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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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MONDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE NOVEMBER 28 1898, 5 ctscsosoecsoe flUR NEIGHBORS SIT 3 1 MORE Baby Carriages Given Away Successful Numbers in the Baby Carriage Contest Saturday flieslaMin a 13th and Clay Sts. Ko. 2 1st ferriage 1 42(8 3d Call and Carriage. get your THREE HANDSOME BABY CARRIACES GIVEN AVYAY cH that the-Tribune' cheerf ul hoping Is anything more than an Inspiration of the wish-' Our contemporary shows what Oakland has to offer and It ts not very1 encouraging for It gives out a hollow noise when it is sounded. The best that, the Tribune can say is that the directors of the Oakland race track will let the.

State use the grounds tn September. As for the pavilion we are told that "there" will be sites and to spare provided tor it" And that is the insubstantial promise of Oakland. "The Legislature, will, we doubt not, be asked to give Oakland the Fair, but it is hardly conceivable that the request will ever get "beyond the formal stage. The site of the exposition building and half of the cost of It was presented to. the State by the people of Sacramento.

The same is true of f.he present race track in the heart of the city. The track grounds are to be sold, but the State will never, we think, so far forget the equities between it and the people of Sacramento as to use the proceeds of the sale of the people's gift to build up the Fair elfewhere. But aside this view of the case we do not concede any advantage of Oakland over Sacramento as a location for the State Exposition. The Capitol is the right place for it and is easily to aU the people. Oakland is too slow a towrptfor a State Fair." i "MERCHANT." E.

e. Buiiiiij RISTMAS IS COMING We have gathered together the largest and most complete line of Dolls and Doll Furnishings that has ever come to Oakland. To bring you one block out of the way we have marked everything at prices that have never before been heard of. Everything new, fresh and shiningc 2L0Cn DIFFERENT PRESENTS ftl LITTLE ONES by the Legislature has been restored to Its original amount of 975,000. and this sum I annually expended to the benefit of the stipendiaries of the association.

As a matter of fact, the fair should not only be self-supporting but should be a source of large profit Its revenue should be devoted to the cultivation and beautifying of the grounds and to a fund; from which profitable and attractive inducements could be offered to exhibitors. Oakland is apparently In earnest in its effort to secure the fair site and the city's energies and enterprise can, at this time, be devoted to no better purpose. Oakland is also desirous of obtaining a great park, an object which might easily grow out of its annual fair. The two pleasure resorts can be combined to the advantage of both. As a fair city Oakland has, relatively, no superior in this country.

"Its geographical situation is almost perfect; it can be approached by both land or water; it Is surrounded by populous districts an stands at the door of the metropolis of the coast. It is a eity of colleges, churches and beautiful homes and the repository of wealth and culture. Its climaje is superb. As a business proposition the fair will be a success if held in Oakland and if managed with intelligence and liberality may rival some of the great State fairs in the East notably the St. Louis TIE OOiiESOf OiUilE SCORED rnn Tiiim nnuniiPT fir Mil wviiavwwsi Editor Tribune: In en address delivered by Free Library Trustee Armea last Kriifair at 9KnimmtA ih to KTVOrtl tA I have said that two (important, amend-.

merits should be ma-do in the iarw one fixing the minimum amourtt to bo nised for library purposes, and another regu lating changes tn the board so that all of the trustees shousd not go out of ojTkm together. He. also lampooned the "City Council of Oakland and Its Mayor for favoring an appropjCajeon of rtlhe oub-ic money for the dredging of Lake Merrtrrt rather than give the Library Trustee- the money asked for running the Free IA- brary and maintaining tfce reading-rooms. The first proportion oowtemplaites tak- Ing out of the juriadioilcn of the legisla- live branch of the municipal government the disposition of a fixed proportion of the munlcpai revenues for Free Library purposes, and that by a process that even tihe moat ardent friend of pub'Jc educa- tion would scarcely vtuiiure to suggest for the maintenance of Jhe puMc school system. The sdvool law' restricts i he tTQportion of municipal rev- mil I 0 Messed Dolls UULLO Rubber Dolls.

Jointed Dolls, Kid Dols, Bisque Dolls, Knitted. Dolls '5 DOLL FURNISHINGS Doll Heads, Doll Bodies, Doll Shoes, Doll Stock- Parasols, Doll Jewelry and Doll Houses, iAnniAUCS 400-rbUAL VALUE Ty Bedsteads, Toy Dishes, Toy Stoves, Toy Kitch- ens. Complete variety of Toy Furniture. 2 mil I CIIPMITIIRC UULL rUnilllUnC Eni Rinrnror RmiC i ui uiggui uujfo QnrI Oirlo Wagons, Velocipedes, Tricycles, Coast- w- A ers, Rocking aim uii 10 GAMES AND BOOKS All the latest and most interesting Books Games for Children are here the assortment is beyond description THE JONES BAZAR GO. enues lor school purpodea; Armej wou.d ere in the T)bHc eye, the oetter have the Free Library tew ftx he mini- t0 conceal his own offense.

But notwlth-roum, leuing everyining ese connected his rjoCse. his offending Is there with a -municliTaaity's affa'rs shaft for It- tf a search is mad for t. It may be of eeit as best tt cara. In other words, in his minor consequence, fcut that Is no good judgment, a speclss of mental entertain- rTOgon toT its Xisttence all the same. ment( not in any ense-a public necessjty) perfect sanitation ts wthat Oakland should take precedence over everything needs first.

It ought to ihave had it years associated with the administration of the jt wotfld have had as already atTairs of a municipality, no matter What stated. but for the Dogttrries of the rr.ay be their true status as public neces- Armea stripe. It is getting it sities. 0f tihcim. It began with some rein his attack on 'the city's executive forming of the sewer exits along the and i-U Seglslative body he MirtuaCly as- water front: it progressed a tep farther sunics this species of menta-l enter- building of one section of the tainment is of more consequence and tf boulevard on the east side; it advanced greater value to the public generally thanr gocd sanltatn.

for that is the difference.) when simmered down, between the po.icy which he upholds and tlvat -which has been adopted by the legislative end executive branches of Oakland's government. Arnaea reminds roe, tn both lituaitiions, of Dogberry. But is ito unusual role Tor htm to assume. Ever since he was first Installed as a Library Trustee he has been trying to fit Oakland's fiscal policy to suit his concet'on of the Free Library's wants, recardless of the cost to ajl other branches of the public service liiioa. Men of the Dogberry cass seem to have no conception of enjoyment out-sJda of the confines of a stuffy reading room, concerning utiose use and uti.Hty as Agents tor he general jrood of the community there exists two weU-deflned opinion (one of which sees In them nothing ibut places where some men may While away ithe time which hangs without any epcdai1, purpose In life heavily on Ehetr harvAs.) To sisdh class, good sewers, pleasant roadways, beautiful drives, charming parks, improvements on the handiwork of nature, perfect condrUsn of the outoSc health, and the welfare otft-door enjoyment of the massea, have no speCraCi miCtraotAon.

They 1 it ja. a1a w.fc. on must possess Che fuJlrtt deigTee of, heihih and everything What goes toward securing it. Oakland cannot "five on Free library and reading -rooms akme. There Is no one rrf, wK-r than I da tlie value of such institutions morally and socially and irstoKeotually Whn properly conducted.

But they must be mancieJ on eom other basis than as a means of oflice-makdnsr. salary-getting an(j brokerage; and ytt anyone Who has watched 'the manageanenJt ot tnese insti- tu ttons in Oakland for cnamy years past must conscious of the fact that the elements herein named Jrave been import- Bnt facttors on it. That the public gen- have not discovered this is becausa tnejr attention has "been diverted to other branches in the city government and been engrossed in matters of greater import- awce an(j tnvoHdng the expenditure of larger sumM of the pubHc revenues. Dog- f-ry ja always ready to bray when such another step with the filing of West Oak -nA marsh: it is about fco advance an otheT by tbe dredging of Lake Mer-i ritt and the conversion of the mud flat and marsh south of h9 Twelfth-street dam into solid land and Its improvement ns a public park: the rest of it will come in ime. And vet aOl that tas been ac- compliFhfd ud to date jas been accom- piished in tfhe tth of most pronounced priticn from tihe Dogberries.

It hais. furthermore. toe-n accompllehed wit-hojft special financial ft rain on t'he mnnnimliv v-tthoiA rjhe Incurrence of wia be acquired by tinrfar me-theds and airainr't similar opr.oiScwn. Mt nas Dfcn ou hp one would have been and will i Jm, ioTsSv. .1.1.4 r3Vi't ted pirk will come in by rc.

There wni le r.T nei' 1 he ty nau lot and fwtc ha. aozen wncm wi pundcr in wcke. or to Incur 1,1.104 tn ho handled af'er the f-ishion o. the lat sctiooi- bjr.del to aceruire it. It he neeeo-ry flr-t to reduce public through the cocso'idation of city BT.i Mimty tn lln hero the least amour cf Wci-on is JUbW, to be pre- rrX.rS tax and Hi.l nay no mere for a short period rtvan lhat it Is now paying and, will havd to pay lndefinteJy under fche present form of corpora'te exwnence.

ji course, onooauon may oe expti-im jnrch a dov-oomertt from Dogberry ana his class, but tt is tnerttable, and if they do not get out of the way or tn oar ot municipal progress hey are Mable to get run over- fate which no ona who has the city's interest at heart would seriously deplore. JUNIUS. mm com will HELP 0 GET nsnmE fi. Editor Tribune: I find the following article In the Pinole Times. Let us take advantage of the suggestions and fget our Contra Costa neighbors in line to help us win the prize.

"Tha State Agricultural Park is to be sold an4 a new site chosen on which to hold calif orias annual fair, two f.enJnTR land and San Frsncisco to transfer the locale of the fair to Oakland, but the attempt was abortlva and nothing, Tirartirallv. rtrnn It. Th mattAr la He is worse. In this reject, than some ny pybltc det In the form of bonds for individuals I know who have been run- t)ve benefit of money-lenders: without the ning the School Department lor many f3jle er any public property for the fatten-years past working the financial end of iTig of tanj Shrks and the rnvpoverish-its affairs for all is worth, without im- ment of she small rroperty owner. It proving its educational status one iota.

I rarhova ether wiktlic benflta that or CITY III Editor Tribune: I think It would be a good sound proposition for the city to sell their City Hall property All public buildings, I should Judge. should The near each other. This would leave you ample amount of money to purchase the park and make such improvements as the city now needs. Yours respectfully, E. E.

BUNCE. II THE COUNCIL HOT TO FORCE THE SALE OF THE PARK. Editor Tribune: I notice by the news papers that the City Council is making preparations to sell the City Hall property. As a taxpayer, I am interested In the welfare of this city. Any move at this time to Sell the property in fiuestion would result in a heavy loss to the city.

If the members of the Council are wise, they will drop this matter for the present. me people are prepared to support any such scheme as is suggested. In mv onlnion. if this nronosition 8galnt the The real estate mar- ketis 10 tocI. ie 10 ImalA As IfiTfwi-eF TmtAcfr n.t nemnov As such action as suggested being ia.Rtn.

Let the Cbuii-ril have a care. robeFEen An Insane Soldier Goes on the Warpath. Robert Allen, aged 23 years, was arrested in East Oakland yesterday for insanity. He is detained at the Receiving Hospital. Allen went insane while at Manila with the First California regiment.

He was brought home on the Australia and committed to the Stockton asylum. One moath ago the soldier was released on parole at the request of his father. His condition improved for a time, and he lived quietly with his parents at Fruitvale FAVOR SELLInG PARK till ATTACKS HIS AGED FATHER. It Saturday, Dec. 3 A Coupon with every 25c purchase.

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OAKLAND EXPOSITION Admission Season Tickets, 25 Cts. 8 for $1.00 Last Week Last Week TO-ZtsTIG-BCT and every afternoon and evening during the remainder of the Exposition, Miznno's Great Troops of Royal Imperial Japs Acrobats, Tumblers, Breakaway Ladder, Equilibrist, Bicycle on the High Wire, etc, jtX Change of Program Nightly Exposition Orchestra Wm. J. McCoy, Conductor. TO-MORROW NIGHT AflflF, ATHLETIC CLUB NIGHT All children under 10 years of age admission free when accompanied by an adult and ticket.

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Corned Beef. 6c to 6e Porterhouse 10o end 3 Iba. for 25c Maats Delivered i'. Special rates to Boardiag-hoasea, Restaurants and Hotels. Yoa will be rarisad to see' how, ssscb caa be saved by calliagat VKCPH MEAT AUEin; 7th and Washington Streets Tel.

161 Mali 1 I Fair. The erounds of th latter in. I elude a handsome landscape, arborial and floral displays and a aoo. The grounds are kept open all the year and are one of the chief attractions of that very conservative and very prosperous city, ban "ranclsco would arive the financ1a. suiuciuiug it ii us never contributed to the Sacramento enterprise.

The scope of the fair would be largely Increased and after its inauguration it would need little or no support from the State. Oakland should bend every energy and make every reasonable sacrifice to secure the State Fair. It will reap Immense advantage in return. Contra Costa county should extend a strong ana neiping nana to Oakland In me turtnerance of Its laudahl nnd wise desire, for it. too will be widelv benefited by its fruition." Tours truly, A SUBSCRIBER.

WILL FIGHT TO KEEP THE STATE Editor Tribune. While visiting Sac- amontn av- A an CkX 1 st Fa': ltr to me Vi Ka r- a -1 a. .1 miuau ui uns my enouiu i wake up to the situation. An oppor- tunity is now presented (to do some- thing for the town th llllS Clly ant tne 1 Do the people of "Why not form wr lur our cuy. Let us try and push the city ahead.

Terhaps the following article from the Sacramento News of November 20th wU1 stir our clt2en8 to action: ls afteT the gt.t earnest. The Tribune on Fri- day evening last made a leader of the subject and in all seriousness argues Jn favor of a fight to get the institu- tion away from Sacramento. This Tnoano thn Cartr. to TOn bgltljrjjfaughwodo notad nut A PECULIAR REI1EDY. Something: About the New Discovery for Curing Dyspepsia.

The Rev. F. I. BelL a highly esteemed minister residing in Weedaport Cayuga county. New York, in a recent letter writes as follows; "There has never been anything that I (have taken that has relieved the Dyspepsia from which I have suffered for ten years except the new remedy called Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.

Since taking them I have had no distress Lt all after eating and again after long years can Sleep well. Rev. F. Bell, Weedsport, New, York, formerly. Idalia, Colorado.

Ftuart's Dyspepsia Tablets is a remarkable remedy, not only because it is a certain cure for all forms of indi- ffcestlon' becU8 fMms to ac5 as thoroughly in old chronic cases of dys- Wf as in mild attacks of in- biliousness. A person has is uvAnvvunniiU, ui ii wu is a harmless, vegetable remedy to digest 8, trouble. CAN BE 1 CURED. The tablet- are prepared by F. A.

Btuaxt Company, of Mar- KILE CLUB THEW1NNERS. Successful Candidates Assemble and Make Merry. Tell Their Fellow Clubmen What They Will Do in Office. The Nile Club entertained tha successful candidates in the recent election, who are members of the club, at a banquet Saturday evening. William Nat Friend acted as master of ceremonies and to his efforts was the success of the affair in a great measure attributed.

The only member of the club who was a candidate and was not elected is Charles H. Spear. He was cited to appear before the club and tell how it happened, but he failed to put in an appearance. Assessor Dalton and Senator-elect Frank W. Leavitt were also conspicuous by their absence, as was Assemblyman-elect Howard E.

Wright. Dictator Friend cemmanded all successful candidates to explain how they proposed to distribute the spoils of office. The replies of those present were very laughable. Owing to the absence of the successful legislative candidates Clarence Crowell read a draft of the laws they would submit to the next session of the Legislature. It is doubtful if they will ever ba heard of in Sacramento in the form in which they were presented to the club.

Dr. H. B. Mehrmann, Coroner-elect. J.

Cal Ewin. Auditor-elect. Jude Ai. len, district Attorney-elect, County i Clerk- Jordan. Justices-elect Stetson and Quinn and Harry Melvln, who is to be chief deputy in the District Attorney's office all entertained the members by telling what they intended doing after they had assumed the duties of thair respective offices.

Ben Woolner, Arthur H. Breed, morning. Japan' New Cruiser Injured. Associated Press Dispatches by The Tribune's Special Leased Wire. NEWCASTLE, Nov.

28. The second class protected cruiser Kasegi, built by rho- Cramps for the' Japanese Government, Which left New York on November 5th for this port, has sustained considerable tniury by colliding with and damaging- a bridge abutment at this place. 3 3 AHD VASHIIICTOH STS. 1 -3 ENTERTAINS I DEATH ON THE Boiler Exploded and Several Lives Lost. The Woued Are Doing Well and May Recover From Their Injuries.

At 4:20 o'clock Sunday mornjng the boilers of the Stockton steamer T. C. Walker, blew up, dealing death to several men, injury tu others aiiu destruction to a great part of the vessel. There was no warning. The boat was plying slowly from the wharf at Turner's Landing at Black slough, when suddenly the steam drum burst with tremendous violence, scattering death on every hand.

The forward end of the ship is a mass of debris. No man can definitely assert the accident's cause. but it is conjectured that the T. C. Walker's boilers were carrying too great steam pressure.

The dead are: JOHN TULAN, captain of the T. C. Walker. WATSON HENRY, engineer of the T. C.


BLUNT, foreman of Boggs' Beet Sugar Company. JERRY DAILEY, fireman. FERDINAND LAW, a passenger. The injured are: John Holdsberg, night watchman, dying; Q. Fappiano, dying; John Igont, head cut and back injured; Edward P.

Jones, head wounds; James Corcoran, body scald- ea John Burns, face burned; C. Dom- lnlcK- scalded, head injured; Geo. V. Smith, back, face and body injured and scalded; Martin McCaffrey, slightly scalded on the head. STOCKTON, Nov.

28. wounded of the steamer T. C. Walker at the County Hospital are doing well. No further deaths since the death of Passenger Law have occurred.

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Telephone mala S2L Offlee, norths corner Broadway and NlnUi street. A Painted Idol. Is tha name of a popular novel. Every carriage that leaves the hands of Kelt logg. the carriage painter, is always considered a painted idol by the for Kellogg Is the best man In his business la Oakland.

i Got upholstering and repartng done at 916 Franklin street. French Winn Hauife 874 xvtisnx MHacraa Choice laes and Liqnors at wholesale prices. "Free delivery thromhoat city and county, family trade souatea. V. 'PHONE BROWN 732; RIVER STEAMER WALKER There are many things to be condemned in the conduct of the prc-ent nrnnidral governmem.

ooi i-: regari lor sanitations, as reirewin'e-l in the of Lake Mertitt. in not one of thom. No one eicert a -Doa-'BCf ry 1 condemn, even ty In.Trtace. a ir-iias ire which means so much for the public health. For ncar.y.

If nrqitle. tie -cades means have been to aocomjlisj this end. Fcr the construction of the boulevard arounl the lake was regarded ory fta-ib means, as an easy depos'tory fcr the material to be removed thp work of deepening the. lake was combined Vi'nti 'it beautificatlon in that schdee. an his kind are respoivabe fc-r ihe t' ue to have can led ou: 'uu'i mjniaci lun cr park improvemfjit during the re ten years, and in doing so he ar.d hU confederates ttave hed 'town back, depressed real estate everywhere within its t-sundaries.

given a Clack eye to tb city for non-progressCveness. and mada tt the Pushing stock of more emterprising neighbors in-whom-Xhe spirit of improvement has never lagged, and whicfh have, consequently, ftvged ahead as dertrable places cf residence, as and beautiful and np-to-dats communities. Even the objedt iesson contained rn the section of the boulevard constructed has had no effect upon ciass of which Armea is a repr esenta-ttve and of whose iw3 he Is an exponent. Tlie later and successful plan devised for the oarryng out of this improvement has been made possible, ri't through any effort of Trustee Armes and his kind, but through the clear foresight. enterprise and money of a number of public spirited citizens.

It again eom-rines. In the same way as the boulevard plain combined them, the two oropcitioni of sanKary imptovemertt and municipal adornment: and it bears in lis embrace. lij aiijr vuc vruv i9 i i ainjt 411 tellipenoe to comprehend, the final con-summation of the greater and more beautiful conceotion of oublic imorove-. ment embraced ta tlie boulevard Op eninp; Fall i Winter Underwear Hosiery Neckwear Shirts Hats Largest Stock Largest Variety Reliable Goods 3 Popular Prices Westovefs UlSMlZx Washingloa St. ipnuuniniiiHiii Three hundred On awaking yesterday morning Al-; "halrman of the County Republican len was a raving maniac.

His old Committee, and Charles Anthony Doyle malady had returned with increased contributed to the entertainment, violence. He set upon his aged father! The musical program in charge of and almost choked him into Insensi- Percy Black, consisted of selections by bllity. He then left the house and a quartette composed of W. H. Crab-boarded a car for East Oakland.

tree, Everett Dowdle. Professor Dahl- Allen was next heard of in East gren and Alfred Wilki. Oakland where he entered a cigar After the speeches had been made, store and asked pleasantly for a cigar. 'the members present repaired to the hal1 thy indulged in eer small hours again being actively agitated and the food and thus give itt the much friends of the movement are sanguine needed REST. of success.

They believe Oakland's! Tb) Is th secret of the success of ambition will be warmly indorsed both thja peculiar remedy. No matter how by the. San Francisco and Los Angeles weaH or bow much disordered the dl-delogations to the Legislature and that gestloiv may be. Stuart's Dyspepsia the advantages accruing to the State Tablets WILL DIGEST THE FOOD through the removal the fair site to WHKTHIR THE STOMACH WORKS Oakland can be presented in so logical OR NOT. Nsw life and energy is (riv-and forcible a manner as to preclude en not only to the stomach but to ev-adverse discussion The recent fairs in ery organ and nerve in the body.

A Sacramento have rot been successes initrial of this aplendld medicine will con-any sense of the word. They have been that nv.nm. poorly attended and little or no general nJ" yond the Capital City and Its Immedi- been meager, the attractions few in ehaJ1- Michigan, but BO popu ar has th number and indifferent in character, remedr bttcom tbt Stuart Dyspep-and its annual exposition has reflected Bl Tablets can now be obtained at any no credit upon the agricultural or man- dru at 50 cenU pfn" Page. ufacturlng Interests of the State. The Sen or book on "tomach diseases appropriation for fal purposes made free.

11 URMPS throw thom tn tho flnnr over the counter and started to clean out the house. Luckily Constable Jack Robinson was around. He took a hand, and after overpowering Allen, lodged him in the Hospital. Killed by Drink. Patrick Oleason.

an inmate ot the County Infirmary, died last evening from alcoholism. He was SS years of age. S. V. COR.

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