The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on August 26, 1969 · Page 11
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 11

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1969
Page 11
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rim "--..--. wi . ywri III V - x !t I.', I LJ Big Corp Detroit Plans Protest Of Haywood Signing Tho Pantograph A-ll Bloomingtn-Norml. III. Twos., Aug. 24, lHt Woaciffo Warns Nats Clout Twins DETROIT aTl University. Calihan said he Itopwl Detroit officials prepared to Pf0(est U "it in fnrm.n. rmlm t. tk vra 4 Kreemera UTWg I ne . '.. ; the ataiing of college players uumd with the Lil Association and the Nat mi an football League. ; When the National League leerm. mi hoe mm booked . . . ..i riurjownrrs gcr logruirr aoun 10 name Warren Giles' successor, dun t be too surprised u it u ii retire from track in 7$ ball parks fMt svmmer. MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL line single in the decUlvt three. (AP) - Big Frank Howard run third set up Ken McMullen's lashed his 40th homer and three two-run single. M c M u 1 1 1 a other hits. Including a bunt sin- scored what proved to be the alo Lf '.aA I rt n I Ka in crista. Can m IiiiiUii mm I., a DtnL DaAta Two world record holders "17' 7. Ve7 T. j . n.., w moij tr uic imiuieq uri inters Kruunaer I. 1 -. !- I I,. V D ' " " ' aRreement barring The S loot-t Haywood kaid he Gibe Paul, who has served both . ' . " "V ! Minnesota Twins Monday night, for a 4-1 lead. f 4v.11,.o. Ivr. c.,.. mth Oliver tn hit SI. i f .i - -; .. todav tha limine of in. r , - - " - uii month. The r last date Is at ' nowaro homered into the left uway ine ngning oi AU-,hffiire thev ffmdual. Similar In ard mother won t have to : - 7 -u .t . .. .nil A.,l 1 rwl -ll (K i . I I Vl I. tA r 1 1 . , I'.n -.4, tiM IT a ... I-.,,.. ..i.iii . ... c - , - ... . . . v iiuidn inj v.f iiibiiu iiuuj, iuae lanoc. la u. ocamon is 1 n lyj p"uwi n !TEL!S2J1L? n" " ' r .pprenumh,, mi-H Ik. ' ' M, ratMINOTON MINNttOTA rUM dcr Pranch Rickey. Paul's first ! Merchant Marine Academy and i i i a ...a a i cer Haywood by the Denver iltnce iui tne National Basket- week aria iik hub i nan , . kvi.aa m m a & Basketball Association, but theyi w b,g b,was l RochMU'r' ;Y 'pro football team nest summer.) f70ir$0) Added .dmHtJe'inohopeofgettmgtllAaSt flUUM ,T flnp of the proposed pro- r pMAmm him brk 6 aamiii uumms International League history. jfcssional track promotion has O UlDS KOSter fWn DKI ISIIilialiiAiiff I till ftll A AUUu. .L.. II. LH. i. B - a - 0 aL. a I j aV.allB k kaL MaA M n.,lJ Uw MArlA AaWmHi frAtn Mftnilt VAHriAf lA nrlL u.ha MfillM (karft ia lltila f..l..ra CHICAGO (AP) Johll ... - - I .. .. I IWW Sunday at the now Oavor Downs, Dol track, prtdicttd dent, and his selection ui the cinder sport as a career. jHairston. a catcher, first base- Wltti cwikM ilia uwwmi m i i VMIt m 1 1 1 (m soft hi. f.w i 4 1 4 I Ohm k i t I I Vwun to III! KnkM IVM I I I mm Ik - S'ioo MM wn-H M Adelph Younf, 1101 W. Washinglm H hookad this 3 S-pound cars at Mm McLoan County LandfiH lake wtst of Bloomingtoii Monday. The fish was M inches lonf. ( Pantograph Photo ) "The boy has sirned a professional contract," Athletic Director Bob Callhan said Monday. "I donl think there U my possibility of getting him back. Wt hope this situation will try and get the NCAA to oaottfl nrni ant tlA a.ilwaM.a4e Ia4w from this type of thing, so It doesnt happen again." Calihan was glum about the U-Ds basketball future this season without Haywood, who led the U.S. team to a gold medal In the IKS Olympics and gained All-America laurels in hit aopbomora season here last year. Haywood reportedly signed a 1250,000 contract with the Rockets last weekend, giving up his remaining two years of eligibility. ABA President Jim Gardner, Interviewed by telephone, said the pro league "certainly" didn't want to offend colleges and universities but insisted. "We didn't seek Spencer' NEW YORK (AP) Receiver eight of his 11 years. if. ..J ...t tf ..Ml ... I rVin Hi it enn nnrf . nnaHprhnrlr I Th tIMfsn nam imjiiiuuu vui. nc HUKii u. i ptjyei, lumil: wr rt 0rr rt (tuwil c acimn K.ncwt a 11 4 t I 4 t I M Miitraia ll0f ant OCvnca a pit OiMtwi pa 4f .ll: tit AM M til t Monday that tho United States Auto Club's spocially; would meet with approval built championship race cars would never run there both magnates and players, ogoin. i The track $ steeply banked and rated the worlds fatttit ane-mile race course. "These cars are not built for thee high banks," Brawner said. Cars driven by Andrerti, Lloyd Ruby, Al Unstr and Wally Dallenbach were wrecked in practice and in the race. Ruby and Dallenbach were hospitalised. "This is ut a bad setup," Brawner said. "Why our officials went ahead after seeing it, I don't know. "There is high speed, na escape and no communi cation, Browner contended. "If they do schedule of Art Heege of Peoria, 11, is the Latest addition to tho WitcontMi football staff. Peoria has long been o Bedger stronghold and every year o half deson or so beys go to Madison. Haege is a St. Ambrose graduate. John widmar is the new another race there, they'll ut have brief cases. They principal of Cairo High School, won't have any cars.'' I He was at East Pike at Pltta- field a year ago. Widmar is an ISU graduate. Max Parkin, the sany baseball comle writes from Albuquerque, HM that he is still tearing the minor Hutson, Herber Top 1930's Team Lombard's great all-around Ev4Mp SwtHMen wfio ImM the major league speed record for years, after graduating from San Francisco of the Pacific Coast league to Cincinnati, has keen named to the alt-time tan Francisco team by coast writers along with Joe DiMeggie, Harry Mailman, Babe Camltli, Tony Lasseri, aloe Crenlw new president of the American league, Willie Kamm, Dutch R author and Lofty CDeul. w Swanson, who Is now postmaster of Galesburg, is a brother of Dave Swanson, State Farm vice-president in charge of auditing, and former Wesleyan diamond captain. man and outfielder, was hrnucht nn from Tamma Mnn.' C aay oy ine cnicago cuds. 4tUI Total Mill " - . LOS MatiuraMa . MlMWMit 4 j a aewnM. Hw F.Mowtra (401. S Tovar. Ouiltcl. Hairston takes the place of in-L .. . l fielder-outfielder Jimmy Quails "' ' i ...k. . . i j - v. j : ..... . -. ..... - wuu waa piacru un uic uiaameu o tnanc list because of a jammed right p"!i shoulder. VorflMrtoa m so as SO 'ill tail .in lit l : a i : : Jit" i LLL V0LKS17A6EN "SMM one Ucol Toaat Eitro J aw.rrtwt UooniiaM Opan ta tan. Man. Thnt Pri. "He came to us with lArnie Herber, who formed the Bill Hewitt. ENDS Arnie Tests Hip, Wins With Nick fircl rrrAnt naccinry rAmKlnatlnn ftMnre. PhiiatHotlahla FioIm. interest in olavine basketbaU."i " JTl rZTT- VoS. Hut; i, or. Gartwr said. "The boy, inthJsL ayto an aH-1930'8 team com-,wu w,$hinron L i T rr j rii T- memorating the Nationa Foot-; carSJni help and we helped him. He ,te;ball anniversary" lurn, nas neipea our league, we think he's going to be a real x-Gcvittll Timlty. 1937-30, 140 Chicago it. TACKLE! GorM Chrlilrnscn. 1931-31. eortt- The two Hall of Famera, wholTrMW-uth r- I BA, ww t-aH :"ir j M Bit L 'aiUIMfllirrlllra lUvr T s 1 rW TOCHqOSS-i . j; ay ay rwoui , 3' $ea95 1 s? i! " T ft iSM. .v... icua. w : amu O 194), Chicago GrMti Biy Pack' superstar." brought for the ihMr falont tAcrpthr 1 10 ..Detroit Lion. -....- -"o x-Albert CTurHl Green Bay Packers, mm k T0 a 0 J mm 4 n 4 nold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus rarQO UerailS proved they still can play out- ,.T;1-.,t standing golf as they defeatedlOllinSVIlie Byron Nelson and Jug Mc-I Edwards. 1932-411, Washington Redskin. Rill I A 10t(.J9. 14JA. RrAIVfft Riwla. were among a p ayers nameaier, oreen bay pgace. . j , .u j j xJ Stydahar, 1934-42, 1945-46, Chlca- :to the second of the decade o Beart. I GUARDS teams honoring the outstanding Grover toxi Emerson, 1931 . port-players of the NFL's first half-terSMr,,ni' Blr", Lions Bwlv" CGntury. x-Oanny Fortmann, 1934-43. Cltlcao Tn rninmpmnrnfp Irint Sfl1 Charkti (Burktt) Ooldenberg, 1933-45, fAvrAw vn iTDft7r 10 commemorate tnai u Green Bay Fide,5. Spaden 3 and 2 in a handicap v n . id. . a' years, the NFL, with Simon and en B w iiviaiv ci. sM .ui:Mk;H hAn . rcMTco e .. . 3LI U. ri . IS IfUlIllTtllllla' it UlHItV DaseDall, irir., vAor0 N.D., won ican Legion Region ifll1! punVteelWtor7of opening Thursday at Hastings, lhrough Mlectlon Qf flye 'decade teams leading to an all-Fargo posted a 5-2 victory ; Ume AU-NFL team. over Collinsville. ill., behind the ' pitching of Mike Zavorsky. Col-1 Mel Hein. 1931-45. New York Giants. George Svtndsen, 193507, 1943-41 Green Bay Packers ' BACKS I x-Cllft Baltlts, 1932-37, Washington Radsklm. x-Earl (OutChl Clark, 1911-32, 1934-M. Baattlg Feattier, 1934-40, Chicago Bears, Brooklyn Dodgers, Green Bay Packer. x-Arnie Herber, 1930-40. 1944-45, Green Bav Packers. New York Giants. Hutson and Herber made the i Hi"K'- ,?3J141' GreeB B, a major weapon in thel Cecil Isbell. 1938 , Green Bay Pack Aiphonse (Tuffy) Leemans, 1936-43, New York Giants. x-John (Johnny Blood) MCNally, 1975- Mi waukee Badners. Duiutn Eskimos, Pottsville Maroons, Green Bay Packers, DUl COU1Q IKK SCOre. . 1nn . u Pittsburoti Pirates. Pittsburgh Steelers ' ., . . ... L. ya'US " w x.-Broimw (Bronko) Nagurski, 1930- ; ine imnois leam iea in ine downs. Herber, Whose records : W.'";- iirsi mmng wun a single run, match on Dub's Dread course Monday. lit was Palmer's first test of his aching hip since he quit the PGA tour Aug. 15, and he said it bothered him some during the match. He was doubtful about when he might return to the tmirnnmpnt mtita r . . " T.I oass a ma or weaiwn in thel ecu labeii. . iinsvme cnaiieneeo in tne eiemn,r ..... '.. ,l en. Nelson and McSpaden, top when they h;ded the TnJ golfers of the 1940s, had a handi-(against reliever Mark Monson 1 'SSSS- U cap of 50 yards on each hole be- vZt enuld not seore. reer. w,th. 481 "cepUons 7,991 cause of their age. Palmer and Nicklaus' best- bail SCOre Was 65. hut Varan iratpH nair In tha - - r i - sewina anu auucu mice ruiio tii u..nn ,u 1a.Ii vth k. . . ,1.. it,,!!! uic ci a ui uiic-uiavwvu iuvi' Wn wem me u.SIh.m:, wua ur:: actuay wgs & speclall8U. a receiver without equal during The victory gave Fargo a 5-1 nis career and the innovator tournament record and left U1- wh0 was the first olaver to de HnsvUIe 5-2 in the t o u r n e y. velop a full repertoire of fakes. Fargo brought its season record Before him receivers merely to 48-10. had run straight mutes to thpir ! assigned area, but Hutson de- I veloped the technique of what is CraTti1i it'll d; now called the pass pattern. He, opv t llal 1 , was so far ahead of ni8 Ume as t lllinors State's national8 receiver that he led the NFL I Nicklaus shot a (9 on the 7,800-yard layout that rates more than 76 strokes. He missed one green and had one bogey. Palmer and McSpaden each had a 7L Nelson picked up on the first nine and shot a 44 on the back nine. A crowd of about 1,500 saw the benefit match. a Johnson Wins Shooting Title LE ROY Ival D. Johnson of R R. 2, Le Roy won the State Champion Over-all Gun Class B aat the Lincoln Park Gun Club in Chicago Sunday. A total of 102 competitors entered the event. To qualify for the competition a contestant was required to shoot a 4.10-gauge, a 22-gauge, and a 12-gauge shotgun at 100 targets. Johnson received a trophy and patch. Dowler Leaves Packers' Camp GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) Wide receiver Boyd Dowler walked out of the Green Bay Packers training camp Monday and did not show up for a team meeting Monday night A spokesman for the National League Football League team confirmed reports that Dowler had left the camp, adding he did not take part in drills. Dowler is one of several Packer veterans who reportedly have not signed a 1969 contract. o.Van tlrnna. IfH.H 1014. 1914-47. St. are incomplete, passed for 8,033 ,ten Island Staplaton. New York Giants. yards In the air. 1 QUALITY & SERVICE No Job Too Large or Too Small! Country- Wide Service BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. 1 100 W. Market St BloomiitgtoB, Dl. Pboa 967-6115 EXTENDED ONE MOBE WEEK FOR THE HOLIDAY TRAVELER! TIRES FROM THE SIDEWALK TO THE ROOF-MORE THAN A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF QUALITY GOODYEAR TIRES. THE GREATEST SELECTION OF TIRES UNDER ONE ROOF IN CENTRAL ILLINOIS. SHOP EARLY FOR BETTER SELECTION. PICK YOUR TIRE-PICK YOUR PRICE-10,000 TO CHOOSE FROM. The Imperial 1 1 Pmtiltt Invincibto Be CigarillosS23e' Tip Cigarillos 523o CXITJG A frfric0 "S I aiyest Selling Ogv baseball championship I s featured in the current issue of the NCAA News, the offi cial publication of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Coach Duffy Bass' Redbirds won the NCAA College Division World Series last June at Springfield, Mo. It was the first national sports championship for ISU. The article noted that the Redbirds "convincingly throttled the apposition," "pointing out that ISU hurlers Bun Capra, Bob Gractyk and Paul Sparry gave up just two earned runs in the three-game series sweap. If- - - I 1 fill3 lfi" 1 V Aud Eckels ts' CLEMENS, SHEPHERD Tp &ECK0LS, INC V5CV INSURANCE AOINCY t01N.Caito4iSt. IiomI40M . C"JinrG o cc::rr c:aiiE . KIRTS WHAT WJ DO: Jk 40M. 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WHITEWAll ONLY '3.0D MORE GOCDjtfR3 $135 771-14 I2.U14 luaiia IHCM Ml BLACKWALL 4 PLY NYLON TUBELESS Thb b Om al 1h Biml Ivy kt Mi WIITtWALU OPftT'j ai MOIL 775-15 UooDjffEtt POLYESTER 825-U WHITEWALL Pib Mr tMMi en lem at Amarica'l Sam an4aw Bne J Sa.S. Skouw of a ikgM AiM0 all", afW, am j awatanty S29.9S. A Mvwgi at S19.00 Oar Tha. WWU tMW 1AST, POiTntAM H78-I 5-A BIG TIRE FOR A BIO JOB fMs) k fJH fWrtsjPJI laroVlfWtttt' e0y OtooaV MtRlirHt I (Mbiga at 1270 mm tkm. WhO. mf hM. GOCrJBC) S25-14 BLACK WALL-4 PLY NYLON TUBELESS. flkSa aW mmm malb RbUM art b MOJO. wmu mn ust GOCDjrilC) $19'i WHITE WAll4 PLY NYLON TUBELESS. TMi b an W wiUTunLAST-caiTnf.ts S34.fl A iGOCDjpYEtt POLYESTK 845-15 - 855-15 885-15 - 915-15 Thw Him cwi f a M aiica at S4S.83 H 073. mmm Bjum mM . mmmmmm mMmMmmmmmma mmmmLmmm. Bk omcciojioj ww w atwr witeisroewsi iioamaill jsojt sjitsat f Owai al 4 far Sioaoa WM Wy b 00 nut tiyuMoa UTtflONM IXC154T IACH. 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