Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California on July 25, 1924 · Page 4
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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California · Page 4

Santa Ana, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1924
Page 4
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m SANTA ANA DUT Y REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. JULY 2S, 1924 PAVINÔ EALTY FEE Proclaimed Rome s Prettiest Maidens In Beautv Contest ûge / judg igii Car ant at Lc from J. J. Carter, Yorha Linda ranch- r. bad emer&Bd today successfully rom the trial of a suit brought erti~'*t him In the superior court f»rt> by the Joel Root Realty com- *av Fullerton. which attempted -> collect a $1260 realty commis- ioti from Carter. B. West late yesterday lent in favor of Carter, ty firm claimed that it f>d to the commission i the exchange ar an apartment, •h Carter with- j row proceedings 1 was to be con- 1 upon demand of real estate firm. Carter agreed | to turn ever his furniture to Root, with a $750 chee.k. Payment on the check was stopped by Carter, subsequently. Mrs. Carter, as principal witness for the defense late yesterday, declared that the Long Beach property- had been misrepresented. She also accused Root and his partner, Arthur Shell of making false statements regarding the proposed deal and with making threats in order to obtain payment of the commission. the VIEW AMNESTY PARIS. July 25.—Coming, as it dose so closely after the granting of amnestv to Joseph Caillaux, the mysterious death of Leo Claretie, distinguished French journalist and officer of the Legion of Honor, has aroused rumors of scandal and caused official investigation to be started. Claretie was formerly the husband of Madame Caillaux. His body, horribly mutilated, apparently b> a train, was found by a track walker near the railroad at Rennes. Preliminary investigation has failed to reveal conclusive evidence as to whether death was accidental It is apparently established that Claretie left Paris with but 15 francs in his pocket. His coat, buttoned. was discovered a mile away from where the body lay. Friends recall frequent disputes between the journalist and the second Madame Claretie, whom he married after the present Madame Callaux became the wife of the ex­ premier. It was in 1914 that the Figaro started publishing love letters which had passed between the first Mme. Claretie and Caillaux. The premier’s wife went to the offices of the editor, Gaston Calmett, and shot him to death. She was later acquitted after a sensational trial. HITS STATE’S Prominent Illinois Family Consents to Wedding to Count Dog Sen es Life U)S ANGELES. July 25. A; ! survey of agricultural conditions in I the southern part of the state as i affected by the adjustment and al- : i location of electric power made i necessary by the unprecedented drouth in California, was submitted here today by J. J Deuel, manager of the law- and utilities depart- j ment of the California farm bureau. | to Power Supervisor H. G. Butler. Taking a broad view of the field, the dairv interests have taken the , hardest blows with large increased costs of almost everything that enters into their product, Deuel reported. The fruit men on the whole, will not he materially hurt since they have been able to arrange their draft on water by deferring to each other, one group at a time j given preference as its need is most immediately, it was stated. The poultry industry is of such a nature, the report continued, that it has in some instances felt the stress of the necessary sacrifices, but in most cases a helping hand has reduced the harm to a mini ! mum. Unless the drouth is unduly prolonged, canneries will not suffoi much inconvenience, Deuel stated, and aside from a few vegetable- the raw material of the industry will not be reduced. The San Joaquin region, accord to Deuel, is the most apathetic on power conservation. North of the Tehachepi, he reported, people do not yet realize the urgency of the need of co-operation for the welfare of California as a whole. The report finally lauded the general public-spirited support food growers are giving thepower supervisor and stated that organization of their part of electric power saving has been quick and thorough. . i „at ' HAWTHORNE PLANS périment to make her people larg-1 pure bred Holstein-Fr esan HAWTHORNE, July 2rL~ fo' be ,v/ ---------- . or In stature through the con-: tie purchased fromea« t gaJ seven thousanddolar^ Broad-^ Za nr- 1 sumption of milk and is negotlat- can breeders. While in ¡““ expended tot ,^vland Prairie J prm W 1th Owner ing large purchases of milk cows FrancigCo he consulted executives way betwer A " throughout the United States for daJry councli. ¡avenues, proposed dairies in the slam | to make the Japanese _ LASSES ffiST- b^Ctbe CRltfornia daïry a mltic «rMkh« nation art*» *!* Dr. Atsushi PHILADELPHIA. July 25.— Martin Fleming, serving a life sentence in the Eastern Penitentiary here for murder, hfts <i pul ^ o piuiooov* — will also stay behind the gray stone; imperial university, walls for the rest of his life. bound with a big The pal, with a family esc utch* eon proud and unstained, went to the penitentiary very Young ami doesn’t wear the uniform of a convict, but is a “lifer.” Fly came to the penitentiary a little puppy, today he is a full- grown police dog. Years ago. Fleming, a dog fancier quarreled with his young wife He accused his mother-in- law -of causing the quarrel, and murdered her. The prison “grapevine code sent out a message that Fleming longed for a dog as a pal. Then, one day. Fly was brought to the man. known now only by a number. , . Fly at once took up the prison routine, he has never known anoth-: er life than that of the penitentiary.) Each day. however, he studies and plays with convicts in the prison grounds. He can trail a man to hiding places within the grounds and enjoys the sport. their growth through! he vital vitamJne the meMu.t»» - ¿ola8Bes at noKaaiuo . wusuiuy™.« -- -“f vmttor-i scalding water ana is homeward1 as found so abundantly I will pour out quickly. council. Dr. At«a«nt Milyawaki, promote theï ,hg.r°Jitnl Vitamine! thUmeasurtns «lit or f'priofl dn. professor of. at Hokkaido «*%£»* ï» Japs Will Try to Become Taller by Using U. S. Milk SPECIAL SALE OF USED Pianos and Player Pianos « i-i rv _ J PUifAr« Special term, of $10.00 down and $10.00 per month on both Piano and Players during sale only. Brewster Piano Shoninger Piano BBruem Piano New England Piano Haines & Co. Piano Conover Piano . . .. 1 $150.00 .... $160.00 $ 200.00 .... $175.00 Remember $10.00 delivers any of above Pianos or Players and $10.00 pays for it. Come in and look them over! 1 Player Piano and Rolls . . Autopiano Player and Rolls $165.00 $300.00 $295.00 $375.00 month B. J. Chandler Music Store Pianos To Rent—ISeiv Pianos $295 Up . «T-morr rrni DTU CT PHONE 922 SAN FRANCISCO. July i Japan has entered into an ex- You and Your Friends Miss Felicite Oglesby, member of one of Illinois' most prominent families, has announced her troth to Count Alesandro Bolognetti of Rome, the marriage to be this month. Miss Oglesby’s father was) at one time governor of Illinois. Please Phone or Malt Item, LINERS' TRADE GROWS QUEBEC, Que.—From April 29, I the date on which navigation was Mrs. W. H. Maxon, 408 Orange 0pPnP{j a,t this port, to June 30. auntie, t'oday had received inclusively 32,209 people, includ- of the death at Plattsmouth, Neb.,; inclusively, , v u of her father, Homer McKay. The. ing cabin and immigrants, landed latter celebrated his 85t'n birthday j from liners, according to official the day before his demise. As Mrs. ¡nformation now available. The Maxon was unable to reach the . „ „rmtrihntnrl as fol- Here are the three prettiest Nebraska city by the time the fun-: three months maidens in Rome. So, at least, cral was to be held, she did not, lows to ihis total: April, bius, they were proclaimed by judges in make the trip. May, 18,906; June, 14,199. Coma recent beauty contest. From top * * * • ed with the figures for the ed .yesterday to their home at 730; year shows an increase of From top to bottom are Nelle Sachetti, Bella Morani and Nora Caturza. DEVIL’ HUNT CLEARS MUDDY WATER To clear muddy water for laundry use htir in a scant tablespoon each of alum and borax, dissolved in hot water. SPOTS ON FLOOR Remove spots from oiled floors by sponging with turpentine. Political Announcement “BERT” E. DAWSON Candidate for SUPERVISOR First District Cypress street, after their delightful annual trip to the high Sierras where they enjoyed a ten days’ camping experience with freshly caught mountain trout every day for breakfast. Marble Fork creek and Yucca creek were the sites for the two different camps made. 8000. their home at 335 East Pine street. WILLIAM B. ALLEN Republican Candidate for Assemblyman from Orange County KELSO. Wash., July 25.—C. Parker, former United States forest ranger. Frank Held and R. S. Bailey, who composed the party which left here last Monday night down the “Mauntain Devils" in the vicinity of Spirit lake, are back in Kelso and declare the entire affair is either a hoax or due to imagina- # tion. The party, accompanied by J. H Huffman, district forest ranger, reached the cabin Tuesday night. After examining the shack formerly occupied by the prospectors and finding some rocks on the floor, Huffman returned to Spirit lake and the other three spent the night in the cabin. The following day a thorough search of th$ vicinity was commenced and, although some tracks were found, no other trace of apes or mysterious beasts could be seen. Huffman explained the strange tracks by duplicating them with his knuckles and the palm of his hand. The canyon where Fred Beck is supposed to have shot one of the "mountain devils,” was also closely examined but no trace of any animal could be found nor was there any indication to show that it had leaped or fallen over the precipice. Miss Hattie Mann, for many years chief librarian at Stockton, and Miss Doris Mann Barr, also of Stockton and a Berkeley graduate, have arrived Jor a brief visit with their cousins, Dr. L. Mann Hammond, 301 West First street, and Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Clark of Los Angeles, are proceeding to New Ycrk whence they will sail for Italy. Their plan is to spend several years abroad that Miss Mann-Barr may pursue her musical studies. En route to New York they will visit the Grand Canyon and other scenic points and will sail from the eastern sea-port August 6 on the S. 3. Rochambeau Terminating an outing of two- weeks’ duration, Mrs. L. M. Hamilton is again at her home, 215 West Washington. C. S. Crookshank and family are at their home after a pleasant stay .it Pine Knot. * * » * •ONSTIPATION must be avoided, or torpid liver, biliousness,ind ig«*tion and gassy pains result. Ea*y to lake, thoroaghly cleaning . . . . chamberlain’s Athletics Aid TABLETS Never disappoint or nauseate—25c Mrs. C. H. Brooks of 116 East Sixteenth street left today via Santa Fe for Port Hope, Mich where she will spend the next two months visiting relatives and friends. * * * * Mrs. George Andrews (Miss Isa bel Anderson) has returned to her Whittier home after a brief visit with her parents, Attorney and Mrs. John N. Anderson, 501 Wellington avenue. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Jackson are again at their home in Garden Grove after a delightful two- weeks’ vacation at San Juan Hot Springs. Mrs. Robert Moore, 1214 Lacy street, has returned from a week’s visit in Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Morrison left today for vacation stay at their Forest Home cabin. * * * * Mrs. R. P. Yeagle, 502 Orange avenue, is leaving on the Çanta Fe for Kansas City, Missouri, her ultimate destination being Pleasant Hill, Missouri, where she will visit relatives. Mrs. G. M. Tralle has returned from an enjoyable trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grasshopper Glacier. M osquitoes Good for the bites—good to keep the insects off too — VICKS ▼ vapo R ub To Beauty, Says Art Professor SYRACUSE, N. Y., July 25.— Prof. Car) Tracey Hawdey, head of the depan ment of drawing of Syracuse im..ersity, brands as utterly ridiculous the charges of Mrs. Kate RandaJJ of Laguna Beach, was in this city yesterday completing arrangements for an eastern trip upon which she will start Sunday. She plans to go first to Kansas City but will later spend some time in Chicago and perhaps go on to Detroit ere returning to California sometime around the holidays. * * * • Mrs. E. B. Harper of Compton has returned to her home after a pleasant few days’ visit with her mother, Mrs. J. F. Dersham, 811 East First street. J. M. McRae, w’ho has been a visitor here, is leaving today on the steamer Alexander for his home in Vancouver, B. C. William Westering, 419 West Walnut street, was a passenger to day on the Union Pacific line, bound for Omaha, Nebraska. ♦ * * * John E. Allin, lately a guest at the Cooper Hotel, left today for his home in Kansas City, Missouri, via Santa Fe route. Miss Estelle Nisson of North Main street left this morning for a day’s shopipng in Los Angeles T. H. Newman, popularly known during his residence in this city as “Pete” Newman, is renewing old friendships here where he is Over 17 Million Jan Und Yearly STRAW HATS 95c Up to S3.00 value SA50 value ........ $ 1 *65 AT THE TOGGERY LAST TODAY iv,»*1 spending his vacation. Mr. New, Alfred 1 age London ar^-t, ha man now jive8 jn Somerton, Arii the beautitully formed woman ; zona where he is constable and today caiinot and must not par- j cJty marghaj, Prjor to his departure tlcipate in sports or athletics. ; from Santa Ana seVen years ago he In my opinion present-day member of the city fire de­ athletics do more for Improving: . , women than *nvl 1 Mrs. Nancy West, a visitor here, leaves today on the Union Pacific for her home in Ontario, Oregon. J. V. Cox left today for a visit to relatives in Knoxville, Tennessee, traveling on the Santa Fe. Mrs. Estelle Porter, proprietor of the Fraser Apartments, Balboa, is making a trip to Chicago, via Santa Fe route. William Wolleman of the Y. M.- C A. is spending tYiis week in Los Angeles. the figures of women than any! amount of dieting, reducing or, fat-building. It stands to reason; that some of the intricate poses.) go much in demand today, would be Impossible unless the model was in the fittest physical trim,”) said Professor Hawley. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jemken of Laguna Beach have gone to Chico. There are 4,237,587 acres in state forests in the United States. dewing Machines Machines for Sale and Rent. W« Repair -ake all makes; Supplie» and Needles. Good USED MACHINES; Sina- ers. White», New Home, Eto., at vary special prices! Wa do Hematitchinfll F. w. BOWS 8?i W. dth Phona 1010 Woman Finds Remedy Worth Fabulous Fortune Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Krull of R. D. No. 2. Anaheim, left recently for Crosby, Missouri. * * • • Monte Jackson and family of 1502 North Sycamore street, are among the many Santa Anans now enjoying the beauties of Laguna Beach. The Misses Grace and Evelyn Wurster of 516 Cypress street are visitors this week at the home of their uncle in Los Angeles. 1 wouldn’t take a million dollars for the good iMayr’s “Wonderful Remedy hag done for me. I have finished the course and can gay I am entirely cured of very severe indigestion, bloating and The C. H. Barry family of 110 North Ross street will spend the coming two weeks at Laguna Beach. Mr. Barry is on vacation fiom his duties as mail carrier. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hunt and son and Mrs. Maud Flint and three sons of Roseville are guests at the ’ William Fowler home at 840 River-j ine street. They made the trip by! automobile. Mrs. Georgia Hancock and sons William and Richard, 840 Riverine! street, returned Thursday from) Hynes where they spent several! days visiting with friends. ♦ * * * Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hoes, 2052} Bush street, expect to leave next) Sunday for an extended trip east.. They will visit at St. Louis, Chi-) cago and other parts of Illinois and also in Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Hoes plan to be gone about six! weeks. , bovcic muigcDiiuu, uiuaiiug auu Mrs. Ida Mitchell is again at her colic attacks I suffered from for I home, 402 Vance street, after an go many years.” It is a simple, | enjoyable stay al Forest Home, harmless preparation that re- * * * moveg the catarrhal mucus from I Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Sweet and the intestinal tract and allays the daughter of 411 North Shelton inflammation which causes prac- street have gone to Elsinore for tically all stomach, liver and in- an indefinite period, testinal ailments, including appen- • * * * dlcltls. One dose will convince or After a pleasant two-weeks’ stay « vr* -~- monev refunded. At all druggist*, at (’amp Curry, Yosemite, Mr. and and he P]aiis this time to make Mrs. J. W. Blee are returning to bis stay indefinite. Fred Baker, nephew of Mrs., Claire Cullen, ic a visitor at her) home. Mr. Baker, whose home is, in Gold Bar, Washington, has made a number of trips to Santa Ana HOW IS A MAN JUDGED? A successful executive, one who daily employes many men has answered that question once and for all, when he said : ^ ^ ^ MAN UP_! L00K HIM OVER” Stoo and think what those words mean. Simply that this great business man attached a tremendous importance to a mans personal appearance. A good appearance has put men mo lgg,er |? zr It has made leaders out of trailers. It has helped turn fadures into successes. You can t afford to neglect your personal appearance. You owe it to yourself to be well dressed. x YOU MUST DRESS WELL TO SUCCEED. _______ DRESS WELL «MC ON EASY PAYMENTS SPEC I A L Ladies’ DRESSES REDUCED! We have a small number of summer dresses in beautiful Georgettes, Crepes Silk Prints, and Tub Silks, which we have reduced for quick sale, to make room for new fall arrivals—an you can uy em o EASY PAYMENTS. Don’t Wait Until You Have All the Money BUY NOW— PAY LATER! MAKE YOUR OWN TERMS YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD You Don’t Need Cash With Nash Nash Outfitting Co. Per Week ORANGE COUNTY CREDIT 109 E. 4th St. CLOTHIERS Santa Ana NO INTEREST CHARGED«?

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