Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts on December 22, 1920 · Page 9
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Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts · Page 9

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1920
Page 9
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BOSTON POST, WEÜNESOAY, DECEMBER 22, 1920 Arraign Fifteen Maine Boys for Shoplifting AUBURN, Me., Dec. 21.—Fifteen boys, aged 14 to 17, were arraigned in Municipal Court today for shoplifting. One was sent to reform school %nd a plea of nolo contendere was accepted in the other cases, which will be continued each 10 days for six months. The boys, many of them from prominent Auburn families, admitted an organization for looting stores in Auburn and Lewiston. DWIGHT CO. CUTS WAGES CHICOPEE, Dec. 21.—Wage.s of the approximately 2000 employees of the Dwight Manufacturing Company here, makers of textiles, will be reduced 22 1-2 per cent beginning Jan. 10, according to announcement. The plant will be closed tomorrow night and will reopen Jan. 10. Maine Grange Puts Embargo on Potatoes LEWISTON. Me,, Dec. 21.—Tin Maine State Grange, Patrons ol Husbandry, at its annual session hero today adopted a resolution calling for an immediate embargo on impprtatlon of potatoes from foreign countries. 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It renews the edge in a few seconds, without removing the blade or taking the razor apart. AutoStrop Razor users are guaranteed 500 satisfying shaves from every dozen blades. This unique razor is a Christmas gift a man will enjoy day after day— something that will mean real shaving cmnfort every morning of his life. Make your gift this Christmas an AutoStrop Razor. Ask your dealer today to show you the many different styles of AutoStrop Razor outfits — from the folding pocket kit to fitted and complete traveling sets — from the standard set at five dollars to the sterling silver set at twenty-five. genuine products of the AutoStrop Safety Rator Co., New York. sr. Q, Chmtmas She hasn’t time for “long” reading, but she will like to revive her girlhood pleasures and please the little ones by reading aloud the famous stories of old, as well as the later masterpieces. By giving her “ONE HUNDRED BEST NOVELS, CONDENSED,” you present her with the famous tales by Dickens, Thackeray, Mark Twain, Stevenson, Ibanez and others, especially condensed in bright reading form by Mary Wilkins Freeman, John Kendrick Bangs, Ex-President Taft, Ex-Governor McCall and other writers of high repute. The stories thus retold will charm and delight. SOLD AT ALL BOOK STORES, PRICE $5.00 FOR THE SET OF FOUR VOLUMES NEW BERTH FOR ROBERT KELSO Secretary of New Council of Social Agencies FAMOUS CATS OFNEW ENGLAND T HUB NEWSBOYS I Ì I— ROBERT W. KELSO, Commissioner of Public Welfare, who has been elected secretary of the Council of Social Agencies. Robert W. Kelso, State Commissioner of Public "Welfare, wa.s Monday appointed secretary of the newly formed Boston Council of Social Agencies, composed of 67 organizations that are interested in social welfare work. It is expected he will resign his position with the State at once and take up his new duties shortly after the first of the year. The meeting of the council -was held yesterday in the Twentieth Century Club, State Treasurer James Jackson, president of the organiJlatlon, presiding. Air. Kelso’s name was the only one proposed, and it was accepted unani- mousl.v. Stockton Raymond, representing the E'amily' Welfare Society (formerly the .'Vssociated Charities), reported a conference with Mayor Peters and Secretary Creed of the Americanization committee regarding unemployment. He suggested to the Mayor that existing agencies might be us*jful in the matter of meeting the problems of unemployment, and to this end a conference was arranged when a committee appointed by the executive committee of the Council of Social Agencies will meet the Mayor and Secretary Creed to discuss unemployment. P®252S252S?S25ESHSg5ES2^ LITTLE WALKS ABOUT BOSTON msaaszsaBK BY WILLIAM JUSTIN MANN If old ScToogV could only have heard those blind singers at Jordan Hall last Monday evening there would have been no need of Marley’s ghost or of the spirits of Christmas past and Christmas present to make him feel like saying “Merry Christmas!’’ to everyone he met. Will you tell me why it is that our hearts are so softened by the music of those singers and that we oatch from them the real Christmas feeling? Perhaps Tiny Tim can best answer that question for us. You remember how Bob Cratchlt brought him honrie on his shoulder from the Christmas service and of what the child said on the way. “He told me,’’ said Boh. “that he hoped the people saw him in the church, because he was a cripple, and it might be pleasant to them to remember upon Christmas Day who made lame beggars walk and blind men see.” But I know that the Perkins Institution choir would wish to be judged DAME,STODDARD CO. Everything in Good Cutlery Boy Scout Knives $2.26 Each Patent stag hnncHe with strong bolsters. Contains cutting bliMie, crown lifter, screw driver, can opener and reamer. ,» USEFUL GIFTS Automatic Razor fitropper .Automobile Lunch Kits Army Knives lio.v Scout Axes Carving Set« Carvers’ Asslstaut» Cameras Cuticle Cutters Klectric Percolators Electric Chafing Dishes Electric Toasters Electric Grills Electric Irons Evershnrp Pencils Kver>Teady Flashlight» Fountain Pens Fishing Rods I'ishlng Keels Fly Itooks Grapefnilt Knives Knife Sharp*“ners Military Brushes Manicure Sets Magnetic Compasses Nonbreakable A’ucuum Bottles Nall Cutters Poultry Shears Fen Knives Razors. Singly and in Sets Razor Strops .SUver-Piate<l Al’are Stainless Steel Table Knives Scissors, Singly and In Srts Shears Shaving Brushes Skates Skating Shoes Table Cutlery Thermometers Thermos Bottles 374 Washington Street Near Franklin TO SEFDINTY’ Manag'er Gordon to Give Free Performance Boston newsboys who sell the Post are to be the guests of Nathan Gordon^ local theatre manager, on Christmas Day at a special performance of “Dinty” at Gordon’s Old South ’Theatre. Mr. Gordon extends his invitation through the Post, the newsboys applauding and whistling, which is their highest form of expressing satisfaction. Mr. Neilan has delved into Poe for his “thriller,’’ without which no movie Is compl«tP< there will hardly be sufficient of the newsies familiar with “The Pit and the Pendulum” to ffnd the thrill a bromide. “Dinty” has two pals who certainly stick through thick and Ihin. It is hardly likely that their prototypea can be found among Boston newsies for one is a little Ace of Spades, while the other is a Chinese lad. But at the end of the picture all three, wdth the little Chinaman’s sister, are adopted by the judge and live happily ever after, the p probability' being that “Dinty” sold out" his highly profitable “stand” to his enemy, “Muggsy,” at a handsome profit. Young Barry proves conclusively that the hits he made in his previous appear- roles. The hoy is an actor, and he never falls to get *all there is in a scene. He shows a trait. w’hlch he may ahd "William Barker of the Post mailing ---------------------------- . room has charge of the distribution of ance w^e not the result of fortufiale the tickets. The newsies will have an opportunity to see one of themselves as hero of the silver screen. AVeslev (Freckles) Bar- ' overcome with years of experience, of ry, who all unheralded made a name | permitting« to.have their for hlm.self in “Daddy Long Legs” and ' share of honors. which everybody “Go and Get It.” has been given stel- j knows is not being done by the stars, lar honors in the new picture by that «r -inntv,'- Xo. 14—SQUEAK, THE TYPICAL FIRESIDE SPHINX. solely upon its own merits and irrespective of other feelings, however tender those may be. One of those who were present as listeners to that programme of Christmas music said to me this morning: “If I had paid $2 for a ;ticket to a concert like that I should have felt more than satisfied.” It is not difficult to find one of the reasons for the excellence of that choir. Mu.sic is emphasized to an unusual degree in the training of those iJiiplls. It is one of their hopeful means of future employment and one of their chief avenues of pleasure. They are drilled together day after day, month after month and year after year. The result is a unity In their performance ^which is rarely to be found elsewhere. Of the work of Mr. Gardiner, the director; of Miss Gustaf.son, the; of me assisting soloists and of the others who co-operated with them high w’ords of praise were heard on every .^ide. Two of the soloists were graduate.«* of. the school. One of them was Antonio Martone, the tenor, concerning whom I heard the expression, “What a wonderful voice,” more than once. Miss Laura Noonan, the soprano, is charming both in voice and manner, and would make a success on the concert stage if she cared to undertake it. My Impressions of last year wei« conilrmed by this Christmas concert of Monday evening. When the Perkins Institution offers a programme of music you are sure of a genuine treat, and of an appeal to your judgment as well as to your heart. Sentenced to Three Days for Contempt of Court Forgetfulness resulted In Jeremiah I>asllva. a resident of Massachusetts avenue, being sentenced to three days in Charles street jail yesterday by .Judge Sheehan. T.asllvn, who wa.s a witnesR in a larceny cáse, failed to return to the court roOin Monday afternoon when the Caáh was called, and Judfe Sliechan yesterday sent him to jail on a contempt charge for his laxness. genius of directors, Afarshall Neilan. And “Freckles’’ makes good on his newspaper assignment. Up to a very recent date the new’S- paper business had been grossly maligned by the movies. Reporters were always horribly scooped by a “cub,” who dashed In with his copy, bettering the traitorous city editor, outwitting the managing editor and marrying the publisher’s daughter. The newsboy was fhtroduced chiefl.v that he might die just as the beautiful meroine was thanking him for saving her life. But “Dinty” Is a real newsboy. It’s true he returns the lost wallet, washes the dishes for his sick mother, outwits t^e whole of Chinatown, and ftiinks quicker than any inspector on the Chinatown squad, yet he does make a real fight for his “corner,” and hires his helpers on the strength of their “Squeak” can claim to probably be , , , , , . ^ ^ ^ ... ... , « The picture is a good one, and it is a the highest type of cat in the annals o/ prophecy to say that it will have New England’s famous cats. No publfc ' institution cat Is Squeak; seeking publicity in the busy marts of men. Squeak is the quiet home dweller, beloved in j the bosom of the family; puss that, purring contentedly on the hearth rug, beside the old high backed rocker, has made “home” more of a home for so many of ua. “Just a regular feller, not fancy, but Oh, so nice,” says Squeak’s mistress, Mrs, Webster Hayward of Spring street, Somerville, of her silky coated fireside pet. Stronger still are the praises of Squeak’s master. He tells how the coming home hour Is made so much the fuller by the sight of the cat silhouetted against the lamp post at the corner, watchfully waiting for him to get off his car. Each summer Squeak motors with his “folks” to Boon Lake. There the warm hionths are spent in the companionship of Michael—a most delightful Irish terrier. The best of friends, the cat and the pup vie for the affection of their mistress. It was when Squeak felt that Mike was winning out that the cat performed a feat that has gone down among the traditions of Boon Lake. It was Michael’s custom to swim after the canoe whenever Mrs. Hayward paddled out across the lake. Squeak followed only to the shore and stood there looking wistfully out to sea—decidedly out of it. Paddling as usual one morning, Mrs. Hayward looked back to assure herself that Michael was coming along in safety when she descried a smaller series of ripples emanating from a small dark object that was battling manfully with the current. Backing until she wms closer Mrs, Hayward recognized Squeak, and at the peril of capsizing pulled the valiant little cat into the canoe, where it rested perfectly satisfied with having gon'e Michael one better. The special performance of “Uinty' for thé newsboys who sell the in Boston will begin at 11 a. m. Christmas Day. BOTTA GIVEN NINE TO TWELVE YEARS DEDHAM, Dec. 21.—GuKseppi Botta. who shot and killed his wife when he f(fund her with another man in the cel-, lar of their home in Franklin, Feb. 29, was sentenced today to 9 to ,12 years, in State prison. The greatest joy in Hfe^ is in giving. There is no more worthy case inviting your charitable thought and action than that of the poor chil-* dren, whose , Christthas will be cheerless unless the Post Santa Claus visits them vrith gifts. Your own Christmas will be the brighter for some good deed. Help the Post Santa Now. □ I Enjoy Self Service Economy | I enjoy the finest hotel food, appealing to every I taste, deliciously prepared by the best hotel chefs. = ENJOY the pleasure of self-selection from dozens □ ‘ of tempting dishes, immaculately displayed. ENJOY real savings—for Knickerbocker Cafe< i teria food is priced to fit every pocketbook. L i □ Come! Turn YCStJR Lunch-Hour Steps Towafd^ ^^ I 77ie KNICKERBOCKER 1 i —— ................................................................................ I S You*ll eat with unusual relish TODAY! = I 115 COURT _ST. I SCOLLAY SQUARE 9 At Sudbury Street iiiianiiiiHiiiiDimiiiiiMiDiiiiiiiniKL SELF SERVICE | NO TIPS I MONEY SAVED I iiiiinniiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiafiiiifiiiiiiannü DINE £>r a DAY for .DOLLAR CORNED BEEF and CORNED BEEF HASH am am 1 going to have for my next W meal?” How often do you, the economical housewife, ask yourself this question? Planning meals is^no^easy task in these days of high costs and rostricted purses. Uncle Sam, however, has made another reduction in price of delicious, appetizing, canned Corned Beef and Corned Beef Hash—that will help solve your problems. The convenient method of packing these meats enables you to keep a whole winter’s supply on band. The esculent recipes, one of which is given here, are diversified enough to permit a variety of tasty, tempting dishes that will be relished hy the entire family. Nothing handier for the children’s school lunches: for the unexpected guest; for days when inclement weather prohibits shopping: and lor other emergencies. Millions of Dollars* worth more of these nourishing and palatable meats are passing through the wide flung doors of Uncle Sam's store houses to dealers all over the land. Show your dealer this advertisement and stock up your larder without delay. Tbese^meats are sold to the dealers at the wholesale prices opposite, which allow them a legitimate profit and result in a big saving to you. TRY THIS RECIPE Sufficient for • family of four. CANNED CORNED BEEF WITH CREAMED CABBAGE cups War Dept, canned corned beaf I head of cabbage, about ona pound I teaspoon salt Pepper and paprika I cup cream sauco Cut the cabbage into small pieces and cover with cold water for thirty minutes; drain and cover with boiling water and boil thir^ to thirty-five minutes in uncovered vessel. Drain and cover with cream sauce, seasoned to taste. Mix well and boil three minutes. While the cabbage ia cooking the canned corned beef is heated in the can. The canned corn beef is put In center of platter and the creamed eahnage around the edge. Sprinkle all with paprika and garnish arlth parsley. Other recipes can be had from your dealer. Dealers’ orders sheuld be sent to Depot Quarter» master at the Mlowing addressmst Brooklyn. N. Y., 89th St. and First Ave. Boston, Mass., Army Supply Buss. Chicago, 111., 1819 W. 39th St. Atlanta, Ga„ Transportation BIdg. San Antonio, Tex. San Francisco. Calif. CFUEF, SURPLUS PROPERTY BRANCH. Offies of the Quarterniastar General. Munitions Bldg., Washington, D. C. THE WHOLESALE PRICES are printed below. They will give you soiM idea of what you will save on your purchase*. CORNED BEEF HASH 1 lb. cans, 15c per can 2 lb. cans, 30c per can CORNED BEEF No. I cans, 15c per can No. 2 cans, 27c per can I lb. cans, 18c per can 6 lb. cuns, $1.00 per can TABLE OF DISCOUNTS Discounts to apply on all purchases of surpltte canned meats on and after November 15. 1920. are as follows: $250 to $1,000 1.001 to 2,500. 5 per cent 2,501 to 4.000, 10 per cent 4.001 and over, 20 per cent The Government will pay freight on carload lots to any point in the United States located morm than twenty miles from shipping point. CUMULATIVE PURCHASES COUNT When purchases reach $50,001, 24% net H» prevail: when purchases reach $100,001, 28% net to prevail; when purchases reach $500,001, 32% net to prevail; when purchases reach $1,000.001 ati<I ovar, 35% net to prevail. MINIMUM ORDER ACCEPTED, $250 WAR DEPARTMENT CANNED MEATS

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