The Daily Phoenix from Columbia, South Carolina on November 10, 1870 · Page 3
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The Daily Phoenix from Columbia, South Carolina · Page 3

Columbia, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1870
Page 3
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a---B-B---?w^??----i Interesting Emopcan Intelligence. LONDON, November 4.-The Tours Go? vernment promises a manifesto, explain? ing the rnpturo of the armistice nego? tiations. The Gazelle de France demands an immediate election, to end the arbi? trary rale of tho Provisional Govern? ment. Despatches from Lyons report a collection of cattle in, in anticipation of a *iego. TOUBS, Noveoaher 8.-Thiers is ex? pected to-morrow. Paris journals, of tho 16th ult., say, of the three armies in Paris, two are in? tended for services outside tho walls. Glemont Thomas commands ono and Bouchot the other. Trocha commands the army within the walis, and is Com? mander-in-Chief. Marseilles is quiet. It is reported that tho Prussian Go? vernor of Lorraine taxes tho families of absent males fifty francs per day. Tho Prussians continue to compel prominent citizens to ride on engines to protect trains. Tho barbarity of tho invaders ie increasing, ? d?ureo hu? been issued, ordering all soldiers who escaped from Sedan to return to duty within eight days. Touns,-. November 9.-Thiers and Lau? rier have arrived from Paris by balloon. A barricade committee has been organiz? ed at Lyons. The authorities of Lyons have recently received 50,000 Remington rifles. The Prussians are advancing by the valley of the Aucher to occupy Creuzolt. 20,000 Germans ure nt Dijon, with sixty gunu. ROME;' November 9.-The Italians seized the Qairiual as State property. ROMS, November 9.-The Italians have closed "the Jesuit colleges. Mur mora's headquarters are at the Quirinal. LONDON, November 9.-Tho fog is in? tense, and it was as dark as midnight nt noon to-dny. Heavy cannonading was heard at Arion on Saturday and Sunday, from the di? rection of Thionville. The Prussians are training hawks to capturo carrier pigeons from Paris. Tho Prussians for? tified Mont Belaird, preliminary to be seiging Belfast. Election Summary. WASHINGTON, D. C., November 9. The conservatives carried tho Richmond municipal eleotion by a small majority. Th? eleotion was quiet. The Federal troops didn't approach the polls. Holman's majority in New York citv is 50,000. Tho Tribune gives Hoffman 30,000 in the State. A private despatch" from Jacksonville, Fla., says200 men drove the whites und blacks, including the candidates for Lieatennnt-Goveroor ami the Legisla? ture, from Lake City. The returns show a decreased Republican majority in Flo? rida. Michigan has gone Ropnblican by 25,000; Sutherland was elected to Con? gress in the 5th District. The 13th New York District is Demo? cratic again. Tho 4th New York Dis? trict elects McMahon, a Young Demo? crat; the 8th elects Brooks, (Tammany Democrat;) in the 9th District, Cox beats Greely only 1,000 votes. lu the 14th District, Perry (Democrat) was oleoted. The Republican majority iu Illinois is about 20,000. The Congressional dele? gation will probablv bo thc same as last year. Tho 10th and 12th Districts ave claimed by both parties. Merrick was elected from Maryland, though the Republicans still claim tho 1st and 5th Districts ns doubtful. The probabilities favor a clean Democratic delegation from Maryluud. Kentucky gives a clean Democratic delegation, although tho majorities are somewhat reduced. Tho Legislature of New Jersey and four Congressmen arc claimed by the Republicans; a Democrat having been defeated ia the second district, making a Democratic loss of one. A close cal? culation gives tho Democrats, in yester? day's elections and those already held, twenty-five Democratic gain. Thc De? mocrats in the next House will be ninety two, against sixty-seven in the present House. This list includes no herma? phrodites. Nothing definite from Arkansas. Con? flicts between Federal and State authori? ties are roported nt severnl points. It rained in Missouri, during the afternoon. Brown is nhcad, ns far ns henrd from. In 1st District, Wells was re-elected hy n majority of 1,000; iu 2d, Fiukeling burg, (Liberal Republican,) was re? elected; 3d, McCormick, (Democrat,) was re-elected. The Republicans made heavy gains iu Kansas. 10 P. M.-Tho 2d District of New Jer? sey elects Fuku by 370 majority. The Republicans have eight majority on joint ballot-securing a Federal Senator. The dth New York District elects Koosevalt, instead of McMahon, as before reported. Tho 7th Virginia District elects Brnxtcr by about 1,500 majority. Tho Gth Mi? chigan elects Sutherland, by over 80 '. Thc 1st Arkansas elects Hunks. Tho 3d Arkausus elects Edwards. In thc 2d District, Rogers is probably elected. Tho Democrats claim heavy gains it) Tennessee. Tho 7th Tennessee elects Caldwell. In the 1st Missouri, Wills is rc-olectcd-claimed 1,500. Tho Demo? cratic Congressional Committee of Wash? ington havo advices from Illinois, that tho Democrats gain tho 5th and 8th and probably ti - 12th Districts, and reduce the Republican majority by 30,000. American Intelligence. CHARLESTON, November 9.-Arrived schooner John Shay, Philadelphia. WASHINGTON, November 9.-Fisher, Commissioner of Patents, lins resigned. NEW ORLEANS, November 9.-The re? turns of the clectiou nre slowly coming in. Tho maungers reeeivo S8 per day, which uccounts for the delay. Inoffen? sive white citizens were arrested, while colored persons were not interfered with. Martial law is practically in operation in Baton B?ugk | The United States Mar? shall Faearo? bas n telegram regarding the riot. Monday night, at Baton Bongo. The supervisors and counters of ballots wore tiUuukcd by an armed mob. The ballots wore saved. Four persons were killed and about twenty wounded-all Republicans. Marshal Schoomsnooker was wounded. A candidate for the Le? gislature was killed. More trouble is an? ticipated. About thirty of the leaders were arrested. FINANCIAL. AND CO M M IC KC I AL.. CoiiUMBiA, S.C., November 10.-Sales of cotton yesterday 115 bales-middling 14@14?4'. " NEW YOKK, November 9-Noon. Stocks quiet and heavy. Money 4@6. Gold IO.1 .j. Sterling-long9; short0%. G2's 8%. Flour, corn and wheat dull aud declining. Cotton dull aud lower uplands IG,1? ; Orleans 10;'u'; sales 1,000 bales. Freights firm. 7 P. M.-Money easy, at 4(7r0. Ster? ling 9.i^@9.'4-. Gold 10*?@10.1?. Go? vernment's steady. Southern's geue ralily neglected. Cotton dull; sales 3,900 bales-uplands 1G. Flour-State and Western 5(?.10c. lower; superfine 4.90(?r>5.00. Southern drooping-5.G5@ G. 25. Wheat lc. lower-wiuter red and amber Western 1.30@1.35. Corn lc. lower. Tork dull, at 24.37(7?}24.50. Whiskey lower, at 87. Freights un? changed. BALTIMORE, November 9.-Cotton iu fair demand-middlings 15-?? ; sales 525 bales ; receipts 620, LOUISVILLE, November 9.-Tobacco quiet and nnchnnged. Bagging 2S@29. Flour stead v. Grain unchanged. Mess pork 24.00. " Lard 15. Whiskey 85@,86. CINCINNATI, November 9.-Flour is steady. Com-higher grades ndvauciug; new 48(ff,50. Lard steady-kettle ll. Whiskey steady, at 84(<?85.* NEW ORLEANS, November 9.-Flour superflue 4.50; double 5 50. Corn mixed 80; white 83(W,S5. Mess pork 20.00. Bacon-shoulders 15(/f IS.'.,'; clear sides-2rj?@21?.?ir; sugar-cured hnms25("i 2S. Lard-tierce 17(^17.?J; keg 18>o(?; 19. Sugar-fully fair ll;'^. Molasses firmer-prime GS@70. Whiskey 92 1.00. Coffee-primo \1M%V?'%. NEW ORLEANS, November 9.-Cotton is dull and tending down-middlings 15l.>; sales 4,000 bales; receipts 6,899; stock 90,734. MOIVILE, November 2.-Cottou market quiet and easy-midtllinge \?% ; sales 1,300 bales ; stock 3S.95?. CHARLESTON, November 9.-Cotton in good demand, ut lower rates-mid? dlings 15; sales 300 bales; receipts 2,145; exports 2,022; stock 27,240. SAVANNAH, November 9.-Cottou in fair demand, at lower rates; offering ligut-Mniddiings 15; sales 2,200 bales; receipts G.095; exports coastwise 2,942; stock 76,932. AUGUSTA, November O.-Oottou mar? ket opened active, at \4\}.<@l?'^?^ but closed at 14'4 for Liverpool middlings; PAIOS 1,511 bales; receipts 1,714. LONDON, November 9-Noon.-Con? sols 93%. Bonds 89;'*'. LIVEIIPOOL, November 9-3 P. M. Cottou opened dull aud im gular, and is now flat-uplands 0; Orleaus 91.;. THE HITCH IN NEGOTIATIONS.-Tho rupture of tho pence negotiations which have been in progress between Versailles and Paris for some days past, and which were reported as having resulted in au armistice for twenty-five days, appears have come from Puris, the Provisional Govornment having imperatively order? ed M. Thiers, who was at Versailles on Sunday arranging a cessation of hostili? ties, to break off the negotiations and leave the Prussian headquarters forth? with. A despatch, however, from Ver? sailles to London says that M. Thiers was still at the Prussian headquarters, and that all hopes of au armistice were not yet yielded, though it is added that the bombardment of Paris would pro? bably commence soon. The persistence of Count Bismarck in requiring the ces? sion of Alsace and Lorraine is represent? ed as the cause of the rejection of tho proposed terms. It was to have been hoped, in the interests of humanity and civilization, that Paris, with ita vast po? pulation, and its monuments of art and refinement, would have been spared the destruction which is now likely to ensue. There seems nothing left, however, but pressing of the siege with the greatest vigor, and tho probable entry and occu? pation of the city by tho Germans. Tho conquerors will then impose upon tho French their own terms of peace, and perhaps also a Govern rannt, as the allies did in 1814. Such a Governmont is, of course, not likely to bo of long contin? uance, but tho immedinte result of tho war will probably bo tho extinction of the French Republic, to the great joy of monarchists throughout the world. An attempt was mada by prisoners to ] escape from Newberry jail, on Thursday last-Lewis Berry, a condemned mur? derer, being the leader. The jail was I fired, but Sheriff Paysingcr was on hand, overawed the prisoners and se? cured them iu their colls, when tho firo wuswith difficulty extinguished. It was a narrow escape from suffocation for some of thom. Stokes' is the piuco to get your blank books, made at his manufactory. Thc queerest lawsuit is soon to conic 'off nt Kokotno. A mau there sold his I wife for S10, spent the money in riotous i living, and now brings snit against tho purchaser to test the validity of the salo. The purchaser has got enough and wants to give her up, but the womau says a trade is a trade, and refuses to be put upon the market. Epicures, cull at POLLOCK'S. The other day, two young girls of Car liuville, Ul., bound their drunken father hand and foot, and so kept him for two days. They dually released bim ou his promising to join the Sons of Tempe? rance. Seltzer Water on draft, at POLLOCK'S. We learn tbet:tUo cotton ?in of Mr. A. 0. McKnight, of Williamsburg, took fire while running, n day or two ago, which resulted in consnming the gin house and fixtures, about eight bales of cotton and the seed from nbont fifty bales. The gin took fire from some combustible matter in the cot Lou. The average weight, all the year round, of that portion of woman's clothing which is Hupported from tho waist, is between ten and fifteen pounds. Are weak backs a wonder? Pat on suspend ers, girls. A little ten-year old miss told her mo? ther, tho other day, that sho was never goiug to mnrry, but muant to be a widow, because widows dressed in such nice black, aud always looked BO happy. A dying woman in Leavenworth over? heard her husband make proposals of marriage to a servant girl. She didn't dio. Garcia, thc queen of song of years ago, has gone to London to resume her professional career, her fortune having been sacrificed by tho war in France. Ouo of the religious papers has a con? demnation of those popularity-seeking preachers who give a "hogshead of words to every pint of senso." Au unknown colored mau was fearfully mangled by a train over the Columbia, Wilmington and Augusta Railroad, a fow days ago. Tho Cincinnati Commercial styles tho President "the effulgent giver cf office and receiver of good things." There were 84 deaths in Charleston, for the week ending the 5th-whites 12; colored 22. Dr. Wm. Port and Mr. R. D. Cooper, Sr., well kuowu citizens of Sumter, died last week. Ou Tuesday last, Lewis Berry aud John Sweedeuburg, colored, wore hung in Newberry. Murd r was their crime. Meals furnished at reasonable hours, at POLLOCK'S. MEBTIXU SOUTH ( A KULI N A GLVB> The members of tho s nth Carolina Club will lin et at the Columbia Hotel, Till? EVENING, at ? o'clock. ll. E. ELLISON, Nov lt) 1 Sc'crotar.v. STRAYED into my promises, kabout the loth of October last, four 1HOGS, unmarked. The owner will _Iploaso call, provo property, pay charges aud take them away. J'. It. PAGETT, Nov 10 1 * Near Hampton's T. ()., S. C. IL Acacia Lodge No. 91, A. F. M. AN EXTRA Communication of this 'Lodge will bo held in Masonic Hall, /ITHS (Thursday) EVENING, at 7 o'clock, to confer second degreo. Rv order of Ibo NV. M. J. LEE DIXON, Nov 10 1_Secretary. Charlotte, Columbia and Acosta R. R. COLVSUUA, S. C., November lt, 1R70. yft^WMMSl TE, Special Train between ffifcWagSMi Chester and Columbia for ac? commodation of visitors to tho Fair, will be discontinued on and after FRIDAY next. C. BOUKNIGHT, Nov 10 2 Superintendent. Just Received. AFINE assortment of TOYS; CANDIES of I nil kind.-; canned FRUITS, O Y ST E R S , V^SS* FISH, etc., at KRAFT'S BAKERY, Nov ll ii Opposite PiUKSix Ofttco. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. REYNOLDS IMPROVEMENT. ri THOSE who have lost several Natural _|_ Teeth, and have been advised to part with remaining sound ones, as tbe lirst step towards obtaining artificial substitutes, aro requested, before submitting to a practice, cruel in itself and oftou unnecessarily per? formed, to convince themselves of its fallacy, by looking closely into a matter of so much importance The above improvement was designed io re? sist so deplorable a practico, and alter a tho? rough test ot more tban three years, is found capable of accomplishing what no other sys? tem of Artificial Dentistry has b ero t of oro done. It ia now possible to obtain partial eases. which will save for years Natural Teeth, and be nt the samo tim? roliahlo In every respect. Au invitation is hereby given to such as feel interested to call at our Operating [tooms, und examino duplicate specimens ot cases now in actual uso. Nov tl t REYNOLDS A REYNOLDS. Grass Seeds. ORCHARD GRASS SEED, noni's Grass Seed, Red Clover Seed, White Clover Seed, for sale nt HEIN1TS1PS Oct 7 +_ ??!1H STOR('-, Richland County-In Common Pleas. Elias Gradick, c*. D.D. DoSaussnre, Adminis? trator, < I al. IVIE creditors of the late firm of E. C. Smith A. Bro. uro required to establish their claims bet?re me, on or before the first dav of Jauuarv 1S71. By order of Court. I). B. MILLER, Nov 1 + C. C. C. and Special Rt force. Carbolic Soaps. CARBOLIC Discnfecting SOAP, Carbolic Medicated Soap, for allaying irritations ot the skin, washing sores, wounds and cuta? neous emptions, itching humors among chil? dren, diseases of tho skin, Ac, for salo at Oct 7t HEINITSH'S Drug Store. Carolina Manufacturing Company, ? HAYING opened a Branch House in Un! city of Columbia, oller for sale the latest patented and best made STOVES; itbemost improved patterns and regu sizes of all kinds of TIN-WARE, and everything ill these particular lines, with conlidetico of their merit. GUTTERING, ROOFING and all kinds of I Job work dono witu despatch, by superior workman. Plumbing, in all it? branches, ex? ecuted. If you want Water carried to all convenient points about your premises, wo will do your work at such ju ices as will enable nil to afford it. Tho public aro invited to call. Store in Ehrlich's Building, four doors below Bryce's coi ner. Aug 18 t Sea Moss Farina. ADELICIOUS FOOD, prepared from Sta Moss, highly nutricious, and of exquisite ilavor. A desirable article, and staplo addi? tion to the household bill of fare. For salo at HEINITSH'S Sept 22* Drug Store. A Gard. rTlUE undersigned, respectfully informs his 1 friends, generally, that ho may heroatter be found at tho well known and popular Dry Goods Establishment of Messrs. J. H. A M. L. KINARD. whore ho will bo ploatod to eoe them, and give them his attention. Nov 2 WiS J. LEE DIXON. Official'R?port of tho B?ard or state Canvassers. WHEREAS, ia purtuancu of an Act, en? titled "An Act providing for tho Gene? ral Election, and tho manner of conducting tho earao," approved tho tir?t day of March, in tho yoar of our Lord ono thoueaud eight hun? dred and seventy, elections havo been hold for Govoruor and Lieutenant-Govcrnor, Members of Congross. Members o? tho General Assem? bly, Sheriffs for tho Counties of Clarendon and Union, a Clork of the Court for the County of Chester, Judges of Probate, School Commis? sioners, County Commissioners and Coroners; and upon examination of tho roturns, which havo boen received, it appears that ROBEBTK. SCOTT has boen duly electod by a majority of votes Governor of tho State of South Carolina. ALONZO J. RANSIEU has been duly elected by a majority of votes Licutcnant-Governor iu aud for tho State of South Carolina. James P. M. Epping, Lucius Wimbush have been duly elected by a majority of votes Rep? resentatives at largo to tho Forty-second Con? gress of the United States. Joseph ll. llalnoy has been duly elected by a majority of votes Representative of thc First Congressional District to tho unexpired term of tho Forty-first Congress of the United States. Joseph II. Rainev, Robert C. DeLarge, Robert ll. Elliott. Alexander S. Wallace have been duly elected by a majority of votes, Rep? resentatives to the Forty-second Congress of tho United States from thc First, Second, Third and Fourth Congressional Districts re? spectively. Hutaon J. Lomax has been duly elected by a majority of votes State Seuator from the Coui'ty of Abbeville. John Wilson has been duly elected by a ma? jority of votes State Seuator from the County of Anderson. Robert Smalls has been duly elected by a majority of votes Stato Senator from tho County of Beaufort. W. H. Mishaw has been duly elected by a majority of votes State Senator from "the County of Charleston. Lucius Wimbush has been duly elected by a majority of {votes State Senator fromltbu County of Chester. G. W. Duvall has been duly elected by a ma? jority of votes State Senator from the County of Chesterfield. E. E. Dickson bas been duly elected by a majority of votes Stato Senator from tho County nf Clarendon. Goo. F. McIntyre bas been duly elected by a majority of votes State Senator from the County of Colleton. B. F. Whit tomo rc has been ?lilly elected by a majority of votes Stato Senator from tho County of Darlington. James H. BurrouRhs has been duly elected by a majority of votes State Senator from the County ?if Horry. Henry Cardozo has been duly electeil by a majority of votes Stato Senator from tho Ouunty of Kershaw. F. A. Clinton has been duly elected by a ma? jority of votes State Seuator from tho County of Lancaster. H. J Maxwell haB been itulv t-Wled bv a majority ot voteo yi*?- Seuator fr>ui the County of Marlboro. *? W.E. Holcombe has been duly elected tx> ? majority of votes State Senator from the County ot Pickeua. W. B. Nash has been duly elected by a ma? jority of votes State Senator from the County of Richland. W. E. Johnson bas been duly elected by a majority of votes State Senator from the i County "of Sumter. II. W. Duncan bas been ??illy elected by a majority of votes State Senator from the County ol Union. S. A". Swails li 114 been duly elected by a ma? jority of votes Slate Senator from thu County ol Williamsburg. ThomasN. Talbert, Evcridgo Cain, Henry II. Ellison, Milche'l Goggins. L. P. Gunin have Liven duly elected by a majority ol vote? Representatives from the County ot Abbe? ville. Wm. Perry, Dr. John Wilson, Warren D. Wilkes have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representatives from the County of \ Anderson. James N. Havoc, D. II. Norland, C. D. Hayne, E. Ferguson, E. M. Sunipter, B. F. Ret ry havo been ?Inly ch Cted by a majority of votes Representatives from thc County of Barnwell. Samuel Green, Wm. J. Whipper, W. B. Myers, J.B. Bascomb, C. S. Kuli, E. Nobe m?as, Hastings Gantt have boon duly elected by a majority of votes Representatives from the County of Beaufort. T. Hurley, J. W. Lloyd, W. E. Elliott, B. A. Boscmau, O. R. Levy, J. li. Dennis, T. A. Davin, H. n. Hunter,'.!. J. Hardy,!', p. Hedges," C. J. Andell, VV. C Glover, Abraham Smith, Aaron Logan, Edward Mickey, W. It. Jervev, Richard Bryan. A. P. Ford havo been dulj elected by a majority of votes Representatives from the County of Charleston. B. G. Yocum, Barney Humphries, Sancho Sanders have been duly elected by n majority of votes Representatives from the County of Chester. M. J. Hough, B. C. Evans have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representa? tives from the Countv of Chesterfield. Syfax Milton, Jared Warley have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representatives from thc County of Clarendon. W. M. Thomas, II. T. Holmes, F. J. Mad docks, S. Small, II. Tarlton, have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representatives fnrni tho County of Colleton. S.J.Keith, Jordan Lang, lt. H. Humbert, Alfrod Hart, havo been duly elected by a ma? jority of votes Representatives from the Comi? ty ni Darlington. Priuco lt. Rivers, Samuel J. Lee, Lawrence Cain, Wm. Kennedy, John A. Barker, John A. Green, David Harris, have buen duly ducted by a majority of votes Representatives from thc Count v of Edgelldd. Alfred Moore, W. J. McDowell, S. M. Smart, have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representatives from thu County of Fairfield. Wm. H. Jones, Jr.. James A. Bowley, Thcs. I). McDowell, havo been ?Inly elected by a ma? jority of votes Repr?sentatives from the County of Georgetown. Leonard Williams, Stanley Crittenden, Geo. W. Taylor, Hewlett Sullivan, have been duly electod by a majority of voten Repr?sentatives from tho County of Greenville. Goo. T. Litchfield, Jas. E. Dusenbcrry have been duly elected by a majority of votes Re? presentatives from th?' County of Morry. Frank Adamson, Ituubon Gaither, Stephen Gary, have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representatives from the Comity of Kershaw. lt. W. Cousai t, A. Hudson havo been duly electi'd by a majority of votes Representatives from the County of Lancaster. Joseph Crews, Harry McDaniel, Griffin C. Johnson, Wa?lo A. Perrin, havo been duly elected by a mujority of votes Representatives frtim the County of Laurens. F. W. Derrick, David Kinsler have been duly elected by a majority of votes Repre? sentatives fi um tho County of Lexington. Joel Allen, F. A. Miles, T. lt. Bass, J. 0. ?cllers, have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representativos from tho County of Marion. J. W. Thomas, Samuol Jackson have boen duly electod by a majority of votes Repre? sentatives from the County of Marlboro. H. O. Corwin; JOB. D. Booton, John T. Hen? derson, have bcOQ duly clootod by a majority of voteB Representatives from tbe County of Newberry. O. M. Doyle, J. L. Spaulding have been duly eloctod by a majorily of votes-, Representa? tives from the County of Oconee'. Jas. L. Jamison, Wm. H. Reedisb, J. H. ! Wallace, Wm. Danuerly, Benj. Byas havo been duly elected by a majority of votes .Ropre soulativcs from tho County of Oraneburg. J. E. II a good has boon duly elected by a majority of votes Representativo from tho County oT Pickens. 8. B. Thompson, Wm. Simons, Jas. Davis, .Esop Uoodsou havo been duly elected bv a majority of votes Representatives from the County o? Richland. D. R. Duncan, R. M. Smith, J. B. Byles, J. L. Woffurd havo boen duly elected by a ma? jority of votes Representatives from tho County of Spurtanburg. F. J. Moses, Jr., W. H. Gardner, W. W. Ramsay, A. L. Singleton have been duly elected by a majority ol votes Representatives from thc County of Sumter. Samuel Knuckles, Simeon Farr, Janine S. ! Mob loy have beeu duly electod by a majority of votes Representatives from the County o*f Union. F. II. Frost, Jeffrey Pendergrass, Fortune Giles have been duly elected by a majority of votes Representatives from the County of Williamsburg. I?. J. O'connel, J. H. White, J. W. Meade,B. F. Briggs have been duly elected by a ma? jority ol'votes Repr?sentatives from thc Coun? ty of York. W. J. Clark has been duly electod by a ma? jority of votes Sherill* tor thc County *of Cla? rendon. Philip Dunn has been duly elected by a ma? jority ol' votes Sherill' for tho Count] ot Union. John C. Roister has been duly elected by a majority of votes Clerk of the" Court of tho Countv of Chester. That Lemuel L. Guftin, Abbeville, Andrew O. Morris, Anderson, W. J. Misson, Barnwell, R. H. Cleaves, Boaufort, Geo. Buist, Charleston, John Dickey, Chester, K. Craig, Chestorlicld, \V. R. burgess, Sr., Clarendon, D. IL Farmer, Colleton, Jas. M. Brown, Darlington, D. L. Turner. Edgefield, Wm. M. Nelson, Fairfield, Richard o. Rush, Georgetown, S. G. Douthet, Greenville, Isaac G. Long, Horry, J. F. Soulhcrland, Kershaw. W. n. D. McAtecr, Lancaster. Volney Powell, Laurens, A. IL Coffin, Lexington, John Wilcox, Sr., Marion, Jeremiah Grant, Marlboro, James C. Scaley, Newberry, S. P. Dendy, Oconee, Thad. C. Andrews, Orangeburg, J. IL Philpot, Pickens, W. H. Wigg, Richland, Benjamin Woftord, Spartauburg, C. M. Hurst, Sumter, D. D. Going, Union, Louis Jacobs, Williamsburg, S. B. Hall, York, Havo been duly elected by a niajoritr ' votes, Judges of Probato, in and for ?*-- ?oun* ties written opposite their "-^r*a lcsP0C" lively. .,, .,, That Thomas M. Williamson. Abbeville, Wm. U. Uavnie, Anderson, Abram Middleton, Barnwell, L. S. Langley, Beaufort, E. M. Grimko, Charleston, Dublin Walker, Choster, T. E. Lucas, Chesterfield, Louis A. Benbow, Clarendon. E. D. Holmes, Colleton, J. E. Wilson, Darlington, J ADI-- McDovitt, Edgefield, Wm. B. Peake, Fairfield, _E. Capers Rainey, Georgetown, A. o. .i-vi< .Greenville, Joseph T. Walsh, Morry, Frank Carter, Kershaw, T. S. Riddle, Lancaster, Pratt Subor, Laurens, J. B. Kvzer, Lexington, James Morton, Marion, A. H. Knight, Marlboro, Jesse C. Smith, Newberry, F. Smith, Oconee, E. J. Cain. Orangeburg. D. 1". Bi adley, Pickens, N. E. Edwards, Richland, R. tl. Reid, Spartauburg, J. A. Corbett, Sumter, Berry Canon, Union, M. ti. Hersch, Williame burn, Miles Johnson, York, Have bfvli duly elected hy a majority of votes, School Commissioners, in and for the Cnnntics writti ii opposite their names respec? tively. That" Henrv Nash, Arthur Jeffereou, John lt. Talbert, Abbeville; Wm. s. Pickens, Ralard D. Dean, Kenon Brca/.-ale, Anderson; C. Ehrhardt, E. P. Stoney, J. li. Rivers, Barnwell; A. W. Muekcufuss, John Hume, Sr., Jo? seph W, Collins, Beaufort ; M. McLaughlin, lt. M. Gregory, F. C. Miller, Charleston; Alexander Kelvey, James Walter, Wm. Frone berger, Cheater: S. G. Godfrey, W. E.Craig, John Evans, Chesterfield; Pbtcr J. Lemon, Titus Maieti, G. Tarl? ton, Clarendon: Joseph A. Sasporlas, Pompey Gaillaird, James Ne.-bet, Colleton; John Gi Gattin, F. I>. Smith; Clayton Cannon, Darlington; James F. Harlin, Philip Dozier, Robert J. Sentell, Edgetield; M. G. Dunlap, J. M.Martin, James H. Cook, Fairfield; Richard 0. Bush, James M. Lesesiie, Jo? seph 31 izvck, Georgetown; Wm. A. lintsou, Wm. A. Mooney, J. D. Sullivau, Greenville; Charles Oranger, J. W. Hoiliday, Peter Yuught, Jr., Horry; J. F. Sutherland, Monroe Boykin, A. H. Dibble, Kershaw; E. W. Belk, A. F. Waits, Joseph Clark, Lancaster; David Foulk, Balford Stewart, Turp?n Dendy. Laurens; S. L. Smith, J. W. Geiger, Carson Able, Lexington; Duncan Murchison, W. N. McPherson, Nelson Fore, Manon; Abel (""lick, Cato Stuart, Jas. H. Jones, Marlboro; simeon Young, Andrew Gregory, David Hailstock, Newbeiry; J. C. Jones, Archelans Lay, Rausom Hunt, Oconee; J. Felder Meyers. Nero Bloom, John Robinson, Orangehurg; Johli T. Gossett, Jacob Lewis, Robert Craig, Pickens; Uriah Portee, Richland; W. K. Blake, W.T. Thorn, W.O. Aus? tell, Spurtanburg; .J. M. Pinda'., l?. Spears, E. Archy, Sum? ter: ll. lt. White, Simpson Giles, John Tins lev, Union; J." P. Rarniieau, Wm. Scott, Ambiosc Tisdale. Williamsburg; II. K. Roberts, A. King, Thos. Wright, York: Have been <?uly elected by a majority of votes, County Commissioners in and forthc Counties written opposite their ?amen re? spectively. That Wui.S. Moore, Anderson, G. E. Miller, Barnwell, W. N. Taft, Charleston, I). L. Witherspoon, Chester. W. J. Hanna, Chesterfield, Don Alonzo Foskett, Edgefield, Robert Hawthorne, Fairfield, Wiley Fowler, Laurens, J. D. Montgomery, Marion, M.S. Long, Newberry, W. M. Wooden, Oconee, Innac H, Coleman, Richland, J. A. Whittcmoro Bumtor, Have been daly cleated by ? majority of votes Co, ouvra in and for tho Coanties written op? posite their names respectively. We do, therefore, by virtue of tho powers in us vented, certify and declare that the r.bovo-mentioned parties have been duly elected to fill the various offices respectively referred to. Oiven under our hands and the seal of the State in the city of Columbia, this 8th day of November, ?. D. 1870, and tn tho ninety fifth year of tho independence of the United States of America. P. L. CARDOZO, Secretary of State. FRANKLIN J. MOSES, Ja., Adjutant-General. REUREN TOMLIN80N, Auditor of State. D. H. CHAMBERLAIN, Attorney-General. NILES G. PARKER, State Treasurer. J.L. NEAGLE, Comptroller-General. A. J. RAN SI ER, Chairman of Committee on Privileges and Elections. . 8TATE OF 8OUTH CABOLINA, OFFICE SECBETABY OF STATE, COLUMBIA, November 8, 1870. I. F. L. CARDOZO, Secretary or State afore? said, certify that tho foregoing ie a correct transcript from the declarations made by the Board ot State Canvassers, aud now on file in this office. Given under my hand and tho seal of the State, the dav and date above written. F. L. CARDOZO, Novio Secretary .o? Siat? ? Auction S?I?? Handsome Furniture, in Good Condition. BY JACOB. LEVIN.. THIS MORNING, 10th instant, I wiR sell, at my st?r?, (weather permitting,) A large* and goncral variety desirable FUR? NITURE, in good order, among which are, CHAIRS, TablcB, Bedsteads, B?reaus, Wardrobes, Washstands, Extension Table, Book Casts, etc j ALSO, 1 Fine Parlor Set, consisting of 2 Sofas, I (Mahogany Hair Scat,) C Chairs, 2 Arm Chairs, 1 Rocker and Centro Table, (Marble Top;) 1 Dining-Room Sot, Oak, finelv carved, consisting of handsome Side-board", (Marble Top, ) ti Chairs and superior Extension Table; 1 hapdsome Chamber Set"" Mahogany, consist? ing of handsome French Bedstead, superior Dressing Bureau, (Marble Top,) with Wash? stand to match, and Wardrobe. ALSO, 1 handsome Chamber Set. Oak, handsomer carved, cousiBting of French Bedstead ft a rd lug Bureau, (Marble Top,) Wash?*- . T" robe and 4 Chairs. 1 China Tea Se* M * Vftriety of l">Te-t*v oi.^iiiig arLrare 0pen for inspection. NovlO Masonic Lecture. AMASONIC LECTURE, illustrating the three great tenets of a Masou's profes? sion, will bo delivered by W.\ Bro.*. NA? THANIEL LEVIN, P.*. M.-., of Friendship Lodge No. 9. Charleston, S. C , at Masonic Hall, THIS EVENING, 10th inst., at 7 o'clock. Masters, Past Masters, and tho Craft gene? rally, are fraternally Invited to attend. Tho Lodge will ho opened on the First De? gree. After tho Lecture, tho Third Degree will bo conferred. C. E. KIRK, Nov 10 Chairman of Board of Trustees. Notice-Survivors' Association. THE Business Meeting of the Survivors' Association will be held at tho Carolina Hall, (Court House) 9.J o'clock, THIS MORE ...NU, ioib instant. It 18 especially requested that delegates or repicoontativea of each Dis? trict attcud. The Annual Address will be de? livered by Gou. JOUN S. FUESTON, at tho Bap? tist Church, at 7.} p. m. Guests invited by the Richland Survivor's {Association to an ' entertainment the same evening arc notified that it will be after the Address-at Ii.} p. m., at hall on Main street, nearie opposite McKenzie's. R. C. SHIVER, Secretary Richland Association. ! A. C. HASKELL, Secretary State Agsooiation. Alexandre and Jouveri's GENUINE j KID GLOVES FOR LADIES, ? Tj>EY>iER Dogskin GLOVES for Gents. Freoh stock just opened at Nov 9 2 W. D. LOVE & CO.'S. Janney's Hall-Two Nights Only! ! pill DAY AND SATURDAY, NOV. ll, ia. ! The World-Renowned j?AYEXPORT BROTHERS! WILL appear, after a most extraordinary and successful career of seventeen ! years i live of which have been spent in Eu i rope !, m their j My steno as and Startling Wonders. Their wonderful powers have been witness? ed by the crowned heads and the nobility of Europe, astonishing and confounding the wisest of all countries. They must be seen to be appreciated. ??- Admission fl.00. Reserved seats il.50. 1 Seats can bu secured in advance at Sulzbach I er's Jewelry Store, under Columbia Hotel, j where a plan ot tho Hall can bc soon. t. J* Doors open at 7. Seance begins at 8. Nov '> ti _ Nickerson House Hall. ' GEO. IIIUUSKKT, LEON OL LEON, Treasurer. Advance Business Agent. I THREE M ?HTS O.NLV, Mf}sduj, Tuesday and Wednesday, A'onm'<t?* 14, 15, and 16. SOPHIE WORRELL. WORRELL SISTER!* BURLESQUE and OPERA BOUFFE COM? PANY', from Worrell Sisters New Vork j 1 heatrc. 25 TALENTED ARTISTS. Miss SOPHI E WORRELL, Managress, in addi? tion to the far-famed Vt' O il P. K I* I. 8 I S T 15 II S . The charming Actress and Vocalist, ?MISS JENNIE WILIMORE, who will appear in the Burlesque of j ll LACK-EYED SUSAN, 01*lilEWOF'mE CLOTH OF GOLD. The great HERNANDEZ, formerly with Mrs. J. A. Oates, in eoveral now features. TUL W?llLU BESOWNED Leon Brotners. TRICE OF ADMISSION: Reservod Seats, $1.00; Admission, 75 cents. Secure vour seats in advance. Reserved seats to be had at the Hotels in advance. Nov 9 0

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