Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1973 · Page 31
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 31

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1973
Page 31
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New Ford Cars Feature Metric System Engines fey EDWAftt) S. LECHTZIN DETROIT (UPI) - The 1974 Mustang II, a completely redeslped sporty car, will be powered by a 140 cubic inch engine. To be more exact, it's a 2.5 liter power plant, the first mass -produced metric system engine in America. Business Today To avoid confusion in many minds, Ford's general specifications for the new v engine are expressed in. both metric and English equivalents. The piston stroke of the four-cylinder engine is cither 79.4 millimeters or 3.781 inches. Sounds confusing, doesn't it? For most Americans, as the United States slowly switches to the system of measurement used in most of the world, the next few years will be rather trying. One Fofd executive can already vouch for that. Trying to explain to newsmen recently that he's begun to think metric, he said his car gets about 10 liters to the kilometer. That's like saying your car gets about three gallons to the mile. Exaggerated Problem But, says Thomas J. Feaheny, general manager of Ford's Engine Division, the problem of building a new engine with unfamiliar measurements was not as bad as expected. "Frankly, we overestimated the problem of converting to metric," he told newsmen on a recent tour of the Lima, Ohio, Engine Plant where the new engine is being built. The man on the assembly line, says Fcahcny, doesn't care if he's using a three- quarter inch or 19 millimeter wrench to tighten a bolt. It's the same operation. The experience gained In Market Reports Today New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices Admiral 8 AlldChem 34 Allis Chal 8V2 Alcoa 58% Am Air 1.1 Am Can 32 Am Cyan 23 Vz Am Dist 19 AmElPwr 26 7 / 8 Am Mtrs 7 Am T&T 51 Anaconda 17% Ashl Oil 27 Atl Rich 84%. Avco 9% Bea-Fds 22% Bendix 34% Beth Stl 27% Boeing 17Vs Borden 21% Inland Stl 28% IBM 315% Int Harv 27 Vi M Nick Wk Int Paper 34% Int T&T 30% Iowa P&L 22% Johns-Mn 20 7 /s Kennecott 24% Keys Cons 13% Kresge 34 1 A Kroger 15% Lib McN 4% Litton 8% Lockhd 5% Mar Oil 29% Maytag 26% Merck 90% Minn Min 84% Mobil Oil 64% Cap C Bdg 42%Monsanto 52 7 /s Catplr 56% . Nat Bis 43% Celanese 32% Cen II Lt 21% Cen Tel 23% Cessna 16 7 /8 Chrysler 24% Olin Corp 12 7 / 8 Outbd M 30% Owens-Ill 29% Penn Cen 1% Penney 77 7 /s Cities Svc 46% Pepsi Cola 81% Coca-Cola 142% Pfizer 46% Colum Gas 28%Phil Pet 51%. Comm Ed 31% Procter G 102% Comsat 46% Cons Ed 227s Cont Can 26% Cont Oil 32% CPC Intl 29% Dana 29 Deere 39 Du Pont 164% Eastman 135% Exxon 97% Firestone 18% Ford.Mtrs 54% Std Bds 51% Fruehauf 25% SO Ind 86% Gam Sko 27% Gen Dyna 16 Gen El 56 7 / B Gen Fds 26% Gen Mtrs 66% Gen Tel 29% Quak Oat 32% RCA 23% Rep Stl 23% Revlon 60% Safeway 29 St. Regis 36% SanFelnd 23% Sears 94% Shell Oil 51% Simmons 17% Sperry 41 Mercantile Exchange upi 06-28 01:42 ped CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle Aug 47.32 46.90 47.17 47.52 Oct 47.62 47.15 47.35 48.02 Dec 48.10. 47.52 47.72 48.37 Feb 48.37 47.80 48.05 48.65 Apr 47.90 47.50 47.57 48.25 Live Hogs Jly 42.15 41.67 42.05 42.40 Aug 42.45 41.82 42.30 42.70 Oct 42.10 41.42 41.95 42.20 Dec 43.00 42.30 42.62 43.15 Feb . 43.25 42.40 42.85 43.70 Apr 42.00 41.25 41.50 42.25 Jun 41.90 41.25 42.50 42.75 Jly 41.50 40.77 41.27 43.25 Frozen Pork Belties Jly 58.02 57.42 57.50 58.80 Aug 58.15 57.50 57.70 58.87 Feb 62.92 61.92 62.00 63.37 Mar . 62.25 61.20 61.40 62.70 May 61.40 60.50 60.50 61.70 Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: Gen Tire 17% Goodrich 21% Goodyear 22% Greyhnd 13% Gulf Oil 22% 111 Cent 18% III Pwr 27% Stvns JP 26'/ 4 Stude 33% Texaco 34% Tex Inst 87 Un Carb 34% Un El 16% Utd Corp 7% US Gyps 21% US Stl 29% West Un 20% Wsths El 35 Weyerh 58% Woolwrth 22 30 indus 20 trans 15 utils 65 stocks 890.05 up 5.42 156.38 up 0.74 102.41 off 0.45 271.03 up 1.09 Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) - Grain range: High Low Close Prev. Wheat Jly Sep Dec Mar May Corn Jly Sop Dec Mar May ' Oats Jly Oats Jly Sep Dec 266 259% 260 267 265 258 258% 267 266 257% 259 267% 265% 258 259% 266% 260 253% 254% 261% 221 206. 193% 193 193 (old) 96 (new) 98 100% 103 213% 213% 224 198% 198% 208% 185% 185% 195% 185% 185% 195% 184% 184% 194% 92% 92% 98% 92% 96% 99 92% 98% 96% 102% 99 105 expanding the Lima Engine plant and installing a new engine line points up some of the difficulties U.S. automakers would face if they decided to switch to a different type of engine. "We used all the experience and ingenuity at our command, yet from the time we went to the drawing board in Dearborn 'until the first customer takes delivery of a Mustang II with a 2.3-litcr engine, 36 months will have passed," he said. Feaheny estimated that 5 million skilled man hours of work went into development and construction of the engine and plant to build it. "I emphasize the word skilled," he said. "I mean engineering talent and every [conceivable skilled trade. The type of labor required is not available in unlimited numbers.' Decision Will Make Stocks Competitive NEW YORK (UPI) - The decision of the Council on Interest and Dividends to ease restrictions on corporate dividends "sounded one small chime for economic freedom," according to Argus Research Caip. The action, the firm says, "will make stocks—particularly cyclical sltocks--more competitive with other financial assets." Tuesdays rise in some of the major stock averages was encouraging in view of recent negative economic news, according to E. F. Hutton & Co. "II! was certainly one of the few rallies that we have seen recently that occurred without the benefit of either a favorable news development or the expectation of some favorable news," the firm says. The relaxation of dividend restrictions has failed to "inspire a convincing market reversal" from the recent downward trend, according to Standard & (Poor 's Outlook. "While the market has probably reached a level affording many good long-range stock- buying opportunities, near-term prospects suggest the likelihood of further testing before it finds solid footling." Although there are uncertain ties, it appears Phase IV, which President Nixon will unveil in the near future, will be tough, according to the Spear Market Report. "We expect news of progress in the development of the new controls program will stabilize the market shortly and pave the way for a sustainable advance in the weeks immedi ately ahead," the firm says.. Stock Prices Advance, Volume Light NEW YORK (UPI) - Stocks staged a fairly broad advance today, but volume remained light on the New York Stock Exchange. Minutes before noon, the Dow Jones Industrial average had risen 3.69 to 888.32. Advances pulled well ahead of declines, 664 to 392, among 1,456 Issues traded. Volume came to about 5,300,000 shares by noon, compared wi:ht 5,500,000 shares on Wednesday. Heading the actives, American Telephone & Telegraph Co. lost % to 51 on 125,400 shares, including a 105,000-share block at 51. Pfizer Inc. was second, and rose % to 46% on 115,700 shares, followed by UAL, Inc. which dropped % to Wk on 93,000 shares. Brown Co. was ahead 1%, and Gulf & Western %. Gulf & Western announced a $10.75 a share tender offer for up to 500,000 Brown Co. common shares. Galesburg Register-Mait, Golesbufs, III, Thursday, J«£)e _28 ,J 973^3! Soybean Trading Hailed by Board ******* vm,l-~ CiHCAOO (UPI) - The Clitca go Board of Trade today suspended traHng in soybeans, soybean meal and crude soybean futures contracts oil for the day, and delayed trading In silver futures until further notice. The board, in a special meeting, said another meeting would be held after close of trading "to determine activities in the soybean complex as affected by the Cost of Living Council poll- "I don't know. Does ft look too materialistic?" Read the Want Ads cy and the recent foreign trade embargo." The board will make a later statement on bai» prices of affected commodity ceilings. It said soybean trading was suspended to let traders study the recent developments. Monterey Jack cheese is California's own. In 1892 Col. David Jacks began buying up surplus cheese in Monterey County and reselling it. DUE TO NEW HIGHWAY Driftwood Supper Club will be CLOSED Thursday & Friday We Will Be OPEN Saturday, June 30 All Cars Must Approach From the West on New Pavement. DANCE TO Gordon Sundberg And The Melodce Makers Open To Public PUBLIC NOTICE TAX DUE DATE 1972 PAYABLE 1973 PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES AND 1st INSTALLMENT REAL ESTATE TAXES WILL BE DELINQUENT AT MIDNIGHT JULY 2,1973 2nd INSTALLMENT REAL ESTATE TAXES WILL BE DELINQUENT AT MIDNIGHT SEPTEMBER 1,1973 This notice is made according to a Resolution by the Board Members of Knox County. The State Constitution requires a deadline of at least 30 days after the mailing date, for the due date of 1st Installment of Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes, as a result of the Supreme Court action which allowed the abolition of Individual Personal Taxes, as well as a delay in Certification of the Multiplier. GEORGE SHIRCK, JR., Knox County Collector BEGoodrich N 9 *4 RADIALS AND OUR RADIALS ARE YOUR PRICE RANGE Lifesaver Radial XL-100 IDEAL FOR 'ROUND-TOWN AND HIGHWAY DRIVING LONG TREAD LIFE The radial ply construction reduces friction; the tire runs cooler, to lengthen tread life. GREAT HANDLING AND CORNERING Flexible sidewalls help keep the tread flat on the pavement, for Increased control around curves. ADDED STABILITY Four belts of Dynacor* rayon cord add toughness beneath the tread. MILEAGE ECONOMY Less "rolling resistance" means added mileage. See for yourself, radials are economical In the long run. NOW AS LOW AS Plus Fed. Ex. tax of $1.91 per tire and trade. Size A78-13 forPintos, Vegas, Gremlins, Colts and Capris. Check Our Special Low Price on HOTPOINT APPLIANCES BATTERY BELTED TARES WHITEWALLS or BLACKWALLS $ for custom LARGER SIZES H78-15, J78-15 and L78-15 WHITEWALLS, 4 for ONLY $120 Plus $£31 to $3.31 Fed. Be lax per tiro ana trads 4 WAYS TO CHARGE [REVOLVING CHARGE j f AMERICAN EXPRESS ) ( MASTER CHARGE ) (BANKAMERICARD Offere at thown at B.F.Goodrich Stores; competitively prised at B.F.Qoodrich Dealers, QUINT'S TIRE SERVICE 642 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 343-1141 "rt MH'A Is/ BEGoodrich Iff you want Goodrich, you'll just naive to remembef Goodrich.

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