The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on January 12, 1959 · Page 9
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 9

Bloomington, Illinois
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Monday, January 12, 1959
Page 9
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V a- V . a-- V Enl Corn NaC!T (8C) of the Chicago ardinaU reaches for a pass from miartpr. back KcUie U ILiron of the Washington Ilodskins that gave the Kistrrn Division Afstarfa i?ond period touchdo in the Pro ml S,mtay ,t Coliseum Western DivLslon defendem are Jim David (2o) and laic Lary (.8), both of the Detroit Lioat. (A.P. Wirrphoto) Eastern Stars Rally To Win Pro Bow Topple Western Division Squad On Last Quarter Spurt, 28-21 LOS ANGELES (.T) a"inal l lhall eacue I back to final quarter Sunday brothers 28-21 In the ninth annual Pro-Bowl. A Memorial Coliseum crowd f T2.:.V Kit In lummrry smos- Qcr T 1 1 S lillercd iunshine as )iladrlhia),',vw, Norm Van Brocklin led the Ka&t I W 1 1 70 yards for the co-ahead toucn-,1 down in me iasi quoiu-r. The final 15 yards was covered by a Van Brocklin pass to tram- Yardstick rut . n . i 114 I 3-40 M 0 Wnl IT 1JI 141 1J-2 1-47 71 0 li fir doWTit Fuihnu Vr1 .... yardn PiWI rwi lntrcolra by rffr Fumblr Vidi omuIimo mate Palmer P.etzlaff. who had dropped a sure touchdown on the goal line moments earlier. uuruu 1 As might be expected In such a gathering of football talent, there were stars aplenty. Frank Gifford of the New York Giants voted the game's most v.i.h nlaver. turned In an In-1 spired performance of running and passing. Gifford connected for J three Of live tosses ior one ioulti- rjovvn, The defensive play, too, was dominated by the big stars. Among them was defensive end Doug Atkins of the Chicago Bears, hn was voted ine eame s iuum outstanding lineman. WADE TAKES OVER For the West. Billy Wade of the Los Angeles Rams throw for one lor one lOUCnaOWn aiiu scuirru fcimw-if Warlp who completed 12 SfT for m yalS alter- . , i -,a ..nihor ...;.u Tv.r. tlnitaa nt the naiL-u yviui uviiiiiij v......- ,t'itv Hem 1M-7J 'in Riiltlmnro Colts and tlien took; Beverly Hanon 5t-73-227 " ., ... . . , tTK, I over for the West when uniias ekolmn nn In the third OUar- was di 111 nv . . u . ter. It was the East's fourth victory In nine of the post season games, and their first in three years. The running game of both clubs tv ed heavi v on tuIlDacKs: Aian Amerhe nf the ColtS and RlCK nf the Chicaeo Bears lor the West, 'and Jimmy Brown, Cleveland's magnificent battering ram for the East. The East had the edge in total i yardage, 297 to 226. And most of this was through the air, 214 yards to 142 for the West. East 9 70 12-28 West 7 7 7 0-21 EAST TDs: Webster (40, pass-run from Gifford); Nagler (7, pass from Lebaron); Retzlelf (15, pass from Van Brocklin). FGs: Groza, 2 (both from the 25). Safety: (Mc-Elhenny, tackled by Scott in end zone). PAT: Groza, 2. WEST TDs: Ameche (1, plunge); McElhenny (20, pass-run from Wade); Wade (10, run). PAT: Richter, 3. ty LU. dJLi msMCS OILY MERE COS TrlOUCjUT HE WAS feiAD TO SEE yOOrfSYGErr FEOM HIS ) . &3U4TWELL-HOVS )- VOL) SURE i f! " ARB -rcvihlS OLD JOlMT-BUT ITS t THINGS BACK 4T W KMEW WMiT V uoqH IM OH HIS XFOLLOWINl' HIM GROUND THE OLD SHOP? U M3U WEPE &XA KEW BREAD UHZT - l s, Z RirtnOME-l'M r ' " JUST HAPPEN r-r s: f HOW AOS VOO? lr'M MP. COSMO J ftAsKKE- wm wskspy m i . i V1 9v . t -mr ". . J ! . , ' - ' . '....Us'", ' ' .It - v ' i 0 7. a"" 0' ... ' - , The Iired up ail-siars oi inc Msiern ,oiui-h irc and wnippoa tneir western 1 j Scoring Race T. KANSAS CTTY - W -; osc-r Robertson may lead the nation in ,-oring with a 32.2 averaw but in tlv Missouri alley Conference race he is running second to Jim Mudd. North Texas btate alter three games. Tonight the two ciasn neaa-on m a tmucivin. game at Denton, Tex, Its the first time since he scored 37 nnints in Cincinnati's u. first valley game at North Texas a year ago that the "Big 0" fails to. icaa uie league in siuiing. inuuu, trwm smMirniwui, j a Mobcrly (Mo.) Junior College1 pT""- , .Youi.'. Mn":.':: tii.13 transfer, has 69 points against, Zlihohi?. .I 11" Tulsa. Wichita and Bradley. Oscar: JnHy nntlc.. -hic-..n. in l v has 68 against SI Louis, Bradli7"-7I,1J",lS:'r.:::: i.m and Houston. Boh Hut. rwtmit. mihv .. JJi A full slate of conference eamni"AT.nui C" .' .' rw lead the league in scoring. Muaa, toniffht finds Bradley at Houston,) St. Louis at Tulsa and Drake at itnua. orauiey iravris 10 uuuir ville tomorrow and returns home to play Toledo FViday. : ' yJAnne PanllirPC fiagge d p T U T C i Women's Tourney sivmnn rr a htii Marlene Hairee of Pittsburgh fired r it . i. :i J near pcniti jjuii ui uie miai ivunuj .siinoau fo win ine vi aai maviair , , . - Inn Women s Open tournament by two strokes. n'""" Mu" "5 Mary Lena Kaullt 1S3-78 231 ja-tci- Pun 134-792:13 Jovce Ziokc 158-77 2S3 -Beitv Kerby . Ruth Jesfn . . . Marilyn Smith . Hrttv Buh .. Mickey Wrleht Betty Jamenon , i.s.7o 2:u 155- RO-235 1BO-7S-J3.1 158-7 237 156- 8 1237 1.78 238 18 1-78 239 i-ay urocKer 1K2-79 241 t'athv Cornelius 167-78-243 Barbara R. Mack' 1S3-81 244 euv u?aa "2"'?-"; Gloria Fecht l(i-81 249 -Francis Rich 1W9-BO-249 Alice Bauer 1B7-82-249 Gloria Armstron 171-78249 denotes amateur . . , . LaeSCfl KafTIDierS INip Lexington Indees LEXINGTON Alan Grimes meshed a free throw in the final 10 seconds of play to give the Laesch Ramblers a 68-67 victory over the Lexington Indees here Saturday night in an independent basketball game. SI AIM An I T.exinetnn I Laesch Indees 167) I Ramblers (681 it ft Armstrong Deavers.f Miller. c Campbell, Killlan.tT Schneider. 11 o!Mears.f 7 2,Poschard. 6 OlSanser.c 3 HW'att.U 2 01 Grimes. 3 01 8 0 5 2 7 1 6 1 I 2 Totals 32 31 Totals 31 4 :r;V "...ill, Hoover Assumes Qualifying Lead In All-Mar Pin BITFAIjO, N. Y. Dirk Htmvcr. the former boy wonder from Akron, Ohio, vaulted Into firnt place In tin qualifying I a . I. - ii i' 1 1 I iTHincis w tin" mi-.Tinr iu'wima a,arnpioaship Sunday night. The portly star blnied same Karnes of 2.'1. 1T6, 210. 267. 1W and 227 for a 1.313-series. Added 10 his 1.276 of Saturday, this brought his total lo 2.5S9. Hoover, now 28, won the AH-Star In 1YA nn the diiv after his 21st birthday. Sinre that time he ha won two Ameriran Ilowlina Congress Masters Championships and an assortment of other bowl ing titles. He was chased down to the last 'frame hv 27 vear old Billy Welu ftf M m d on ,he ' 8 ' rjke on , . d takp (h, ,cad 'Iu his ba,j lnto xhe . . . dpsnjle . ronsider- -. . able amount of 'body English' . was unable to carry me iu pin. fMrk Hver Akron. Ohln I 1M J WD I J Ml 1)11 nm w1" St. Lflull. Mo. .... jo. JmDh! Un.,n. M,rh f nn. Bronx, n y. - VKt'M ,irvtn srhianhuf. - ' kiMI-- MarYlPrJ imiiui Coach at Detroit DETROIT Wt Jim Miller, an assistant coach at Purdue University for five seasons, today was named head football coach at the University of Detroit. Miller succeeds Wally From- hart, one time Notre Dame quar- lofKaob i tin urac firwt after the inii - " u. wasun, ma i""' helm. Frornhart's 1958 team compiled a Ht-i i".mu. BASKETBALL RESULTS HIGH SCHOOL I.ATt SATl RDAT Elsin. 64; Maine Towmhio. 42. Anna-Jonesboro. 72; Carbondale Community. 71. , Carbondale Attucks. 89; Sesser. 71, ( Ol.l f OK LATE SATl BOAT Southern Cal. 73; Washington State. 67 invertimei. UCLA. 73; Oregon State. 62. Stanford. 51; Washington. 49. California. 84: Idaho. 39. Utah. 82: Utah State. 71. Brigham Young. 82; Montana. S9. New Mexico. 59: Wyoming. 86. Furman. 68: Davidson. 64. Miami (Ohio). 83; Western Michigan. 89Murrav. 69: Tennessee Tech. 61. San Francisco. 61: San Jose State. 46. College ot Pacific. 70; Los Angeles Loyola. 57. West Virginia. 77: Canisius. 66. St. Bonaventure. 88: St. Vincent. 45. Manhattan. 70: Navv. 66 (overtime). Holv Cross. 74: Connecticut. 50. La Salle. 92: Muhlenberg. 77. St. John's. 86: George Washington. 85. Memphis State. 66; Oklahoma City. 61 Bowling Green. 76: Western Kentucky. 61. Wabash. 78: Kalamaioo. 61. Indiana State. 77: Ball State. 72. Valnariso. 71: Deuauw. 58. Air Force. 68: Lovola (Chicago). 64. Monmouth. 67: Rinon. 61. Knox. 72: Lawrence. 69. St. Benedict s. 57: William Jewel. 43. Seattle. 69: Portland. 62. Los Angeles State. 83; Fresno State. B 70. RVIN6 TO M4KE GOOD OKI TUP NFW JOB OLD FRIENDS NOTVVTTHST4NDIN&- THWX 4NO a TIP OF THE YOUNG'S YARNS n ta m.ter Illinois confer ggj ences were Wrll rrpr Ihe NCAA iMitxratKrni natl. (rtito week a roiNtU I. Ifw time ami imr t b pnimw wr l'!ttsl Coa h Don Ur nn Of IUttMll W rl- in. Ath-If tic IHiTfUir Itirv (linniM-r of W Ih-bIoo. Mi k vlik of Uki -orrt, J 1 1 r Vail at Nni -lr,.1 If P. -nZ3k 0m o( FUn- " - omnium like two &ni di-MC.llr( IU IW irwion Including AHilctle Direc lor IKmard J. Ihincuck anl lout-twill co.wh td Jitnu k of Normal. Director t'riire Ktans ami Coach Howard nrtchrr of V Kalh. Director lUy T. H uiMm and Coach Lmi Suban of Wntcm. Dr. Dn- aid T. IWiydwn, and IWVi I A Kawal. Carmon Piccone and Ik Pram ot Southern, td Kohl, !-ball coach at Eastern, as well as many high achoU coaches from the area. It Is definitely determined that Kawal wia be succeeded S bead loothall coach at Sntitfirrn next fall by Pkxxwie al though tlie final aiirmcemef,!';,,'',,,,, has wt been made by the authorl-. Art ties at the Carbondale n houl . . . !M,I t'hH More than roll of Oie high elevens In Louisiawi pl.iy tlie new Arnoi4 ramr PAT rule which the coUccrs put Vi'JS, ' i in this year, to apparently they ;.ui . j .. . J I ..t li.. tJir.l. Hbrl aon l IMiy Sini umi n to the Federation code In some sections ITte imm nai ap nmved two new bowl games for irfl. the Librrty Bwl In Phda - dclphJa and the Flower Bowl Jn New Orleans, for you know whatJJ" WEAKNESS Congratulationa are In order for both Tommy Stock and Jerry Ktrven, MIS' two top aata-tur today. Tommy who entab-llthrd the pool record at 1:01.1 In the 100 yd. backstroke at Kiv-eralde Brookflrld year a(0 set a new mark Saturday In winning In :&9 5, and Slevena, Who et hli mark the pool record or In the loo yd. hrrantitroke In' 13iS, cut hi time to 1:11.1. Th Pumlf Tiairinn had tilentv. of rugged competition with 23 This was the general diagnosis schools sending their top men to after the sporadically brilliant St. the Riverside-Brookfield Invita-1 Iouis Junior lost the finals of the tional meet but managed to finish Western Australian aiampion-fifth. Maine Township, perennial ships Sunday to Andres Gimeno of state champion won top honors with 62 points and Riverside- j Brookfield. Niles of Skokie and, Bib finished in the order named. Jim McKlnzie, son of the veteran Northern Illinois trainer, who finished at De Kalb two years ago, is now teaching driver training, and assisting with bav ketball at Sterling Township High school. Kevin Donlan la a new member of the Ct'I basketball officiating force. The only football rules changes of any consequence made at the National Alliance conclave held in New Orleans was that no penalty can take the ball more than half tlie distance to the offended's team's goal line. John (Red) Pace made the suggestion and- it was adopted unanimously by the Alliance group. - Jack Rule of Waterloo, Iowa, former national Junior and Western Junior golf champion Is transferring from Rice Institute to Iowa at the start of the new semester, which should not hurt the Hawkeyes' chance of grabbing a golf title In due time. Rex Darling, former Redblrd, and tennis coach at Eastern Illinois university doesn't feel sorry for Northwestern at all. Rex points an accusing finger at Stu and unleases a verbal blast because the Cats "pilfered" Dennis Knoickl, the IIAC singles champion. The bait was said to be a job at a tennis club near Chicago last summer. Don't fell us we never tipped you, but there'll be more transfers next semester than any time in history, we are told. Cats Turn Back Bartlesville,. 103-87 PEORIA (ffl Peoria defeated Bartlesville 103-87 Sunday night in a National Industrial Basketball League game. Peoria led most of the way and had a 63-49 halftime advantage. Don Ohl led the victors with 18 points. Bartlesville's Burdie Hal-dorson topped all scorers with 25 points. c A S H Joe AL Chick, Mgr. . V , f ' t -Blum j - V f I , .... ':.. Sa- X LAiu CENTRAL LOAN '25 '800 For Home Repairs For Automobiles, or To Reduce Car Paymenta To Consolidate Bills For Personal Needs Repay to Fit Budget 107 S. .MAIN ST. Vossler, Bolt 'Still Deadlocked ln Tijuana Golf VtiMt.r ftn1 T ,, 1 tlnnl round o( the $."0,a Tijuana Oin r!f tournament Sunday and whrn thy fmtuhrj l duk th-y rr A-adKickH f ir t 1Vt- itop re the nvoml trmht day- m.m tin a wy utnlpr Par, Tl Li irl.iin a ntv nmko ba.l mrr tw fnld nh M h.'w ul 2o:. Th fm.d rouml ill be pUyrd Uxliy. I Tli' fi.lJ rompUwd tlltt1yiV,tnpl..yiu4:htndlf iMCanli- Sunday at ux CKirv fli - Knl out to . full 7.W yard., i'u imiii.inii. I...!.... ! . (nA . ..... - ' Utne. too. I P (5 A tournament tuprnlr lUrvry iiaynor rpiainei mat iu oiiler to cut tlie green hit.! tcn mird up In the liansUnon to Spanish and at a remit tlx ne was no mow ing. Jilin McMullin of Alamrda. Ciili., l ai In third plaiT artrr the first 36 hulra. aUU Ihrre aftrr M Surnliiy with a 71 fur 206. Ilimevrr, Jay Hrbert, Pn-furd. Fla., cllmbrd up to deadlock Mi-Mullm by thoutlnj a 70. The Iratirra: Vnulrr M HI -lo-r ilt lL:i il'f ll mm at. 1 n 14 at - u i" Z- Iknjg fold " R"" 71 7 n.,, j.,hnaon 'Miii-i'o "'.ii:? 11 rd .'" Buchholz Has Temper PERTH. AUSTRALIA " Earl Buchholz Is to reach the tennis heights for which he appears destined, he must put a bridle on his viok-nt temper. Spain by a lopsided score 01 01, 6-4, 6-3. Gimeno was figured to win but not in such overwhelming fashion He had an assist from Buchholz's trigger temper. GETS WORSE Tlie 18 year old American started shakily, became disturbed over one bad line call and then went from bad to worse as the steam pressure rose Inside. He glowered menacingly at a linesman, tossed his racket to the ground several times. After the match, he stormed off the court in a huff not waiting for Western Australian Governor General Sir Charles Gairdner who was leaving the main stands to make the cup presentations on the center court. Although some Australians considered this a slight. It was strict ly inadvertent on the part of the Brown Named Player of Year NEW YORK Ofl Jimmy Brown, one of the mightiest fullbacks in football history, was vot ed 1958 Player of the Year today by an Associated Press panel of evnerts covering the National Football League campaign. Tlie Cleveland Browns' batter-inc ram. who was similarly hon ored in 1957, his rookie year, re ceived stubborn competition irom Johnny Unitas, the brilliant Balti- nuarterback. Brown re ceived 22 of the 41 votes cast and Unitas got 15. The remaining four votes were divided among four players quarterback Bobby Layne of Pittsburgh; halfback Lennie Moore of Baltimore and dofensemen Sam Huff and Roosevelt Grier of the New York Giants. WATCH THIS SPACE For An Important Announcement By McLean County Finance Co. 203 W. Washington St. Western Triumphs on Forfeit, Then Loses on Court to SIU Central Leads Stato Normal In MAC Loop Nurlh (Vfitral. WhraUm'i flnwt; Dunnirr In U (!:Me Cimfririv ii( 1'llnnla bisk.ttMll ruf. C"-ti 111 rham th. wk to lw U It W uiiliy uf tiilf ou4il. rtH.n. N(rth C-ntial Invade Wlwatnn UhmliM II fir! xl tll,, th. team mini :nnrrYiii pnn nvT mio a . . . 1 .. . ... - " - " - It's a big onW sitwe Wheaton h(M,., a (V gjmtf t f,,r yralt a, k the lYuidcrs atop NlMlh cVnti jI. tlirre appc irs little (, ,,n.TMl ih,.m from a fouith ,ir4lj,i cianTmr ctiamphwup. ! ms two Wheatiw rang up twt confrrence triumphs luA week, defeating Car-nll 83 57 aikt damping Wesleyan. K, Saturday nU;ht. In other con-frrence games Sarurday, Aucuata-na defeated Uke ran 7V71 and tlmhurst beat Millikin C 70. A tuzhter race Is shaping up In the Interstate Inlercollcilate Ath- k tic Conference where A-fetiilinc champion Western Illin.0s was eiven a new lease On life with a ---- forfeit ruling Western s 91 92 loss to Srsithem Illinois last montn wai revetted In favor of the Leathernecks be- ,j t Ine 1 ltv of Gene Velloff. jvoutnern st.iner. einai attrmled M.-mphis Rtue Inst year ' tor a month and left but didn't of- Problem unhappy young man. He qiucKiy returned to the court when told his presence was wanted tlirre. BAD FOR COUNTRY The Buchholf demonstration created concern with the United States consul In attendance, Robert Backe. After the match Backe ap- Davis Cup captain, and asked if might do any good for him. Backe, to have a chat with Buchholz 8Tr 'Ear. u'-qulle young I . LI. , 'hut I feel such explosions as tliese are bad for both Earl andA . ... . . .... . lor his country." HAD IT FOR VEARS Jones told the consul Hint he would take care of the matter. "I was naturally disappointed with Buchholz'a behavior," the American captain said. "But It Is Just a case of a very bad temper which this boy has had for years "He is a wonderful fellow but he gets so Intense and he is so eager to win that he k"ts his emo tions get away from him. It is something he will have to cure Just as he would cure a bad backhand." Basketball Tonight HIGH SCHOOL Vermilion Valley Conference. Tournament at Roberu-Thawvllle. COLLEGE Iowa at Illinois Minnesota at Indiana Mlrhlgan at Wlacrmsln Oklahoma State at Colorado Missouri at Nebraska Oklahoma at Kansas State Kansaa at Iowa State Cincinnati at North Texal Bradlev at Houston St Ijulf at Tulsa Drake at Wichita Kentucky at Tulana Alabama at Tlorlda Georgia Tech at Mississippi NBA Results St. Louli. 111: Detroit. 100. Syracuse. 127: Cincinnati. 110. New York. Ill: Philadelphia. 105. MEN'S & BOYS' SUITS & TOPCOATS Now 10 off MAIlIIEiVS Front & Center Sts. rnUir.h. MitomliigloM, 111.. fu ul'y itlilra. Till ruvd to lul In hit c.nmk ainl ruU-t a trnliT u1i-nt nm hv Ivunl 11 h'ir In iwr inrti-r to b rliil!e Ux atijv U.f. ni.m HIM I tt' Sittii'm. h"wrrT. awrxtfiHl the bnncn Py tiii'in fwcm, 9i wi. Satufiluy niil t' drp Srtprn Inta third p!i- nh 21 ! In'lmjj ;ho i k li CVtiinu Mirtan uui wwni n? ' , IU.U1 ' . TUU tti h mum .ia,Mi "' ' . I1AC a.tion. Northern Il!lxn de feati-d Ertnt'Tn Mn hli;n, 93 71 lu.ih Normal ami Central M.ihl-gan aie f.iiTd with a pair cihi-IctviKe gallic thi we'k Normal gori lo Western and t'entral Ma takei on lantern Illinoi Frtday. Sutiaxlay fimla Normal at Northern and Southern lUinuu at Central MWugan. ((I IASDtN(. W ShrilM North tmtfftl 4 AucuaUna ........ 3 Hmiviih I r.mnurd I Mhl.ftln I tk orl I I atroU . . t. Pr i !" I I I I ! 4 4 s:ii:e;1 t CWtrl W .',lfifl, li.iruua liMvin Hanoi li LaaUna Muh.aan ... 1 cams tm wria Tlskt Tew. AAt al I t rn Illinois, tenia al Ce.U"l M.rhiun. 1 rimrwrrt at Concmd.a. pucumn 1,1. al Heloit It, Louoard W .! ! Southern 111. W44ar lke format al tarriul. N.Mth cetiual at W huton. MiUtatn at Wealetan fcL AmbruM al w-irni 1L rna.f runrka at North t-ntrst. fumlnem 111 al IUlrm Muo. Normal at Weabrn Illinois aUawrn liL at Central Mun. Salartar North Central at Carroll. W heaton al ls s weat. Hrioii at Weirvan. .lem III. al r-.lern Mlra. Normal al Norliiem III fcouthern III. al tent Mith. Pettit Scores 50 as Hawks Whip Pistons ST. LOUIS. MO. -UPI)- Hob Pettit set a National Basketball Association record for the season Sunday when he scored 50 points in leading the St. Louis Hawks to lt1)n i00 vic,ory ovrr ,he Df,roit Pistons. Pettit scored 35 points In the second half, breaking his old Kiel orium .record of Points set April 12, 1958. In addition. his 14 field 41 w m umi oiiiil vv j a uinj and Gift Hacnn. Sl'MHARY Detroit (looi I SL Louis (lit' It ft1 fg ft Hnhm MrMilInn Yardley Noble MrGtliro Jorrion I.lovd Sliue Frle Oukea Totals I 3 Pettit 1 0 Ferrari 1 Share S HWllfnn S 4'Hagan t 0 Rrrrt 4 4' M Mahon 4 Martin 5 5' Lovellette 4 41 36 isl ToUlS 16 14 S 4 39 31 Barnum Retires MILWAUKEE Veteran Big Ten footUH official Rollie Barnum Saturday announced his retirement after 32 years of officiating. He's 52. NIBL Results Akron. 115: Denver. M. You asked for it! NOW A DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE IN THE PANTAGRAPH In the recent Readership Survey, a number of readers asked for a crossword puzzle. This new feature was added to the daily Pantagraph on Christmas Day. If you are a crossword puzzle fan, you'll enjoy this new feature. M'taday, Jan. H. IW. SAssocialed Press Votes Ewbank Coach of Year nj.w YOIU Wilbur ,Vrrhl lbank SunAiy Vol- ' H tl Natfml football Lgu VI .. .T n" "":" The ahmi. stocky mentor won the honor le way his Colts raptured tlie ML ti'le-in a clo dtirl fur ihf le.tjMe championship 2-"! 17 In an u-jiiMTileiued playolf ami I.wtkink h.i.iel Cant coacit Jim I-ee Howell 19 votes to 17. Ikxl1y Parker f tlie I'lttsbursh .iterlrrs recelxrd the remaining fn-e vote of the 41 experts covering the NFL campaign. F. w b a n k. a virtual unknow n whrn he took over the reins of the Cults in l!f4, has compiled a 301 five-year record after a J 9 fust sean. .College Frosh n.n ij... Deners inaoor High Jump Mark BOSTON A world Indoor high Jumping record Isn't bad for a 17 year old college freshman who has a flaw in his firm. Jolm Thomas of Cambridge an.1 Boston I'niversity bettered the world mark with a leap of 6 feet. 11 Inches Saturday In a dual meet with Dartmouth at Hanover, N. H. TV previous mark was 6 feet, 10'4 indrs by Ed Melsner of Mar-qiM-tte In Chicago Stadium In 1552. "John still has one major Daw In his jumping form." says BU assistant track coach Ed Flanagan. "He kicks out, toward the bar. Instead of kicking directly over his head as he should." Net Official Dies LONDON (UP!) Dr. Colin Gregory, 55 year old chairman of the All-England Lawn Tennis Club which stages the annual Wimbledon championships, collapsed and died nt the club Saturday after playing a game. Illinois Basketball ILLINOIS v.. IOWA Tonite 7:55 P. M. Presented by BANNER BREAD GENERAL TELEPHONE CO. WJBC 1230 On Your Radio HATLO HAT TO "LUNOy Little sock Adtc. 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