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THE IDAHO STATESMAN SUNDAY MORNING DECEMBER 10 1922 12 'GIRLS RUDY FOR BASKETBALL MEET RIHGMEN WORKOUT FOR FANS TODAY PARIS PROGRESSING ON OLYMPIC GAMES Sportsmen In Politics Pinchot Shipstead Brookhart Simonton and Winch Outdoorsmen Meet Approval of Voters NATIONAL GAME CONFERENCE (National Sports Syndicate) On December 11 and 12 the American Game Protective association will hold Its ninth national game conference at the Waldorf-Astoria In New York city Sportsmen who have attended former conferences consider these meetings the biggest event of the year Gathered together in open assembly are men Interested In game conservation from every section of the United States and Canada Last year more than 600 sportsmen were seated at the dinner which concludes the conference on the evening of the second day: Morning and afternoon session will be held on both days The program will be made up of men who are nationally known as experts on ONE TARGET C1IA5IPIONS By Peter Carney Trapshooting championships are won by about as narrow a margin In Utah as in any state we know of In 1916 A Bigelow beat Gus Becker for the championship by one target In 1918 Becker defeated Sam harm an and I Ford (who tied for the runnerup position) by one target The following year Chick Reiley defeated Becker by one target In 1921 Ford won the-championship with Becker and Sharman tied for second place one target behind In 1922 Sharman won the title with Ford and Becker one target behind him These figures show that Becker won one championship by one target and lost the championship no less times by one target hich indicates that he is Just about the best shot in Utah (National Sports 'Syndicate) himself and for a number of years has been in charge of the school of Instruction at the national rifle matches Senator Brookhart was born In a log cabin In Missouri and while he is to- lng the pitman or arm which connects i with the draglink and which Is squared onto the worm-gear shaft turning the steering wheel so that this shaft is rotated one-quarter turn and replacing the pltnan This puts the worm into contact with teeth of the worm wheel which have previously been very little used and you should find that most of the slack has been eliminated However If this method of adjustment has ever been resorted to before care must be taken that the pitman is not replaced in its old position as nothing would be gained by so doing Questions of general interest to the motorist will be answered by Mr Clough In this column space permitting If an immediate answer is -desired enclose self-addressed stamped envelope Drive YOUR Spir SMYRNA'S LUCKY BABY CAIRO A baby found floating on a raft iO miles from Smyrna while that city was burning was brought here and haB been adopted by wealthy Greeks the subjects jtsslgned to them speak vln Cobb will address the diners ters including Ir-n Jdress the dTners and William Finley of Oregon will show his latest wild life pic tures at the dinner COAST CONFERENCE ADOPTS '23 SCHEDULE SEATTLE (JP) The Pacific coast conference adopted Its 1923 football schedule Saturday The season opens October 19 with a game between the University of Idaho and Washington State college at Pullman Other games scheduled for the University or Idaho are: October 27 University of Oregon site to be selected November 11 Oregon Agricultural college site to be selected November 17 Stanford university at Palo Alto Cal November University of Southern California at Los Angeles (tentative) The northwest conference schedule will be announced late Drive YOUlt Mr Car So you may know the reason why we can give you better work for lees money our overhead expenses are less We hire no help unless experienced In this line We have no socalled experts but natural born mechanics Just give us a trial and be convinced All work guaranteed Eastslde Garage 710 State Advertisement Mrs Sargent Is now retailing and wholesaling her famous chicken tamales 317 8th at Phone Advertisement For His If you give a man a ZIM HAT for Christmas he will remember your thoughtfulness many times in the months to come No gift is more acceptable to a man because few men ever had too many hats The mere fact that it came from Exclusive Hat Shop is proof enough that it is a mighty good hat By PETER CARNEY Editor National Sports Syndicate A number- of men much Interested In outdoor life were at the recent election chosen to fill Important offices and the sportsmen of the United States will doubtless benefit thereby Gifford Pinchot a man who believes in conservation and the proper fish and game laws was chosen governor of Pennsylvania and the Keystone state which boasts of more game than any other state in the union should have even more game and fish when Pinchot goes out of office than it has now He is a real sportsman Hendrick Shipstead the senator-elect from Minnesota likes nothing better than to take a gun or rifle andT go into the field Duck shooting Is a sport that he is especially fond of but he will take a chance at deer also The sportsmen of the United States have a warm supporter In Senator Shipstead and the more men of his calibre that go to the senate the better it will be for the game laws of the United States Gunner Now Lawmaker Smith Brookhart elected United States senator from Iowa is the president of the National Rifle association That tells you that Senator Brookhart is Interested the advancement of rifle shooting He Is a fine rifle shot DATES SCHEOULED FOR CAGE QUINTET UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO MOSCOW have been completed tentatively for the Christmas vacation barnstorming tour of the Vandal bask-: etball squad This annual tour is de-1 signed to get the squad ip shape for-the collegiate season which opens In January The Independent teams on this short schedule of about 10 games are composed mostly of former college players and plenty of competi- 1 tlon is given even the strongest var-' stty quintet Following is the schedule as it now stands: December Cheney at Cheneyr December 22 Not filled December 23 and 25 Kellogg at Kellogg December Coeur d'Alene at Coeur December 27 and Elk River at Elk River December 29 Potlatch at Potlatch January 12 Cheney at Moscow Drive YOUR Reaches Pre-War Levels MONTREAL (JP) Living cost a In Canada are nearing prewar levels the average cost of the weekly family budget according to government statistics now being $1028 as compared with $1182 last year and $1595 in 1920 The index of wholesale prices is lower than it has been in years Financial experts point out that the decline In commodity prices has been accompanied by: a remarkable revival of business throughout the dominion The past year they say has seen the last struggle in the transition from the period of post-war depression Unemployment virtually has disappeared The harvest In the west drained the east of workers and created a temporary labor shortage in several lines of industry The Increase in construction industries is furnishing work to thousands "Improved foreign trade has been a big factor in the revival" says the statement "The first six months of this year show a favorable trade balance of approximately $32000000 as compared with an adverse trade balance of about $85000000 a year ago Since the war the dominion has risen from ninth to fourth place among the exporting nations of the world and now leads all the countries in the per capita volume of exported goods" Christmas orders taken now for the Lauramay home made candles made by Mrs May Baldwin Mrs Laura Thum 805 Jefferson -Advertisement Use Horseshoe Re-Cord tubes Advertisement i Best picture framing at lowest prices Studio 1122 Main St Advertisement Five basket ball groups are entered in the A league which will play through a tourney here this winter Quintets from the Idaho Life Insurance company the Boise-Fayette Lumber company tho atatehouse the Golden Rule and the telephone office are practicing In the gymnasium every evening The swimming classes under the auspices of the A have 164 members and the gymnasium classes 187 entrants The classes for home women which meets twice a week numbers over 40 members and the classes for business girls are attended by 85 persons Eighty-seven grade school children are enrolled In the physical culture work under the direction of Miss Kathryn Lemp while the membership of the esthetic dancing classes totals 44 girls Drive YOUR OPPOSES GIVING TY COBB BATTING AVERAGE OF 400 NEW YORK At a meeting of the New York chapter of the Baseball association Saturday the organisation went on record in a series of resolutions to the effect that the 400 batting average recently credited to Ty Cobb of the Detroit club by President Johnson of the American league ought not to be recognised in official record publications Copies of the resolutions will be sent to Baseball Commissioner Landis Drlve YOUR Best and lowest priced photon Studio 1122 Main St Advertisement AUTO OWNERS If you have an open car and have been wanting a closed car we have the problem solved Come and see a car we have on exhibition that has been converted into a closed car Superior to a Sedan for the season that the plate glass enclosure can be removed in summer thereby giving you an open car in summer and a closed car In winter Radiator covers made for all makes of cars Sallee California Auto Top Co 213-215 Tenth St Boise Idaho Christmas DRIVE 'YOUR SSJ NEW YORK (2PJ Satisfactory progress in the preparations for holding: the Olympic games at Paris in 1924 is reported in a review received by the American Olympic committees here Saturday Albert Geiger jr' chairman of the Boston A A athletic commit-tee who went abroad some weeks ago to Investigate conditions from an American team standpoint said that work on both the stadium and tracks were well advanced In this preliminary communication to Fred Rubien secretary of the A (X A Mr Greiger stated that the main running track in the Columbus turn had been completed and promised to be exceptionally fast by the summer of 1924 Another 18 months of rolling and top dressing with later settling and hardening1 will in' his opinion provide the fastest track ever prepared for Olympic games competition and far superior to the track at Antwerp in 1920 which was not finished until after the American team arrived No preliminary practice will be permitted upon the Columbus track A special soft dirt track is being constructed Inside the Olympic track and all the training work will be confined to this course in order to leave the main track in good shape for the actual competitions Reporting on the probable housing situation for the American team Mr Geiger expressed the opinion that the proposed system of small houses to be constructed for the' visiting teams would not prove satisfactory from an American point of view He advised the hiring of a quiet select family hotel within 15 or 20 minutes ride of the stadium to be given over entirely to the United States competitors He cited several desirable sites both in Paris and the suburbs especially Neuilly Citing French athletic activities and preparations he mentioned that the French figure and speed skaters as well as hockey players might be expected to make an excellent showing in the ice skating events which will open the eighth Olympiad at Chamoniox Switzerland in 1924 Swimming is also making rapid progress in France and the new natatorium of the Sporting club of France is stated to be one of the best in the world comparing favorably with any in the United States Drive YOUR Hints for the Motorist ALBERT CLOUGH DOXT LET YOUR BATTERY FREEZE A Fully Charged Battery Contains Its Own Antifreeze Liquid Storage battery liquid Is a mixture jf sulphuric acid and water In proportions which vary with the state of charge of the battery Sulphuric acid is proof against freezing but water freezes at 32 degreees Fahrenheit The addition of sulphuric acid to water lowers the freezing point of the mixture very greatly as the proportion of acid is increased and if sufficient is present to raise the specific gravity of the mixture to 1260 by the hydrometer it becomes safe against freezing down to 60 degrees below zero which is a temperature lower than any battery is likely to be subjected to in this country This specific gravity corresponds to that of the liquid in a battery which is about three-quarters charged so that any battery which Is kept as near full charge as this Is safe against freezing but In order to be well on the safe side It Is best always- to keep a battery completely charged with Its liquid testing 1275 If it is to be subjected to extreme cold As a battery discharges the acid which was in the liquid leaves It and enters into chemical combination with the material of the plates thus reducing the proportion of acid in the liquid and raising its freezing point so that it will freeze at a higher temperature At one-half charge enough acid will have left the liquid to bring Its gravity down to about 1210 and its freezing point up to 20 degrees below zero When three-quarters of the charge has been exhausted and the gravity falls to 1160 freezing will occur at zero a degree of cold possible in the case of cars left outside for long periods in severe weather The greatest risk however is in the case of the completely discharged battery left in an unheated place in cold weather for there will be so little tcid left in its liquid that it will freeze at 20 degrees above a very common winter temperature In unwarmed buildings The freezing a battery usually results in putting it out of service through the cracking of the cell jars and the escape of the liquid If It is not immediately repaired the box and plates may be destroyed Practically speaking when a battery is sufficiently charged to do its work properly the danger of its freezing is not great but the battery that is stored In a cold place and becomes discharged is In serious danger of freezing damage Fortunately the Cully charged battery Is immune to tlamage by exposure to cold USING HIGH TEST GAS IN WINTER writes: One of the filling sta-ons In my town is advertising high st aviation gasoline and selling it about 8 cents per gallon more than rdlnary gas They recommend it use during cold weather Do you tlnk It would pay me to use ItT Answer: You can best settle this Dint by making a trial of It and we lggest that sometime when your mk Is nearly empty you fill up with and note the results If this gaeo-ne Is as represented and has a de-dedly lower end point than average asollne that is If Its components ill vaporize at a considerably lower mperature it might pay you to use despite its high price especially your car is kept in a cold garage id you have trouble In starting your iglne and difficulty with the thin-ing of your oil and are otherwise othered in using the ordinary grade fuel Anyway there will be no arm In making a trial of It STEERING COLU3IN ADJUSTMENT asks: How can the slack be removed from the steering wheel of my car? It can now be turned several Inches without working the steering gear Answer: In so far as this lost mo tion is due to wear of the worm gear teeth with which the worm is most usually in contact It can be removed by substituting unworn teeth for the worn ones This is done by remov i All the principals In Monday card at the Boise Athletic club gymnasium will show in -public workouts Sunday afternoon Nick Collins has announced Lee Morrissey has been slated to take on stable of lightweights and welters at 3 clock and Lubbes will follow at 8:45 For his two preliminary fights Nick has signed Healen and "Young Schaefer who will strip at 185 and go four rounds and Olo Olson And Young? Ketchell two promising welters who will pommel each other for the four round semi-windup Doors at the arena on Idaho street will be opened at 7:45 and the warfare has been scheduled to start at 8:15 Drlva YOUR Spike NELSON AND R0CKS0N WIN FISTIC BOUTS AT OGDEN OGDEN Utah (P) Nelson of Boise Idaho was awarded the decision over Jim Marshall or Sacramento here Friday night in the i six round main event at the Manhattan club Marshall captured but one round during the mill the second the first being even and the remaining frames going to the Idaho star by a shade Nick Rockson of Boise won with a knockout over Dell Adams of Weiser in the third round of a scheduled six round match a smashing right to the jaw sending Adams to the mat On Adams regaining his feet Rockson planted another right to the Jaw which ended the battle Billie Johnson of Ogden and Jim Carpentier of Salt Lake fought four rounds to a draw in the four round event YOUR Spike BOBLLETT AND BALLONI ARE WINNERS OF 8-DAY BIKE RACE NEW YORK UP) Boullet-Belloni Saturday night won the six day bicycle race at Madison Square Garden Broc-co and Coburn finished second and the Egg-Eaton combination third dark moonlight night to find your boat gone also in that same spot you will most likely find imprints in the sand which look as tho some one had been screwing mud guards on a piano Well anyway we went boat hound hunting On a sandy beach a few miles up the river we laid a figure 8 with a piece of small rope and dropped a handful of mulberry leaves inside then hid behind a large pine tree with the other end of the rope in our hands Hashlmura a hot-blooded southerner from the northern part of Michigan was all for going home after we had waited till nearly dark but he agreed to wait one more hour At last two hounds came loping up out of the water and each let himself free from his boat One spied the mulberry leaves first and made a wild dash for them We jerked the rope tight and let out a blood curdling yell at the same time which caused the other hound to grab his boat and run We had the other captured and when the rope tightened his front feet started backwards and his hind feet started forwards with the result that he got so confused fainted We killed him with a toothpick and left for home thoroughly satisfied with our kill From way down In Albion Herbert Adams writes of tbe history and method of capturing fnll grown boat hound Herbert falls to tell whether the original was of the catnmarnn variety or whether Crlstoforo Colombo brought over one of the famous brat hound of Plnta or Santa Maria blood but he does go Into details of the habits and habitat of the beast I The boat hound was introduced in the state of Idaho In the year 1493 by that reverent predecessor of ours Christopher Columbus Chris was very thoughtful of us at that time taking the only hound left in the Mediterranean sea to bring to us At the time he left his uncle land he was heard to elaculate "The people out there in Idaho will have more use for him than will King He was deposited from submarine near the top of ML Hynd-man Descending to Wood river (formerly known as Boat Hound creek) he threw a boulder Into the stream sat on It and' floated to the present site of Halley Idaho This proved to be a suitable place for his future habitat so he remained there The boat hound has a peculiar way 1 Wh arry some nearby mountain He then se- of reproducing its kind finds a boat he will car enever he it away to cretes a small amount of blood from the tip of his left ear He covers -the blood with a huge pile of pine needles and then places the boat over the pine needles the boat being placed up side down In three days a full grown boat hound emerges from under the boat This new nound eats all- of the boat before leaving the place and thereafter eats nothing throughout his life Because of this they make excellent pets but very poor watchdogs as they are never hungry The only known way to capture them Is to tie your boat loosely and lay inside of -it until a hound comes to get It When he starts to tip the boat over grab him by the big toes of his two middle feet and he will surrender without a struggle Unless captured In this wav he will die of St Vitus dance caused by laughing at your awkwardness According to a census I supervised in 1776 when a scout for Connie Mack there were 5866788571382231 of these animals in the state Since that time they have Increased about five or six In number The boat hound Is nearly as large as a hen-pecked husband's liberties in else and travels with the swiftness that a letter did under the private supervision of former Burelson Should any of mighty hunters tide let me say right here that I know the street ana house num ber of each hound In the state and would be glad to accept a position as governor Tenderfoot's series send In a description and Nick Villeneuve will sketch It to run with your tale) Rales for Tale-Telling Confine yourself and yoar fountain pen or typewriter (no penciled testimonies acceptable) to 300 word and end yoar atory tos Tenderfoot care of The Idaho Daily Statesman Boise Idaho The three best will be printed la these columns next Sunday Tales mast be signed Include yoar address and must be mailed to reach Tenderfoot Friday moralng Literary excellence doesn't count for a darn around a camp and neither does veracity for that matter hat brevity and have a lot of standing among the best story tellers day (lawyer he -runs his own farm raises pigs prunes his own trees and i gives a lot of time to rifle shooting I The interests of the rifleman will be well looked after by Senator Brook-1 hart 1 CoL William A Simonton was elected 1 state senator in Delaware from the First district the northern part of the state Colonel Simonton Is a trap-i shooter of no mean ability and a thor- ough sportsman He has been runner-i up for the Delaware state trapshooting I championship on more than one occa-! sion and his more than one occasion and his greatest ambition now besides i being governor of Delaware Is to be I the trapshooting champion of that state May his wishes be realised CapL Frank Winch one of the best known writers on outdoor subjects who knows the outdoors as well as any man was chosen mayor of Bergen field Maybe you know there was such a place as Bergenfield If you you know now Winch had a majority of 250 of the 900 votes cast which indicates that he stands pretty hlgh in the estimation of his neighbors There may have been other sportsmen elected to office but these are the only ones we know of this minute WOMEN RIFLE SHOOTERS By Peter Carney Rifle shooting as a sport is being adopted by virtually all of the girls schools and colleges Drexel Institute of Philadelphia In 1921 had a rifle team that won six matches without suffering defeat and the excellent record compiled by the Drexel glrla has caused others to try for laurels Vermont university has a team of female rifle shots this winter as has Northwestern university When the fair sex takes to rifle shooting tho 22 calibre sport its success Is assured it le wonderful sport for man or woman boy or girl From these girls we may develop other Mrs Topperweins or Annie Oakleys Mr has always insisted that any woman who gave the same time and' attention to rifle shooting that she gave to her other duties would be successful Mrs Topperwein when she married had never fired a rifle pistol or shot gun Today she has no superior in the world man or with any of these firearms (National Sports Syndicate) EASTER ISLAND SAID TO BE HORRIBLE PLACE Virtually Devoid of Vegetation and Bird Life Due to Heavy Winds and No Vicious Hies LONDON (A) Easter feland the land Of mystery of the South Pacific virtually devoid of vegetation and without bird life of any kind is a horrible place to live according to New Zealand scientist who Is now In London after a five stay on the Island No trees grow on Easter Island because it lacks water and the heavy winds wreck them No birds live there because there are no worms in the dry soil there are no mosquitoes but this lack is more than compensated by vicious local flies The island Is triangular 12 miles by nine by seven and Is remote from the track of ships Two hundred Polynesians Inhabit it and they suffer perpetually from hunger according to the investigator who Is Professor Macmillan Brown It is famous for Its high carved stone Images the origin of which never has been determined Professor Brown says the island cannot have been long inhabited He fixes 1600 as the date of tho first settlers and consequently of the setting up of the strange stone gods It was first sighted by white men in '1686 and first explored in 1722 when it had 2000 inhabitants The place to nave your typewriter cleaned repaired and made to work' like new la at Typewriters that are In perfect condition ranted by the day week or month 210 8th Phone 7 -Advertisement Call 285 when you want groceries fruits and vegetables We wish to serve you Boston Grocery Adver tisemenL This Christmas will be remembered as the happiest of all in the memory of the boy or girl who receives such a wonderful present as- a bicycle It brings pleasure healthful enjoyment convenience and good times at little cost Come in and see the handsome new models priced at $25 to $45 You Can-Choose From the Best at stock of fine hats is not equalled by any other store in Southern Idaho He is prepared with a very large collection of hats in every new style and shape made from the best of stay-in-shape felts beav-' ers and doth materials in every new color Sizes to fit any man Felt Hats $300 to 700 Beavers $400 to $1200 Cloth Hats $200 to 500 Fine Caps $175 to 300 Zim will pick a hat that will fit any man's physique and personality for you Just tell him the size There are dogs and dawgs but the boat hound takes the puppy biscuit as a subject for Imaginative writing Witness the effusions of Idaho and Oregon self-styled hunters and boaters who have written the Tenderfoot with tales of adventures enlivened only by blood cuddling details of this fearsome actions when hunted and captured It is but few outdoorsmen who have witnessed this strange and as yet unclassified hydro-canine (for proof ask the contributors) and still smaller numbers have actually secured a specimen Gordon Hockadrfy the Hey-barn tale teller Is one of those who has hunted the beast has experienced hair raising encounters with the hound has lived to write of them but has failed thus far to obtain even a boat pup for proof List to hla offering this weeks It follows In my life of adventure and travel I have had many blood curdling experiences and sundry skln-of-the-teeth es- i capes but the worst of them pales to insignificance in comparison to my deadly combat with the boat hound in the suburbs of Nampa' I had been treking for days through the swamps and bad lands and my only food had been the flesh of the bushwah bird that I snared by the aide of the trail I was only accompanied by my faithful Indian guide Aristotle who had followed me all the way from Boise In order that we might face the dangers of the bush together In order to vary our 'monotonous menu we decided to spend a few days hunting the ferocious boat hound that abounds In this particular region We were very fortunate in finding one of these strange creatures ashore for they spend 360 days of the year rowing up and down the river looking for a place to land As it happened we located one In a thick clump of willows and we surrounded him before he could dash to the water By making a noise similar to the whistle of a steamer going up stream we were able to inveigle him out of his lair and it was then that I saw my first boat hound When his sharp eyes perceived Aristotle and myself he knew that he was surrounded and with -a shrill cry of terror he galloped toward the river At that instant I halted him by shouting in a loud tone of voice I was able to see him more clearly He reminded me a great deal of the Dachshund as he was so much different I rushed at him with a pair of stout oars in hopes of overpower- I could get them fitted into the oar ing him but he escaped my grip before get them fitted into the oar locks with a loud splash he was In the water and gone although I stood and shouted for an hour "We came very near to having boat meat for I said to Aristotle with a sly wink Upon hearing this witty remark the stoic redskin dropped his chin on his abdomen and laughed heartily A warning to careless brafsmea Is Issued la Richard IIerrlckB letter Ilerrlck a Boise man dope oat the boat hound la the following manners I Hashlmura Togo westerner asked me last spring if I would care to go boat hound hunting with him and as I had never seen or heard of such an animal also because I liked excitement I told him I would Hashlmura says the boat hound resembles a small row boat with four legs on the under side The male boat hound can easily be distinguished from the female by brown stripes that run up Its legs while those or the female run down They have a very large appetite eating only mulberry leaves and cactus root But most peculiar are the legs which are the only apparent living part and when they wish to do so dissect themselves from one boat and move to another Campers beware! Do not leave your boat where the boat hounds can get at them or you will wake up Home The striped animal with the Ivory dome is a -splinter cat and next to the wamp and the sketeroo is one of the most destructive beasts which roam the woods Pound on the silvered keys or press the beak of -your fountain pen on one side only of a few sheets of copy paper to the extent of 300 (approximately) words and tell tale readers of the woods fe- line (And by the way the special series is growing in number of entries dally To date the Tenderfoot has received a side hill giddy-wuagh an Elmore crocagator truly a strange organism an Ice mouse a selia a honyak bird and his cousln the bushwah bird If you have some specimen worthy of incorporation at the end of the HAT SHOP 807 MAIN Exactly the Gift Your Boy or Girl Should Have Glorious Freedom on Your Trip to Southern California When you come to Southern California break up the monotony of the rail journey by having your tleket routed via Yale or Harvard between San Francisco and Los Angeles Enjoy the freedom of broad decks and spacious freedom to rest or to play in a variety of delight fol ways Fairy Tricycles The kind with stronger frames ball bearing wheels and heavy rubber tires We have all sizes priced at $10 to $25 ISan Los San Diego Tickets one way and round trip may be routed via LAS 8 Co between San Francisco Los Angeles and San Diego Same Ore as all rail Meals and berth extra Ask your local XL XL Ticket Agent or writs for folder LOS ANOELES STEAMSHIP CO Crowder A 685 Marks St San Francisco Cullen A 517 So Spring SL Los Angeles LOS ANGELESTiONOLULU SERVICE Fortnightly sailings direct between Los Angeles and Honolulu with giant luxury liners Next sailing from Los Angeles Harbor Saturday December 16 at noon Boise Cyclery Supply Just South of the Owyhee Hotel on 9th St.

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