The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 22, 1963 · Page 1
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 1

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1963
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Colder Rain ending tonight, becoming windy and much colder. Lows in mid or upper 20s. Much colder Saturday. Highs in lower or mid 30s. (More weather data on Page 19.) Final Edition 10c 118th Year. 326th Day. Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, Friday, November 22, 1963. 24 Pages. NT KENNEDY ASSASSINA Cut Down in Dallas by Sniper; Fusillade Wounds Gov. Connally PRESIDE I ED ffBp' mmt I4l;jr, DALLAS (AP) President John F. Kennedy, thirty-sixth president of the United States, was shot to death today by a hidden assassin armed with a high-powered rifle. i Kennedv. 46. lived about 30 a vacation when he died. Mc-minutes after a sniper cut him Kinley had been shaking hands down as his limousine left down- at a reception at an exposition town Dallas. Newsmen said the 'n Buffalo, N.Y. shot that hit him was fired Kennedy and his wife had just about 12:30 p.m. (CST). A hos- passed the halfway point in a pital announcement said he died three-day speaking tour through at approximately 1 p.m. of a Texas. bullet wound in the head. The President alrcadv had Automatically, the mantle of prepared a luncheon address for the presidency fell to Vice-Pres- a Dallas audience before he ident Lyndon B. Johnson, a na- died. In his prepared text, he tive Texan who had been riding assailed his ultraennservative two cars behind the chief exec- rritirs ! Dallas is considered a center utive. tu :. i uunmunidicwuiu of conservative philosophy and on when Johnson would take the f; President John F. Kennedy rides in motorcade with Mrs. Kennedy and Gov. and Mrs. John Connally of Texas approximately one minute before he w as shot down by fusillade from sniper's rifle. ap wirephoto Autobahn Ours To Ruh-Russ MOSCOW (AP) The Soviet Union accused the United States Friday of trying to make the rules for Soviet policing of Western convoy traffic on the Berlin autobahn. The Russians warned they would not permit this. A Russian note to the U.S. government rejected an American protest over the stalling of a U.S. Army convoy for 42 hours Nov. 4-5 because the Americans refused to dismount from their vehicles and be counted. The Soviet reply renewed the threat of more interference with Allied troop convoys on the 110-mile lifeline highway between West Berlin and West Germany. The Allies insist they have the right to move on the autobahn as they like. Claims Untenable Divers Hunt Missing U2 Pilot in Gulf KEY WEST, Fla. (AP)-Navy divers searched through waters of the Gulf of Mexico Friday trying to determine the fate of a U2 pilot, Capt. Joe G; Hyde Jr., whose high - flying jet MORE WORK FOR SANTA WASHINGTON (AP) Christmas trees will sparkle in American homes in record numbers this year. All signs point to a new production high 35 million trees cut and sold. To them will be added about 10 million Canadian imports. Americans will pay an estimated $100 million for the trees also a record. Last year Americans paid $96 million for some 33.3 million trees produced in the United States. Truck Rams School Bus, Three Killed Tenn. (AP) Soviet Envoy Hustled Secretly Out of Congo LEOPOLDVILLE, The Congo (UPI) Soviet Embassy counselor Boris Voronin, one of two Russian diplomats arrested Tuesday on charges of helping an anti-government plot, was flown out of the country Thurs day night. j Informed sources said Voro-nin was escorted to the Leo-Ipoldville airport by a heavy military guard and placed aboard an airliner for Brussels, Belgium. The soldiers prevented anyone from talking to him. Other Still Held The sources also said the d' : lomat arrested with Voronin, embassy press attache Yuri Maikotnykh, did not appear at finance. Here, on Oct. 24, Adlai E. Stevenson was spat upon by one heckler and struck by an other after making a United Na tions Day address. Connally Hit in Chest It was believed that Kennedy's body would be moved shortly to Washington. Traditionally, funeral services for presidents who die in office are held in the capital city. pierced body had been taken in Kilduff told newsmen that a frantic but futile effort to Gov. Connally, a Democrat, was oath of office Asst. presidential press secre tary Malcolm Kilduff said John son was not hit. The new Presi dent previously had been re ported wounded. Kennedy died at Parkland Hospital where his bullet - (Additional photon and story material on pages 12 and 17.) v 1.-. , 1 u .V save his life. Governor Wounded Lying wounded at the same hospital was Gov. John Connal- wounded in the right chest in the same ambush that felled the President. Connally was rushed into sur- 'y of Texas, who was cut down fiery for a two-hour emergency by the same fusillade that ended operation. y I '1 Lyndon It. Johnson, President Blood Covered Connally also was hit in the! The Kremlin note said: "The plunged into the ocean north- STANTON, Three Neero teen-aners were the airport. Presumably, he u - - a - - - ; . I L-illJ (iln.i a.V.AH n inn .am'ii'ic ct 1 1 1 in tho rmctnm; nf f Yin. claims of the American author-i west of Key West Wednesday. ! ,ese authorities. time - ni-tihhch of thnip Hit". ! nil XT I 1 1 , "'"T U1" umer 1Nayy vessels ana air- school buSi sending jt over a Lieuun uw ui uuu craft checked a wide area with levee and into river backwater, the life of the youngest man ev er elected to the presidency. Connally and his wife had right wrist. ! been riding with the President i Though Mrs. Kennedy cried, and Mrs. Kennedy. i "Oh, No," in horror and de- The First Lady cradled her spair after her husband was dying husband's bloodsmeared shot, she did not collapse or head in her arms as the presi- give way to hysteria. dential limousine raced to the when she entered the hos- nospital. pjt ner clothing was covered "Oh, no," she kept crying, with blood from her husband's Connally slumped in his seat .wounds. beside the President. ! Lt. Erich Kaminski of the Se- Hunt Assassin cre' Service said the assassin's Police ordered an unprec-' weaPon appeared to have been edented dracnet of the citv.i3 "high-powered Army or Jap- hunting for the assassin. ! anese rifle of about .25 caliber " They believed the fatal shots i nflc had a SC()Pe on ll- he were fired by a while man, POLICEMAN, SECRET SERVICE AGENT SLAIN DALLAS (AP) A Secret Service agent and a Dallas policeman were shot and killed today some distance from the area where President Kennedy was assassinated. No other information was immediately available. about 30, slender of build, weighing about 165 pounds, and stand ing 5 feet 10 inches tall. resentatives at the checkpoint in checking American servicemen are in general absolutely untenable." a fading hope of finding him. The U2's mission was secret. . .. May, 18, all from Stanton. Nineigolese government Strategic Air Command said the I ' wprp rpnnH . ... ,fe . , Shocked Senate Adjourns Session WASHIW.TnN AP A hrnthi'r's shfirdinir hudnhZ'Z 1!!? 'hed Senate adjourned today Kennedy's per, building at the time of the shoot- ., n()()n MondayJaftpr a ay'. said the attorney said. Building Cleared Tlie entire building where the sniper was located was evacua !16; Joseph Brewer, 17, and Nealiing a plot to overthrow the Con- The House was not in session. tince Oct. 10 the Russians reconnaissance plane probably .... . r, ' .. I " ..... 0?T.. . ' nnitni in Amrin hicr nnrcne h9rf Kn ihnr. nna hrothor. Sen. Edward M. Ken- ... : '...i .. ... All activity at the White House us ann.nrpntlv in everv of- The President's younger fi(. lf ,iin m,,rnm,mi ' ' I II lj K'' IIMtl 111 Vlllll'i have held up three American crashed because of convoys and one British convoy j failure. When it went down, it at Soviet checkpoints on the was out of Cuban antiaircraft autobahn because the convoy gun range, and the radar screen commanders refused to allow their men to be counted. Spelled Out Procedure The Western Allies said their long-established procedure was in Leopoidviiie were rying chemicals, struck the bus no longer welcome in the Con-from behind on a straight ' go, and they were expected to on which it was being traced ! stretch of road about two miles leave the country soon apparently showed no other air craft. The Cuban radio commented Thursday that :. . i : - . - .A a : .. J . , . .A 10 pciliin, uiL-ir uuups iu ui- Lejdi uiiciii uues nui wain iu . . . . . ff . i mount for a Soviet hcadcount say what the plane was doing . . rnnHc:Ho lovco intn1 Anoiner Russian, :r .u on ...i,' A-,,n a side of a roadside levee into Rnil. tiPkna7or . i only if more than 30 men were; when it disappeared. aboard, not counting drivers The U2-type planes, capable and co-drivers. of operating above' 75,000 feet, ine western rowers spewed still tiy reconnaissance missions impact, but drowned. He said out this procedure to the Soviet over Cuba, it was disclosed last 'tne rea'r 0f e bus was under Union Oct. 29. 1 month. The Air Force referred water. During the six-week period , 10 "Vaes cralt as a vviu and since Oct. 10, a number of otherj the Defense Department ex-allied convoys with less than 30 plained this is a designation giv-Dasseneers have'made the auto-ien the U2 when modified for I weainer reconnaissance. A brother's shoot int! reached him. Thursday Premier Cyrille The murder weapon was re- ed People were working in the ... - QHi,,rnofi i(Wau Kennedy's tK-rsonal secretary Adoula ordered both men out portedly a 30-30 rifle. building at the time of the shoot- ... MnnHn Jnf)nr ' said the atlornev ceneral was The dead were identified by'of the country by Saturday at Shortly before Kennedy's ing. i . .' ,nr vrooni remaining at the Kennedy es- a fellow student as J.C. Malone, the latest for allegedly support- death became known, he was ad- Dallas inspector J. H. Sawyer K'pr,v ,h '. in n TY tate in McLean, Va. minicfnrnn Inn lift filnt? rf t-r C3ln ' WnllPO fniin1 (ho romoinc J lllilJi. 71.1 -U Vll 11 LCO H VI 1C W'U t i vy IV. V, liWI IVJ ll IV- 1 VIIICJlllu I Koman, Catholic Church. He had ot tried cnicKen and paper on AHnnla akn saiH that the occn me nrsi itoman camonc me nun noor. Apparently tne a nil . . i m nnurQtf ..arrn man mnnh r. . 1 ft I i lilt na. 1 a lUllllUII ' LI 1.1 ....i.. .......... ... ... - . i . . ..... i B..H-. . atvhtia " npr v -M.nsK . was nres o nc .L- i ...,u r..n- Duity said the tanlt truck, car-, emnassy in ieopoiovine were Duuer m oram Af , ti, k. -t i h amuui snwui m wuiuia tiven as two clergymen hov-1 ruLCI u,c 'aia s,,"ls wcic arrived, ered over the fallen President fired at Kennedy, the stricken ;ceivcd word of the shooting. Whj(c ,,()USp staff m(;mbors, in the hospital emergency room,,Presi(lent's Secret Service driv-1 He went to his office but left from the President's closest con-doctors and nurses adminis- er raced awav from the scene there almost immediately. His fidants to lowliest ushers, stood tered blood transfusions. !at toP speed heading for the staff said they do not know clustered around radio and tele- Kennedy died of a gunshot nearest hospital and trying to where he had gone. vision sets and news tickers wound in the brain at approx- fiet the presidential party outj Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, waiting for news from Dallas, imately 1 p.m. (CST) according f range of further gunfire, the President's other brother The same was true in govern-to an announcement by acting: Bubble Removed land closest adviser, was having ment departments and agen- White House press secretary! Kennedy, Connally and their lunch at home when word of his cies throughout the capital. Malcolm Kilduff. wives had been riding together - The new President, Lyndon in the President's familiar dark entrance, as the body also was Johnson, and his wife left the blue, bubbletop convertible. The taken out. krr,! ll o Vtftlf Un Inlin 1 n , .. . t 1 .. . 1 . .. t . f . L lion. mat a nan u.;ui imci. ntwy u ail.-Jrtl fill fJld.MIL mill UI UK . yyjfj n Shock iiit-ii iiciu in inii tunny iu qui-s tion them. Tells Horror Jhe horror of the assassina south of here Duffy quoted the driver, Vin- Icent Abston, as saying his Arrest Red Newsman The Russian embassy main tains about 100 people in Leo' the Defense ibrakes faile(1, The bus traveled poldville, including women and auuui .!.. ilci aiii uciiii in. cnnuren. newsman Ronik Hnlfna7nr . Vii7hntr'hpu L,..l !.. r -l . llv-... ....uu. . w..,..vw.. . , aooui live leei 01 wa er. was arrested by Congoiese Se- Duffy said it was believed the Luri) ,ice -m 1,,! children were not killed by the'ypgjy bahn trip with interference The Russian note warned that "the entire responsibility for possible undesirable conse- De Gaulle Turns 73 PARTS tm PrpdHnnt quences ot the violation by Charles de Gaulle turned 73 to-American servicemen of control idav and at nis request no tere. procedure at Soviet checkpoints m,;ny marked the occasion. He will rest entirely with the Amer- devoted himself to business, in-ican side." ! eluding talks with visiting West The U.S. protest note was de-! German Chancellor Ludwig Er-livered Nov. -6. Ihard. Disarm Talks Will Resume UNITED NATIONS N. Y. (UPI) The 17 participating nations decided Friday to resume disarmament negotiations at Geneva next Jan. 21. The General Assembly last Friday voted unanimously for a Russ Set Wheat Deal Deadline WASHINGTON (UPI) - Ac-ting Commerce Secretary Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. said today the Soviet Union has set a deadline of May 21 for shipment of any wheat purchased from the United States. Roosevelt, testifying before the Senate Banking Committee, 16-nation small-power resolution I said this means that any trans calling for quick resumption ot the Geneva parley. BUT PRICES ARE MODER N Some Old-Fashioned Doctors Still Around By WILLIAM J. CONWAY I money. One medical man esti-CHICAGO (AP) What has 'mated fees are 30 to 50 per cent happened to doctors' old-fash- higher after dark ioned night calls at homes? j The ruh js wg gs This inquiring reporter made m nj h a quick sampling at this week s to, sajDr Joh D M meeting o the Illinois Academy of Riversid .., ,y b of General Practice. ,ne UenU have Talks with seven tamiiy doc- cern for the doctor's welfare night unless they have una Hum an ui uic aiaLc ana nave necome accustomed to need. all of whom make evening gning directly to the emergency! "Our county is 600 square visits-left these impressions: ,room in a hospital, especially in 'miles, and I even make calls By and large, family doctors cases of trauma. It gets the pa-j outside the county," said Dr. C. still make night calls. But they tient under treatment quicker, !j. Jannings of Fairfield. "I get fewer calls because of the with better results and less ex- have only one rule if the pa-patient's consideration for the to everybody concerned." .tient can't come to me, I go to physician's health and his own "When the price goes up, peo-lhim." pie don't call you as often." commented a physician from a small town in northern Illinois. "I'm glad to make them (calls) now at the price I charge for them." "People are pretty considerate," said a doctor from central Illinois. "They don't call you at a real actions for sale of American surplus wheat to the Russians will have to be completed quickly- 24 Buyers Are Looking for a Rug and Stove! Sounrii omazing doein I if but th; ii the I'ory of what hopD'?nd when C?ne Gude'non, 403 Wnrrun, Normal, put n tow cost Pfintaqmph Wmt Ad to vvO't 'or him: BUG AND STOVE- 15 bio rug. oood cltun conrjirion. WeitinvhouM 40" electric rno Ph. !2-4437. ' Sold the rug and I'ove to the same individual hod 25 buyerj." That meant that 24 people oe still looting for a rug and on electric stove. To con'ar.t these buyers and e'herj who come into the market dail place your ad today. Ph. 824-3041 ost for classified. Open Aon, thru Fri., 8 30 A.M. to 7 P M., 3at. till 6. Wont Ads ore truly me&ensive USt 72c per do for 15 words or ust 34c pmr day mo'e for "8 words both on the ipecol8 aoy plan. Certainly you con charge the od. vehicle had been the motorcade. I Secret Service agents looked manner hour and a she had not the half been Debt Limit Hike Gets Senate OK WASHINGTON (UPI) - Tha Senate passed and sent to the White House Thursday a bill hiking the national debt ceiling She walkfd slowly, j i : - around rn.T in a ijrf.t:u I 1U1I1L1 . .... , . with thP Prpsirfpnt nH in a and appeared to be in a siaie tion was mirrored in an eye- nd convertible following closei0' shock-uifnpee ancmint hu Knn Ralnh behind, immediately rirnw nis-! Those who saw her enter Yarborough, D-Tcx., who had tols and automatic weapons, hospital an been riding three cars behind But they were unable to get earlier said Kennedy. a shot at the gunman. .hysterical. "You could tell something Zoom Into Action A crowd of several thousand to $315 billion. awful and tragic had hap-! Dallas motorcycle officers, had been wailing at the Dallas j -j-ne in(.rease was approved pened," the senator told news-! ranged around the cavalcade, jTrade Mart, on the outskirts of; over the dire warnings of fiscal men before Kennedy's death took off across a field in the the downtown section, to hear conservatives, but the outcome became known. His voice break-direction from which the mur-a luncheon address by Kennc-was never in doubt. The final ing and his eyes red-rimmed, 'derer apparently had fired. dy. . vote was 50 to 26. Yarborough said: One officer raced to the foot1 a stunned hush fell over the; The bill third extension this "I could see a Secret Service of a nearby railroad embank- crowd as word of the tragedy year of the temporary debt man in the President's car lean-! ment and climbed to the tracks spread. Many who had looked limit increases the present ing on the car with his hands above, gun in hand. forward to dining with the chief $309 billion ceiling by $8 billion in anger, anguish and despair.! The motorcade, which had executive broke down and cried, to carry the Treasury through I knew then something tragic just passed through downtown had happened." crowds standing 10 and 12 deep Coontj Three Shoti alon8 each curb. Drokp apart in Yarborough had counted three pandemonium as Secret Service rifle shots as the presidential .agents rushed Kennedy and Con-limousine left downtown Dallas "ally to the hospital, through a triple underpass. The Few Spectators shots were fired from above Ironically, Kennedy was shot possjbly from one of the bridges to death at a spot where there or from a nearby building. were few spectators after driv-One witness, television report- ing almost within handshaking er Mai Couch, said he saw a gun distance of many thousands until next June 21). j Unless Congress had acted, the limit would have fallen automatically on Nov. 30 to the ! permanent ceiling of $285 billion far bdow the limit re-n,,,rA in fkr;il managers if Justice Department told an Ala- K0V(.rnm(.Il( js to pay its bama grand jury Friday none . ... . No Questioning: Justice Dept. WASHINGTON (AP) The of its officials, from Atty. On Robert F. Kennedy on down, will sit as a witness for the jury i tt . . ti i : i. , emerge from an upper story of; Kennedy's body was removed Jnen 'l comes 10 a warehouse commanding an from the Parkland Hospital at: y' unobstructed view of the nresi- 9-nS n m in a l.nuthv rrpam-l Asst. Atty. Geo. Burke Mar- ripntial car. nr,ir,r.H amhnbmrp with nir- shall said in a telegram to each Kennedy was the first presi- tains tightly drawn. the grand jury s members ed Friday the trading privileges dent to be assassinated since : Mrs Kennedy rode in a pas-' that he and Kennedy are will- of j. n. Williston and Beane, William McKinley was shot in snnger seat In the ambulance--ing hear complaints and ques- inc., one of two brokerage 1901. !a tvoe of vehicle with two seats tions that the jurors have as pri-, firms suspended because of fi- it was me nrsi aeam oi a for passengers. president in office since Frank- j she and the body were escort Reinstate Stock Trading Firm ! NKW YORK (AP)-The New York Stock Kxchance reinstat- vate citizens. Hut the jury I l : ff 1 1 : nanciai uimcumcs. has no legal I Williston and Beane and Ira lin D. Roosevelt died of a cere- ed from the emergency en- standing in Washington, and no llaupt & Co., two old-line oro-bral hemorrhage at Warm trance of Parkland by two mo- right to inquire into official con- keragc firms, were barred Springs, Ga., in April 1915. torcycle officers. duct by Justice Department em- from trading on the New York At Halfway Point i Mrs. Kennedy walked out the ployes carrying out their duties, and American exchanges Roosevelt had been enjoying back door of the emergency Marshall said. 'Wednesday.

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