The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1955 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 10, 1955
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City Accepts •. Storm Sewer Lundell Construction Co. . Cherokee, with a bid of $53,« 912.04, was awarded a- contract t6 install 6tt blocks of storm sewer by -the city council dur- iflg its meeting Thursday night. • T , hr ee other firms bid on the project. They were Clark & Fitz Construction Co., Bagley, $55,.011.50; Schueller & Co., Dubuque, $58,505.40; and Donovan 0 '' St> PaUl ' $64> ' * i sewer Will be installed by the Lundell firm from the corner of North and Harlan streets to a point a half block south on Colby from its intersection with State street. The area to be served by the new sewer is the low point of the largest catch basin in town, and is one that has flooded with ease in the past. The storm sewer Which is in service at the present ill; that area is too small and disconnected in spots. T,he plans and specifications, drawn up for the city by Mort Bittinger, Algona. representativ of Collins, Thompson and Willi Marshautpwn, were accepted. A public hearing preceded th letting of the contract, but n citizens were present to voice a opinion. 'Final acceptance of an addi tional $4,333.17 Worth of curb an gutter was tendered to the Glove Construction . Co.. Luverne, Minn An engineering 'agreement which signaled the go-ahead on the big sewer project in the eas and northeast portion of Algona was signed by the city and Col lins, Thompson and Willis. Th engineering firm will receivi fees equal to 10 percent of thi first $15,000 and six percent o all over that for its work. Ac cording to a preliminary survey made by Buell & Winter, Sioux City, several months ago, the pro ject will cost' at least $134,610.00 to complete. , Work on both of these, sewer projects will get underway as soon as possible. tepG. Counley, Policeman, X ' Dept* of Hietoiy and Des Moines 19 § Iowa ESTABLISHED 1863 Entered as second class matter at the postofflce at Algona, Iowa, Nov. l, 1633, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1B7& ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1955 3 SECTIONS-24 PAGES VOL. 92 - NO. 45 ierk Edges * * * »*» *-** ner For Mayor *»» . * * County Towns Hcrvi Close Contests f Some 4 Vote Margin Sexton 'Shelled' In Nat'l Guard Maneuvers Sunday City Leo G., Counley, 39, a member of* Algona's police force for the past ten months, died suddenly Tuesday at :9:10 p.m. at, St. Ann hospital.' : He entered the hdspita earlier that,day suffering from a diabetic coma. Funeral- "arrangements are incomplete, but 'it will be held Friday' at; Graettinger, where.,the family'; lived/- for several "years before, moying, to-Algona' at -the first of ;the,' y^ar. '• Leo G. Counley V V • Leo George Counley was born March 21, 1916, and graduated from Asher, la', high school. He was a ^streetcar motorman in Chicago 11 years before moving to Graettinger. At Graettinger he served fouy years and four months as a policeman, and wasi appointed by Linda CJapsaddle, then mayor, late in 1954 to fill the vacancy caused by the sudden death of another policeman, Abner Egli. Mr Counley and his wife, Viola, had three children. One, a boy, 4, was killed several years ago by a truck in Chicago. The other two, Dennis, 12, and Linda, 10, and Mrs Counley, survive. The Counley family lives at 417 East McGregor. Mr Counley was stricken and taken to St. Ann Tuesday morning. Plan Girl Scout Leader School Four leadership training course sessions will be held in Algona for all interested in learning more about the Girl Scout program. The meetings, Nov. 10, 14, 18 and 22, will be in the Prug- gists' Mutual building, beginning at 7:30 p.m. each of those nights. All leaders, troop committee members, executive board members and other adults may attend the sessions. Training leaders are Mrs Helen Mikes, Mrs N. J. Kelley and Mrs William Art- kenbauer. They received instructions during a meeting ati Iowa Falls earlier this year. Troop 8, under the leadership of Opal Kern and Mrs Ankenbauer, pinned yellow feathers on all Algona citizens who went to th* polls Tuesday , Residents of Sexton may not have been aware of it, but last Sunday morning that village was "under heavy fire" from the giant 155 mm. howitzer pictured above. In fact the gun crew shown above, members of Battery B of the 194th Field Artillery Bn., lobbed" vicinity, an arv»tf" about one hundred "98-lb. shells" into the general Sexton with the military objective of dislodging an "imaginary enemy" approaching from the southeast. " The occasion was a day of full-scale maneuvers held on the 3. S. Shipler farm north of Algona by the local artillery unit of the National Guard. Currently, Battery B is conducting a recruiting drive for new volunteers. The unit is commanded by 1st Lt, Del Carver, a local high school instructor in "private" life. Battery B's field maneuvers effectively set off a week in which all veterans — past, present and future — are being honored. On next Friday, Nov. 11, Veterans Day, a veterans parade will proceed down State street at 10:30 a.m., ending at the courthouse where the veterans bronze plaque will be formally dedicated. All Algona tores will be closed from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on that day. The Week will be concluded with a Pheasants For Vets hunt iext Sunday, Nov. 13, with all hunters being urged to participate n securing a large bag of birds for hospitalized veterans. The hunt will start off with a "breakfast" at 10:30 a.m. at the American Legion L iall here. Full details of all veterans events are given in a special two- age presentation elsewhere in this issue of the Algona Upper Des itomes. (Upper Des Moines newsfoto) Four Britt Youths Fined In Girl Delinquency Case Four Britt youths, all about 19 years of age, were each fined $100 and costs in the court of Justice of the Peace C. H. Ostwinkle here, Tuesday, on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The min9r in question is a 16 year-old girl from the Titonka area. Fined $100 each were Wm. F. Nelson, Lester J. Leerar, Louis Dallman and Dick Zuehl. The complaint was filed by County Attorney L. W. Nitchals after he and Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst had made an investigation of an incident reported to have happened Oct. 31. Irvin Buck and Henry Meyer of Garner, attorneys, represented the defendants, all of whom entered pleas of guilty to the charge. In other cases in Ostwinkle's court Tuesday and Wednesday, Kenneth Krantz, Spencer, and Clyde P. Lloyd, Algona, were each fined $5 and costs on traffic violations, and Reuben H. rlorsman, Guthrie, Okla. was fined $10 and costs for a restricted license violation. Licenses To Wed Three licenses to wed have seen issued during the past week, joing to the following couples: Nov. 3, Ronald Peterson and Harriette Brown of Algona; Nov. 7, Michael Schmit and Rosanne Srpslding of Algona; Nov. 8, Willis Riehman an4 Marilyn Simpson of Algona.' Neck Broken In Fall At Home A 72-year old Algona man, Charles Adams, is undergoing treatment and observation in University Hospital at Iowa City for a broken neck, suffered wh^n he fell near his home Saturday night at 9:30. His home is at 520 West Call street and the yard surrounding his house is several feet below the level of the roadway, lie stumbled and fell while going down the steps from the road to his yard. He was admitted to St. Ann hospital then flown to Iowa City in McCullough's Air Ambulance. Mr Adams is paralyzed from the neck down. Boy's Finger Tip Lost In Sheller Wesley—Donald Price, 8, son of Mr and Mrs Charles Price, had the tip of his index finger on the left hand cut off in a hand corn sheller, Saturday, while playing with three other boys at the Del Rogness home. His little finger was badly torn but no bones were broken. Dr. Warner sewed the finger together and he was taken home, $191, Scout Fund Murray Mowers announces that Jeorge Becker, community finance chairman of Burt, was the first to turn in $19L66 for the Boy Scout fund. AtTifonkaln Close Battle Local elections in Kossuth county towns resulted in a few changes, in the mayor and council membership, but for the most part incumbents when running were reelected. ' Results of all elections in towns in the area follow: FOUR VOTE MARGIN IN .TITONKA MAYOR RACE Titonka—L. W. Nath with 60 votes defeated Reinder Krominga with 56 for Mayor of Titonka. Howard Andrews, incumbent mayor, was. hot a, candidate for reelection; Arthur Boyken,; .,131, . Amos Krominga, 114, W. E. Nothwehr, 127, John Hamilton,. 110,-andi Eilert B. Boyken, 83, were elected to the town council.' Philip Jaren polled 75 votes', and G, O; Swan, 39, as other candidates. Mrs Camilla Cooiper was named treasurer, and Mrs" -Florence Reaser has been town clerk by appointment of past, .ihayors. KRAUSE REELECTED AT FENTON; 162 VOTES Fenton—G. R. Krause with 129 votes was reelected Mayor of Fenton. His opponent, J; R. Waite, tallied 30., Elected to the council were M. C. Hantelman, 135, Frank McFall, 150, Ed Meyer, 148, Charles Theesfield, 91, and Don Steinberger, 44. Steinberger was not on the ballot, as only four- candidates had filed; He won by,, write-ins.,...- r ? r. J. Wallace Smith wasf/reele^l treasurer with 148 votes-and" J. J. Theesfield was named park commissioner with 137 ballots. The vote was about average for Fenton, 162 voting. x .... . OLD COUNCIL'HEELECTED IN BURT BALLOTING Burt — There were 213 votes cast here Tuesday, with Nels J. Nelson being reelected mayor. There were 11 candidates for the town council, with the present five winning by 50 to 60 margins. • They are J. L. Miller, Don Patterson, George' Manus, Oliver L. Graham and E. P. Frederickson. LIVERMORE REELECTS PRESENT' OFFICERS Livermore—With only 47 votes cast, George Donalds was reelected mayor, and councilmen named were Harold Gronbach, Keith Logue, Dr. T. D. Rossing, Virgil Smith and Jerry Stiles. Mrs Link Hughes was named treasurer. Ward and Candidate First ! Second Third Fourth ... Adams 8 7 13 10 1 Becker 6 11 9 14 Hulzell 87 181 79 63 Shierk 103 214 125 90 1 49 145 117 54 Wagner 60 101 210 96 1 £ 220 Obrecht 75 J 557 Elbert 235 O 146 Willrett 159 1 O * 61 Dreesman 258 Parsons 243 519 366 235 Richardson 228 501 365 220 365 | 467 |I 2261 75 || 557T235 | 146 6lT 258 "|| 1363T 1314 Good Neighbors Plow 100 Acres Good Neighbors gave a helping hand las i week at the Earl Taylor farm, north of Algona, and plowed aboui 100 acres for Mrs Taylor and her son Ralph, following the recent death of Mr Taylor. Pictured above are, front row, left to right, (kneeling), Alfred Schenck, Henry Dearchs, Barney Gisch, Ralph Taylor, Clarence Melzger, Marvin Leigh, Walter Weisbrod, , Duane Metzger and Glenn Jenkinson. ...... .,,;. . ,;,. .-. • / . : Back row, left to right, Willis Harmon, A Ivin Andreasen, G.:'A. : BiuslronVHarry ScmJtier, .Loren Johnson,.Don Riebhoff/ Fred,Plumb,.-Merlin Walker. Jim Shipler, BillMcKiim, Melvin" Alt. Wm. Broesder, Curtis Gardner,,- Verri WBIkerT "Jinr-Doddsjr Lee • ScHe'riek, ; J6£ King and;: ' Bill Dodds. Absent from the picture but also h elping were Roy Sarchet and Carrol Wifrett. Ladies helping at the house were Mrs Marvin Leigh, Mrs Q. A. Bjustrom, Mrs Roy Sarchet, Mrs Clarence Metzger and Mrs Clar ence Riebhoff. The Algona Creamery furnished the gas for the men who did the plowing for Ralph Taylor. The work was done Nov. 2. (Algona Upper Des Moines newsfoio). LAKOTA ELECTED WALT LESLIE AS MAYOR • Lakota — Walter Leslie is the new mayor of Lakota, with 66 VQtes out of 92 cast. Harry Mussman was named treasurer; Councilmen elected were A. E. Anderson, 73, Wilson Brack, 82, Robt. Hamilton, 57, Fred Mabus, 83, and James Meuer, 72. John Smith, incumbent mayor, did not run. RALPH BAUER IS NEW WHITTEMORE MAYOR Whittemore—Ralph Bauer polled 112 votes out of 174 cast to be elected Mayor of Whittemore. He had been named to fill the vacancy when Simon Egbert resigned. Sixteen ballots were spoiled. Gene Martini had 19 write-in votes for mayor. Named to the council were Ralph Nichols, 138, Russ Medin, 139, Wilbur Roeber, 95, Francis Slagle, 135, and Woodrow Russell, 136. There were 34 write- ins for Simon Elbert for councilman. L. H. Pert! was named treasurer.- 109 VOTES CAST AT LEDVARD Ledyard—With 81 votes out of 109 cast, Judge • MacKinnon was named mayor here Tuesday, There were seven candidates for councilmen. Electd were C. L' Egesdal, 51, Wm. Fennema, 88, George Looft, 81, Gus Simons- meier, 93, and Wm. Weimer, 91. Other candidates were Albert Barnes, 26, and Lawrence Ternes, 48. Looft is the only councilman reelected; the rest are new. REELECT ALL TOWN OFFICIALS, WESLEY Wesley—All officials of Wes- ey were reelected, Tuesday. Tom Forburger was re-named mayor, and councilmen are H. E. Hemmingsen, Roy Kollasch, Maurice DeBoer, Bill Loebig and R. E. Newbrough. There were 47 votes cast. NAME BY WRITE-INS AT LONE ROCK Lone Rock — Bernard Pettit was elected mayor by write-in here, with 42 votes being cast. Other town officers are J. M. Blanchard Jr., Erich. Seegebarth, E. A. Lee, A. L. Cotton and Leg Johnson, councilmen, and »U were elected by write-in. There were 21 others receiving votes. TWO NEW BANCROFT COUNCILMEN NAMED Bancroft — Fred Kadow and R. C. Fangman are new members of the Bancroft town council, while Roman Wilhelmi, Don Murray & Wm, Fuchs were reelected. G. D. Hart was reelected mayor without opposition. There were 71 votes cast. Delore's Vaske was named treasurer, and Harold Clark, park commissioner. PICK BY WRITE-INS AT OTTOSEN Oitosen—With 24 write-ins, Ottosen voters picked all town officers Tuesday. Jesse Van Buskirk was named mayor, Chester Alme, treasurer, and councilmen are Lawrence Telford, Morgan Hage'n, Roy Jacobson, Loren Daniel and Richard Kinseth. OLD OFFICERS, LUVERNE ALL REELECTED LuVerne—With 63 votes cast, and seven spoiled, Henry Loerwald was named mayor with 48 votes. Councilmen elected were Eavl Johns, 47, James L. Mallory, 52, Ernest Meyer Jr., 43, Wayne Sanford, 51, and John Skogmo, 36. There were 16 write-ins. Dorothy Sorensen was named treasurer with 46 votes. Neighbors Help After Fire Upsets Each Takes I Wards, Hutzell, Yera Follow Dr. C. C. Shierk, from a field of six candidates, was elected Mayor of Algona, to take office January 1, 1956, in a city election which brought out 1,900 voters, Tuesday. At the same time, five now councilmen were elected, and one former member, Vic Pursons, was returned to office. New councilmen will be Eugene Furst, first ward; Leon Laird, second ward; Arnold Elbert, third ward; John Dreesman, fourth ward; and present Mayor B. P. Richardson will become a councilman-at-large along with Vic Parsons. There w.ere 1900 votes cast in the 1955 election, with 93 ballots spoiled. In Ihe 1953 election when Linda Clapsaddle was elected, there were 1939 votes cast. Elmer Langmack, without opposition for a six year-term on the park board, polled 1306 votes. Bond Issue Defeated The proposition as to a bond issue for $45,000 to 'construct a building to house city-owned equipment, was defeated, with 837 'No' votes and 811 in favor. The breakdown on this vote went as follows: ' Yes 1st Ward .__ ...... .129 2nd Ward ______ ...314 3rd Ward -:I— .—_231 4th Ward .———137 No 139 277 283 158 3 NEW COUNCILMEN NAMED, SWEA CITY Swea City—E. L. Hansen, with 98 votes, was named mayor of Swea City, without opposition, with 123 votes being cast. Elected to the council were Monfred Peterson, 107, and Lowell Roberts, 96, former councilmen, and Wm. Boland, 103, Gerald Greischar, 96, and Wm. Christensen, 84, new members. Henry Larson polled 66. There were 10 write-ins. Paper Wins Honor The Algona Upper Des Moines was awarded the 2nd place trophy for Best Use of Pictures in Advertising, In contests held in conjunction with a newspaper short course at Iowa State College las* weekend. Awards were mad* by Sigma Delta Chi. professional journalism fra- iwnUy. Tbte is *h* 17th journalism award won by (he Upp«* Des Moines in the past five years. Downey, Don Moore, Victor Seely and Roger Hanson. Thornton Wilder authored the famous play which has been an outstanding success when presented in the large cities. Seventeen men pitched in at the Gib Hargreaves farm nine miles southeast of Algona October 26-27 and picked 91 acres of corn. Shown above are most of the men that helped. In front, left to right, are Chuck Colwell, Mark Eisenbarth, John Schultz, Jr., Louis Scheppmann and Paul Egel. In back, left to right, Marcell Reding, Percy Brink, George Gade, Joe Chudo- nelka, Heinie Eisenbarth, Ronnie Miller, George Vitzthum, Mervin Bristuw, Clarence Seimers and Gib Hargreaves. Carl Brown, Barney Capesius and Gerald Frankl were not present when the photo was :aken. Mrs Hargreaves, Mrs Capesius, Mrs Eisenbarth and Mrs Ralph Elbert prepared dinners and lunches for the workers during the two-day good neighbor act. Five pickers went after the corn which was then elevated into the new corn crib that was completed Oct. 29. Fire destroyed two corn cribs, a barn, some machinery and all the hay and straw on the Hargreaves farm, Sept. 15. Work on the new crib began a week later. The crib will hold 8,000 bushels of ear corn or small grain. (Upper Des Moines Newsfoto) Offer Junior Play Here Nov. 15 Algonu high's junior class will present its play "Our Town" in the high school auditorium next Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 8 p.m. Harley Waller is directing the play which deals with the everyday goings-on in a small New Hampshire town around 19001920. Tickets are on sale at the school and are also being sold by members of the class. Tickets for the junior play may be purchased Monday or Tuesday at the main office in the high school. Stage manager Tom Zender serves as narrator for the play. Chief members of the cast are Sharon Powers, Carl Brown, Connie Priebe, Kathy Dermandt Lance Stevens and John Moxley. Others include two seventh graders, Bill Bourne and Eugene Wittkopf, and Richard Rochleau, Judy Rieken, Larry Wyatt, Allan Seljchnow, Bey Jaroes, Bob Hardy, MaribeJ Kain, Larry Hudson, Jean Kuecker, Darrell Davis, Duane Kueck, David Erickson, Vernon Reisner, Jerry Algerians Attend Hospital Meet Several members of St. Ann Hospital auxiliary attended a regional hospital auxiliary meeting at Cherokee, Wednesday, Nov. 9. A workshop session in the morning was followed by luncheon at noon. The afternoon session featured a meeting with the hospital administrative group and a panel discussion on improvement of patient care in the hospital. Mrs N. J. Kelley, Mrs L. E. Lionan and Miss Kathleen McEnroe were the local representatives at the meeting. The local 1955-56 membership drive is near completion. Any who have not done so, according to Miss McEnroe, may send their dues to her. .. • 811'• 837 ' Until the returns "from' the Second Ward came in, the final ward to report Wednesday morning, Charles Wagrier held a lead in the mayoralty race. The second ward gave Shierk a resounding margin which determined the final outcome, although Hutzell also ran strong in the Second. Statement By Shierk Dr. Shierk, Wednesday, had the following statement to make: "My interest has 1 always been on the community level, and I believe a mayor should be interested in the welfare and prosperity of his city. The greatest effort shall be made to keep favoritism and patronage out of decisions and actions. The greatest good For the greatest number of people should always spark a mayor's official action. "We are all interested in ower taxes, but how to lower ;hern is the question. Anyone gong into office with the promise that he will lower them is not too sure of his ground. We should, however, run our government as efficiently as possibly with elimination of waste anil duplication wherever possible, if there IS waste and duplication. We can broaden the base of pur taxation by bringing in additional taxing units, such as new industry and more population. I have a definite program toward the wooing of desirable industry to the community, which will be initiated at once upon my entrance into office. "If changes are made after I have been in office a reasonable length of time, they will be for a more efficient government and not for political expediency. I promise the greatest effort toward reasonable taxes. My vigil will be constant toward better business and greater opportunity in our city and trade community. Every step possible will be taken to insure growth and progress of the community, with special effort to interest new industry and to encourage new people to make Algona their home."

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