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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Thursday, June 8, 1899
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Z t- t. r r k. ' 1 C .t a.il i . 1 ::ti:tg; juite o. ice " "r r r- OFFICEfl SHOT BY ft DDL n 10 ..LI . .,,,,,-T . TT.; V" .O 'T,TTrTTT"-"'"' ' rT1"T"T -'r, r r- f r-v -S P 1 1 P H . f f P TI f ! fl "IpT. IO r rr n n n-i 1'iM 1 " i w x II . .'!; II ! I . It'll u II 1 I I - . I II I I lM I It .'.; - Il l 1 I I wi.ji uuuiuu uiuu i) IS ACCUSED Bf DillElT, QUI1E ..1L f i'v V - ' . a . - ::v r j .- f . . , ' - - r MOW 'OR. BURGLAR 0' ull'llnl l V Ihe K (Orient ' Chieftain Dissolves Filipino Congress. ' Sajsoriated Press Dispatches by Th Tribune's Special Leased Wire. 1 - -; LONDON. June &AA special dispatch fraa Manila today-says It.fs reported : that Aguinajdo ha ; dssolve&r the4FUipm Congress said .baa also proclaimed himself dictator." ' V ."V. , , ' - v r 3 ' , MOVEMENTS CP OUR WARSHIPS. - ' - ' " ; MANTL V June 8-:18 P. M The T.'nfted States cruiser Boston, Captain Whit- lug, lias aatted for Son Francisco by way of Nagasaki,; Japan, with lcmg service officer and own from the vartoua Aroarlcao warships.. , , . v . f- - Tee battteship Orogonwffl soon ?Biatto rt U i cans, on bioekade duty.. -;The United States gunboat Albany. 6ne of tiia vessels purchased from tha .Spaniards -and commanded by Ensign W H. Standi ey, has nurtured three snlllnar vesaeU'aad one steamer off tha Inland of Negroa, Nir oC tbeae boat a (of th.yAlbanar.X5laa) are . American piusonbrs .wkiJj tp-'eatetd ' ; , Favorobla reporta oxo. atiir being Tearfvel from tha party at flfteeo Americana belonging to the gunboat Torktown, beaded by lieuteoaoit J C 3Bmora of that Tfwiil. iniHurrtl nn Aprtl 12th ty tb ' 2FllUo far from Baiter. ; The prtaoswra ;, - f) ail wetl, and are recetong fair treannert. , t ' OTIS OtTTUNAS THE SITUATfDN. -'-. 'WAaHlNGTONrjona g. The aituatloa tn' the PSilltoplWe a deaorlbed by General Otis ta the followtns cafadegraoi: ' i - ' , ;'MANTTA, Jume-Adjutaat General, Wartitngtoo; ou3t mownwitt Moron jproAlnc wa to drtv Ineurgents 1nio mountaitia. captortn AniipcOl and f other 'i- towns In t5hi aoxjtajn- wtth potot o land prodactlng tati bay, Ihey retreated and lrvea,ttnea before dot advance, leaving .twentyrfl- eaa on the neld. Onr loe fou 'kflled and few WQiiiwJd,,moUy aMght. tCKy of Moron?, only land rout on bey, f - ' MirriaonaA.' aft otlhr: trtjoos wtthrtrawo.-; TniKbif?wi H nrovlwea protest friend i 'i ;ahip. ak proteton -Jaw mtwier wteh, ladon Inereaaiog s tod Tapidly sIMuftiig narre.; tihTOnshot tha Islasn, mcwHn i J-' acttWnrrgA lao soekVpornnasion io'.aerad famfflea to Manila: oonaMered'. only place of persona) BountT -J : - ;,i Gtncral OtUoaiblea as ftj41owln7 regarding the return of vojuoteere: - ,:? - " v "MANILA, June & Adjutaare General. Wactilngiton: Oregon t reqneat to defer thn of departnfa until- 13th; WW leave for Portland In traneporta Ohio and New- port, Sixth Infantry won arrival will telteve ?aUforniana at ; Negroa.,- Banoocls ' ' rails lr few day vAtii Nebraska Bind otber trwr." . - . , WAR DEPARTMENTS VTEWSL ; WASHINGTON, Juno 8.4-Thconoluson 1ra.wn by War tepartmenit oWctala '- eoncernlng tha condition. In the Philippines are that the lnimrgonis are ucue morg vnan hbtswuhb oonos wtmjob puww.wui be consklerably; decreaoad when the men find there U life and liberty tmder Amor , v lean govemmen. t . ' " . , , ! , . ' ' ? . The people afa'cbmftnV Into the American lines asking protection, and are con- abler ed -Uke thoao who sought protection In the forts during tha early stages "'of r - Astertpaii development In the West.:: Nothing- is yet said as to .tha intention of - General Otis to oontlauo actlva hostiHtles,: but this is 'a matter, that will :bs left v .w2oriy ta hla dtecretkm. and ha. will so determine.. ' . AUGUSTIN DALY The; FamousTheatrical ; Managena Victim; r jVofthejGrip. NEW YORK, June-: 8.-vA dispatch to tha World from Paris says: Mrs. Daly and Ada Rehan were with Augustin Daly when he died. Mr. Daly had oeen 111 in London two weeks with a severe attack of the grip, and complete rest had been - ordered,-- tut he wanted to come to Paris on urgent business." His physicians strongly advised against the trip, nevertheless .Mr. and ; Mrs. Daly and Miss Rehan crossed over -last Saturday. DIES III PARIS, 4 ''WOMENWIEILO ; A? AND . PDSTOIL. Fiendish iWorlciibf ;a Mother ::z atid Daughter in :!a New H :i ;u K Yo r k Ho me .ssoclatad Press Dispatches by Tha Tribune's Special Leased Wire. rj NEW YORK, June. Morris Foley, cut? in the head, accuses his wife and her daughter,' Hanna, Poole, ' of attempt' lng his murder, -and the. two women are In custody at8heepehead Bay.. - Foley says his wife held him while his step-daughter shot him. . . . Foley is 8 years of age and a mechanic Ha has lived at Sheepshead Bay all his life, : and has acquired considerable property. - His family - consists of his wife, Ellen, 7 years of age a step-daughter, Hannah Poole, and two little girls. , r ; - , . . ' -r .A disturbance ' In the Foley household attracted tha attention of the neighbors last night. The house -was entered by policemen, who found blood stains which led down tha stairs to the basement. There Foley was found seemlnty. dead, bullet -wound in hu- bead, -from which the blood was-flowing. -Another bullet wound was found In the man's neck. Just nnder the right Jaw. -. " " There were also three 'Vicious looking cuts on Foley's head, which appeared to have beea" Inflicted, with a duU ax- , . r "' Tha wounds had evidently been made several boars before. A surgeon ap-' - plied restoratives, and Foley regained consciousness. WHO SHOT AND BEAT YOTjr asked the ponceman. " - - - , "MI WIFE AND OUR DAUGHTER HANNAH,!!:: Foley replied. : "My wife held me fast, while my daughter fired at me with a revolver. They rot mad" because the children "before he :-.ia nnconsciousnessv He- was. taken; covery . . ". vv - . THE WOMEN DENIED FOLEY'S ; : in Broosayn and': -arrrrea nome at trcen nearly aU the furniture-and Ashls wife and daughter appeared, UMP AT them; ZIother and daughter fought with 7 tcy knew aothlsg mors about him now to cotnmlseJon. and ara dfitna; rood to.ewte Kaflfla, refuse,- aa. catya popoi t. 1 - ' i - yiis. ii "given in the, dkaAcb of General OOm , doubt fight, or rest as tha d rcum stanoes , - , , --f : On' arrival hers Mr. Daly Immediately took. to his bed, and never left it. . He would- see. nobody except an old friend, Eugene Grjvaae, a celebrated water color artist. - Mr. Daly Jestingly put him in charge of the ladies. Mi. Dalv was treated for a slight attack .of pneu monia, and as his condition caused no fear of a fatal issue. M, - Grivase ac companied' the ladles through - their shop ping, i Tuesday Mr. Dalv was worse and trained nurse was called X0, but Tuesday night the patient was better and talked cheerfully until late. He talked again Wednesday morning, but was silent from noon until S o'clock, , when he-had a slight spasm and died. .. .. . -.Death was painless, sodden and .very unexpected. NOboy - had : beea . 4 notified that there 'Was - any fear. -jv. Both Mrs. r Daly and Miss Rehan are aisu-actaa wttn griei. Mrs. - uaiy wui not leave the room. - i, i-.M r Tha body, will be shipped t-America as soon as 'fMssioiSi - "... -: Mr.. DalyB mother Is there;, The ladles wlU. tar. ii fhft i uma Kln. .... ? .--.r vr Mr. ' Dal jr. had been . seriously affected by. worry over a London law suit through which ha was trying to recover ; possession of his English -theater,-which is In the hands or Mr. jtuawaras. - - REMAINS SENT TO LONDON, v " PARIS, June 8. The remains of Aug- ostine Daly, who died suddenly yester day afternoon at the Hotel .Continental, will arrive on Saturday .morning. The funeral . services will take place at church ln London, and then the body will he sent to-New York. There will be no religious ceremony tnere. - -r- : suffering' from -two. bullet wounds and in a dark corner. There was a large; could say more the injured man lapsed" to" the. hospital, with no hope for his re . - - - - ,.. , STORY. - They said they bad been ahop- s , o ciock. - Foley was drunk and had, the windows, and was beating the two lit- they say HE . THREW A LIGHTED - , the father and finally put Mm out. ; They- untu his body was found la tha basement Supervisors Investigate .Charges Against :; v Varden; Official Says j He Only Be- friended Miss ; fVBarnettr rJ William J. Keating, Superintendent of the Insane Ward of the Receiving Hospital,' ,was Investigated .today by the Board of Supervisors on - a charge of immorality. " . ' " ; uis - accuser is Isaac sarnett, m pro duce dealer .of ie Fifth Street.'- It U claimed that Keating has been . keeping company with Baxnett's ; 13-year-old daughter. Barpett went to the hospital to get an" explanation from Keating con cerning the latter s conduct toward Miss Barnett.- 'A fight ensued. ' The Supervisors today took a band ' in the contest.'' - ' ' " ' " ' Supervisor : Roeth said he wished . to call .the attention of the Board to the serious charges . mads "la the dally pa pers ; of this -i city and . San - Francisco against , W. X Keating of the Receiving Hospital, i Hs read the account .of the matter - giveft ; in ' ths 6an Francisco Chronicle -which stated that .last - even ing Wi J. Keating of .the Insane Ward of they Receiving Hospital was : attacked by Isaac Barnett! a produce dealer, who accuses the Warden of having taken 'his daughter to questionable places. - Supervisor Wells moved to refer the matter to a Committee of tha Whole, He said:"! think we must bear both , sides of (he case fairly before we Judge." Supervisor Roeth called : for ; an - imme diate 1 investigation, but -v Supervisor Church opposed any public examination vigorously. - - - . Supervisor Wells agreed that a private investigation was necessary. -On his motion a recess was called' till one o'clock in order - that the. Committee of " the WhoJasssight Uafcaotloo-n 'the mat-ter. ... . . ' The secret investigation was held' at the hospital. Keating declased his Innocence of. tha charge.-: Dr. Stratton testi fied - in : Keatlng's favor. ;. Matron ' Mc Donald told about what she had seen at the hospital. - i The Board concluded Its executive ses sion at' the hospital at 1-M P. M.Keat- He very strongl asserted his innocence ot the charge and made a favorable impression. ...', " ' s The Supervisors then adjourned jrntn Saturday at A.. M. tVorder ta bear tha testimony of other vnesses. ? -,--.f. i Judge . Nusbattmer v will, Tief end . Mr. Keating.,.. &"&4&t?:.&& , ICeitlns' Defense.7 ! ' - In speaking of the trouble Mr. ; Keat ing said: "There Is absolutely no truth in the charges made. I deny every.' osie of them. The relations V ween myself and Miss Ba'rnett were purely those of friendship. She has an unhappy horned Her father baa treated' her cruely and she? was accustomed to coma to me In her trouble. I encouraged, her to corns as often as she liked, but always advised ' her to be a good girl and not to do anything rash. "It Is true: that she vlsit6: ithe hospital frequently, but there was nothing wrong in her visits. . I challenge anyone .to prove that there was. The" visits were of a friendly nature only. I pitied the girl, because of her unhappy- life at home. - , v- -' i ' " "X have nothing to be ashamed of la my. conduct I have performed my duty to the best .of; my ability and have not violated the rules of . the hospital. X will lay, the matter before the Supervisors In Its true light'''-. - - - . - STEAMER COLLIDE; Associated Press, Dispatohes by. !.. j The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. .'GREENS FARM. Conn..- June A The sound steamer C 'H. Nortbam of the New Haven Steamboat Company's line was .- run ashore here near New Creek. early j ' this morning to keeD her from sinking. During the night, while on her trips from New xorr to New Haven, the steamer Is said to nave been' In collision with the steamer' Richard Peck of the same line, bound for New York. A hole of considerable proportions was Stove tn the Northern's bow. and her- passengers were taken oa board. No one was injur ed. v v -V .M-r;--i'Vf ' vf.v v Addressed by teraberg Associated Press Dispatches by I 5 ? The Tribune's Special Leased' Wire. COLUMBUS. O., -June S. Tha . Interest In. today's session of the .American Med ical Association Convention, centered largely in the address of Bunwon General Sternberr of the United States Armr. General Sternberg was accorded dose attention and was warmly applauded. The subject - - of his., address iWas "Sanitary The business session of the 'association today was fall. of htterest, and conskder- a Die leeang was aevelooed. ? The irami natlng committee made its. rertort' which was adopted after the name ot Dr. Walter Wyman of the Hospttai'- Marine Corps wss addKl to the Judiciary CounciL . The otScers elected are as follows: Pres ident, Ur. Y. W. Keene,- Phils -lelphia; first vice president Dr. X "A. , haten, St.' Paul; iwond vice president Dr. K. Ferguson, New York; third vice presi dent. Dr. Q, M. Allen, Alberts, Mo.: fourth vice president. W. E- MW diet on. Daven port. Ia.; eecretary,- Dr. O. H. ftmmoni, Chicago; treasurer, Dr. W. O., Webster, Chicago. - -. ? - - , . . Atlantic City, N. J.. was chosen as tlie place of tha next meeting. . Princess Chimay Is Not af Dashing-" 'r:- Widow. Gypsy Husband ,;HavInga : x Good Time fa; - - Cairo 2 Associated Press Dispatches by - ; The Tribunt's Spsolal- Leased Wtre . NJHVv YORK,' justt. f.-A London dSs-patch printed hare SodBjr says;. I W W j; FORMER-a- LT CLARA WARD 'OF DETROIT. -4- TELEGRAPHS Vi F!tpt jCAIBO TWAT JANCBI RIG5, THE GYP- t. 'stVwith whom eloped X 4- AND LATER MARRIED, IS NOT f DBAD, BUT QUITE : WELI IN' v- CATRO. fThe na-oers asi m''a.iiin w ft cptonicta hjatorjr of fix caia, The Prla- ls nothmg if not aotortoas; She la always before Uie paroDo ; CHICAGb, iuaenrtMapk and charts of Bwitserland h in,t the house, in which Martin Meter was yetdroW tfound ' mur dered have, socordlng -'t. h;' pdlioev fQr-niafaed' a oiew 'wMofi 'eey hope", will suR tn ,the"arrest at tmarerdrs of the agedJSwtaw. Tna pollc haye received la-formation thas two men, sw wiring, the description of tho two who were seen at the Meter feauss Monday casd on the old man about aix months ago and with him examined . maps s of SwitserUnd. Their names have also been learned. - It ie the J2f7 5 Ponce the the two were nrteods ox Meter..- : . GOjU (SHOOTING. Assecfate Press Dispatches by T -r v -The Jrifaunefa Special Leased Wire. BUFFALO.; N; YHy Jane t,-Ifi the 1200 twenty-five -'target event at the State snoot today Tha ToUowin straight scores OJcurred: -Charles s Younsv . Snrinsileld. Ohio; T. N. Bowers. Decatur. ... imnoia; vyiuiam ttsie. Cleveland; R. D. McCord. uvuW, i io.ua. awst, .jMst Aurora; Edward ITeming, , Pittsburg. -. .... - v. num treoore. -sa out of a. Toa- SlDle 75. wax tnada fear K. ' fnllnw Burckhardt- Buffalo? F- C. O'Leary? Buffalo, . Tim Glover,. Rochester: Frank P. Tfo fT rkak-aA v -," - -a . j-,;i;....:..-.s. . . Jin., "'UW I OMV - INUSItS,r. .; Assoctatew Presa Dispatches by ? i , - -;.a3ie. Trn)unr- Special T od -Wire. -nnv, jone R.Tne staf emenr ;f the PardTf: -Trade -for Hlu. month of ww" increases- or s.l7q. pounds in to :wm. t.jo,guir gvunua tn exports.- ciiiiii .' A . I.... . 0WDTE : I he Boer President Denies Justice to Uitlanders. v ..AssocUted Tress Clspatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. T- ' t ..uuiiiwn, HTKn ibcwtri oRs toaar mm Boom Africa em anating; from-- British 'sources show more completely the utter failure of the recent ' conference 2 at , Bloemf ontein between President Krueger : " ahd the ' British mgn vommissioner.. Bir; AJired Mllner. Y,i -r-lTff? , ' ' -; ' " T THE SITUATION. DANGEROUa - A: .' Ths London afternoon papers all refer to the dangerous situation.; ;' . A dispatch from Matjes Fontete. says JBlr . Alfred MUner's proposals' included granting the Ultlanders additional seats in.the Rand district, and that Presl-".dent Krueger,--onder pressiire ftnaOly offered, three addiUonal seats. The British ,mgtt commissioner tnereupon pointed out .the inadequacy, of r .the President's proposal, adding that he, had come to the. eonf erenee in the hope of being able to inforhi her majesty's -government that ibe President of the Transvaal gov- ernment' was able to afford .such llheial 'rt'asures of reform as would enable the. Cltlanders to help them selves and "relieve.-the government of the obligations - to intervene in oraer.io rearess parucuiar gnevancea - . .- . -h y.-;;-j : KRUEGER, TRIES TO USE FRANCHISE AT A CLUB.' .".Throughont it- Is added. President. Krueger sought" to use the franchise pro-posals as the means .ef -btalnlng s promise to settle the differences under the convention by arbitratioa, but the" British Commissioner ; refused to' treat ths two subjects ai tater-dependent taking the ground that International 'reform in the Transvaal was necessary .In any ease in order to preserve the independence of the republic, and as regards arbitration, there were certain questions upon : which ft could not be admitted,; while on other questions arbitration ; was pos- sTbly admissible, provided .a sultabis Introduction of a foreign power, wwen Prisoner Drew a Pistol From His . . ; " Boot-,. Pursued by , the:.' Wounded ' Man : forMany -- Biocks. - ' Associated Press Dispatches by ' The Tribune's 8 pedal Leased Wire. 3ACBAMENTO, June S. W. A.' Carroll, -a asecial police .officer, who patrols a beat m the southeastern- part of the city, was shot y-a barglar ';about J o'clock this morning r and ' seriously wounded. The bullet : entered the officer's lieck. f -w Carroll had seen a man. enter the yard of VL. Meblus, who resides at Eleventh and N streets, and at once followed him in, finding tha renew- Industriously , at work tnrinr' to ooen a window. As soon as he saw the officer he ran, with Car- roii in ao' pursuic -x ne:ourgiar was caught -before he had gone a block, and the of fioer escorted him to a grocery at Twelfth and O streets, where he went m to telephone to the police station for the patrol wagon. - . . -. ' - . i ; The -orflcer had searched the man, but could not find a weapon upon him. While Carroll was telephoning the burglar slipped a pistol out of his boot and shot him. - After the officer - had fallen - the burglar snapped his revolver at him several times, but the cartridges. would not explode. - -. -. , i . - -. , v.... The officer managed 'fo get to his 'feet and 'give chase to the would-be assassin, firing at him as he ran. Bat the officer was then so- weak -from the- loss ot blood tha the could not get the man. - The officers have a good description of the burglar and expect to capture "him SOOn. . , - n'KiiiiEn inn : TBiP. Associated Press Dispatches by ; ' --..,.'. The Tribune's Special Leased Wlra ? WASHINGTON,: Jane' 1-The Itinerary of the President's New -England trip Is almost completed. He will leave Friday. June 16, forHolyoka, Mass., where he will be the- guest on Saturday, and Sunday of nbeuHon.; jyllMam Whiting,-who. served with the: resident, in Congress. On Mondav - the President - will n 4A Northampton to attend exerclsesat Smith College, and on. Tneeday he - will , visit the Mount Holyoke-Semlnary. where -his niece win w one or toe graduates. 'On dne8Tflflrtr- he will go. to SprlngfieTS. and on Thursday to Adams, Mass,, where ha will be the guest for several days of W. & Plunkrtt -president of the Home Market Club. The- President will be gone aooot ten oays. jars. soRiniey wiu ac company, nun. . . ...- KIDNAPERS IN COURT Associated Press Dispatches by . v Ths Tribune's Special Leased. Wlra NEW YORK, June . The Barrows and Carrie Jones were arraigned before Justice Furs man .today. Counsel for the prisoners said he had. no. notice of the arraignment and asked to have-It deferred antll . tomorrow. The Justice or- aerea. a piea-oT not gmity to be entered. with : leave to withdraw todays Ball tn eacn case was nxea sx Sliuioo. The pris oners were tnen taken to the Tombs. 9'.'. mm. the Harried trrounal was suggested, not involving the the government would never allow, '.' s - s m - ! Both Stop , Denies That: the Purse S h Wi 11 Be Split; v Assoclatefl Press Dispatches by the Tribune's Special : Leased iWlre. ' : :.... NEWYORK, June 8. Nearly: all arrangemrnis for : ths Jeffries-ntxslmnwoS fight have been completed, and tha pugilists wfll do BttUe or no training between now and tomorrow - mgbt. NeRher pugilist' h doing much today' except' a little work to keep the wind in good condition. , . - - ' 1 " JEFFRIES TN SPLENDID CONDITION. '" .'. .Jeffries ss stSTi at Asbury Park;' and no annouacecnent has yet been made as to when he will leave for the scene of the fight He Is said to be in superb condition. - 1 - , -4- ntsslmcnons went out for a walk this mornlmj. ami after H was rubbed down. ' Hts traineRj are watching him very closely to prevent his being state. -- THE CHAMPION NOT TOO - LOW IN WEIGHT - Martin Julian said today tbat ft was a mistake to think that. Fits ta, too finely trained,, saying that Fits had never trained for a figbt without somebody saying this about him, but It had never -proven to bo true. , . ; . FITZ SAYS. THE - PURSE WILL NOT BE SPLIT. " , , - . - FKsslmmons dented today the, story tdd by Corbett to the effedt that ths rurse would, he dWided before the fight v - , ' . - FITZ A HOT FAVORITn. ' ' . -NEWSORK'fane t-The Journal and Advertiser says: ' 1. ' -: Despite the fact that Chief Devery has threatened to snterfers tn On Fitx-slmmpns-Jeffrles contest,' batUng on the result of the battle conOnaes to incre-ise. v. FlusimsnotSi stU 'roles a. strong, favorite over Jeffries." So oonAdent are the' lanky Australian's siasirers) that they offer 3 to 1 on the rewuft, and in some instance to Tha been secured, t - - , J - K soms Biij f bftting.' ' ' . - v .: 3 Jlm: Corbett bet StOOO to HOOO on Jeffries test night1 Richard Dougherty's offer of -Sl.Ooe.Agatast S150 on tho champion, was accepted by a weU kaown.- banker. ' Jim- my-ChrroU baa bet tiOO against S7S0 on mtmon.of fi,0O to back Jeffries at 1 to 1 Bam Atwn also has a few thbesand to. back; Jeffries; , r . j -.-- ' -s . Harry Corbett; brother of Jinn Corbett and a promtneot' bookmaker on? the Pacific coast, will arrive tn town today with a large sum to bet on Jeffries. ' ; -: - - - GOLD FIELDS Wealtli of Rdqiie Placers ilserosly.Ex:;:;;; : v aggerated. -, ; , Associated Press -Dispatches by - The Tribune s Special Leased Wlra SAN DIEGO, June S. A special to the Tribune from J. D. Edmond. a reliable business man of this city now at Ense-nada, reports the arrival there this jnom-lng of the steamer St. Denis direct from the San Roque placers with reliabis in-formatioa concerning them.' . .'Five hun dred miners' are' on the ground, and miners ere 'pouring: in from the Eastern and Southern portions of the penlnsola. , - , The- placers are reported ior,- and the results . of the piy : dirt - already worked out are not encouraging. , There, are sev en stores.- eii-the ground. ; . - - . .; V A camp will, be established, without doubt on these olaeers.' but. unless newer and richer discoveries are-made it -wW not be a big thing. - The miners on the gromnd, however, express - - confidence . ia their ability to find pay dirt in -well paying quantities. SlOii 170H1C IT CIJB1. Associated Press Dispatches by'. -' ' . .- ; Ths Tribune's Special Leased Wire. HAVANA, June 1 Colonel Randall. in paying; Cuban soldiers: at, Matansaa yesterday, found' that vthe majority of them had turned over their arms some time - before to General t . Pedro - Betan-court, the Civil Governor - of Matansaa. A few of them had certificates, but the majority Had not- Consequently Colonel Randal experienced difficulty. , and only paid thirty-seven men, though . over - SOO were in waiting and wanting money. - -. The backmen here have all struck for higher pay, which, causes great - Inconvenience to 1 the -general public - -.- v . . - ins in ion received the following cablegram regard ing the muste-r-out-or tne Twentietn K.an- sas, uenerai r-unston s regiment, irom lis sieclal correspondent: -' "HONGKONG, J-une s-Petltions signed bv nine-tenths of the officers and . men of the Twentieth Kansas regiment . urg ing mnster-out and discharge from-the service in San Francisco, have been tor- warded to the Star and to senator Baker, "(Signed) . STEELE." Liu Associated Press Dispatches by - .The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. WASHINGTON, , June . The .' Stale Department Is not acquainted with ths whereabouts of Bellamy Storrer, as he has been unofficially heard from. . .. . The SDanlsh Minister paid his first business visit to - the Stats Department today, tne occasion feing me regular weekly oipiomatic aay, ana ' spent - s ooarter of an hoor with Secretary Hay, Style . , Fit . Oar Specialty Finish. DYRCM RUTLEY'S B P RICH, DiSllS IMtli I raining-TFitz the CWKorniaB, -He says Tie has a com- DISPUTE soon 10 BE SETTLED, Choateiodi AlaskaMil Questidffiig; Associated Press Dispatches by - - , The Tribune's Special Leased Wlra LONDON. - ". JnnH KTt 'la lrw w : the Associated Press that United States AmDasBador Choato is hourly expecting the 'consent "pf the kuthoriUes af Wash-lS?U& 4L coaPrcmise arrangement of V , " " qumugii on linos or a pros-pecuye. eettlement and for carrying on ' ?..idlc8,.lo,t la the High Commiasion. While -yielding in certain matters. It is. understood Mr. Choato has been able to ; iVnitsdStitasr"rrr -VS fee largely helped by the rea- stnn&hls sstttttiAA. aemtMswl Km skl'n j n during the past week. The '-Can ad hiso 'vwomiraiDner, juora stratneo- 'the; Colonies, Joseph Chamberlain and iu m uia ui DttUHinuy aTe agrsen on vii-o- iinca njL tue compromise. C. H. VALKER, Dentist BEST SET OF TEETH - PRICK LIST Gold Fillings from. ... ...... ';.....fx.oo Pis tin tun Fillings from.... .......,(i.xj Araaleam FUlines from.,. ......,. oc Treating Nerves. . ;v; . . . f i.oo AxxrscnBg iwa... ....... ...35c to 50c Bridge Work, i $4.00 per Tooth. Gold Crowns........... ..$4.00 to f 7.00 Porcelain . Crowns ... ...... ; , .'.15.00 AU work warranted to be strictlv fintlau sad as good as can be done at any price. FHST-CtiSS EENT1L PAFICrj laiprored electrkal appllanees and 4tra- less aeatUtry with improved apparatas. - . AIRAHAMSON BUILDING 13th : -WASHINGTON " STC, , Seoms 16, 17 and is, tass ctrvaToa . .. ,,-v r . --st 13th St. eatraacs Telephone Orsea 57t . CLARA FOLTZ, atto3!:ey at lav;. , srra rieea . CROCKER B0ILOING Tn LICII TI an rsnei?-- Tils czsTc:::.pi:ic:::Lf.:r EELKew.nc::' 8 Fine Rooms. Launiry z- - Catb, Plate Glass X7izior::. Nickel-plated PlcntiE. Beaatifally tinted thror-lc-t r: catioa. Kice lot, C'i 3r I C ' lawn. Carriage wa.12 t3 ' place. " - VLL J. Dli T ' Ercadwrv. I. ILL s '

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