Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 2, 1963 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1963
Page 28
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28 GalMbuw ReolsWr-Moil, Galesburg, 111. Wednesday. Oct. 2, 1963 Seaton Man Is Awarded By Guards SEATON - Gary Greer has been selected as the most outstanding soldier in his battalion of National Guard, and is to go to Chicago Oct. H for an.award. Greer is employed at the State Bank of Seaton. Seaton Briefs Mrs. Clarence Shoemaker entertained a group of women at lier home Saturday in honor of Mrs. Lloyd Beckham. The event was Mrs. Beckham's birthday nd she wa; surprised when more women came to have coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Metcalf of Ha- ">al, Mo., spent the weekend here at the home of her brother- in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Metcalf. Mrs. Ward Jones submitted to surgery at the Mercy Hospital in Iowa City Friday. Jones went to Iowa City Sunday to visit his wife. Mrs. Lorn E"ans and daughter Debbie spent Saturday in Galesburg with her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Vance returned home Saturday after spending two weeks with their son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bismark at Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. Bismark brought Mr. and Mrs. Vance home and spent the weekend with them. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Greer ind daughter Lisa spent the weekend at DeKalb with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Philbrick. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Callahan spent several days at the home of his sister, Mrs. Frank Otto. Frank Otto submitted to surgery Sept. 24 at the Veterans Hospital in Iowa City. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Fleet of Alexis, and Mrs. Otto went to Iowa City Monday to visit him. Chickens and Pork Will Be Big Bargains By The Associated Press Pork and chickens will be cheaper in many supermarkets this weekend as fall marketing pressures force prices down. Beef and turkey will be slightly lower. Some shops have specials on lambs. Not only are main-course prospects bright, but most areas still have a wide range of fresh, vegetables at near-seasonal lows. Pork features include both fresh •nd cured varieties. Beef buys abound in some areas, with chuck and round cuts especially inviting. Several stores have features on liver, corned beef and ground beef. Other protein offerings currently lower priced include tuna, peanut butter, sardines and dairy products. Vegetable features include green beans, cabbage, carrots, Cauliflower, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and squash. Grapes and apples continue to lead the fruit parade, with honeydew melons big features in many sections. Pears, dates, cranberries and grapefruit are appearing in increasing volume. Rice and edible oils are other attractions this week and the pecan crop shows signs of being • whopper. SMOOTH LINES — This trim lounging ensemble features a pink and gold brocade tunic with a slit neckline and slit sides, which tops slender brown trousers. They are modeled by foreign film star Claudia Car* dinale in Rome, Italy. READ THE WANT ADS! Prairie City Neivs Topics PRAIRIE CITY—Mr. and Mrs. Danny Sorrells and family spent the weekend in Chicago with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Messmore, Phoenix, Ariz., came Friday and visited until Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Yeast. Mrs. Nina Stone, St. Petersburg, Fla. came Sun day and stayed overnight. The women are sisters of Yeast. Mrs. May Perkins entertained at a supper Saturday the following: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Em-; ory, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Emory and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hornbaker, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kreps and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Suter, Mrs. Maud Emory and Miss Fledith McKinzey. It was the birthday of Francis Emory. The Household Science Club will meet Oct. 9 at the Presbyterian Church. Hostesses are Blanche Campbell, Esther Robison and Faye Orwig Rebckah Lodge Meets at Toulon TOULON - The Past Noble Grand Club met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Lydia Schmidt A get-well card was sent to Mrs, Agnes Cole, who is a patient in Kewanee Public Hospital. A birthday card was sent to Mrs. Beda Miller, who resides at Highview Nursing Home in Peoria. Mrs. Cation read a poem, "One Day at a Time." Remainder of the evening was spent in sewing on quilt blocks. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! 1 SHANK mm C IV^T.-MCTAMPS SHANK HALF u. 43c ftUTT MTI0Nu.43c lOTMMjti STAMPS now BACON SQUARES*:u39 ARMOUR. &TAR BACON ARMOUR STAR OELITES vvvD J' 1 ,69* ARMOUR STAR OSCAR MAYtR DRIED BEEF SMOKIES 4ll. QkCHUSt It IX. 59 c i ARMOUR. STAR. «iu M h tmu t.uu Mt I CHIKKSfEMS49? STOKEU SHEUIE REAMS 4»fl.00 M J KKl L L SNACK. 45* .It ot. CAN NESTLE MOISEIS *25f HlFMGElATIk JAR STUFFED OUVES 7 tit. J/kfc. 49* INSTANT lIFftl MKXWEU HOUSE 99* ft ot. SMTINES 23* GERKRSI STRAINED BUT FOOD SLEEPING SCHOLARS—Mario Belliui supervises snoozing stu- (msy learning their lessons via tape recordings in San Vlncenzo school, Bergamo, Italy. It's an experiment, under medi- fal supervision, to determine whether students asleep under hyp- •osii can absorb information heard. Findings to date are said to be favorible. HIE CHUNK. SIAHKIST TUNA **32t • ALCOA WRAP IICOIL FAFl*. TOWELS WONQRA FIOUH INSTANT HERSHEV COCOA 1 *45* MAHSHMAUOWS MILLER. COOKIES WHITE OUTEUOW POP CORK JOLLY TIME 2^27* CASCADE INN MARGARINE 2^39t DRlN* \ SAVE IK OMNGI DRINK 13 46 0Z.CAN LIMIT 2 WITH COUPON BELOW GLAZED CASCAIE \MM AMEMCAM SLICED CHEESE «33t nillllkl IK. lAUAll BISCUITS 10* THE UE.UID 60l» DETERGENT w .49f TOOTHPASTE PEPSQDENT 59* tot i» not KIN6 Vlt WHITE It. CHIR.II SCOTTOWEIS FACIAL TISSIl SCOTTIES LAfsGE 8 INCH DELICIOUS f ft • MINCE PIE...i»59* LAHGt f IHCH I LAYER. AAi ORANGE CAKE.ia .9O? .. G&eeN STAMPS IAIGI t INCH I LAYER. _ AAi *W HWISl eHUOl PU.II I NWI Kit SWEET ROLLS IV VflBi!^ i cw LIMIT wn» THIS mm "Hl-C |Q HMMUCHIU MP! FREE 100^ , , GREEN STAMPS | ( WITH ORDER OF $5 OR MORE ! /: IXCIUPING CIGARETTES Via * - — J V TH 'i.,S 0 " P0 ^ GOOPTHI^U. 0CT.3 THIS COUPON 6001 THMl OCT.! I|IIMIT m COUPON m FAMILY n •^jiLJ*^ UMIY m mm* n*family 4 ^SU ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^H j 5S5^B FREE 50^ OIIIN ITAMM WITH IMf »VtCHA$l •» IS 01. |1 U01.W. tUACH UMIT «»• Ml MtMMr MINUTE MAID ORANGE DELIGHT DRINK 5^1.00 GalMbura Register-Moil/Golesburg, III. Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1963 29 mi«s oooo thw SATURDAY QCTOIERS GREEN STAMPS WITH fUUHASE OF SHCIHINMS KtUWIS Mil* flUS MEKHAHMSE (OIMHS MMltl Tl YtH ROME. REDEEM YOUR 8* WEEK BENNER MAILED COUPONS FOR. EXTRA AM. GREEN ST AM PS tuuL M ELM AC DINNERWARE . r New Windsor Scout Troop Work on Badges NEW WINDSOR - The following .ncmbcrs of the Girl Scout Troop 427, worked on their widge work at the Sept. 25 meeting: Malissa Hamilton, Cathy Linker, Kay Brown, Mclia T -'- Anderson and Pamela Foster. Mrs. Foster, Sandra Anderson and Sonja Nimerlck served the treats. Later a cor-' of honor, which consists of the patrol leaders and their assistants, was held to discuss the troop's own badge and future events of the troop. All men.': r"' the leaders, Mrs. Leonard Bird and Mrs. Richard McCready of the Brownie Scouts, went on the hike Sept. 25. after which they had their sack lunch. DELMMTE SWEET MONEY-EACH GI)AKANTEE...if tii m not ciimmiY SATISFIED WITH THIS OEtlCIIUS CASCADE INN ICE Nil IK. CINTAINS LESS CAUMES THAN ICE C&EAM. GIANT DOUBLE DIP CONES FRIDAY 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. SATURDAY 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. EACH 3 ^OrUHERN RED WOES Lb. BA& SOLID 0RUN PEPPERS OR 6AR0EM FRESH RIO SOUP OMEN pi CttlMLtt RADISHES;: J M riRST If THI $IMM...tM1WMW Q/\ i JWfU JUICY 60LDEN DELICIOUS APPLES Gerlaw Club I Entertained GERLAW - Mrs. Carl Arm- 1 strong was hostess Sept. 24 to the Neighborhood Club. Mrs. Ruth Cooper of the Illinois Power Co. gave a talk on home service by the power company. Games were played and prizes were won by Mrs. Richard Edwards and Mrs. Robert Adcock. Mrs. Armstrong's mother-in- law, Mrs. Armstrong of Rock Island, was a guest. Gerlaw Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Neil McCrery and Doug attended a birthday supper Sept. 22 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Darrah at Fall Creek. It was in honor of Mrs. Lulu McCrery's 76th birth day. Other guests were Mrs Robert Brownlee and Connie of Norwood; Mr. and Mrs. Dale McCrery Jim and Jane of Alexis and Mr. and Mrs. William Mc Crery and Steve and Rex of Aledo. Ladies Aid meeting was held Thursday at the home of Mrs Thatcher Haynes with Mrs. Bert Boostrom assisting. Mrs. Harlan Terpening led devotions from the 23rd Psalm. Nov. 6 will be the Gerlaw Christian Church chicken pie supper. A back yard sale will be Oct. 2 at the home of Mrs. Bet Uy Sells In Monmouth, i Mrs. Harlan Terpening and Sandra were recent guests of the Woman's Club at Little York. Sandra gave a report on the music camp she attended at Western Illinois University at Macomb and also she sang a solo as special music. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hooc of East Moline and Mrs. Charles Collins and Bradley of Monmouth were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hood Sept. 24. Quotes From Todav's News (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International MOSCOW — Premier Nikita Khrushchev, acknowledging crop failures in the Soviet Union: "We speak openly about our failures. We are used to the fact that the capitalists are laughing today. But tomorrow they will recognize our successes." Cameron Group Plan* Project CAMERON — The general meeting of the CWF met at th# Cameron Christian Church Thur»* day. Mrs. Lucille Still had the devotions. The group was asked to think about taking care of ail orphan again this year. A rummage sale will be held Oct. 18 and 19 in Galesburg. Mrs. Lucille Still gave a talk on a western vacation trip. During the trip, they visited Still, brother and Mr. and Mrs. Neil Newlon. Mrs. Tom Curtis told about a trip to the Northwest and Canada. Ted Ferris of Galesburg gave a talk on fall flowers. He designed some centerpieces. Refreshments were served by the committee of Mrs. Leslie Jaggars, Mrs. Burl Mills, Mrs. Lissa Haley, Mrs. Ted Tinkham and Mrs. Fred Johnson, i Cameron News Briefs I Mr. and Mrs. Neil Reiske of Detroit, Mich., spent the weekend with Mrs. Reiske's mother, Mri. Amy Tinkham. Celebrating Mary Sue Curtis' 10th birthday the following gathered, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Curtis for a wiener roast: Mr. and Mrs. Edd Youngquist, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Youngquist and family, Faye Willey, Miss Mary E. Willey, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Conard and David, and Diane, Mrs. Rose Youngquist and Mrs. Lillian Britton, in addition to Mrs. Bessie Janson of Norfolk, Va. Attend Picnic Mr. and Mrs. Richard Higbe« and family attended a family picnic at Lincoln Park, Galesburg, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Higbee of Yuma, Ariz. Mrs. Ada Conard spent the weekend in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hoots of Wataga. Mrs. Bert Johnson, Mrs. Howard Dunbar and daughter, Mrs. Stella Dollinger and Mrs. Tom Curtis called in the home of Mrs. Wayne Conard Thursday. Mrs. Lillian Britton and Mrs. Bessie Janson of Norfolk, Va., had lunch in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edd Youngquist Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whitman recently visited in the home of their son Max and family of Elmhurst, v SAN FRANCISCO - An ambulance attendant, describing how schoolboys set fire to and severely burned an eight-year-old girl who was p o 1 i o-stricken and walked with braces: "She couldn't do anything but stand there and burn." SAN FRANCISCO — Ezra Taft Benson, former secretary of agriculture, opposing wheat sales to Russia: "If my enemy is hungry and I feed him, he becomes strong." UNITED NATIONS - U.S. Am bassador Adlai Stevenson, ac knowledging the civil rights problem in the United States: "What troubles we have today are the result of progress made yesterday. But we are moving swiftly now and surely — in the direction of equal rights for all in the last corner of the land." Olson Family Reunion Planned WOODHULL — Descendants of Charles and Emma Olson will hold their annual reunion Sunday at the Legion Hall in Andover. A potluck dinner will be served. Mrs. Anona Palm and Mrs. Ruth Riggle of the AlWooi schools attended a meeting of the Henry County Council of Women Educators at Annawan Tuesday. The 1963 earthquake in Skopje, Yugoslavia, destroyed some 30 mosques that still remained in Skopje's Old Quarter. Turks, who ruled Skopje from 1389 until 1912, had built them. Now You Know By United Press International The world's leading producer of potatoes during the 1961-62 harvest was the Soviet Union, with 84,310,000 metric tons, according to the Statesman's Year Book. The chess collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City contains a set commemorating the Revolutionary War Battle of Saratoga in 1777 The equivalents of the kings and queens are George Washington and Liberty opposing George III and Britannia. BEAUTY AND THE BOOTH— Styles in telephone booths seem to be as changeable these days as in fashions or cars. Airy booth above is newly installed at O'Hftre Iuteruaticnal Airport, Chicago. Despite its open construction, its sound- treated materials shut out much outside noise and provide maximum privacy (or callers.

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