Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1973
Page 14
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+ X I ft 1 --* ^ to IP Gafesbupg Re *W • • ; t H k ± *E 1 " I- ^ f 1 ' F •. i ^ • *i * • if. . • *<•••> #w r*. • -I' -it',. h * * 4 4 L 1 A- * i •A ' .i, . • 4* • ,** Mf 1( • • n H I *4 V I* - P» - - Stitdii SOANGETAMA COUNTRY CLUB tef- Saangetaha Women's idge Olub met Tuesday a an at the clubhouse. Hostess Mrs. Ella Loftet and cs were Mfs. Ella Loftg Mrs. Fred Phillips. The winners were first, Keflneth Peel; seoottd, Pierce Webster, aftd third, Charles A. Pifield, Jr. The next social bridge w: Tuesday, July 10. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. #>wm DUPLICATE BRIDGE 2X&lestourg DupUoftte Bridge Ote]5 met at the Midwest Credit Union Building on Tuesday evening. Winners were Mr. and Mrs. B:1I Bishop, Rock Island, first; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scherf, Monmoutli, second; Mrs. E. M. Alkinson, Mrs. H. F. Willis, 1 W'ypti, and Mr. and Mrs. John Men, fourth. There will be no game on July 3. A two session club tournament will be played Sunday, July 22. Whatever the Mm ±J WILL "SAY IT'BEST" ome By JUDY LOVE Think about the "little people" in your life when you're planning knitting projects for summer wardrobes. ' Hand- knits are just as handsome for youngsters as they are for you. A basic summer sweater- shirt is this shorfcsleeved rtriper. It's a favorite sporty look for little girls or boys in sizes 4 to 10. Worked in your two-color choice of Coats & Olarks' Red Heart "Wintuk" Sock & Sweater Yarn, it's a neat little knit over shorts or trim slacks in those smaller sizes. Start this sporty polo-style for your favorite small-fry at the lower back edge, working the rruain color yarn on No. 1 needles. Complete the ribbing and switch to No. 3 needles, working the body of the sweater alternating the main color and contrasting color create the stripes. The back is worked as the front, both having the special detailing of raglan armhole Little short sleeves mm 1111 mm •if v.\v>»% shaping. and a trimmed Smart small-fry polo neckband are in the same main the lower stripes this summer sizes 4 to 10. are wearing sailor handknit pullover polos in ANDERSON florists 128 N. BROAD 342-8121 color ribbing as edge, and a back closing zipper let's him slip in and out easily. Little people are reflections of big people and should make the same crisp and smart appearance on those warm summer days ahead. Get your easy-to-follow directions, for this children's polo striper by simply sending 50 cents to Stitchin' Time, c/o Galesburg Register-Mail, Radio City Station, Box 503, New York, N.Y. 10019. and Ask for leaflet S368 be sure to include your name, address and zip code. Knit Knacks Dear Judy: I've been knitting for several years now and have gotten to the point where I feel comfortable working the simpler stitches. Several attempts at more complicated patterns have ended in failure. Do you have any advice? N.W., New Haven, Conn. Dear N.W.: There is nothing more frustrating than knitr ting several rows of a long complicated piece only to find not work- I that the pattern is ing properly. What mend takes a little recom- tinie, but that it is ft 232S. 'CUAl it V - 4 \ A J J II • t •• - if - 1 \ Juniors, Misses and Half-Sizes cool, crisp and ready for summer,. Regular lengths, longs, shifts and pant shifts. There's something for every gal. OFF t • i most knitters agree time well spent. Practice your pattern before you begin with your piece. I suggest using heiavy yarn and a larger size needle than your directions call for. Knit a rather large sized swatch of the pattern that you will be using in your garment. This way you'll become familiar with the pattern and will be able to work out your problems on the practice piece, rather,than trying to do so later when you're using finer yarn in your finished garment. This method does take a little extra -time, but I know you'll agree it's well worth the effort to begin your patterns with confidence. Roseville (Continued From Page 13) Smithshitre, Miss Cindy Mea- chaim of Roseville and Miss Susan Rabbins of Good Hope. After a wedding trip to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and July 4, the couple will reside in Sterling. The bride, who will be graduated from Western Illinois University in Macomb in August, has been employed pantntime at Ring's store . in. Macomb. Her husband was graduated from Kenosha Technical Institute. toise (Continued Prom Page 13) qiKrfse. So if you ask to try this and gst a refusal, it still doesn't mean the turquoise is not genuine. "Generally, if the necklaee or fonacetet or pin is of heavy silver and the craftsmanship ] good," Beverly Male says, "tW turqtidse will be <rf top<grade." There is treated turquoise on the market, lacking in a brilliant color, which is dyed under pressure. Than toe as reprocessed, which Is low girade. Mary Rhotan says she resents the discounting of Indian jewelry, as some stores aire beginning to do ift Ariaona and Call* fornia. Generally it is not a quality product. While experts can loiok at a piece of turquoise and teM you wffoat mine it came from, and while some old-timers can even Guest Tee-oii Times Sclwduted you \ most • good iui it. Color deep either or bhie, green but deep, Some stones have a matrix (pieces of the mother Stone which houses the bte gem), and a good matrix design can enhance the value of the stone. In 0 weld-made necklace, craftsmanship and design are apparent So also is the matching of the stones. If -a piece of jewelry has weak-colored stones, or stones that mange from pale to dark, avoid it. Silver, as it is mined, doesn't look like silver as we know it. The literal translation of the Navajo word for it is "white metal." Silver in its malum! state is dipped in sulphuric acid, then in hepar (a sulphur compound), which turns it.0 gunmetai blu Bunker Links women's guest dav will be Friday at the Link*. The luncheon following nine hc)cs of play will be at 1 p.m. at Holiday Inn. Member and gueste are being >asked to be at the starter's table 20 minutes in advance of fee-off time. Tee-off times are as follows: At 7:45 a.m.. Mrs. Nell Stmndberg, Mrs. Jnmes Sellett. Mrs. Hay conk- Hghl, Mrs. Ed Snelllng; 7:52 a.m., Mra. Hnchcl Flehflrty, Mrs, Was Pipes, Mrs. Irene Franckey, Mrs. Hubert Dutell; 7:60 a.m.. Mrs. Hazel Isaacson, Mrs. Bev Woods. Mrs. Jo Sleevar, Mra. Ruth Butterfield; 8:06 a.m., Mrs. Pat Hlnes, Mrs, Esther Hafner, Mrs. O. D. Lindsey, Mrs. Frank Shank. Also, at 8:13 a.m., Mrs* Jean Bowman, Mrs. Polly Flrof, Mrs. Harold Cunningham, Mrs. Kathy Walters; 8:20 a.m., Mrs. RuUi Olson, Mrs. Glenn Gore, Mrs. L. L. Carlson, Mrs. Robert Stoerzbach; 8:27 a.m., Mrs. Bertha Nelson, Mrs. VI Pickering, Mrs. Gary Gunther, Mrs. Ellen _1iomas; 8:34 a.m., Mrs. Les Woods, Mrs. Morris Patty, Mrs. Barb Siepker, Mrs. Phoebe Strahler. Also, at 8:41 a.m., Miss Connie Graham, Mrs. M. Swanson, Mrs. N. Crowell, Mrs. Antha L. Nolting; 8:48 a.m., Mrs. Lois Johns, Mrs. Darlene Clark, Miss Ann Weinman, Mrs. Betty Gorham: 8:55 a.m., Mrs. I. Braken, Mrs. Al Urena, Mrs, L. B. Schreckengost, Mrs. Philip Johnston; 9:02 a.m., Mrs. Robert Herr, Mrs. Max Lawrence, Mrs. P. Renfro. Also, 9:09 a.m., M>s. Shirley Kent, Mrs. Grace Stone, Mrs. June Ward, Mrs. Phyllis Scheitzer; 9:16 a.m., Mrs. Walter Sampson, Mrs. Betty anralkn. Mra. Bitty Cti ^ ku ^ h J%. W:0M.«« WM.. .TmpM ^ul Geneva Hill, Mrs. Martha Hunter: 0:H0 a.m., Mrs. Connie Md°ney. Mrs. Sue Fritaker, Mrs. Dottle Riddle, Mrs. S. S. Battles. Also, at 9:37 a.m., Mrs. JAaato Haiings, Mrs. Iris ^Thompson, Mrs. Marilyn Malley, Mrs. Hussell Barstow; 9:44 a.m., Mrs. Dave ButkO* vich: Mrs. Dale Harvey, Mrs. How- nrd Froelich, Mrs. Thelma Lowry; 9:51 a.m., Mrs. Nina Schultz, Mrs. Arlene Price, Mrs. Elsie Kellogft, Mrs, Katie Ashhaugh: 9:50 a.m., Mrs. Grade Miller, Mra. Vivian Mason, Mrs. Dixie Johnson. Mt\ Ralston Gives Tips To Garden Club Robert Ralston, Ralston- Hanna Farm and Garden Center, gave tips about lawns, roses and other flowers at the meeting Tuesday evening of the Galesburg Garden Club at the home of Mrs. Frances Harvey, 169 Maple A ve. Mrs. El les _!oom was co-hostess. Gerald Wilson, president, conducted the meeting. Plans were discussed for ftha July 14 picnic at Lincoln Park. i Refreshments were served after the meeting. Also, w ;»n B.IIIM J T,, "« '1 . *#r tor, Helen Waggoner, Mrs, Mar Ian Aftdewon, Mfs. Guy P A fkirn. 10:12 a.m., Mrs. Wllma HeMlor. Mrs. Vera Lnnrion. Mrs. Charles ,Borrlen, Mrs. Joy Lull; 10:10 n.rti,, Mra, n;n Gopher, Mrs. Dale Hnlfttpn. Mrs. Juciv Jones, Mrs. Loma Aclklsson; oS» fl.m., Mrs. Virtco Morrissey, fs. ftobert Sielnmet*, Mrs, Pat Hicka: 10:33 a.m., Mrs. Doug Peterson, Mrs. nichard Anderson, Mrs. Brian Smiley. Cl Completes Reiinioii P r I Plans were finalized At a meeting this week for the 30th union for the Class of 1943 of ^alesburg Senior High School. The reunion will be at Holiday ton on July 7, with registration and social hour to begin Ait 6 m., and a buffet dinner following at 7 p.m. A dance will follow at 9 p.m. Those planning on attending are being asked to send ihek reservations to Mrs v Ward O. Lacy, 1391 N. Broad St. Keep shades or drapes drawn during hottest part of the day. This will keep the. house from tannine? tno much summer heat. buff. Then it is given a good But some silver from tiie post- World War II era did not get the second dip and, ais a result, it.doesn't oxidize. But it is still good silver. Where wail the Indian jewelry f-ad end? Some pessimists say by December it will have reached its peak and then will begin a slide down. Some say, today, to meet the demand product, the Indians are rushing and turning out shoddy jobs. But (the more pptimdsbic dealers say .the true Indian jewelry collector will always be with us — just as he has 'been in the past. And the odds ane, he will know how to care for this very beautiful and truly native craft. 4 L NEW Hoover & Eureka VACUUM SWEEPERS ALSO — HOSES & BAGS FOR ALL MODELS C&F ELECTRIC 34 7 .-6813 829 E. Main SPORTSWEAR ±1* OFF Junior & Misses co-ordinate groups • > ^* 4i ^^t* 1 + OFF Misses polyester pull-on pants. 8-18 OFF Misses polyester jamaicas. Sizes 8-18 Junior fashion pants. Sizes 3-15 OFF f 4 • ' SWIMWEAR Junior 2-pc. styles. Including bikinis, boy legs. prints, solids C-cups, Misses styles. Our entire stock of swim suits. OFF COTTON KNITS A Colton knit tops including halters, midriffs, sleeveless tanks, and short sleeve placket fronts. Sizes S-M-L - * T 1 ^ + *- »it Junior cotton knit shorts. Sizes 50 3 *0 SPORTSWEAR 1* i Blazers, Summer jackets windbreakers, 2-pc. short sets, body shirts, blouses, rompers, pantsuits. OFF 4 ^ - f i . 1 Tf s n Sale Starts Mon., June 25 a.m. REGISTER For FREE! Merchandise 1st PRIZE 2nd PRIZE 00 H5 Of Merchandli* oi M*rch»ndli» NOTHING TO OPEN: Mon. & Fri. Nights Til 9 P.M. Other Days Until 5 P.M, Galesburg's Newest Most Exciting Store In Years! EASILY ACCESSIBLE iff • - J COMPETENT INSTRUCTOR ON HAND AT ALL TIMES. To INTRODUCE OUR NEW STORE OUR ENTIRE STOCK INCLUDING CHRISTMAS ITEMS Will BE MARKED 20% Regular Price FLEISHERS ORION (DOES NOT INCLUDE SALE ITEMS) SPINNERINS 100% RIPPLETONE AFGHANS POLYESTER POIYKNIT ALL COLORS YARNS Each 2 oz. Skein Each PARAGON QUILTS DOUBLE BED SIZE ONLY Each WOLFSIE5 YARN SHOP Located Directly Across the Street From WOLFSIES FABRIC SHOP PHONE 342*5813 is* -A- -V 332 E, MAIN •> .f '^i f'\,

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