Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 20, 1900 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
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Thursday, December 20, 1900
Page 3
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THUKSDAX -.iEViailNO,- OAKLAH D TlilBU is E. DECCIBEK 20. 1CC3 ulRp Q;,A ft I QVop, bgfetwrfby 0.8. Pitwt Offlct mil per if n to id - . . . the aw of Lsyfi-JiLU UTltlA Vrijf Goat, Rheumatism, and that hybrid disease,4 Rheumatic Gout " (so-called), which is in contradistinction to the Rheumatoid Arthritis of Oarrod. A - jl.; tT ; M I hare had excellent results from this Water in these affections both In my owo person and la the treatment of patients for whom I Have prescribed It. - Of coarse, the-remedial agent is its contained Alkalies and their-solvent properties. cw . : ' r , v." V: , "Hence it is a prophylactic's well a a remedy In Nephritic Colic and forming Ca!cuH, token duet a redundancy aIJthk: Add." . , i " The latO Dr. Wm. F. CarringtOn, Resident Physiticn, Hot Springs, i rn.t surgeon rtarta ) U. S. navy, surgeon Lonjederate states Wavy s A matlc Gout, Rheumatism, Uric Acid. Gravel, and other maladies dependent upon the Uric Acid Diathesis. "It not only eliminates from the blood the deleterious agent before tt crystallizes, but dissolves It In the form of Calculi,' at least to a size that renders its passage along the ureters and urethra comparatively easy." DIATHESIS that It would be impossible to determine their relative; value in these conditions. There are many instances, however, in which a patient, deriving little or no benefit from the water of one Spring, finds relief in the water of the other Spring, and vice versa, which would seem to indicate, unmistakably, some especial curative virtue In each water. Dr.. James Shelton, thirty years resident physician at the Springs, was decidedly of the opinion that in Acute Inflammatory Rheumatism, Muscular Rheumatism, Subacute Rheumatism, etc., the ; water of Spring No. I possesses, as a general rule, the greater curative power, and gave preference to this water In treating these cases. CjFxTLLO LronAVJsTER1 rtw t Testimonials, which, defy all imputation or question, sent to any address.- - . PROPRIETOR, BUFFALO LITHIA SPRIKGS, VIRGINIA. THE TOM 1 ... ........ ....,--. . . . . , - A temporary-Change Puts Frank Woodward in The Hotel Touraine at Fourteenth and Clay streets was openecSeptember lat last with C. W. Dorris as proprietor, but the latter made a sudden .transfer yesterday to "W. J. Ding-ee that created no small sensation In hotel circles. The secret underlying ' the transfer and the cause for the sudden change of management is said to be recent trouble "between Dorris and C. Ronpage Involving; a deal of $1,100 and a position as clerk. In which capacity Eonpage' has served for the past month. The hotel property Is owned by "William J. Dingee and William G. Henshaw and was recently remodelled and elaborately furnished at a cost of $40,000. When Dorris was Installed as proprietor he borrowed, according to explanations made by the new management, $1,100 from. Ttonpage and one of the terms Of the loan 'was that Ronplge . was to have a position as clerk at $73 a month. Ron page was duly installed, but after thirty days decided to wlthr draw and. began to make demands for payment of the note that- Dorris had - given.; " The consideration of the , transfer from. Dorris to Dingee, which, It is understood, carries simply Dorris' leasehold; rights to the property, was said to be $2,400. , After Assuming control Mr. Dingee r Immediately installed Frank J. Woodward as temporary manager.' ' v - According; to Manager Woodward, Dorris' clerfc Ronpage, had threatened to levy an attachment on the hotel property. " This no doubt hastened - the transfer. ..- -.u V "The hotel is in excellent shape, said Mr. Woodward, "and I do not believe there will be any trouble now that Dorris is out. No one else was bothering him. L The business will be maintained Just as it has iJeen. There are a? number of hotel jnen already trying to get the business. I dp not know how long I shall remain In charge of this place." CLOSING EXERCISES AT CEHTRAL SCHOOL. The closing exercises of the Sub Junior or B Ninth Grades of Central School , which will be held next Friday morn- , What is wanted of soap , for the skin is - to wash it clean; and not hurt, it. Pure soap does that; This is why "we want pure soap; and when we say pure, we mean without alkali. i- . ..... j?; Pears', is pure; , ho free i alkali.- -There-are a thou- sari4 virtues of soap; j this one is enough. You can trust a soap that has no biting alkali in it. AH sorts of stores eU it, especially rr7-; all sorts cfpecjle cse it. ' rears' ft Q n p,R F o (fj n 1 Physicians at Hot Springp usGand pre8cr.be f prm. n wm In Gout, Rheumatic Goutf Rheumatism, Calculi, etc. v Dr. Algernon S. Carnett, Surgeon retire J ) U. S. Navy Resident ..fiysieicn. Hot Springs,, Ark.; i "Mt .ex- - is- inmicu . w tpe . treatment .01 r ing will include among others things a debate-on the subject, "Resolved. That the Press should ba restricted in the character of its publications." t I ,' The affirmative side of the question will be presented by Mascotte West-wood, Mortimer Quayle, Erma Snedi-ker and Carrie Hazelton. Those who will argue the negative are Golden Downing, Ralph Butler, Ethel Lynn and Edgar. Butler. . - -: , After the debate, the certificates of promotion will be delivered and tb.3 class dismissed for the term. . The manual training room will be tp-eri for visitors all day Thursday. -Music for the. closing exercises will be furnished by the Central School 'Or chestra consisting of the following: Violins Bessie Klngore, I Lois Men. denhall, Ethel Lynn,: James Rice, Mc Lucus, William Lyttle. Cornets Solo, Robert C. Melvln; seconds. :M. Carash, M: Melquiond. Cellos Bertha Kin-gore, Alsen Kllgore. "Flute Rol in Barker. Aboe Harold Klngore. Trombone James G. Melvln. Drums Lawrence Barrett. Piano Gladys Powell. Director St. Elmo. M. Powell. - j COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT. Thelcloslngvexercises of the commercial department of the Central' School will take place Friday afternoon. The following program has been arranged: Fox Hunter's Two Step Wm. Penn Central High School Orchestra- Address to Graduates i. .... John A.. Britton, ... .. Vocal Solo "SavedCBy a Child' . Miss Edna jComb. Announcements.. ................. m rnncipai p. m; insner. Piano Solo Valse Chrornatique (5 e valse) op. 83. .Benjamin Godard Eugene Blanchard. Distribution of Diplomas.. ......v... v Mr. John Russ, President of the Board of Education. "I'd Like to Hear That Song Again".... Fred White Central High School Orchestra. ARPER'S INTEREST DWINDLED DOYII. i a. . Depositions were filed, yesterday in the suit of Heaton & Hobson, as assignees of 'F. W. Sawyer, against George W. Arper. ; The defendant tells the story of the transaction which led up to the. present trouble a follows: "On March 18, 1898, Sawyer asked me to make a loan on an interest in the Hugh Slicer estate and said it was a good chance for both of us to make some money. He said the Interest was worth $10,000 and that the - party to whom the loan Was to be made was a shiftless, reckless sort of a fellow, who spent his money as fast as he got it, and that if I lent him a few thousand I would get all tfls- Interest in the estate. I did not want anything to do with it. owing to the litigation that I was afraid would follow but Sawyer said that the interest was Worth much more than the la wing, and that he -would take charge-of all the costs and charges so far as attorney's fees were concerned. I was to recover my interest, and after deducting costs arid charges we' were to divide the balance between us. With that understanding 1 lent various sums, in all amounting to $1,554. . .f5 "Afterward I learned, on personal in vestigation, that the interest on which I lent money was worth less than $3,000. I refused to lend any more money and told Sawyer that the security had been grosslys misrepresented; that he had deceived himself and me either inten tionally or unintentionally, and that we would have - a lively I rustle for our money, noruy anerwaro we oegan suit in the Superior Court owing to Wil son's having made an assignment of his Interest, . . When the final award .was made the property falling to my lot was appraised at $2,000,' but I will now take $1,000 -less than my claim against the estate. I also learned that Sawyer was getting a commission from the bor rower." ! : . Sawyer seeks to. recover $539 for alleged legal services. - . Ill FOOTSTEPS OF IIIS REVEOED FATUEn. Rev. Charles N. Lathrop has tendered his resignation as rector of S Andrew's Episcopal Church of Weat Oakland, and enters upon his duties as assistant rector .of the Church of the Advent in San Francisco, of which his father, the late Rev. D. H. Lathrop, was rector for' many years before coming to Oakland. Rev., Mr; O'Mara of San Jose ' has accepted the " call of St. Andrew's Church to succeed Mr. Lathrop. TR ? OFJHE WEEK. Events in the Lodge Room of Interest to e. A resume of a number of interesting events in the fraternal world the past week will be found below: Brooklyn Lodge, P. and A. M. Last ... Tuesday evening Brooklyn Lodge No. 225, F. and A. M. Installed officers for the ensuing year. - The installation was conducted by Charles H. Smith, the retiring master, assisted by Past Master 11 P. Capell, acting as marshaL.; During the ceremonies the Masonic installation music was sung by a quartet, assisted by H. O. Hunt, who presided at the organ. " . ' The Yollowlng were the oiflcers as in stalled: John C. Foster, worshipful mas ter; J. Charles Downey, Senior warden; Walter H. Cohlck, junior warden; G. Dexter Warren,; senior deacon; D. W. Koppikus, junior deacon; Charles D. Hayes, secretary:, George H. True, treasurer; Ambrose Merritt, chaplain; Benjamin H. Grifllns, senior fcteward; J. A. Petty, junior steward; J. Walter Scott, marshal; W. D. Thomas, tyler. . Brother George H. True Was Installed as treasurer for the seventeenth time, and Brother W. D. Thomas as tyler for the twenty-eighth time. . Before the closing of the lodge a past master's Jewel was presented to retiring Master Charles H. Smith on behalf of Brooklyn Lodge, the presentation speech being made by the Hon. Chas. A.- Sumner. v 'After the ceremonies attendant Hipon installation the members and visiting brethren repaired to the banquet hall, where a banquet was spread. An address of welcome was delivered by T. C. Foster, roaster. ' The toast "Brooklyn Lodge and Its Past Masters'" was ably replied to by Brother Henry A. Melvln,; who gave an historical sketch of the ledgeand "who spoke feelingly of the past masters. Brother Melvln'p reference to J. H. Sumner, the first master of the. lodge, was a fitting 'tribute to a just and good man, and Brother Sumner's death, during .the morning, made the deepest . impression on the members. Brother Mather, a member of a Scottish lodge, rendered a pleasing tenor solo. - "Sister Lodges" was replied to by William H. Waste, master-elect of Du-rant Lodge of Berkeley, and his remarks created the best of good feeling. ; Fred L. Buiton. past master of Oakland Lodge, favored the brethren with a flute solo, which was well appreciated. Brother Walter J. Peterson spoke on "Masonic Responsibilities" in-a forcible manner, after which Charles H. Weaver of Oak Grove Lodge, Alameda, responded for that lodge. Over one hundred Masons attended the installation ceremonies and over a quarter-century of progress was shown by the interest manifest by. the brethren of the lodge, who give ready assistance to the officers, and who work to uphold the honor of Brooklyn Lodge and their Masonic jurisdiction. Y t Odd Fellows. Harbor Lodge No. 253. L. O. O. F., held a regular meeting last evening. The visiting committee reported that all brothers that had been sick had recovered and wished to be declared off the sick list. The lodge also acted upon the reinstatement of a brother. After the business had been transacted, lodge adjourned to pay Porter Lodge a fraternal visit and witness some new degree work. . Companions of the Forest Pride of the Forest Circle No. 122, C. O. F., met Wednesday evening, as usual. - This Circle is in a flourishing condition. It initiated four more new members and three more are to come in at the next meeting. " Pride of the Forest will give a social on the 9th of January at Pythian Hall, , Oood. Templars. Oakland Lodge Xo. 162, I. O. G. T Is now well started on the second year andware. and bids fair to soon be the banner lodge of .the State, having' risen from a very small beginning and grown , to full stature in a few mpnths, taking in new members at every meeting and reaching out for more. v On Christmas eve. and . New Tear's eve it is intended at 10 o'clock to throw the doors open to those who are inter ested in the cause of temperance who wish to investigate the work done by the Good Templars. There will be speeches, music ana a 'social time, including, refreshments, which will continue till the year 1901 is ushered I in. and as much longer as is thought best. ' The Good Templars of this district will have a big open meeting in Pyth lan Castle in San Francisco on January 17th, gotten up by the -lodges in the dis trict, to advance the cause of temperance. The public Is invited and every thing will be free. ' Friends of-the cause who believe that the proper way to jteach temperance is to begin with the children will do well to send their little ones to the Juvenile temple Saturday afternoon at Pythian Castle at 2:20 o'clock.' - Children who start In the Juvenile temple ' seldom MUNYOtrS COLD . CURE Whea ProC If nnyoii M71 whatbti Cold Cars wiU 4o he only trnv't what all the world kaow. Nesxlv every body lo b ukiar thia remedy wheaever a co! appear, it e Mere tb head, aioae, throat aau lung- ao ratckiy that cold need ao longer be a forarmaner of grippe, diphtheria, or pneumonia. Srery oae ol hta remedies is as sure. ATL dragg st mostly $c, 1- Guide t Health free. Write t Eroa'waramd sots SL, ew Yoxkor cdical advice free. stray from the paths of temperance In after life.' . . . V l ,V ' ; . Toung men . and .boys ;wno : belong to the Good Templars always find employment without 'trouble with the best of employers,. who pay. the" best wages to thoroughly reliable persons who do not drink.. ' - --j .. Degree of Honor. Ivy Lodge. No. 4, Degree of Honor, A. O. U. W., had an excellent attendance 'at Its meeting Wednesday evening. Several applications for membership were . received and one" new member was accepted by card. During recess, the new attraction committee presented a most delightful program. In the different games. 'the several prize-winners were Sisters Nelson. Lit-tleneld. Anderson, Gartner, Pascoe, and Brothers Kline. Herrick, and Isaacs. The best waltzeffe. Brother Isaacs and Sister Anderson surprised everybody by their gracefulness and were awarded the prizes. Brother Isaacs, however, declined to accept his prize because he thought its value was not commensurate with the skill. In the egg-and-ladle race. Brother Rowe came In first but Was not awarded the prize because it was shown that he stuck the egg to the spoon with chewing gum. Doctor Herrlak would have won in the endurance test if Brother Preston had not hypnotized his (the doctor's) left foot. , - ' , - In the bean-guessing game, from one bean to a million beans ; ranged the guesses, Sister Llttlefleld winning first prize by guessing two beans, the beans in the bottle numbering 2. It was decided to have the ; newly-elected officers Installed Wednesday evening, January 9th. The committee of arrangements for that occasion will be Sisters Chloupek, Reischman, Holmes, Preston, MUler, and Orelup. These request donations of cakes, fruits and sandwiches Past Chiefs of Honor. Mrs. Mayon, Mrs. Brooke and Mrs. Marks were appointed a committee to secure a Past Chief of Honor's pin for Ithe retiring Chief of Honor. Mrs. Van Court. The new attraction committee for next i Wednesday evening Brother Marks and Kline and Sisters Pascoe and Granville promise an interesting r"02rrara. . . ..-- United Workmen ; Chapman'. Hall was well filled last Friday evening on the occasion of the entertainment and dance given by Paine Lodge No. 7, A. O. U. W. Master Workman Button started the affair with an address of welcome in which he called attention to the work of the Orden in general and Pacific Lodge in particular. The program of exercises were as follows: Vocal solo. Miss Dora Mendleson; recitation, George P. Clark; trombone solo. Dr. I. R. Jordan; cornet solo. Professor McBaln; selections on the mandolin and guitar. Professor Palmer. Juvenile Mandolin and Guitar Club,- Harry Ellis, Karl Larsen, Warren Osgood, Harry WilH-brand. Marjorte Shaw, J. F. Palmer, Arthur Jackson and Vincent Jackson. The little ones did exceedingly well, and were heartily encored. At the close of the program, the floor was cleared for dancing which was in dulged in until midnight, Harry F. Hu-ber acting as floor-director, assisted by George A. Bower Smith, E. J. Fennon, and George A. Scott. The Committee of Arrangements was as follows: S. K. Wlckham, J. S. Gil-more, M. Bock. George A. Bowersmith and Robert Hall, ... . RebeKahs. Absit Invidia Rebekah Lodge had an enjoyable meeting last Tuesday evening. One application for membership was received and several others were promised. j At recess the attraction committee. Sisters Baker and T)ade, presented several clever games for the entertainment of those present, prizes being won by Sisters IJttlefleld and Swift, after which candy was served to alL . Next Tuesday evening being Christmas night there will be no meeting, but New Tear's nlghb will bring the regular home social night. A good, old-fashioned sociable time is promised all who attend. r :'i v - Installation of officers will take place on Tuesday evening, January 8, 1901, to which outsiders are invited. - Knights, of Pythias. - '.'' ' ' -- - On Thursday night, . December ' 6th, the rank of esquire was conferred by Oakland Lodge No. 103, Knights , of Pythias on Page Breillng in the usual exemplary' manner. District Deputy James Horn and Brother C. C. Taylor of Live Oak No. 17 "rendered valuable assistance during the ceremony. Under the head of good of the order, at the request of Deputy Horn, Vice-Chancellor-elect A. F. Trohan exemplified the unwritten work an innova tion unprecedented in the history . of the order in the Oakland jurisdiction, being a duty which is generally assigned to either the district deputy or a past chancellor. - Fellcltqus remarks on the principles of fraternity were also made by visitors from Piedmont No. 172, Liberty No. 35, Nemo Lodge' of Stockton, and the domains .of Ohio! Colorado and Dela- The knight rank in long form will be the chief attraction at this evening's assemblage of Oakland Lodge and un doubtedly will be witnessed by a large audience. . , On". Thursday: night, January 10th, this lodge, at its castle hall In Wood men's block, win initiate its officers in public in conjunction with the officers-elect of Calanthe Temple No. 6, order of Rathbone Sisters. - t 1 Odd Fellows. Sunset Rebekah Lodge Noi 109, L O, O. F., elected the following officers for the ensuing term: Noble Grand, Fan nie Breckenfelder; vice noble grand, Ruth Baldwin; recording secretary, Kate Talbot: ' financial secretary, Emma Pump; treasurer, Catherine Thomas. ' Last Friday "evening the president of the Rebekah State Assembly and treasurer of the. State Assembly were present .and . a reception was . tendered the sisters; there were also present District Deputy Sister Carl and quite a number of- past district deputies. Sunset Initiated one candidate, for the good of the order a.nd lodge closed as soon as -' possible in order to give the visitors present a chance to have a good time. v : The president's visit was very in struct! ve as wfeU as beneficial, as all profited a great deal , by her remarks. Sister Liese, the treasurer, was called on and made some very pleasant re marks, as did also the district deputy. Sister Carl, and others. The banquet was under the super vision of Past Noble Grand Sister Am merman, and all know her record as chairwoman of the banquet room. Next Friday evening there is some very im partant business to be brought before the lodge, and a full membership at tendance is ., requested. " After lodge closes Sunset will proceed to- pack heir Christmas box for the orphans of the Orphan Home at Gilroy, nd all ar ticles are requested to be in' the lodge room at -that time. - - -GOLDEN LINK LODGE. Golden Link Rebekah Lodge No. 105 elected the following officers, for the ensuing term. Noble Grand, Margaret Poole: vice-grand. Jeanette Glllis; re cording secretary. Theresa Petehseni financial secretary. Marie Malmstrom; treasurer. Pearl Hoover. Golden Link will give a dime social on Wednesday evening, December 2Sth, to which the public is Invited, at Ma sonic". Hall, Fraitvaie. The president and treasurer of the Rebekah State Assembly made Golden Link Rebekah Lodge an official and fraternal visit last Wednesday even- ing, ana the lodge initiated five candf dates. Under head of good of the order the Noble Grand declared & recess and all repaired to the banquet room where a banquet was served, after which there was a reception to the grand offi cers. - . Danish Society.- Odin Lodge No. 1 of the Danish Society Danla of California, celebrated its twenty-first anniversary, last Friday evening. By invitation . the Danish brotherhood was present. Peter Mad-sen, , Ben Dellerup and Niels P. Nielsen, charter members of Danla, were present. Music was furnished by H. C. Hermansen, O. and A. Paulsen. The presidents of the two societies made short speeches. Niels P. Nielsen; responded to the toast, "The Charter Members,' and speeches were made by A. T. Andersen, C. L. Martin and F. Petersen. H. Hansen of Danla read an original poem written for the occasion. A. F. Anderson spoke for Denmark and H. " C. Hermansen . for America. . The committee in charge of the affair was composed of P. L. Lund, A. Nlssen and Al Paulsen, who worked successfully to make the evening a memorable one. Fraternal Brotherhood. Oakland Lodge No. 123, Fraternal Brotherhood, completed the erection of officers for the ensuing term last Fri day evening. The new. officers are as follows: 1 Lodge deputy supreme president, James Taylor; past president, Phil , M. Walsh: president, H. A. Luttrell; secretary, R. B. S. "York; treasurer, W. B. Greenbaum; chaplain, Mrs. Anna L. Glllisple; sergeant-at-arms. Charles R. Prltchard; mlstress-at-arms, Hilma A. Buttler; inner doorkeeper,' Miss Katherine Gunner; outer v doorkeeper, A. L. Schrelber; trustees, Chas. G. Reed and Mr. Muller; finance committee,' John A. Schriner and Sadie Carr; physicians, Drs.. Herrick, Fricke .and Schofield. After the election of officers an en joyable program was rendered, conclud ing with dancing. This lodge now numbers about 550 in good standing and Is growing at a healthy rate. MEIIDEII1IALL CETS THE PROPERTY BACK. W. M. Mendenhall was given a Judgment yesterday against the Llvermore Gas Company. Judge Ellsworth rendered the decision, under the terms f which a lot. together with an electric plant now located on the property, reverts to Mendenhall. The property is now valued In round figures at $25,000. Fifteen years ago Mendenhall was president and a heavy stockholder in the Llvermore Gas Light Company, and when additional land was heeded he deeded a lot to the company on the condition that It was not to be used for any other than, gas works purposes, the penalty for a violation .of which condition was that the land should revert to the grantor. Deafness Cannot Be Cured By local applications, as . they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that Is- by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will b destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is-nothing bvrt an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars Tor any case: of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, -ree. F. J. CHENEY - CO., Toledo, a Sold by Druggists, 75c. 1. Hall's Family Pills are the best. " . 4 , , DISHES FOR RENT at H. Schnllhaaa, corner Eleventh and Franklin streets. f . . The Hsmmatn departments for ladles and gentlemen at tne riedmont Baths are the most elaborate and luxuriously fitted up of any this side of Chicago. Take Piedmont cars. - .- 4 OAK SIDEBOARDS. CHA1K8 ANU EXTENSION TABLES. Must close 'em out this month. Corner 11th and ranan sts. H. Schellhaas. . j H -4 " Electrlo Motors I Electric Motors Rapidly selling. All sizes. CHEAPER than STEAM or GAS ENGINES. The BEST the CHEAPEST. The "General Electric" leads them all. We sell' them set up at San Francisco prices. We also do all classes of electric work and guarantee results. The Electric Supply Co., 525 .Eleventh st. Phone black 1078. . . When You Are Thirsty, Call at the Galindo Hotel bar, 411 Eighth Street. Bouquet Frame, proprietors. Dainty Lunch. Ladles when shopping down town will find the "Belgian" Restaurant. 965 Wash ington street, a neat and splendid place to dine. Full course lunch 20c." Short orders all day. Coffee and cakes 10c Prompt service. ; t : Craphophones Rented With operator, $1 per evening. Address arie warren, 20 Eighth st. Oakland, Holiday Liquors. The best place to set them is at R Merclers French Wine and .Liquor ttore, 874 Broadway, near Eighth street. Fam ily trade a specialty. Phone 732 brown. - V. - LOTOX1.X Thi Kind You Han asa Always Bflggtt No More . Bald Heads! DR. PETERSON'S MICROBAKE HAIR GROWER Is the only remedy that will kill the Microbe that destroys the roots of the hair. Microbane will GROW HAIR oa BALD HEADS, stop the hair from falling out and cure dandruST. Price ti.oo per bottle. If your druggist don't keep it, address nCK31NE HECICAt CO. 410 Kearny. St.; Saa Francisco. Endorsed by United States Health Reports. o JO M c O u CM O c 3 O o o c n "n O to 01 o CREST0N FR0NT2?4lN. BACK2iri C0. P. IDS & CO., Makers pacific coast aaAneM S2S UAP.XCT ST., AN mANCtS: Bears - 1 A ' AD VERTISrMENTS I ffI ll Vlllfff 1 A , it There U only ONE POND'S EXTRACT, . and everye body knows its parity, strength and reat rnedldna V-ue, Don't taU the weak. - vratery Witch Hazel prtpar-Jorts represtnlcd to be "the same u" POND'S EXTRACT.- They generally conJn-wood alcohol' whkh irritates the skin, arat taken htcrnally. b a deadly poison. Get genuine POND'S EXTRACT, sold ONUT ,tv SEALED bottles, in BU1T wrappers.' fi (I ; For HOLIDAY' DINNER Oyster So Clams, Shrimps, Frozen Oysters, Oyster Cocktails, etc F. J. EDWARDS CO. : 914-916 VASHItlCTOIl STREET Bat. Eighth and Ninth ' Talaphona Main 647 Saeta THe TERMINAL CITY. A SI 25 S10 Caoh r 55 Monthly $ m ALL LEVEL LOTS STREETS GRADED W ' 5c Houses Built to Suit and Sold on. Easy Terms, jf liS - ' - ; - . GS -; S ' McEWEN BROS., fA - A T-'-M-,n 1357 118 Montgomory St.. S. F. K fiV Sol Aflsnts SANTA FETho Terminal City. A EAR IN WJD" BROOKLYN BEovtii & mmw - vie carry a full line of desirable LATEST WINTER Evarts , Block fiuiaiMunnn I bla vluliser, U craseriptioa af a I of all aervooa a diseases of thm osaaia. fsma is wm bmk, asssiaai-issMas narvras Debility, Plnplaa. umiiauii.iiiRT, cznaasx lag j all losses day or aljrhL Prereats leads toSoeiatfTho and all the "TV Iwr, the kidaeys sad the rlosiy oraa. of all lat pari ties. CUPID EN 8 streagtaeas aad restore aatall, weak oreaas. Tae reason sufferers ere aot cared by Doctors la because ao per ceat araj troubled with Preststls. CUP1DENE the oaly kaowa remedy to care without aa operatJoaJ S.SOS tesiiaoaiaia, wnnea tiarsaiee ntea pcrmaaeni care, t i.ao a mx, jot sj.oo, or asau. Address uayul. miwib co. r.-dk ror caia ar wso. susa aw tmmsMm aaa ASK FOR J. F. Cutter Whiskey and you will get a pure - and wholesome liquor ' 'Em MARTI N & CO. (Incorporate!) - i- :" SOUt AOBNTS, .f REMOVED to 64-58 First St., San Franolsa iS3 li Fa ricy Rckeps 2ite ns i n i Ta bl es . .Di MUST BE II. SGIIELLIIAAS Dr. E. R. lAIT", DGntiot,' 1003 BROADWAY TELEPHONE XDEKTOUR- R J City P2CDIXE, P0ULTRYAND GAME ..'.. ' Zctweea Wahlnctoa and Clay Eta. ' - Telephane 1469 Xti ririnn r h 1 3 ' 3 L 1 Lii 6 1 If Fish 4pk Teraiiiks $ i Santa Fe Railroad 0) BEES? mat- Merchant Toll oro ; . IN OAKLAND , staple good and latest novelties.' GOODS NOW IN 1018 BROADWAY fasMms Preseh yhystcUa, will qvkkly cure yosi gauai stirs etxaaa, soelt as Last Maabosd. laaf uraias, Yartacaia aaa veastmatlea. II c aess at dlseharx e, which if aot coekc4 horrors of Innoteaev. CIIPIDFNR dMuat tka aaa ssooer reiaraea tt Dozas com ao eoeot 0 staa tor rtu circniar aaa I box aaa Fraaoata, Cat xtrfii Baaw i IS?S SOLD AT ,Cor. Eleventh and Franklin Sts, Cor. 10th. OaklanJ RED 3895 Cbristcis Censs Izt Ozcs aYeir And Is now close by. Ton certainly want to . entertain your friends . nlceljv ; an therefore - don't forget to leave us your orders for-your holiday Wines, Red and White Wines, -from our own vineyards. Also. the. choicest Porta and Sherries, as well-as. ell Imported and domestic Cham-pairnes. - . - This is also the season for SCOTCH an3 IRISH Whiskies. - We hare Just received from our own Importation the famous Maydew, Afton - Water and MerSiuarc Scotch-Whiskies from Mersrs. Cullen & Wannop, Glajrow; from the celebrated Cromac Pot Distillery. Belfast, we havo McConnell'a Irish Whiskey, known all tha rrrid over; nothing; nicer for a hot tgildy. Our salesmen are ready to serve you In a minute, and we make you catch your boat. Call and sample free. Orders delivered any day and any hour no trou! !.. sCXI(TL....iCII (I-ircr. ti;ks:j in n voxux strttt. z. r Q I 1- I jjvlilr Qhd

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