Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 2, 1963 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1963
Page 23
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BOOST JOBS FOR DISABLED - Charles Lawrence, adjutant of the Robert W. Hardy Post of Disabled American Veterans, congratulates st«- dent winners in the National Employ the Handl* capped Week poster contest this morning at ai assembly in Churchill Junior High School. The post sponsored the contest In cooperation with the Illinois State Employment Service. Students from left are Karen McKnight, Susan Blake, Cheryl Drake and Pat Slaughter. Miss Blake and Miss McKnight won $50 and $25 Saving Bonds as Class 1 first and second place winners, respectively. Miss Drake won a $25 bond in Class t. Miss Slaughter as third second place winner gained a cash award In class 2. Julie Klrkpa* trick placed second in class 2. Florlan E. La* secki, veterans employment representative, directed the contest locally to herald the week Oct. 6-12. Set Victoria Affair VICTORIA - The Methodist Church is having an open house for Rev. Kenneth Young and family Oct. 6 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the church. Lunch will be served. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Kennedy Names Judge WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Kennedy Tuesday named a Negro civil rights leader to be a federal judge far the District of Columbia. ' Kennedy sent to the Senate the judgeship nomination of Spottswood W. Robinson III, a member of the Civil Rights Commission since 1961 and dean of the How ard University Law School. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Henry County Court to Act On Land Issue CAMBRIDGE - A Henry County jury was selected Monday to Waif the suit between Agnes RokJs and the State of Illinois for right of Way land. the jury will decide the amount due by the state for the land needed in the construction of Interstate 80 in Coiona Township. One acre of land is involved, which adjoins fteute 2 in the township, Jurors are Albert W. Karr of Cornwall, Shirley W. Clifford and John Nye of Cambridge; Dorothy M. Becker of Coiona, Mildred M. Kuszmaul of Loraine, Opal M. Kuster and Virginia M. Robinson of Kewanee, Harry Holman and Ruth Mason of Wethersfield, Elmer C. Rahn of Osco, Dorothy C. Carlson of Western and Marilyn A. Baldwin of Galva. A supplemental venire, drawn Monday, in addition to the reg ular Henry County Petit Jury, will report Monday at 10 a.m. Supplemental jurors are Oral A. Ryan and Imogene Horner of Clover, Wayne T. Bennett, Virgil J. Baxter, Ernest C. Corley and Dorothy Doll of Kewanee, Margaret J. Smith of Western, Grace W. Gradert of Geneseo and Ruth K. Lauwagie of Atkinson. Male lions weigh up to 500 pounds—almost twice as much as their mates. Other Nations Experience Financial Worries Like US By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP)-You hear a lot today about red-ink bookkeeping in U.S. accounts with the rest of the world. And you ask why just the United States? Why aren't other nations also having deficit problems affecting their currency and their credit standings? The answer is: Some nations do have balance of payments troubles, and have them bad; Other nations (like Britain) have them off and on; and most of the rest suffered after World War II even worse than the United States is today but have pulled from deficit to surplus as the United States slipped. Underdeveloped countries usually are dependent on loans and grants from others to balance their payments with the rest of the world. This is especially true of those with big ambitions — the ones who want to grow industrially at jet speed. Aiding them has helped push the United States further into the red. Industrial countries like Britain have periodic payment problems when their exports slump or their consumer taste for imports gets too rich. France, West Germany and other European countries went through rough years after the FOR 1964 WWi'.W.V.W.W.V Upper: The Coupe de Ville; lower: The Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan MORE TEMPTING THAN EVER! The 1964 Cadillac is more tempting than ever to look at! It has a clean, low sweep to its lines.., greater refinement in all of its body contours.,. and a dramatically new, divided grille. It's more tempting than ever to ride in I There's greater smoothness and quietness. The interiors are luxurious as never before. And an exclusive new Comfort Control* enables you to pre-set interior temperature while automatically controlling humidity. And Cadillac for 1964 is more tempting than ever to drive! It has a new high-performance engine-the most powerful in Cadillac history, Cadillac's Hydra-Matic Drive has been •An e*trft-cott option wmbinlng beating and «ir conditioning. remarkably improved in smoothness and responsiveness-and a new version, the Turbo Hydra-Matic, is standard equipment on some models. Both assure a truly amazing agility in traffic and a new over-all standard of automotive performance on the highway. The final temptation? That's the extraordinary value that's built into each of the eleven new Cadillac models, Be among the first to visit your authorized Cadillac dealer and .„just wait till you drive it! SEE AND PWVB THE NEW CADILMC NOW AT ¥OU« LOCAL AUTHOBJZEO CADILLAC DEALEB INMAN MOTORS, INC. Galertuiw Rsgteter-Mad • GALESBURG, ILL., WEDNESDAY, OCT. 2, 1983 SEC 3 PAGE II war. West Germany built up to her present affluence by auster* ity. France belatedly cured its inflationary sprees that caused the franc to be devalued more than once when the rest of the world lost confidence in it. Now a new inflation is starting and Prance is taking sharp corrective measures. Canada has a commercial trade deficit of $1.4 billion with the United States, largely offset by $L2 billion a year in investments by Americans. It now is proposing to curb U.S. imports while protesting U.S. efforts to stem the investment outflow. The unique thing about the U.S. deficit of payments today is that it isn't in any of the classic forms. Usually deficits arise from imports topping exports (as in postwar Europe while it was importing all it could to build up its industrial facilities for domestic use and finally for the ex ports that make it prosperous). But in the United States exports go right along topping imports. Today the Yankee dollar, for all its problems, isn't shunned. It doesn't buy as much in goods and services as it once did. But most foreigners are willing to hold onto most of the dollars they get-up to a point. And it's that point American and other financial authorities worry about. If the ILS. balance of payments stays out of kilter too long and others get the idea the dollar might become shaky, most countries would switch from dollar reserves to demanding gold. Tomorrow: Defenses of our gold we could take in a crisis. Sliuman Raps Wheat Sale Proposal LACON, 111. (AP)-Overlooked in U.S.-w h e a t-for-Russia talks, says Charles B. Shuman, is the fact that American consumers would have to pay more for American wheat than would the U.S.S.R. Shuman, of Sullivan, UK, to president of the American Farm Bureau and a frequent foe of Kennedy administration farm policies. In a talk at a Rotary Club farmer-businessman dinner Tuesday, Shuman commented on reports that Russia is dickering for millions of dollars of U.S. wheat. Agriculture Secretary Orville L. Freeman indicated Tuesday in Harrisburg, Pa.-, that Russia is prepared to buy 200 million bushels of wheat. Cites 'Basic Issue' "The basic issue," said Freeman, "is whether we can sell at the world price. The world price is currently about $1.55. In the international sale of American wheat, the U.S. government pays a subsidy to bring the price up to the domestic price of about $1.90 a bushel. Shuman told his audience that indications are, "Russian wheat sales merely await approval by the President, ignoring for the most part a congressional policy statement of 1961 that subsidized sales of farm commodities shall not be made to unfriendly nations." The agriculture secretary, however, had said the 1961 statement "is not a legal mandate." Points to Protest Shuman, in saying that American consumers would have to pay more for wheat than Russia, cited what he called "the storm of protest that arose several years ago over proposed subsidized sales of U.S. butter to Communist nations." Shuman also observed that some have suggested any sale should be made out of storage bins of surplus wheat that is burdensome to taxpayers. "In other words," said Shuman, "the taxpayer is being asked to pay twice for the administration's stubborn adherence to a high price support policy that has encouraged excess production and priced us out of the free world market." Drama on The Mall PARAMUS, N. J. (AP )-An experiment in shopping center dramatics is paying off here for its producer, Robert Ludlum. During the eight months since being established on a year-round operating basis, Ludlum reports, w the Playhouse on the Mall hat v attracted 146,000 spectators. "Wi have found there's a healthy state of theatergoing in the sUb-«Mf urbs," he said. • The theater, operating in the center of a group of large stores, stresses variety ranging from^Hf "Hamlet" to "Kiss Me, Kate." • READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! END OF SUMMER ^ /\f) ^^LOSE OUT All Refrigerators at Lowest Possible Prices! Space galore, Frigidaire Economy 2-Door! 172 South Prairie Street Galesburg, Illinois Here Comes Harry WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Senate is going to allow former U.S. Presidents to have a voice in its debate — but with limitations. By voice vote, the Senate Tuesday approved a compromise resolution permitting former Presidents to speak in the chamber on national issues or pending legislative matters. 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