The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1955 · Page 44
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 44

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 44
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Tidbits From Evelyn I've often wondered how things down hero look tu n bird from up there, and now I know. The plane ride materialized Thursday. With me were Lizzie Post and Dick and it was Hob MrCulloiij;h who took us up. I will confess I was a little excited, though outwardly calm, but we took to the air smoothly. One look ove; the side and I was convinced we were really UP. What a beautiful panorama spread before us. I had never dreamed Mother Karth was laid out so symmetrically—a velvet carpet of checkered brown, green and black with a net-work of road, and highway Hif) spread out like a broad ribbon. We rode up over Hurt, could see Bancroft and Rm^.-'ted in the distance, rode over Irvington and circled Algona a few times. Mow plainly we could see the fairgrounds. St. Ann and the two ponds looked like two circles joined with a slender strip. I've been "grounded" so long. and as everyone knows, "it's hard to teach old dogs new tricks." * -» * When I told Mrs George Balluff about my plane ride, she said she had always wanted to go up too but wondered what her reactions would be. Climbing a ladder puts her in a tiz/.v * * * Last week was "Grandma's Week" here and those who parti- "ipated were Liz/ie Post, baby sitting for her four grandchildren, Florence B.iustiom with hiM-s, the Moulton children. Mary Muck!.y with hers, the Dob Williams family, Mrs Grace Knutson of Eagle Grove with the Ted Chrischilh.'s youngster.-;, and Mrs Paul Seeley with the Julian Chi i.-chilles off--piing. All grandmothers say it's so much more fun being grandma than mama. One gi andmother explained it b> saying th'r<; wasn't so t'leol a! respon.-'.ri.'ily. There was time ! for enjoyment. | * I I ihought of Mr and Mrs John i Montgomery ^j ^ is pleased to announce that Has been selected as the site for Ward's newest catalog order store. Wards are interested in having local women to manage and work in this office. Positions to be filled are: Catalog Office Mgr. Credit Manager -•p!i Sales Clerks If you are between 19 and 45 years, have had some selling experience, or you believe you would enjoy selling, we would be interested in talking with you concerning one of the above positions. Attractive starting salary, 10 C = immediate employee discount on all merchandise — yroup hospital and life insurance — paid vacation, etc. Please write immediately to BOX 69-M, outlining your qualifications. Mr F. M. Kelehan will be at the Algona Hotel on Thursday, November 3. Call him at the hotel sometime after 2:00 p.m. on Thursday for the purpose of arranging an interview. Hopkins and Mr and Mrs Mitch Taylor Saturday when I tuned in awhile oln the Minnesota- So. California football garm'. If it w:-s as cold up there a' : it war h(-rp I was hoping (hoy had ban'- warmers and plenty of blankets. I saw a different kind of hand warmer than I know about in an ad recently. They could double for lighters-assured fire proof and foolproof. What, a comfort they'd be at a game. w « * The J. I. Merrymans have Mrs Irene Spurj>eoii of Quakei City, Ohio as cucst for Hie win- tin'. She is a mister of Mr Mevvy- man and live.- alone. It will be nice for her to b.. 1 here, especially sine" Mrs Menyman is ;e- eovoriny from an accident in which she ;rfiain broke the same- hip. She will b" a eompan- ion and another woman to help keep an eye on tlic household machinery, along with the (laughter. Marv Stickney airl Mr-' Haroiri Jri ^r.'iiscin who lives next door. The Charles Kuchynkas have b' 'ti n.'inr, to the Okoboj;.; for yomi' li.'-linu! during 'he ni-' weather we had awhile back. They report very ,uo,,d link Bern.'idine and Jim Allen liave also done some fishing e ; n ,J;m v day off work and reecnlly h" raii.u'ni :t maanilieen! wallevp a' Lost Island. Whi?n it was bi-ouq'nt out. <>f the water Bernadme thought it would wei'-ih about eiv.nt pounds, but the scales showed i! pr'-'ttv close- to three-, -a ;i-,->d .-•i/ffi fi'-h at that. « * * There is much more lo ihis Bo" .Scout bu.viness than I < vi r krxv. H r -centiv I gave a report on 'in "K.xploi t.-rs" and now e-Jir-- th"Arrow Scouts." All; n Hi-i-'- bausih to-ik them to We,-! Ok,,b.,.ii 1e Hie Prairie Gold C;.i"!J (••: Saturday and Sunday. Tiv>.- = - -...-'>• went with him were <"'i:n v C •<}•. i'.ob Harrly. David Hiiterin.'. !>!• L.iinu an'i Larry \V:r-k.-. A pi•''. ty :-h;liy \verkcnd I'm a?!aid. • * * Mr and Mrs - Eugrne Mur'mh an- :;; Chieapn for a f. ••.•.- i.,/ ; : ;i f:•.[•;.' M;,S"'n Citv I' ••,[;••- ... 1< as! : wi-1 vi> !,(•;.;:.- : v..i t: ,iin '- tii:ee via p!«,ne. .\ .'re.,' -••;!;'••;- enee woeri ':;.'• i ' ! .• ' ••::.••• / New Academy Curriculum Pictured above is a group of second graders from St. (>[•' lia'- Academy who are Iv :>i<: :/i: -i< d ;n a Christum Social Living currici.lum throneii -i ,'.!<iy >•( sncnc". The cla.-^ is <-' l ir»duetc i d by Sister Mary !-•!•.!»; <• ;m>i is an experiment I:, tin- above picture they ;i:e !(.,•: r,:;v.; abovil the spro:.;'in^ of se..-il- by placing tlvn: ,;; cnUi)h \vi>-ks to i/(.-:iv> y to tiie seeds the :noi;.tii; i- n-- t- .-.--.-i, y foi spiouting. The philosophy underlying th° currieuluir enhances ;<nd sei've^ as a solid foundation for the theme "Dev<. lop- n.:; hunuiti val 1 .:--:- in our Iowa .-ch.ools." to iiuiit ;,ic Dfimis Lont. Thomas Stufu-l. Shirley !<> .-r.-. :•. .!,!!,c' MeCJ^iire. Eileen I'.eilly. Linda Dodds. Wil- haii, ."'.;il<!'-r ;<i,ii Michael Martin. Ludwig. Mrs Lawrence Cink won high prize at the card party held at the home of Agnes Rosenmeyer Oct. 26. It was also her birthday. The hostess and the remaining seven players sang happy birthday to her. Mr and Mrs Nick Arndorfcr called at the Dennis Carroll family Sunday evening. Nick i.s a brother to Mrs Carroll. The Philip Arndorfer family drove into the M. H. McEnroe Thursday, November 3, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper Dei Moirm-5 home Sunday to see the Hallo- weeners call for tricks and treats. Twenty-three called that evening. Jack Ludwig, "Snub" Ludwig and Dan Froehlich, Si., just returned from a fishing trip in Northern Minnesota. Whether \jr not going fishing in a boat by yourself has anything to do with good luck or not, this is just what Jack did and luck. seemed to be with him much more than with Snub and Dan. Warren and Bill Ludwig and Jirnmie Rosenmeyer just left on a fishing trip to Leech Lake in Minnesota. The next card party will be held at the home of Mary Daley Kridav. Nov. 4. The Algona Upper Des Moines fia.- tin; largest circulation in Kos- fu\.\\ county of any publication. She lei! !•<; Mi'.-' up .'ii.-; Moiiti.iy lo atiejic til'..- tuner.:). Aichi'. Hull'.iis'-ii i- 'o : ; ;':i fii.iin Ireiano: V.T- m;.v r! '.-pi ivi ,>n h.iVii- of Si,MIX Ktills. So. Dakota, Mrs C. K. Kinds,-.-.. ;ind L. N. Nord- .s'-th. -if Cant' n. So. Dak., are vis- homo of Mr and Mrs of the be,t ,-;.,;-j,;-.,!' personal ;.U- l!e\--i iy Zum;.ch. daughter of venluie ii;al uu/ -.--.. aiile tildt..- j.M; :.-;•! .'I.-.- lii'-bi-it Zumach. ri-j iiar; ha- i', 1 :\ ;.i,!e.i '." pick up Juiiann Maahs, mai; ha- i'.' . n ;.i.;e, '." pick up. tuMi'-d h"rn..' from Milwaukee, |W:--. -',;,:;.•- .-I.,, attended nurses ! training schor.l. She left Tuesday ! to: >!',-;:: (.My. w|;..-re slu- will | i '•'',!;:-!'. te ;-:vj;h' : eo'.;;, and then i <•.•;!."-.. '.. V. ..I',, Falls, for further'.ti 'i" ei'her. T; :r.n- i onif'.'vta'nie ,,nd '.-'. ii.,: I'm not arsuing *!.-:! r,,>t .-afe. I just i:av'"-n't -..•.-,;t'n in', i the ''.-wint;" o; ;';•,< :n \ -.•!. * * * Cavanaugh and Cady—thcreV ar. li'iil'i eomhinati >r, i -: y- :i Ar.c '', keep in the "nioo.l." y,>ii | --,-i"..i •' •• the fine put of .-'r. .:•',:'- ,-'••; '.'. -. h.i\'e a!.<l(;oi-.,. I ne\ t :' i.n 1 v.' b, •I, :,• f..-y f .1,1 ;:.• . ;••;•.', il ,',vn at :i;':ht i : :i 'iti!( :i:i .- • ,| • .md i'.iv •• wili'i !-,; ,.....,::,. C'av,,;: - ;*u„'!.'.' W:,\ . t';.,fs !•:-'!., : C;;V..::a'.i.-ji: 'ii. i)l e )U:>v. n.y t- ..-,-. pi'i-ii- ;,-; j y>\- :.!-...'. M: - Ge,.-.'a.- Slagle. ot | M:iwv;k- . . :.• • \'isi'irm at the 1 h<, :: ... -,! M- ;.,',d Mi- Hoy Kliegl. M, .,:. ': M:.- Mi ivm A. Elbert : .'"'. : .!i.:iy .'I L.;i.,' Vit'\v \vi. re t S,;-.,r..-,- v:-!t- : -' at tin' home of 1 ' ii - !-i", :', ---I-:. M.' ;.,-.d Ml'; Terry I IV L'. :.,::..-;. 1 Whitterr.ore — i an eh'.i • h <•. .-,. i"'.;o; it,.; (•;,• . ii, -) -,n -•! M: ,,t P. :t.t. •;;- , ,- r.ev. i\ ' c .-•V-;-'i of a ! ' ':••'•! 1:1" i/.ai~ ' ii;.-.ii-hler ol i il. Maal-.s of • ',.•,•' p, tt•'; ! i'lVid'<"•.!-. ii' : , Benedict By ^Ars Philip Arndorfer We were shocked lo hear o! C.i'ver'- di a Siie w.'l be (•:! a • an e::;;>i<>\- e i\' Yi Mi :-.!..'. M; - G, o:-.;,, Kvmkel and . .-.•:• ;,. F' :• .-'. City. Oct ; •:; .- vit.'i Mr and Mrs : v,, ;,".. :: ' ';,"; i ')': a: :-:e:.,-.el ant! lamily. i : ' ' u ••'''• ;,:.- - !.. ;;. L,,id\v,u of C'tiht'ornia '.-;,:•.,• t' •••:• :.' :• ia'lr.r at Garner. He i, :^ iioiisly :!!. She is also v:-;!in-. Mr ,,:;d Mrs Dan Fvoeh- i i:e i, .-: . y. , Mr.- .lack Lud- I win ;,!;<; I:.!,- iy. Mr a;.-: Mi> L( o ! I was glad lo have a phone call • !'. J-'.-ie Sti '-'':ns S. ,'.,i: oa'. M I-:;- '.m-i MORE BABY PIGS per LITTER \ (T^ £^ ./ k -;-t <^r^A,'-" 'X\' <3\ «» Jusi three more items in ISOS Mr- V,'.!! llu', i'.^.-n ,-: Si ,:\ i !i!\ :'..- bi : ;i i: j- !er ., v: - ! ..'. "a T H I.a:-.t. •- ' •••:r.f dur;'v: M-,. -'ay of i-.i-r bi--.ti-i-r Hanv ].:i:i!: v. IL,rry !. ..\--. •; t..d •;. ! :' S|-.L'!.,.ne at i. '!!.;• .'11 • i o'-' i. riM'I'i r Cleve. M: - S-.•.'-. . F: :ii. i |.r. -u:i',o, !:.- • p-.i'.uK.r i:'.i: i ,'r:vt d a teji. j. a::. S-iee •>'!-, •'. • ::'o;;-. Mi>,near. !:• !i-i;:e.' v , -. ! !ieu - e! the deal:; o! | ; : •.-.:-, M rs I.>r. ihitv'!.;!'!.- : l iih.Tl.Hiccu sow r.ionn-i mean SnulIiT htler-, — lcs> profit for you. H:i!.ini-c ><nir r.ition willl " i\ i ' Hr^-i-iii i-1'inislu r. Ciet >n\4» lilt nuiiicins i!ic.\ ni'i'il in ki-Lp .,-.'/ ilioM; unboiii daring ui-Nt.iiioa, FEED VOTE FOR A.R.WiSirett For Third Ward COUNCILMAN A well-known citizen of Algona and a resident ci Kcssuth County for over 55 years. A homeowner c-.ntl a property owner on East North St. I WILL APPRECIATE YOUR VOTE 4*4 'BREEDER- FINISHER : .-eiit v.\ ., v.-.' '. .. \\ ;•- . \'oi^; Mi ••!,.: ••.'. - A:l: i! i do'iwith. Mr : •_ • M. \V-:i i M'.- !>•:•.• V'.eii.e i. Mi.- \\V1:;,!,! i; - !',. . M-'- '.I,:;!'.:-:.-. , - . • '.V S..',. - ! . V V.':T !' . :!,-!. .V. . M ;.!. i Mi - I.,\ l',,:. .. ! .-,; X • Hai'i'.itoi.. \\'••'.'•• .ii-!.iiiti\ ','e!i o; ..P. ..Uh'il ,bi|; ;u-e.,!,•!,' ' •: i l ,-..; i • • -. T, . , ,,-. , . ., Eugene (Steve) Huber Phone 162-W Algona I.'.,.-:- ; li.i ''! M; - I , ••:..,1. tile !o. ' , l M.,:\ All-:, ,-f,,. e i ii .-• \ ;i e !l, (. i: ; !'...,ll\ . MM I , • ' :,,-'.< ,i 5.' i', !:. . • '..i atleiai ii.. i ,,., . i .t' !•• p-.i-. " M: ; "a--i 'M:,' '(I,.,' u'e K,-,:.,. --• ,:-:,.. . M! ;.i:o Mi> H P P,.,v , ; • MM- proof • Sal* • Dull- prooi • Weaihei proof Watch for THE GREEN-AND-GOLD BJUSTROM FURNITURE VAN! RUSCO WINDOWS GALVANIZED STEEL PELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and com(or! than any other combination window ! RUSCO DOOR MOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly lo Ihc beauly of your home ! METAL SIGNS ALL PURPOSES 'NO HUNTING' 7 'PRIVATE etc." "FOR SALE" I "FOR RENT" I "NO PARKING" j i Attractive Red Background i with While Letters •i Many Other Wordings Available Now at Charles Miller fl y PP er Des Moines V*l I.-^I IC3 ITII IICI ( DI101 ICLJIM/- /-/-v RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display at 118 So. Dodcie. Algom PUBLISHING CO. y Phone 1100 Algona Starfire Styling in Oidsmobile "98" Holiday Accent is on grace and beauty in this 1956 Oidsmobile "98" Deluxe Holiday coupe with new Starfire styling and a completely new power train. The two-tone styling that Oidsmobile introduced to the industry in 1954 is refreshingly different in its 1956 version, with a body-long sweeping side moulding to provide the color separation. Front end treatment is brand new, incorporating a new airfoil grille, rcstyled bumper and new hood contour. The luxurious upholstery features bright new colors and fabrics. The "98"' Deluxe Holiday coupe is powered by the sensational "Rocket" T-350 engine boosted to a mighty 210-h.p. and teamed with the smooth Jetaway Hydra-Malic transmission, a complete innovation in automatic drive. The 1956 Oidsmobile is on display today (Thursday) Nov. 3 at Dau's Garage, 125 So. Dodge St., in Algona. Adv. Know Your SPITALI Is Only As Good As The Agent Who Serves You The only value in HOSIMTAU/ATION AM) OTHKU INSl'It- ANt'E is WHEN VOT NEED IT and tlu-n can (JET SEUVK'K ONLY from the local ayent. IF YOT IH'Y FIJO.M STKANdEKS to our c-ommiinity YOl RISK a lirr.e-comin^ and money-costing delay in (iETTl.\(J SEI4\'I('IJ Ifom ;i lon^ distance. II you I)U\ from your LOt'AL A(JENT IN YOIU OWN TOWN. he i.s interested in you and will (JIVE YOl' SERVICE. He is dependent on your "rod-will and continued patronage, and he will see to il that you jjet the service and more for which you p;iid. YOUR LOCAL A(JENT will tell you all there is to know about his HOSI'ITALI/.ATION AND OTHER INM 'RANCH I'OUCIKS. He will not infer things that are not covered, because when the NEED COMES he km>v»s he svill have to answer In \ou ii the p;tlic> is n:it riyht. DEAL WITH YOl'R LOCAL MAN when il comes to HEALTH AND ACCIDENT AND OTHEK INSIRANCE. Out.sidei s are only interested in the premium — the local man is interested in your continued yood-will. He is your friend, your neighbor and the man who helps pay for your schools and your town finances. HE CAN OFFER you as much and OFTEN MORE than some rl the ayents who come here today and are gone tomorrow. IN lU'Yl.MJ HOSrn A1.1/AT10N AND OTHER INSl'liANCi:, 15E St'RE YOC INSl'RE. "ARNIE" I PHONE 354 All Kinds of Insurance Ricklefs ALGONA

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