Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1973
Page 5
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Mood in fey TERRY WKtMN0TON> Del. - The mood of the people in the Wilmington area is ptofoalbly similar to the mood in other parts otf the country where tlhitnigs are duattigiing (rapidly — a someitilmes wry, sometimes painful feeing that itheir lives are runmiing out of their control Fourth in a Series The community being the sum of the individuals who live hero, the oommuniity mood is Ohe sum result of the circumstances alfoalAng those individual lives — whether a ADVERTISEMENT Lose Ugly Fat Start losing weight today OR MONEY BACK. MONADEX Is a tiny tablet that will help curb your desire for excess food. Eat less- welgh less, Contains no dangerous drugs and will not make you nervous, No strenuous exercise. Change your life . . . start today. MONA­ DEX costs $3.00 for a 20 day supply and $5.00 for twice the amount. Lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded with no questions p<ik£d bv Norfh Side D*ug« — 1170 N. B.mlnary — Mall Orders Filled. on: Adding Up Food Bills man gets along with his wife, how his Job Js glong, whether or not he can afifora to pay. his Wis. The Watergate fascinates and troubles us, but it may be peripheral to the more immediate question of how well we aire able to live. The quickest way to get an answer to that question is to go to a supermarket in the Ooneord Mail Shopping center and see women wandering ifihe aisles with hand calculators, adding up their grocery bill. THE MOST persistent thing on people's minds is that it costs a lot more to live in Delaware than it did five years ago. Food is exhorbi- taintly expensive. Electricity raites have jumped twice in lUhe last three years. The market for housing both sale and reniliail, is so tight in 'this area that real estate values have skyrocketed past any real relation to value. The growth and development have brought other Wilmington, Delaware (population 80,388) was founded as Fort Christina In 1638 by the Dutch and was later renamed by some of Pcttn's Quakers. Its location in the hilly region at the junction of the Brandywine, Christina and Delaware rivers afforded easy transportation and waterpower turned Wilmington Into the industrial giant it is today. Terry Zintl Is a reporter for the Wilmington News-Journal. problems. The county sewer3 are so Inadequate that people tod itheir baisemenit flooded every time iflhere is a heavy pain. Pressure for commercial deveiopmenit is so intense that almost every zoning heardng features a pwcesslott of civic associations fighting to save their ndghkmoods from another supcfttiarket or shopping center. Bulldozers are presentily stripping land on the outskirts of the city for oonstettofcion of a beltway. "If a photographer went to Bariey Mill Road alt Kennett Pike," one woman wrote last week, "he might Bti /11 have a chance to photograph (the few remaining beautiful old trees lining the road before ithey too are decimated to make way for Super Delaware 141. "THEN HE COULD entitle it 'What price progress?' and send a copy to the highway division. And then be too could sit down and cry." In addition to the physical and financial changes, people are being asked to change their relationships with other people. A man's relationship with his wife, his children and the people he passes on the street are no longer taken- Golesburg Register-Mail, Galesburg^ III, Thursday, June 28, 1973 -5 Ads Satisfy Customers, Publisher, Police friend whd U for-gfanted matters. He is being asked to rethink each of them, to reconsider who he Is, who they arc. People arc pressured by alt this, tout itihey may not be overwhelmed by it. Wilmington is a small city in a small state, so (there is still a feeling of being a part of something tatgiWle. By and large, people aire friendly and helpful to each other rather' than suspicious and resentful. IN ONE SENSE, the social revolution of the last decade has paid a dividend in that people also seem more open to things they might find strange. Wilmington is much bed/tea* integrated and tolerant than it was even a few years ago. Stripped of so many of our illusions, at least we seem much less rigid in attitudes and more willing to live — and let live — as best we can. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) (NEXT: Tacoma, Washington) SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - A itdephone check indicates many of tne 400 advertisers each week in the Berkeley Barb who seek sexual encounters are lonely people satisfied with the results. The publisher, whose paper sells 25,000, is especially satisfied. Local police are skeptical, but satisfied that the ads help them make some easy prostitution arrests. Some citizens find the ads to be another symptom of the society's moral decline. Others buy the paper solely for the litillation. Personal sex ads appear in several underground newspapers around the country, as well as in "swinger" papers existing mainly for that purpose. Many ads are too explicit for a family newspaper, many express homosexual desires, and some detail sadistic and masochistic interests. Others, couched in gentle terms, simply seek a friend. Mrs. X, 35, a married mother, seeks relationships" in her ads. She receives 75 to 100 responses in care of National Rent-A-Box, and follows up 10 of the most promising. "Only five or 10 of the responses are off-color," she says. "They are almost all good people. "It's a wonderful way to meet people. I can meet more in the ads than in a lifetime of suburban cocktail parties. They certainly beat going to bars." She wants to keep her marriage with her engineer husband but says, "Things at home aren't all that rosy." Mrs. X, who doesn't always go to bed with her new friends, says, "Sex is not the primary motivation. I guess I am trying to generate some excitement." But sex—and money—is the motivation for ads like "Let me entertain you on my waterbed." A telephone call brings the response, "I offer nude entertainment at my place or yours. I charge $35 an hour." Some tip off the motive by "meaningful asking for "generous." 'she A Berkeley young college graduate, says takes money but "I give a mn individual attention." She sees only "one or twa" 'a day and says she enjoys "a good life, good feelings about friendship as well as pasMofli." A gas company repalttnan, 45, says women answering ads he runs regularly do so, "because they are lonely. Most don't know how to meet people." The repairman says the women often complain of sex problems, and "more than one has called while her husband was still asleep." Typically, the male with an ad not too offensive receives 10 or 15 responses, out of which perhaps three interest him' and one leads to a contact. Many of the responses are curious, suspicious or teasing, and end with phone hang-ups in mid- sentence. A male who advertised, "Girls: Free board and room with prof, man plus extras," got no responses. Everybody Loves a Bargain! JERGEN'S LEMON FRESH HAND LOTION 13 Oz. Reg. $1.29 SOFTIQUE BEAUTY BATH OIL 3 Fl. Oz. With Long Lasting Fragrence Reg. $1.39 $116 ^ BATMOU ne .A0S INNOCENT COLOR By Torn* 14 Color Shades Shampoo Easy Hair Coloring Only 97 c LEMON-UP SHAMPOO By Torn* 15 Oz. Reg. $1.79 $|64 LAVORIS Mouthwash & Gargle 14 Fl. Oz. Reg. $1.05 FINAL TOUCH FABRIC SOFTENER 64 Oz. CONCENTRATED Reg. $1 ,59 Limit 3 Only NESTLES MILK CHOCOLATE or Crunch 2Vz Oz. CANDY BAR *1" Bars MAGNETIC HAIR ROLLERS Ideal For Bleached, Tinted or Problem Hair 6 2VA" BOUFONT ROLLERS Reg. 77c Each Pkgs. 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