Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 29, 1973 · Page 8
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 8

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 8
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ft-' Br if 1*1.. F J Gafesburi ster*Moil. Gal6sbur Ffidd June 29 1 . -i' i Advance Night Moving* (Continued From Page 7) I J^/tt B# ."1; : transferee. Today, flhfcre dre f tl l v /j _ more than 600 members serving \J ul J u Visitors from H chapters otlm<te than 6,000 dtiesimd towns Miss Dariene Gage ot Peoria the Ofdfif of Eastern Star were in -the United States and abroad, and William Buftemeier of represent Tuesday evening at the Hem's how it works. oria, formerly of the Greenbush Masonic Temple where Violjet An executive who is being area, whose engagement was Chapter observed its annual ad- transferred lists his present announced several months ago, vance night, home with an ICRS member have selected Friday, July 6, Advancing to stations to be firm in his old community. As as their wedding date, held in 1974 were Mr. and Mrs. a leading broker in the commit- The ceremony will be at 7 George Kennedy, worthy patron mJty, this realtor is familiar p.m. at the Bethany Church in and worthy matron, respective-with fair market value and Peoria. All friends and rela- ]y, Mrs. Walters Pumfrey, asso-general Teal estate trends andtives are invited to the cere- ciate matron, and Mrs. Charles earn promptly merchandise and mony and reception to follow conductress. Other sell the transferee's residence. at the church. The bride-to-be is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Al,vin Cushman, stations were filled by line offi- When the Inter-City member cers from chapters in this area, lists a transferee's home for The 1974 watchword was dis- sale* he obtains information on Gage, 1211 N. Garfield, Peoria, played in the East over the his dent's preferences — and her fiance, the son of Mr. dias, and the selected colors whether the home must be new and Mrs. Arthur Bultemeier of were seen in the programs, the or old, size of family, number near Avon, bow]/ of .red roses and blue car- of bedrooms and bathrooms, nations which centered the serv- special fieatares desired, the VaPflti Ottilia* ing table during the social hour kind and amount of tfumiture T & after (the meeting. Hostesses the family owns, type of neigh- (Continued From Page 7) were Miss Dawn Sparling and borhood sought, church and , « ramnnfftatf *nil«r Mrs. David Barstow. Members school requit^ments, etc. These ^ o^t>e? c2 ffftaS " n Hurts Funeral Concerns By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International A growing public against costly funerals hurting morticians in tockctbook. he focused on the spirit of the "Grief shared is grief dimtn- departed and the hope of ished. For the bereaved, tne reaction eternal flifc, rather than mor-funeral can be that first, is bid\y centered on a casket and important step toward emotional adjustment to their Uaa" the corpse. Of God and Man The National Funeral Direc does tors Association Another brochure deals with not costs, which funeral directors attempt to contest these views feet critics have grossly exag- Thcir anguish is reflected injon religious grounds. It attacks gerated. It says a 1971 survey instead as bad a current advertising campaign them by the National Funeral Direc- chology. tors Association. It seeks to psy-1 indicated the "average" regular funeral cost $063. However, did not Include figure vault, grave miscellaneous Will Note Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sparks, 705 W. Mound St,, Elmwood, will celebfate their 60th wedding anniversary Tuesday, July 3. Mr. and Mrs. Sparks were married iri Galesburg. They arc the parents of a daughter, Mrs. Leo (Audrey) Duval and have one granddaughter. No formal celebration is being planned. * .i . l4 J- L ~ camper causes anjuiy of the committee were Mrs. details are referred immediate- damage. By all means arrange TVN^^T r Robert Stackhouse, Mrs. Lewis ly to an Mer-City member - ^^/-IT T Palmer, Mrs. Donald Sparling the destination community and Mrs. J. E. Foster. Viewing the body in an open this answer some of the criticisms casket before ot during the cemetery. lot, which clergymen and others funeral makes those who marker "or have made of modern funeral survive more aware of the charges such as honoraria for practices. reality of death, the association the clergyman, flowers, addi- Judging from the ads—and says. And if the deceased had a tional transportation charges, the free brochures which the long, lingering death, the burial 'clothing of newspaper association is glad to- send to ravages of disease can be notices." These could add anyone requesting them-funer- removed by the mortician's several hundred dollars to the al directors especially are arts, including "the use of "average" bill, grieved by the idea gaining cosmetics," so that the be acceptance among many reaved will carry away "an Whether a full-dress, fancy- damage. By all means arrange H n x-x / -4 / -NT r 'o 13 £saczn\-rri]~\ l\/T ^/^l TI O Americans that a body should acceptable image for recalling nber in f<)r separai te liability coverage 1 ULlU-y O UlllVlCLlIlo be cremated or buried as the deceased.' 1 Jy- if you're going to hitch up and . quickly, quietly and incxpen- "Of course there is pain" for Preside at Meeting When the member at destine- some thdng. tion receives a referral, he is - - Check Language ^ „ . w Don't be misled by language matron, William C. Schroeder, coming cfent within 24 hours j n „your auto policy which may Mrs. Hugh Woolam, worthy obligated to telephone the in- Better Foods By GAYNOR MADDOX .Mriho mitmn nmcirjo^ HnrSticr J ~. u,- *. u «*„ — . - T urn y our troubled thoughts from the constantly rising food First r^ASS^it d S Jji ^u^LS S "Stf"** Pta. for" a few minutes. U tostcad tato . smaU ma|m„e bereaved family than a™ la boat you re jrailermg., Thats ca]led "Agricultural Research." There you will find some nug-elaborate miblic funeral the business meeting, at which surveys available homes time five grand lecturers were matdheS the transferee 's de- not toe We .thing as" damage "T" f hSoT ^Vn ^v AmWans' escorted and introduced. Twen- sedptions and photos of suiter caused by a boat that gets loose. ee ^r^tlr e ^S^SmskB soft drinks such as in the funeral home disolav of ty-two members of grand chap- b]e properties to send to (he Another financial unpleasant- ^/"Elif «^S&iXr P ter committees were also honor- {ar Jy that intends the move ness ds in store for a good nutate and refetog ed - together with key information number of vacationers who T^L ZTttT ™T Mrs. KatieHaustom, associate about te n6w community. This leave the country Ahis summer. Jj^g^^ ^ ^ gv Sura\ casket, body-on-view funeral is worth what it costs the r for bereaved, in money and cmo- ' I OTTl r^'TT^TAT 1 s i ve ^y as possible. survivors in viewing the body, tional drain, is a decision each 1 wlllvJx 1 vJ VV Advocates of this idea argue the funeral directors' associa-family must make for itself. that it has two advantages, tion acknowledges in one But a growing number of it is ' easier on the brochure. "But it is a hurt that Christians and secularists seem there is an helps to heal" The visible to be deciding public funeral with presence of the corpse helps the something to 'be said for the suoh features as visiting hours family—including little children ancient Jewish .tradition of "comprehend the real mean- burying the body quickly in the matron of Good Hope Chapter noft provides the prospec- was introduced as guest of ti ve residents a preliminary honor. Gifts were presented ad- ^ at suitable homes but gives vancing officers. The altar tfem a feeling of knowing some- was draped in OTe fa ^ community, memory of Mrs. Ethel Driscoll mcn they aoie ready to visit and Mrs. Clara A. Harbaugh, ^ eir destination and inspect past t grand matron, OES, of h 0£meSj the ICRS member in Illinois. n that area will serve as their Mrs. Esther Runkle, Portland, g^e. Ore., was a guest. Miss Harms (Continued From Page 7) An official of Thorsen Realtors, ICRS member in La Grange, a western suburb of Chicago, recalled one such in- where a transferee cident, ught a home in a day or two on his first visit to a new com- bridegroom, Abingdon, Mrs. mm ^y Manuel Mize Jr., Harker ,< A fri en d of mine who works Heights, bridesmaids, Mary Ann for one of ^ e ma j or airlines itbBt added nutaWon in watch, a Japanese-made cam- of JP«*an wMedJmn whey, era with exte lenses, binocu- a ^rotot tfi cheese. man* lars made on Germany. He be- ^ture Tks whey is now large- gins to figure out how much ^ wasted duty you owe. Chemists at (the Agricultural And, though you protest that Research Service laboratories you.bought everything here in in Washington, D.C., the States long ago, you will achieved encouraging success indeed pay duty on all foreign in adding proteins isolated from made items you're wearing or oottege cheese whey to car- have the corpse in an open casket, ing of death." It also creates plainest possible container, so Second, swift private "the proper climate for mourn- the one who has died may be parties — someJtlhinig has been etc. aidded. It is corn germ flour disposition of the body makes it ing" so that all who view, the remembered, loved and missed, made from the kernel. passible to hold, at a convenient corpse can feel the loss and not as a cosmelticized corpse, (Mililioms of bushels of corn time later, a public memorial "share the sorrow" of the but as a warm, living, human are milted into corn flour, meal service at which attention can bereaved family. person, and gi#s every year but. the corn germ is separated and solid (tor oil or livestock feed. Now, Mantes to research scientists, fttare is tope the valuable corn germ clan be used to enrich corn products with protein and minerals. # * * rch Kewanee Plans Church. Council 6 Maple syrup emfihusiasits, here is go/od mm for you. Scientists discovered' that West prior possession. This can be done beforehand, |P<>P will 'actually be nutritious. • * A Avon Federated Church - T. A. Hunt, school carrying, unless you can prove) boniated beverages. So the day have may come when a bottle of soda Virginia has everything it takes for a Shriving imaiple syrup an- at any local U.S. Customs office, * * * i uslt ?\" cli,mate ' nacfn . or at any international airport, If you are a corn iover, as the ™& *ne market. ^Jj D a , n at the Customs facility there, miostt Americans seem to be, Vermont amid other New Eng- worsmp at 1 * HarweM, Pilot Point, Tex., flow- ^ ^yed'ln Wilmette told me But if you plan on registering there is more good nuifcritious land abates may get heavy er girl, and John H. Harms, he was about to be transferred items at an. airport, leave your- news far you. To ibhe taaditional maple syrup competition. At Philip Snider pastor Worship brother of the bride, ringbear- to Washington D. C. We re- self plenty of -time - at least an foofds mfade (from com — muf- the Pihilafddph'ia, Pa., research at 9-50 Church school at 10-45 — fins, spoonbread, ccokies and laboratory, scientists ihave been Key 9 Art Show A Key '73 religious art show will be sponsored by the Kewanee Council of Churches Oct. 6-9. Mrs. Amelia Lietze of Kewanee High School and Mrs. Dcrothy Smith of Black Hawk Richard East will be judges for the in- 10. Slavish, pastor. Saturday mass tcrdenomtoational show. En- 11 a .nv Confession before all tries will be accepted from VI Alexis St. Theresa Dahinda United Metbodist masses. accepted communities and ^ . . u , t . . w fcrred Wm'to'Hicks Reality, a Ihour. p flie honor attendants, in blue fa Ai exandr ia, Va. He ^t ^bia^ d^L^lyhadbS Installs Officers ggw. earned blue cania- a ^ fa same time the Thorsen official ma phi mof l^ 11Pfirffln , 9 * th A |ln AbmgCtOn Ceremony Is Read neighboming comities. SSI'SSSLv ^ * professional *rMs United Church o* Altona - M * ^ P * ^ «tatajt«l ProfeSnal more efficient Stanley Rapp, pastor. Church Ontario Congregational - Roy divisions wall be open, and ar- ways of harvesting saip and of school at 9:30. Worship at 10:30. J- Mcintosh, pastor. Church tisls may enter an painting, school at 9:30. Worship at 10:30. drawing, piuntmafcing, sculp- Junior youth Saturday at 5:30 ture » banners and photography working tfor years developing rn'odern and evaponaitang ait into syrup. For a maple syrop inidu 'stay in West Stronghurst Bethel Luthera w ...... cam* nmp me inorseiT vuuoou ^u- . mu J„ * *u ••• • ii•• i• Viirgini 'a, with its sugar maDle Henr y F - Neal » Pastor. Church p.m. Senior youth every other categories English ivy garlands was fte SeTL e ^S to T m * ^ ?5??5 *t -Sj ^«"tgtivu ^ ^ ta ^ school at 9:45. Worship at 11. Sunday, at 6 p.m. Application blanks may be ob- accent for the bride's bouquet ^^^s ^SL^Z ^ oi J^- Clark ' 208 Mrs. Mary M. Bean and Em- mmy ^ dei ^ devetaentead- ~ - tained ^ ^ 1 b y siting w S. Broad Knoxyute. mett LaVerne McGeehon ex- danced by the Mtoidetehfe 0neida Umted Metho<1 'st - Henderson United Methodist- Mts - Gtenn ^^S, 309 S. Tre- nations, white orohid and - gyp- " TiTale^ ^ ' ^ a ff onK rf „ ofltoe " W ^ <*»*»1 w ^ding vows Sunday 7^ rSwflSS°wS Albert Mu / phy » . pa ? 0r ' Worship Robert E SnaW pastor Kewanee- sophila, earned by the bride to ^STItS by ^ HWard ^ United MeftodW Church, h(Xpe St VhJS^^ at 9 ' Sunday sch ° o1 at 10 " SS ^cTS7' WoSp (o -raniDerg. Abingdon, as Rev. Frank L. There as ir Chicago, for sale. oonffano* her gown of white u a satin with iace overlay. Fash- ^ ^ f^J^l wned by her mother, the gown ' We were able to wk out was styled with a lace Sid- closing dates for both fransao- up collar, long sleeves and tl0ns 50 & ere ? w n l !f soaiUoped hemfoe and which toterim fmancang. From the formed a train. Lace edged the time they knew they were going bride's veiling, A reception followed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Davis a£ Harker Hedgjitts. Among those attending the wedding from this area in addition to the bridegroom's parents, and those in the wedding party was Roger West, Abingdon, cousin of the bridegroom. Mr, and Mrs. Wesb reside in Ablmgdon. Mrs. West was graduated from Killeen High School, Kit leen, Tex. Her husband, a graduate of Abingdon High School, served a two-year tour of duty with the Army. He's employed at Midwest Manufacturing Co. VFW AUXILIARY The Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, 2257, wiy meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Eagles Lodge. SANDBURG COTTAGE The Carl Sandburg Cottage, 331 E. Third St., will be open to the public Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. The birthplace is closed on Monday but is open daily the remainder of the week from 9 a.m, until noon and from l to 5 p.m. Sunday morning visits may be made by appointment only. to move until they had bought and made a sale, only 12 days had elapsed." Owen E. Hail, president of ICRS and a Birmingham, Mich., realtor, acknowledged that both ends of a transaction are seldom concluded that rapidly. "But the incident does illustrate how members can hetlp clients at both ends." In the 12 years in which Inter- has been an existence, have been many occa- which broker mem- conducted by Mrs. ranlberg. ^ f w _ Serving as officers will be Deninger read the double ring City there sions on bers have helped solve unusual problems in the course of handling thousands of more routine transactions. One realtor found the perfect house for a transferred family that had onJy one specific problem: their horse. Their new home has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a double garage — and a much-needed pasture. Mrs. Richard Bline, president; Mrs. Russell' Tracey, vice president; Mrs. Mike Harrison, recording secretary; Mrs. Jack Moore, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Robert Clark, treasurer. Following the installation, a baby shower was given for Mrs. Terry Gaffloway. Refreshments were served from a table in the shower theme, centered with pink and blue carnations. Unit 3 Meets At Lake Storey Lake Storey was the meeting place of the Knox County Homemaker's Extension Unit 3 Wednesday morning. Members and guests were served a picnic breakfast, followed by a lesson, "The Selection and Care of Mattresses, M presented Mrs. Florence Nestander. by ceremony for the couple. Mrs. Bean is the daughter of Mrs. Frances F. Chapman of St. Augustine, and the late • Orville F. Chapman, and the bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Bessie Arnold of Abingdon. Best man was Charles McGeehon of Little York, and guests were seated by David L. Smith of Abingtfon, Roy C. Smith of Galesburg, Richard Burton of Abingdon and Larry Yerkey of Rio. Mrs. Becky S. Taylor, Galesburg, was matron of honor for her sister, and Miss Lisa L. Taylor, the bride's niece, junior bridesmaid. Elizabeth Taylor, also the bride's niece, was flower girl. Escorted by Phil Roe of Monmouth, Mrs. Bean selected an empire style gown in a redingote effect with a chapel sweep train, for her wedding. Lace formed the wedding band a 'large potential market for maple syrup in this coun/iry. * * * Less abdominal fat on broil- makes ers tr'adtive them to more at- housewives. Abdominal fat -increases the price by Bidding weight to /the carcass. This makes housewives unhappy because «they discard moist of /this fat. 4 But scientists at the Poultry Research Lai town, (Del., lalfcory, iflhink ARMY MOTHERS CLUB The Army Mothers Club will !0enler * meet Tuesday at noon for a at Lincoln Park shel- iood New officers were elected: ... . , ... Mrs. Helen Muck, second vice c0 "f of l *? e g °T styled ? ilh president; Mrs. Lois Stivers, a . Wue satin ribbon encircling treasurer; and Mrs. Ruth St, Pierre, public information. Each member contributed juice for the Red Cross 1 potiuck ter, rather than at the place previously scheduled. A memorial will be conducted for the late Mrs. Mary Hamilton. Guests included Mrs, Londa Reffet and Mrs. Cindy Tinker. Plans for a buffet luncheon for 4-H girls and their leaders were finalized. LEIGHTON SUNDRIES CORNER BERRIEN & CHAMBERS Beautiful Draw Strap Purses Cuff Link Touches Cuff links for men and women are gaining a lot of attention. Whether inexpensive or solid gold, you can add an interesting touch to a shirt semiprecious stones like opal, jade and tiger eye. the waist. Fingertip veiling was caught to a jeweled crown. She carried a cascade of red roses and white carnations with red and white streamers. A reception followed at the George- iflhey have found 'at least a patntial solution to this fat problem. They have found (that albdomi'inal fat varies with different strains of broilers. So they aire developing strains likely to produce less abdominal fat and be flavorful. Avon United Methodist ait 11:10. Sermon: A New Ad- Wayne Nordstrom, pastor.[venture. Youth at 6:30 p.m. Church school at 10. Worship at 11. Pastor Elected Knoxville Good Samaritan Nursing Home—Sabbath school Saturday at 9:30. Worship at 11 a.m. Wednesday, prayer service at 7:30. Wataga Faith Lutheran — George J. Curran, pastor. Worship at 9:30. Sunday school at 10:30. Stronghurst United Presbyter! Dr. John C. Castle Jr., With Imported Belgium Needlepoint $10,95 RED, WHITE & WAVY PURSES MATCHING BILLFOLDS $3.95 Scarves 5PICIAI 300 P£ sow Puzzle Summer Jewelry -r \\ LSS - i - IT WAS A WONDERFUL DAY We wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone £or the expression of love, giits and attendance on our 25th Wedding Anniversary. A special thanks to the hosts, hostesses, lor the girls who .served at the tables. It truly will be a day to remember. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Norton Lake Warren Rt. 2 Monmouth, III. church. Mr. and Mrs. McGeehon, who reside in Galesburg, will be taking a wedding trip in August. Mrs. McGeehon, a graduate of Avon High School, was graduated from Carl Sandburg College School of Practical Nursing. Her hus/baml, a graduate of Yorkwood Senior High School and I/awkeye institute of Technology, Waterloo, Iowa, is employed at Midwest Manufacturing Co, Be the! White Shi •ine Convenes Bethel White Shrine convened Wednesday evening with Mrs. C. E. Walihan, worthy high priestess and Milton McGilvary, watchman of shepherds presiding. Supreme committee members, past Worthy High Priestess and past Watchman of Shepherds were escorted and Introduced. The fathers were greeted and a poem read in their honor by Mrs, Walihan. It was announced Mrs. Wali­ han and Mr. McGilvary would be guests in the West of Jordan Shrine at Princeton on July 11. The Shrine will have no meetings during July and August. Refreshments were served by! !Line Officers. ! an — pastor. Church school at 9:45. Worship at 11. PYF at 6:30 p.m. Stronghurst Christian — Loren K. Holt, pastor. Worship at 9:30. Church school at 10:30, Service at 7:30 p.m. i Victoria U n lie d Methodist- Victoria Reorganized Church Synod Moderator of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — Rev. Marshall W. Simpson, High Priest LaVerne jpastar of the Henry and La- Benson, pastor. Ohurdh school Prairie Unirted Presbyterian at 9:45. Worship at 11. parish, wias elected moderator of the Synod of Lincoln Trails Raymond Bassett, Church school at 9. service at 10:15. pastor. Worship Maxey Chapel United Methodist — Raymond Bassett, pastor. Church school at 10. Worship at 9. Lynn Center Chapel David Monmouth Trinity Episcopal •Thad B. Rudd, vicar. Mass at 9. Tuesday Mass at 10 a.m. Alexis United Presbyterian Rev. Richard J. Harken, minister. Worship at 10:30. Berwick Baptist — Mark Kafkas, pastor. Worship at 10:30. Oneida First United Presbyterian — James C. Elder, pastor. Worship at 11. Sermon: The Light: Is It Shining? Altona Bethany Baptist-HMike Walters, interim pastor. Worship at 11. Evening service at 7 p.m. Alpha United MethodJst~Don Funk, pastor. Worship at 11. of the United Presbyterian Church at the first annual meeting at Decatur June 10. He hats previously served as viice chiainman of the synod and chairman of several of its comr mittees. The son of Mr. and Mrs. OlMfiord Simpson of near Alexis, the Rev. Mr. Simpson is a graduate of Alexis Hiigti School, Monirwutih College and MoCor- mick Seminary at Chicago. Lawton, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30. Worship at 10:45 a.m. East Galesburg Community Raymond Marquith, school at 10. Servo al Barbecue An uice-cold waitmrudion makes a tasty dessert for a backyard supper or barbecue. Cut a narrow lengthfwise slice fram the melon and scoop out the fruit. Combine the melon with a small can of elmg peach slices, a couple of sliced bananas and ttuterlaiuH Paint Noble (»raii(]g Club Mrs. Elliott Stackhouse, 807 E. First St., was hostess to the Past Noble Grands Club for its annual picnic on the patio at 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening. Chapel pastor, Sunday Worship at 11 a.m. Evening service at 7:30. Wednesday, prayer service at 7:30. Oneida United Presbyterian— Albert Murphy, pastor. Sunday school at 10. Worship at 11. Stronghurst United Methodist - Marvin C. Snapp, pastor. Church school at 10. Worship at 11. Center Prairie United Methodist — Phillip Snider, pastor Worship at 9:45. Church school at 9:30 a.m. Rapaite Union — Smith D. Terpenlng, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30. Worship at 10:30. Andover United Methodist- Don Funk, pastor. Worship at The O^ldbrook Christian — T. R. Akers, minister. Worship at 10. Sermon: Life in the Spirit: Freedom. New Windsor United Presby terian tor. Douglas MankeJU, pas- Worship at 10:30, worship at 8 a.m. Early Clark Gable Ranch Sold HOLLYWOOD (UPI) 19-acre ranch onice owned by Clark Gable has been sold by the actor's widow, Kay, to developers for $800,000. The real estate company that bought the land in the San Fernando Valley announced Thursday that it will erect a housing tract on the land, to be known as Clark Gable Ranch Estates. Wataga St Aloyslw— Richard Mrs. Maxima Krans, president, held a brief business meeting after the dinner. (Slavish, pastor. Sunday mass at A member, Mrs. Nellie Rank ! 9:00 a.m. First Friday mass at a small can of apricot halves, of Nortforidge, Calif., was wei-|7;00 p.m. Confessions before Drain fruits and return to corned. Mrs. Krans received!masses. Religion classes every melon bowl to serve. ' I the mystery package. Sunday at 9:45 for all grades. New Windsor Calvary Lutheran — Paul E. itolmier, pastor. Worship at 10:30. Early worshif at 8 a.m. ) North Henderson United Methodist — Alien Hiiding, pastor. Worship at 10:W. North Henderson Zion Lutheran—Allen Hiiding, pastor. Worship at 11. Headerwn Grove Messial Lutheran — Kenneth Knudsen, pastor. Worship at 9:30. 10. No church school. Sermon: A Man Who Pleased God. ^ Alexis United Methodist-Allen HiWing, pastor. Worship at 9 a.m. Alpha Baptist - Charles Wil- rfcJ nlorkn paslor * Worship Wataga Congregational -< G. A. Eilicey, pastor. Worship at EXPRESS APPRECIATION We wish to Thank everyone for the gifts and cards in observance of our 40th anniversary, They were deeply appreciated. Mr. & Mr*. Lelaad PeSollar w r t 4 f

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