Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 29, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 5
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Go 1 eshufg Register-MoiI, Golesburg, Feiday, June 19 ,,J .?73_5 (Millionaire President of Drug Firm Found CHICAGO (UPI)'- Mclvyn Zahn, 34, president of the nation's largest Indepcndewt wholesale drug company, was missing under mptarious cir- cuimabaimces today and believed kidnapped. Louis Zahn, Mclvyn's father and chairman of the Louis Zahn Drug Co., Thursday nigfht saLd, "We have received a couple of Suspect In Slaying Is Given Life HILLSBORO, Mo. (UPI) - A suspect, in the extortion slayings of Grandin banker Robert Kitterman and Kitterman's wife and daughter pleaded guilty Thursday' to the murders and was sentenced to life in prison. Jerry W. Rector, 21, appeared in the court of Jefferson County Circuit Judge Phillip Hess on a change of venue from Ripley County, where the murders were committed. There are two other defendants in the case. Dallas Ray Delay, 33, was sentenced to three consecutive life terms April 27 after he pleaded guilty in Cole County Circuit Court in Jefferson City. Lloyd Cowin, 20, Rector's cousin, is to stand trial in Greene County Circuit Court in Springfield. phone calls, but we don't know where we sl)and. I have nothing more to report." Zahn disappeared WetHneisday night after he left the firm's warehouse in west suburban Melrose Park about 6:15 p.m. As he left he told a guard to call his wile, Judith, and "tell her I'll be home in 25 minutes." A witness told police Thurs r day he saw Zahn arguing with another man in Franklin Park a ifew minutes* aiftof Zahn left work. The witness, who police declined to identify, said he saw Zahn get out of his light gray Mercedes - Benz car and meet ianother main — who got out of a second car. The witness said they engaged in what appeared to be a heated argument. Hie witness said there appeared to bo two other persons in the back seat of the second car. "After I. passed the oars I looked in the rear - view mirror and the last sign I had of them they were slill arguing," the witness told police. About' five hours after Zahn's disappearance, his father received a telephone call, "We've got your son." The elder Zahn said the caller, a man, told him: "We've got your son. Go to Chicago and Ridgcland, and you will find in- CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank everyone who helped make our 40th anniversary a happy occasion — it was so nice to have our friends & neighbors join us along with our relatives. Thank you for sharing the afternoon with us. Elner & Russell Bybee structions under the mailbox." torncy Zahn drove to the few blocks to the area, but found no such instructions. It Was not known when Zahn's father received the other telephone calls. But Mclvyn's at- issued the following statement: "The family is only interested in Mel's well - being, safety, and immediate return ... The family has informed authorities that they wish to be allowed without any interference to micct any instructions and demands that will insure Mel's safe return..." Richard Held, chief of the Chicago office of the FBI, said, "Of course we will stand aside. Our big concern is getting him back if he has been kidnapped." LAlf\IE 441 £. Main St. FREE RUBBER PAD FBI Join Search FBI agents joined Chicago police today in the search for Melvin Zahn, right, president of the Louis Zahn Drug Co., who is believed to have beeh kidnaped Thursday night. Zahn's father, Louis Zahn, left, is pictured talking with newsmen from the doorway of his Oak Park home. UNIFAX To STEIN'S For NYLON Watch Straps ADJUSTABLE & f\f\ WASHABLE I • Vw Leo Stein & Sons, Inc. JEWELRY DEPT. 349 E. MAIN ST. — Downtown Galesburg Jury Deliberations Resume In Trial of Chicago Men CHICAGO (UPI) - Jury deliberations were to resume today in the trial of two men charged with transporting women to South Vietnam for immoral purposes. The jury began deliberations Thursday, fout were unable to reach a verdict. On trial are Charles Zemater, 44, of Chicago and Raymond Auler, 51, of Milwaukee, Wis. A third defendant, Craig Poulter, J24, was dismissed last week for lack of evidence. A fourth man, Robert Monoghan, 30, has pleaded guilty and a fifth man, James Cotton, is still a fugitive. Planning A Trip? During the nine - day trial, two women testified they had been lured to Vietnam as entertainers, then threatened and forced into prostitution at a Saigon nightclub and villa called "The Office." Two other women testified they had gone willingly to work as prostitutes. Before the case was sent to the jury Thursday, the prosecution called the defendants "society's seedier characters." Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas G. Dent told the jury they were called before pimps and prostitutes "not because we chose to, but because these were the people the defendants chose to associate with." The miost efficient means of human transportation is the bicycle. Walking at four miles an hour consumes about .1 horsepower of energy while bin cycling 2 J /£ times as fast uses only 1.5 horsepower. WE TAKE ALL THE PAIN OUT OF TRAVEL We Make All Travel and Accommodation Arrangements Anywhere in the World NO CHARGE OF COURSE ATA TRAVEL Phone 342-0104 60 S, PRAIRIE ST. DOWNTOWN GALESBURG Authorities Search For Prisoners MOUNT STERLING, 111. (UPI — Brown County and Illinois state police searched Thursday night for two prisoners who escaped the county jail for the second time. Sheriff Lyle A. Dieterich said there had been no sign of the two prisoners who sawed their way through a second story cell window Thursday morning and used a prison blanket for the descent. "Where they got that saw is the $64,000 question," Dieterich said. "They haven't had a visitor since they've been here and all we can figure out is they must have gotten it somehow from outside." Dieterich said Julius Brewer, 32, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Charles Costa, 23, Whittier, Calif., made their first escape attempt June 11 through the building's attic They were recaptured soon after in Cam den, 111. — NOTICE — HODGES SUPPER CLUB In Williamsfield, III. GALA OPENING TUES., JULY 3 HOURS: DINING RM. — II A.M. - 2 P.M. — 5 P.M. - 10 P.M. BAR — 11 A.M. - Midnight (Meals alio Served in the Bar) PACKAGE LIQUOR DRIVE-UP KATHY & WILLIE HODGES, Owners BOX 171 Woodhull Plaza Because of Our Fire We Are Open for Very Limited Menus. No Breakfast until Tuesday morning at 5:30 a.m. When We Will Have Our Full menu Back. We Appreciate Your Patience. 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