Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1973
Page 15
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Retardation Guts Across All Social, Economic Barriers By GAY PAULEY NEW YORK (UPI) - It happened in the late President Kennedy's family—a retarded sister. It happened to the Charles de Gaultes—a retarded daughter. Retardation cuts across all economic and social barriers, but the protection of legal and human rights of these estimated six milloin Americans still has a long way to go. For instance, it is estimated that 89 per cent of all retarded persons are only mildly retarded. If allowed to learn at their own pace, with teachers who understand their limitations, they can be taught social and vocational skills, earn their own living, vote, marry, and be a part of the community. This group, the majority, is called educable. "Many, however, never get the chance and -are denied rights and privileges that most of us take for granted," says Elizabeth Ogg, who writes extensively of social problems. Miss Ogg examines the problems of these handicapped in her "Securing the Legal Rights of Retarded Persons," a new publication from the Public Affairs Committee, a nonprofit organization with New York headquarters. The booklet was prepared with cooperation of The President's Committee on Mental Retardation. It is in the publication that she refers to the Kennedy and De Gaulle girls and says that "more people today understand that mental retardation "is not a disgrace but a misfortune that can happen in any family." There are about 200 causes of retardation, she says, only a fraction genetic. There is no cure for retardation, Miss Ogg writes. And it is not to be confused with mental illness or emotional disturbance. Rather it is the "subaverage intellectual functioning which originates during the development period..." Yet, she says, nearly 10 per cent of the patients in our public mental hospitals are retarded, not mentally ill, and the hospitals can do little to help them. More than 200,000 adults and children live in state institutions for the retarded, many of which are hardly more than warehouses, she says. And about 21,000 retarded persons, many of whom, may be innocent, are in jail where they get no help and are often abused. Of that estimated six million retarded, almost 2.5 million are under 20 years of age. "Although tax-supported investment in special education has doubled in the past decade, more than half of our school age retarded still are not served either by the public schools or by state-funded special schools," says Miss Ogg. As for legal rights, whether the retarded have them "depends largely on geography and on the decisions of local officials," she continues. In some states, parent groups and professional organizations have banded together in demanding more public services...and in lobbying for changes in state laws. (Editors: A copy of "Securing the Legal Rights of Retarded Persons" is available for 35 cents from the Public Affairs Committee, 318 Park Ave. S., New York, N.Y. 10016) COFFEE COATS TO PERK IN! 3 .90 S-M-L reg. 5.00 4.90 XL - XXL reg. 6.00 Crisp and lightweight, they get morning off to a good start. Fresh floral prints make them good to look at — washable permanent press polyester/cotton blend fabric makes them easy to care for. Full - length snap closings and handy giant side pocket. Multi-colors. STAR STUDDED SAVINGS on COOL SUMMER SLEEPWEAR 2.90 - 3.90 reg. 4.00 to 6.00 Dreamy sleepwear at dreamy pricesl Shorty gowns, baby dolls. Breezy, flattering nylon, cotton and blended fabrics, fome with frothy trim. Sizes S-M-L. ion "Hint of Jove" by Dnvltf Bruce; pub., BflllnnUne Book*. Gd lesbur g Regtster-Moi 1,Ga If sburg,. J1L Thursday, J une28, J $73, t 5 The Child's In "Bird of Jove," David Bruce toils the breathtaking story of the training and taming of Atalarita, the only Berkut eagle in captivity in the Western world. The rare Berkut, known as the bird of Jove because of its ferocious and unforgiving nature "with thunderbolts dn Its beak," was traditionally .trained to hunt and kill bear, deer and tiger. Weighing up to 26 pounds, with a wingspan of more than nine feet, the Berkut eagle has keen eyesight — 12 times as sharp as man's! These traits enable it to zoom down on its prey at speeds reaching 120 miles an hour. This ferocious eagle with its copper-gold coloring is strikingly beautiful. Traditionally, the dedicated falconer has considered the Berkut with its acute intelligence, astounding stamina and courage, and savagely unpredictable temperament, the ultimate challenge. Sam Barnes, a master falconer and naturalist, welcomed .the challenge. He discovered Atalanta, thought to be dying of an incurable dis ease, while on a botanical sample-gathering expedition to the Near Bast. Challenged by the idea of winning her away from her savage heritage, Sam bargained for her with the Khan, her owner, and single mindedly began a long and arduous task of mastery based on trust, rather than following the classic methods of training sewing the eyes shut and starving the bird. Bird of Jove 5s filled with moments of pure delight, humor, horror and deeply moving tragedy. Large formet paper back is highlighted by photographs, illustrating the techniques and equipment Sam Barnes used, and showing Ata lanta in flight, with her human fnends and with Shep, .the sheep dog who is her constant companion. Because of the book's large size, these photos are as sharp and clear as in the original hardcover edition. LAPN Honors State Officers, Hears Reports When itlhe Ladies Auxiliary Patriarch Mililant met Tuesday evening in ifche Odd Felows Hall, (Mrs. Jennie Oasfcle, Abingdon, president, (presided. (Recognized were state officers, Mrs. Wilda Avers, past president of Ithe state association, Mrs. Miaxfoe Krans, Mrs. Maud Ryan, and Mrs. Jemima Fuller. Inspection was held by Mrs. Castile and Mrs. Evelyn Woollums, vice president. Mrs. Nora Paul of Abingdon served as chaplain; Mrs. Ryan was color bearer; Mrs. Krans, officer of the day, and Mrs. Violet Scudder was musician. Mrs. Ayers gave a report on the recent northern associate! meeting ait (Media and on the! annual picnic Sunday alt the Odd Fellows and Rebeccas children's home alt Lincoln. The Junior Shelf... "In a Blue Velvet Dress" by Catherine Sefton, illustrations by Eros Keith; pub., Harper and Row; ages 9-12. Jane Reid, stranded in a small Irish sea town without books, was like a fish out of water. Somehow her suitcase had been switched with her father's so he had her library on his field trip in Scotland, and she had ibis rock samples. What a dreary as well as lone ly vacation it would be! Jane came quite near being rude to kind Mr. and Mrs. Hildreth. But that very first night Jane discovered on her bedside table a small book in a faded brown cover. By morning it had mys teriously disappeared. The next night another book appeared And a few days later Jane had her first glimpse of the girl in the blue velvet dress. Between her daily encounters with the eight Smollett children next door, especially exasperating William, and the furtive appearances of the unknown girl and quaint old bedside books, Jane's vacation was anything but dull. And one stormy night when her parents were crossing the rough Irish sea to rejoin her, Jane's daytime and nighttime worlds merged dramatically. Eros Keith's drawings per fectly complement this intriguing story of a spirited book worm's ghostly adventure. Caifherine Sefton, author of a number of books for adults, lives in Ireland. This first book for children was inspired by a drawing in a junk shop in a small seaside town in Northern Ireland — and by a thirteen- year-old niece who is a bookworm. Bros Keith lives in New York and has illustrated many books for children including "Ivamov Seven" by Elizabeth Jameway. "Two Brothers" by Eugene Schwnrz; pub., Hnrper and Row; ages fi-l(). "Leave me alone!" Big Broth er, aged 12, often quarreled with Little Brother, aged 7, who always wanted to play. He had promised to be nice to Little Brother while his mother and father, a forester, made the long trip to town. But wanting to read, he had locked Little Brother out in the cold — and the child disappeared. Big Brother desperately searched for him through the great forests. Finally he met Great-grand father Frost, who was holding Little Brother prisoner in his ice palace. Here the stillness was profound. The trees, the earth itself, were transparent ice. An ideal place, as Great grandfather Frost said, for someone who wanted to be left alone. But Big Brother did not like it. Eugene Sdhwarz's poetic tale about the need for brotherly love, beautifully translated from the Russian by Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood, is illustrated with the delicate, haunting drawings of Gabriel Lisowski. When You Know It's For Keeps Cash N Carry Special Any Combination < • PLAIN SKIRTS • TROUSERS • PLAIN SLACKS • SWEATERS For Offer Good thru July 3rd RAY ANDERSON CLEANERS OPEN 6:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. * FREMONT AT SEMINARY PH. 343-2^91 • ALLEN'S 15th SELL-O-BR ATION!! an /L B , riB M rw NEW {mWTMwSmmwS PORTABLE room air conditioner • • • • • • • • • • • • • •i ADORN "It's Nymans For Diamonds" MARCO {<i?) 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