Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 30, 1902 · Page 10
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 10

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1902
Page 10
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OABXAITD SHEBU1T 10 a-, TIT" pr- rr -' T 3. : CONTRACTOR IS ACTORS OTICES Ktttt 1 WW QUARREL WILL DOUBLE THE OFF THES TRACKf-- : .-i , s. " - ..." ... ' ' mrnit- . . r- DINS l '- i -- r OREO H1U Corner, Fourteenth and RE omml M if wenty-f jve Per Cent Discount on Drapery, and Upholstery Tapestries Fifteen Per Cent Discount on Lace Curtains We will give the above discounts 'to reduce Stock prior to our removal on January ioth to 224 SUTTER STREET, near Kearny, SAN FRANCISCO. HEW METHOD f OR EXTRACTING- OIL LOOKOUT POST lANS BERKELEY ' DAY FOR G. A. R. pfRUCTOR ROGERS ARRIVES. EERKELEY, Dec. 23. G. W. Shaw, assistant professor of chemistry in the College of Agriculture at the University of California, is carrying on some experiments j in extracting; oil i from alives that will save thousands of dol- . ltira IndllOtrV of. this State. did IU mc . " - - ; He is working oii the application of :he method used in extracting sugar Irom beets to a process of ' getting the ")il from the olvie. In extracting jugar from i beets a ecntrifugal ma-;hlne is used. Professor Shaw has contracted a similar machine to be usexj m the olives. Nothing .like this process has ever jefore been attempted in America. Something slightly similar to it has een tried in Algieria, with moderate tuccess. But Professor Shaw has built lis machine with so many improvements and changes. iat it is prac-Jcally an entirely new device He has lecured a slot of olives from Niles for he purpose of carrying on his lnvesti-ations. Already the process has been mfftclently tested to insure Its suc-iese.--" Larger and more elaborate marines are to be built; when the pro-ess will be patnented arid the marines placed upon the market. i. A. R. PLANS TO . HAVE BERKELEY DAY. . ' -i. BERKELEY, Dec. 30. The local Irand Army men are making an, en-leaVor to have a Berkeley day during he great convention of the G. A. R. to ' cohh's mum. J ; STAPLE ARTICLE SALE c ' Op?ni Saturav, 9 a. m. . r t-"-- -' " QKR.Ufi Washinrtnn St.. naar 9th '. . "Closed; Thursday and Friday 1 V' THE OWL everybody gets Just what they want. They always get the aim iuwa.yB.ai- uie ivwcsi limit our customers as to quantity, tiuy get just as much as theyi may want- PE-RUNA fellows' Syrup, $1.56 izs.,V95c Harrison's 4-Day Restorer..75c Malted Milk, 91.00 size...;. 75c MiKtd Milk, hoaoital .six. 13.00 fV Piao'a Cura L . . .IBs P LyAn'a Tooth Powder ...... 15o Coke's Dandruff Cure 66c Sozodont ....... .,.. 1So Pink .Pill 35o HalPs Catarrh Cur 50o . .-...-r . " Marvl Whirling 1 fcV 1 i , PHONE MAIN 309. " Too can always be sure your goods are both fresh and 3 ViVi. : nnuina when numhaatul . . . " 'IPH - WB....'. i 1. ,1 ' Franklin Streets 5 ALE be held In San Francisco next September. On this day Lookout Post will entertain, and the entire town will be thrown open to the veteran visitors. The Berkeley men are making a concerted effort to make their Berkeley day a success. They will petition the Town Board to lend its sanction and assistance.. The Board of Trade and tjie local fraternal lodges wil also be asked to cooperate. NEW INSTRUCTOR ARRIVES FROM CHICAGO UNIVERSITY. BERKELEY, Dec. 30. Charles Gardner Rogers, who will act as Dr. Loeb's assistant in the new Physiological Department of the TJnlevrslty ot California, arrived yesterday from Chicago and is stopping at 2230 Col lege avenue. SAN PABLO ELECTRIC GARS IN COLLISION NO PASSENGERS WERE INJURED, BUT BOTH ,-.-.RS ARE WRECKED. Two San Pablo avenue electric cars were In collision last night one crashing Into the rear end of another" car. No one was injured, but both cars were badly wrecked and will have tq remain in the repair shopor some time. The collision occurred at the corner of Thirty-fourth street and San Pablo avenue, when . car No, 46 was running down the avenue in charge of Motorman W. Edwards and Conductor G. A. Adams and well filled with passengers. Right ahead was car No. 49, Jn charge of Motorman James r-iT-t nni Conductor. McKenzle. The former car stopped at Thirty-fourth street to, allow a passenger to alight. The" motorman on the car following failed to notlccge stop and as a re-miit Rmshed: into the car : ahead Splinters of wood and bits of glass aAt.. r. oil it rpct ions, but the DassenK- ers In both cars miraculously escaped lrijury, although Borne or tne xemaie passengers became nystericai. jThe Transit Company is investigat ing the affair. . FIFTH WARD VOTERS. ' n.ai-fl n th PHfth Ward, who are de (L, nf aprvine on the election board fojr the Primary Election, will please send tHelr requests to the undersigned, giving the street and.number of thefr residences and the position desired, whether Inspector, Judge or Clerk; also the number of precinct in which they reside. Direct to Ai -W. Bishop, Councilman, 90b Broad wky, Oakland. - . . 1 best and freshest goods prices. Aim we ua not 60c Psptomangan, Quda'a 75c An&ler'a Emulsion ......... 78c Enihymot Tooth Pasta ...,16c Swamp Root i. ........... , .36c Pinkham'a Compound . ...,66o Pinkham'a Blood ..65e Bromo Qulnina ... .. .,...10e Pear's Soap ,..10 Woodbury's Soap ., ,,15b Munyon's Remods ...... 1oo Deeonama riui ., ,iso kit Mllaa Pills .....15c Spmy Syringts. ,$2J5 of Th Owl Ti-rtio. Cn j . - ..:' . ..'.tJJ'l! J THOMAS HOLLIDAY IS NEARLY KILLED ON LOWER BROAQ-. WAY. Thomas Holliday of Concord walked Into the side of a rapidly moving street ;car on lower Broadway this morning and was hurled violently to the pave ment ten feet away. He was taken to ,the -Receiving Hospital, where a cut In the scalp, a sprained leg and numerous bruises were treated. It is feared that he may also have been internally' Injured. . s.. Holliday Is a well-known contractor of Concord. He came to Oakland ror the holidays and this morning he spent half .-an hour in Hansen's saloon on .Broadway, between Second and Third .streets. When he left the resort he did not appear to be intoxicated,, but Started to cross the street. It is sup posed that in a moment of absent-mindedness he did not notice the ap proaching car. He walked Into the side of the car. Had he started to cross ' the street a second sooner he would probably have been killed. HE WAS KILLED BY AN OFFICER BETHEL, "Ohio, December 30. L. T. Sims was shot and killed today while re sisting arrest. Sims and Earl McKlbben had a desperate fight with weapons on the street. McKibben- swore out a war rant for the arrest of Sims and when Marshal George Clare and Constable William Hanna attempted to make the ar rest, they were fired upon. They shot Sims four times before he fell. . -;if . , ONLY MAN SHE LOVED. T NEW YORK, Dec. 30. The. Heroic correspondent at Zurich, Switzerland, cables the report of an Interview with the Crown Prince of Saxony in which she iaouoted as saying that M. Giron Is the amy man she ever met whom she felt she could love and that It was a question of mutual love and affinity which made her life impossible with out him. , . "Between my r husband ;.and myself," said the PrincesSi "there !was no bond of sympathy. He was a typical rough officer. "I - myself was full of ideals. How miserable that life was! I tried so hard to bear it for the sake of my darling ghildren, who I adore. "I also hesitated for the. sake of the Saxon people, whom I love deeply, ' as they love me. "But all that could not alter my resolution. The ills of my life at court were too great to bear." ! . MORE PAY? FOR TEAMSTERS. CHICAGO, Dec. 30. Eight hundred thousand dollars a year has been added to the t pay of 9,000 members of the V 'l - Truck Teamsters' Union. The menr Tiave been in conference with their em ployers for over two weeks, discussing schedules, and an increase which amounts to about $1.75 a week for each man has been conceded by the employers. This was accepted last night by the union and will go into effect on February 1st. Time and a half shall be paid for all work done on Sundays and holidays, save on Labor day, when no teaming shall .be done. Each driver shall1 report on Sunday for Jarn work; or, in lieu of appearance, pay fifteen cens. STEEL ROAD. NEW YORK, Dec. 30. Automobllists for some days past have been watching the effect in 4.ime of snow of the experimental steel road put down recently in Murray street, between Broadway and Church streets, by the Automobile Club of America. Their observation tends to show that the steel rails are a great benefit to teams drawing heavy loads up the grade, as the horses do not slip so much as on the granite blocks and go easier as soon as the truck wheels strike the rails. A number of drivers of heavy trucks, when asked their opinion of the new road expressed themselves strongly In favor of it and as wanting more like It. JVILL GET ESTATE. NEW YORK, Dep. 3. The Times' correspondent In Vienna In a dispatch ia London, scouts the alleged clhn of be Archduke Leopold of Tuscany, brother of the Crown Prince of Saxony. jr Leopold Woelfling,' as he will here f ter be called, to Inheritance of the estate of the Archduke John, who dis anneared many years ago binder - the name of John Orth. L . The correspondent says" that this claim is at least premature since the will of the presumably" deceased Arch duke Is , still unopenedxand probably will be left unopened for several years to come. COAL SITUATION : NEW YORK. Dec. 30. The express ed belief of representatives of th coal carrying companies and of coal dealers is that for the next three daysthe coal situation will be acute all over the country- A representative of the coal department of the Delaware, Lacka wanna and Western Railroad said:, The strikers clamored for public 'sentiment, while they were on strike, and through public sentiment they got contributions from all over the country to support them while In Idleness. Now the public can" scramble for coal as It likes or do without It as far as the miners care." EACK FROM CONFERENCE. CHICAGO, Dec. 30. A special to the RecordHerald from . Omaha, Neb., Bays.: E. F. Servlss, general Western agent of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, Who has Just returned from a conference with President Yoa-kum, states that It, has been definitely arranged to build a'llne from Chicago to Minneapolis and St. Paul. He says work will begin In the spring. . . , ,. . "A W6RD TO THE wiSE. " CHICAGO, Dec. 30. -Richard Heard, former manager of Pletro Mscagnt, the -Italian composer, has made Public J a iwmmnniratlnn vtraminar him -tn rfaT a communication warning him to dei sist from his "persecution -, 'ot the Maestro, and closing with the phrase, A word to the wise is sufficient." The epistle was In a woman's hand-writing, and was dated Boston, December 27th, and had been posted at Back Bay station, . it , " in Trouble Among the Managers of .the Dewey Theater: Playhouse May Be Closed 11 :t as Result of Trouble Between Thespians There is trouble at the Dewey Theatre,, the popular playhouse, which, under the management of Landers Stevens,, and later, that of Erwin Blunkall, has for six years been the only place of amusement' In Oakland which has given continuous performances the year around. Unless the managers can settle their differences; the house will probably be closed..' " The trouble is between Blunkall and Ed Chapman, the business manager, who owns a one-half interest In the theatre, and It has reached such a stage that last night there came almost being a personal encounter between the men. Five months ago Landers-Stevens went to San Francisco to play- an engagement at the Central Theatre and he left his interests in the business in the hands of Blunkall. What happened after that is told In the popular actor-manager's own words. 'For five months," said Blunkall to day, "I have selected every play that has been seen at the Dewey and It was through my efforts that we secured 'The Conquerors,' which made such a tremend ous hit with the playgoers last week. You see, .Stevens and Chapman each owned a one-half Interest In the house and when Stevens went to Ban Francisco I was left to handle the stage and Chapman was to take charge of the business end of the concern. "Well, I knew 'The Conquerors' would be a fine drawing card, so I drew my own money out of the bpk to pay the royal ties on tne piece. Ana, mind you, I was not Interested in the house further than as an employe, and as Stevens' representative. I engaged the players for 'The Conquerors," also, and it was absolutely understood that the piee was to Vun two weeks. The first time I knew that the bill had been changed was last Fri day, when I met Chapman just as he was riding his horse away from the theatre entrance. He told me to rehearse for 'The Mouth of the Canon. The week be fore we had rehearsed every night while we were playing 'The Defaulter in order to put on 'The Conquerors.' The actors did that because I asked them to. When Chapman said 'The Conquerors' would not be played the second week I objected. had that right because I hold Stevens' power of attorney. I offered to meet ev ery expense to pay the royalties of 200, to pay the salaries of the actors, to do nate my services and those of my wife, Lillian Atwood, and my brother. I ab solutely guaranteed The salary of every body In .the cast. -I was determined to play 'The Conquerors' or close the theater and those were Stevens' orders. But Chapman said he had spent a lot of money on the house and I allowed him to ruh it temporarily. "Last night, Chapman and I were standing on Fourteenth and Washington streets, discussing our troubles and Police Captain Petersen came along. We de cided to leave the matter to "him. , He de elded in my favor at first, but later he decided against me because of the money Chapman had advanced and I agreed to abide by his decision. The conference was held In Petersen's office at the City Prison. When Petersen said I was in the wrong, I tore up the power of attorney and threw it in the cuspidor. Then I went back to the Dewey and I found eight or ten policemen there to keep me from en tering. I tried to go through the private entrance, but It was nailed up and Chap- roan called to me from the inside that if I broke down the door he would have me arrested Then I went back to the CItyM-v v"""""",a v'yieumsi. , fdemands of the agrarianXand asserts Prison and pasted my power of attorney together. Now there will be trouble "To show that I had only the friendliest feelings for Chapman and the house, with one or two exception, the cast of The Mouth of the Cannon' is playing because of my Importunities. I tried to persuade J. F. McDonald and my brother to go on to, but they refused when they learned that my wife and I would not play. "The real cause of all this is a man named George, who Is putting on specialties at the theater. He could not put on the specialties during the run of 'The Conquerors, and as he could wind Chap man around his fingers. Chapman said the play must be changed. I would not assent to this, and there you are." Chapman has a host of friends who will back him up in his trouble, as he is very popular. OFFICERS FOR ALCATRAZ. Alcatraz Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, No. 82, has elected the following officers: High , priest, Charles L. Pierce; king, IL D. Whltlock; scribe. Angus McLeod;-treasurer, Dan Rob ertson; secretaryi H. A. Glines; cap tain of host, C. F. Sandalln; royal arch captain,' J. Willets; first vale, R. D. Doane;. second vale, Thomas Love: third vale, C. Klser; guard, E. FarrelL The officers will be Installed Saturday evening, January 10, 1903. , - EXTRADITION TREATY. ; RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec. 30. The protocol of the extradition . treaty between Brazil ana thefunited states has unani mously passed both houses. '-' i'- '- TEACHERS', EXAMINATIONS. Examinations for teachers of the gram- mar grades are being held at the high . - .. . . school. Seventeen - prospective teachers are taking the examinations. - J LETTEBS-ARE GRANTED. Letlers. of administration on the estate of E. A. Learned, deceased,' have been gran4..ttf l,H. Delavergne.. , LARGE IMPROVEMENT WILL MADE ON AN EASTERN ROAD. NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 30. Vice- President Harahan of the Illinois Central authorizes the statement theft arrangements have Just been -dosed for the double tracking of the,, main line of the Illinois Cerkral from Memphis to Fulton, Ky a distance of 122 miles. Mr. Harahan says the work should be finished within a year and will gtve the Illinois Central a complete double track between New Orleans and Chi cago. ; . On January 4 . the Southern Pacific will, In connection with the Illinois, operate all trains from the city of the river, affording direct connection be tween New Orleans and San Fran cisco. Negotiations are also nendine for the operation of the Louisville and Nashville trains Into the same depot. President xoakum and Vice-Presi dent Winchell of the "Frisco are In the city. It is expected that official an nouncement soon will . be made that the' 'Frisco will enter New Orleans, coming down through Arkansas and Louisiana, via Alexandria, and confirming the reported purchase of the big Port Chalmette terminals on the tlver front by the 'Frisco as well as the other property and rights-of-way of the New Orleans Belt and Terminal Company and the Carondolet Canal and Navigation Company. The "Frisco is credited with purchasing twenty squares of ground In the heart .of the city, whereon Its terminals will be built. A : "The Plaza" Barber Shop and Baths now open, at 477 Fourteenth street. WOMAN BURNED IN AN EXPLOSION DELAWARE, Ohio, Dec. 30. When Miss Helen Kurrly went to the cellar this (morning to start the Are for breaka.st a terrific explosion of natural gas occurred from, her lighted lamp and wrecked three sides of the house. Five members of the family were blown through the house. Miss Kurrly was fatally injured and her mother seriously hurt. The other three were slightly injured. Gas had leaked Into the cellar and filled ' the house during the night. . , 1 SURGEONS OF THE RECEIVING HOSPITAL An error has been made In the public announcements in regard to the position Dr. O. D. Hamlin is to occupy at the County Receiving Hospital. Neither Dr. Hamlin-" 'cor Dr. R. T. Stratton is to be subordinate to " the other.) . Both 'are sur geons of the hospital, dividing the time of attendance and suoerlntendance. each having the same powers and prerogatives. k , GIGANTIC COMBINE. ; MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec 30. A strong rumor is current In th-ity announc ing an effort to form a gigantic com bine of the independent telephone interests of the United States, with the Memphis long distance Telephone Company, capital ' $100.00, and ; the Memphis Telephone Company, capital $400,000, as a basis. The rumored alliance is said to be backed by the interests mentioned, the Stromberg Carlson Manufacturing Company of Chicago and Harvey Meyers of Covington, Ky. The scheme is said to be an outgrowth of the annual meeting of the independent telephone companies at Chicago on December 8. The proposed plan involves about $100,-000,000. General Manager Warren of the Memphis Telephone Company last night admitted that the rumor was true, but stated that nothing definite had been accomplished yet.' - GERMANY'S COMMERCE. , NEW YORK, Dec. 30. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has published its annual report of the commercial situation in Germany.- l comments with regret on the continuance of a condition of economic de- that an unfavorable-conjuncture has been gravely accentuated by the uncertainty prevailing In regard to -the future commercial treaties. In . concluding its review of Jthe situation. says the London correspondent of the Tribune, the chamber addresses an energetic appeal to the German press to refrain from attacks on Great Britain and urges that In an .economic respect, and especially in regard to her colonies. Great Britain must continue to be the model which Germany should strive to Imitatei WALKING DELEGATES. NEW YORK, Dec. 30. Seventeen walking delegates of the TJnited Board of' Building Trades have called on Borough President Cantor and Informed him that unless . union men were engaged by the contractors now making alterations -on the Interior of the City Hall they would call out all union laborers employed onelty work.- jshould a general strike be ordered it would tie up work on the new" East River bridge, oil the new Hall of Records and on. the school-houses. Resident Cantor said he thought he able to settle the strike to the meantime no work is in the City Halt. r to Prevent Croup. It will be good news to the mothers of small children to learn that . croup , can be prevented.' The first sign of croup Is noarsenesss A day or two before the at tack the child becomes .hoarse. This Is soon followed by a peculiar rough coughd Give Chamberlain's Cough -Remedy 'freerS or even after the rough cough appears, and It will dispel, all symptoms of croup. In. this way all danger and anxiety may . be avoided. This remedy Is used by many thousands of mothers and has never been known to fail. , It Is, In fact, the ' only remedy that can always be depended' upon and that is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by Osgood Bros.; Seventh and Broadway. - l Full particulars, regarding .' $60.00 round trip to Kansas City can be had at S. P. Co's. office, 468 Tenth street IdkyTlH beiRgMm I How A. -' - J YTomorrow Deo 31st (while panied by his parents will receive a Ney Year's f COMH and Sa W. Cor. 11th and VES-T ALDEH IS CLUB TO BE FORMED FOR PURPOSE ' ' VOF SECURING IMPROVE-V MENTS. " A large and enthusiastic meeting of the citizens of West Alden was held at 912 Forty-first' street Saturday night to discuss the plan of forming a club for sanitary Improvements. This district voted for annexation in 1M7 with view of soon gaining a sewer system. The sanitary conditions were then bad, but have grown continually worse until the citizens have deemed it necessary to make a move. While other parts of Oakland have' greatly increased in both' population and valuation of prop erty, this district has not advanced one step. At the meeting it was decided that a resolution be drawn . up and passed to each freeholder of the district bounded by Grove, Thlrty-sjixth, Emeryville boundary line and Alden creek, informing those who are' in favor of advancement, to meet January 5th and form a club with the object of gaining these improvements. Those iri attendance, pledged themselves to do all in their power to bring matters to a crisis. With such determination, nothing but good results can follow. TO COMBINE BANKS. NEW YORK. Dec. 30. The Times, referring to a- proposed consolidation of the National Broadway Bank, the Seventh National Bank and the Mercantile National Bankv under the last named title, says ; negotiations , with a, view to the" combination' have Ueen In progress .for some time. . The National banking law requires that 66" 2-3 per cent of the capital stock of a bank must agree to a proposition of this kind jbefore' it can'' be carried through. The: consent of at C0HN'S GENUINE STAPLEARTICLE SALE Opens Saturday, 9 a. m. 956-58 Washington St., near 9th Closed Thursday and Friday II THE BIG CREDIT HOUSE!! ody's Favorite Cleanliness convenience, neatness, durability , economy f nowoader they've become so universally, popular Clumsiness is got rid of No bed at a like price presents such a neat appearance, or will last as long. Top rod and balls on the post made of brass to last. - Price $7:50 Hoak Bros. & Co. FURNITURE and CARPETS -415419 Twelfth St. and , 414-418 Eleventh- St. Oaktand, Cai. SAllGER'S AROUSED II Everyb they last) every child accom 1 1 i Horn Free ; ' . . .--i get onb Oakland's Great1 Dep't Store Washington Sts. least this proportion of the stock of each of the three - banks has been se- - cured so there is no danger of the 'plan belna: defeated by any vote of stockholders. It Is believed by those in touch with the situation that the formal consolidation can, be effected within the next sixty days, . although the necessary time may be longer. -One of .the - banks concerned In inis aeai is a very oia institution., ine S4venth National Is the oldest It lhav- , lng been established In 1833. -The bank was apparently prosperous until June 28, 1901, when, after a run, the bank's doors were closed. The Institution was re-organized by Edwin Gould and others, and re-opened Its doors on November 12, 1901, with Mlv Gould as Presl-dent.- f " . - .j. '. in . " v, - Oakland Bottling :Cempany. M17-14U-144 Broadway. - Sofa areata and bottlers ot-. the genuine: - Fredericksburg and Wleland Iacx Beer. Families sup-, plied at short aptice. Phone, Alata iSL C S. Plaut. madhrer. . t . . '. A Flrt-claa Shop.' The Palace Art Barber Shop has changed hands and undergone thorough renovation. New fixtures, new porcelain bath tubs, antiseptic shaving, hot and cold baths, sea water baths: O.iT. Jackson. Prop. 914 Broadway. The Tribune Holiday Edition. , Ready -for mailing, 10c . per copy. Postage to all parts of the TJnited States, 4 cents. Leave your order at the TRIBUNE offipe or send stamps and addresses, and hey will be mailed from the office.' ' - . . - Beginning January X 1903, we will- close at 9:00 o'clock p. m. instead of 10 . as formerly, except on Saturday nights, and open ; at i 8:00 o'clock instead of at 7:30 a. m. - ,v We hope our customers, will not be inconvenienced by thl shortening - of hours, but will be able to maker their ' purchases .before 9 o'clock. COLLINS BROS. DRUGGISTS .t r. 1105- WASHINGTON- "iST. , i J Masonic Temple ' ' Don't forget our Special Sale of Hot Water Bottle's k this week. , t J -4 UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITIES At our The Success i: of oar removal sale has been truly phenomenal, bat the baa-dreda of Pianos sold has not de pletecVour stock by any means. Our warerooms and salesrooms are only about "half empty sod our assortment is as good at it eter was. We are still ' - ! Prices and can offer you some of the best Piano Bargains yotx ever beard o& As to terms weO, you can setils that point most anyway you like, . but don't - delay. We must vacate the premise we now occupy, and you ought to get a baft-gain before it is too late. " Clark VJiseOo, Ccr. G32ry St. tr. i C:: . ; San Franclsc v.. r 1 ANNOUNCEMENT : P tm 'S'ALB' 4

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