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The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana • Page 5

The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana • Page 5

Jasper, Indiana
Issue Date:

1 i i JASPER COURIER '1 A girl was born' to Edward ISimmons and wife Monday. A new girl baby arrived at the Ferd Vollmar was up last Sat- new, 0MJ arrived at tl on business. Jseph feermershei Haskins went to Terre The town board held their re gular meeting Monday night. The Taft Steam roller contin- eimiues to roll and flatten out Teddy. Jt liftute last Saturday on business. Maple Park had a free danee last Saturday evening which ws well attended. Miss Alma Alma Buettnor iiiiic uuui luutjisuu ousiness. ior a visic. John Guckenberger moved rVYelSman -an hlld back t0 Columbus, Ind. Tuesday, returned to their home in Evan- fWif inOD fn fu i or an Kinds or Kcollncr. ual vnc neunesaay. Deal ofialcolm Cox. Mice A mmo U7u VVJ. "wcoucjr went lu xxuua Tuuiua wua iiuuie i-rineeton WGdnadnv fn Irwlr of. For mild, owv notion of the bowels, trom Uvvensboro Sunday and tor thp map nf hia rHnr PninU Grigsby. Malcolm, the little 7 year old daughter or Mrs. and Mr. W. E. otic afcAefr residence on West Seventh, Street, Friday afternoon June fth at 3:30 P. M. and was buriarl A'OU view cemetery Mondav Qfn. xev, nffi The little girl with bnghts "disease nearly all of her hfe and the end came Friday Sleep on, aleer on. And let the smile that blossoms on thy lips, Bespeak the breaking of 'hu dawn In dreamland, happy realms, where Bun-washed ships- In plaud lifers evor lie at eaie. Laden with souls from o'er earth' Jasner this atormvaeaq. It is now woll uiomae Jic ectic OH is the besi 'an one case of rheumatism in tm re- UUDOIS UlCCUlt Court. To meet the voarA that 0 rnmof f.t rtf fl niiirnD im ..) i j. i uw bu ujuuu viLuu Ajiuu uiuiuju luiuum iruuLilieiiC wnui6vcr I croup, it lias I eon used with try Doan'e Rculdla, modern laxative. Monday 2oo at all stores. FOr iLdgar rraylor and wite ad his sister Mm Flora were vW ors at West Baden last week. Pumns. Sewer Pine. Ln 1.01- o. i. Washing Machines, Ms of Furniture and RoofinJ o. J.orey. Call on the Low Priced Furnituie Oscar GeisW nnri Ahfrt Store of Jacob C. Lorev's 'Albert Bohnert shipped twe and Leo Flick paid a visit to Att'v John St0Ck t0 Lou- vansviast Sunday. in Ja sner this vine moo "I Am Well" writes Mrs. R. Barker, of Bud, "and can do all my housework. For years I suffered with such pains, I could scarcely stand on my feet After three different doctors had failed to help me, I gave Cardui a trial. Now, I feel like a new woman." 2 58 in Our family for 0 ght voara wiuteucre, Buffalo, N. Y. Prosecutor Carpenter has re- 'b-piln onu aorenui i Sold by aTK Sffeeney case. v3 ZA nuiu nit- laut; unless anci tnat thou shouldat take rears, matchless with one, A nrl motra if 1 il ui iuy eiernai uream wasinCourearainlasfc TnsrW "niy i ne Best. lea 01 i-aradiae gleain. --zsz xiarry ana jonn ua lett snent Costs no mnro hm h. Beyona ttie touch of tim Miss Amanda Jahn left last fuaturaay in Evansville attending H. Eadaiie Win Bavs and BecTthJ' sinlesa sPirit ea Saturday night to visit relatives the aviation Circus hia wife oonsidera Foley's Honev Vid Safe in earborVthe happy skiea. in oiiicctu or a lew days. nhnrlpc: TTnoKlav vnH L- uuTTuu, oe cougacure on uuuw. LUO arnnng ow and auinmer v.4V,.l xuiuiucu tu iuarKec. nas tr ed various ram laded clay; sings today. A snriiinft 1 nnL'l fr cured in from three to four davs hv nn- awoke vioif- urJl-h of a At.Tnnfinh A "le 01 plying G'liumberlain's Liniment and ob- Ar iy ooul aome.fairh.yen ZTi-tL ltu oacii bottle. Mm. Leia Love, ife of Wiley Lov Alois Birkie purchased the Ed. Deifoess Cibnot be Cured J.orsaebyJno.E Kvans. a farmer hying near Uoyna, says: M- EgCf Saloon on the eornsr nf LUreI- rl i Tri Sidney Pills and Kth. anrl ATnin RWt lonf iuK cannot jifii 1:2 I vi innnv: I rrrr nrti inn iant to tn i .1 1 'mu iuvtib. lasu 1 1 icaun liih tiiHMnnnri rftmr i I uui Lj 1 1 if I Iii 111 or I The -e is on. way to cure and that is by constitutional remedies, iH causeu Dy an inilamed con- auu an uu uiaiui ior mem. a 1 7 Jbuaeye benuetter left for Louu- ilie me almost instant reliel ajr dUUWUK cnarge at once, v'ille last Saturday to so to work were sluggish and in- oUCCess. 0 active. I fian phPArfnll-tr mm 1 wwtit i LH Hl CUU I Tf I i wu TTr. a x.T-i them to ft 1 pntTmnm frnm irS. JJr. anf Mr QdU uiuon ot the raucous min nft ha fl Knin WV. T-ereble8-" AtJosephAfMehgeV. daughter ArdeUa left Mondav tended riu ivansviiie nciay actenclmc nr xTxwixjr yCu nave a or imnftrfanf the Aviation Circus. Mr. and Mrs. Jn. a.nd when it entirely d0Bed. reauit, and unless thein- can nnf miH fln tube restored to its normal A4 I The Womanfs Tonic A woman's health depends so much upon her delicate organs, that the least trouble there affects her whole system. It is the little things that count, in a woman's life and health. If you suffer from any of the aches and pains, due to womanly weakness, take Cardui at once, and avoid more serious troubles. We urge you to try it Begin today. Edward Egg went to Princeton Wednesday as a witness in the Grigsby case. PoiWllelles. Hoffman and wife and Miss Mary Mann visited Mra. John Price Martin Co. Frank Krodel and his sister Mrs. Mat Mauser went to sog their sister Mrs. Phillip Potts who is in a critical condition, near Glendale, Davieas County. Mrs. Walter Rudolph and children and Mrs. Julia Hnv in Cl for? friends at Washington Saturday and Sunday. The Stork oresented MW Will Beaty with a bouncing baby girl Monday. The people near Alfordsville are quite delighted over finding good crude oil which produces about 6 barrels per day, on the farm of Mr. Austin Alien. Miss Jennie Hays of Jasper, visited friends here the first part of the week. Etta McCord of Alfordsvillp and Zan Travlorof Jasner visited friends here Wednesdav nnrl Thursday. Miss Gertrude Bohnert of Jas per and Mr. Ladd were here on business in the interest of Cumberland Telephone Co. Miss Minnie Graham is her grandmother Headn Alfordsville this week. Correspondent. Is no real need of anyone beins WerlnPsrlav fn nft i troubled with constipation, chamber: Wednesday to attend the Ralph Iain's Tablets will cause an agreeable ngSby trial. Mr onrl Mrc lo IT Tf u. kj. anu ouner Deanng, and rUUl and Eastern places on a sight-seeinp; Deafness is the daughter Eosa went to Princeton trio. flammation car BATE CARD. JASPER WEEKLY COURER The annual CQmmennempnr. y- aearing will be destroyed forever: run a ercises will be hplH InannK'a cf ten are caused by Catarrh. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Kuebler at. which nothing but an inflamad condl: -rmrnA fho 'oTnnfv, i. m6uu. uuuuuy tion oi tue mucous surfaces Geo R. Wilson will deliver the'HÄ Dol.r8f0r John A Rhpnrf-pnao-ia pvoi ciass aaaress. vi lvui a I yytjgi. inovemenL of the bowels without any unpleasant effect. Give them a tiial. For sale by Jno. K. Evans. cents anv xuutt; une ueaicatea nis new barn luesday night with a social case 01 UefimfiBa no 11 that cannot be cured Br Hall' I a onarge 01 0 centa Por lncQ nple n. i j. JCstablUhedJan, 1858 Run of paper, plate matter 10 par inch per insertion. Locale 5 cents per line per insertion. If display advertisements are to be set col- A CARD A laroe erowrl harl an onintr. Cure. Send for circulars able time at the tree dan at Toledo, o. Is Dirt Hoaltby? List (o This Tale dance for neighbors and friends This is to certify' that Foley's Honey viapie nark last TL Boldxm and Tar Compound does not contain ZIaJ ilT7m' lk tor constipa Mrs. Kobt. Eckert eaves to- an-v opiates, aoy habit forming drum 00 cvcijf luwuay u. morrow for Terre Hanfpfn snpnH or any. lngredients tuat could possibly niKW. xouare invited. iiiuixuvv xor xerre nauce 1:0 spend harm its users. On the contrarv its 1 a tew weeks with her husband, great heaim? and soothing quaiities Judgmg from the disgraceful wuu 10 autciiuiu uie Otate INOr- reai rameay ior coughs, cold, conuuet 01 DOtn xaiC ana KOOSe- flu. nF TUft iT. and velt, the presidential nomination Hyidll. lungs. Ihe genuine is in avellow niink-- 1 1 ill 11. uu I it vi narrm rt rr -rrtm s- i if i. itching ekin trouble, piles jp- sic ior Foley's Lloney and Tar T' mu vvnen HIS aa ry premises Were eczema, ealt rheum, hivea, itch, scald Compound and accept no substitute. At one 1:0 hey Used to pronounced insanitary bv In head, herpes, Doan's Oint- Joseph A. Mehringer. say in olden times that the office anpr.tnr Tnni-0 of should seek the trd A tfn; "rrT I w.iv-jL iuic lu aa xi. jcirnarci state Dure fond and Hrnnr nrm Urover calb camehome iastLTnvinc.x7ni Qofo I missoner! week from Purdue University fair-shir fls-hts. ft. 'Of b. 'I have keep house Mr. and MIt Brown Jhe Jasper were called to Indianapolis Sat- ven me twenty jfrandch'ldren urday night, by the serious ill- or eight families made uooffortv. raent highly recommended. 50c box at all stores a Henry and Andy Schietter w.ent to -i-t- ii rii r1 1 1 a.1 a I it juaiayette, to spena tne summer vacation. Paul and Justina Bettag have and Dumb School at Indianapolis neSS a Slster of theformer. ior the summer. umn ia to be pai 1 for composition, and the same for all changes. For position adjoining leading matter add 10 percent to run of paper jate. For position, top of column and adjoining reading, or first following and aaa zu per cent to run of paper rate. No advertisement accepted ior less than $1.00. Agency commission per cent. Published by BEN ED DOANE. Jasper, Ind. JrtBpar population 2196, Dubois Conn- ty 20,357. Agricultural district, 2 Flour Saw Mills, Veneer Mills, Lawn Desks, Hardwood Furniture Manufactories, Improved S'rjets, Con- 'I 'U lvnin I rt I 1 i- A IT i -mc ciuium exercises or st. aoouc m. fvi. nnri wtumoH Nioir JrkPvrkV CVirtl 1. .1 rt, 1 A AT If Heavy, impute bloo.l makes a muddy, I1.e,Q ac monaay. The par- "However TW lifV ToL C1TS u-Y Persons. My doctor bills during lcrete Lights and Watv 1 a pf? automobiles the thirty-seven years wor. County seat, Coun, $50,000 School buildinga, laru'e I am srlad the 111 WIM MVMA A.L. 1 I juufcmK iruiii tue conaioon he Mr. and Mrs.Robt Mebhoir -sd toan L5roa id child are visiting relatives sn. aa Fritch. HfiT1rv TTnnVoi a n- bertHailer r. wwijyasn cue cow s.7 and friends at Ferdinand. Sheriff Schwenk went to Princeton Wednesday to attend the trial of Ralph Grigsby, which is in progress there. Each aoe of onr livps hns ifs Olrl nojnle should he hsnnv nnrl thmr uili they did A I I I 7 Mill I VUMU be if TnhlAfci qta tnl-pn fn oougtit a bottle, and feel that strengthen thp digestion and keep the me. a bJS doctor's bill. At Joseph A. oDweis regular. These tablets are mild and in' thir nnHnn nnrl Aonortiollr SQ-table. for people of middle age and MAD! older. For sale by Jno. E. Evans. Iflnr LC Mrs. Marv r. TCpW iau vvaicer donnert, Hn P.i, 1 I uuuiumi cuua vjuStJll, VVlllli "TT" TT -1 spent the past twelve weeks at- bert HalW wb vi it. Help id To Keep Down Expenses. Mrs. E. Henry, Akron, cells how ehe did sc: lI was bothered with my kidneys and had to go nearly double. tried a sample of Fol ev TT ait wJVT A l.Q me bo much good that chart hee. 3 Banks and Postal Savings. Many mercantile establishments. Sruth-prn Railroad 54 Miles Evans-ville, 23 South of French L'ck, 75 West Louisville, Ky. Sore Nfppfes and Chapped Hands hy aPP1iS Chamberlain's Balve. Tri'jt: it a success. Vricm 2S cents. For 700, We will sell a 4. room cottage on a lot 40x100 feet on East 4th, Street. This is a bargain; $400 cash md 2 vears ime on the other 300. See Ben. Ed. Doane, Jasper, Tnd. Southern Railway Premier Carrier Of The South. Summer In Western North Carolina Mountains. Most Beautiful Mountains in all America Loftiest Peaks East of the Rockies. Including "The Land of the Sky' The Sapphire "The Balsams." Reduced Round-Trip Tickets. Principal Resorts: Ash evi Waynesville, Balsam, Hot Springs Black' Mountain. Rid Hendersonville, Lake Toxaway. Beautifully illustrated hoaklpfq descriptive of this country giv ing inrormation now ready for distribution. For detailed information as to rates, schedules, see any agent of Southern Railway. J. C. Beam, A. P. St. Louis, Mo. Country Editor Soft Soap. Fred J. Kern, Mayor of Belleville, 111. at a meeting of the ouuwicru mmois niQiTjoriai As sn The Disturbing Telephon. "The telephone has destroyed aH the privacy of society' said the society girl. "It breaks in on every-thing. Nothing is sacred to it. You The Children's Day entertain- erected.1.a handsome mentwas riven at tha Mpthnrflc ne pavilion on the Church Sunday night and lan en- thlTo' be held tertaining program rendered to week on a large crowd. tuI a 7 Saturday nights. xuuay nigntS Will your child ha whooping cough be free, at the Saturday nicht keep thi coagh loose and danppq Qmall -n ration easy by giving Chamber- ohJ be When be careli: enHy oy giving wiamoer-UharcrpH aA 1," jain uougu Kemetiv aa may be requir- always ed. This remedy will also liquify the furnished. Come and see US tough mucus and make it easier to ex- The Park floor can be had at peetorate. It has been used successfully anytime for free weddinffdamW in many epidemics and is safe and eure. cuitig uances For sale by Jno. E. Evans. WANTED A cave-in occurred on the sew- Girls for operators, wanted at er work on West Fifth Tiks- the Home Telephone Exchange, day afternoon burying one of the Only those wi'ling to take the workmen, iverett witn yusiuun as renei and night ODer- ciuuui et iiciix ne was dug out but little the worse for his experience. The cut at that place is about sixteen feet deep. boaped the Sucker editors may he saying your prayers. The in the folio wing manner: rni i l. ne country eaitors are telephone. Or in the midst of tout ii mi as a oatn. ine Oi- 1 I uviiii iTi- cuiisciennous, aair or, worse of all a puu ic-spjritea, patriotic, fair, delightful man may be-makin love 1 uj.ubn-'uviij aim Lrutn-teiling you, wnen K-Iing, K-ling, k-lino-i men, attentive to business, ready The telephone breaks off the thread to help every worthy enterprise of his theme and he faihf to resum. and to expose every fraud. 1 The country, editors know more about the conditions of the people in their respective communities than anvbodv elspin them. They are approached ltw JSTew York Praia. FINE FARM FOR SALE 102 acres Reeve township, Daviess County, Ind on 3 miles from where the bridge across white river will bo built next year. All clefred except 20 acres 3 room house, barn, etc. about 60 acres fine river bottom Baance good upland. Splendid neighbor-hood. NearSchool. Will double in value in 5 vears Abstract furnished. Price 00 Easy terns Ben Ed Doane, Jasper, or S. S. Wineinger, Portersville. Attention! Special ti I I If you have frequent ead- CASTOR I A Por Infant and Children. His Kind You Have Always Bioght Bean the 8iatur of 9 Notice to Subscribers. lne date on the Ibej Pat An End To It. Charles able, 30 Cook Rochester, N. irayr- he recommends Foley Kid every opportunity because they gtre him prompt relief from bad ft of Kidmy trouble that had lonif titie i hi rt Such a recommendation mm Mr. Sable, ii direct and vni tne margin of couvinrtos; tividace of the great cur. jOr paper indicates the time to nvf muuml it i rmtiv iviiinev- i 1 iv. Ann uitn vuur fiinrinnn 1 "HwguiiULIU I 1 ueer. This servp.q hnh 00" "I irc a cceipi ana Stores don't 41 just happen to ff! noce every week. aate j-nntea aittr thi marnn tf this UU FT Jo fun A. prosper any more as we are told that they used to. iW eireccive interlinked with ail a t-nr2W. nowadays, doesn't just mtfimwik youv tlme haa expired, rcmil nr. rmnn- pen, more for help. Thev eniov aches, dizziness and fai more confidences and betray few- spells, accompanied by chills, er. They have the milk of hu- cramps, corns, bunions, chill iiiau tneir son s. uiains. eujiensv ana lannriinp if They are always good citizens is a sign you are not well but and good neighbors. They are are liable to die any minute. Pay broad and magnanimous. They your subscription a year in ad-are scholars. They are authori- vance and thus make yourself ties on aH subjects, from base solid for a good obituary notice. ball, anri pi'rpnooa anrl Picture TA LaCro'eg, efed and metaphysics. I salute thp all kinds of paina in her back and hi I Country editors1 Selah1 on accounf of kidney trouble and rheu-I matiBm. fI got iome of Foley Kidney JLNune can piay tne IOOl SO well ting mem lor a few as the Wise man days there wae wonderful change in 1 my caae. for the pain entirely left my 18 fiUCh a medicine as Foley Kidnev Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim' Deeds, PiUe." At Joseph A. Mehringer. Chattie Mortgages, Real Estate Mortga- ges, Inventories Suponeas, A TMTTniVT Reports etc. for Sale at the Courier JL 1 WIN Office. lyui ciLLeiiuon is caiiea to We know of a number of families who 0Ur pagGS thlS WeeL re rnulaj readers of the Courier tat 24 ColumS of Straight read-m not Mbscribera, thtj bonow the oa- ino matter. Nn hHttc ThQ per from their neighbors. We are elad Pior 'V 'JT to know that theConrierishus ln uiuie Ulieb ciat.a, but why not 5 slld riding exclusive Of coat ii iinall and we ui i juiureciata advs. than any paper in the haring theea aaaes or. out min lkf ennntr. "Rq nn "-ft nv. wvwM.ji rtX JLUU Courier 1.00 (A 117 1 1 all the political now until after 1 V- One Dollar $1.00 and receive courier by mail from date until 1 u. American prides himself on his knowledge of I i tics. hns ns many republican readers as it It Dl'ints AliL the nw X. 11 drir 'VI It Now- Subscribe forlh IfMkly Couritr. Don't pat off for U-jBorw what you cn do toJay. more for your monev. low is cne time to 'I I 1( i'e h.J As H-iIcd Press news, has special corrr- nt in southwestern Ind-'tna, southtrn Illinois the state and national capitals. is an interesting, instructive and fascinating '-ttrs 'r' Co uric 1 Snd $u-i nuw nd enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of The leaner-cki! now u'iti' after election. THE COURIER, Evansville, Ind. 1 your or nhona him nf ihm nffr p. s. Tci; If you already taJce The Courier send It U' ijik a dally IttUr trym tk absent onu ilaUuaV 1

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