Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 10, 1900 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1900
Page 5
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TUESDAY. EVENING. OAKLAND TRIBUNE. JULY 10, 1900 THE H. C. CAPWtll CO'. Cor. i Jth and Washington Streets, Oakland Leather These goods, are just SuH caiM put in stock. They lift cases are ltrongly made have brass mountings and heavy leather j caps on corners. Can bid defiance to trainmen. Come in two s zes 22 and 24 inches. Sheepskin. 4. 25 and 4. 50 Cowhide 6 6O and 7-00 i ... Cowhide, same sizes, leather lined. . ........' 8-00 and 8-50 ! White Waists, all cut, 50c to $2 25 - . j A Bunch of Featherbone Summer Needs 1'?"! I making your own neckwear 1 5c Good sninmer corsets, from . -BOc Special line No. 7, taffeta ribbons, many colors 5c yd 3 -strand all-silk notion pulley belts, several colors, great values. 46c Persian effects in silk handkerchiefs, extra large size, for waists, ties or belts. ...v75c - Bells to Fit all Waists. McCall's for August The McCall patterns and magazi aes rived, j Show a host of novelties and give hundreds of hints for the fall. Patterns. ...lOcand 5c McCall'R Magazine by mail 50c per year, including any pattern. Delivered at store, including any pat tern .V.L.. ..30c i ! Clever Finger Purses, from 25c. i Petticoat Always something o.. new to be found Department here Those wash. able crash summer petticoats are splendid values at ....... BOc andsji to 90c Cotton Moreen petticoats, black, and iancy colors, accordion-pleated flounce I.OO Fancy stripe nearsilk, corded flounce finished with plaited ruffle. . . .......j 1. 50 Aud better grades up to 4.75 o Bright pictures our Windows. j Petticoats at ' A number of petti- H,i o:- -coats of various alf Price &udta tbat have been used" in window trimming and are a little shop-worn, are being iold at one half regular price. This is a snapY- i Bight'and elbow room galore. Solid - is found in a Kimona r.2m dressing sacque. In Comfort plain and fancy iawns, neatly finished -LOO, 125,1-35. I PL WITH How Chicago People are Treated by Their-'Aldermen. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire CHICAGO. July 10. The presentation of a petition signed by 21,000 people asking th? passage of an ordinance granting the right of operating cverhead trolley cars on' the north side thorough fares and the oH exiKisiUon buiiding on the take front 1 Ka-ve the memtiers of the C.ty Council an .PPornunityXor horseplay last nigWt. For rive minutes the petitions, composed of six rila of Dawr. each over 100 feet long, were thrown, batted and kicked around ihc iV.nnoil chamber and th?n torn to bits and ueed as bandages with which the-playful Alderren blindfolded each other. During the time that the j-etition was being tosxl about twenrty members of the North Side Lisiness Men's Association, including i-Tesidernt C. F. Gillmann, stood around the! Council chanitier and looked on. ! After the Council had finished the game of football; broad paper ribbons were hanging itrom the galleries, chandelMers and the Mayor's desk. The Aldermen were inc'.oted by a web of paper which .wound among the desks and chairs.- few ii.ir.utes fctore the north slders appeared Alderma.n Foreman hid prewent-d the report of the Street Railway Commission recommending- that the ordinance ' presetted by - the North Side Bfrainess -Men's Ase!a1ion be placed on tile, and the Council 'had promptly acted on the Iw PET TIOHS Of canned goods contracted lsst year before the rise are being forced off this week below canners' prices some of it 20 per cent below a stock of agricul-' tural implements for sixth floor and furniture for fifth floor are ready to come in these floors must be cleared. Will you buy a dozen or a carload and save half or nearly so on staple lines? Mines, dealers, hotels and families can profit by this offer. - ' IRST 'FLOOR BARGAINS IHo Tapioca, bit packages 10 J-cKinley Geltine. 15c siie 7 Maaicoa.best imported goods... 15 Capers in g'ass. 1 bit size i Imperial Gianum, closing; price.. ....... ....10 Hockcr's tarina, isteot-size ...7'4 Honr-mfe Fe-ly. warranted. In glass..... 1 Yi Home-made J-m none better 12 Cho 1. how, familv ie anperior. lajs Mince Meat, lully wartantcd. package 3 tie Fruit, large can, several kinds 7, 8 Fancy bit Night Lamps... 10 Cream Pitciiers glass, 10c kind s Gilt top China Mugs, 15c kind.. 5 See our 5 and. 10 cent Bazaar, first floor. Free delivery across the bay goods securely packed for local or foreign shipment, j Out-of-town orders solicited. Onr fiee by mail lift now ready, also Home Circle for July and August. All will be sent free on sp-plication. j . Favor us j with orders this month we desire to keep our force busyyoo ,31 ill save money and get the best?f ! frhinca to eat. to use or to wear. Store - - O T -V open 7 a. ni to 6 p. m. 1 t j. LIKE the Earth is our stock of goods constantly revolving. Nothia j is allowed ; to stand still. Now that sninmer is well advanced, we have decided to encourage a few liaesto co a little faster than usual. You will find references to them somewhere in today's list. . Big cut in A special lot of Jawns and dimities. Wash Goods all desirable pat. terns, have been cut from .. 8cto6c yd Another lot, good value at Oc have been cut to j... 74c Notions wee things at wee prices. ' ; i Never out of Style V hat ? those colored dresses for wee folks. From 6 to 12 years; well made of percale, lawn or king-ham. .65c, 75c, .0O up to 3.00 Big line for smaller people, size 2 to 4 years, in dark and light shades of figured percales and ginghams. ...... ........... .i...60c, 76c, to 1.50 Latest styles in Linen Collars. Overalls for All So long as there are boys and girls there will be overalls, and there will ' always be boys and girls. Strong overalls for boys 25, 35c, 40c, 50c, 65c Neat overalls for little girls. . .50c Clever combination overalls-7-cover the wearer irom neck to ankie. . .1... .. SOc a suit Something new in this line is? an overall tan suit for boys from 4 to 10 years consist o close-fitting waist and pants stand all kinds of wear .-. . ....' 75c a suit ' Novelties in Ladies' hosiery Japanese Silk Waists Our big line is nearly all gone. Sold all summer for -.$4.00. A few left in black and turquoise and to close out they are marked down to ---3-25 -' i ' f When You ' You want what we Want Waists we ble 6UP ply. Splendid values in colored shirt waists from. . . 45c to .50 Our taffeta silk waists have been .steadily in demand but this is no surprise. Black from 3-75 to 7.00 Colored, from 5-00 to 7.25 We never forget infants. Beauty of This seems to be fully Art Carpet PP.reci2d without r trial. This art carpet is made after Brussels patterns, is easily kept clean, wears well, is a ful yard wide and costs but ..... 3 Oyd suggestion. Following this action Alder man - Foreman presented a resolution pledging the City ConucH to pas an ordt-naj-.ee extending the cross-town linos to the exposition building when the building snail -oe reaoy lor use. it was passed. :J GREAT SHORTAGE IN COTTON CROP. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. WASHINGTON. July 10. The monthlj report of the Statistician of the Department of Agriculture will show the aver- ag condition of cotton on July 1st to r.ave been : u.8 as compared with Z5 last month, ST.S on July 1, 153, 90.2 at the cor responding dat? of 38'. S, and a ten year average or bt.vz. Nat only was the condition for the cotton region as a whofe the lowest July con dition on record, but in Georgia, Florida, Aiaoama and lisstssippi it was the low est in the entire psiiol of thlrty-foui years for. which records are available, .while in Tennessee it was the lowest with one exception, and in South Carolina Texas and Arkansas the lowest with two exceptions in the same period. Excessive rains, drowning out lhe crop, followed by an extraordinary growth of grass and Z' a reptHa irom almost every state- and the gravity; of the situation is greatly increased by the general scarcity of labor. In South Caroiina, Gerrgia, AK a bama, Louisiana and Texas considerable area will have to be abandoned. Our Trade With Spain. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune ;s Special Lease Wire. XBW TORK, July lO.The Campania Transatlantic Espanola steamer Xeon XIII for Cadiz, Barcelona and Genoa, took out a complete cargo of general mer chandise. The agents or the line ar pleased -with the prospect of business in c-reasing with Spain. There were 2,500 bales of cotton on board the Leon. XIII for Barcelona alone. , f -r Sued on a Note The M. J. Keller Company has com menced snit against James Warner to ro- cover on a promissory note for$73. ABLHI SECOND FLOOR BARGAINS I.ad'.es Kid Lace Shoes, sty Dsn : C5 Ladies' Ja 50 square-toe shoe ...1 10, 1 50 Children's styli-h Sunday Shoes, 6 to 11.... 75 i.irls sizs ot same snoes. 12 10 z...... 95 Yonng ladies' spring heel Snoes ..." ....I 25 Par sols for carrnge nainr. 11 50 Kina . 7 initial Handkeichiels. all linen. 25c iina.. is Vulcan Cloth,' black rround nl4: kind.... Wool Yarn, black. Si everywhere 75 THIRD FLOOR Long Pants Suits, boy 17, iS, 19 Bo a pi. Suits damn? .. Men's Si ts. small sizes, dark 5" i 50 a 00 3 50 t hair J-eats. is-cen . kind, closing , a 5 Wa.-h Tests, men's small sizes only.... Campbhoes, men or women, 6 to 10 Shoestrings, assorted, for family nse, 100.. 75 5 SCOT CASH 'STORE The original reliable and largest mail order house. Ask for Catalogues, free. 25-27 Market St (near the Ferry) S. F. BARCLAY J. SMITH, Manager EMPRESS ONCE MORE IN POWER She Urges the Viceroys to Protect the Foreigners. Associated Press, Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. SHANGHAI, July 10.-nNews from official sources "was received at 10 o'clock last night to the effect that the Empress had on June 30th resumed the reins of government and appointed Yung Lu Prima Minister. it is said that she sent a dispatch to ts'aidn -by courier at the rate of 100 miles per day, thanking the Viceroys of the Yang Tse Kiang provinces for their loyalty, and recommending that they protect foreigners at any cost. v WHEELMEN POUR INTO MILWAUKEE. MILWAUKEE, Wis.. July 30. A few hundred cyclists arrived on the nxrning trains and boats to attend the twenty-iirsi annual meet or the League of American Wheelmen. The day opened with rain, but towards noon there were promises cf clearing weather. The Tare? are under the auspices of the National Cycling Association, but "as they do not besln until Thursday ihe big crowds are not expected to arrive ibtfore tomorrow. Among the speedy riders here are Stevens, Kimball, Ktser, lX-tny, Oldfleld, Newkirk, Weber, Welir and others. Major Taylor ajid Tom Cooper are expected tcday. Three hundied century riders are duo on their wheels this evening. with the exception of the multicycle race all the events will be pulled eft on the indoor track. . ; J. W. LUCAS CHARGED WITH INCOMPETENCY. Mrs. Henrietta M. Lucas of Fruitvale has tiled a petition through Attorney A. F. Shulte for the appointment of Henry Oow- eii or ban J; ranelsco as guardian of hr husband, John William Lucas. .Mrs. Lucas alleges that her husband has become mentally unlit to manage his busi ness, owing to continued Illness, and .that he la likely to be deceived and imposed upon by artful and designing persons. Iis estate consists of a partnership interest In the Golden Gate Plaster Mills of San Francisco, valued at J20.000. The petitioner states that there are no other relatives except herself in Alameda county. ESTATE OF LATE MARIAN A. TOUCHARD. The estate of the late Marian Ae-ncs Touchaxd. detoeasod, has been appraised by U. G. Burppe, K. A. Heron and John L BromZey at 23,329.bO. It consists principal ly of railroad bonds, there being thirteen of them, valued at frocn J1.000 to Jl.ij't. There is $3,901.25 in bank, a promissory note Cor $2,500, realty in Santa Ciara county valued at $1,5(.0, Jewelry and other property. DAVIS WILL NOT BE SPECIAL COUNSEL. Owing to the fact that there was not a two-thirds vote in the Board of Supervisors, as required by Jaw, W. R. Da..U has not been employed as special counsel to assist the District Attorney in the uit of the county to recover money collected by County Assessor Henry P. Ualton. The vote in the Board stood 'i to 1, one mem ber refusing no vote. : t SAYS HER HUSBAND FAILED TO PROVIDE. Mrs. Annie C. Roos ha commenced stik for a divorce from iher'hus(band. Otto A. Roos, on the gronud of failure to provide. The couple were married in i&K and hive one child. Rooa has been engaged in the pickle busi'ioso, but has not been able tc suyport. his family. : Death of a Veteran. George E. Hopkins, a veteran of the Civil V ar, in, which ho served as a private in Company E, F.rth Massachusetts infantry a native of Boston, aged 72 years, died in the Vterans' Home, Ju.y fc, lyou. at his request his rema ns were s nt to Oakland for interment in soldiers' plot, at ilounaJn View Cemetery. , ! Ho joined Eyun Pust ,o. 8, G. A. R.. May 21, 1S79, and continued in good standing up to the date of his death. The funeral will be held tomorrow from Lyon Post Hall at Eleventh and Clay streete. The services will be at 10:3i) A. M., and will be conducted by the Grand Army. r- Probate Hatters. A number of affidavits have been filed In behalf of the defendant in the action of WllUam F. Heine to restrain M. A. Artou- lich if rom operating a rival carpet beating works at Berkeley. Maxgatha Sohilter has been granted let ters of guardlarshlp over her minor eon, Cart W. R. Schiller. Luolla Movie has been appointed admin istratrix of -the estate of Stephen Moytle, deceased: The estaite of Jasper A. 03trander, de ceased, has been assigned to his widow, Mrs. Emma S. Ostrander. f . Court Notes. The estate of P. H. McGrew. debased. has been appraised at $3,210. It consists of realty In this city. Tho will of John Cummines, deceased. has been admitted to probate and letters testamentary granted to Marina A. Hale and John F. Cummings. R. S. Farrelly, S. Huff and T. P. Carey have toern ap pointed to eppralse the estate. Judge tiiswonn naa approved, tne sale of a ore-sixteenth Interest in tNe schooner Fannie Adcle, by Mary O'ComneJl, as ad minlstratrix ot the estate ol Thomas O'FarreU. deceased, to the Inter-Island Bteam Navigation Company for $io6.25. Deaths Reported. Katie Fallon, an rronate of the Home for the Adult Blind en Telegraph avenue, died last Saturday after a lingering illness. Deceased "was a native of California, aged 35 years. Jacob Henry Powtl. a native ot Ireland, aged 43 years, died Saturday at his home. 83S Broadway. Uaceased was suffering from locomotor ataxia. Which was the cause of death. ' . Bitten By a Dog. The six-year old son of Charles Has-ton, a driver for the Standard Oil Company, residing at Fourteenth and Campbell streets, was severely bitten by a large dog while playing in tha street with the animal yesterday. The dog belongs to John B. Henntng, a neighbor of the Ha-seltons. Sanatorium Incorporates. The (East Bay Sanatorium and Training School for Nurses has incorporated with a capital steck of $204000, of wMcn $5,000 has (been subscribed toy the following: Dr. Cart R- Krone. Mary D. Krtsna, Jos-h & (Eastman, Jcseoh MHton and Eculsa A. Moore, Diptheria Reported. Two cases of diphtheria 4iav been reported in the family of C. Edsberf,-, who resides on the San Leandro road near CljA PREPARED FOR BLOODY WAR Well Trained Soldiers and the Best of Guns, Associated Press Dispatches by -The Tribune;s Special Leased Wire. NEW YORK, July 10. A dispatch to the TribW'.e frocn London says: While there la no liRht. there is a sense of departing darkness in China. The Southern Viceroys, who have taken a line of action of their own, understand whait is froing on both in Poking and in Europe, and are not In sympathy with Prince Tu.in and the Boxers.; They have- been waitinsr for a counter movement agJnst the military usuiption. and now that a ri'-action has set Jn against massacre and revolution, they are asserting their authority and sending to the palace information respecting the armaments of the foreign powers and the combined forces of the civilization which Prince Tuan and the 'Empress rtavQ dehed. If little trustworthy news comes out of Peking;, it does not follow that a good deal of truth and common sense axe not going In through the foreign consulates and provincial centers. For this reason some of the best informed man In and out of Parliament are now convinced that, the legations will be spared, and that a truce will be ordered from the palace and the China question adjusted by diplomatic meians. Neither olficial nor press dispatches warrant this conclusion, but there are hopeful signs In several quarters o'f the clouded sky. The 'Empress Dowager is evidently playing oft Prince Ching against Prince Tuan and throwing out an anchor to windward. This is a fact which impresses the diplomatists here. They read with composure the details of desjxarate fighting at Tien Tsin and the repulse of the Chinese attacks upon the allied troops. They assert that skirmishes in which casualties to' Europeans ajjd .Americans are trivial are of no account when there is practical evidence "that the Chinese forces are divided and that the Legations are allowed to hold their ground. Belated details of the fighting at Tien Tsin are conflicting and untrustworthy, but there are many signs that the antti-foreisn movement is weakening, that tha allied "forces are preparing to make a successful advance upon the capital, and that the diplomatists in European capitals are mot wasting their time, but are doing useful work in a most practical way. 10 THEATRES PLEASE PATRONS, Strong Melodramas the Macdonough and Dewey. at End er- Sealed Orders,"' a dramatization by James Harkins of Rudyard Krpling"s great book' of that name, was presenter at the Macdonough Theater last evening by E. J. Holden's Oakland 'Stock Com pany. The theater was well filled with Decide, and the second week of the stock company was begun under auspicious circumstances, j The play was excellently presented for a first night. The members of the stock company supported Raymond Whitaier in the production otf the play. Mr. Whitaker was formerly a resident of Oakland; He loft here five years ago with tho Warde and Jam combination. After staying witli that company for two years he signed with WUliam Brady. Mr. Whita ker Is a clever and promising actor. E. J. Holden appears woll as '"Captain Hubert De-vereaux," captain of the Brit ish Secret Service. Clifford IJempsey scores the success Of the evening in his presentation of the character of "Andre Sanson." a notorious Frenoh criminal. Rudyard Kipling"s peculiar style of writ ing snows out oest in tne cnaracter ot "Jerry Sprowls," a "police clerk with Fporting blood," winch part Is dervsrly interpreted by Fred Manchester. Pryse Mackaya imade his first appearance with the company, and makes a good villain in "Henry Mortimer." Miss Maud Miller as "Julia Melville" is ably supported ty Miss Esther Hoover, Miss May Evelynne and Miss Ooral Thorndike. This is MUs Thorn-dike's first appearance with tha stock company. "Under Sealed Orders" is to be rresem-t-ed all this week with a Saturday matinee and Sunday evening performance. :v THE E-EWEY. At the Dewey Theater the week opened last night with a clever presentation of tho strong melodrama "Kidnapped, There wa a large audience, which was worked up to pitch of enthusiasm each climax. The scene cf the play la laid in New York and vicinaty, and the play w right has omitted no locality of that well known region of startling and tragic Iract dent to give force; and interest to his work. All these places are superbly represented by the scenk work of tho artist. The setting and the acting are, therefore, ali that could be desired. Of the play itself it may be said that It contains tinge of romance, an inteirspers.ng ot thrilling events with an occasional touch of sentiment and humor which pleases every auditor. Every merr.'ber oX the com pany distinguished himself or herseir tn tha cast and was warmly appreciated The play will be produced every night this week and at the baturday matinee. r YOU KNOW THAT can aa bought at Specially Reduced Prices -at Peterson's Casti store 48 SAN PABLO AVE.? CRACKERS (Exra Sodas) box 1 5c SOAP Royal Savon 8 bars. 2 5c (Foul weight) ' BACON Best Eastern Sugar-cored per lb. 1 4c BUTTER (Fresh Ranch) per roll..... ........... SOC FIERCE ATTACK 01 jlEJI TSIN, Allies Vainly Attempt to Silence Chinese Guns. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wlra NEW YORK, July 10. A dispatch -to the Herald from Chef 00, dated. 6unday, says: iRefugees who have-arrived from Tien Tsin bring the following information: t ne cninese resumea tne Domoarauieiu of the foreign quarter last Tuesday, and non-combatants were ordered that day to leave. The.aom1ardment Is described as the worst yet experienced, but there were no civilian casualties, though many mar velous escapes are reported. A force of British and Russians tried to silence the Chinese guns, but retired without effect- ng their object. Two guns from the Terrible silenced the Chinese guns on Thursday, but the artil lery duel recommenced on .Friday. Two hundred refugees, mostly women nd children, left Thursday and Friday lighters, towed by launches, and reach&d Taku safely. Small bodies of Russians and Japanese were met at short Intervals all the way down. To their presence was due the pacific demeanor of the Chinese. Several burning villages were passed. They are supposed to have been set on iff re by Russians, who occupy a Xort midway between Tien Tsin and Taku, where they have a torpedo boat. 6even hundred Russians are occupying the railway and station at Ton? Ku. Japf: anese troops (were landing at Taku. - The Yorktown took twenty-five Amerjcanref- ugees on ooard. rne uermans went board a German warship, while the British were transferred to the Halnchi and the Hal Loong. The former has reached Chefoo with tfifty refugees on the way to Shanghai. The latter, with 150, is proceeding to Nagasaki. The British cruiser Alacrity called at Chefoo this morning from Wei Hai Wei to obtain more guns for Tien Tsin, which is weak in artillery. The immediate ject f the allies is to take the native city' and top the bombardment and sniping. t . NEW PRECINCTS - OF ELECTION, Tha precinct officers for ths primary election which is to be held August ltb, as eeJected toy Supervisors AVells and T al oof t, in 'the ilrst and htvona fcuper- vieoriai Iistricts respectively, are as fol lows: FIRST DISTRICT. "Washington Precinct, polling plae I. O. O. Hail, Irvington Inspector, M. 31c- Cull (P.): ballot elrk, V. Blacow (R.); Judge;! Chas. Bond (D), Robt. Anderson (It.): c-lo-rks, James Hudson (u.), Jamei Smith (R.). Mission Precinct, roiline place A. O. -U. W. Hall Insirector, Chas. Bez (D.); ballot clerk, E. W. Stelranetz (R.); judges, (Jr. XV. Kraft (L.), E. A. Wesshng (It ): clerk, Thomas Byrne (D ), John GaJlt-j (R.). Aeiwark Precinct, poilms pi aw Liaw renco s building Int-pector, Daniel 1 Rosa (U.); baJlot clerk, Chas. Cockifar (R.): Judges. J. v. Graham (D.), Q. P. Ir:- grahani tR; clerks, i'. Ealky (IT.), Geo VVaJes (R.). Niles Precinct, polling place I. (. U. I-. Hall Inspector, Israel Richards (D.); t &Jlot cSerk, M. Borges (R ): juil-ges, J. E, Thane (D.), W. H. Ford (R.i: clerks, jj. E Brtscoe (I).), Chas. Evans tR )- Aivarado Precinct, polling p'lace T. O. O, F. Hall Inspector, F. Weijman (D.): bal- ot clerk, Gecrs Althausen (R.); judges. A. W. Iassen (D.), F. B. Granger (R.); clorka. Jhn Buchanan (.D.), F. C. liar vey (R.). Centerville Precinct, polling' pla-e at Town Hail Inspector. H. Dusiterbe-rry Sr. (D.): anot clerk,' W. V. Wa lton (R.): judges, Manuel OlUelrj. (D.), John Santos (R.): cJerks, J. M. Norris (D.), R. T. AIc-3 (R.). Decoto Precinot, polling place In- specUw. Henry May (D.): ballot cleric John II. Peterson; judges, Jos?ph II. Smith, John C Whipple; clerks, J. E. Haines, John II. Hayes. Pleasanton Precincts, Nos. 1 and 2, Poll ing place,. Town Hall Inspector. J. R. Palmer (D): ballot clerk, A. B. Lewis (R); Judges. Chas -Powl (D), Aug. Bernal (R); clerks, R. 'H. Casterson (R), John (Bradahaw CD). Sumol Precinct Polling place Inspector C. Doherty D): balot clerk, V. W. Chamberlain (R): judges, W. J. Col' Her CD) M. E. C. Tensier fR): clerks George Elms (D). George Cunningham (R). Livermore. J,o. 2. and Murray ro. 1. Polling place, ' Inspector. John D Ryan (D); ballot clerk, m. iicuonaid (R): Judges. Hugh 'Mciiiurray tui. jonn Galwoy (R): clerks, George Beok '(D), N D. Dutcher (R). Livermore. No. 1 and Murray jo. 2T.n- spector, Jesse (Bowles (D); ballot clerk, Altert Weymouth (R); Judges, Thomas Twohey, Sr., (D), Amos Clark fR); clerks; John Haves (D). P. C. Waltenbaugh (R) Altamomt Precinct. Poltng place. k.oios & Co.'s store Inspector, v. C. nobbier (DY: ballot clerk, O. T. Owens (K); Jud- stps. Henrv scullion (UJ, virn x.i. clerks, John E, Kennedy (D), Jesse Toung fR). TliiTilIn "Preclnce. ronng piace. ivoio s store Pnsoector. X. Anderson (1J); bal lot clerk, J. E. McDerwood (R); judges, Thomas Donlon (D), IF. Hi Clynes (R); clerks. T. H. Green CD), W. F. Fallon (R) The officers -for Corral Hollow nane not yet been named. SECOND (DISTRICT. Fruitvale Precinct, Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Poll ing place, iiose house No. 1 south side of East Fourteenth street. Between fruit vale avenue and Bassett street 'Inspector. (R. Turnbull: Judges, John S. Carri s-an. A. c Brexienmuni: cieric xiowaro Rixtbv. 'Franv Harold: (ballot clerk. J. S. Marshall. . .. Brook vn Precincts, as os. i ana z. j-oh- ine Dlace. store in Willow's (Block, Elm hurst-Jlnspector, Frank Storer; Judges, Thomas E. Sawyer, V. T.Braga: clerks. f!. T. Haroer. Wm. J. Keating; ballot rlirlc. Hnrv Blvers. , San Leandro J?reclncts NO- 1 ana 1-0. A nolllne nlace City Hall Inspector, O. J Lvnch: Judges. J. K. Barblerro, David L'ry: clerks, L. J. Martin, Thomas Gill t.llot clerk. L. Godchaux. San Lorenzo, No. 1 and No. 2. and Mt. Eden, No. 1. polling place at Village Hall, San Lorenaso inspector, n.. w. weoo ludirea. E. H. Clawiter, John Matson clerks. Ed Holland. A. A. Oliver; ballot clerk. Frank O'Connor. TTav wards No. 1 and No. 2, and Mt Eden. No. 2. DOllinsr place, City Hall Haywards Inspector, Alonzo Bradford mdres. C Prowse and P. B. Keating An Attractive Heal is a good appetiser. Substantial well cooked rituals mean good health, strength and happiness. Too always get the beat in the market, get it qaicly. and eat with perfect sat : ufaction, at the Merchants' Restaurant 472 Ninth Street Near Washington. AND ABRAH AMSON BROS iconnTio 465, 467, 469, 471 Thirteenth Street and OUR ANNUAL JULY CLEARANCE SALE- A SALE OF IMPORTANCE. MONEY-SAVERS IN Dress Goods BLACK DRESS GOODS Odds and 'ends of our 50c Black Grenadines in 4 to 10 yard lengths , ; 1 9c yd The balance of our $i.oo-and$i.25 Black Grenadine at., 49c yd 15 pieces of Black Tierolk; the latest figured material, equal in effect to anything shown at $ 1,00 yard. Clearing price 39c yd 6 pieces of Black Crepon (raised effect), mostly in 6 yard lengths and worth $ 1.25 yard. Clearing price... 79c yd All our fine Black Imported Crepon Suits selling from $15.00 to $35.00, will be marked from i to off from old prices. In this lot can be found odd dress lengths ot Serge, Cheviot and Camel's Hair , which will be closed at prices. COLORED DRESS GOODS Here are three extreme values lettered A, B and C (a) io'pieces 42-inch Serge in all the late shades, former prices 50c yard. Clearing price 29cyd (b) 25 pieces All-Wool Piaid, former price 50c and 60c yard. Clearing price.. 29c yd (0 50 pieces Silk Striped Challie, the kind that sells for 50c yard. Clearing price ..-..29c yd Odds and ends of our 50c, 60c and 75c Novelties in light and dark . effects , ... 35c yd Silk and Wool Fancy Plaid, (small effect), suitable for waists and children's wear, regular 60c and 75c 'goods 45c 6 pieces 4S-inch Fancy Check Suitings, especially adopted for sum mer wear, regular price $1.25 yard. Clearing price 49c yd 25 pieces All-Wool French Challie, will be cleared out at. . ..49c yd 30 pieces Camels Hair Homespun, and Cheviots in all the new colorings. This is the up-to-date material and will be very popular goods for fall wear worth S5C. Clearing price. 49? 25 Imported Suit patterns all wool silk and wool, values at $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00 a pattern ..3-25 per suit REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS AT ONE-HALF PRICE 2: Howden & Proctor 1158 Webster St, bet. 13th and I4tk OAKLAND Telephone Cedar 791 Wood, Brick and Tile 1ANTELS Tile Floors, Bath Rooms, Sinks, Etc. elfrk3 A. De Camp, L.. B. Chandler; bal lot clerk. J. V. Merle. Castro Valley and ralomares, pouirg place at j- ranK jienaaii insptciur, . Ott F.merson; judges, J. W. Jamieton, .M. Seoulra: clerks. C. F. Thomis, J. fc.. Curry;' ballot clerk, Frank Lavin. FOURTH DISTRICT. Supervisor Roeth of the Fourth District has not as yet decided whom he will ap point as precinct officers. ' He has. however; decided upon the con solidation of the following sub precincts. into vt ji districts or enlarged precincts, each line constituting- a voting district: First Ward Precinct Iso. a. Third "Ward Precincts Nos. 4, 5 and 6. Third "Ward Precincts Nos. 7. and 9. Fourth "Ward Precinct No. 12: Fifth Ward Preclncta Nos. 4 and 5. Fifili "Ward F"recincts Nos. 6 and 7. Fifth Ward Precincts Nos. 8 and 9. Fifth Ward Precinct No. 10. Seventh Ward Precincts Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Seventh Ward Precincts Nos. 4, 5 and 6. 'Seventh Ward Precincts Nos. 7 and 8. Seventh Ward Precincts Nos. 9 and 10. Piedmont. Claremont. Berkeleyr-Precincts Nos. 1 and S. , Berkeley Precincts Nos. 8 and 9. Berkeley Precincts Nos. 10, 11 and 12. SuDervisors Church and Mitchell of the. Third and Fifih Superv.sorlal Els ricts, respectively, have not as yet decided as to .whom the precinct omcers shall be, ! nor what consolidation of precincts they : will make In their districts At the meeting of the Board of Super ! visors this morning the applications for relief of Mrs. Annie O'Toole of Cypress street, and J. Henderson of (Lydla. near Market street, were reterrea to supervisor Mitchell. Wells reported that he has purchased. a cable for the purpose of operating th gates at the wid of Webster street bridge for J292.38. The cable was or California manufacture and cost $300 less than it would have cost,' he said, had it been purchased In the East. Dr. George H. K. Reynolds of Hay- wards was appointed special Health Of ficer in Eden Township to aid In stamp ing out contagious diseases. The Board took a recess tin z o eiock p. m. ' . Have done to Yosemite Pro1 C fSrfu1wln 'and V. .Tohnstnn of West Oakland have gone to the Yosemite on- a. camping trip. They expect to t gone for two months, and are thoroughly eamrpea tor tne inp. iney win fptna their time in Ksh'ng:,' hunting, mountain climbing and viewing the gorgeous scenery of th valley. 1 Struck on the Head. wa trMttd at the Receiving Hospital yesterday afternoon for a severe ecalp wound, resulting from being struck by railing piece 01 umuer. : 1 Licensed to Marry. Nicholas Irwin, gan Francisco 51 Eduriges Suva, Ban tnranciscc i Albert Edward Harrison; Ran Franclsco.21 Teresa Maris Pejot, Ean Francisco 13 -. 1 CAMP SELECTIOII EXCUR-; , S1011S. Reduced Rates on Thursdays and Sundays lor Inspection, - - - r Parties desiring to -select camping grounds can secure reduced rates for the round trip to Camp Meeker and Mesa Grande on application to J. E. Locke, 33 O'FarreJl street, San Francisco. Special trips on Thursdays and Sundays. Secure tickets In advance. lta for lease $1 a year, or iov sale from 1 up. SHORT SESSION OF SUPERVISORS & E. Cor. Washinjtoi Street, Oaklaad James K. Pepper, a celebrated whiskey, on tale by B. F. Thayer, 464 Eighth street. O Bean the Signature of BTOnZA. dhB Kind Yau Haw Always Birjgtt MEAT QUOTATIONS EeeJ aud Mutton Lower. Pork and Veal firm. . Lamb steady. Tenderloin, Loin and Round Steak lb. 1 0 Porterhouse and l'nme Kib Steak lb. Qa Rib 6teak ..alba for 5a Hamburger and Pork Sausage Meats lbs. lor v- Pork Chops and Pork Roast. Corned Beef Mutton Stew Legs Mutton.... Mutton Chops 16c 6c ...4c to 6c 10c .3 lbs. 25o noii ing neei DQumg ncci. . ..................... w- lrim Kib Roasts - lOc 6c ana ec VLNCENT'S MEAT MAIKET, 7th and Washington Tel. 161 Main Straet3 SANTA FE r 0 u t e Only line , with its own tracks from San Francisco to Chicago. Trains as follows: 9:00 A. M. DAILY-San Francisco to Chicago Palace and Tourist Sleepers Through to Kansas City and . Chicago Without Change. 4:10 P. M. DAILY Stockton Train Via Point Richmond.San Pablo,-Pinole, Muir and Antioch, 8:00 P. M. DAILY Fresno and1 Bakersfield Palace Sleepers for Both Fresno and Bakersfield. Personally conducted Excursions through to Chicago, Bostoa and intermediate points Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays Local and Overland Tickets at 1118 Broad w a y 1 Annual Meeting. The seventh annual meeting ot- tha stockholders of the Oakland, San Leandro and Haywards Electric Raway, Consolidated, will be head at the office of the company. No. 406 Thirteenth, street. Oak-la mi, California, on &aturday, July 21. ISrfXk at 2 P. M- for the election of a Board of Directors to act during the ensuing year, also for the transaction of such other business as may come besfore the meeting. SAMUEL. H. MctUENEOAN. Secretary. "Racs Track" Shoeing Shop JOHN BOHAH, Proprietoii yQ 269 Twelfth Street, bet HrH aad Alice, nearly opposite Clab Stablea, . Horaea scientifically a4 artistically ahot epecialty.-ahoeinj Raca Horace. TEttoiE. Reo 45. CANDIDATES C HDS. A DR. FRED E.Pit..:X ' CANDIDATB FOR - -tJ Supervisor Fifth District (Subject to the Decision of the Republican Convention.) iltebburg. . .

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