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The Charleston Daily News from Charleston, South Carolina • Page 3

The Charleston Daily News from Charleston, South Carolina • Page 3

Charleston, South Carolina
Issue Date:

THE DAILY NEWS LARGKsT DAILY NEWS BETNCr THE NEWSPAPER OFP1C1A-LLT REOOGNIZED AS HAYING THE LARGEST CIE UL.ATI CN THE CITY OF CHARLESTON, PUBLISHES THE LIST OF LETTERS REMAIN vXNG IN THE POSTOFFICE AT THE END OF "EACH WEEK. ACCORDING TO THE PROVIS? IONS OF THE NEW POSTOFFICE LAW. LOCAL MATTERS. .4 WCTION SAI.Z8 THIS DA T. G. W. STEFFENS Co. will soil this day, at Di o'clock, in front of their store. No. 30 Venduo shoulders, strips, sides, butter, T. M. CATEE will sell this day, at o'clock, sn Lrown's wharf, butter, shoulders, bellies, sides and crockery. MIT.T.TOAX Sox will sell this day. at 10 o'clock, at Ko. 22 Vendue Knnge, furniture of a r'amllv leaving the citv. J. A. ENSLW Co. will sell this day, at ll o'clock, on Brown's wharf, molasses, 6yrup and susrar; also, 2.7k) sacks corn. W. Y. LEITCH R. S. BRUNS will sefl this -lay, at ll o'clock, at the old post-office, desi rabie lot wirb buildings, on north side of Went worth-street. CAMPBELL. KNOX Co. will sell this day, a 10 o'clock, at their cash auction house, Mo. 55 Hasel-street, French tamertines, French cambric, JOHN G. Co. will sell this day. at 10 o'clock, at their auction salesroom, No. 13-3 ileotiuii-street, ladies' straw hats, men's and boy's felt hats, JEFFOBD3 Co. will sell this at 9i e'eiock, in front of their stores, strips, hams ahoulders, FEOM future the Dictator will leave Savannah every Saturday morning at o'clock, instead of Sunday at 9 o'clock as here? tofore. had the pleasure, yesterday, of an editorial grip from the hand of Mr. A. A. Stubbs, of the Bennetteville Herald. Mr. Stubbs visits this city to represent to our business men the claims of his paper as an advertising medium. BEarsTBATiON TN THE were registered yesterday, at the Eagle Engine Wards Nos. 5, 6, 7 and 8-63 whites and 1 black. At the City Hall-WardB Nos. and 2-ll whites and 1 black. OSL? THREE Dara days of grace are running out. Do not procrastinate. Do not put off an important duty. Register, and then you will have taken the first step towards securing your property and your rights. COME FOEWAED, CHABLESTONIANS did better yesterday, but not as well as you can do. There are still hundreds of men in this city who are qualified and can register. Let them come forward at once. WABDS 1 AND registered yesterday eleven whites against two blacks. Turn out to-day, and show that "downtown" is alive. WARDS 5, 7 AND you not encour? aged Sixty-three whites registered and only one colored man. Try once more, and beat the best. WHERE TO Wards 1 and 2, register at The City Hall. For Ward 3, register at the Market HalL For Ward 1, register at the Hope Engine For Wards 5, 6, 7 and 8, register at the House. THE NEW MASONIC TTAT.T. jn Columbia waa dedicated on Tuesday last with the usual cere? monies prescribed by the ritual of the order such occasions. Grand Master Jas. L. Orr presided. was a brighter feeling in the city yesterday. Nearly all the cotton made by our planters, has been sold, and the bigup jump will principally benefit the specula rive operators, but while the staple is uppish, men will feel bright, even although they do not possess as much cotton as a factor carries on his. coat -receives at the end of a hard day's work. Rumors are afloat that Mr. A. has $20,000, and Mr. B. $30,000, and that the constitution ol Mr. C. bas been amended to the tune, cf but the persons concerned do allow their tongues to wag too freely, and keep their thousand consolations to them' selves. The Bay is bright Broad street is bright Hayne street is bright, and the pro? phet crieth out the man who in these days 1 holds colton at fifteen cents, can't be worsted UNITED STATES DTSTBICT CO GEO. S. BBTAN court opened at ll o'clock yesterday morning. The following petitions were filed: In re James Boss Dye, a bankrupt. Wm. M. -Shannon, appointed assignee by B. B. Carpenter, Registrar. In re Mackey Baker bankrupts. Wm. S. Hastie appointed assignee by B. B. Carpenter, Registrar. The Judge approved the above appointments In re W. J. Trim, a bankrupt. B. S. Bruns was appointed assignee by the Judge. In re Julina Flaum, a bankrupt. Application for final and full discbarge. J. C. Carpenter, proctor for petitioner. On motion of J. C. Carpenter it was ordered that the time of publication and notice to creditors fore fixed for the 30th March, 1868, be extend? ed to the 24 th day of April, 1868. In re Lewis Carr, of Columbia, S. C. Peti iin for final and full discharge. F. W. Mc Has? tier, proctor for petitioner. Petition granted, and the petitioner finally discharged. In re John G. Grant, a bankrupt. D. B. -McCall appointed assignee. Ex parte Geo. W. Cliristie, In re B. O. Bush. Petition to enforce special lien. R. Dozier, proctor for petitioner. Referred to B. B. Car Esq. Ex porte Francis W. Dawson, Cord Dnhme and L. F. Meyers. Petitions for citizenship granted. In the matter of John Cobia, John H. Ma P. S. Woreham, Lazarus Bell, Miles E. Hodge, John A. Burgess, Daniel E. Beardon, E. Hodge, bankrupts-In bank? ruptcy. To D. J. Bradham, Sheriff of Clarendon District, and bis deputies and agents, and William B. Burgess, Coroner of Clarendon District: Whereas it bas been represented to ns, in District Court, on the part of Joseph Gal lachet, attorney and agent for the term and purpose, for John Cobia, John A. Mahoney, P. S. Worsbam, Lazarus Bell, Miles E. Hodge, John A. Burgess, Daniel E. Beardon, and Ben? jamin E. Hodge, who have been adjudged bank? rupts within the true intent and meaning of the act of Congress entitled "An act to estab? lish a uniform system of bankruptcy through? out the United States," March 3, 1867, and have been so declared; And whereas it has been represented that you have advertised for sale certain property of the said bankrupts, under certain judg? ments against the said bankrupts; We, therefore, in consideration thereof, do thereby enjoin and command yon, the said D. Bradham, Sheriff, your deputies and agents, -and W. B. Burgess, Coroner, and the said plaintiffs in said judgment, from pro? ceeding any further in the enforcement of the executions against the property of the bankrupts, and that you do absolutely de? sist Crom any further proceeding in attempt? ing to sell, until the further order of this It is furthermore ordered that the said par? ties, creditors holding judgments against the bankrupts, be at liberty to file their peti? tions in this court for the enforcement of their liens, if such they nave, giving notice thereof to theijaid GEORGE S. BRYAN, District Judge of United States, For South Carolina. Examination of tbc Public Schoo Although HO public notice had boen giv the examination of thc public schools, th pils had been on the qui vice for somo and had malo extensive preparations fo event. The woods and gardens wero dosp of their flora! treasures, and thc nimbli gers of the scholars wcro soon entwi graceful ornaments of the evergreens flowers. Every part of the buddings wreath nr garland could be placed was rated; the pillar? in thc main rooms wer I most hidden br garlands of evergreens moss, while thu class rooms, particular! the Normal School, wore converted into grant floral retreats. There was a gene: rivalry among tao pupils in regard to the rations, each clas3 being anxious that teacher's room should bo the most tastily narcental. Yesterday the weather was all that ci have been df sired, and by 9 o'clock the frk and parents of the pupils had assembled in different school Louses, to witness the exam tion. Thc commissioners who had been signed to the diflerent schools were also cnt, and seemed to take much interest in proceedings, questioning tho pupils on tl past studies. The answers were gener prompt and accurate, a flattering proof of efficiency of tho teachers and the applical of their charges. mr. NORMAL SCHOOJ was perhaps more largely attended than others, as thc- pupils wcro all young ladies larger growth rmd the studies moro advanc The scholars were assembled in the main rc and the openiDg exercises conducted by principal Miss Simonton after which ti were examined in geography. Several se! lions from the poets were then sung in unis division sang the Bridge of Sighs ion an extract from Childe Harold first class a hymn to the sunrise in the va! of Chamouni," and the second class "Bin; on tho Bhine." The scholars had boen previously trained this exercise, aid the result was all that i teachers desired, the different pieces bei rendered as if sung by one voice. The pia accompaniment was almost unheard amid full tones of tho choir of little singers. After Binging, the classes were dismissed to the cliff ent rooms, and the examination by the teach? commenced. Th black boards were occupi either by maps neatly drawn in chalk, or astronomical or mafhematical problems. Soi of the maps drawn on paper by Miss Bonai scholars were rery creditable, every proporti being preserved, and showed a talent for dra ing that ehodd bo cultivated. Miss and Miss Kelly's rooms on either Bide of stairway on tho second floor, were tho mc accessible, and were crowded with visito through the entire morning. Notwithstandii the number of strange facos and the presen of the commissioners, all questions were a swered readily and correctly. In the advanci classes, several difficult problems In astronon and mathematics wero solved without besit tion. The questions were propounded by eithi the teacher or the visiting commissioner, ai there was no opportunity for "cramming The examination was concluded in tho sever class rooms, but, on reassembling, the schola repeated the exercises of the morning, ar united in sin ring several hymns, closing nil "Praise tho Lord." An address was deli vere by the Hon. C. G. Mern minger, and tbe awarded to the successful scholars. The fo! lowing list (rives the names of those wh received tho commendation of their teachers NORMAL SCHOOL. MISS ANNA E. SEHONTON, PRESCTT-AE. Division A af advanced classes has twenty line scholars-Miss Ella A. Kelly, leacltei Total four hundred and seventy-two pupils. FIRST PEEurem-Adolphine E. Pointel sec premium-Harriet Mouaseau third pre ilium-Laura W. Kelly. Entitled to honorable notice-Mary C. Waltei Louisa Evans, Isabella Clark. Distinguished for good condo it. attention studies and proficiency-Emily Pointel, Salli P. Gibbes, Joanna P. Wild. scholars-Miss Har riet F. Ronan. Teacher-First premium-Blanch Sires; second premium-Ida Ham; third pre mium-Linda Finley. Entitled to honorable notice- Sarah A. Mof fett, Kate Kelly, Florence Bardell. Distinguished for good conduct, attention tc studies and proficiency-Ella Harrison, Anni White, Eunice Quincy. FIRST CLA3S-Forty-six scholars-Miss Ju melle Whildsn, premium Alice Alderse a second premium-Kate Lucas third premium-Kate Doyle. Entitled to honorable notice-Estelle Poin? Emma Gibbes, Evelina Si wald. oed for good conduct, attention tc studies and proficiency-Georgiano Gready. Evelena Beb Anna SECOND CLASS-Fifty-two pupils-Miss J. C. Carn, premium-Sarah Corco? ran second premium-Octavia Bart third premium-Martha Percival. Entitled to "honorable notice-Julia Worrell, Caroline Mu tard, Jesse Davis. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and proficiency-Emma Kennedy, El? len Brenan, Annie Cahill. TBXBD CLASS-First Division-Fifty-one scholars-Mrs. Isabel A. Smith, premium-Mary Simmons second premium Annie Swinton third premium-Annie Cahill. Entitled Lo honorable notice-Bessie Moffat, Myra Sawyer. bed for good conduct, Hubbard, Emma Hyer, Annie Chanson. THIRD Division-Forty-seven scholars-Miss Maria T. Keith, McCarthy second premium Emma Warren third premium-Emma Pitch? er. Entitled to honorable notice-Laura May, Margaret Gibson. Distingrdshod for good conduct, Higgins, Ellen McBride, Minnie Barnett. FOURTH CLASS-Fifty-three scholars-Miss Gertrude Bonnoit, premium Ellen Kennedy second premium-Agnes Ma? gill third premium-Etta Lee. Entitled to honorable notice-Guidai Kanl, Ida Tobias. Distinguished for good conduct, Ac-Fanny Kenny, Mary Hughes. FIFTH CLASS-Forty-five scholars-Miss Hen? rietta Ronan, premium-Eiiza bethjDoyle; second premium-Christina Hucka maker third premium-Carrie Mavrant. Entitled to honorable May rant, Rebecca Sanders. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and proficiency-Leila Seymour, Mary Becker. SIXTH CLASS-Fifty-four Anna M. Miller, premium Mary Brailsford second premium-Fanny lacobs; third premium-Elizabeth McSweeney. Entitled to honorable notioe-Rosa Cohen, Mary Corcoran, Minnie De veaux. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and proficiency-Isabel Tobias, Alice Armstrong, Jessie Ham. SEVENTH CLASS-Fifty-six scholars-Miss Maggie H. Gilliland, premi? um-Anny McCarthy; second premium Annie Pender third premium-Clara Sawyer fourth premium-Ann Harrington. Entitled to honorable notice-Harriet Taylor, Elizabeth Woodward, Aime Isear. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and proficiencv-Mary Forgartie, Annie Radcliffe. Annie Plowden. ST. PHILLIP-STREET SCHOOL was the next visited and was almost as well attended as the Normal School. This school is divided into three departments, and the studies ne similar to those ui the Normal School. The different rooms were very tastefully ornament ad with evergreens. In the male department, Mr. Henry P. Archer, the principal, examined the school in the main hall, bat tbs pupils were subsequently dismissed to the class rooms and examined by the respective teachers. On some of the black boards were excellent maps drawn with colored crayons. One of "the West Indies," by Mr. J. E. Dapray, was beautifully executed. Others, equally worthy of note, were, "Georgia," by R. Herbert Jones; "South America and the United States," by J. Hallo? ran; "the United States," by E. W. Legare; and Map of tho World," by Jones a Daproy. Thc scholars showed the same pi ncicucy displayed in the other school, and examination was. in every respect, satisfacto: Messrs. Richards, Bussell and Simonton, the Board of Commissioners, wore present a awarded the prizes. Tho subjoined hst giv the names those whose scholastio career titled them to notice. ST. PHILIP-STREET SCHOOL. H. P. ARCHES, PRINCIPAL. Boys' Grammar Department-1076 Pupils. FIRST CLASS-Thirty-one pupils-M. 1 Farrow, promium-E. W. Rare; premium-C. F. Bahntge; tb! premium-J. W. Mdes. I Honorable mention of-J. C. Clark, W. Johnson. R. H. Jones. Distinguished for good conduct and pro: ciency in studies-James HallaraD, W. P. Ru sell, R. C. Richardson. SECOND CLASS-Thirty-four pupils-Miss E. Cantwell, premium-Ado Dhus LeBufl'3; second premium-Octaviar Gambatti; third premium-Alexander Arn strong. Honorable mention of-John Comar, L. Browu, John Fleming. Distinguished for good conduct, Butterfield, Oswell Boeder, James A. Dufiu CLASS-Forty pupils-Miss C. 0. Ma: tin, premium-James Gibbei second premium-George E. Sigwald; thir premium-Alexander Patterson. Honorable mentiou of-August Kuchler, W. Wit-ell, Henry Briggs. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-Williai Foster, Arthur Belitzer, Jamos Lacoste. FOURTH CLASS-Forty pupils-Miss An Archer, premium-W. H. Tret cott; second premium-Joseph St. Amane third premium-John Stelling. Honorable mention of-B. G. O'Neale, J. A Gaillard, John Hartwell. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-Henr Moroso, P. L. Steedman, rhos. H. Croft. FIFTH CLASS-Thirty-eight pupils-Miss fl N. Faber, premium-Edwi McTureous; second premium-John Werner third premium-Francis Patburze. Honorable mention of-St. Julien Daprav, N. Smith, Edwaid T. McDowell. Distinguished for good conduct, Ac-Alfrei Schachte, Wm. Halloran, Robert Evans. SIXTH CLASS-Forty-three pupils-Miss Mar; E. Nixon, premium-Hermani Ostendorff second premium-John C. Mur rav; third premium-Allen 8. Quarmbv. Houorable of-Darnel McKoevers Daniel Miller, Charles Jacobs. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-Bob ert Brantford, Sylvester Chaplin, John White INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT. MISS C. C. RABBERS, PRINCIPAL. FIRST CLASS-Forty pupils-Miss A. Y. Cud worth, premium-Michael Ca hill; secend premium-Winiam Comar; thin premium, Philip Rivers. Honorable mention of-Philip Burie, Andre? Moffett, William Briggs. Distinguished for good conduot, 4c-Jacot Endel, Matthew Hogan. SECOND CLASS-Thirty-five pupils-Misa R. Davis, premium-Adolphut Green; second premium-Samuel Oppenheim third premium-Alexander Daggett. Honorable mention of-Walter Daggett, Ho? race Zernon, Irvin Corby. Distinguished for good conduct, O'Mara, Francis Waters, Marion liaient. THIRD CLASS-Forty-eight pupils-Miss Anna M. Richardson, premium-G. W. Johnson; second premium, Edward Moore, thud premium, John vVittchen. Honorablehnention of-Maurice Bowen, How? ard Cross, Leon St. Amand. Distinguished for good conduct, liam Whaley, Alfred Cay, James Musgrove. FOURTH CLASS-Forty-nine pupils-Miss E. S. Johnson, premium-Thoa. F. Miles; second premium-Stephen T. Lea third premium-Daniel Cannon. Honorable mention of-Thomas Hosegood, Francis Johnson, Michael Parsons. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-James Williams, William Casey, Hoxie Westendorff. FIFTH CLASS-Forty-eight pupils-Mrs. Anna M. Simonton, premium-Robt. Bize second premium-Michael Ban third premium-Howard Bajcor. Honorable mention of-Samuel Westcoat, Andrew Arnott, Willirm O'Brien. Distinguished for good conduct, Thomunson, Henry Hase, Henry Fosberry. SIXTH CLASS-Forty-one pupils-Miss 8. L. Lanneau, premium-Moultrie Smith; second premium-Henry Borbett; third premium-Timothy Shugbrue. Honorable mention of-Francis Easterly, John Webber, William Gilliland. Distinguished for good condnct, 4c-Edw'd. Crews, Wm Creitzburg, Oscar DnkeB. ST. PHILIP-STREET SCHOOL. HRS. MARION WHITEHEAD, PB IN CEP AL. Primary Department. FIRST CLASS-Fifty-eight pupils-Miss Mary C. Preston, premum-Emma C. Caldwell; second premium-Thersa Doyle; third premium-Estelle E. Tincent. Honorable mention of-Caroline B. Gale, Bernard Cunningham, Henry J. Malony. Distinguished for good conduct, T. Lee, Maria L. Amarintha E. Rodgers. Ex Aguo-Catherine E. McKenny. SECOND CLASS-Fifty-nine pupils-Miss Oc? tavia Panam, premium Amanda A. Bolger: second premium-Eugenia Cunningham; third premium-Francis Keenan. Honorable mention of-Robert Welch, Theo? dore Ostendorff, Anna M. O'Rouke. Distinguished for good conduct, Ac-Catha? rine Johnson, Elizabeth Tavel, Susan E. Pen? nington. THIRD CLASS-Sixty pupils Miss S. E. Rob? erson, premium-John W. Roberson; second premium-Martha C. Cald? well; third premium-Georgiana B. Jackson. Honorable mention of- Bosanna Munay, Xavier SL Amand, Beulah L. Taylor. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-Catha? rine E. Furlong, Florence A. Wayne, Margaret Cunningham. FOURTH CLASS-Sixty pupils-Miss Julia B. Logan, premium-Thomas F. Flinn; second premium-John Harrington; third premium-James Cochran. Honorablo mention of-Eva F. Brown, Lin? gard F. Ham, Elizabeth David. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-Eliza? beth G. Roberts, Mary E. Sullivan, Cecelia V. Dubose. FIFTH CLASS-Fifty-nine pupils-Miss Maria E. Faber, premium-Ella E. Bolger; second premium-Charles T. Pundi; third premium-Charles S. Pitcher. Honorable mention of-Juba A. Spady, Wm. P. Leonard, Mary A. Kenny. Distinguished for good conduct, Ac-Mary A. Aldert, Juba M. Dupray, Eliza J. Sheridan. SIXTH CLASS-Fifty-eight pupils-Miss E. C. Bunough8, premium-John Conner; second premium-Charles 8. Pointell; third premium-Henry J. Romarin. Honorable mention of-William E. Linsey, Anna A. Quinn, Henry F. Grammon. Distinguished for good conduct, C. Trescott, Jules G. Huguelot, Matthew Sheri? dan. SEVENTH CLASS-Sixty pupils-Miss S. D. Lee, premium-Georgiana ti in ea th: second premium-Marion Bennoit; third premium-George G. Kinloch. Honorable notice of-Mary F. Scanlan, Fan? nie A. Wiley. Samuel J. Downing. Distinguished for good condnct, Foley, Henry A. Wittechen, Shand Smith. EIGHTH CLASS-Fifty pupils-Miss Maria H. Gibbes, premium-Pauline A. Brandt; second premium-Elizabeth Love green; third premium-Margaret White. Honorable mention of-Mary McCarthy, Emily PregnalL William Cleckley. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-Chas. Warren, Margaret O'Day, James A. St. Amand. NTNTH CLASS-Sixty-two pupils-Miss Ha riott Toomer, premium-John D. Percival; second premium-Johanna L. Bogera; third premium-Margaret Kenny. Honorable mention of-Catharine Leonard, Evelyn S. Finley, Alice B. Kinloch. Distinguished for good conduct, 4c-Mary A. Edward Mew, Samuel T. Roberts. TENTH CLASS-Sixty-three pupils--Miss Mary B. Heyward, premium Theodore Nathan; second premium-George M. Pitcher: third premium-Ellen Furlong. Honorable mention of-Marion J. Withing ton, Harriet W. Gale, Mary A. Hahn. Distinguished for good conduct, Ac-Vir? ginia W. Hum, Emma H. Logman, Charlea Croft. THE MEETING-STREET SCHOOL, nuder Mrs. Blair, was so far from the the city that it had a comparatively slim tendance. Messrs. Forman, Henery and Coo gan, commissioners, were present, and exam? ined the scholars. The school building, though small, is well attended, and the scholars showed a creditable degree of proficiency in their studies. The following are the success? ful students: MEETING-STREET SCHOOL. MISS ISABELLA BLAIR, FTRST CLASS-Forty-eight children-Miss G. Withers. premium-Annie Hendrickson; second premium-Cecile Swin? ton; third premium-Amy Cannon. Entitled to honorable notice-Prances Llo Catherine Hamholmj Henry Russ. Distinguished for good conduct, attention studies and proficiency-Caroline Beanl Clara Svfan, Mary Samuels. SECOND CLABS-Fifty pupils-Miss Ti mons, premium-Sossna Bili second premium-Catherine Riley; third mium-Margaret Dunnien. Entitled to honorable notice-Mary Sh Mary Salesman, Lizzie Gribble. Distinguished for good conduct, attention studies, and proficiencv-Hattio Herron, Geor Whitney, Mary Hodgkins. TILTED CLASS-Forty-eight pupils-Miss Withers, premium-Caroli Swinton second premium-Jesse Lloy I third premium-Jessie Gambatti. I Entitled to honorable notice-Bello Bradle Alfred Honour, Mary Williams. Distinguished for good conduct, attention studies and proficiency-Mary McJoers, Arth Whitney, Catharine Turner. FOURTH CLASS-Forty pupils-Mrs. C. 1 Hussey, premium-Delia Cul nano premium-Mary Rowland thi premium-Mary Ann Reid. Entitled to honorable notice-Ellen Hcncre Margaret O'Mara, Fredericka Kornahrens. Distinguished for good and strict attenth to studies and proficiency-Mary Kate Rya Maggie Harkneiss, Millie Lloyd. FIFTH CLASS-Fifty-three pupils-Miss 1 E. Keith, premium-Roeii Goldrich second premium-Christii Schwartz third premium-Louisa C. O'Brie: Entitled to honorable notice-Hanna waski, Caroline Hones, Lily Johnson. Distinguished for good conduct, attention I studies and proficiency-Rosa Kelly, Mai Metz, Catharine Busche. SIXTH CLASS-Sixty-three pupils-Miss J. 1 Main, premium-Mary An Tigh second Jacobi third premium-Marv E. Shokes. Entitled to honorable notice-Mary Pratien Millie Spain, Caroline Friendly. Distinguished for good conduct, attention 1 studies and proficiency-Laura Brown, Mai Burke, Michael Fitzpatrick. Total, three bm dred and two. THE COLORED SCHOOL TN MORRIS-STREET. This school was an experiment on the pal of the Boar and though it has only been i operation for six months, it bas met wit general favor. It was decorated very tastete, ly with moss and evergreens, and tho scholar had levied on their friends for contribution to make a proper decoration. The examine tion was very rigid, but the pupils showed the readiness of their answers that their tim bad not been misspent. The primary depart mont contained the largest children; the mor advanced were the smallest in the school On of these youngsters, under Mr. Kauffman' charge, was very prompt in his answers, am his hand was always raised. The singing ii concert was surprisingly correct. The studio in this school are only in the primary branches but as the scholars advance, the grade will increased. Tho following prizes were awardei by F. A. Sawyer, MORRIS-STREET SCHOOL, ara. T. W. OLEN, PREN-CLPAL. Male Department. FIRST CLASS-Twentyrtwo pupils-Mr. A. Kaufman, Berry Entitled to honorable notice-Robert Lam bert. Distinguished for good conduct, attention tc studios, and proficiency-John O'Brien. SECOND CLASS-Twenty-eight pupils-Mrs. J. Bobert8on, Rut ledge. Entitled to honorable notice-Warren Grant Distinguished for good conduct, attention tc studies, and proficiency-Wm. Owens. THIRD CLASS- Twenty-eight pupils-Miss 8 E. Main, Mitchell Entitled to honorable notice-Peter Gibbes Distinguished for good conduct, attention tc studies, and proficiency-Joseph Owens, HISS ELIZABETH HAUET, PRINCIPAL. Femak Department. FIRST CLASS-Thirty pupils-Miss Sarah Wilson. premium-Vkginia Macbeth; second Premium-Susan Miller. Entitled to honorable notice-Georgiana Perry, Lucy Adams. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and proficiency-Selina Everett, Ida Chafas. SECOND CLASS-Thirty-nine pupils-Mrs. M. M. Clark, premium-Maryjane Greer; second premium-Ellen Smith. Entitled to honorable notice-Anne Sumter, Harriet Spring. Distinguished for gcod conduct, attention to studies and proficiency-Elizabeth Washington, Elizabeth Singleton. TBXBD CLASS-Forty-eight pupils-Mrs. J. S. Brelsford. premium-Mary Jane Izard; premium-Amelia Hollo? way; third premium-Margaret Wilhams. Entitled to honorable notice-Fanny John? son, Susan Jones, Frances Lindsay. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and proficiency-Kate Howard, Isabella Holmes, Levinia Fraser. inS3 8. E. PRINCIPAL. Primary Department: FIRST CUSS-Thirty-one pupils-Mrs. Ame? lia Parker, premium-Edith Gibbes; second premium-Theodore Laval. BJ Entitled to honorable notice-Pauline Wil? son, Joseph Purcell. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and proficiency-Rebecca Boring, Clau? dia Robertson. SECOND CLASS- Forty-eight pupils-Miss Ella Nixon, premium-Alice Ryan; second premium-William Laval; third "pre? mium-Magdalen Hasted. Entitled to honorable nonce-Harriot Bing? ley, Eugene Chafee, Chloe Jefferson. Distinguished for good conduct, attention to studies and.proficiency-Francis Everett, Sarah Anderson, Jaka Gourdin. THIRD CLASS-Sixty-seven pupils-Miss El? vira L. Oxlade, premium-Solo? mon Grant; second premium-Mary Mitchell, third premium-Lewis Artson. Entitled to honorable notice-Julia Ball, Chnsa Lucas, Lydia McCall. Distinguished tor good conduct, etc-Emily McNeill, Louisa Lee, Isabella Cole. FOURTH CLASS-Fifty-eight pupils-Mi3s Ann W. Miles, premium-Auna Gibson; second premium-Peter Simons; third premium-Julia Adams. Entitled to honorable notice-Ellen Fraser, Susan Patient, James Smith. Distinguished for good conduct-Rosa Hamilton, Jeffrey Blavehard, Isabel Myas. FITCH CLASS-Seventy-two pupils-Miss V. J. S. Webb. premium-John Mills; second premium-Sarah Jane Lee; third premium-George Davis. Entitled, Gourdin, Eliza Jane Adams, Thomas Smith. Distinguished, Holloway, Emily Holloway, Margaret Brown. SIXTH CLASS-One hundred and eleven pupils-Miss Lauretta F. Chaplin, First premium-Mary Wiggins; second pre? mium- Henry Jones; third premium-Beulah Ward. Entitled, Smith, Eoline Blewett, Joseph Preston. Distinguished, Jenkins, Ander? son Oglesby, Mary Crosby. SABQENT, THE great wizard still continues to draw orowded houses, but to-night will be the last night but two. A silver watch was drawn last night by Mr. Wal? ter Webb, No. 40 King-street, and to-night the great prize will be forty dollars in greenbacks. On Wednesday, at 3 P. there will be a matinee for ladies and children. Upon that occasion every child in the audience will re? ceive a present from the mystic, liberal, and adroit pretidigitateur of the South. HOTEL Hotel-G. H. McLeod, Salkahatchie J. Denton, Chester; D. Jordan, Abbeville; B. F. Boakwith and wife, New London, E. C. Williams, Charles? ton; E. F. Rame, Orangeburg; A. J. Baggett Alabama; M. O. B. Clough, Baltimore; D. Suleo, Florida; Wm. J. Washington, Delaware; Mrs. H. M. French, Springfield, Mrs. H. M. Aldrich, New York; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rey? nolds, Chicago; John A. Byerson and daugh? ter, and Mrs. Newton, New York; J. D. Fer? nandez, Jacksonville, J. B. Eastman, New York; J. Henderson, New York. Mills House-J. Fred. Schultz, Charleston; Jno. Garnes, Steamer manhattan; L. Myers, L. T. York; M. Galluchat, Manning.S. W. W. Wellinger, Philadelphia; Wm. Has? kins, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Everett, Miss Rowland, Mr. and Mrs. Lord and maid, Hew York; B. F. Littlefleld and Wm. H. Bel? lows, Philadelphia; J. Wright, New York; H. J. Turrell, Edisto; A. Bristead, New York; M. Howard, Hartford, Frank W. Reynolds, Boaton; Jae. VT. Brooks, New York; Henry Wick and wile, Miss Florence Wick, S. B. Smith, Baltimore; A. Guild and wife, Chicago; N. J. Easton, Fernandina; Mrs. J. M. Tal mage, Jersey City; Mr. and Mrs. Post, Mrs. L. H. Tylor, Mrs. B. D. Wild, Mr. and Mrs. Hop pins, C. D. Tyler, E. E. Stowe and lady, New Tort Pavilion Hotel-S. Patrick, city; G. W. Bon? ner, Jonesville; J. B. Tolleson, GondeyBville; P. P. Hamilton, Union; P. 3. Worcham, Gour din's; George J. Graham, Myersville, S. M. G. Harrell, North Carolina; N. W. Graham, E. H. Gasqne, Myersville; Thomas B. Greer, Williamsburg; Joseph E. Thonron, Florida; Thomas McCarty, Williamsburg; E. J. Parker, Eutaw; William B. MoDowell, St. Thomas. BUSINESS NOTICES. H. H. If yon want cheap Blank If yon want cheap Stationery, Envolopes, Paper, Ac; or, MMM'S Almanac; li yon want Printine executed neatly; If you want Books bound in any style, or Ac? count Books made to ordeir, with any desired parttern of ruling, go to HARRIS, Agent, No. 50 Broad-street. THE ATTENTION of dealers is invited to the auction sale of sugar, Molasses, Syrup and corn, by Messrs. J. A. Enslow this nay at ll o'clock, on Brown wharf. See advertisement. VALUABLB PBOPERTT FOB Leitch Bruns will soil to-day, at the old postofflce, a valuable bailding lot onWenfc worth-sfroet, on the line of the City Bailroad. The attention of capitalists is directed to the sale. Prt) (Ht. PLBIGE, No. 87 BBOA D-STBEET, BEOS TO INFOBM HIS AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY, THAT HE HAS NOW A FULL STOCK OF SPRING ATD SU21MER GOODS, SUCH AS FRENCH, ENGLISH AND AMEBICAN CASSLMEBES, SILK, MARSEILLE AND LINEN VESTINGS ENGLISH AND FEEN CH BROADCLOTHS, DOESKINS, AND COATINGS ADAPTED TO BUSINESS WEAR, OF WHICH HE OFFEBS SUITS FOB 825 MADE TO OB DEB. AM 3, A COMPLETE AS iOBTMENT OF 1 I ir GOODS. Ha would call special attention to the popular and fine Utting STAB SHIRT, Of which he has a foll supply constantly on band. ALL GOODS WILL BE OFFERED AT THE MOST REASONABLE PRICES. TEEMS CASH INVARIABLY. March thatulmo gTRAUBS, VASCE di So. 130 MEEI IEG-STBEET, HAVE JUST BECETVIJ) A NEW SUPPLY OF GOODS, WHICH Hi VE BEEN BOUGHT DUBING THE LATE DECLINE IN PBICE8, CONSISTING OF: PRINTS, LONGCLOTBS, LINEN DRILL, DBAS D'ETE, Jaconet, Cambric itnd Swiss Muslin, Plain and Figured Nainsook, Victor a and Bishop Lawn, Bril? liants aud Organdies. Also, a large assortment of Hosiery, Corsets, Handke rahiefa. All of which they they offer at very low March 30 ARK OFFED IN ti OUR STOCK OF DRY GOODS FANCY ARTICLES AND NOTIONS, AT VT.E? REDUCED PRICES) FOR CASH. The Stock ia very complete In all branches, and particularly suited to the COUNTRY TRADE. Wholesale buyers wil find it to their interest to examine tho Stock. STRAUSS, VAM KS No. 130 Meetins-street, Comer HascL March 4 Clothing aitb furnishing PRING STOCK OF CLOTHING! WE HAYE IN 8T0BE AND ARE RECEIVING weekly NEW GOODS, manufactured from light weight Woollens, in (ACES, PANTS and VESTS, made bi our own wo ri ah op expressly for this mar? ket, and warranted in respect equal to ordered work, and at prices mi ch below. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. A complete assorti tent in WHITE SHIRTS, Silk and Gauze Merino UNDERSHIRTS, Linen and Jean DRAWERS, Kid, Silk md Lisle GLOVES, HOSIERY, SUSPENDERS, SCARES, HEi, BOWS, ic We invite an examixation of our stock and prices. MACULLAR, WILLIAMS PARKER, ONE PBICE CLOTHING HOUSE, No. 970 KING, CORNER HASEL-STREET, CEA RI ES TON, 8. C. March 24 Imo FASHIONS. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS FOR GENTLE? AC A MENKE, Merchant Tailors, of No. 146 KING-STEET, have just received a large as? sortment of CLOTHS, CASS TM EB ES, COATINGS, VESTINGS, Ac, nui tat le for drees and business anita, and of the la style. All orders wiU be promptly executed, at prices adapted to the depress? ed condition of the times, and eatisfaction will be guaranteed in every case. March 27 mch27, 30, april 2, 6, 9,17 rpAILORlNG. I BEG LEAVE TO INFORM MY CUSTOMERS and the public in general that I have just returned from New York with a fine aseortment of CLOTHS, CASSIM EB ES and VESTINGS. Also, a complete assortment of Furnishing Goods. Thankful for past patronage, I will try to merit a future continuance of the same. JOHN BUGHFJMEB, No. 141 King-street, A few doors North of Queen. March 27 19 Molasses, Syrup and Sugar. BY J. A. THIS DAY, 2d April wfll be sold on Brown Wharf, at ll o'clock, The CAB GO of the sehr. Minerva, Just arrived from Havana, coscas-reto or: 104hhds. 106 barrels CUBA 14 tierces 40 barrels Very Choice Syrup GO PBIME GROCERY 8CGAB. Tho above cargo was expressly selected for this market Conditions at sale. April 2 Ladies' Straw Batt, Men's and Boys' Felt Bats, Men's and Boys' Capt, Dry Goods, BI JOHN G. MILNOR CO. THIS DAT, 2d instant, at 10 o'clock, we wfll sell, at our auction room, No. 135 Meeting-street, A desirable invoice of STBAW and other GOODS, just received p-r steamship Champion. Ladies' Braid Oreo a and Norma Hats, Girls' as? sorted Hats, Willow Hoods, Men's and Boys' Fine Felt Hats, Men's black and colored Fren ch Hats, Meu's and Boys' assorted Straw Hats and Caps, La? dies' Morocco Satchels, Ladies' colored Gloves, Pins, Suspenden. Hosiery, Tweeds, 3-4 and 4-4 Bleached Tickings, Kentucky Jeans, Muslin Head Hdkfs. With a general assortment of desirable Dress Goods, Muslins, Jaconots, tc. Conditiona cash. April No Hu to City and Country Sale of French Tamcrtines, Bareges, Le? French Cambrics, Linen Lawns, Scotch Lawns, Partsols, Lace Mitts, Bosie rj, Gent's and Ladies' L. G. Linens, Ducks, Coatings, CAMPBELL, KNOX CO. Will sell THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock, at their Cash Auc? tion House, No. 56 Hasel-street, opposite Post office, PRINTED LINEN LAWNS, Lcnos, Jaconets, Pique Muslins. Barege.Tamertinea, Calicoes, Bobblnet, Skirting, Braids, Parasols. Ac. French Black Cloth, Cassim eres, Satinets, Tweeds, Kerseys, Plaids, Towelling, Crash, AC. Linen Ducks, white and brown, 40 inch French Brown Linen, Summer Cassim ere, 40 inch and 4-4 white Irish Linens, L. B. Shirts (custom made), Fan? cy Sturts, Suspenden, Marseilles Coating, Shirt Fronte, Hosiery, Buttons, Pipes, tc. Conditions cash. April 2 Butter, Shoulders, Bellies, Sides and Crockery. BT T. M. CATER. Will be sold on Brown wharf, at 93? o'clock, THIS DAY, SO TUBS BUTT KB, Just landing 800 choice Shoulden, large and fat 600 Bellies 10 hhds. and boxes Clear Bib Sides Lot French CH dna Chamber Sets and Tea Sets. Conditions cash. April 2 Corn Corn J. A. Will sell THIS DAY, on Brown Wharf, at ll o'clock 250 SACKS COBN (slightly damaged.) April Strips, Bams, Shoulders, JEFFORDS CO, Will Bell THIS DAY, in front ot their Eton at 9)? o'clock, 5000 POUNDS CHOICE STRIPS 200 Sugar Cured Hams 800 Choleo Shoulders 25 sacks Prime Rio Coffee 20 bbls. Sugar 100 boxes Cheese 75 kegs Nails 6 drums Codfish 25 boxes Candles. April 2 fiqnors. li. H. W. CATHERWOOD'S EXTRA. FINE, URE OLD Monongahela Whiskeys. IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THE SUPPLY OF OUR PURE OLD MONONGAHELA BYE WHIS? KEYS to our former numerous customers at the South, we have appointed Mesan. H. GERDTS A our Agents, who, by thia arrangement, an en? abled to supply the trade at prices which wfll ensure satisfaction. H. H. W. CATHER WOOD. H. H. W. CATHEBWOOD'S EXTRA FINE, PURE OLD Monongahela Whiskeys. fr A BARRELS OF THE ABOVE FAVOEITE QU WHISKEYS, consisting of XX, XXX, XXXX. and NECTAR BRANDS, and also of lower gradea. Now landing ex-Steamer Alliance, and for aale low by H. GERDTS No. 195 EAST BAY. March 31 tuths2mos iHisrtlknroiis. CELEBRATED Horse and Cattle Powders. Thia preparation, long and lavorably known, will thor? oughly reinvigorate broken down and low-sptritea hones, by strengthening and cleansing the stomach and intes? tines. It ia a sure preven? tive of all diaoasee incident to this ani? mal, such aa LUNG FEVER, GLANDERS, YEL LOW WATER, HEAVES, Coughs, Distemper, Fe ven, Founder, Loss of Appetite and Vital Energy, Ac. Its use improvea the Wind, increas? es the Appetite gives a Smooth and Glossy Skin-i and transforms the miserable Skeletons'3 bato a fine looking and spirited Hone. TO KERRERS OF COWS THIS PEEPARATION IS INVALUABLE. Iti aereases the quantity and Im? proves the quality of the MILK. It has been proven by actual experi? ment to Increase the quantity ot Miik and Cream twenty percent, i and make the Bnt ter firm and sweet Da fattening cattle, it gives them an appetite, pe ni their hide, and makes them much faster. TN ALL DISEASES OF SWINE, SUCHAS COUGHS, ULCERS IN THE LUNGS, LIVES, this articleactsae a spe? cific By putting! from one-half to a paper in a barrel of swill the above diseases will be eradicated or en? tirely prevented. If given in time, a certain preven? tive and cnn for the Hog Cholera. PEEPABED BY DAVID E. POUTZ, WHOLESALE DRUG AND MEDICINE DEPOT, No. 116 Frankhn-etreet, Baltimore, Md. FOB SALE BY DOWIE MOISE, WHOLESALE DRUG HOUSE, No. 151 MEECTNG-STBEET, OPPOSITE CHARLESTON HOTEL, March THE FLORENCE GAZETTE, PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY, AT FLOR EN CE, S. offen an excellent medium to Merchants and ctn era who wish to extend their business in the Pee Dee section of the State. Rates fo advertising very reasonable September 16 jliiltin Silts. Lol, with on the north side of Wentworth-street, between Smith and Rutledge streets. W. Y. LEITCH B. S. BBTJN8. THIS DAT, 2d inst, will be sold at the Old Post office, at ll o'clock, That desirable TOT, with Uo Wooden Buildings, situated in Wentworth-street a few doors (rom But ledge-street Lot measures 51 feet by 120 feet deep, more or less. Terms-One-third cash; balance in one and two years, secured by bond and mortgage, with inter? est. Purchaser to pay us tor papers. April Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Cutlery. BY MILES DBASE. THIS HORNING, at 10 o'clock, I will sell at my store corner of King and Liberty-streets, A general assortment of DRY GOODS, Hosiery, Hoop Skirts, Satinet Coats, Pants and Vests, Hen's, Boys' ond Children's Hats, Table and Pocket Cut On TO-MOBBOWI will sell 77 cases BOOTS end 2 Furniture of a Family Leaving City. MILLIGAN SeiS, Ko. 23 Vendue Range, Will sell THIS DAT, at 10 o'clock, the Furniture of a family leaving the city, CONSISTES a or: SOFA, Plush Seat Chairs and Rocker. Bedsteads, Mattresses, Tables, Wire Safes, one Cooking Store and DtoaBIJB, Crockery, Glassware, Marble-top Wash? stand, ic, Ac. Dry Goods, Ac. April 2 Shoulders, Sides, Strtps, Butter, G. W. STEFFENS Win sell THIS DAT, at 9X o'clock, in front of their Store, No. SO Vendue Bange, 6 HHPS. SHOULDERS fi hhds. Sides 2 hhds. Pig Heads 10 barrels Strips 20 tubs Butter 3 crates Granite Crockery Ware AND, AT PRIVATE SALE, 50 barrels "West" No. 1 KEROSENE. April Lot of Crockeryvare, md China, sundry arti? cles of Furniture, BT I. T. WESTEBYELT. Will be sold TO-MOBBOW, the 3d April, at UK o'clock, st No. 35 Broad-street, April Valuable Law Library-One Thousand Vol? umes. W. Y. LEITCH B. S. BBUNS, Auctioneers. WiU be sold, TO-MOBBOW, 3d inst, at o'clock, at No. 25 Broad-street, A Large and Valuable LAW LIBRARY, comprising one thousand volumes. Terms 2 BY MILLIGAN SON. TO-MORROW, 3d inst, at the store No. 103 East Bay (below Broad street), we will sell at 10 o'clock, balance of Stock of said store, consisting of Twenty OIL SUITS (Panta, Coats, Jackets and Hats), Boots, Shoes, Felt Hats, Beady made Cloth? ing, Hoisery, spend ere. Spool Cotton, Hickory and White Shirts, Cutlery, Under Shirts and Drawers, Collars, Nubias, Trunks, ftc, kc. ALSO: Show Case, Shelving, Counters, Office Stove, Two Mirrors, Clock, Large Awning, Signs, Demijohns and Jugs, with sundry articles Furniture, Gas Fix? tures, kc, kc. Conditions cash. Articles to be removed immedi? ately after sole. Aprfl 2 UNDER DECREE IN EQUITY. Schulte vs. Jones. Will be sold under the direction of the undersigned, at the old Customhouse, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of April, 1888, at ll A. AU that LOT OF LAND, situate on the eut of Budedge-street, in this city, measuring in front on Butlcdge-etreet feet, the same on the back line, and in depth from east to west 160 feet; bounding west on Rutledge-street; east on lands of James M. Curtis and David Lopez; south on lands of T. O'Bry an, and north on landa of J. H. Schulte. Terms-One-third cash; balance in one and two yean, with interest from day of sale, payable semi? annually, by bond of purchaser and mort? gage ol the premises. Any bnudlmga thereon to be insured and policy assigned. Purchaser to pay taxes and for papen and stamps. JAMES TUPPER, March 19 In Equity. UNDER DKCHKE IN EQUITY. Mumenmeyer vs. Klein. Will be sold under the direction of the undersigned, at the old Customhouse, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of April, 1868, at ll A. ALL THAT LOT OF the buildings thereon, situate on the south side of fe pring-etreat, in this city, and immediately adjoining to the weet on the lot at the comer of Si Philip and Spring streets, measuring in front on Spring-afreet 89 feet, and in depth about 68 feet Terms-One-third cash; the balance in two equal successive annual instilments, with interest from the day of sale, payable annually, secured by bond of purchaser and mortgage of premises. Buildings to be insured and policy assigned. Purchaser to pay taxes, and for papers and stamps. JAMES TUPPER, March 19 th3 in Equity. UNDER DECREE IN EQUITY. Creasy Bradwsll. Will be sold under the direction of the undersigned, at the old Customhouse, on THURSDAY, the 9th day of April, 1868, at ll A. All that TRACT OF LAND, situate in St Stephen's Parish, Charleston District, containing about 403 acres, more or lesa, aa per plat of George C. Deputy Surveyor, dated-, known aa "flopton;" bounding to the north on antee River, to the east on land of-Owens, to the south on the Elver Road, and to the west on lands of-Bunch, Terms-One-third cash; the balance in one and two yean, with interest from day of aale, payable an? nually; secured by bond of purchaser and mortgage of premises. Purchaser to nar taxes and for papen and stamps. JAMES TUPPER, March In Equity. UNDER DECREE IN EQUITY, Brooks et al. vs. Jones et al. Will bo sold under the direction of the undersigned, at the Old Customhouse, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of April, 1868, at ll A. M. 1. All that fine LOT OF LAND, with the two-story dwelling, with attics and outbuildings, situate on the north side of Beid-street, next east of Nassau-street, In this measuring in front on Reid-street 58 feet by 170 feet in depth, mon or less. Bounding south on Reid-street, north on lands now or late of Thomas haine, west on lands now or late of Curietz bergb, and east on lands of Ellsworth. ALSO, 2. All that LOT OF LAND, with the two and a half story dwelling, shop and outbuildings, situate on the east side of Meeting-street next south of W. S. Honorer's foundry; measuring ba front on Meeting street 30 feet, by 143 feet in depth, mon or less. Bounding North on lands of W. S. Henerey, south on lot numbered 9, in a plan of lands of the late Robert Swetotse, now or late of Willis, and weat on Meeting-street Terms-One-third cash; balance in one and two oars, with interest from date, payable annually, se? cured by bond of purchasers and mortgage of the premises. Buildings to be insured and policies as? signed. Parchasen to pay taxes and for papen and stamps. JAMES TUPPER, March 19 tb3 ral Master in Equity. ITS CONSTITUENTS. THE EICHEST PA BT OF the berry of Wheat and Barley Malt being scientifically prepared ready for food by an al vais is the same in irs chemical elem eu ta as HEALTHY BEE AST MLLE, and is the easiest of di? gestion and assimilation of all nourishments for Children, Invalids and Dyspeptics. It has been fried by the physicians of Charleston, an 1 is recom? mended and prescribed by the most eminent physi? cians of New York. GEO. WELLS COMSTOCK, No. 67 CorUand-sfreet New York. DUWIE MOISE, January 16 thsta6moa Charleston, S.O. COLGATE RKAN Soap, THE STANDARD OF lEXCSLLENCE, For Sole by all Grocers. 3mo January 31 THE BENNET TS VIL LE JOURNAL IS PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY MORNING at Bennettsville, 8. to the eastern portion of the State, by STUBBS LITTLE, Proprietors, and offer superior inducements to Merchants all othen who wish to extend their business in ttH section of the Pee Dee country. We respectfully solicit the patronage ol our Charleston friends. Terms-93 per annum, invariably in ad Ad? vertisements inyrted at very reasonable July

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