Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 11
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can now be devoted to other uses. It». former delightful smelling and delicious tasting,contents arc duplicated in quality and flayqr t in'None Snch Mince "Meat, a pure,'.whole 1 some, cleanly tnaac preparation for mfrite p ; ies, 'fruit ..cake' and fruit puddings. , ; ' : ,'." ",. .... NONE SUCH ",,;, . .IVI.tNCEvMEAT,,.;',.. ..'.., saves the housewife', long;: hours of wearisome work • and • gives the family all the.'mince pie.they can desire at little cost. A package makes two large pics." ioc. 'at,all grocers. Take no substitute.. ,-;.,-- - ,-.-• On Itifl rk-cliit Afrour niim jand 'iililrflM «nd tho DMn*. ofvbhl>ftpar. «o Will mail >ottpMtfre« ."Mrt.Poiildii*' .TtianijKMii!:." »tx»li by » f»inou>.buniorouj wtltyr., - "OUI.B CQ., ' ' ..-M.V. -••• | ^j •:! ^ J 1 ' Is a GoodjMachine. ,/,?;-j" ' • : :j^-%$$jgg$R i j- Jn" 1 ...**• ''H rr;-J.r'MfW*iiJkrrt'B iJ . THE : ,BEiST. You nlK 'ndJ It a valuable assistant in TQOT of- • '• .flee. '.Address.for.portlcplara. ., THE'MUNSON^TYPEWRITER co MA-NTTrACTUHEKS. ' 840-84,1 WeiltlAlce St., ClUc»«9, IU.. fireatest' Mcoyerr or .ftiis 19th 1 •'•;•;•. .Centary.': .;/' v! ' v ;V.'...'- Dr. T«*gn«'« , aiedloatcd Air yor this Cure bl,- ., CaUirrh, Asthmn ' ''- 'andall''' " It bat no, equal Jot Blck and Nerjouff H««d- ache, 1,000,ODO people me annualij hora.ttw bove named dlieaws. WDT inner and did, *«dlc«Mid Air »nd Bro»:Co,,; , BIcomoDd, Ino.,; U- S. • A. , i It Is tbeaxMt remedy on eartfcfor I* „. .^p«. It will ' give Imriiedlat* ; relief •4 will effect a, core where all other '''' "' •old by B. F. i.'F. John'ion,' Preiiia«nt . , S.'W. Ullery. Vice Pr««iaent . , Caihler. I ». Jobnwm. 87-Wt UllwTr J ^T, Elliott. W. M; Elliott W^.H-JnliJer. Buy and s^'l Governniwit-ibouds. Lows •OMT #n,i)«rion»l ieourtty .»n<l colUter- •Kli. M»U«'special'cerUflc»t*» or atposliM ft *««• cent. Interest when left one T : p«r cent. :p«r.annum when depo«- ^'L^!.?L^! ,0«tt 01 tea and KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers elOBEpADWAY. UNDERTARER ': NV 417 Mir'ket Street,.,' Calta ^«tt*n4*4 to promptly.' nii Union" w* "^ Offlc*. No,.W; B««ldBnc«,.. CHICAGO MUSICJL CCLLEGE Conlril Mutici Hill, Chlcijo, Ot. F;'Zl»g1eW. Pr«». MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART . Ltmia beans.—Rothcnnel.. •••'•y*'" .":., Tomatoes 'P/i-c per busheft—McOaffrey •&Co. ' <'•••;: ;•..']•':; -vK' ; ^.vr-S Guess on 1toeA.|bii/C'yclo ;'today.—Bee ' See. our hidlotf^ftne low.li ?. ait $1.40.—Wa^^'^'BaiKh'i Muslins, prfnt9,;pfatstams, —,,,— . ^ goods; all ait JbargaLL..priceB,—Trade Pal- J.; '•ace-- ,.-••-"'"..',:• .".,'.',„'•." ;:.',',v^-'»^,. ; ' -.< SpeeM lonv prices .-on, men's -tan ehoee. i ::—Aaron Grecnsfelder, .Thtod, aii4 : .Mar-; i'-ket-streets. "."•''"." '•'•""•' '• ;.Jhe STRAIN MAN^ASSAULTED General News, oi Railroads and Railroad Employes. 'Tha cojil sheet for ihepast mou,th : is 'out and ••'•show-s •.' 'Wj?l* : prices .galiuod as .'follows:'• F'rolight 'Biisi- moei'S—Gharlos-H-."TnmMin $14.00, A. L; ?12.05, Floyd Rlchason $10.55 'a'nd W. C. Piita'imii'•'$10.K; ii fwifeht'nre- 1 '.nnon—W. Wisuegti-rdiuer .f 14,00, W;""R. Cogilej- ? 12.05, .Too Fl'tz $0120 .aod'-'F. W. Pjubtei-soni $0. Paasaugor' tinigtneeiift— HMrj-: St. CltiiT..1i-.45,'GeorgC' i LighthU- 01- i(C:40, 1 .HcimT':Goodnldge ; .$5.30, '-R. Giwnl $3.05 and .T. Truman $3,05. .Passenger flixMiiei— W. R. Kelley $G.65;. E. B. Sohrock $5.45, W. B, .Hlgll-y ?5.35V 'A. E, Shacrw.$4.35, G. H..-Mohnrt $3.- 03,iF. C./.Ru'miiieJil.lisJ.CO and Joe Min-. jioiniau. $3.00. 'Due ixtstot'^lie pi'cmiluons for--thc..oHiBr ilremi«iu .and •. einglnoeKi. ranige from .fl.np. • . '' . .-. • .' • •'.'•• A'.CONDtiCTOU ASSAULTED.'. Huntogtou Hcnwld: The to\ra of Andrews Is getting qu'ste ,1 reputation, for scnsatforwl cplsodcB. Tucsd-ay.n!ght.an- other blot was placed on .Its fair nainu. by the sandbaggtog of Conductor Albert Driver.' He. was .standing by Ms ca- boose'to' lire yards,''getting .ready to take-out Ms run, when somebody'stnick Win on the head f roni behind. Our Informant stated'that'the blow 'rendered ,th> i-mian unconisclous, and ho was not foiund until sometime afterward, wJien ; ke Was reinovcd'to liis iioine." .He ro- gtiined ' 'consciousness', 'after 'being •n-ork'ed with : -for'soine Hone, and is now • able to be around agate. ." 'The motive couid not hare been any- •tihilng but personal malice, as nothing was. dlste-bcd aboxit his olothtog. E X - ,fcra effort Bhould : 'be made to stop this bind of lawlessness. j ...,.RAILROAD N.OTES. Ojven Courtney is deli. . | ... DJck, Hazel of the bfciiler shops is of£ .duty ojn acoount of slcknese. :return to w.ork .Monday ... thii-eb weelos' illness. .. .... . , . ,..^ fonnieT emplpyp ait tlie shops (has returned from, a.'trip. wesf. af- '<tsf 'an absence of four mSpths. has agaiiii resumed gang wont •Iiqine,'fix3an i worlc y^steixlay on aocb'iinit.cif a' seyore. piito in .his back, : '," Chau'lcsiKopper.^^ exromploye of-the slicfps has returned to Ws .home in tbe •Eastend;after spendimg-a' year in Mls-' soiirL /.' ' " : •'•'•' ''" ''''','' " ,,. ' / Fwtor 'cut 'hilte' toad; yester- 1 day jnbriifcg'while working,Jiitlio plan: .. „ >ae^*uWVot'.- 1 thte i .car!.slhoii(S, ..He was b-ble to cadtLnue at Ws work. . ; !, the fireman, 1U of typhoid f .would tove out-done herself itihte-year l!ta thjo prodiucticin'oif'.fiinc wild hay 1 and '•• plenty of : it, / ! Jn most portions of' the ry^thio oi < op'iIS' ; not i 'yat suffering, i'hbwaver, and'If dry weaMier presents itaellf within a week or ten days the-loss be.coiripa.raitliv<sly. light. .•'... .. EXTREMELY HOT la tlhe Kind of Weather That Brings Oppression amd Nervousness, • So far : tlic 'scasopi lias been very ;hot aind sailtrj v ." : The resxilt 'is'a; great mnny cases : of prosta-a'tiioni espeeially among ttooise who are 'inoft'"well.'• Woineii who a-rii suffering from any. d!teise peculiar to ithe''sex r flMd : -aw>t- weatlrer especially lia.rd 'to : 'be'ar. Too :: tired "to perfonn dally'work, 'fob' : ricn-oiis to sleop, iliiey waiiuler-nibdut'dil^coiiraged jimd hopeli^ss. There Ss.uofUI.uV'in'this wide world'that so quickly clifepels all th!s sort of'tiling as rc-i'u-na. R-d!tef is 'lnhinedl:i.te, an'd tlie ixn-slirtraiit iise of die medicine leads to peraiKinent cure. Mwi'G/.G.' Fuller,; •{, S. Ponrth. street; ColiMiUbns, Oiilo, •;: "Jly inerves were 'terriWy d'ebUi- 1 \r;is VuffeMmg with' -what is fiililed nervous prostration-;- liioated. w.e.-1'k ii-ml trbmbll dirks no good—I tod gilveii up iih d'es- p;'i.iv. I'1'ouin.d Pe-ni-Tin.' am immediate raised mo ni^'it'uiV'anid gave me beal-rh, so tlin ; t I cam- do my own. work," A 1 book, written exin'tssly-"for'women- 1>y'Dr. Hartawn-, wilfbe'sent fi-ee bj riie Pe-iii-na Drug Coliiniibus, OWio. HE DIDN'T,TARRY LONG. •,;: 'riigan Cl.ty News: ; Cal Awiistroag,, son-of ,Tiis. K. Aniistroug, tu : o dcf;uil,t- lii'sr' treasiu-or o:f Tipton counry,. who the -wuse of bite.f-.ir.li'qr .ser^iUij;/a term in tlie prison- oiorih, •sunl .-v who created suoli ism-prise sovcjsiJ; weeks after lie had himself escaped-, the/ officers in. safety by telegraphing, the sli-erifE of hiis own town that ,Jf «he. ofnceiis hiiim they could meetWia at the Palmer House, Chicago, where, the. &her : jff by appointment, aflterward in<3t..and arrested Mm, is agatii a free-nMvn., Arm-, strong's father servexl .oHe- ; -yeair'.nud went to Tennessee. Young ArmsUjgn^ got three yenis foi- gettlug.,aw;iy; with, about $43,000 of Uie .people's, money, nml- was' relKised last Monday.. ,He : was taken quteffly to Kokoino njid.- refeise'd LiULoC VUL* tlV.VJVlaA**. \f*- MJhimi***^^—" , , - • ...Toseph Zi'mmcinnan .of.the car shops from, custody .from, wWehi.-ptace. he ot '1,1.1! _i,; m . +^ wn& MATi/inv . flfter a on'oe de/nantcd for Tennea^ee without for Tennea^ee without oven stoi>pjii!g,,to,,recognlze,,aiis, .fpimeu, f riends or to sny good-bye. ... . '.THE"pOPUIyIST NQMINBE. Mariton Ohroiictc; .Toshiia .Stironge l Mike Monyhan. has again resumeu MaHton otiranicie: .losjuuu .o.tniii«y IKI.-> work ait the round house "after' 'a waeK.s, .not yet accepted' 'the' noiuiiliia'.tlott. of ,'tlne ; n i«ri,«. «n l-i^oiiiit of a slizhit Mury/" "Populist ; 'piirry'"tlmiist 'upon WTO.' last -.who was removed 'fiv>m Marlom : to.-hite'ob'ome-'llb 'thte ! 'dty W'-odneada'y . te .rcsjttng.'very .easy aadllste.'a. failr'.way to frecoveiT. He snffcJMl bfitllilitle from the effect, of, his. trip.'!.. .',/ ... . ... .--.'.•, ..: ; 'dhaiies rLuiimneil of this city, .bait who operates 'a switch' onglpc -ait -Elwobd, • prostrated .yestordn'y ShoflUy : after ' ' . .diteer-'by -' the 'healt • and te; Ifa | ff-;crltl'ca condLtlbra. '-'The Ijiews |rtt^-'iiii'- ; ''^cfcn<js, ciiime d'n tlie'form of'ajtolesraaiito..his. sotil F'j.'.Riinji^i'iw^.'.'wmt-itojpiwood .yestayd'ay. af teimoioni; and/ wllli probably bitag bte faither.lioroe.wltb ti!im today," 1 •• The blacksomlithi «bop Jis'tb haye.fmir in 1 a'stet;1itoe' 1 wtiJch. ( w!lL be a igiicalt : - . orit ; way , tiiey. .are, .arringed-.. • The . .yen-., IDlaitors are xxt ^galraiilzed liw)i,.aind'are oarjttigconi'pletkmtoithc tip shop.; 1 ; wall' prove to be' of'g»eflit ;valiie ! ; wliiiteir when'-ithc-' -(vilBdaws ' and' doors are .cJosodi ' '•aa -heTOtotfo'ra'.'.the hns had no "way of es- ' . .There Is more Catarrh '--In ''thte section of the country. ,than all, other dls- ,eases] put together, and until the last few years It" was' sup'poisfed "'to be Incurable.. For a great many years doctors prononncedi .It. a, local., dls- eaBC, Jiind prescribed'.,: local .rome-: .dies, :and 1 -by. constantly.''falling.'<to' cure wlthilocal treatment, pronounced 1 It 'Incurable. Science has tfroveir 'catarrh to be a constitutional disease,'and ttieri'^ fore requires cons / tlt, > :ilonal i .tr,eatment'. 'Hall's Catarrh" Cure, .mttn'nfactured, by, F. J.i Cheney &. Co., Toledo,. Ohio,;'Is the only constitutional) cure on the jnarkct. It ia taken- Internany-ta flosea from 10 drops toa'teaspophful.'''!.! acts 1 Directly on -the'.blood and'.'iniifcptis.stir^ /faces - o^T' the.'' system^'^Th'ey offer one" 'hundred'doUa'rejfor any,.case It.'falta to cure, i Send'for circulars and,testimony Jals. Addr,eSS; ,:i;o-:';. -,:• - - <••" '"•'--- •'••'F.;J.,CHENEY &:CO;-,: Toledo,,O1 Sold'by'Druggists; 75c;'--':: •;' >.-. • . ,,.., Nontih; Judswn,. liters i^T-Kei -oopjd'litlonl ,of,. wealthier as the ..... . _ -has a serious aspectj.rAU.malrshinMid Is .cayered'-with water: to• a 'depth • almost" STitenergfihg • the -grass 1 atfd-"there Ite-Jno'- 1 poissiWe way to save'It uratll..the-water got»«.doiwo, Othorwlisei. OUT v conmtry Populist ; pai-ty . .._......,. weeka'Peni,' Avhen'Jbsh went to'Peru •he was presumn-bly in favor of indorsing -Lairirne'r. 'Just" hmv.'Jit caane". Giat he aras-'naihiied by 'tlie coimiiiilittee.n'o one' • law told. To a. Chronicle, reporfe jbs- 'terdaiy'-'Joiffl.'Keiiey stated, that', tliere Tvais a'.p6ssib'li)l't?y' : of Sti'atige'.not accept: iMJg'aind resign.tog in favor of .Larlniei'. Correspondence Is now beliig had over tlie'district itn'see'just lipw'liis i-eSsiepa- .tiion !would be. takeD.'ami.' whetiier'it, .'woiild be'.'p^tbie^for'hijsn'.'toi.hriind th'e ' Populist' Vote'•over to 'tarimer. ..Josh knows he cainnot^ln Grant county A?, many of them: 'would vote, for Major .Stecile, as th^y'dl^ ;tWo years' .ago' '". 1 : A CLEVER SWINDLE. i A; well .dnieased Jmara,, amdi good, talker, ' ,oC;,coim l 9e, ' iNew^Er'a, Is 1 7{Jl"c7,.aiiid'hio':may.:be' ' idoliig : ajthrivJmg; trade ito'.tlw? 'Wabnsli ; " ' wlJten 1 'tlie .. foddea 1 tlie .shock. 1 .' He; sete btoeksmilh ; .'supplies or -raithcr gives tlmnjl'iiway. 11 no.,takes yoaw. oixler at-hnJf-price -and ;1> ays th« freight,' but being goaeTOUS, he -^iscouuts ten per ceut. the already half <prtee! WH. Mir. ; •'-Wlteon 1 Wt • for $i«, : '!.dtecoin«ted and paid tlie cash, $3.90. ; Naijoiam. Kink toit for ;$8.00 and .theisanarti .'main haaa basket full of ordiers,. oil dis- .•qoaintod, some as hilg,h:ins .?CO. The. [goods nev^r came, , nor can.'the ftnn be ' ' •locaited'i only. ,'in. your ; mind.. ccjrned money. • ' .. . II* Just; hilm.ihe.repli'ed: '*TWs weather'ain't In It. Wh;y, Jn the snmimer; of .'35 our .blot and'we had 'cool the - '. , ; v,'/,TO'. CLEANSE ( . Effectnaiiy, yet,gentry, wh«a ,costlve ,or; bllloui, or when the blood. !s.Impure or; 'to 'dispel headaches. colds.iiOr ferers, nsVSyrup. of;Flgs..-; i j ,. .--.-: - .•'••:••-. A t .; .:LI^BS. 18th ex(wretom' :i tlli*-'! iln'thc j^yaiiil August25th, inclusive., •-. —__———. . Subscribe for The Journal. SHALL HE TAKE THE STUMP? .Chicago Inrter Ocean: There Js sdMl n .pos'siibili'ty'-oC .ppeeclw?* away'from his home'in Canton. -It has not been the custom for. PresMentlail • cniudiflivtes to 'take' the stumip' ilto theiir own. behalf, but thereto-nio good-reason why tihey should not.' - In -1S84' Mir.- -Blniiine mode a trip to ithiCr-west,.and spoke at innmry places. It. was then argued'tlttTtfls Mr. Btoiime-was the'mlost foa-cibl'e amd-'most-popntor pul>- Hc speakor in the couinfcry 1 his paipty couM -not afford to lose-M-s iniflwaee as a',speakCT''sliui(pIy- ! beoaii.se ciistom hnd sa'notiioned'-.tlie'oaiiidiida.te's lunipltig : csvmipailiKn.' General son dDU mot leave IialUvnn'polls'durJaig the- caimpaiiig,n---of-'.lS8S, but -he made shout speeches' to vfeiltiiig delejrn.'tiions of epubl.'ca'ns'-n-lmost.eveaT d-ay. '••-• The' 'RepntoMicairs lw,ve thils year -to olioosse be*ween"<ilte 'inoWnods oif-'Bln:!ne flinid Ha-i'dson. The situswioui 'is 1 more tliflt in 1SS4 wilien Bliiiirie : wos 'lire candMarte, McKim-ley fe to-fl-riy' iwid' hns been for several y-ea,rs' tlie mlost' popular speaker in the . co.umtiT.'"Miv -Blfl.iwi, wiiHi all life : i'x>iviil!i-i"!ltj T i|,n.' : a-irh'is-'o,in- jg, -never spoke to s^p-inniiy people ns .las M«jor McKiiul'ey.'' ' •' ' : The cnmpalgn of 1S94 was'aib'11'hwstra- tlon of the p'npiiHir.lty'of' McKJtitey ; ae camiipa.ipn .sjietiJiei' 1 " 'T-liei* w.ns -not ciitj' in ttue corontoy tliait dM-not invite him to sp'cn-k. He agi-eod ' to 1 ui'-ik'C torty-si'.x spewlics in the campaign;'arid the n.iitloiniiil co:miiiiW'.tiai : JUKI'iriawh cliffi- cul : t}" Jin satisfyfnff the tleniraidis uixxn ilclviwley -was fina-Ujr hf?feiffne<i'td forty- fai.\- p!:i«is in n.l.wut linlf- flint number of States, nmd 'the arraiigMnents turned over-, to the State commiiitteesr Thwd Srnite commjji.'tecs seon-red• speci.il niul cam-led the Major tlii'.5\:gh : h« i w.hero -lie not only kept' : life appoiu.t- nienlts, inaldng forty-six f'ot'sptwue's,' but adiling to that number '325 'sliorter speeclics -to crowds vajyiiif'-from iOOCf Co 10,000 people. It Ira dreased uioiv> 'pi*,ple:'iii- Wie " ; be devoted ro-tlie camiiiii'ijn cif : 1S94 : tnaji' add-ressod by a,riy ottier runii iii tbe saime lengSh or Ume.'.•'.''.'->'• : ' ' : S-lioukl Slclvtoley decuTc to-come west to speak he would not' -flnJy.Mwve-' tlie greatest ovailon ever-jri.ven to 'a-public but he wOiTild linlvscwnes't •hehi'ers' by tho tliouisanicls, who'are .Traverinff as to tlieJir duty, and would'.like'-to-Iwa-r •hiiin, betlevtoi-g in Ills knowledge.:an<l ludgment on the great question'of protection and 'having full cu-s^.lemce In hlis 1 «l'acei':'ty...JHvlisi confidence in-wihl'clh McKMey -is beld..by .the. wage-earners, vi;'hbi look to 'him- as' the'-great' exponent Oif tiie doctrine of protection, Is the 'd'uflii'einec' li-ninn-can ha-ve : i'n d'lsctisslng public questions. They ad- u'liit tiinit : : McKii*?y koiom-s • what' he tajks nbout, and that he .is honest .and sincere In-wliat'lie says:"- "''' comes first, in washing. .What is the use ( . of making the \york easy, as. ._..-, long as it's risky or dangerous ?. What does it matter how little . a!thing costs, cr how man^T " . prizes"you 'get with it, if it ; .',' J rots.'and. ruins the clothes? .It'.' \ V can't be that you wa- n ;t to take, . any chances. Use, Pearlinc:-- N.o.thing that: has ever been used - ifor washing-or- cleaning-is-more—• absolutely harmless. than Pearline.--, • .^ It gives, you the easiest,' the quicIces£- : •* the most' thoroughly economical, work. 5C9,. A; BOOM FOR 1 FREE GOPPEIJ:. Cliienjo Special to New York ''Sim': Hooray for-free' copper!- It'Is' being boprned out here as a substitute for as moiiioy-'metals.; '.\. c*eui!a:r was dirculated all arourid'the oilty today in .Its'Interest! ' .'.'•' ' ', "'it i-s the po<jr 'man's -mo'iicy;'' the clir- cuilair ' sajis, : - '"The' farmer ami •the'la- bcrimg inran' stiould"''n]ot'be fooled by cither .filiie - r £o'W bugs', or' tlie f '-^<**-""*' . . bugs, as italitlMr' gold )nar silver can be oailjed the- pjwr''mail's money. If tree silver will'be-a-. good tliitn-g f or the working 'people, Jfree copper will be better. Tliere'ls''no'a;rgumant"blia.t"cai : 'l)e advanced forCree silver' but 'appltes with' greater force to tree copper.;'''.','.'. ".Copper 'tons' toon used for 'miinieyl'the world ov#r for thousands'of years/ Tlie widow's mite .was copper, am^'the, •widows aml'6li!Wiren i «f '<tihepo'ar toda.j»';ha'v.e' copper ouiy''.for 'Tifee for' tli'cJt.'iiecessi- itBes. ; M 53 cents' wiorffli of stiver can be nuado toto-a giovertirmerit doHar and the action bdeg'gi'rat'prospeirliy and plenty' of mo:n<?y for all, Item 3 carats''worth of copper cari : ai9o' be made 'tato a, 'govern": m.yt;daliar ; aind Tufting• greater prosper; Ifiy an^id more money for all. "-'' '" ';.' '"During .the"' civil ' war' 'In ''this coiii'tiry ' clapper '•' was tlie ' paly one of thie metais whillch .remained'id':ac-. tivo- eiTCU'lajliioW' 1 and it sui>rAled'' r the ,. ,' Uon With: the Seashore trains. '"For 1 fle- a taUa; apply ; ! to nearest -Pennsylvania " C3 eelnlte' wcfrbh 1 of. 'silver for a;'dollar use . the samme? of .,'35 our ,hiot ^j^ saTe 97 eontg on; fflie debts wMch .. _„_.„ began. a.long ; ;in, Juy ; ^aud..kep.t. .^^ MatB 'to'pny 1; raithier than'oipJy' 47 ..getting . hotter _; and.'.hotter, and ; hotter, -^(^i.-: ' "'' "'" : •••'"•••• .'until fa'rim work had to be abandoined.. '-.Water just ..pumped from i ,a,well,ha4 iff foe boiled to .make ilb coal-onp|ugih, to ; drink; 'hams' wfirfi"fried .on. llVe bogs. er jusc ..pumijeu ^TH",,,". ">="'r"? free copper dte ntot knmvn 1 at present, j:boiled fo'inake'iiiti coal.onqiugli, to, ^^-^ .pi<ogrami is eueh! an. attractive t; 'hams ..Wfirfi"fried.om.-llVe togs, ,; oae; .-, | j |B jjj the' ; n!am'es'.'(^ : boMmiers by.tp- wehad to keep Tip roaring nras, to. -jjuj^^, ' mij(rnlng''wllli' probably., be the atmosphere .we breathed.'!.,. ,- ..1^,^ .-,- >•'. .V 1 ; ." •' '•'*" ' • •'• ;',"" .," My lltfle'bdyj when two years of age, was'taken very 111 with, bloody! flux, I was.ffidTleed tp'use Chamberlaln'B^Collc, overcome 'ha-i; 'Chblerai- .ind''Diarrhoea^ Remedy, and bltual; consttpatlpn,.-to.,awak'>!theMcld-; iujcklly 'procured.'part of ;a^.bottle. 1 «h : neys and- -liver. r ,to;a healthy/, activity;. .r c arefully' rea'd' fthe.;djrectjons "and' gave ; ex i without: irritating or weakening: < them,'- :'ifc,aecordlngly.'"He' was 'yery^lo^, ,bnf ,,lb •tn'ffiRTO>l headaches. colds.iior fevers,'; .'riowiv'ana''surelT'he began'to improve,. «t 'gradually 'aod : 'stroDg as-'ever: ! ^I -feel sure ll.sayied. .ui«.n#^ . T:.«n\-'oi*'liVon ! nrntiafl fli'p'TtpmAilv hlsll'fe'. haM^te' 'wortii^' ; i'-am''Borry: .'every: .one. sale'bf B.'-F'.' KeesllngV'druggtst; ''"^ ,' Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a month. All KiridS;Miade Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. ' .ALL RAIL ROUTE TO'.THE'SEA. _ SUHMER TOURS To Atlantic City :-Wlthout'.Transfer .via. 1 : • .Pennsylvania Lines.' ; ' : ' : : ';By •the-'bpenlng of--the :Delaware Reiver Bfldge the Pennsylvania' Lines: '.have become .the only all'rait route to Atlantic-City and'the seashore. .Transfer, of passengers : and baggage ; at Thna- delphia via Market"• street;- Ferry 'Bad .Camdeh Is'avoiaed, as «eashore : trains of Parlor Ca"rs"arid Coaches depalrt f rotn '.Broad'Street stattoni' ; tttiwhtch,'paSstin- .'Bereiforin 1 the fittest over'the Perinsjl- '. yanla'' ;| RouW ''arrlvC :!l lni' : that 1 city.' .'ihr'ouglrtralns' from Chicago, Indiana- polls; Coliuinibt»', r Cl.ncInna'tl,'Plttsl)urgh .'and tatermeblate points ori'the Perinsyl- ' *J~li »^ T- •!...AI*^4.A ir« \ jfw\'nVD*itont.*/• ixinn^C" ,>anla. ' 'oo'nyenlcnt. : coni»ec- . RATES TO 'MILWAUKEE. ., ,6n;account'df:the,Natlonal convention lof. RepuWlcan -League : Clulw, Anisust 23i 24 and 25, The North- Western ;(Chl- ; .cago; & North-Western Railway) will Bell excursion ( tick"et8 from- Chicago to ililwa.ukee.'. and'-Teturn -at. .rate ;of one : fare- for the.rp.und .trip., •F.or,tlcket8 and ' .full information.' apply.''.tolticket .agents ' ' '" of connecting oraddrcsiTW/ B. QL CUulittUJJtt uu^f) «»• **~T ' , . , Knlskern,' Q. P. &'T.' A!,' Chicago, 111.' " ""' HALF7EATES TO OMAHA.:; -. . ,Vla. the Nprthr^estera Iilne (Chicago & .North-western.JR*y).'.August J5,. ,16 'e , , , . 'trip. ' On ; ' August : 24 ' Htctirslon;- tlcketa "at v ; eiy low 'r^teB^-al^e-sold.f.ron) Omolw'to Dearer 1 knff'tTie'tftmp.wi.'Hot Springs 1 of ''soutn r pakbt'a. ;l Forkful!; In- f6rmatlon : apply to ticket agents; of connecting lines' or add'rfei'W. B. Knlskern ,G.,P. &T. ; A., :; Chlcago, nt' EXCURSION TO, MILWAUKEE, ' 1 . . • i . , . :"•'- August' 23d : 'auid 24tti, excniBSott ticket* toiME^aukee, 1 Wte/, wiU.'b'c soM ''' League NatlWal ; ; return' isoupojnft vaHd'Satuifday^Awgnst'SOtli, :slvc.'" '''''' ' ; ' ' " ' ' ) Those, ,who,; enjoy -a- day's, ontlng •hould no.t : falli to;take^dvantage.of .the : exceedingly; low. 'ratartj :Bfc : Joseph > rla: '! Llne,: : .;TraIn leaves the lllsuCCOrUJllfiij' J- 1 c woo v cij »v v*,)., W»A( p/ j***i5,;' » t*u^*4A**»«i *-.»-•*-»,-.- ,«.-—-— -.— - — slowiy ana r sntely : 'ne began•to'.i'm.proT.e,. ittatlon every,.Sunday .at.T«. m.". Pare- »i.'«^..aii4r liohnvp^nll-iinVi'ls'iiftw h'« stmit fnr ttio mimd tri,T>. .£2. , '-..;' "•'- - •' "•'• TO THE.:. I nOUNTAlNS, LAKES and SEASHORES ! Solid Vestibuled Trata" : '• : Wl'th Wagner .Sleeping Can • let Boston: St, Loiais,:Peotia, Indlanapoll*, -'•••'•: ! natl, Dayton/CoiumDUS,- • .. . ; ..•„•:•.,,•;-. ; '0. • ; ..... •• •••• •' 'via. • • ' . . '.''.•"The 'Knickerbocker' Special." ,L : :"The.,,, Southwestern. Limited.?, ; ., ;; • si; Terminals at the Great Lakes.*: Chicago,, , -Beaton Harbor, : TolBd* •Detroit, • SandUBky,.: : .GleveteaB. • ; Tourist, Rates In all iDlrectlons. v / • .- : '"' ;! B. O: McCornilck, ' '; ^ '' , , . '. '• ' Pass. Traffic Manager. •''"''' ' ' „,'.'' ' ".:'•-'•• D; B. Mairin, : ' ' •"'•' 1 '; ;: '; ' '' : GenL Pass and Ticket 'Agwitl'" '•'••' ••,**. SIX BIZ. Special Train - EX^URSIdNflS :-.; ; " '•"-. .JO- ' '•.. f V-'- n ""o. '-VIA'THE'' July ipth, a6th, and August and r . ;j9th,.i6th, Fare for- fte round trip . leave* VandaUa 'station at 9:B8.a m. fl PLAN TOUR 'SUMMER OtmNCT — GO ^ TO "PICTORES(jTJH •': _ f . "' ;, ; LINE,i from 116.50 jfrom'TWedo- fw:w'f»m;Ctef»^''. land for r *he Around'-'trip;"' lnclu.3l.nj: 'f( meaU : '!«nA; 'berths.' ~One' v 'thou)i&adi < mllea'df! ..'"'.'.' «««*': for Illustrate* «"-»*NTZ;!p.P.ll" Detroit, Mich, / /:'."':. Subscribe for The Journal t >•> . ^..^

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