Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 29, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 14
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Friday, June 29,.,,1973 Severed Cables Concern Area Telephone Company MONMOUTH - David w. Osborne, local service manager for General Telephone Co., today expressed concern about telephone services being disrupted due to underground cables being cut. Osborne said that the company experienced more than 450 major cable cuts last year. The The cuts affected local phone service for more than 65,000 cusitomers. During the same time period, more than 170 General Telephone exchanges were "isolated" from telephone contact with surrounding communities when long distance cables were accidentally severed. "These massive 'disconnects' are especially sad when you realize that all our underground cable routes are clearly marked and we are happy to dispatch qualified employes who will point out the locations of our buried cable before excavations begin," Osborne said. The most recent cable cut in this area occurred about two weeks ago just north of London Mills, according to Osborne. He said a contractor cut an under- MONMOUTH Correspondent Mrs. Lorraine Stauth For News •112 S. 10th St. Phone 734-4721 For Missed Copies Before 6 P.'M. Phone 734-4121 Roseville MRS. IRA LAND Correspondent Roseville P. O. Bo* 145 Phone 426-2642 if, ml Pll'i I ground cable that left London Mills completely without outside phone contact for a period of about four hours. Osborne said that occasionally disconnects occur because of equipment malfunction or blown fuses, but many are caused by contractors, road crews or someone planting a bush. "Now that 95 per cent of our cable is buried in the Kirkwood, Biggsville, Stronghurst, Gulf- pent, Roseville, Abingdon, Monmouth, and London Mills areas, it is particularly important that pecple become more aware that they can cause massive disconnections if they cut one of our cables," said Osborne. The major portion of the tele­ phone cables are buried along roadsides and signs have been erected from %-%-miIe apart calling attention to the buried cable, Osborne said. Osborne said, "The large number of cable cuts which occur each year makes it quite evident, however, that the signs are not effective enough. He is now asking that all contractors or anyone doing any kind of excavating work check with the General Telephone Repair Department (1-833-5585 toll free) before they begin work in an area where buried cable is located. "With this kind of cooperation," he said, "I'm sure the problem of cut cables can be brought under control." Sticker Deadline Is Sunday MONMOUTH - Mrs. Dolores Clark, city collector, said today that about 3,000 wheel tax stickers have been sold so far this spring. "That means that we will probably have about 1,000 people standing in lines today trying to beat the deadline." The new wheel tax stickers must be displayed by Sunday. Mrs. Clark said about 4,200 are usually sold by the end of each June, with another 800 being picked up during the ensuing year. She said everybody in the office at City Hall is helping today to handle the crowd of last-minute buyers. MONMOUTH Community Memorial Hospital Watermelon Fest Is Rained Out CORDELE, Ga. (UPI) - The annual Watermelon Festival in this south Georgia city has run into sticky difficulties. , There are no watermelons. Heavy rains in March held up planting in Cordele, which likes to call itself the watermelon capital of the world, and later showers hurt pollination. The festival will go ahead as scheduled but this year, there'll be no free watermelon slices and no contest to see who grew the largest melon. Now You Know ... By United Press International More bicycles than cars were sold in the United States in 1972 for the first time since World War I. Admissions Wednesday: Miss Kimberly Perkins, Bernard GU- lett, Mrs. Kathryn Thulin, Mrs. Carl V. Peterson, Mrs. Anna Hays, Monmouth; Lloyd Patterson, Biggsville. Dismissals Wednesday: Gary King, Mrs. -Gary King, Colona; Lawrence Dollinger, Cameron; John Barry, Howard Scott Jr., Monmouth. Births Wednesday: A son to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wilson, and a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Craig, Monmouth. AIM Leader Free on Bond RAPID CITY, S.D. (UPI) American Indian Movement Leader Dennis Banks was released on $105,000 bond Thursday sifter surrendering earlier in the week to face 12 counts relating to the 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee. U.S. Magistrate James Wilson said no conditions were set in the bail order by Judge Fred Cahokia Man Charged In Police Shooting WEST FRANKFORT, 111 (UPI) — Multiple charges including attempted murder were filed Thursday against Raymond L. Schuetz, 21, Cahokia, in the wounding of a policeman at a service station. Patrolman Curt Blades, 26, was shot in the left shoulder as he and fellow patrolman Ted Seddon lunged for Schuetz in an effort to disarm him. Police said Schuetz fired three times before Seddon disarmed him while Blades radioed for help. Charles Reed, 18, attendant at the Shell interstate station, said Schuetz had ordered him| to call police. He said Shuetz claimed someone was chasing him and that the FBI had been harassing him Police said Schuetz's wife, Marcia, 21, told them her husband had been "acting erratically" for a month while he was out of work and that she had become afraid of him. Blades was listed in satisfactory condition at Union Hospital here. Schuetz was , held under $80,000 bond in Franklin County Jail at Benton on two counts each of attempted murder, aggravated assault and armed Nichol of Sioux Falls. Banks walked out of the !jj[ le J ce and one of aggravated Pennington County jail after j 0 ^' said Schuetz had sped into the station on West Main the United Methodist Church of Iowa supplied $85,000 of his 'bond with U.S. Treasury notes. Frank Bagattio of Phoenix, Ariz., posted the remaining $20,000. Street near Interstate 57 early Thursday in a compact car with his wife and small daughter. A visitor at the station was forced to lie on the driveway. Men Empty Baby Bottles In Hurry ROSEVILLE — Men who volunteered for the athletic contest at the park, Wednesday evening, found themselves doing some rather embarrassing, but, hilarious antics. The event, sponsored by the quasquicentennial committee was one of several planned for the summer celebration. The six men who volunteerd to take part in the first contest, which appeared to be a tug-of- war, turned out to be a challenge to see who could empty a baby-bottle of milk, first. The men looked rather embarrassed, sitting on the bandstand competing, but the audience cheered them on, and Larry Boulware was declared the winner. In the second contest, again the men who volunteered did not know what they would be required to do, and this time it was a race to see who could dress in a woman's outfit in the least time. This proved to be very confusing to the men, who sometimes put on the wrong garments first. Jerry Becraft was the first to figure out where everything belonged, and was declared the winner of the event. The last event was physical, with seven men attempting to climb a short ladder attached to a frame with ropes. Don Sprout was awarded the prize for most nearly completing the climb. The contest was held during intermission of the band concert, presented by the Roseville High School band, with Carroll Henderson, directing. The Band Parent's Organization was in charge of the ice cream social. Martv of the Women and girls present were wearing old-fashioned long dresses, and bonnets, in observance of the 125th anniversary of Roseville. Election Ballots Heavily Guarded A Belfast election official hurries from an armored military from Thursday's voting to elect a 78-seat power-sharing As- vehicle and into City Hall early tonight with a ballot box sembly for Northern Ireland. UNIFAX Attacks Mar Irish Election BELFAST (UPI) - Authorities today estimated 75 per cent of the Northern Ireland electorate turned out for Thursday's assembly vote despite "extremist attempts to frighten voters away" with gun and mortar attacks. Cordons of soldiers and armored cars surrounded Belfast City Hall and 11 other election centers across the province today as ballots were brought in by armored car convoys for counting. Election officials said the first results of Thursday's poll to choose a new 78-member provincial assembly would be known later today. "Whatever the outcome, the turnout shows once again the Kennedy Is Undecided About 1976 Election Plans PICK THE STYLES AND COLORS YOU WANT FOR ALL 3 ROOMS DELUXE 3 Rooms of Furniture »499» Van Adkisson. a 1973 graduate of Roseville High School, has completed the general auction eering course at Reische College of Auctioneering, Mason Citv, Iowa. He is now qualified to conduct auction sales. Adkisson nlans to attend Carl Sandburg lunior College. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Adkisson. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Miller returned Wednesday from Springfield, where their nephew, Rick Foster, had suffered serious injuries in an accident. Prodigal Son Leaves Again RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (UPI) — Henrique de Freitas ran away from home when he was six years old. Thirty-seven years later, he knocked on his mother's door. , At first, Rosa Mattos Priburl did not recognize her 43-year- j beyond politics old son. But he recalled | many incidents | childhood that jinvited him in. He told her he WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen Edward M. Kennedy says it remains an "open question" whether h/e will run for President in 1976. He won't make up his mind until after next year's midterm congressional elections-. The Massachusetts Democrat discussed the matter in an interview broadcast Thursday night over the Public Broad casting Service "I realize at some time I'm going to have to make hard judgments about these particular matters, and I will," Kennedy told interviewer Elizabeth Drew. Midterm Elections Kennedy saaid the time to (announce a decision "obviously" would . not come until "sometime after" the 1974 midterm elections. He said he recognized the "responsibility" of making his position clear. He then was asked if he ruled out the possibility of running. "Well, I'm going to make a statement, you know, about it," Kennedy said. "But it's still sort of an open question, certainly in my mind." Greatest Tragedy Kennedy said he believed the greaitest tragedy of the Water gate scandal was the mentality that corrupted the political process and used such agencies as the FBI, the CIA and the Internal Revenue Service "which have traditionally been for partisan so; purposes. "the outstanding challenges and allegations and changes against him." He said he was attending an awards dinner next week for Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace because "I tlhink it's, important to try and sort of bring this country together." people of Northern Ireland prefer the ballot to the bullet," one election official said. He estimated 75 per cent of the 1,030,000 electorate voted. In scattered violence during the voting, two mortar rounds exploded near a polling station in a Protestant Belfast area, snipers fired on a polling station in Londonderry's Roman Catholic Creggan area and a hurled blast bomb exploded near another polling station in Londonderry's Catholic Bogside area. None of the attacks caused casualties but a British soldier was wounded in the arm in a sniper attack on a patrol near another polling . station in Londonderry's Creggan area, a British army spokesman said. Mortar Attack A police spokesman said of the Belfast mortar attack: "This was clearly an attempt to kill people going to a school being used for voting. Miraculously there was no one in the school playground where the shells hit. But a few seconds either way and mothers with children might have been killed." Thursday's balloting was based on proportional representation in an attempt to give Northern Ireland's Catholic minority a fairer share in government and thereby help to end four years of strife among Catholics, Protestants and security forces that has claimed 838 lives. From the • new provincial assembly, Britain hopes, will emerge a new Northern Ireland government based on the principle of "power sharing" between Protestants and Catholics. Prices Good Through July 3rd #R-12CX ADULTS SIZE COMBO WATER & SKIS Large Selection Mens & Special U.S. Coast Guard Approved BOAT CUSHIONS & LIFE JACKETS 399 & $J 75 4.99 up of his early! Kencedy said the President! she finally j at some point must respond to' iic IUIU uei lit; wanted to. i C~_,.-. work hard, become prosperous! |J «"^ 1 Ocljft and take care of her in her old] IVffr *fi ^l I 1-f'i age. She spoke to the parish' 1T " U ' IU ' U AAcl priest, who gave Henrique a job as a $1.50 a day laborer at the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Anthony of the Poor. Thursday, four weeks after 1 ^1 No Information WASHINGTON (UPI) - Former Attorney General John N.l'l Mitchell has no information! Includes * Complete Living Room Set • Four Piece Bedroom Set with Box Spring and Mattress • Five Piece Dinette Set TERMS AVAILABLE his homecoming, Henrique ran|' hat w ° u 'd implicate President iaway again. This time, he took Nix ™ lfl 'he Watergate cover- iwith him the church's $300 up- his lawyer said Thursday, imonthly payroll and housekeeping u > the Washington •ing fund. :Post. ! b I The lawyer, William G. Hundley, said Mitchell "will in |no way incriminate the Presi-' (lent" when he testifies before ; tlu: Senate Watergate Commit- itee, the Post said. Senate investigators trying to' GODDARD'S FURNITURE 514 S. Henderson St Mon. and frl 9:30 am to 8:00 pm Saturday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Sunday 1 to 5 Galesburg, III, Husimml Slabs Unfaithful Wife CHOTONE, Italy (UPI) • Rosario Gualtieri, 75, stabbed tiis 70-year-old wife to death Thursday after learning she ;«vas unfaithful to him 34 years | ago, police said. Police said Gualtieri told them his wife confided to him recently that she committed adultery with several men in : 1939 while he was serving in the army. • "1 killed her for reasons of Diamond Pitching Horseshoes PITCHING HORSESHOES $A 95 4 SHOES, 2 STAKES T Kourt King Croquet Sets 10% Off 10% Off SPORTLINE SPECIAL OVERNIGHT $-J r SLEEPING BAG / Cut Size 32x72 — A good sleeping bag for the young camper. CAMEL 5x7 PUP TENT Mix. Avocado Fabric Perfect for Backyard Camper. All TENTS 10% OFF $095 $10.95 NOW 8 confirm or disprove former White House counsel John W. Dean Ill's testimony implicating Nixon had expected Mitchell to be able to help. Hundley, however, said his client "definitely has no information j implicating the President in the Watergate bugging or the cover-up." Mitchell is due to appear ROD & REEL SET PFLUEGER SPINCAST REEL & HEDOON ROD Quality at $ Budget Price 9 95 SWIM MASKS 98c Reg. $1.19 B40Y ROCKET LAWN DART SET Now $3.99 FRISBEES: All Types 49c-l.00-1.49-1.69-2.69 Ijhonor," police quoted Gualtieri j before the Senate panel early j as saying. [next month. i 39 N. PRAIRIE STREET Next to Large City Parking Lot SPORTING GOODS and TOYS

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