Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England on May 14, 1968 · 4
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Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England · 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1968
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r r c 4— EVENING STANDARD TDESDAT MAT 14 IMS - 1- V- ' f'2 MILTON The Rome stabile Theatre’ r production of N A PLE8 B Y NIGHT NAPLES BY DAY by Raffade VlTlanl at the Aldwyeh has given this year's World - Theatre: Season a decided and much-needed lift ’ - A kind of NeapdUtan Threepenny Opera It Is a mannered excursion through the shady streets of Naples where the seedy underground comes to the surface and starts to flower at night The -denizens of ' this emotional hand - shaking shoulder-quivering world are presented in a stylish revue form with variety c&mped- RAY CONNOLLY The Cliff Richard secret THE secret of Cliff Richard’s staying power In pod show business must surely be the way his whole on-stage presence exudes good nature ' Last night he opened at the Talk ef the Town for a four week run without The Shadows and I should be surprised If thri was a person in thehotue who didn’t welcome him back as an old friend 4 ' HO Just has that sort of talent His voice Is nothing to write home about (note the way he softens -his high notes to disguise his lack of range) but he’s a totally engaging performer Lost night aided’ by ’ the Breakaways (three veritable "S f J leads Seethe CUP FINAL inCOLOUB 'weekly Airiilunff fiqtirtf MiMMMramilljMndii Dial DER 9i922 (London) up to 10 pm (including Sundays) or call at your local showroom SHULMAN AT THE THEATRE — t' '?? tonic fro up opera robust music-hall silent cinema parodies all being used by the director Giuseppe Patron! Griffl to keep the action gaily bubbling along w r tmfprobector 'aggarts berth they meet to iTt outand manage to ltad story 1 ably the evening eating aspect since It of the efforts of a of prison to get from her latest n The simple Br fight in spite of the fierce thumb-biting - extravagantly cavalier gestures reasons for avoiding a ' slcal confrontation - Inez the whore they at the Talk of the Town Sisters of She) and with Norrle Paramor In charge of an augmented Burt Rhodes Orchestra he zipped through an hour’s show with zest and ease TOQ SOM Musically' the high-spot — Ain’t Nothing but a House Party —came too soon and ' he was struggling with a self-accompanied Bachelor Boy but it didn’t really matter His Jokes (“ I want to make It clear I am not becoming a monk And I'm not becoming a nun either”) were wittily self-deprecatory and he even managed to make Congratulations enjoyable — &f ter announcing it to a fanfare of trumpeting raspberries from the orchestra with flying colours See every move of the greatest match of the year in real-life colour- by renting 19 colour TV from DER now I Renting from DER you’ll enjoy the best In colour JV with no worries about eetvice Initial payment £45100 then £590 monthly (starting 1 month after installation) - that's just 25- a week I Free prompt skilled service if ever needed Nearly all BBC2 programmes are in colour now - and your DER colour TV will give you perfect 'black and white’ on BBC1 and ITV tool brate the discovery that if the girls seduce the police their life will be much freer in the Via Toledo in Naples It is the parade of lavish character— coffee sellers bakers playboys waiters whores gigolos and small-time crooks— quarrelling gesticulating sing mg as only Italian actor can that gives this entertainment its unique delight The two pimp— Antonio Caa- grande and Mariano Rigillo— confronting each other like exuberant stick Insects stiffly formal In every insult ana gesture they make are Joyous to And the girls Angela Luce and Marina Pagano -amongst others' strutting through the streets as if every inch they trod upon was personally theirs brought a gust of aggressive femininity to the proceedings such as one rarely sees In the West End JEALOUSY: - The evening’s second play The Music of the Blind People about a blind musician who Is Jealous of his wife until he learns that she Is very ugly is a less enterprising and Inventive ay than Naples By Night aides By Day - - It gives Franco SportellL as the blind double bass player and Rosita Pisano as his much-abused wife opportunities for sentimental self-pity which they seize with true Latin gusto But it is asmall anecdote which I feel should be the evening’s curtain-raiser rather than its finale If you can get a ticket I would hurry along to the Aldwyeh this week “ 'V television 0F C0URI1 the earners ean (lYtAl um fie The nuehine eemat uz M A ' with a ameepar tonight In The rating ni”-Aikv art raitlw as m wmen has by meat ef the 1 the beat ene that ' ir Using ana of jy tricks ef hie trade mavis-maker Ntnrl- Qoorsts Clauzat has manaaad to make me hours he boon produced oinoo tha war tha man: wo manaaod to mako mo nouro irk pa a oanvao look Ilka It took too Juullns with hit photo-t Mr Clouiot will show you a (rawing boforo your vary oyoo af tho paintor'a only f aw mi won — nuts Ehio oeuipmont Mr Clouzot will &tagswwar BBC-1 (VlUSy-for Sehotb and 1 lw CeUegesr lLUWatehJ Bark: -The Harbour-ILIA— Going to Work 114A— Making Music 12J-124&— Mathematics in Action 1A5K —Welsh programme 125-LJl — News Weather 1 Schools and Colleges Television : diHbu 4-4L-Jackanory with Gilbert Wynne A5L— Deputy Dawg LlL— Tom Tom : Grand Prlx report " 520— Endaranee:-8 — The BMdle of Easter Uland L4L— The Magic Roundabout 549— Weather jm ' ' LI FI IS A CIRCUS BBC-1 7JS rc ' ' l 1 f- - - 5 Crt— New followed' by a'TrTown and Around and “Weather '"'v - C C— Whleker1 Werld : Alan 1 9 Whicker shares The World of James Bond - On location in Japan with the Bond ALOOOAOO epic— You Only Live - Twice from BBC-2) 7 C— Z care The Gullty Ones : Part 2 7JL-Ni ews -Film 7 af) — The British Film Comedy: Life Is a Or-: cua The Crazy Gang Bud wbwwa A AaW VI SM Flanagan Nervo and Kncat' Nmrhbm And Onld - with Naughton and Gold with "Monsewer” Eddie Gray and guest star Ghesney Allen Gang offer to revive the fortunes of a travelling circus by putting on a show of their own 4 e 850 — 8rtninr i Including highlights : from- last i night’s fight between Walter 4 25-Tlnker’s Tales 445- f Crossroads 54A2A-Ad- I Alan Rudkta fJheRrftiA- venture of Robin Hood 9A-vifkLW® bantamweight Day by Dav S45 — My Three 'riKS-’-Vv 10 The World Professional r’4” Ballroom D a n e I n g i Champienriiip ' The - world’s -i finest dancers from 17 coun- tries- compete at the Royal - Albert Hall London for tire : -World Professional Modem Championship and the -World ’ Professional Latln-Amerlcan - Championship - 1 II 14— News Weather 1117 ! Postcript by The Rev 'Roger "Tomes : V7 J ' V RADIO 1 ' X' :: v 247-metree ’ v infWlmmy Young -ISA— AVV Tony Brandon- 14— Keith ForUyoe t1 — Fete BiAdy! S31 — David Symonde 142 — Pete Murray -748 — Newa followed by Comment 744— Weather ' 74 L— Brain of Britain 1968 t15-JBe My Guest 4S — Tbe Embassy Lark I1S — Muslo Round tbe World - ISA— Late Night Extra 12A— New 12A— Night Bide 21 — News Weather RADIO 2 (LIGHT) 1500 metres and VHF fO f— As Radio 1 - 14 — Broad- -A-u way to Piccadilly music of two worlds 151 — Cricket scoreboard 24 — Woman’s Hour' 38 — As Radio 1 355 — Racine : -The Dante Sweepstakes -415 — The Dales 441 — Racing Results Cricket scores 445 — Album Time 515 — Roundabout S42-841 — Sports Review 7-25-Sport Including Cricket - close of play 749-2A — As Radio 1 RADIO 3 (THIRD) 464 or 194 metres TO os — Midday Concert : Buxte-hude and Schubert 1 A— News Weather 141 — Joh&nc Strauss : records (8) 22S — Promenade Orchestra 3S — The World’s Orest Orchestras : (series) 44 — Southern Cathedrals tlval 55-Jazz Today: records 557— Stock Market A— Schubert : Symphony Concert 45 — Concert Calendar 74 — Otello : Opera Act 1 (I) 735— Teaching and Learning in Ruealat talk 14 — Otello : Act 2 541— Are Intellectuals Obsolete 7 : talk SA— Otello Act 3 45 — Poets of the Sixteenth Century (series) 1 5— Otello Act 4 149— A Meeting with a 8Utue: talk iia — New 1115 — Usrket Trends (9) 9tereeehenle breadeaat nine ’observed BBC-1 satione minutes) worksra Arte Faaturaa BBC-2 School (C) -7 C— Bonjaar Traneplpe For absolute beginners In - French No 25 : Vous con- - nalsez me amis f : - ’ v' 1 Newsroom (C) Q Q— Blaster Clara ! Daniel' °w Barenboim' workr“ with--young professional pianists on six Beethoven -piano sonatas Tonight : Op 57 In F (Appasskmkta) minor Frank Peebles 8AA— Croenrerd " eur-4 Tweii Erst semi-final East ( Sussex : George Heath Joyce Patrick Anthony Littman v Bradford: Ron Ellwood Isobel 1 Gomersall Gordon Bugden (C) j-Man Alive : The Cere- with Antony monlal Man Colonel Erie Hefford retired from 24 yean of- Army - fife specialises in : organising Independence cele-" bratkms to? the newly emerg-: ing nations (C) Q er-The Picasso Mystery V?‘A film by Henrl-Georges Clouzot - with Pablo Picasso See Greig rating above (C) ( (C) 1 110 — ewi Weather 1 115“ute Line-up (C) Pregramme also In ITY ANGLIA As London excepting: “ -J — y 44— Racing from York ML “ ' in Anglia Newsroom 435 — Romper Room 445-545 — Robin Hood 9A— Crossroads 74— Tiara Tahiti (film) 945-915-Dragnet 1949 — Arm-chaif Theatre 1149-The Living Word ' ITY SOUTHERN As London excepting: 919-91L — Popeye -Souths 11AS— by New BBC-1 ANGUA At London excepting: C cc-615-Look East : news and views from Eastern f Counties followed by weather ! 1L2L— News Summary and x Weather for East Anglia j RADIO 4 (HOME) ’ 330 or 202 metres -19 O— Cricket : Leicestershire v AUstrallana Yorkshire v Sussex 12-55 — at One 145 — Listen With Mother 21b— For Schools: Frederick the Great: World History series 220 — Music Session One 240 — Oil Refining In Japan 3 1 — Barnaby Budge : serial part 6 33 A — Cricket : Leicestershire v The Australians Yorkshire v 8uesex 411 — The Critics 445 — Home This Afternoon 525 — Story Time 555 — Weather sa — News Radio Newsreel S45 — South-East 145 — The Archers 70 — The Fornrte Baza : is Round the $ News Comment Lletenlnz Poet 1945 — Today tn Parliament ISA — Weather 118 — News 112 BBC RADIO BRIGHTON - VHF 86 J metres 12 O'-88 — Table Talk 113A 10 — Let’s Go local DJa 14-115 — At One with Brighton : focal newa 3-2-33t— Local News Weather 441-445 — The Young Idea 525-52 — Local Traffic Reports i 1435 — Newsdeak Brighton S-35-145 — Enterprise : - local Industry and commerce MS-9A5— At The Wheel mi- a vl the t Hearing : local 744-745 - Local Newa 745-11 5-— Tne Boss the Colons ana you : part 57 LUXEMBOURG 7 Qry-Paul Burnett 130'— Pete Brady 3t— Tony Prince 1 tso — Pete Murray 113 —Alan Freeman 124 — Late Night Final 255-3A— News ztvas me the geednews that far anaa yeu set h oxolanatlone ne Intorvlowe and ne nfah-falutin1 talk In this proeramma - Ploauo was not f ahuwMj by camoramon Ha worked to thorn" iraas a? j ba raraanatf when former punllo myoolf san vl " ’ axpqnoa af ti tatian 1 To makora who m mwi alabarata tola in the Mnomaa moot pnooUoular aorlso : tho dames Bend film Yeu Only Live Twit l-fr ITY " Fr Modi: - Picture Boat 1L41-1LL — Icl la Prance No 3: La Belle Epoque - LS-LgL— Let’s -Co Out Na 2 : Signs L2L— - -Notre Vffle -v i( - 246-Lwlnr from York : The 3J0 sio 4A and - 4 JO raeL 43L— Popeje followed tVDan-:- 458“r V Jimmy : -Jimmy Cntheroe In A Matter of - Pot Luck - 3 r 5 ?5-Ce Here - Often : Sarah Ward and guests 5 55-New Weather 4 i -y v : VERY IMPORTANT PIR90N j s ' ITVg 7M - - :t — Crossroads 33 — 196S World Series af r Tennis from Sydney - Australia Roger Taylor ' (Gt Briuln) v Dennis Ralston (UJBA) - - -r- i 7 3 Q— Very Important Person James Robertson Justice ' Leslie Phillips Stanley Bax- ter Very funny spoof of the PoW camp types and plots ictth most of the laughter provided by Stanley Baxter's impersonations— AW Q C— Margins of the Mind 1 Healing : The claims of spiritual healers are tested with a series of experiments QaQ— Newsat Ten Weather 1030UnlTrly (Challenge 1 1 G— Virgin of the Seeret 1 Service : Pride of Assassins Capt Robert Virgin hunts down - the -' brilliant French marksman Bobo le Mec who is suspected -of planning to assassinate King Carol ofCroatla 14— Conviction Sunon Buxton talks to John Bowep about A dial Stevenson 7:iwengreig: at the Paiiadiuni ' - Stars out s ’ ' I for a s h v1 O' j - good cause w w w you can count on Mr Lew Grade to crack the whip or do a bit of sweet talking and the stars of showbiz will come running to the London Palladium There they will zing a song do a dance and crack a gag for free In front of an audience that is around 15 guineas a stall t night's charity soirde at the Argyll Street theatre was in aid of the- British Olympics Appeal Fund and the Queen was in the Royal Box Norman Wisdom - fooled around with Bruce Forsyth’ Danny La Rue had 1 Patrick Wymark as' a “feed" in -a comedy sketch Esther and Abi Ofarim did the inevitable and sang their hit records So did Tom Jones The merry quips came from Des O'Connor and Jimmy Tar-buck Mr O'Connor’s - being much funnier than Mr Tar-buck’s - - Gretehen Wyler chipped in with an excerpt from the West End hit show Sweet Charity And Dusty Springfield’s hairdresser succeeded in making her look like Shirley Temple The show was filmed and will ° be screened on ITV cm Sunday HEN a guinea or two Is required for a good cause ojs worth going out of your way to huy CHIDREN’S BOOKS’ PHIMTS-kUKOS 13 HIGH STREET -PINNER TEL 866 6339

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