ra White House upon the assassi-, President Kennedy as it lies in 1 fo?tswa'?'.f c"wut m?n taining level, nation of a president. 'repose in the East Room of the f'u ,F"! Dr. Malcol "I do solemnly swear," he in-: White House. jp toned, "that I will perform the The body was taken over- . ,i..i; t T5:jt r .u tt:i i h diu i j itee. uuuca ui i icsiunn ui uie una- iuumi iu imu nuun:ud, inu., rv,.,iJ inrn I u: ed States to the best of mv Naval Hosoital. iust outside! 1 VM"U,,U head. Washinotdn Mond;iv at a Pnnti- At about the same time po- n()fllliPrT1 mss which will lice cot a telenhone call from i. v... i:..i,j r...A Worth is chairman of a local ..Tuor u;ac Q ,,111,r ,, Mrs. Ju e Posta . cash er at !.. ,.....u:- J"Fair Play for Cuba" commit-p. The was a. the Texas theater' in the Oak ZLn' ' other wound in the back of his Cliff section. She said she had j This was announced bv the Spotted a man Who "looked While lt,no Frirlau nirrhl in a ... , t 'xu.iv a iviii I iiikiib va ability and defend, protect and Washington, in a dark grey hc tin b R, L Fathcr 0scar Hubor of ,he " 6 w,as run"in.,rom somp statement which also said that preserve the Constitution of the Navy ambulance. Closeted in ;ZZ' T rp L,Thim " lin.hin Hl),v Trinity Church was sum- one He kept changing'former prPsidents Dwight D. United States." grief behind drawn curtains and he returned to the United monfd to adminis,cr tne last the theater. jKisenhower and Harry S. Tru-Witnessing the swearing-in rode Mrs. Kennedy, accompa- states ri,("s ,0 the first ,oman hu- Subdues Suspect man would arrive in Washing-were Mrs. Jacaueline Kennedv nipd hv spvpral Hosp friends ' ... . .. . , .... lie ever elected to the nresi- Dallas policeman J. D. Tinnit ton this weekend to ioin mourn- las. Tex., motorcade, already: After a brief discussion with widow of the slain President, and Atty. Gen. Robert F. Ken- FZ i n ,,LJ " m-i 11 frnm niTr '"0' of the United States. and M. N. MacDonald rushed ing dignitaries, had been sworn into prestden- the many saddened congression- and Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson, nedy. ' r . i Air vL'L i',J Apparently, only the physi- to the theater and ran into a The slain President's body O.V 1dlMttll ' rum. IxISt .,!.. ,.,. ,,.L,. ,..U u A,.,.,.li.,rt i, i:- i .l. t- .1 Friday morning and skies lift- M , ' I , V """'"""V r "v rv? uw im fi'mudi t- i.i, j j i i aii'iiiii ui uic ttiiilv ix'um; imuii Doctors Believe Gov.Connally Will Recover DALLAS, Tex. (AP)-Cov. John B. Connally of Texas, wounded by the sniper who assassinated President John F. Kennedy, underwent surgery Friday and later was described by his doctor as not in critical condition. Dr. Robert R. Shaw, Connal-ly's attending physician, said the governor "seems to have been struck by just one bullet, which entered the back of his chest and moved outward, taking out and fragmenting a portion of a rib. "The bullet emerged from his chest and struck his wrist and thigh. The thigh wound is trivial. "In making a wound in the chest, the fragments from the rib caused considerable tissue damage. It was found there was a tear in a part of the lung and a small hole in the lower lobe." Shaw said, "From what we know about his condition at the present time, he will completely recover without a disability of any sort." , He said Connally had not been told about the President's death. WORLD REACTION By Pantagraph Wire Services The world's leaders reacted with unanimity Friday in expressing shock and grief over the death of President Kennedy. Some of their comments: Sir Winston Churchill "The slaying is a monstrous act. The loss to the U.S. and world is incalculable. Those who follow him must strive the more to achieve the ideals of world peace and human happiness and dignity to which his presidency was dedicated." French President Charles de Gaulle "He died like a soldier, under fire, in the service of his country. In the name of France, I salute this great example and this great memory." British Prime Minister Douglas-Home . "There are times in life when mind and life stand still. One such is now. Everything in me cried out in protest at the news. I knew him as a just man, a man who hated bigotry, who believed all men were equal and looked forward with an imagination rare in a man of his years." Francis Cardinal Spellman of New York "I am deeply grieved and shocked. My prayers are for President Kennedy." The Vatican said Pope Paul VI prayed for the President's soul. Former President Eisenhower "This was a despicable act. I share the sense of shock and dismay that all Americans feel." Former President Truman "I am shocked beyond words. It is a great loss to the' country and to me. He was an able president one the people loved and trusted." Former President Hoover "I am shocked and grieved. He loved America and has given his life for his country," Task of Telling Children Left For Jackie l-j u. u.. .u- J died. eu as lie ucdii uie unve wim Connally, Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Nellie Connally to the Texas Trade Mart where the President was to speak on this second day of politicking. Strikes Swiftly Crowds jammed the curbs. The Secret Service men ran alongside the car and watched WASHINGTON (LTD Cam- frnm another car behind. I)al-i line Kennedy, who observes her ias motorcycle police formed a' sixth birthday anniversary next phalanx. But the assassin Wednesday, and her brother, stru(. f00 swiftly, too treach-John Jr., who observes his third erously for them. on Monday, were in the While Mrs. Kennedy had just House when their fathcr was leaned over to her husband and assassinated Friday in Dallas, sajd, "You can't say Dallas Tex. wasn't friendly to you," when It was believed that their three shots rang out. mother, Mrs. Jacqueline Kenne- Charles Brehm, .38, of Dallas dy, was faced with the task of was standing in the crowd at telling them what had hap- curbside about 15 feet away as! pened. the President's car approached.! Once before this year there "He was waving and the first was a family tragedy that the shot hit him and then that aw-: children had to be told about, ful look crossed his face," It was the death of their infant Brehm said. i brother, Patrick Bouvier Ken- Kennedy fell over sideways nedy, last Aug. 9, two days on his face toward the seat, after he had been born. , Mrs. Kennedy screamed. The children had looked for- Doctors said later that one ward to the new baby in the shot apparently had torn family, and it was their father through both the back of his who took them aside one day head and his throat, and told them there would be Gov. Connally fell face for-none. ward to the floor of the car and Next week was to have been his wife got down on her knees a big week for the First Fami- beside him. ly. Lots of fun and party prepa- Pandemonium seized the rations had been under way to crowd. Secret Service men un-celebrate John Jr.'s birthday on limbered automatic rifles and Tuesday. Party plans were also pistols but no more shots were made for Caroline on Wednes-.fired. City police went charging day. itip a grassy knoll of an adjoin- His wife was waiting in an- shot. MacDonald rushed the 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Saturday. r K- - :'::$ Y&i,J IIP ' - i " h -: tn i " ' i ii'l tm I m "Ti'r mf 'umi wffdiii i i ii tm I niiiui iiri- ' ' ' 4 Lyndon 15. Johnson is sworn in as President in the cabin of the presidential plane as Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy stands at his side. JikIrc Sarah T. IhiRhos, a Kennedy appointee to the Federal Court, left, administered the oath of office before the plane left for Washington.- (AP Wirephoto). t

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