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Jasper, Indiana
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miE CYCLONE'S PATH. April UatMMwi 1h by Blow of Almost TJapreoedented Bxtent kmlw. lawn, Khhom, llUtttiU hhi! MUnHMfi II fMrTho l)e-trtttllH I. If, I.tmt HMtt l'rwjM-rly 1mhiih. TarrHtle l.lte, Kanbah City, April Kpport are jHst HrrlviH here of the.

terrible ltw of life nl tle.truetion of property wrought hy the toriiHcle which wept over Kmiihik letit nitlit. TowHiiH. wnn completely wiped out ami thirty pertHiuare wiM to linve met their death. Aiuruste, was partial wrecked ami live perMWis Hre reported Rilled. Welltnirton nnd lvkm-a were much damaged and lo of life is reportetl to have occurred at the former place.

In addition to the low of life a rott num-ler of person were injured. Kvery etTort i Ih.mii made to obtain hut km wires are down in nil directors, they are hard to obtain. From Ottawa Olatho Hurt conic reports of severe winds which blew down many housen and destroyed much property, injuring' several people "but causing no death. The wind in Missouri was not so severe in Kansas, but it has done jrreat thunKpe to the fruit trees in many parts of the, state, i At St Joseph, several larpe liouses were unroofed and three people were injured, At Leavenworth, the opera house and two large manufacturing es-tuhlishinenUi were unroofed, while many plate-glass windows were destroyed. The reports from the western part of Kansas are very meapor mi account of the lack of wire facilities, but it is evident tlutt much damage has Iwen done with jrreat loss of life.

In this city the Western Union Telegraph Co. i greatly crippled, and at!) o'clock only had one wire east and none west. Tin Storia at St. St, Joskimi, April 1. The storm now raging in the struck St.

Joseph at midnight Thursday and by himdoWn to-night had inflicted damage to the extent of at least 50.01)0. Nearle every house in the city is damaged. The immense lmrn at the Kinghill stock farm is totally destroyed. Loss, The smoke stack ami south wall of the new Mornn packing house the stock 3ardi were blown down. At least a doaen business blocks were unroofed, as was the immense factor of Tootle, Hoses the 500 operatives rushing panic-striuken to the street.

All the public schools were eloaeil before noon. At one o'clock two of the buildings were unroofed anil the south wing of the Everett school, one of the largest in the city was demolished. Lilly llushncll, aged 7, was caught In the falling wall of a residence and seri-ously injured. Lec Salisbury, a teamster was blown -over with his wagon and his collar bone broken. The steamers Yaael and Savannah and the ferryboat Helle, of Jlrownville.

were driven ashore and tartly damaged. The business streets are with wreckage. It is impossible to give an accurate description of the damage, and the losses way 1h? double the amount given. Report front all Kansas and western Mis-jkiuri points state that the damage everywhere is great. The Storm at Kannan City.

Kansas Citv, April 1. One of the most violent wind storms known in this for five years "has been raging all day und Is increasing in violence every hour. Many houses have been unroofed and trees blown down all over the city. One lady was struck by portions of the Woodland hotel and severely injured. A large tree blew down on Woodland avenue crushing in a corner of the house of A.

I Riddle. Reports from abroad are unavailable because every wire is down, but rumors of a cyclone comu from West Topeka. Trees have been prostrated all over the city. The In XflrakH. Omaha, April 'J.

Nebraska was swept by a cyclone Thursday night, The dreadful tornado struck the stato cnrlv th evening and left destruc tion in its wake. The extent of the de struction is not yet known, but report received show that the thriving town of Nelson, the county sent of Nuckolls county, is laid waste and many build insrs, inciuuintr two cimrcnes were -wrecked ot Norfolk. Reports from other points indicate that the storm swept northward and eastward from Nelson with great fury. hut owing to the telegraph wires leing down. It Is impossible yet to dennitcly outline the track of the storm.

The wind struck Nelson in the southern part of the state; and reports indicate that the storm included in its track the town of Kdgar and other places In Clay county, continuing to Norfolk. It must have traversed over ISO miles of country in the state including Nuckles, Clay, Kllmore, York, Polk, l'latte and counties, urent enorts to secure newr. from these counties have Ik'ch mnde, but the returns are meager. In these counties and perhaps In the rusk of the cyclone are the towns of Sutton, Grafton llradshaw which waft wiped out by tornado two Years ago). York, Stromsburg, O.ujeoki.

Columbus and many other vil lage. From Clay Center conn's the report 'that a cyclone passed through the, turn tcr of Clay bounty tatwecn 0 and 7 oVIoeIc -Thursday night, The wind hhuv front south to north. At tirigtM' It was reported that a mtm her of houses wcrt! blown down and the ticpot wreeKeu ami two railway em ployes killed, but the report cannot bu isonmnuv. i ron: vtsuioo comes the news that a very heavy wind, but prolmbly not 'a pa-; of tlnj cyclone, struck that place and f.vept through Saunders county alwt o'ehxk Thursday night. It did great damajre to taras, noun aart other atnuU frame Uuibtlngr.

ahto kill- lag sotat stock. The vkWiee of te storm was ao great that It eftuaed a great many of the inhabitants to Meek refuge la cellar aal cares. Daring its continuance, which was three hoars, much excitement prevailed, from the country haw 1hhh Report i received that etHtsfalerahle hail fell. A farmer, whose name could not Ik loarnert. is report wl to have liecn overtakes hy the storm while returning frow town ami killed.

The damage done 1 ehUwated at almut f.0,000. At Norfolk, it tore down a number of houses and broke many windows, A tent occupied by a family tunned I'al-mer was blown away and a little child was seriously injured. The next otataele In the pntli of de-structlon were the Episcopal church and the residence of C. C. Miller.

Miller's house was tadly demolished, falling debris seriously injuring two of lib children. The Episcopal church Is a total wreck and cannot ta repaired. The Congregational clmreh bad the Ik'II and dome blown from itamllandcd in the street lelow. The church was otherwise, damaged, prolmbly in all to the amount of At the time there-were about twenty-live teacher in the building, At Sutton, considerable damage was done; Joe Needon and hi family, in-eluding eight children were in his house when the building was crushed and scattered all over the prairie, but not a scratch or bruise was iuilictcd on any of the family. Messrs.

Trollope and Pearson had their tanis nnd houses hiown away. In Omaha the wind played havoe with the wires agnin. Most of the day not a wire could be u.ed. All wires west are down. Many small buildings wore blown down, but no one was injured.

It was the wornt wind storm visiting Nebraska in years. A Trail of limth. Citv. April 2. A bout o'clock Thursday night tornado attack the western border line of Kansr.s near South Haven, Sumner county, and Iwll-like It iKHinded through Sumner and Rutler counties, demolishing everything in its way and kill and maining scores of people.

The telegraph wires are so demoralised that It is impossible to get a tithe of the information necessary to Imsc an exact calculation, but the death roll will reaeh fully fifty. From the country around. South Haven, John Moorehouse and one child, Mrs. Frank Sheparrt and John llermas-ter, wife and three children are reported among the dead, while score of others are severely injured. Dwelling on fully thirty farms have been demolished.

Joseph Showalter's house was destroyed near Wellington and thirteen people tadly injured. A little north of this the storm wrecked the house of William Little, killed him and four children and fatally injured his wife. Samuel llutterworth, another farmer, lost his homo and the lives of himself ami two grandchildren. At the town of Towancla only oae house remains, while James 15a Hoy, John Blake. George lllake.

Ilerchel Culp and J. I). Godfrey are known to le among the dead. Many others are missing and are supposed to Iw dead. A dozen more are dying and thirty or forty are severely wounded.

These all lay all night long In the drunchlng rain without protection after the storm. At Augusta William Rhodes, Harmon Housktns and Albert Harnes were killed, Willie Rhoades being dragged from his father's arms and dashed to death against tree. At Homestead John Glocr, his wife and child were killed Other small towns are reported demolished, but as there is no telegraphic communication the full extent is not known. Tin Storm In S(Hthfpitora Knii'Ht. Wichita, April A tornado, attended by the irreatest of fatalities ever credited to a single storm in the state, swept over southwestern Kansas, Thursday night, leaving in its wake, death and destruction.

Hie storm seems to have llrst descended town hiowa and jumped from there to New Haven. Sumner county, through which it cut a swath nearly mile wine, wherever tt ucscenucu to the earth. .1 umpine this (Sedgwick county) the wind llutler county to the cast and almost obliterated the village Of Aagusta and Towanda, lew-ing so little standing In the latter that it is a marvel how a soul escaped. litit one building was left in Towanda, a a place of aOO souls. Five people were killed outright, namely; Dr.

J. I), (iodfrcy. IL Cupp. J. It.

llalley. John 111 tike. George. Make. Ten more are fatally Injured and half a hundred more or loss seriously maimed.

At Augusta the killed are: Harmon Hoskins. James Itarnes. Child of Will Rhodes. The chihl was blown out of Its mother's arms, and Its head and body were, later picked up a hundred feet apart. 111 Rhodes is fatally injured, as is also the wife of Hoskins.

Fifteen others were tadly hurt. At Kiowa, thu Missouri I'acmu depot and buildings were demolished, but no loss of life is reported. Sumner county suffered largely with in loss of life and property, For 15 mile everything that the wind came in contact with was destroyed, Near New Haven, Ren H. Maple and son and W. R.

Morehouse are reported to have received fatal Injuries. South of Wellington. Win. Little's house wttK blown to splinters and his four llule children were killed. Joe Showalter's house was picked up and with Us thirteen occupants wa carried 801) yards and dumped in a heap, all thirteen people Iwlng seriously and some fatally hurt, iNoar I'ortiHiKi, umlow, was killed.

It is W)k'vd thai not half the oasaal Uh hav toff mwrtd. TV were dow In all dlwotk aatil wvtmiutf and it will Hvrily ac time to RVt full report from tta rami district. Hundred of farm house have bca dcttyHl, graattrhw overturned and grata soatwml ala large aumWr ot eatUe aad honwN kav been saru1cect. hC I.W. Dk Mot.NKs.

Ia April A trri south wiad prtuvalhal all Iowa yas-tcwlay. whivh was ewjwelally tractive to property the wwt half of tht atate. In thl city the wltl often attained a vehvelty of HH mthsa ami wore per hour ami avuragwl at thu rat of ho miles per hour for rive minutes, r.ttildiitgft wciv unmifwtl, ehhuueys bhiwii ilown and fences dcatroyiNl. Tlw loss is so Imdly Kattered tlutt the aggregate is ditUealt' to estimate; bat It will not less than l.o,IWU in Des Moines. Three small brlek Ure on thei-ast siile were crushed ami other Walls were damaged on inttny lmlldlngs.

A falling ehinuiey noke thnmgfi the roof of the State Register building and severely injured a printer working at his case, Mrs. 11. C. Kvans. of HloomHekl, daughter of 5en.

J. Weaver, was struck by a piece of plate glass froHi a crushed window in the boost of the latter and tadly cut ataut the mco ami neck. At Hoone, Stuart, Atlantic, Guthrie Center, ludianola and other western Iowa towns great damage to is reported, but no loss at 1 i fc. I himage at Stunrt is estimnttd at 118,000, and even greater at Hoone. A freight Train li lag at I'nlt SMril KIimvh Out Tin- (MdhhIIIo).

15fKi.ixr.TON-. April 3. -The IUtr-lingtou Sr Northwestern Narrow Gunge passenger train which arrives at p. in. was blown from the track, 40 miles north of here, by the high wind yester-duv.

Four persons were injured: lail Agent MaeAdams. of Uurlington; jaw broken a ml otherwise badly bruised. Express Meajjcnger H. A. Itusscll, (if Uurlington: cut ami brnwcd about Uie bvxly.

R. D. Stevenson, nassenirer, of Ile- drick. cut about the head and tadly bruised. Mrs.

Hicks, of I led rick. IkkIv painfullv braised. A dozen other passengers sustained minor bruUses. The train was running at full speed, ataut miles south of Osknloosa, when a hurricane struck it broad side, blowing i completely on thu track. A Sovt'ti-Stary Ilulbltng UoMiolwhetl la t'hlCHKH.

Ciiicaoo, A terrific wind and thunder storm passed over the city at o'clock last night wrecking buildings and demolishing outhouses and prostrating telegraph wires. The seven- story brick building at 14 and 10 1'earce street, on the west skle. was struck by the wind and crushed hk an egg shell. The building was sur rounded by one and two-story frame and brick buildings, the homes of laboring men, which were also wrecked, killing and injuring the occupant. The killed are as follows: David Hulett, fi months okl; living at ISii Pearee street-Horace Mott, fl years of age; living at Its Pea rce street.

Eddie Mott, tl years old; living at 12 Pearee street. Those fatally injured are: Alice Hulett, 3 years old: crushed about the legs, ImkIv and head. Mrs. Ada Keown. livinjf at 31S West Harrison street, visiting at the residence of Thomas Hulett; buried beneath a mass of bricks and fatally hurt.

Mary Wigant, of No. la 1'earce street: crushed terribly about the legs and body. Horace Wigant, an infant; tadly crushed ataut the head, James Mott, of 12 Pearee street; crushed ataut the head. Mrs. James Mott, tadly bruised and mangled.

Mines Mott, l'J years old; tack hurt and otherwise injured. MamieMott, 10 years old, bad wounds mi the head. lames MetiovNin. liw wife and son William, 10 years old. are supposed to be buried the rum.

A VTltillile IIurrlcHHo. Lkavkwouth, April a. A veritable hurricane raged hen? during the entire day demolishing outhouse, un roofing a mi nttar of Iare buildings. smashing nlnte-irlass windows and fill ing the street with signs and rubbish An old soldier frcm the home was struck by a llvinsf wirn and tadly injured. No fatalities have yet been reported.

The damage will lie large. TERRIFIC EXPLOSION. Tlirro Mrn anil a liny lnntHHtly Klllrtl In tht IlcttrHt'tlHH of a DyiotHtKft Fntrjr, RutMixniiAM, April 3. The Starting dynamite factors at llesscmer, near this city, was blown up yestenlay afternoon. Three men and a boy worts instantly killed, the men taing blown into fragments.

The names of the dead are: Frank Roykln. Walter Lake. George Hartley. Ed Hoykin, a boy, I nc caustt ot uie explosion is un known, but thu presumption Is that Lake who was engicd in paoklng struck too hard a blow, In place of tho packing room now is a hole six foot deep and fifteen feet wide. tuny a loot or one or tno men was found to las idi'iitllled, although score of pieces of ilesh were discovered within a radius of quarter of a mile.

The dynamite weighed several tons and the explosion shook Rirmingham and house 12 and IS miles away Valmditfl Realty Ih lite Hnlnnrf. HiitMINUIlAM. April 2.A suit Involving the title to 300 acres of land on tho south side, In the corporate llm-lU of Hirtninglmm, is trial in tha I'nlted Suites district court, Judge llooriThtii of the Wttfttera LoaWsna din-triet presiding, The laud is valued at KUO rOPHtlW l'MMMtM(4tUMt 1'rwktoNt Harris has eompleWtl thrtM ywtrs al hit administration aad mut accept popular judgwieat as firwd from hU nuiora. It will mMtarad that stwurad his high atom aa Mm rU a hliart aad fxalUnt om tha tariff tUn iarnioualy wrought up for tha (MMftsum ud iatirlUbly ta followed hy a ratio dUastrou to rpublieaa laterwrta. This maoiloa Mt la so sooa as thtt exelteiMat of electioa had uh-ahlad, but Mr.

Harrison bd his policy upo a total mlsapprhendon of the trau state of affairs. proeeedetl uimm the theory that th iwople had aotH delltarately aad uptu matured tahrmcntas to the lasuei involved ia the campaign Clsi'kson was put la charge of the elvil aervlee policy and promptly demonstrated the Insincerity of the party platfiarm by cleaning out thirty thousand ofMceu the rirst yaar. His equanimity and assurance that he was doing" the country's will were not disturbed by the November elections of 1MJ, when, for the first time in thirty years, Iowa went democratic. He let civil service keep going wrong without protest or intervention. The scandal ia the pension oAlce created pnhlle distrust and the post ofMae department did its The department ot justice was prostituted In Dudley's tahalf and tho unfaithful Instrumentality ha sinee.been aked by the president to come up higher.

Patronage was manipulated to benefit the Quay order of bosses and subsidise the party organ1. Extravagance was given full play in the building' of big war vessels and bestowal of bounties from the treasury to private enterprises. In im Blaine began to feel the foundation of (republican supremacy shaking and applied homeopathic remedies of the reciprocity order. Harrison remained in a pleasant state of imaginary security until the crash came in the fall, when Masaehusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, cousin, Nolraika, Kansas and other republican states avowed a demo cratic faith through tho ballot- tax. Then the truth dawned upon the president and he went about the country seekinir to restore popular confidence by talHing while train waited.

Rut lis awakening was too lat. Since then he has passed through tho orueal of seeing his secretary of state announced as the popular choice for president, Harrison attempted to win confidence and arouse enthusiasm in the Chilian affair, but Rlalne made, the honed for fruit as the apples of Sodom. Now the president is producing plenty of stage thunder while negotiating with Lord Salisbury in regard to the seal fisheries, but the sensible public are not deceived. Mr. Harrison will probably be re nominated for he holds the whip hand and run the machine, but the Issue that was misunderstood in 1S8S has beea by the people and a united effort of democracy means a deneeratlc aueeeesor to Ma, Harrleoa.

A vast majority will disclaim him fee the principles that he represent, the things that he has done and the that he has left undone. Detroit Free PENSION FIGURES. raeta Xt OeiterHlly Kkbwh ttcffartUnjr tk Menrv l-'xieniil. Commissioner Raum asked for 300, 00 for pensions for the next fiscal year, and the committee on appropriations has decided to allow nearly or less than he Mked for, but nearly as much as was appropriated for the current year. The committee sejmed inclined to think for a time that a much smaller aura would serve.

Accortung to uie monthly reports of expenditures, It appears that only about SSS.OW.OM was actually disbursed on account of pensions during the expired eight months of the current year, at which rate the total for the year would less than 1 2fi, 000,000, or over $10, OX). 003 less than the amount npproprlate.l. From these figures It was inferred tliatlH'JV 000,000 would suffice for next year. Rut Commissioner Raum made a statement before the committee that on Mia 90th ult no lens than applications were pending, 414JOO of which, or more than half, were for original pensions. Ho further stated that ho was pushing- the work of passing upon claims, and, as the first pay ment on new claims averaged $15, a good deal of money would be required to meet them.

The action of the committee seems to have based in a measure upon these statements. There lias been some mystery about the pension payments thus far this j'oar which the commissioner's statements, so far as they have taen made nubile, do not clear up He claims to have been pushing the work of passing upon the great mass of applications made under the. disability act all along. The increase ia the appropriation for the currant year wai made on the assumption that much more money would ta required to meet the claims under that act, and yet the actual expenditure for the first eight months of this year was 14, 003. 000 less than that for the corresponding months last year.

This has not taen explained to the public. Nor has It taen explained why so much more should ta required for next year in view of the decrease this year as compared with last It looks much as though the commissioner had tana retarding Inatead of pushing the work, or as though the payment of many of the larger claims had taen de erred to avoid creating a deficit iu the Chicago Herald. VAGUE RESOLUTIONS. Are lHHlaa KphhMIchiih In Pavtr Free CftiHNxe? The office-holders' machine In Indiana has given President Harrison the delegates from his own state, but it tannot give him the electors. Indiana 1 a dcmocratle state.

The plurality at the lat election waa near ly twenty thotCMHtl. The eoagreftskm al delegation stands eleven demoerete to twe it publ leans, wits aa aggregate damodrutkt tweutdr-Uwee thousand. The legiiikUure choao. oratkt on joint ballot Vy lxty-lx aa-jorlty, Since the adoption of the seeret ballot put a cheek on the DoraeyDud-ley method of carry lug the state by ur-gewlaed bribery, it scarcely uaeth the bUter republican dUaeuaioa revealed ia the recent convention to assure the state to the democrats, with a popular candidate ami a aouad platform. The rep ubl lean resolutions are hour-bouUh on the tariff, defiant in defease of the billion dollar eoagreee, evaaive mi silter and ironclad for the dispenser of spoils.

Retijeiuln Harrison. The silver ulank Is noteworthy, a representing the republicanism ot the nrwitkleiit'a own state. It declares that: We rt ia favor aoaeit meaey. of taut, whether it be aula or silver or )ntMr, Htmll le or like value tu tae imyateai odium. Ih not tho 70-ccnt silver dollar, or It paper representative, of "like value" with the gold dollar in the payment ot debts? A government fiat, adopted by a republican congress and signed by President Harrison, makes It a legal tender and receivable for public dues.

Would not the proposed Itland silver dollar ta "of like value In the payment of debt," If his bill should pass? Tills is the objection of honest, sound-money men to the free coinage of these dollars, ltut they would, under this, resolution, be acceptable to the Indiana republicans. A republican booster Is a very uneer-tela quantity, N. Y. Werld. REPUBLICAN TRICKERY.

Tke Vmrty't Attempt to Itoectve the fee-pi Ut Ihwm. The hypocrisy of Iowa republicans has again been strikingly demonstrated. At the meeting of the state convention last Thursday resolutions were adopted which ignored the prohibition issue. The omission was heralded as an evidence that the republican party of Iowa had divorced the prohibition fanatics. It was proclaimed that the Hatch local optloe, high license bill would be passed by the republican members In the lower house of the legislature.

Predictions were freely indulged In that the grand old party, steering clear of the prohibition pitfall in the future, would go forth to coming political campaigns not doubtful as to the result. It might have liven regarded as a little peculiar that the prohibition howlers who constitute the great majority of the republican party in Iowa should accept, without protest, a series of resolutions in which Choir favorite hobby was not mentioned. Hut the reason for their silence Is now manifest. The republican members of the legislature In caucus, Friday night, determined to oppose the Gatch bill, thus insuring iu defeat. This reveal the scheme of the political manipulators tn all its nakednees.

Prohibition was Ignored by the convention to deceive the people. The prohibitionists are to ta appeased bv the defeat of the Gatch bill This double dealing is expected to capture the electoral vote of the state for the republican' high tax presidential tieket. It nay succeed for the simple reason that dishonesty and Pharisee in polities have often succeeded in Iowa, Hut the chances are that the people will see the duplicity In this instance aad will rebuke its authors by electing the democratic national and state tiokeU next November Chicago Herald. POINTS AND Taking it all around, the trusts appear to be in hard luck these days-alt except the McKiiitey trust That witl ta burned at the stake next November. Chicago Glota When the Harrison administra tion gets turned oHt in March, 198, it will leave nothing but a tad smell aad a treasury deficit to show for its work.

St Louis Republic. 'Ihe democrats have indeed "got together'' on a moat important feature of tariff reform when the free wool bill bids fair to pass the house with a solid party vote, N. Y. World. -The republican of the senate are trying to vote appropriations high as possible.

They cannot excuse their extravagance in the last congress tin- lew they can succeed in doing as badly in this. St. Louis Hepubllc Three thousand tons of tin plate are on the ocean headed for the United State. As Maj. JlcICinley is now com fortably installed as governor of Ohio, however, this incident and others like it pa km unnoticed by the republican press.

Chicago Times. Uncle Samuel, while pensioning camp-followers and cotfee-cookers of the civil war, has permitted the wklow of a soldier of the Mexican war to per ish from starvation. Her hnsbawl must haro voted the democratic ticket when he was alive. -Louisville Courier- Journal. The kick ia the Indiana repub lican convention against Harrison waft not so vigorous as Mr.

Dudley would have been glad to see it. Tho moral for the president to bear in mind Is that one never makes a friend of the man whom he keeps out of the jail that he deserves. N. V. World.

If this house shall accomplish no other tariff legislation except to send a free wool bill to the senate it will have vindicated the wisdom of the peo ple ia choosing H. Mr. McMllltn has given the liill a strong send-off, and we do not doubt he will be ably supported by democratic representatives from all parts of the eeeatry. Philadelphia Record. Me publican show Id carefully take their bearings before making too strong declaration on the subject of joining silver They are just new respeetfnlly referred to that portkie of their platform adopted at Chicago In 18S which reads: "The republican party is in favor of the use of both gold and silver as money, and condemns the policy of the democratic administration In its effort to demonetize sIItc." Against the position ot lSa It will tiotdo to ask honest cltiiena ia mi to accept the edict of Wall atreet aad demonetise silver er provide uee for geld that sliver eeaaet -Chicago Times.

AH aioH4 both tit the way it Mb, and in the way it's old, ia Dr. Pieroe'a Favorite Prescription for women. It aets in thi way If you're weak or run-down," it build you up if you suffer from any of tta painful disorders and derangement peculiar to your sex, it relieves and cure. It improve digestion, enriches the blood, dispels ache and pains, brings refreshing sleep, and restore flesh and strength. For functional weak-neaftes and irregularities, it's a posi tive remedy.

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