Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1973 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1973
Page 26
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With North Htmlerson 4-H CM* Meets mmi mwmsoti - Jo- Jena &(W em the demon- By MARTY RALBOVSKY fitratton, apd Lisa Knojf and NEW YORK (NEA) - It la Joyce Miller gave talks wlieft 1,0 coincidence, perhaps, that North Henderson Handy Helper ,tho tallest building on the f# Cltip members met June planet earth is the Sears flow- 1$ at the noma of Brenda or in Chicago. Ever since tho Brooks, company jettisoned Mr. Roe- Sara Taylor reported on a buck from its masthead, and federation meeting, and Miss de-emphasized mail * order Knox reported on a ''Keep Fit catalogues in favor of ohargei Day." Susan Taylor read a plates, Sears stores have not poem, only altered skylines In cities — such as Chicago, but they Mrs. Craig Olson, Todd and have helped to create skylinea Shawn, and Mrs. Carl Olspn, in numerous suburbs from Alexis, went to the Brookfield Newton, Mass., to La Jolla, Zoo on June 13. . Calif. Mr. and Mrs, Lee Lynch host- •"•. '", • • " ed a dinner party June 17. ~ Last lit a Series Recent guests at the hqme of ™. _„ „„ „^ nnn „ „„J Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Robertson m ™» j^f J3£ Li£ were fe. Ada Aitken, &n Zlm^mTtZ^ pggp, Cj«f,, and MP. and Mrs m wm^m to come mtp and Shopping Centers for All Rajpji MeKinley Tjden, their stores to the consumers ifo end Mrs, Charles Grimm, ^ jn some pases, the stores fit, LQUis, m, were guests June aclua lly beg}« where back 17 a( the home of her parents, yards ^ * ff> tyow, one does not have to their stores; they have taken Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Nelson. pfand aiwnd pit day watching jock, straps,'' SOMJUTOS, BOTH the fihoppdng cmtem shippers ge|; hustled at {Jie same iftte- in $ie namja of thd Ruigljng Brothers, or gqpd. government, or the great outdoors. For instance: cunity policeman, who pa-? trolled the exhibit, desorjped them? f, Ahl> THE LOCAL government agenoies had exhibits. There was a baa! in here from the river patrol; the building inspectors, hat} jars of termiteg, ithe jaewage dis- "•«? »'wwn + ««iu. om posal peppte had a couple liye f m?les tmQmest of Manhat- rats in cages, the hospital presidency. Ip J06?, Bijj Bon•tan. pas become ~ as most people drove an ambujpjicp fl«», the son of Joe fJoe in IMP.. Hitt thfi worst 'thing Bananas) Bonanno, the laijjeg- of all thjs display py tho ed nn me overiqfd, L&etf a bor- cpupty health department, ft IWe4 charge pMa to |>uy was supposed t° show what worth of eMJifog polluted air does {p your and cologne from David The N^nnet, N .Y-. Mall, 35 'Hey, this ways, lot's go see 1 ho (tancerous lupg.' I tearly fjuit, and wont home." SHOPPING CE1NTMS have had tihplp pfoar«? of p^fjpnal npto-riety, too, It • was at a shopping center in Laujriel, $d.,'in May 1072, that (jov. fleprgp Wallace \vas shot wjjtkj' camPaWng for the visit Fifth Avenue in New York Cj,ty to acquire a Sak's label; Mack's and Gimbela have taken their bargain basements out to Syosset and Swampspotit and, down in Fort Scouts Schedule Letter Exchange An International Letter Ex- changg will fee made available Lauderdale, one can go to a to Prairie Council, Boy Scouts shopping center and dine in a of America, in order to help Paitricia Murphy's Candlelight scouts understand the customs Restaurant. The Boston Store of people in other countries. has left Boston for greater Verne Dowers, the council's environs, and eyen Brooks activities chairman, announced Brothers has been testing the that the project will begin next suburban waters with its fall- "We believe that this type itbrecpiece tweed suits and of program will help boys un- its $50 V-necked pullover derstapd people of other lands, sweaters, their motives, aspirations, tra- T HE LARGEST building in ditions and customs," Dowers the city of Pittsfield, Mass., said. is now a Hilton Hotel, which rises out from the middle of a shopping center. On the went side of Cleveland, the houses that were built jn Par- Shopping centers have changed old store-consumer relationships. Represent Chapter ' §TR0NGHURST J Joe m ma haA Wo1v B . f1<v , . . Ifaw and Roger Lebeck repre, had barely settled into sented Southern High Schogl, tlfiir foundaUpps when a shop, ^tronghurst, at the recent 45th P^g e^ter caUed Parmatown annual state FFA convention ^ W*ft oyer 1Q0 stores If the Unive^ o?%S ^ W In central Florida M ^ai %J%m WcoStS ^rs agrJgujmre occupations mstruc ff?(J nee ^ of ^ thousands of i ^Wista whP will visit the World in Oris a Persian name lando. mgaftlog "star." Eye« in rustic, old Bewiing- ton, Vt, 800 feet from the Grandma Moses Museum, there is a shopping center. The mailing of America has created some new intrigue in .the oid company - consumer relationship, For example; Hf Phis sales-itax thjng is a ni ^toare /t said a dark- haired girl who worked be- hjpd a cash register at Macy's in the Colonie Center near Ak hpny, N .Y. "On Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, the lines are 40 people deep. I have enough trouble tabulate ing the prices. People get edgy, waiting in line, they start hollering, 'Hurry up, hurry up, get moving.' "BY THE TIME I get to the sa]es tax, I don't know what I'm doing half of the time. Sometimes I just guess. You kjnpw, you overcharge §omebody a nickel on an item and they'll be back, mad as hell. But you overcharge them a couple dollars on the sales tax, and they don't eyen know the difference, it's going op at all the stores, with all the girls I know," At a Walden boqk store jn the Wiliowbropk piaza in Wayne, N.J., a salesman said; "People really know 1 how to use us. We get some people in here, they come in on Fridays and they buy a bes^selling book, "The Best and The Brightest,' say, for $11. They always make sure they tell" us, they 're, buying it for a gift. So whjat happens? They come back on Monday and return the book and ask for their money back, They say the person they bought it for already has it. But you know what they're doing? They're buying the book, reading it over the weekend, and returning it on Monday fpr a full re|und. That means they cap read every damn bqok on the best-seller list and not pay a dime for any of AT THE GRAND Central Shopping Plaza in Stanford, Conn-, a salesgirl at the perfume counter of Bamberger's said: "Five out of ten women who walk past the counter will stop, pick up gpjne expensive hraind of perfume, and look around to see if somebody's watching them.- Then th'ey themselves with .the package Ms The Wickes "Package Deal" offers you installation of the finest quality merchandise by authorized professional craftsmen. Roofing * Protect your home and enhance the value of your property- by replacing your weather-worn roofing. Wickes has a wide selection of roofing products to choose from in a variety of colors to compliment the exterior of your home. Each roofing product Wickes handles is constructed of quality materials for lasting strength and beauty, Phone today for a free, no-obligation estimate: Phone 342-6106 ' Credit Terms Available I Name. I V | Address f | City—_ W Wickes ACTION CARD .State. Phone Number. I Home Improvement Need. Monday • Fridoy 8:00*5:00 Sofurdoy t:QQ'4iQQ $ South of Galesburg on Rt 41 perfume, put the bottle down, and keep on going. So we decided to stop fighting it; we 've put out samplers on tfye counters and we let them use all they want." The assistant manager of the men's clothing depart? ment at Sears in the South? pqrit Shopping Center in Fort Lauderdale,' sadd: "The big? gesit theft items in this store are jock straps. Young guys come in, put them into their pockets, and walk out. I don't know why they want jock Straps so much, but they do, Funny, but you take the candy counter, people go oyer there, take a chocolate bar, or some? thing, and they always seem tq leave, mopey pn- the counter. The sa|es|irl geis Galled aAvay for a minute arjd, when she gets back, the cpujtitej is fiiied wiiih nickels apj dimes and quarters. She never jigs to worry about people stealing candy. But me, I've got to shopping centers have — a showcase for indoor exhibits. The exhibits have nothing to do with the stores. They just occupy mall space in the hope of patching the consumers' attention. One week, the mall may be foiled with camping eQulpment, put on display by companies which manufacture camper-trailers; the next week might be -'Circus Week," and shoppers would be greeted by clowns and other performers from a visiting circus. Recently, at the Nanuet Mall,' there was" a ''Government Week" A se- lungs. They had one set of lungs that wero healthy -looking, mounted, behind glass. They had another set Ihere y/ere bad, and a third set that were cancerpus. "Npw. When I lopped at the cancerous Jung, I gQt sicl? to my stomach. I walked away$ So what happens a couple minutes later? Tftese two kids; come ruplngby roe, and one of them saya to the other, Bloom and Sons' \n a shopping ciinfer in Tucson, Mz. The S|pre had Bonatmo arrested : he was subscqupptly conviot- pfj of usjng a stplen credit card and was. sentenced tp a |prm in prispp. What the Federal Bureau of Invesfcigafcion failed to do in 10 years, the David Bloom and Sons' store did ip one. READ THE WANT ADS! TWO 5-^ Piece Plqce Settings * Beautiful Danish Design Stainless Open a Regular Sayings account, $?5 or more. Open a Golden Passbpok account, $100 or more. Purchase a Certificate pf pepo^jt, $100 or xnore. Add ^5 or more to your Regular Savings account. Add $100 or more to your Golden Passbook account. Qpen a new Checking acpoupt, $10Q or more. First Galeiburg National Bank ATruit / EsUbljihed 1863 / Mepiber F.D.l.C, WIXC0TE 9 EXTERIOR FLAT LATEX SAVE 50% WHITE ONLY Prices GQOCI Thru July 5 WIXC0TE® ULTRA POLYURETHANE VARNISH SAVE 50% ONLY m W Reg, $8.09 SAVE $4,50 WIXCOT^ ULTRA SPRAY ENAMELS SAVE33% ONLY Reg. $1.49 Mon.-Fri, 8:00-5:00 Saturday 8:00-4:00 Ph. 342-6106 Will be Closed Wednesday, July 4 CALL TODAY or 1 send in this action card for prompt, no- obligation estima- A w Wickes Lumber 4 Mile

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