The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1955 · Page 43
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 43

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 43
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SEPTIC SYSTEM SORROWS An unfortunate man on a farm Viewed his septic tank sludge with alarm. One day he got wise— Made the best of all buys. Now his septic tank works like a charm. He bought Boyer's SEPTIC TANK CLEANER. It liquifies the sludge — opens the drainage too. Gel BOYER'S TODAY. HALL-STRAHORN HARDWARE AIGONA All Metal PAIL BANK Fri., Sat., and Monday Limit 1 to * All melol replica of old fashioned milk poil. Stands 4V4" overall including handle. Takes coins up to half dollar. Bottom may be opened for removing coins. Choice of pink or blue. A grand gilt for young boys and girls. DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STORE Mr and Mrs Bill Amon CARNATION WEEK-END At Your Grocer's 4-Aleona (fa.) Upper 6e» Meines Thursday, November 3, 1955 About the first week in Nov- omber, I usually write a column about how nice hoys arc because it is then that our son's birthday occurs. There was one about him at 8,9,10 and 11 but I'm not going to write one this year. You sec, Wednesday lie reached the ripe old age of twelve, and although I maintain he's still just as interesting and clear to me a? lie was at any other age, he ha? lately started reading his mother's column. And he doesn't exactly appreciate it when I gush over him in print. * IS * Bui I can talk about another aspect of the event that took place twelve years ago and still respect our son's wishes for privacy. He was our first baby and when he was born, my husband and I went through some drastic changes — physical, mental, finarHal, social and even, mora 1 . For we became parents for the first time and we've never been quite the same since. Maybe there is a way to rear a family and still keep your own identity completely intact, but I doubt it. " I doubt, too that most parents would want it any different. Being Junior's Dad or Sister's Mom has a way of taking first place and everything else a parent docs is-because of, or in spite of, the children. 4 * » The first change that lakes place when parenthood comes is physical. Even after Mom loses the hiding-a-watermelon look ol pregnancy her figure seldom goes back to the hand-span waistline of her prc-maternal days. Somebody is always saying that motherhood only makes a woman look more beautiful. Maybe so, but I'd just as soon have a nice, skinny middle if I could do so and still have our youngsters. But Daddy changes physically, too. He has a slightly worried look while he's guarding the nest, an extremely chesty look when he announces the birth, and from then on, gray hairs and lengthening forehead from the responsibilities involved in being Papa to the brood. * * * When you become a parent you change menially. The minute you 'bring the blanket-wrapped bundle home from the hospital. your thoughts turn toward the child. You have to figure out a new living schedule so that King Baby will have food when he yells for it, clean pants when they are necessary and you get quite adept at sneaking catnaps when the little tyrant isn't looking. But the biggest mental change that comes with parenthood is the wonderful sense of, all your plans ahead being worthwhile. "Something to live for", is how most parents describe having children when they aren't afraid of sounding too corny, and nobody but an out-and-out cynic will disagree with them. * * * People undergo a whopping change financially when they become parents. Even if a couple isn't particularly self-saeri- ticing they often find themselves giving up a new Easter outfit because the kids need new shoes, a weekend in the city to pay for a juvenile camping trip or a new 1'1O TOO "> O Q f> , Do You NEED PRICES! • .FORT DODGE IRON & METAL ^ PHONE Z-2941 FORT DODGE, IOWA I I T 1 ••> O ) ) O Jl In Minneapolis CTflD-ltthe ANDREWS Hotel you'll be glad you did In the very center of the city- near depots, jtheaters, wholesale district and all shopping. Air-Co.nditioned Rooms-* Radio —TV available. Dining Room, Coffee Shop, Cocktail Lounge. Garage Service. 350 modern roomi, moderately priced Leslie F. Long, Mgr. 4th Street $t Hennepin "'"--^ NNEAPOLIS .. Mmnejjpt.3..'. fur coat for Mama to straighten nut Sister's teeth. It used to be, a couple of generations ago. thai a big family was a financial asset because they could all save hired- man's wages on the farm, but if it's been so in my time I haven't heard about it. I luwe read where somebody figured out how many thousands of dollars it costs to bring a youngster from the delivery room through college and though I have no idea of the actual figures, I am finding out the hard way thai it's quite a lid> sum. But you can't always measure riches in dollars, and although nobody has made me an offer lately, I don't think I'd trade any one of our kids for a million dollars. * * « Socially, the first change you make when you become a parent comes the first time you decide to take in a quick movie and suddenly realize you can't leave Junior yapping in his crib. You have to get a Grandma or a babysitter. It's baby-sitters then 01 take the kids with you every time you step out of the house for quite a number of years. And you find yourselves attending different sorts of social functions than you did before you were parents. Il's the young mother's group at the church instead of the business women's guild, Den Mother or Scout Advisor meetings instead of a bridge or poker session and Brownie mcelings instead of, and lots of time in addition to, Ihe League of Women Voters. * * * For the main part parents are the same morally, as they were before the Big Change. Bui have you ever had one of your youngsters catch you in a little white lie? Or try lo renege on a promise to them? Youngsters can be Mom and Dad's conscience personified. Most parents hope and pray that their children will be 'belter persons than they themselves are, bul we are always finding that, "doing as we do", carries a lot more weight than, "doing as we say." * » » Parenthood is a way of life that requires lots of experience. The trouble is that when you need that experience most, while the youngsters arc growing up, you haven't yet acquired it. And when you acquire the experience, you find you no longer need it for the kids have all grown up. The only really experienced parents are grandparents and they don't need to use the experience. Either the parents of those wonderful grandchildren won't listen to their words of wisdom or the grandparents are having too much fun spoiling the children to bother with it. * * * The one thing that's sure about parenthood is that life is always full of surprises. Not all ol these surprises are pleasant. At oui at least, the best laid plans to keep everything running smoothly are always being fouled up. The other day Jeanie wanted to put polish on her red shoes. I can perform this little task in nothing flat, but you are supposed to train the kids to take care of their own things. So, we put newspapers on the floor, got out the liquid polish and after a few words of instruction, I retired to my magaxine. Wienie came waddling up to observe Jeanie's efforts. The dog ap proved of them, so she wagged her tail. Over went the polish, generously annointmg Jeanie and the papers. The papers wen.' grabbed up arid carried to the wastebasket on the other side of the kitchen, dripping a gorey looking trail all the way. The tile on the wall bark of the waste basket also got a splash or two. It took a bit of scrubbing but we finally got it eleaiv.'d up. That is, all but the tip of Wienie's tail. It's still dyed a beautiful .shue-poli.sli crimson, * • * There was a nice letter this week fiom Frances Wiese. She writes, "I have copied so many recipe's out uf your column I decided I'd contribute one. It's pumpkin pie time again and the recipe enclosed is a never-tail one.' 1 She also asks if I have ;; recipe for pumpkin pie cookies. I don't, but us I write this, the cookie recipe;, for the contest have not yet come in. Perhaps there'll be one there. Anyway, hero's .Mrs Wieae' pumpkin pie recipe: li eggs, --lightly beaten 1 N'i. 303 can Libby's, pumpkin (2 cup.-;) 1 ' i cup b: ->\vn ] L' teasp. salt 1 It'u.sp. cmn.'iinon '•j ten.-p. ginger 1 i te;i.-p. cloves 1 2/3 cups eviipni aU.'il milk, top milk oi 1 light cream. 1, !) inch unbukcd pastry shell Mix the ingi euieni - in the order given. P<>u. into paltry'Ii J-iak 1 in hut oven. 425 dcgne.. |,.r lf> minutes. Reduce tempt ratus i lo moderate, 350 <)cgrei . and t.mlmuo baking loi -!5 minute.^ or until a kniie inserted .1: i-enter fome.~ out clean. O.-gmally. this n.-cipc called for • : i en p.. while .-ugar instead ot !'e I 1 , ,-up uf bruwn, bul the Wie.-e'.-. line a .-v.'ecter, darker pie anil tliHt'^ the wav we like it, too. —GRACE. 60th At Sumner, Mr and Mrs William O. Sneller recently observed their 60th wedding anniversary. Natives ol England, they came to this country in 1907. 63 YEARS Willis C. Swishsr, who died at Clarinda recently, had taught Sunday School tor 63 of his 86 years. An airman who retires after 20 or 30 years gains a fixed income for life, at an age when he is young enough to enjoy his retirement pay. MAYOR'S PROCLAMATION I Byron P. Richardson, Mavor of the City of Algona, Iowa, do hereby notify the qualified elector? of the said city of Alqona, thai the regular biennal municipal election ol the said City of Algona will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 1555. The officers to be elected are as follows: M.iyor, Park Commissioner for a six-year term, and six Councilmen, as follows: A Councilman from the 1st Ward, a Councilman from the 2nd Ward, a Coun- ci'man from the 3rd Ward, a Councilman from the 4th Ward and two Councilmen- at-large. Polling places will bo as follows: 1st Ward Legion Hall; 2nd Ward, High School; 3rd Ward, 3rd Ward School; 4th Ward, City Hall. Polls will be open from 8 A.M. to 8 PI-,'. Govern yourselves 'accordingly. BYRON P. RICHARDSON, Mayor OFFICIAL BALLOT FIRST WARD Regular Municipal Election November 8, 1955 City of Algona, Iowa FOR MAYOR (VOTE FOR ONE) HERBERT ANDREW ADAMS WILLIAM J. BECKER ROY R. HUTZELL DR. CAMERON C. SHIERK FRANK VERA CHARLES J. WAGNER FOR COUNCILMAN (VOTE FOR ONE) EUGENE H. FURST ARTHUR E OBRECHT FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (VOTE FOR TWO) V. M. PARSONS BYRON P. RICHARDSON FOR PARK COMMISSIONER 'VOTE FOR ONE) ELMER M. LANGMACK OFFICIAL BALLOT SECOND WARD Regular Municipal Election November 8, 1955 City of Algona, Iowa FOR MAYOR (VOTE FOR ONE) WILLIAM J. BECKER ROY R. HUTZELL DR. CAMERON C. SHIERK FRANK VERA CHARLES J. WAGNER HERBERT ANDREW ADAMS FOR COUNCILMAN (VOTE FOR ONE) LEON H. LAIRD FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (VOTE FOR TWO) V. M. PARSONS BYRON P. RICHARDSON FOR PARK COMMISSIONER iVOTE FOR ONE) ELMER M. LANGMACK OFFICIAL BALLOT THIRD WARD Regular Municipal Election November 8, 19S5 City of Algona, Iowa FOR MAYOR 'VOTE FOR ONE) ROY R. HUTZE.LL DR. CAMERON C. SHIERK FRANK VERA CHARLES J. WAGNER HERBERT ANDREW ADAMS WILLIAM J. BECKER FOR COUNCILMAN -.VOTE FOR ONE) ARNOLD W. ELBERT MEL B. GRIFFIN A. R. WILLRETT FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (VOTE FOR TWO) V M PARSONS BYRON P. RICHARDSON FOR PARK COMMISSIONER !VOTE FOR ONE) ELMER M. LANGMACK OFFICIAL BALLOT FOURTH WARD Regular Municipal diction Mov ember 3. I9j r j City of Algon.i IjAd FOR MAYOR 'VOTE FOR O'.r- DR. CAM.ERON C SHItRK FRANK VERA CHARLES J. WAGNER HERBERT ANDREW Al-AMS WILLIAM J. BECKER ROY R. HUTZELL - - ..... - • ----- • • FOR COUNCILMAN (VOTE FOR ONi | RICHARD J. COOK JOHN DREESMAN FOR COUNCILMAN-AT LARGE (VOTE FOR UMj) V M. PARSONS Blr RON P. RICHARDbCV, FOR PARK i VOTE FOR ONE., ELMER M. LANGMACr. Publiihcd in the Kov.ut Advance, Algonj, | OV1J 2b, 1955, C runty Utility Proceedings MmuK-.s ol Proceed;!i^.- i>: r>,. II,,,id ol r l'iu.stcc.-, ol the AUo:, u Mui.i.-'n-il I'lllltlt-a. . 1' A muL-ling ol the Bn.mi m r rri,«-- of tlu- Aljjona Municij).,! riihtK-s'u•"/- held in the Citv Hall. Cit\ m Aigon.i Io\^ll. Gel. 17. 1!>55. al 7 .';n iiM.Mk IMII Present ui.-ix-: Alk-ii Hiii-i..,,:,n, M J. Biadl'.'V. T. Jaivu-:, l'.,lui •: s',0.1 and In Kohl. SLCIVI.II>. AljM-nt was. C H Mc'qm..i,,i;. TttL llllllU'.c.-i ol the llii-i:lin^ uj (j^\ 1. ];":55 ucix- ii.-ad and aiJjji o\ ctj. Motion by Bradley and M-fmuicii aljlu l.u.- ui'ino'.'cd aiui aut i.i.n i.-.-a I.M'II: as audited. Motion carried. All vuUi:g Lighl fund C M it 1'. ik 1'. K K. Cu :;^i ;,.,, .,, Town Public Employee's Retirement syslrm. quarterly tnx . 50!).05 Iowa Employment Security Com- • mission, fed. soc. Sec 296.88 \V \V. Sullivan, P. M., postage 37.76 Pnvroll, pay i nil 1.6B9.2!) Milton Kilyeu. labor . ....1-18.17 Edwin Weish.inr. labor 135.8S Mi-rviii Hcntgps. labor n;i.5i" Eldon Moore, labor 'll.-in low;) Slate !3;ink, withholding tax 232.70 Social Security Fund. soc. sec. lax -- 127.67 Tri'a.'-'.'ior of the State of Iowa, stair snlcs tax 1,213.77 Treasurer of the State of Iowa. use tax 112. !)fi T. .lames Palmer, expenses ..... . 66.30 Ninth Central Public Service Co., K/\f bill -- . ... 20.13 Water Fund Iowa Public Employee's Retirement System, quarterly tax 186.2C lov.a Employment Security Commission, fed. soc. sec. ........ .U8.W Payroll, payroll 33n.ll Frank Ostrujii. labor 123.3B Walter Peterson, labor 122.37 Eldon Moore, labor 55.00 ncakus Helmcrs. labor 72.76 Reiner Helmcrs. labor 72.7H GrorRr V.'elg, labor ll.ofi Iowa Stale Bank, withholding tax 33.50 Social Security Fund, soc. sec. tax -- --. - 34.B3 Treasurer oP the State of Iowa. state sales tax 332.67 North Central Public Service Co.. gas bill - 2.50 Social Security Fund Iowa Public Employee's Retirement System, quarterly tax ..6P5.25 Iowa Employment Security Commission, fed. soc. sec. 415.76 Deposit Fund Arlan Frerking, et. al., deposit refund -10.00 The Supt, of Utilities was authorized to extend a 6" water main on IrvmRton Road, east from Phillins Street, across C. & N.W. R R. tracks, nrovic^mg that. -I connection charnes be paid bv customers outside of City Limits at $100.00 each. Next meeting date was set for Nov 1, in55. at 7:30 o'clock P.M. Meeting adjourned. ,'S/ Ira Kohl Secretary /S/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the qualified voters of the Algonti Community School District, in the County of'Kossuth. State of Iowa, that a special election has been called and ordered to be held in and for sale School District on the 5th day or December, I!)55, whereat there will be submitted to the voters of said Alpona Community School District, to be by them voted upon, the following proposition to-wit: "Shall the Board of Directors of the Algona Community School Dis- tiict. in the County of Kossuth. State of Iowa, issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $5-14,000.00 for the purpose of carrying out a school building program consisting of erecting and equipping two elementary school buildings, procuring two school sites, erecting and equipping an addition to an existing school building and purchasing land to add to the site already owned and procuring and improving a site for an athletic field in and for said School District?" The polls for said election will he open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. of said day and for said election the whole of said Community School District has been consolidated into and will constitute one voting precinct and Ihe pollinc place therefor will be at the High School building located in Algona. Kossuth County. Iowa, at which time and place all of the qualified \oters of said School District arc hereby notified to appear. This notice is given by order of the Board of Directors of the Algona Community School District pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 2!)(i. Code of Iowa. 1054. and to a sutficlcnt petition with the requisite signatures in ac- eordance therewith and as ordered by a resolution adopted In the Board of Diirctors on the 2(itii day of October. 1!»55. Dated at Algona. Iowa, this 26th clay ol October. 1!>R5. I'lrr. Wolf Secretary. Board ot Directors fPublishcd " Nov. 3. 10. 17 and 2-1. 1!)55. in The Algona. Iowa. Upper DCS Moincs) CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.00 Savings Per lOOLbs. Gain" Corn savings now pay off more than ever! And you can get first class RESULTS with your hogs on Sargent Min- ral Meal. Results on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up to G bushels of corn per 100 pounds gain, compared to ordinary corn feeding. That cuts normal corn costs in half. If corn is $1.50. you can save up to $!) cash per 100 pounds of gains. On a 200 pound hog, that adds up to $18. Sargent Minral Meal gets such big corn savings RESULTS, because it ha= the genuine pork building ingredients. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement, aargent Minral .Nioai has vitamins, proteins and minrals plus extra factors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also Al Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" II Il's News — W« Want III UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends Announce New Way To Shrink Painful Piles Science Finds Healing Substance That Does Both—* Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids Nrw York, N. V. (Sprrlnl) - For the first (imp science has found n new hcnliiif; substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without t-urftery. In case after cnso, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all — results were so thorough thut sufferers made • « • *xu «.**rf*««wK*«av*«**9 astonishing- statements like "Piles hiivn ceased to bo n problem!" The secret is n new healing- substance (Hin-Dyne* I —Hipcovory of B \vorlil-f n mnus research instilule. This substance is now available in siippnuitorn or ointment form umler the riiinip /'ri-jinmfion //.* At your drupgist. Money back Riinrnnt.ep. •nog. u. s. p«t. off. GUARD AGAINST RASH FIRES r //7c_»e r i •UP TIPS, •^*\ /"> -1-iflP ^-' y~5 AI < /^£- ^L^Vr P^L^X^r ^' KEEP ROOF VALLEYS AND EAVE TROUGHS FREE OF LEAVES CLEAN YARD LEAVES RUBBISH E INFLAMMABLE! MATERIAL FROM ATTICS* BASEMENTS, ETC. IW HOUSE AKID #£ SUGG TEL EPHONE IS WORKING Kossuth Mutual Insurance Assn. LOLA SCUFFHAM, Sec'y. Your by to Blut Chip %/ valut Why pay more for less? 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