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The Idaho Statesman from Boise, Idaho • 8

Boise, Idaho
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THE IDAHO STATESMAN SUNDAY MORNING NOVEMBER 26 1922 8 SATURDAY RESULTS UPSLT GRID DUPE TENDERFOOT TALES' HARVARD WINS FROMELI SQUAD Yale Loses Hard-Fought Gamfe to Ancient Rival by 10 to 3 Score Crimson Half back Individual Star ARMY DEFEATS NAVY 17 T0 14 Fifty Thousand Perscn3 See Annapolis Team Fight Losing Battle Cadets Outplayed in Early Periods of Game NEW YORK (A) Gridiron dope ai-ready badly upet this season took a complete somersault Saturday from an eastern viewpoint In a majority of leading battles Harvard's smashing 10 to 3 victory over Yale which was on the long end of pre-game odds led the form reversals Dartmouth beaten by Vermont Cor-i nell and Harvard cam back with a sensational 7 to 0 triumph over Brown the Crimson's conqueror I Washington and Jefferson a heavy favorite was crushed by Detroit unl-! verslty 26 to 9 but Notre Dame in another lntersectlonal clash ran con-4 spicuously true to form In beating Carnegie Tech 19 to 0 Lafayette and the Army narrowly averted upsets in two other leading encounters the former barely defeat- PHILADELPHIA Playing true to their season's form the Army football eleven defeated Its old rivals the Navy on Franklin field Saturday by the score of 17 to 14 in one of the hardest and cleanest gridiron struggles seen on the Pennsylvania field in a Tong time NEW HAVEN Conn (By the Associated Press) Harvard defeated Yale Saturday 10 to 8 in a game which in i exposition of play and In scenic spectacle took high rank the long line of these annual contests Crimson initiative and Crimson re-1 sources overcame the big Blue team with George Owen burly back operating aa individual hero It was Owen's run-back of a Yale punt 47 yards through a fighting Yale team that led directly to his touchdown and to his succeeding point by kick in the first period Two other scores were made a field The score represented two touch-a field goal for the Army and two touchdowns for the Navy all downs and I ing its traditional rival Lehigh 3 to 0 while the Cadets stagsd a whirl wind finish to overcome the Navy 17 to 14 for the first time since 1916 RITOLA WINS SENIOR CROSS COUNTRY RUN base drum surface of his thorn-studded back After aiming for almost an hour I decided to risk a shot but with the roar of my he sprang from his hiding place I turned and rushed bravely in the opposite direction When hmi climbed a convenient tree I looked calmly back and saw that the dumdum had not followed me but had embarked in the river and was swimming rapidly upstream 1 timed his speed with my stopwatch and found that he was traveling fully two miles an hour I was resolute and held my ground until he had vanished and the incessant booming had died away In the distance GORDON HOCKADAY Box 105 Heyburn Idaho 1 Now cometh an Oregon tale and the who desires Dunald Parker's aTd In classifying the until-now unknown dum-dum has a -specific instruction as to preparations for viewing the musical monstrosity Here it is: It was on the S6th day of January that 1 decided to search for the duck-footed dum dum I wax getting ready to go when a fellow steps up and asks me for a Job 1 thought I might use him as a guide so says to him "Have you ever been op any exploring parties says he had to cut out the card' parties since my wife ob- "You don't understand sayg I "I mean have you ever hunted much says he have to gen- orally hunt a long time for my collar buttons every Well I hired him and we started out In my rolls-ruff which was born about the year 1901 It is a good car except for two or four connecting rods and two or three bearing rod knocks but this Is the -secret of catching the dum-dum He thinks it Is one of his relation because he hears the knocks and so comes a-runnlng We had traveled quite awhile when the guide declared he heard the call of the Dum Dum so we shut off the engine and run on the reputation (we went quite a ways) "We did this because we wanted to sneak up on the Dum Dum without scaring him to death We had ig goal by Charlie Yale's star of the day from the 22-yard line in the second period and a field goal kicked 25 yards by Karl Pfaffman a Harvard Informative letters and descriptions from Idaho hunters would indicate that the duck-footed dum-dum Is more common In the state than is the oomph the lizard-like amphibian whose caricature graced the first of this series) of little-known beasts and birds 4 Twenty Oregon and Idaho outdoors-! men have written the Tenderfoot about personal experiences with the uum-dum characterized by the trap drum- head on his back and the double drum-1 stick tail sketched in this column last! Sunday The Tenderfoot pawed through the entire lot and chose the following three letters as the best of the lot For a starter Stone who takes the moth-eaten tack hammer as a consistent entry In the Tenderfoot's column follows his dissertation on the oomph with a scholarly study of the duck-footed dum-dum It follows: The duckfooted dum-dum is rapidly becoming one of America's most popular species of game The writer does not hesitate in saying that In the next 25 years hunting the dum-dum will become as exciting and common a sport as sparrow snooting Is at present The name duckfooted dum-dum Is derived from the Yiddish (ferocious animosity obknoxsush peto-rlum) From third edition chapter 93 page 1023 we learn that In west Polygonia province of East Africa there existed many years ago a queer animal not unlike our common skunk called the on account of Its webbed feet which enabled it to walk over the marsh lands -where It made its home This beast was much sought after for the fine fur it carried -The natives would it by the only effective method known They would form a circle around the marsh each native being equipped With a tom-tom drum upon which they beat lustily The noise would drive the duckfoot out whereupon they would shoot him with a hlghpower rifle Evolution is a queer thing and It so happened that after years of being hunted the duckfoot developed a natural mode of protection consisting of a hollow flat drum-like growth on their back and two tails shaped like drum sticks on the end When attacked -they would pound rapidly on their back and so confuse the natives that they could not see to shoot In the last few years these in- trepid little animals have migrated to North America via the water route to escape extinction They are rapidly increasing in numbers and there is no known way to capture them now due to the fact that they are totally deaf BOB STONE Boise Idaho From Heyburn a hunter Indites the following Washington Irvlngesque epistle relative to a fearsome expert- ence with the dttm-dum NEW YORK Willie Ritola of the Finnish -America A of New York won the national senior A A cross country championship Saturday over the mile Vancortlandt Park course dfeatlng Earl Johnson of Pittsburg the present titlehoider by 800 yards The Finnish-American A won the loam championship Ritola covered the course In the fast time of 34 minutes 37 4-5 seconds Johnson of the EdgaY Thomson Steel A A was second llmar Prln Finnish-Amerlcan A third Marvin Rick New York A C- former Princeton harrier fourth and James Hennegan Dorchester club fifth The Finnish-American team won with 42 points The Dorchester club of Boston was second with 49 and tho Meadow Brook club of Philadelphia third with 52 9 NAMPA DEFEATS MEMDIAN NAMPA Nampa high school using four substitutes defeated the Meridian high school eleven Friday afternoon at Meridian by a score of 13 to 6 substitute who was in the game one minute and out the next In the fourth fteriod But Owen's was the outsiaud-ng effort and the margin jof the unexpected success Scores' la Yale Area A critical survey of the game shows that Harvard scored on each of its Veal advances Into Yale territory The same survey shows that Yale five times drove fairly deep into the Crimson area scored only once As in other games this season the Blue players by pass or rush advanced almost twice as many yards as the Crimson but were bent back or pressed to point where their thrusts were ineffective all but once Notable in the Crimson system was the strategy which kept Captain Buell on the side lines while a third string player Lee called signals until Harvard had reached a commanding position Then Buell was inserted notwithstanding a noticeable limp from a leg injury and under the stimulus of his call the touchdown mime Under Lee Harvard had twice stormed the Blue goal from the four yard line where run was stopped and still lacked two yards Under the captain Owen was over at a bpund Harvard Springs Surprises strategy fashioned by Head Coach Bob Fisher Included sur-rises in several details The number- of them hard earned The midshipmen were not without honor In defeat for they played a game that was worthy of any team that has come out of Annapolis in years Entering the game with the West Pointers as the favorites the Annapolis crew fought their way to the front and only went under after a most bitter struggle with their colors flying At the end the 2400 midshipmen In the north stand cheered the Army almost as vociferously as they did their own eterling team Smythe Stars for Army Smythe the Army quarterback was the great star of the game His running with the ball and his forward passing was unsurpassed on Franklin field this season Barchet the sterling Navy star played well while he was In the game but Norris his successor was easily thp outstanding figure of the Navy lineup He was used much in the last part of the game and was in every play Fifty thousand persons saw the contest The president of the United States was represented by Vice President Coolidge Secretary of War Weeks and General Pershing rooted for the Army and Secretary of the Navy Denvy and Assistant Secretary Roosevelt were among the Navy cohorts Navy Outplays Cadets Having defeated the Army in the last three years it looked like another Naval victory in the first two periods as the midshipmen outplayed the Cadets in all departments Most of the play in these two periods was in Army territory The West Pointers were unable to penetrate the Navy line while the lads from the short or the Severn river bad no trouble In punching holes in the forward defense of the Army In the second period the Navy uscu its aerial attack which resulted in the first score of the game a touchdown by McKee The Army undismayed by the unexpected lead fought back hard A bad pass threw the Navy back for a big loss and the midshipmen were forced to Then Smythe made a short run that put the ball within striking distance and Garbische booted a placement goal over the bar for the Army's first score against the Navy since 1916 The Army took the lead In the third period on a touchdown by Wood in the southeast corner of the field but the Navy again forged to the front id the final period with a touchdown by Conroy Then the Cadets by a supreme effort won the game in the gathering darkness on a hard won touchdown by Timberlake gone Just a little ways when a ight met our eyes There in a clearing was a whole liRR MORRISSEY of Idaho Falls scheduled to meet Frankie Dean Monday night at Nick gymnasium ou Idaho street Morrls-ey Is fresh from several wins In the southern part of the state lie drew with Frankie Darren at Idaho Falla Armistice day Lee will weigh In Monday night around 140 pounds IDAHO BOXER MIGHT CLAIM COLORED TITLE THOUGH WHITE VV -i-v congregatlon of Dum Duma By dose observation we soon found out that they were having their annual music contest The material which covered their flat backs was Juat plain bearskin and by beating oil this they produced ounds The various notes were produced by taking a deep breath which thereby stretched or tightened the skin on their backs and Eroduced the notes of the carma-itic scale One Dum Dum seemed to be especially good because he mixed a little Jazz in with his music By standing on his hind feet and beating his front feet together he produced a cymbal effect the tom tom or woodblock effect was produced by hitting the warts on his back I decided I had seen enough of the Dum Dums so retraced my steps home If anybody does not believe there is such a thing as a Djim Dum Just tell them to take a drink of some five-year old moonshine and I will guarantee they will see worse things than -Dum Dums Hoping I have told' the biggest lie so far DONALD PARKER Ontario Ore Now turn your attention to the gm-sunk or flutebill the first bird shown in the series The flutebill is native to the northwest as well as eastern woods though little Is actually known as to his characteristics Tell the Tenderfoot and the rest of the readers how he that and any personal experiences you may have had with the gasunk Or if you have a pet prodigy tell the Tenderfoot of It and a sketch and your letter will be added to the tales if deemed worthy To date we have an azelia and a honyak to begin the added experiences Here is the flutebill (Do your worst is the better part of in the language of the prophets and Mr Ilockaday to tell the I Early last fall when I was hunting In the woods near Boise I chanced to run across that most sly and most modest of North American game the duck-footed dum-dum This little beast has very strange I habits He spends his office hours lurking about some dark -recess in a 1 deserted mine and during the dark hours of the night roams through the i forest in quest of food His digestive i apparatus is very delicate and he can only assimilate broken beer bottles which he plucks from the roadside I had been tramping all day and aa night fell I was attracted by a strange sound that arose from a nearby ravine It was a rhythmic boom boom boom broken only by an occasional wall of sorrow It's barbaric melody entranced me and I stopped What could It be? I consulted my camper's guide and found that It was notorious dumdum searching the highways and byways for food Grasping my trusty rifle In one hand i and a can opener In the other I crept noiselessly forward The sonorous booming became nearer and louder until it resembled an drum corp in intensity Now I could see his pale green eyes gleaming In the moon- i light and see the swishing of his dou- ble-Jolnted tall as he thumped "the 1 this trip than to talk about boxing He has three children Rosemary 7 Eileen 4tt and Jack 2VL In response to the query as to whether his small son- had ambitions to follow in the footsteps of his father Morrissey laughed and assured the reporter that he was going to train the boy to be a dishwasher Morrissey will leave Boise Tuesday for Pocatello where he will meet Spug Meyers In a 12-round battle Monday evening he will fight Frankie Dean in Boise He Intimated that he might spend the winter in Boise He said he liked the city very much and thought the climate Ideal The Morrisseys are staying at the Idanha MICHIGAN WINS CROSS COUNTRY MEET LAFAYETTE Ind Michigan university won the annual big 10 cross country meet here Saturday with 41! points -Wisconsin was second with 51 and Illinois and Iowa tied for third and I fourth points With 72 each Ohio State! was firth with 141: Minnesota sixth 149 Michigan Aggies seventh 158 Purdue eighth 175 Indiana ninth 200 and Iowa tenth 217 NAMPA CLUB REPEATS GOLF Fng of Crimson players Saturday for the first time was a surprise in keep-' ing with the unexpectedness of Har- vard's play The game whs witnessed by 77000 persons in -the Yale bowL From one -of the few who were non-partisans Georges Clemenceau war premier of France came the expression that was probably-representative of the opinion I of all aside from the varied feeling over the result "Splendid he said Kicking' honors between the teams were about even but a stiff northwest wind the benefit of which Harvard had a at outset as a rdsult of Captain luck in calling the coin toss gave the teams an alternating advantage In the first period this advantage had forced the Blue back to kick from their 18-yard line on the punt that'Owen caught and rade the starting point of his sensational run FOOTBALL RESULTS Iowa 37 Northwestern Michigan 16 Minnesota 7 Army 17 Navy 14 University of Colorado 16 'Colorado Mines 0 Harvard 10 Yale 3 Notre Dame 19 Carnegie Tech 0 Chicago 0 Wisconsin 0 Detroit 20 Washington Jefferson 9 Purdue 7 Indiana 7 Bucknell 20 Rutgers 13 Johns' Hopkins 16 St Johns (Annapolis) 7 i Mulenburg 20 Fordham 20 Maryland 54 Catholic university 0 war th more 25 Haverford 2 Boston university 14 Tufts 0' Lafayette 8 Lehigh 6 Dartmouth 7 Brown 0 Ohio State 6 Illinois Nebraska 54 Ames 6 Drake 48 Mississippi A A 6 Creighton 33 Nebraska Wesleyan 13 Colorado Aggies 38 Brigham Young 0 Michigan Aggies 45 Massachusetts Aggies 0 Boston college 0 Georgetown 0 Wabash 80 Depauw 0 Alabama 10 Georgia 6 St Louis university 28 Loyola 0 Heidelberg 33 Western Reserve 12 WESTERN GAMES University of California 28 Stanford 0 Oregon Aggies 16 Washington State college 0 i Whitman college 18 University of Montana 0 Gonxaga university 14 University of Idaho 7 Home-made mince meat St auxiliary phone 2650 or 617-J rAdvertlsement SYLVESTER lightweight champion of the Is one of thetitles which Lee Morrissey former Idaho boxer -and extremely white says that he won for himself a year ago Mexico Morrissey explained that he had knocked Lee Johnson who claimed the colored lightweight championship of the world for a loop and hence acquired the title by right of conquest Bouts in Mexico are longer than those In the United States Of 18 bouts which he boxed in Mexicali five were 20-round goes and the rest went 15 rounds "Mexicans care no much for boxing they want rough stuff said Morrissey fights are their Want Too Much Blood Morrissey said that he had attended one at the Invitation of a Mexican but enjoy it His host had later apologised because it was a tame and told of a "really good bull which he had seen in Madrid Spain when three horses and two men were killed you can imagine what they want to see in the boxing ring he concluded The boxer who lived for a while in Idaho Falls has been living In California the last few year In the Imperial valley about 18 miles from the border However he has been In Oklahoma recently and came to Idaho from Oklahoma City Morrissey said he expected to return next month to meet Benny Leonard lignlweght champ there A match between himself and Jack Britton former welterweight champ had been arranged but fell through after Britton lost the title recently The Idaho boxer is more than anxious to match his prowess against that of the lightweight champ to determine Just kind -of a boxer I really Morrissey said that he had graduated from high school in Oklahoma and started boxing under the management of the inan who bad initiated Jess Wllliard it tlie game Later he went to Colorado and then on to Idaho Falls where he met and married aq Idaho girl Champ Boxed Prelim years ago this February Jack Dempsey boxed a preliminary to one of my fights In Pocatello he continued used to know both Dempsey and Wllliard when they were both Just In the ring I met Dempsey in California after his fight with Car-pentier and believe me all they say about championship material a nice He was more anxious to tell about his family who accompanies him on NAMPA Golf players of the Nampa Country club will engage In the second of the which were started last week Play will be over 13 holes Drawing for today's rounds and the handicap of each are as follows: Bullock 9 Ford 10 Hagelin 16 Ormond 14 Vande Steeg 4 Fuhrman 10 Robertson 12 Tuttle 18 Gro6scup 7 Mock 12 Lay 4 Duval 4 Morris 14 Estabroolr 13 Miller 2 Atterbury 4 Stolle 12 Scott 11 McLain 18 Lloyd 8 Haines 13 Smith 16 Crosby 8 Hickey 13 Blake 11 Westlake 4 Mrs Miller 16 Mrs Grosscup 16 Mrs Lloyd 17 Hra Vande Steeg 15 WINS DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP GREAT FALLS The Great Fallsl high school football team won the Premier Plano Accordionist to appear championship of the northern Montana ii rv Orphpstm ati district here Saturday by defeating wtn urrwnra at Harlowton 22 to 0 1 Damwlanri Tuesday November 28tb rimmmMmnimimmMwnniwiwmimininirnnTnTnTTiT SPRINGFIELD Joe Lynch bantamweight champion knocked out Ben Schwartz New England boxer in th9 fifth of 12 scheduled rounds HAVANA CIGARS pleasure to smoke them anjj wJhere NEW YORK A forfeit of S2500 was filed by Frankie Genaro New York to bind his challenge for a title bout with Pancha Villa American flyweight champion SAN FRANCISCO Eddie Hanlon once a leading lightweight pugll- 1st was arrested Saturday on a char ting loon on Mission street of violating the Volstead act at a ArTVff Rales for Tale-Telling Tales moot' be signed Inelude your1 iddrcoa and most be stalled to reach Confine yourself and your fountain pen or typewriter (no penciled teetl- non lea acceptable) to SOO words and Tenderfoot- Friday morning send yonr story tot -The Tenderfoot- Literary excellence doesn't ronnt for rare of The Idaho Dally Statesman I a darn around a camp and neither Boise Idaho does veracity for that matter but brev- The three best will be printed In I Ity and -color- have lot of standing these columns next Sunday I among the best story tellers In bringing CONSULTOR to your attention we want to impress ono fact In each of a series of advertisements beginning with this Issue of Tho Statesman CONSULTOR Fact Number One We Buy Only the Finest of Tobaccos You have probably seen the foregoing statement In cigar advertising ever since you can remember PROVIDENCE I (A) Eddie O'Dowd Columbus bantamweight was disqualified at Providence in the ninth round of a 10-round bout with Kid Williams of Baltimore OGDEN Utah (iP) Spug Meyers of Poc-atello won a decision over Joe Black of Denver In the main event of tne Manhattan program here Friday night but he had to exert himself to gain that decision Many declared that Meyers was pushed for first time in months LOS ANGELES (A) Johnny Meyers of Chicago claimant to the midweight wrestling championship will come to Los Angeles January 1 to defend his title against 11 comers according to a letter received from him Meyers said he would prefer to meet the winner of a match between Ted Thye of Portland Ore and Walter Miller of Los Angeles before arranging other matches PARIS (P) Jack Curley the Pa IOWA ELEVEN ENDS SEASON UNDEFEATED WHEN you buy an Overcoat a Suit of Clothes Shirts Hats Underwear Neckwear Sox etc it is nice to know you pay no more for this merchandise than the fellow that buys a week or a month later This is the principle we built our business on Everybody pays the same minimum price In other words Square Deal to If this way of doing business appeals to you we invite your careful inspection of as nice a stock of merchandise as is shown in any city and it is sold at the lowest possible price quality considered PRIZE YEARLING COLT DIES FROM LUNG FEVEn SAN FRANCISCO (IP) Elizabeth Irwin prize yearling in the stable of Frank Kelly Chicago horseman which arrived at Tan Foran track Friday for the racing season died of lung fever en route The Kelly string is the first carload' of race horses to be shipped to California since in 1911 I Gangway the prize 4-year-old that has defeated such horses as Surf Rider Doctor Clark and Miss Joy was unloaded at Ellis Kan when he became ill on the train carrying- the Kelly stable FORECLOSURE WINS LAST BIG EVENT OF SEASON MANCHESTER Eng (By the Associated Press) Torelore by Beppo out of Tortor owned by Sir Hedworth Meux won the November handicap the last big event of the flat racing season run here Saturday Baron's Arra-vale was second and Orpl was third Fourteen horses ran The betting was Torelore 6 to 1 Arra-vale 100 to 8 Orpl 25 to 1 against rlslan fight promoter has offered i Eugene Criqul the French bantamweight $25000 for a bout with Johnny If It were possible to bring every Individual smoker of FINE CIGARS to our factory we could convince him of the truthfulness of our first CONSULTOR fact state- ment Every order for tobaccos from our office specifies FINEST GRADE whether wrappers binders or fillers Our policy for thirty-five years has been "NOT TIOW MANY BUT HOW Buy and smoke at least two of these cigars and con- ince yourself Dealers may order either from our branch at Cald-vell Idaho or direct from us Over fifteen hundred alers In the intermountain territory now Bell Dundee in the event that Criqui defeats Billy Mathewson December 2 according to an article published in L'Auto Saturday The Herald says that Major Wilson Intends to promote a bout between Criqul and Danny Frush under the same conditions CHICAGO (By the Associated Press) The University of Iowa western conference football champions -of 1921 closed their 1922 season Saturday undefeated with the additional glory of a victory over Yale They were tied for the honor of being undefeated In the big ten race by Michigan also unbeaten this season The University of Chicago was eliminated from the triple tie Saturday when the University of Wisconsin held them to a scoreless tie Wisconsin the stumbling block to hopes ranks fourth in the conference standing the Badgers having been beaten by Illinois and Michigan The rest nf the teams In order are Minnesota Illinois Nc it western Ohio State Indiana and Put due It is Ohio State's lowest ranking In many years their vctor over Illinois Saturday being their cnly ccnference wla this season Furdue kept Indiana in the column of unbioken defeats Saturday by a 7 to 7 tie only victory was over Purdue but Northwestern held Minnesota to an early season tlf 7 7 by virtue of Palmer's 100-yard run for a touchdown MURPIIY SMASHES RECORD AT LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES (P) Jimmy Murphy automobile race driver practicing on the Los Angeles speedway Friday for the Thanksgiving day 250-mlle championship race unofficially smashed a world's record by driving two consecutive laps of the mile and a quarter track in 35 4-5 seconds each Or at the speed of 1257 miles an hour according to speedway officials (Cliff) Durant drove a practice lap in 3S seconds flat and several between 38 and 39 Even a Pessimist can see a lot of good points in the Federal Fast Express Idaho Commandery No 1 EIGHTH ST OVERLAND BLDG TAILORING FURNISHINGS CLOTHING Meeting of the Drill Corps The 'regular Monthly Social wiU be held Monday November 27th Good music good eats and a good time A GIBBS HART Monday Evening 7:30 "The Store of Quality and Service" GRIMMETT MOTOR CO Distributors of FEDERAL TRUCKS Phone 527 Caldwell Idaho.

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