The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana on April 7, 1893 · Page 4
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The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana · Page 4

Jasper, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1893
Page 4
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JASPER COURIERI JAMtEK FRIDAY, t'Ai'ltlL 7. 1893 liuredtthtPoitofflcttJperindin, fortrini- tiontbroughtbin!ii fond-ci.i mtttr.l " Democratic A rlUlHrj. The Democrats of Jasper will Srimary election at the court atorday. night, April 8, 1893, hold a home, Degin-1 nine at 7 o'clock, for tho prrpose of ahoosintr Democratic candidates for the following town offices, to be toted for at the ensuing May election : 1 trustee for the first ward. 1 trustee for the second ward. 1 trustee for the fourth ward. marshal, a treasurer and a clerk 'fer Mid town. Josipm F. Fkiedmax, Democratic Town Committeeman Electric Lights. The town marshal has this week been serving notices on the members of the committee appointed by the town trus- tees, to ascertain how many electric ilsrhts. commercial, domestic and street, will be needed in Jasper, so that tbo ca pacity of the plant may be determined at the meeting next Monday night, as the law Drorides. The members of the committee should uow find out how nanv lights their neighbors want. It was agreed that the lights would cost not less than 50 cents nor more than 60 cents for each 16 c. p. light furnished citizens per month. This will make it about as cheap as coal oil , and It is far more pleasant, cleanly and beattbful. At this rate there should be enough commercial and domestic taken by our citizens to pay the iglits entire running expenses of the plant, so that the street lighting will cost tho town nothing. In our neighboring town of Rock port the commercial and domestic lights pay enough to produce a good revenue to the private corporation own- log the plant, and the town has no street lights at all not being willing to pay the price demanded for them by the company. At Uakland City the town Days $85 per year each for 13 arc lights enough of itself to pay a handsome re- tarn on the cost of the entire plant. With these evidences before the people, It will be. readily seen that a plant fur niabing both street and domestic lights will nay the town handsomely, and a big advertisement for its public spirit. No private enterprising corporation should he allowed any whore to put up a single electric wire in the streets. The streets belong to the public and should only be used for the public be sent. The town should in no way be under any restraint by. or obli gallons to, any private corporation, as it Zmmmm ..n..i TfX- n,i, ,, nn. tn , avwwasMW aaavtuaaai air a auvu vuiivieuvus w always gonge the tax-payers whenever totn,f off. r Frnm i: r tnTiii of ill fith ward, fnlyono WbIhthe edItoroftbeCoüniERwas ap-L ft a ... - pointed one or tue committee, it is found that ihnnt "7fi llhi B will h nrlpri la the ward , and if meters are pot in, i eanalditrihU iinrr nnmh.r. if th. mh. er wards take each as many the street lighting will cost taxpayers nothing after th niant u Äii ..lohiuhori Look th matter nn An Ancient t . v. u.,.,. jm.axmnnn. iiun.i cu. llirtll, 1 a'aIaaIp Ida, M 1 1 (. I mAMHlnn uuu I. a v. biuun irioi x' l limy (IJ If I II I II K . the people of Jasper wore aroused by the cry of fire, and found that the old barn belonging to Mrs. Kraus , on tbo corner of Main and 4th streets, was on it -it.i.. 1 , fire. h. i... i -..-1 'p i, .i barn had stoo'l for years, and had been Milk M the cause of many a lively controversy. It was built of hewed logs, and the tim- ber was cut from the adjoining land, When Main street was graded it extend- M Into the street 18 feet, and the late TT- ir... ti.k ,iii.i bu, il" lucii uniigi. i cull u nu iu move, it and by order of the townltrus-Lt0"1 ... At,.. n .k.. WW mil 4t a uiuuu j jiuib;g isirii lunn Marshal, sawed it off at the street line, and tore away the nortion obstructing the atreet. Mr. Kraus broncht suit for damages, but failed in court, and was so vexed that he would not permit the taweaon euu to be boarded up, and be- tore ho died desired that his widow should not repair it (luring tier lire. It therefore for years has been a notable I. X i alll. It. . u 1 & 1 fa .1 oujcui whu im upuu iiy um. expuNBii cuumaiii uieuHce, uy rnsun oi hi ucing eloae on the principal sido walk ot the town, and a constant temptation to boys and mischief seekers to throw lighted elgar stumps among the hav. It is said that a great many have been taken from among the hay, and tho wonder Is i had not burned before. It is surmUnri that this is the way it was set on Friday. The lot is one of tho most val- nable in town, and thu old barn retard ed improvement in that locality whllo it stood. It is hoped now thoro will bo some substantial improvements' there. The fire loss was small. 'The shareholders in scries ' C" ol thePbenix Loan Association, made the dheserle was'clösed with MVT.HI....II..4 t k inA.k.mhM. .T.H. nW . V L Th MiTn;! TT,. Jh.i.nML;:: a:.;: Blatlon on Prldav nlrt 1?a ?lM,0tnnt0, '""! non. n?tM. . ,m tzm hri h. hmmulln subscribed in series A Ü and 0. Do not neglect (he town primary to-morrow night. Tho new board of trustees should be unanimously in favor of substantial improvements in Jasper, nd ready to lead in efforts to that end. "J" Thai ffnarn KnafI will receive tho "a - isw w tt uveas ' Mectrlc light committee's 'aa trt r nt r itnrl B VJUI i 111 Al onuay aigni. I I I.I , , , , (u.U. at-ii i . 9rmr. ouiiKva nanniome now coi-Atfi on th street Is nearly completer?, d will be ready to occup) In a fow ay. Good butter is extremely acarce In !T. We ned A nrMmiirv ami It -would pay farners X6 stsrt one. Ablatio. Tbc T atouia Loan Association wa organize in Miirch, 1887, at Jasper, Inn., wi"i .lohn urainnispacncr, as president ai.u Geo. R. Wison, secretary. 1( inado it 1irst loan Match 29, 1687, and i-xplred March 25, 1893. The capi tal at Lite or expliaton wis 70.ouu.uu . A report of the standing of tho Anocia tioti was made annually, excepting dur ing toe last year, when a report wai raa,je January l9t, 1893, to ascertain the exact dato of exniration. Henry Pfau ami Cinn It Wilcnn oiapa nlmanii aa a nnnimlttpn tn maL' ailrt rnnnrf. and re- nnrtflil ita Avntrallon. Marrh 25. 1893. week a final report was made, - hlch in substance is aa follows : It shows that Wm, A. Wilson, cashier, made tho following collections, since January 1, 1893. Collections from thare holders as follows: Regular Dues 2,26 8.C0 823.55 Regular Interest From delinquent members 103.50 L'rinc mal from non-share- holders 15,878 w Interest .... 309.77 Total collections since Janu ary 1, 1893 $19 393 08 that Frank The report further shows Joseph, teeasurer, bad on band January 1st, 1893 - $ 3,532 52 Received from Wm. A. Wll son, cashier 19,383 08 Total - $21,915 60 The said treasurer paid out on Beere tary's warrant, by order of the hoard, tbo sum of 31,005.60. All stock taxes, expenses and debts of the Association, as far as are known to the directors, have been paid, and 10 remains in the hands of the treasur er. There, are 7ou snares, ana since $iu is but littlo over one cent a share it can not well bo divided. Ten dollars wll purchase a certificate of stock in the Dubois County 8oldiers' and Sailor Monumental Association," and tbo ofli cere of the Teutonia Loan Association hereby call a public meeting of the shareholders of said Association, at the office of Wilson Bros., Monday, Apr! 10, 1893, at 7 :30 p. tu., for the purposo of donating said $10 to the monument The Teutonia Loan Association paid its members over orer eight per cent inter est annually, on their money, me ot fixers in charge during tho last few years were as follows : President, Geo. P. Wagner. Treasurer, Frank Joseph. Cashier, Wm. A. Wilson. Secretary. Geo. R. Wilson. Directors. Charles Bollga, Theobald Kiefer, Wm. Lampert, Loo. F. Spayd Geo. P. Wagner. Taken Above. The angel of death accompanied by its accustomed gloom, has visited our Httle town of Ireland, and borne oil one of our sweetest flowers. The youngest ion of Mr. Hugh Dillin and wife, after i , u '". . .Ju' portals of death to the sunny shore be Though wept and "TTu I Uma.sUam .Lt.a 1aa 1 t U hailAH U1.U,U"B "uu Bic,B "utc others In heaven. We can and do aym PJ" with Mr. and Mrs. Dillin, for alaB I how few of us have not had our ber.t8 wrun& vin& U.P ur. noPe P joys, our innocent n me aariings Aitnougo we Know meir nappy ioc in heaven, the Infinite mercy and wisdom or uon, yet it seems nam ana cruel give them up. Its sweet happy face I I i I I il III u . Will UP IlilaHUU , Uli UICI Ö Villi UB I vnu I t . t. , ' . i At. - i . e . u . ik.i I aH, a. a,n llllrIn In aiwuuu nnu TTVcvu s m ut luff its sickness, yet we hope their hearts will turn to Him above for consolation, and may the soul of littlo Clarence be as a bright star beckoning them onward KTT"d me.c,1 "c"' yj"?' thair h.,r.?I r.lv5f of doatn' ftnd mako tbeIr buruen mu ! a i t i a lbouSh Psl" snd r,ef boW8 dowQ our . , " , , . , And aeks for stipulation. n .ui-. . , , , l"th t0 God ,,r n,,nd deParl To seek for consolation. We know indeed that tears are vain, When God his loved ones call, But still we cannot cease tbo rain That flows from one and all, The bright, tho happy face of y ore Itss taken its place in heaven. We need not griovo or sigh moro To us tho same is given ti Ba,iJ 'tis sad ! to part with those I - ye nRve ao 0nily cherished, When ny the love or Christ they rnso, And by tuat lovo are nourished. We live awhile upon this earth, In grief , in love, or pleasure. Then go to Ulm who gavo us birth And give to Ulm a truasuro Oh I that our hearts were pure as Thou. MTtinu innocent littlo mite, a. a -!,- I r . . 'VB o"'u rejoico, n ontynow Our souls would take their flicht. (beland, Ind., April 5, 1893. B. Dtr.n At hi home in Hall township a . Ii 1 Snnn on April o, iovy, trorn tho effects of i wound received at tho battle of Antio toii OoVew: tarn, Sergeant Andrew Striegel, aged L":? Kffi"0 M e,,Bor II township. In 1861 ho en ",l?d In L K ' he 27th Indisns ". W8 ?lr bearer for the regiment. At Antictare he was shot clear through tho left breast by a minle ?. mn a wound which in 99 times in a hundred would be immediately fa tal, yet he partially recovered, and lived sutlering from it for over 27 years, bnt grew worse from it as he got older He was a charter member of Jere Crook I'ost No. 4SI, U A. (. . a trood Democrat and laiinini soldier. 1'esce to his soul Wisa Baby was stak, wa gars har Caslofia Ws thtt was a Chfti, site cried for Castoria. Wfcm s)m twcawia Miss, abe clung- to Cstferla. Whsa th had Chlldrta, ah sjt thasa Caetarla CGTTue Couiuku is printed this week on our new Potter power press. It is tu an excellent machine, but rather hard to work by hand power. When the town gots in its olectrtc light plant we hope enough citizens will take power from It to run light machinery, to Justify running tho plant in day time ai well as at night, and we will than put In an alectric motor to run the prong. All machinery requiring less than 10 horse power can be run bettor by electricity than any other agency, and the power can all bo furnished cheaply from a cen tral station. Agricultural Implements. Mr. L, Spayd has rented tho Geo, Mebringer store room to set up agricul tural machines in. He will receive two car loada of McCormick Binders and Harvesters next week and farmers want ng new harvesters and corn drills this year will do well to see him before bay ng. Delightful Book-Ik Dream Life. Marval's Not many books by American authors will receive from booklovera so nearly unanimous a verdict ot "delightful" as k Marvel's (Donald G. Mitchell) "Dream Life"; so the new edition of it, reduced in price from 91.35 to 20 cents (postage 6 cents extra) just now offered by John is. Alden, Publisher, le sure of an immense sale. It is a very pretty volume, large type and dainty cloth binding, notwithstanding its fabulously low price, which Is accounted for by the expiration of copyright and the passing into Mr. Alden 'h hands from the higher priced publishers. Mr. AI den's Catalogue of Choice Books, 138 pages, issued monthly and sent for cent stamp, is a veritablo "literary gold mine." Address, John B. Alden Publisher, 57 Rose Street, New York. Notice of Town Eloctiou. NOTICE Is hereby given to tho voter ol the incorporated town of Jasper, that an election will be held at the usual place of holding elections in ssirt town, on the first Monday in May, 1893, being MONDAY, MAY 1ST, 1893, For the purpose of electing the following officers for said town, to-wit: One Town Marshal; Ono Town Clerk; One Town Treasurer; Ono Trustee for the 1st ward of said town, to serve two years: Ono Trustee for the 2d ward of said town, to serve two years. One Trustee for the 4th ward of said town, to serve two years. In testimony whereof, I hereunto set . my band as Clerk of said seal. town of Jasper, and affix the official seal thereto, this 4th day or April , A. u. IHM. William H. Jvvr, April 7 '93 3t. Clerk Town ot Jasper. Notice to Mortgagees Payers. and Tax VTOTICE is hereby given to all Der JL sons holding mortgages which have been paid, that the law requires that they should satisfy them on the records of the county at the Recorder's ofllco within thirty days after payment, and Ir to the interest of every tax-payer that the law should be complied with, as it will save the County Assessor timo in listing them, and taxpayers the troublo of proving satisfaction, to keep from paying taxes thereon, as the .value of all open mortgages is taken from the records and assessed by law. Also, the county assessor will be in his office iu Jasper every Saturday dnr ng April and May for the numose of attending to any business in connection with the duties of his office. W. W. Kendall, County Assessor. April 7, 1893-3t. Final Settlement Notice. NOTICE is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Bernard Kluomper, deceased, to appear iu the Dubois Circuit court, held at Jvsper, Indiana, on the 24th day of Anril. 1893. and show cause, if any, why the Final Settlement Accounts with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship, and re ceive tbeir distributive shares. Witness, the clerk of said Court, this 29th day of March, 1893. Ionaez fcCKERT. Clerk D. C. 0. TRATI.OR & ilUNTEB, Att'yS. April 7, 93-Sw Final Settlement Notice. NOTICE is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Kill ah L. Payne, deceased, to appear in the Dubois Circuit court, held at Jasner. Indl- ana, on the 26th day of April, 183, and moow cause il any, why the Final Settlement Accounts with the estate of decedent should not be annroved: And said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship, and receive their distributive shares Witness, this 31t day of March, 1893 John A. Grekn, Adm'r TltAYLOU & IIUHTER, Atty's. April 7, 93.2w Administratrix Appot ntment. NOTICE is hereby given that the un-derslgncd has been duly appointed Administratrix of the estate of Kedmond apuriocK, late of Dubois countv, Indi ana, deceased. Said estate Is supposed iu uu iui Ten i. FrancksE. Bpurlock, Adas Dretz, McKall & Brktz, Atty's. Aprll7,0J-3w BiiHlness Opportunity. A good chance for a lady wlihlng to engage m nunnery, i will sell say wiioio hiuck si aioivprice. uau on or address. Magoik Kokhlkr, Jasper, WUT SOLI0ITMSplllV n)Aalil lTrrl TjrtTn.Jki,a fer hM4toaaSMerlM . i. ooNKir oo. PuMitatre, h Ttrtir, HI Marco 2 1-2 j, For Bnle! Fifty Shans in tho Jaspor Mannfao luring Co. Inqniro of Jos. lUtter, or at tho office. Jasper Fnrnituro Company's For Saus Hotel Property. Aaoodhohl. with plenty of rooms, and suitable for any other husinc. sit- ated within ono block of tho I'tibllc Squaro, In Jasper, Terms easy. Ap ply to Herman Eckert, at County Clerk's office. Maren ::i-4i. LICENSE NOTICK. OTICR 1 hereby Riven tn the fltlrens of Tortcrn vlllp. Itaone tonlili. DubnU county, lnit lht theunciersiKnrd. n mule ctttioti of the ITnltnl State. will apply to tlic County Commlulotiers of Duboli eountv t their nut regular eMon In Jmif. 1S93, lor llrenie to rnn ueer ami wine, nnu permit me uic to be oM on the premium, umitr tue provUlona or toe li of Indiana covernlncauch licence. The ptecle location wher auch liquors are tn lie old It in a houae aituateil and being upon part ot the louth.weat part of fractional Section 21, town one North, of Kane Uro weit, .12-3 roils, adjoining tui town of Porte rivllle. Dubois county, Indiana. March 31,-3. FRKDKRICK W, KIIYKMCKGRR Phonix Loan Association. Notice is hereby given to ail stock holders of the Pbenix Loan Association, that thoro will be a mooting' of said stockholders held at the town hall ir Jasper on Friday evening, March 31 1893, at 7 o clonk, p. m., for tho purposo of increasing the capital stock of said association. All stockholders are re quested to be present. john r. sali!, i'res G. W. Ghamrt.spaciIer, Secy. March 31, 93-2t Notice to Creditors. The undersigned are making a clmngo in their business, and will not dual I coal as heretofore. They find there U too much on their books tu nnahln t hem to straighten their busitiPHS, and Imvc determined it must bo settled. Tlioy theroforo give notice to allnrodltnru that all nccotint must he aettlrd by ,ltinn 1893. Such an nrc not paid by that time will be given to an attorney to enforce collection, 1 hoy give this iitnple tunc so that no creditor may have cntiso for offense but pay up and save coots. John Hkes March 31,-3t. Joseph Keks. Notice to Hull's, Creditors, etc The estate of Johanna Klingol dcnoiiRod VTOTICK is hereby given that Marl a t Eckstein, as Kxecutor of tho estat 9 a a a oid onanna ivnngei, aeceascd, has pre sentea ana niea his account and votic t S . t a era in unai settlement 01 said estate, and that the same will come up for exam ation and action In the Dubois Circu court, on the 25th, day of April, 1893, st wh'ch time all heirs, creditors or lega tees of said estate aro required to appear in said uouri and snow cause, If any there be, why said account and vouchors should not be approved. And tho heirs of said estate are also hereby required at the timeand place aforesaid, to annear ana maice proor ot tneir tieirsnip. MARTIN ECKSTEIN, Executor. Bbktz, McFalIj a Bret, Atty's. Alarch 1 'Zw. Farmors Home! (( n Mill JASPIR.) PHILIP KASTNER, Prop'r. mUlS eonamoillniia hnlal hmm , k....i.i- - , , il " iuwiu.,uil VI . C J im , in renn n niw mroUKliout, anil Is now ...... .w. ruuMtcuiruajiiiiinji. ine iauiu win ai way i iuii.iieu. ami prices win ie rraRonauie. A rood fltttlila fnr fsrnisri ImMai n.t k.. s - n - ' r-vfff aiiu tursu i rru ( A ffOod bar. Wfll utinllad avfth iUm r,i... n ti-i " ' ;.;..v-i:. nu Lina a. muu 1 1 il 1 1 1 h iimniwin i ia a r .M . Dee. 30, '93-y. 1 Uilill IV A hl N rl It. PE JASPER MARKET Joseph Buchart. n ai opened in nts new building on 6th stoet, opposite Union Hotel in Jasper, a daily wm Mi mm For the Meat Department ho has em. ployed as Superintendent, Mr. Villen tine Messmor, who has had an ex. perienco of fifteen years in that businesp, and is thoroughly qualified. Sugar cured haras, salted meats, should and sides will be cut and sold to mill purchasers. Dressed fowls will also hp kept for sale. During Lont he will have FpomIi Fish on sale every day. During the season he will havn for sale Garden Vegetables, of all va- rietles, of the best quality, and fruits. He asks a generous patronage, at reasonable prices, and if It will justify It, the people will have a first-class general market. i ctnuiih iinvuiif iroon il nn i n or TO I. t . hogs or market produco for sale, will find a purahasor at a fair nricn hv an. plying to JOSEPH BUCHART. Feb. INSURANCE! LIFE! FIREl'.ACClDENTl TORNADO ÜLIVI3 STOCK Farm Firoünsursnco for terms of five years, including lightning and steam thresher, at thirty cents a year on each tlOO of Insurance: tornado at twenty conts, It eprosentlng twenty good companies and doing an exclusive insurance business, I csn givo the above rates. Writo or call on tne before placing your Insurance, No one, excepting Gonriro Nix. of Haysville, and Theodore Gnhmnnn, of Ferdinand, is authorized to solicit insurance In my umun. WM. A. WILSON, General Insurance Agent, Jasper, Ind. March 31 93. ly North Mali Street, SPRING IS HEB E With itu snillct) ami showers, and Hies ty of "dunning house" tor tho coming nd hold your tunipur, your wife's temper iiabio way to do so is to call on GEORGE W At his store on Gth street and supply n 8 tend of compolllng the women to scour irosmor's prices, (from 6 to 30 cents per and more christian like, than tho everlasting scrubbing. You want to save the same work, too, on your lloors by getting For them. Brosmer has samplos of all at prices from 15 cents a yard up, to suit more than its cost in a doctor bill if your GEORGE W. BROSMER N.B. If you want good broad and cakes or confectionery, remombor my stort is headquarters. March 10, 1819 WARE OF FRAUD. Ask fer. and laalit Been Vf. li. l;qUUL.AH tjUOE. N Mine withoBt V.JL. l)eBfai Sua sen ad arlce lamped en bouem. JLesk turn inu.A Held eTerywhere, Hold everywhere. Mk Ik kZySK wim-iA Bt" jsami sm .at"' iasr amt&f sam .bbbbbbbbbw xr .iam. "Tim rrr nn- n 5g"-ri laejav raiiniA 10 ine 1 1 1 '"11 rm. aaBBVBBMliM, I HP ltADUKaw Will bIt exclnalTe ale teiilioe denlersand Beaerial merchnnte where IfcaTe also and width wanted. Peatace Vre. Mnrch 10-3111 For Sale WBW STORE. Joseph F. Sermersheim. Has remodeled his house on tho corner of Jackson and 6th street I font of the court house, in Jasper, and put in a, stock of . Dry Goods, Groceries and Notions Of all kinds. Customers will find here a new stock of the best goods, at lowei prices and will always bo welcome, whether thov buy or not, and aro sure of courteous treatment. I hope by fair treatment at fair prices to re-ccivo a liberal share of custom. Try me. I will allow the highest market price for butter and eggs. JOS. F. SERMESRSIIISIIH March 10, 1893 ly IF YOU WANT GOOD Jewelry I FOIt PRESENTS THAT WILL BE II Y ANY ONE, AND KEPT FOR YEARS, :BUY OF: F. C. KUEBLER, IN JASPER, SOME OF HIS HUI'BUU JEWBLBY, SILVKIt-WAttK, or HANDSOME WATCH lis. Insured to Pinnae, AND AT PRICES THAT DEFY COM PETITION, Corner of Eighth nnd Main Streets, Jasper, Indians. Nov. 25, 1892 -y. SPRING GOODS m ah rimi stock m imi AT- Mrs C. Hochgesang's. I havo inst returned from tho city whoto I obtained some real bargains in staplo goods, nnd enn undersoil, with bnttor foods. all those merchants who buv of drummers. Call and bo con vinccd. My stock of Groceries and Dry Goods is now, no STAIjIS siuun and the best to bo found any where Mrs, C. Hochgesang. North Main Street. P. S -Country produco bought at highf est prices. March 10 93 t WANTED rnoT(WUArns ot the Wohtn; Hie n.rllit rnllliif SlOO.nOOt retail At S.I '. Icnwnke worktr liro for "SHfrf Krpntet book o S.I 2.1, cAa'i or IliaUll OUCDD'C mnt'm mam in ii mill illuxtral.! clrcula, äjuCri U and term free ; ilalljr output over 1,1 volume Agent villi Uli niirci'. )ir. looma Msrlln, Cftitrevlllp. Ti-xaa. rlearH 711 In S ilny MlaaltMc AUm, PUnTflRRlPÜ '" 40 l"1" Wooaltf, )., 3I rnUIUUnHrriO "tM Her i iti.w.til Mill.nii. I.viiiii. N. V.. Sllll III 7 hnnra! Itonaiuai mnptninccnt outllt only n fLa ULtflDI fl 41,00, IIookN on crnllt. freight UI 1N6 TTUllLU paid. Ad. UMIIIK H1III.K 1-uiiL.lsiiiinu uu. 723 Chratout St,, rhIU,, r., or S.S Dearborn Ht Cklcago, 111. Not. 11, 'H-a and llowors, und tho cons ntont uoces boat of summer. You ehotil 1 bo carafu aud tho hired help's temp r. An in BROSMER your houso with now and handsome tho walls. It ia about as chean. at roll) and a great deal neater, cleaner stylos: 150 natterns to select from. And your tasto. A new carpot may savo you wife doos the scrubbing of vour tloon W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE GENTLEMEN.' A sewed shoe that will net rlo: Calf seamless, smooth inside, more comfortable, stylish and durable than any other shoe ever 1.1 .ill. 5 . . . suiuauuu price, vcrysiyie. iiquais custom-mado shoes costing from 4 to $5. bllowing are of the same high atandard of $4.00 and Fine Calf. Hand-Sewed. 3.50 l'ollce, Farmers and Ietter Carrier., nnd 3.00 for Worklnc Men. ana 75 ior nouuia ana lioyi. St. OO 1 1.1 T1r1.iWff I BAB .00 Hand-Sewed, I WQ9 and a.eo .to ana a.oo Dongola, LAD ES. S1.75 for Misiei. XT IS A DOTT yea ows yovmU m ( am oai raiaa ior yoar iob7. moobobub ia yoar footwear by paroHaatBg W. X. Doaglms Shots, whlob represent uae DMtTBia at iu pnoM adTerUBM BSinooMnOB obbmb- uxy. do yon wer v W. Ii. Deaglaa, U reckt en, Mate. In Juapor l,y JOHN A. SKItMERSHKIM. APPRECIATED ALWAYS AHEAD!! Philip A. Guckes -AT TUR- New Furniture Store. Has receivod a Spring slock of furni lure, including somo handsome Willow Rockers, Upholstered Parlor Sets Bed Boou Suits. Fancy Baby Carriages, Etc. And will make it to your Interest to if ot his priuos before buying. PHILIP A. GUCKES, Cornor Jackson nml Four" treet. Riyans Tabulos : for sour s.utiiich. HrpaM Tatal : ljrer troibl aSLLB ZJaaaaaaaaaaaLaB Vläyiafl

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