Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 28, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1947
Page 6
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9AGK «—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONK.), TUESDAY, .IAN. M. -19»7 Naugatuck Swimmers Meet Hillhouse At Y Wednesday Coach Alox Sullivnn's Naucfituck High school swimmers will meet the MillhoUHo ;nvlm team tomorrow night at the Y pool. The Naugatuck swimmers placed third In a three w.-iy meet with Hartford Public nnd ITnmclen hlfjh schools In Hartford Saturday. Y Junior Corps To Meet Saturday The N'augatticl; YMCA Junior Lender.*' Corps will meet on Saturday afternoon at 2:CO instead of 1:30. Th(Mr listed so far arc. Vlnny nnd Joe Hcaly, Robert Mariano, Merwln Packer, Spec. Spadoln. Richard Roland, Junior Aqunvln, Summa Aordkinn. Roger Currier, George Schuster, Jerry Labrloln, Thomas Foy, James MoNnmee. Donnld Fowler. Bryant William Stlnson nnd John Caspar. Rubber-Malleable Game Tops Dusty SlateAtYMCA The Naugatuck YMCA Industrin basketball games will be held Wednesday night with two good gnmcs on the bill. The Micrh school Vets are out to get Into the winning column when thov stack up_ againsl the Naugntuck Chemical. The Chemical won, when the two teams first met, by a slncrlc point, 35 to 3-1 nnd the VetB who have been improving nt every match are out to lop the Chemical. In the second game of the evening -the U. S. Rubber will meet the Eastern Malleable Iron Co. in what looks like a surprise game The Malleable with a couple of new men have straightened their team considerably and arc out for a win nt the expense of the Keels. The team standing is: IT. S- Rubber E. M. I. Co. .,. High School VetB W. , 3 GOLDIE'S Camera Shop Enlurgors: Federal, Siunruy, Dvjur, Keyset Soldllght 17 Grand St.. Wlby. Tol. 5-1873 REFRIGERATION SERVICE Electric Appliance Co. 1344 Baldwin St. W»t. — Tel. 4^1243 Games will start at 7:30 o'clock. COM.EG.rc BASKETBALL Wisconsin '15, Northwestern 4-1, Tennessee 48, Georgia 33. Alabama 41. Tulano 39. Purdue 6G, Minnesota 63 (overtime). Butler 54, Ohio State 50. Moorhcnd Teachers 02, Winonn Teachers 47. Baylor 58, Texas Christian 46. Fort Sheridan DS, South Dakota VVeslcyan 43. lona (NY) 66. John Marshall 57. Wake Forest 03. Furman 52. Mt. St. Mary'u 56, Frostburs Teachers 37. Kentucky 80, Michigan State 36. If You Want to Buy or Soil REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 Join the MARCH OF DIMES! ! J. K. STORES CUT KATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS Free Delivery Anywhere In Borough 390 No. Main St. Tol. 4970 Sulo on Women's Bowling? Small sizes 93.SO NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "HUMS" WEAVING, I'rop. Wlnalow Court To). 3»9<I CARS WINTKItl'/KD CHAPPIE'S AMOCO GASOLINE SERVICE STATION H UllinOi; ST. TKL. 4890 MOTOH ')H.!I rrrrrrrr rr rr*"**-^ PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R & M ALLEYS 108 MAPLE STKKET Snlurli'tl mrn tint] women can ci't H loiui IHTP, A limn nf 9100 i-iiNlM #L!lMiO \vlurn itrnmiilfr rt-- ralil In 1- monthly conMiM-titlvo nMulliiicntx ill S10.03 i-uih. Don't borrow utimMinuuirlly. )ut If n l"iin In thi> l)cnt Holii- UIHI, Klvn UK » chance. ti> fwy •Vo»" won't you? Coiiio !u ot ihimo tmtrrhury 3-31C3- I.oiinn Hulijral 10 «« "W" Ufiini.ii NIL 1UO. Loan* up to !."» mow. THOM.A.S J, 3IAGNKR. Mltr. 1 lfnV.'J/ I'liono Wtby. 3-3103 Ollies Radiator Shop 18 I'BOSPKCT ST. TEL. 5541 Union City Autn Radiator* Repaired, Cleaned und Re-Cored Work Called For and Delivered ALL WORK GUARANTEED Olllo Lc Due, Prop. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 3727 ' 3. I,. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE Try NEWS Want Adi— They Brine Result*. 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With This Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look -Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community ... UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving ThrouKli Science" • , . • Naugatuck Footwear Plant Nauflratuck Conn, , .... Meet In 2nd Contest Sa Game Will Have. Scant Significance In Valley '•League Championship Possibilities Conch R.iy Folcy's Naugatuck High Echool Greyhounds will stack up against Bill Tracy's Leavenworth Tech Tigers basketball team at the Waterbury armory -this Saturday evening in the second meeting of the two te-jms this season. Tech won the in an overtime period, 4D-I5. The Tigers tire still unbeaten. . The Greyhounds have loit three ou.t of 18. Their third defeat occurred last Saturday evening at the Torrington armory when Coach Connie Donahue's Red Kaldcrs of Torrington ran away from the Greyhounds by a 46-28 score. Naugatuck was obviously off, Whether the team has gone stale and will be able to return, to forni by Saturday remains to be seen. If tho team can come back, the game promises to : bc an even better contest than tho first meeting. Neither squad will be under any particular pressure. can affoi'd to loso Lcavcnworth and still not worry about winning the Valley .League championship. ~i Should' Naugatuck win. tho Tigers have only to take the two remaining league games on their schedule, doubtcdly be out to prove its pre- Corwersely, if Naugatuck wins, the Greyhounds would -have to rely on either Crosby or Wilby knocking off Tech, a rather remote possibility. From attitude team will be under any particular By TOM EGAN the standpoint of ^Y^ ,""^ . therefore, neither dui .. the tl . oubll strain. Leaven-woi'th will undoubtedly be out to prove it previous victory over the Garnet was no fluke. The Grey-hounds, on the other hand, will probably try to •un up a.s large a score as .possible to dcmonstr-ite that the loss to Toi'rington car. be discounted. Leaven-worth will handle the ticket sale for this game, since :his is Tech's homo, meeting. Ticket allotment to fhe local high school will be enough for stud-ents only. Team members will not be able to purchase extivt tickets. BigFi Play ive-Kwiks Benefit Tonight Two basketball games will be >lnycd at Columbus Hall this evening for 'the benefit of the March of Dimes. The feature game of the evening vill show the Post Office Big Five against the Hardware Kwilts of Waterbury, This is a return meet- ng of the two squads. In tho previous clash, the Post Office fiv« won handily from the Kwiks who came within four points of defeating the Merry Morticians. The St. Francis Rams will show in the preliminary. Benson WrltuB Buttle Son* Mr. Tom Egan Sports Editor Naugatuck News. Dear Mr. Egan: You probably know, being one of. our own kind, that a long time ago, tho Swedes invaded Ireland. That was> mistake on their part and all but a lew were killed dead- Of those who.survived, Lief (the Red) Benson, migrated to the County Roscommon and .became king. Bill Benson at the post office, himself that makes out the .money orders, is a direct descendant of that one. So it is not surprising that he, should write a Gaelic battle song. •Twaa only the other d:iy I found out about it, after Ed Hanley, a Cine broth of a hoy, Lord bless him, was elected captain. "I've writ a song, Joe, me bucko," suys Bill .to. me, and with that he hums the Huno. " ' « . It sounds like McNamara'sBand," says I to him. It's no ear you have for music, at all at all, moi-e's the pity, says he. "It's me own original composition to work up the boys' fighting spirit-" "Why not aing 'Wearing of the 'twas a great song .es." "Tis not appropriate," says me bold Willie, "for we'll have no trouble at all at all with them Morties. Faith an' .after we do be singing one verse and one chorus of this song we'll massacre the omud- hauns." With that he handed me the words which I have enclosed with this letter. Yours truly, Joseph M. Carrier Retired postal employe. Oh me name is Eddie Hanley I'm the captain of itho team That'B finest in fair Naugatuck Of this place we're the cream And when we meet them Morties Faith an' we'll be sure to win Sure every knowing sports fan Says Ed Hanley's team is in Chorus: Oh, the shots we'll take And the points we'll make We'll get so far ahead That all them helpless Morties Will wish that they were dead. For at this age of basketball We're nonpareils 'twould seem A credit to old Ireland Is Eddie Hanley's : team. PHILCO RADIO AC-DC SMperiictorodyne. 5 TubcN. Powerful speaker— Built In Loop Aerial. Ensy Terms—As Luw As If 1.J5 Week 413 No. Main St. Union City Store Open Friday Nlplit Until 8 O'Clock S32 WORTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel. ?88S Torrington JV's Beat "Greypups" The Torrington Junior Varsity managed to withstand a last minute surge by the Nauga'tuck Jayvees In the preliminary to the Torring- ton-Grcyhound basketball game at the New City armory Saturday night to squeeze out a 36-37 win. J. Charles Aquavia with 14 points was high man for Naugatuck while Cilfonc with the same number of points was high for Torrington. The score: Torrington Jayvees b f p 1 Toro, If 1 0 2 O'Connor 1 1 3 Ncy 0 0 0 Fabioscki, rf 0 1 1 Fraunhofer 2 4 S Ctlfone, c 5 414 Tose 0 0 0 Nawalanlcc, Ig 1 1 3 Melc 0 0 0 Palnzinni 0 0 0 Landucci, rg 0 4 4 Molo ,.' 1 0 2 Totals i 11 1C 37 GUSTAFSSOH i WMO /5 OVER HERE TO UP THS MLB MONOPOLY AKS. . t> OST Iti r#ose evMiif CLASS/OS 8Uf KilHS PKfFSRS . THe HALF M&—H& MS HOPS* 7& AVOID iDOOR J PLAGUED Jayvces Aquaviu, If b f p C. 2 M Lang, rf 0 7 7 Labi-tola 0 0 0 Spadola 1 0 2 TumHcy, c 000 Thurston 1 Boettger ;.... 0 Leary, Ig 1 Mariano 1 0 2 Ashmore, rg 1 1 3 Roland 0 1 1 Totals 11 14 36 j Score at half time: Ton-ington 17; Naugy 12. "Y" Bowling Notes All leagues arc now .starting the second half of the bowling season. Three Women's leagues in the Y Tidies Auxiliary, and the Grange with tho Wednesday Couples League, the St. Francis Men's and Women's League, Odd Fellows, Alembic League ot Chemical Co., and the Monday night University League make up thu present schedule. Th'crc is one opening for a new league on Friday evening at 6:J3 p. m. Now is Lhe lime to spnnk up tor the only now league opening. C. Houseknecht with high triple of 3GS and J. Fan-en, high single of 17-1 lead the University League in the first half, W. Noble with 140 ar.d Ken Johnson 143 were right in there 'bowling. Wednesday Couples League start- fid with H, MacDonald's team taking -all four points. M. Hyde, 132 and T. Stlnson 119 were high single, •and H. MacDonald 339 and 3^. Stinson' 320 were high trir.lfts for the wnck. Amone the Chemical Co. Alcrn- hlc. League are teams named Pipers, Dispersions Plastics Development, ana Reclaim Lab. Hod- over fo:' our money is t'.io Synthetic Girl,;. We didn't know .-.hern were such things. Navy leads the St. Francis Mi.x- .:d League with a team averaso of d03. J. Fratcisi is high single 118 •ind high three 313. W. Hermonat lead the Thursday P. M. Women's League for' the first half with a 34.G. I. Alderson's 125 and 311 was high score for the half. Seventeen ladies made the 105 club. A. Moruskn, B. Sundberg. A. Noble, H. Scullin, ar.d K. Frcdsallj made the 105 club in the Twilight' League. Teams captained by J. Russell and G. Ivananjian lead the Tuesday Afternoon Women's League with four points encii. E. Ahrcns' single i 133 and triple 323. A. Kai-.emckas I n2, A. Hormonal 313, L. Buck-1 miller 108, E. Hollis 105, and R. i Hai-twell 105 were also high rollers.! Clarence Haigh Orders Ticket For Morties Game "I wouldn't miss this chance to see those Morties try to play a full R," for all the too. in China," Cln:-c-cc Haigh, one of the borough's premier sports fans, told Postmaster Frank T. Green over tho phone yesterday. Clarence called up the postmaster to maku sure he fe-oL a ticket, for the March of Dimes bcnelit -Jt the Y Friday ni£ht. "When people see that tire Morties really mean to go through with this match," Clarence said, ! "ihc ticket rush will -be appalling. | So I'm getting mine first." "If t-hose Miortios do play a full pr.o.'ne, Friday night," Sports Fan HrjRh grided, "they'll be their own best customers the next morning." Special ExhWtbfl For March Of Dimes At R.&M. Alleys A special bowline exhibition to benefit the March of Dirnca has liccn carded for this Thursday night at the R and St Alleys by Manager Charlie Ruccio. The affair will bring together two ot the borough's better iiowliirs in a special head to head match, and later in the cvcninr? two five men squads in special t«am coTnnetltion. Doc Aquavia and Wee Willie Rado will roll the singles match, and the Montanari-Rado post and the All American Vi»ls will roll the team match. The Aquavia-Rado affair promises plenty of action. Doc has won o. scries 'of special matchcn lately. Willie on the other hand in a vet- eian of some pretty fast competition, including several seasons in the Watcrbury Industrial league. The M. R. post recently lost a special roll off match to the All Americans for the first round chimplonship of the Veterans league and wi!I be all out for revenue. No admission will be charged spectators. A collection for the March of Dimes will be taken up sometime during- the match. What the bowlers pay for strings, will be donated to the campaign, Manager Ruccio announced. The Aquavia-Rado match will go on. at 9 o'clock, and the two teams will swing into action at 10. To Decide Bero Supremacy Borough sports fang who «tt sharply divided' in, their opinion* as to the relative meriu of U* U. S. Rubber • and-Purple Knighti Ni-skctbflil teams* will look Mfttb for the results tomorrow night tf the meeting between the Rubber and the Malleable Iron teun* it the Dusty League, Jf the Rubbtr wins by a convincing margin, IB. terest in their meeting Friday ^th the Purple Knlg-hts will grow u>»t much more intense. Som-e sports observer* beUcvt that the Knightg arc stepping out of their class in taking- on the Rubber which boasts some of th« best basketball, players in th* borough in its lineup. However,-tbi Purple record thowg 10 wins wd only two loanea for the WMOB'I campaigning so far.. Friday ' night "wiTI give tb« answer. • • Rose Beardsley Sparks B. C. Two Game Win Rn.<i: Boiirdsley with 332 sparked the Boston College two game win ovi-r St. Mary's in last week's scs- ,sion of the St. Fr.'incte 1 Mixed bowii::g league at the Y alleys. R--.SO ha<! strings of 121, 109 and : 102 to run up that three game 1 total. j In other games rolled. Army took j lu-o from Forclham; Catholic LT.; took two from Notre Dame and I Koly Cross took three from Navy, I Bristol Badminton Team Wins Match The Bristol Company Men's Class B Badminton team defeated I the Hurtford High Badminton Club yesterday on The Bristol Co. court r>-2 in a Connecticut Badminton Association league match. The Bristol Company team leads the Central Section w::: " ^«mes won and 3 lost. Hartford High is second wit-h S won and 6 lost. Hartford's two points in this mnLch were scored in number two and three doubles with Don Rcmer and Larry Amann defeating Frank Maybury and Ed Braun 15-6, 18-17: nnd. Larry Amvsnn and Harry Sanders baking the measure of Howard Sharp ar.d Ed Braund 138, 15-3. The Bristol Company's points were won in number one and two singles and number one, four, and five doubles. Bill Stahl won from H'3ri-y Siecal in a well-played rnwtch 15-13, 15-9, and Harold Allen coasted to a win over Dale Hankins 35-3, 15-2. Howard Sharp and Pat Galullo scored over Harry Sanders and Lee Dunham 15-5 and 17-16, the Last game being won after the TJnrtford team had a 1-1-6 advantage. The final point was made in the only three-game set of the match v.-licn Frank Maybury and I'm Galullo scored over Da.le Hankins and Lee Dun-ham 1S-15, 12-15, and 15-S. Football Pictures To Be Shown At Men's Smoker Harry Eenham will be a speaker at a men's smoker in St. Michael's parish house, tomorrow night, at 7:30 p, m. Motion picturu of the Yale-Harvard gam* »nd other sport highlights will bt shown. Other guests include: Frit* Bai-zilauskas. Yale tackle from Watci-bury; Earl ZiegJcr, yt]( junior varsity coach and a representative of tho Yale co»ch!nf staff. The stacker committee, hetdel by James Heavens, includes: H»r>- old Brown, tonstmastcr; William R. Moody, publicity; .Oswald Tower, projection; and Henry Zwic< refreshments. All men of fhe church and.their guests are invited to attend. ALCAZAR Today - Wed. - Thurs. It requires about l.COO eisal leaves (.o produce 50 pounds of sisal hemp. The peace statue, Christ of the Andes, on Uie border of Argentine and Chile, was cast out of metal of cannons used in the prolonged war belwcen those two nations- . — Attention Students — Graduate Nnme Curds l>y Kraft. Snnxbinr Notes. I'crson:ill/,oil Stationary. Tel. 3889 SALEM Today - Wed. • Thurs. Intermediate League Starts Second Round Y Intermediate Basketball league will start on its second round this Friday at 2:45. The Parthians won the first round, winning five games and losing one. At the end of the second round, if another team should win, there will be a play-off for the .championship- Games this Friday are, at 2:45, Romans and the .Greeks. At 3:30 the Parthians vs. the Persians, Roger Currier, chairman of the league, asks all players to be on time. LARGE METAI, WASTE BASKETS •— 98c TBIMZ WALL PAPER . READY PASTED BORDERS KEMTONE : GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Acros* from City .Bakery) IMIvrry FOR RENT Our New ,CLARK FLOOR WAXING NAUGATUCK HARDWARE "THEY WERE SISTERS" MEN'S and WOMEN'S SHOE SKATES (Including White Shoe Skntcs ' for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOOTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugatuck, Conn. BUSINESS TRAINING FOR VETERANS New Classes Feb. 3rd JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Wnterbury Phone 4-8772 Burgess MEREDITH Betty FIELD OF micE & men (ON CHANCY Jr. -2nd HIT- 1 — VICTOR C*rol» _ MATURE - ULNDIS one mimon B.L* I HllOtr - VM MlStOH VLAWSMAN tS LADT' rta . ttuar W «w zowwt' Complete Line of CARMOTE PAINTS for Interior and exterior use* SLEDS — $5.75 up Union City Hardware 384 N. MART ST. Union City M. liatkiowtch, Prop. W. J. Stokes, Mffr. - FOB EANGE OB FUEL Ott. TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service 59 Woodland Street "Bill" Marlltclll, Prop. Bill's-Daiabury Hatter 57 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wra. Mariano, Prop. Men's Hats Cleaned, Blocked Factory Method* NEW HATS FOB SALE liars Made .to Order WALKEB TUBNER Table and Floor Model 15" DRILL PRESSES. $90 to $111.75 Complete With rMotor MIUSUPPtlES- 72 SAVINGS $T TEl WHEN THESE DOORS OPEN TOMORROW SHOW STARTS AT 1 P. M. You will come face to face with the most dangerous man in the world at... 13 RUE MADELEINE The most sinister address in history! JAMES CAGNEY Fighting-mad ... and FRIGHTENED! Annabella • Richard Conte • Frank Latimore and Walter Albel • Melville Cooper • Sam Jaffe 2nd HIT — WALLY BROWN — ALAN CARNEY . Times ; Toilay:—"THIS RAZOR'S ISDGE"

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