The Athens Post from Athens, Tennessee on August 8, 1862 · Page 3
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The Athens Post from Athens, Tennessee · Page 3

Athens, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1862
Page 3
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NEWS. fc - - - M .Inly . A uporial to Iho .1 frr'isir il' Register, fnilll Tnjulcl to-ilny, r.iv llio rui'iny inaJtm ilemnnatrntion in t.ur fiont lo day with a cavalry force. It is (supposed (he movement a as mail" with the ii.tentiuii i't" dostroyin the rilrruol Irark at souk- point above. If so, it was anticipated, eml tli designs of (he Yali kce fnitratcd. ur forces extend Norlli of ( .ih'ch, .Vi., July 2'.'. lVrbOiis from the other ide of the river report fiOO new Yulikee jrravej. I'iie Federals hfive varried otl' 'J.ihki sduves. They have taken the town of Madi-onville, l.n. I,in,, l'i., .lulv A special to the oyrtfi'i'ivirt, dated Narrows of New l;iv.'i the L'Sth, via Dublin, 'Jtlth. days; Tin1 alhint Maj. ISailey, commanding four eoiniaiiies of cavalry, il: all ubont 1'iit men. was s.-ut to the rear of die enemy by I'ol. M I 'ansland. He st.uuieil Siimerville, the comity seat of Nicholas county, on Friday morning last ut day light, and killed and capluied the entire garrison, including the Lieutenant commanding, iiumeil Starr, and three other commissioned (illieors, and sixty-two non-ommissioned ollicers and privates. A Inrgo number were killed in the action. A lew prisoner were paroled. Not In ing aide to bring; a.v.iy the large, quantities of commissary, quartermaster and ordnance stores found in the place, Maj. Ibiiley committed them to the flames. Jle brought to this place a iiicl'p number of Knlield rilles, horses and inuU's. Tin' iiriwiners. this morning, mriveil nt Salt 8ulphurSprin:s. The notorious renegade and spy, l)r. Win. liuekor, is among the prisoners. The telegraph allien was dost roved, and the Government operator captured. This nt.Uir is regarded as the most brilliant of the war in this section. Jtssuc-eessful execution has spread terror in the Yankee nnny in this section. Mobile, .Inly 30. A special to the .!-MtixT .- t'v'-.T, from Tupelo yesterday, says: The Chicago Tribune of the 25th in'st., contains Lincoln's order appointing Hen. Mullock Cotnnmnder-in Cliief. The act making postage stumps a legal tender" is causing trouble) between the Treasury and 1'ost Olh'ee Departments. Tim Loiii'viile and Nashvido trains have stopjied nmning. Morgan's whereabouts is unknown. He is said to be near Frankfort, and is also reported to have retreated across the Cumberland river. limits are stopped by rebels nt Henderson, and the liver (the Ohio) is blockaded. Cincinnati and Louisville are still trembling. The situation of both is considered precarious. At Cairo on theSid, tho excitement surpassed that of the citizens are on patrol, lioth sides of the Ohio arc occupied by guerillas, and gunboats are engaging them. Mumble, tho bogus (Federal) (inventor of Missouri has called out the militia of the State to suppress the guerilla warfare. In Wayne county, Mo., the guerillas attacked tho Federal forces, killing and wounding 75. The raid ii'on Iowa was successful, ;i ml tho finest horses and ' arms were captured. At Newberg. tho citizens of Indiana did not resist the raid from Henderson. At Chicago, one company has been raised for the nine new regiments. The demand for the exchange of Gen. Huckner is under consideration. SKCOMI IHSI'ATCII. A sieeial to Hit Tr'Jinne. from Grenada the U'Jtli sav the guerillas have re-oeeu pied P.rownsvillo, Haywood county, Ten nessee, horning ..u.niio nines oi coum purchased by the Yankees. Mobile. July 31. A special to the Ad vertiser tv byi.vter from J upelo, the ..nth, says : Information lias been received at headquarters which states that Col. Armstrong, commanding the cavalry of the army of tho West, has taken Cnurtlnnil, Lawrence county, Ala., on the M. it C. R. K.. midway between IVcatur and Tuscumbiii, capturing 1"'. prisoners and six cars. Our loss was two killed and eight wounded. Tho citizens of Courtland were frantic with joy. We havo reliablo information that l"v 000 Federals passed Tiscumbia eastward during the past week, destined for Chattanooga. A special to the Triboie from Grenada, the 30th, says passengers from Memphis report that our guerrillas burned several Federal transports on the Tennessee river, near East port . Northern dates to the 20th "slate that Jim Lane, tho bonier rutl'iuti and murderer, has gono to Kansas for the purposo of raising a brigade of negroes. Stonewall Jackson is reported at Louisa C. II., Vo.. with 24,0110 men, and Kwell M Gordonsvillo with 0,011(1, purposing, it is feared, an advance on Washington. Halleck had loll Washington for the Peninsula. F ronton I is assigned to a now command, Mnhilc, July 31. A special to the Advertiser it Vi'.viVti- from Tupelo the Ijfith, says: Throe Federal l'aptiiin and live Jjoitten-ants, captured at (Jcuntland, arrived tonight. Gen. Armstrong's ofhVinl report states that fin the L'.'ith he attacked the enemy at Courtland, on the M. t C. I'!. K., tool; 133 prisoners, including eight commis sioned ollii ers. Tho lion commissioned officers and men were paroled. Tho enemy's loss was ono killed and seven wounded ours less. We also eaotured twelve vugons with horso;: at tarlieil and complete eipiip- i incuts, and a largo number of arms, the I camp and garrison ecjuippngo of four com- panics, and a quantity of supplies, in- eluding 500 bushels of corn in sacks: and ! iho depot, telegraph lines, bridge, and trcstlo work were destroyed. Armstrong defeated thoet-cmy alTown I t . i . . 1 I : . . ! Crook the samo nay, tiiKiug. i t prisoners. liosencnuiU's division is at Tuscumbia, Richmond, Aug. 1. Northern dwlcR to the t-lilh havo been received. C. If. Gordon and others, charged with cheering for Jed Davis, in Uoston, on the 3d July, j wlion a in iin iied delent ol the 1 nion troops reached that city, have i,(., (ij.s. oharged from arrest. The N. Y. W says the most devoted triends of McClcllau .pronouneo him a failure; and oven the wisdom and sagaei-u of Lincoln are otieslioncd, ' Nine members of the second brunch of I the Citv ( 'ouneil of Haltimoro have resign- : oil. lien. Wool has ollicially approved tho resignation. j A correspondent of tho N. Y. Ilri . tiny four divisions of the Confederate , army are eimeeiiliateil at Gordoiisville. ! making an army of t'lO.nuo men. ttfnhnr.i, Aug. 1. A large fori e ol'ar- ' tillery, including tiia.tiy heavy guns, Int.- I ing been placed in position at and below j Coggins Point ycsterdnv, and sighted. 1 opened on McClellan's fleet, and camp j this morning at 10 o'clock. Firing con- tinned fiercely for two hours. Tho one- my'i fiunboats replied very feebly, doing Boctiimugu.. At the first round Ivoni our gun every light In tho fleet was eMin-1 guiiihed. llcavv damago is supposed to; have been done. Great crashing was ' Heard tit fh rt'M whbr I'rtvii -i? iul! ot 'he i collidiu;, i ii i , t'lf(l i I1 T n,1f,l,l' c nlf n t ;biii:i el. I be licet had disappeared this morning at daylight, and such of iU l. ll.m cump as is visible is sc.niing- . K.cai .-oiiimouon mio man was Kind ,, our siuo. imn six wnutnle.l- mo, uctonguig io i ago s iiauerv, very badly: all causeil l(y an id-nt (o one o our own guns. All quiet to-day. i sr.coMi M-r.vTcu. i 1'. M. The c.istialtieu last night were Vin'. F. Dalton, of Louisia, killed: Thos. , Faiijiilinr, fif lliebinond, soverely wouud-, ed in the thigh; I'atrick Graham", of Uieh-I moml, slightlv in the left shoulder all of D.ibn. 's b.itt.-ry. Also, II Th icker, of Hanover, both lian.U nuinglcd. mid -iib-cqiiciitly ainpiilaled; nnd J. I noks. ! of Hanover, shockingly burned both of , I'ag-'s battery. Four other- were slightly wounded. j .'..6,.V. Aug. 1. A special lo the Advertiser A- Kegister Iroin Jackson the3st, , says passengers report that Gen. Villi- pugue inlvmiceil iiiel occupied Ladrange, on the .. ,v C. K-iilroad, in the southeast corner of Fayette county, Tenn., but subsequently retreated back Ut Abbeville. The Federals were advancing on Holly Springs, and were expected to occupy that place to-day. (ieii. Kuggles addressed tho strongest remonstrance to brute liuiler relative to two parti, an rangers who, it was 0aid. lint-ler hail threatened to hang. Itiiggles threatened to retaliate. I'.uller replied that one had been paroled and the other would be. M'ibi'c, Aug. 2. A special dispatch from Tupelo the l.-t, says the Cincinnati Coin-ineri'ial of tho 2ijth nil. bus Washington dispntchen of tho 25th, stating that oil!-eial information from Kappahaimnck county, Va confirms the report of Gen. Jackson being nt Louisiu Court House, I. ear Gordonsville, with 2 1,(11)0 men, nnd Gen. Kwell ut Gordonsville with 3(l,0(Mi. It is their evident inteiilion to break the Federal lines, and threaten Washington, thus to draw oil" the Federal forces from Hichinoiid. Stonewall's full force is estimated at C0,(KI0, and advancing. Gen. Tope is occupying Maryland county. Uaids are lo be instituted by the Yankees. The renegades in Ifappa bannock county are alarmed, mid sleep in boats to prevent surprise. Lincoln has commissioned Jim Lane, of Kansas, to raise a brigade of negroes. l'ope has issued an order refusing to protect private property. No soldiers hereafter, will be allowed to guard it. The Governor of lVnnsylvauin accepts nine months' volunteers. It is understood that the Confederates will hang Maj. -Gen. McCall, unless Hut-ler is given up. Louisville dates to the ith say a Yankee Colonel and Lieutenant weie killed by Guerrillas in Webster counK, Ky. A Yankee expedition was sCnt to defeat the guerrillas who were threatening i'ar-is, county seat of ISourbon. ltebel guerrillas aio organizing in all the border counties of Kentucky. A dispatch from St. Louis 21th, says hundreds of foreigners mostly Irish had claimed tho British Consul's protection from draft. This occ.-.sioned great excitement, and the Yankees mobbed them. Tho I'rovost Guard was called upon to suppress the riot. Col. Clarke-son (Conloderate) anj seven privates were captured in Missouri. Gen. Armstrong ollicially reports another successful skirmish. One hundred ami fifty of his command, under Lieut. Col. Kelly, attacked four companies of I'l'ueral avuiiy near inucsuoro, Ala., on the2(ilh, and routed them. The enemy left tiino doad on tho field; five wounded and sixteen prisoners. Our loss ono wounded. Tho enemy on tho North side of the Tennessee Uiver is reported retreating towards Nashville. Kin:ilb; Aug. 2. A gentleman from North Alabama, who arrived hero this evening, reports that the Federals have burned Whitesburg, a town ten miles south of lluntsville, and shelled Gioiters-ville, killing the wil'o of Col. S. K. l!y-burn. W. II. Spence, tho Hanker of Mur-frcesboro', whq betrayed the movements of Morgan and Forrest, has been hung by the citizens of Murl'reesboro'. Desertions from tho Federal army nt Cumberland Gap report that tho Yankee troops there are on quarter rations, nnd refuse to fight under tho Kmaticipation Ad. Jikhmnnd, Aug. S, The ball is about to bo opened between Stonewall Jackson and l'ope. Heavy skirmishing is now going on between tho two forces at Or-ango Court House. The Confederates are getting the advantage, and a general engagement is thought to bo imminent. Tho 1'iosidont has directed Gen. Lee In transmit his order regarding l'ope and Steinwehr to the Federal authorities, awl says alter tho receipt of tho order, if they do not reverse- their policy, he will be forced lo retaliate. 1'. W. A. I'icftmond, Aug. l.Kight hundred Yan-keecavaliy attacked two hundred of Gen. llobertson's cavalry yesterday niorning.six miles t his of Orange C. 11. Tho Confederates charged tfio enemy and drove them back to tho village, w here ft brisk skirmish took place, Another party of lankccs appearing on their Hank, the Confederates fell buck towards Gordonsville, bringing olf nine prisoners. The Yankco loss was ton killed and a number wounded. Five Confederates wounded and several missing. Northern dates to tho 30ih tilt, have been received. The steamer II f Hi are from (ieovgiii. bound for N'i sun with a a cargo of cotton, was captmed by the Yankees. 'the Office of the St. Croix Herald, published at St. Stephens, New Ilrunswick, was destroyed by a mob for supporting the 1 nion cause. Andy Johnson has sent Revds. TClliolt, Ford, and Baldwin to tho Indiana 1'cni-Iciiliary. Gold was quoted at 14 G. t ho Petersburg Fxpiess of yesterday has New York and Philadelphia dates of the -Sill and 2'Jtli. Tim Fnquirer's Fortress Monroo correspondent gives information that the rebel forces nro concentrating their lines on James vivor above Iho junction of the Appotnatox and James, and arc. suppo.sud in number between yi'ty and seventy-fivo thousand, and that Stonewall Jackson is in command." On the night of Iho 2llh uU,, a company of rebel eitviib.r d ished down on Gloucester Point, opposite York town, carried off a large lot of contrabands, forced all the male inhabitants into tho rebel anny, and then set.liro lo a lot of f-lilp timber, and, taking their trophies, departed.- Similar depredation s were committed in tho vicinity of Williamsburg, On the Woiht of the '.'5lh the rebels made mi incursion into Me( 'lellan's lines and carried oil' a large number of nnny bcevei.. Two thousand contrabands on their way to Mct'lolUn, passed Old IVint on the 2iith. Jell'. Davis' Mail (.'urrior, running lo Norfolk, was caught on Friday night with two thoiisrind lellnrs. I During thn Ki.-t- week between fortv and fifty of Iho l)Hlt New York Regiment deserted fi'Tj 1'opc's comm and. 1 it'tr t-n or t ni'v rebels mpt'ired c ir iO":. at' e revhcl 1 orfrfM Monroe nnd woumlfl ten F.d. rM ..flic, rs near , Warr.nton. Captain Willi-.m. of the Michigan eavnlrv. wt nt out and brought ,n ten oil. nding Viigininn-. who are to l,,, l,,.,! rcsi- n-ibJc within ihree lays. As Gen. Ilnudi has crossed Swift Hun Gap to McGahcysvillc, the people of t'ul-pepper, Urange mid M.uli-on were thunderstruck at the recent Midden appear-mice oi I'nion forces under him. rrcovri msi'ATcii. The following letter is. published this morning from the President to Gen. I-e: IMm-.nd, July 31, lii2. Sir On the 22d of this month the Cartel for a geucial exchange of pti-oiieii wn signed between Major Gencial I). II. Hill on the part f the Confederate Stiit.s, and Major General John A. Dix, in behalf of (he V'lite I States. That Caitcl stipulated that all prisoners of war h'Tciifier taken --hall be discharged on p .role (ill exc'liangcd. Scarcely hud that Cartel been signed when the authorities of the I'niled States commenced a practice changing the char acter of the war from such us becomes civilized nations, into a campaign of indiscriminate robbery and murder. The general order issued by the Secretary of War of the I 'nited States-in the City p! Washington, on the very day that the Cartel was signed in Virginia, directs the military commanders of the I'niled States to lake the private property of our people for convenience, and use tho same without any compensation. The general order issm-d bv M 'j.-Gen. l'ope on the 23d of July, the dav after (he signing of the Cartel, direct' the tnur- j der of our pe.icelul iiihnliilanW ii spies, i il found guilty of tilling! the farms in his rear, even outside ol his lines, and one of his I'rigadier Generals, S'eiuwehr, has seized upon innocent and peaceful inhabitants to be held as hostages to the end that they may be murdered in cold blood if any of his soldiers are killed by some unknown persons whom he designates as "bushw hackers.'.' Under this state of facts, this Government has issued the enclosed general order, recognizing Gen. l'ope nnd his commissioned ollicers to bo in tho position which they have chosen for themselves that of robbers nnd of murderers, and not that of public enemies, entitled, if captured, to be consigned ns prisoners of war. We find ourselves driven by our enemies, by steady pro'r.-sn, towards a practice which we abhor, and which we are vainly striving to avoid. Some of the military authorities of the United States seem to suppose that . better success will attend a savage war, in which no quarter is to be given, and no ages or sex to be spaied than has hitherto been secured by such hostilities as are recognized to be law ful by civilized men in modern times. For tho present we announce our right of retaliation for the innocent, and shall continue to treat private enlisted soldiors of Gen. Pope's army as prisoners of war; but after notice to the Government has been given at Washington of our confining repressive measures to punishment only of commissioned officers, who were willing to participate in (hose crimes nnd savage practices which are continued, we shall reluctantly be forced to the bust resrrt of ecccptinc the war on the terms chosen by our foes, until outrages of a common humanity force a respect for recognized rules of war. While these facts would justify our resolution to Ihe generous 'artel by which we havo consented to liberate an excess of thousands of prisoners held by us, beyond the number held by the enemy, a sacred regard to plighted faith, shrinking from the mere semblance oi brenlsitig 4i irouaut4,7 pi'Hveiiin our. resort to this extremity; nor d we desire to extend to any oilier forces of the enemy tho punishment merited alone by (icn. l'ope and such commissioned ollicers as choose to participate in the execution of his infamous orders. You are therefore Instructed to communicate to tho commander-in chief of the armies of tho United Stale, the contents of this letter, nnda copy of the inclosed geYiernl order, lo tho cml that he may be notified of our intentions not to consider any ollicers hereafter captured from Gen. lVqio's nnny us prisoners of war. Very resppelfullv, vours, &c, Signed J KFFKliSON, DAVIS. To (icn. Hold. E. Lee, Cont'd, c. Tiimn ntsi'.urii. Northern dates to the 3lst of July received. The most important news from Kuropo brought by the Australia, whit h left Liverpool I'.nh ult,. is of nrt irnpoi- portant discussion which look place in l ur. lament on Lindsay s motion to oiler mediation and recognize tho Southern Confederacy, After a lengthy debate, Lindsay's motion was withdrawn. Lord Palmerston made a remarkable sjiei'di on the occasion, appealing to the llouso to leave the matter in the hands of the Government. Tho Paris correspondentof the London Herald ngaiu asserts' that "Napoleon is about to oiler the mediation of Franco to nierieii, nnd says tho drift of tutblio opinion is in favor of sueli a eoutve. Tho following special dispatoh was re-oeivod by tho bjliehblllg Jleidde,m this morniiiu: (diarluttetfille, Aug. 4. The Xitionid . telligenecr and Baltimore A'wi of fate tints reeeivod in ..Statinton, announce the resignation of Seward. The Governors ol Pennsylvania, Ohio iiti'Ll-onueelii'iit refuse to send more turn into the field. The National InteUigeneer licenses Scwnrd of having been for Ihn last hixty days trying, through linglnnd, to bring about mi at inisticc Viilliuidig'hnm is stiimpin Ohio apiiinst ! the war and the administration, address ing immense iiiubenecs with groat favor mid nppbiuse. Cairo, July 2. A slo.'itiH-r from the 'rciinesseo brings news o'f a rebel raid al I'loreneo, Ala. (n Tuesday they entered the eitv and htiriu-d warehouses tilled with (Yankee) eoiiiinissary nnd ijiiarter-intister's stores, ami all the cotton in tho vicinity. They seized a steamer used for convoying, anny supplies over the shoals, look nil the money Mruiginp; to tlicbDivt nnd pussetiocifi, neii h'ao boat.-- The property doslroycd jH reported as immensely vnltmit.le. A -small debii'huif nt of Milehell's nnny was captured by the rebels, who then priMeeded down the Tennessee river to Chit kasniv, Waterloo and vicinity, and I'instport, nml burned nil the wurehoiisns containing cotton. Another bund of forty ebels attneUerl a wngon train near ritlsburg l,iiiidiiif, und cupliired sily wo,gons lilled vtilh fiovcrninent stores. Neif Orruns, July LT. The l.edqer says Ihe rebels eoiicreyuied in eonsidornble furee at llanesville, Ivy., nnd boldly nml ilefittutly inmilled the 1'nion citizens. I'lissengrrs Irotn lletidorsoti my guerilla.-, appeared in strong furen opposite Monmi City, and it was feared thoy would attempt to burn the Vnion jiin-boals whii h .".".n buildin ; there. Xi.ihedie, duly 7. 'l lie Il'th Oliioregi-nient, guiirdinp! tho .Memphis it Charles. Ion Kiiiliond between iHiciittiv and ('ourt-lund, worn altael'.cd ypsterdnv by n luge foreo of cuorillus. Tlnrlv or furtv of ih.j i regiment r;o i.'.i'eii. nnd the eon-1 :dfii'.ihly dim.ised A hrj foroe is vr-, iwrt"i nef i 'iM'imiDu l one I makiii'j?! descent on tl.ct Lui-iUo liail-n.aJ ug. -4 A pcci..l to the Adotr-inter from Jackson 3d. sevs tun- if- , cr- bum Memphis rcoit that an iite had brokiu out liclween the ike und ncgrKs working in the for-id ,s. The Yankees shot a number !o- groes-. ' J. Aug. 4. Tho (,'otifeder.ile j r on ha p 1 . s at Baltimore slid Washington n released, and are now routt foi h i ' e. Thev left those olncc? in the 111! 1st oie rs , f rejoicing. Federal priv " from Richmond dailv. The 'onfederuto Government opened ft rr.t po'.idciico- with the authorities nt AW.shii gton, inquiring whether ilutler's con hi is sanctioned. No answer Imv-in-' b' n received, another letter was fc:d, : i which Ihe President said that li. thi ; -ilence would be construed ns an e: lor nient of Butler's conduct. ! n Pope continues lo lay wa.-de, burn 1 troy, ami to drive otl nialo citt-:il their homes. In has issued another proclaum-rning the rebels to return to their ce in sixty days, or all their prop ,fi-Lin n w egia . el v w, m confiscated under the Glh M'l'tioii of the Confiscation Act. Keei liting is exceedingly dull nt the N Tth. and the newspapers are in dis-p rat the gloomy prospect of peace. yen begin to talk and show themselves. The lournal of Commerce denies the right of Congress to emancipate slaves under any circumstance. Numerous arrests are making ut the North for expressions of disloyal senile nK iils. and desertions from (lie Federal anuv are daily occurring. "' 'o:.fuoion. doubt and dismay reign throughout the Norlli. The Yankee papers say the Federal lleot had captured the lirili-h schooner and the Confederate steamer Rtliavre. Lieut. Gladding, they having run the blockade " P. W. A. O'efi'di), .!., Aug. 4. h Mobile, olli. The enemy are reported to be advancing on Senatobia, (in Desoto county, Miss., some tu miles South of Memphis,) in three columns from Memphis, estimated at from 1,500 to 2,000 strong. Reinforcements nro being sent from this place to Col, Jackson. Gen. Curtis' Cavalry attacked a provision train en route, to Gen. Parsons, near Austin, (in Tunica county, Miss., near the bank of the Mississippi river,) a few days ai'o, nnd were repulsed with considerable losp. A Cairo dispatch, the 20lh July, says; 'Tho rebels made n dash' at Uum!oldt, (liilison county, West. Tennessee, at the intersection of tho Mobile cfc Ohio, and the Memphis & Ohio railroads, 82 miles N. W. of Memphis.) Our cavalry lied without firing a gun. The rebel cavalry attacked our infantry, killed fifteon, captured some prisoners, und took possession of the town." Gov. Magoffin has culled ft meeting of tiio .Kentucky Legislature on the 14th August, to provide for the peace of the commonwealth, and the gaiety ot the institutions of the State, against iho ac tion of !ho Federal Congress. Col. Logan (Federal) hung Mr. Whipple, a wealthy and influential citizen of Jackson, Tennessee, on the 29th ult., for piloting a Confedeiate partisan to abridge over the South fork of the Forkod Deer river, which was burnt. Col. Logan also burnt the houses of several sympathisers of the Conl'edeincy. Dr. Leftnieh, a Yankee cotton buyer,' was captured by Confederate guerillas near Brownsville, ( Haywood county, Ten-noi,sje..onJJs-OLo"i'liii i- pioiDTltuilrond, 57 miles "from Memphis.) List week, with S23.tHR) inKpecio. He bus anivod here (Grenada.) Prisoners taken yeslerday report from below (hat the Yankees have evacuated Ha ton Kouge, nnd that (icn. Iii-eckuiridgc v in possession of the city. A special to the Advertiser cf- Register from Jackson, tho 5th, says General r..eckiiiiilgo Ihis morning attacked IU(on Rouge, driving the Federals from tl, rv IV" i: '.-ition. For ono hour the muskct-f i.ii:' was very hoiivy; nlsolicnvy liriiijx i tbn direction of the river, whiuli may Imve? bi eu (lie puns of the Arknn-s.i,, it., -hi! was to have ro-ofieiatcd. Tho redernls ivero driven through tho eity to the river biinlc. Knoxvii.i.e, Aug. 7, r. m. ll.ittb: ycterdiiv" n en r Tazewell. Con- I federates under (!en. Stevenson, nguinst (Ion. Morgan's Kodernl eomnvind. I'.ne-niy routed utter 4 hours hard fighting. Vnughii'H Ileginietit (I'd Tennessee) netod liubly, and it is recoiled cantiued u but. tery of (i guns. T. J. C. 1'as.scngets by railnuid l.i-t night eon-tirm the above, nnd report Iho light lo havu been lieuvy. The, Federals were for tilied at Tazowcll, but were finally muted and sloped in tho direction of Cutiibet-land (iap. Ilorriblo Murder. The Knoxvilln Register of Thursday cveirng brings th6 following painful in-tellig nee: 'Ibis coiunvunily was inexpressibly shocked yesterdav by intelligenoo of the murder of (icn. AY" m. H. Caswell, by some unkiej'.vn liend, near his residenoe some six inilos Kitst of this eity. Tho only p.'tMwul.irs we nine, oi t.'m -niiiiir, is tiiiti h" v.-ih found about luilf mile from his own hour,!, wiin ins inroat cut. ins ser-vaiits report that they saw him struggling with sntno ono iu tho road, but before they e.jlild reach him, his hl'o wiw extinct and tho niUldciei' (led. Immediately upon tho receipt of tho inlellieiiee here, a party of our citizens mounted horsottnd rdarted out to scour the country in search of the assassin. Tl.o (.in. iiil was iu this eity yesterday morning, nnd interchanged wilh iHiuieruus friends. ' . l Fourth Round of Qurtorly Moot ing.! on Athens District. ' King Ion " I'yult's Chapel, Sept. 2 l'cciimr ' Spring Creek C. (I., ' V Loudon. ' " Pond S"rl2 b, " HI Athens ',' " 21! Adieu,; Stulion, " ;i" Knneriil of J. Lou r, ut AVc.deyana. Oct. 7 Julv 7. sn: J. ATKTVS. '. .'. POSTSCRIPT. State of Tonnessoe, McMinn County. . COr.S'TV COI'ltT. I'rial Jcdnslon, K.t'r of A'.'illii-m Morrc, deo'd, rs. William Mnnrn, Hugh Moore ami 0 In rn. I t'rlitiiiH to S-ll Sliri: I TT AI'PEAItl.Vii I UOM THE COMPLAIN"-! I aniV bill died in tleKocelbnl Jicph Mrinrr. II uniliori Moore, hik igo Moore, Jimics Moore, A . ,iiol-r Moorii, John II. Moore, John Darker a. u wile- Jans llnrkor, and Martin Sweeney and wife Mary Kweency. nro iinn-rc.'illciit". of Ihe Slate ol 'I onnosscc. it i" ordered Ihul publication ' be r-.i'lo In tin' Alliens lV-Vuiwv.aiiiir pnhlish-cd In the town of Atbnnii, T'.'Dueee, for four j ire k". rupiirlng said non-re.ildinl to ho and up-pear ut lb October lonn of thn Couuly Court of V. Minn county, to bu In ld in the lovn nf Athene on lh tlr?t .Monday f nl'( uinnlli, thou i lVo (" plead, au'icei or flcmitv (r. ie rnmplauiant's rnliiioo oi ''11 K-ita "il! be 'it' ll If fun-A'l 1 jd hi '." inn; fi"r i m ilmo WM. c,l,(in;,., '-trr' .,. ., p. . ii t . : DIED, In .MrMinn rniniiy, Tni no --f. n thr Jai.v, Mr. . .M'.uu'k, in Ilia fiiib year : I '. . IK- .- b'.ru ill Iri'Uii.l, fnwn v. iii-in-i- lie emi-ralol wlica younir to llio vicinity i( j iugiuii, 1. l, n.l fulijeiU.iiily Willi-1 in F-ii j T wUre li rwi h 1 (ill llic lira of lii Jcuiine. Jlo was ii ut.ri;ht, in-'c'rc'iiii man, , il r.e--I s !:" t'' "f rllll'.ri n. lb-r. ui-.i...... ,.f nA ..inp 'I - !'iii"n. aii'l j lalVi-.l lini.'y aud willinjW ol bio J oan ire. I lie I' :iv muny re!al! i' mi 1 frn" ! t" mearn j bii 'l-'titb. " j County Court, Rome County, lean. Errkiol p. Uailry ami oll.rr, r.. M.--. r.uil.-r aii'l ' . .','.'.. . I: - .V'....-.. IT Al'l'K UilXo ! I,T!li; Al.I.KiiA-ii,.ii- of lie I'.-n1""" ' ' ''I in tli is rare, that M. P. lUilov, A. II. Ih'-Ihi ami wil' f-arah L, sail J '-vtU Siiii'.li aii'l wifv Miut-rvn. ik-tenl oils to lli.? fame, nr- n- n ri!-ul''ns .-f i lie Finio of Tfii-' isee, II la l!u:n.'l'ore or'l'Ti'.l Ihul 'ul'licaliim lo m."te in the Athens I r t'.mr iieie.-tve irei ks, n-'inirin-f mil nna-rL-iiii'Sit iti'tV-n'luiiii' t' a'(enr h fun- ii, - J isiie, !! of nr Cuiinty Court, al u C.iurt t" 1- '. i i th-' eoiuiiT of Uimiii', al Ihe ' (' iiri 'i '"-e in Kingston, on the Krt Mnmlny of Ki'I'IciiiIht lies', llicn nrnl tliere In pleii'l, imwer or ilemiir In said peliti n , or lhe fame will be taken as ronfesscd ni iio-i ihem nnd 't for hear- int; ej- "". Acs n i.. i;i;ki:xi:, crt. Auc, S. I '' ' ! -) r fee ifj-TJl "or Ft i: l'OST yTAK I'llK.M AS'I Kit, Ko".ill". Tenn., .lulv 24. lSf.?. I I WANT in 1' t! 11 (.' II A S K A LAUHK amount of 'Leather t' in innfileluro inl'i elioeii lor ttie nnnv. for wbieb I will i.iv a flue price i" C'udi. I am by Hon. Siniili to ImprcM Ltallier for tliin jmrposc. and I shall enj mil .c nt in a few day' to purcliaso, and if I lit. T c.iiinoI pur, liase, tlicy will anlh"ri.c l lo tm- 'T ess- il. fir lirare ioldiir mil"' lite Sin , nml I am li'(i rmined to furnisti tlirm. tl Hm Imniher lo licike, theid can be fnmnl in Kasl t'eiinefsce, mid I will not pay Hie exhorliilnnl prices asked f"r Leather. The Snperinteiidisnls of the Itailromls have 1 u ordiT'- l not to ship any bother, rxri-pt. on the orlcrs of the Chief Quarierina-'ler. .IAS. U1.IU Kit, Major and ('uartermasler. AuK i, isr,: :u NEwTRlimiTF Jr.-T ltKl'IMVI'.It AND FOlt PALF. A 'il ill lot of (iiiuih, well llfsorted. July .".. 1S02. S. K. KKKhKU. " " VINEGAR ! . 11HIMK Obi) I'lUAK VIXF.HAU FOlt SALK ' t S. IC. UKKIlEH'S. Julv WANTED! IWIl.I, 1VVY CASH Foil TWO HI MJIlr.D (cillons coo.l Swecl Cider, made out of food sound apple". S. K. KKliPUK. Julv ii, lSrt2 T22 For Sale. fiOOD SQrtr.l'.F.L (iUX. F.xuriitK AT A the ofliec- of the J'ost. July U.r.. VALUABLE FARl FOR SALE ! rpiiK uxDi:us(iNi:u wisiifs to skll 1 the farm known as tho "Hanks Place," five miles East of Calhoun containing 202 AORBS. 1,10 cleared srood orchard enmforinWo residence good ham anil .stables and a (rood spring. Knquiro of mo at thn Jrahiim Mills, six miles South of Alboiis. ' JOHN" July 2o, 1SC2 If 722 NOTICE. rnit I Loudon, Tenni'ssiw, bereloforu to wit: on tho lllth day of April, I Sill, recovered n .Iriil-f-mcnt uouiusi me in ihe Circuit Conn of McMinn eoiintv. Tennessee, for lie Thousand Seven Hnn-dird and Fifty-Throe 701UO lulUrs. iinee the remlilion of the jud.u'inent, (ho following pny-nieuis have been ma le: May l.r, lsiil. $.iO'li June Vn, ISI'.I. 12H: Jim, X.. 1SI1I, f.'.lW; No. eeinlier 55. 11. $111011. Tho uiol.-rlOo .1, on Ihe l'.llh day of June. 1 '112, lnadn a. tender to Wilson !k .T-.linson nf the Itahmre duo them in Coiil'cdoiulc lu.'tioy. which the "aid Wilson A Johnson rcrnsed to uccept. Tlii.s is to notify said firm that I will not pay interest on the re. maindor dno, fruin and after Ihn Kith day ot June, l.sia. I.b)AII CATK. July 25, lSf.2 Ilr22 "THE BLOCKADE ABOUT TO BE RAISED." Abb 1'F.RSOXS IXPKI1TED TO TUB TX-d':r.sij;ncd nro herchy notifiod, in plain Kng-lish. thai iinlnna tlioy come forward and pay thoir 'little bills'' nid bills will bo placed in the bands of nn nllicer forcolleclinn. The concern lia been closed out for soino tiino, and tho back rations must bo paid for. Thev hope a word to the wise will provo snlTiciont. " J. DlU'Ill) i, CO. July IK, lSC2-lm-"2I "FOREST HILL ACADEMY" mm-: xkxt siissiux ok this ixhti- X tulion, under flint(j uf A. A. Xi:mn, A. II., will comnienco Mmnhiy, 1 1 It Align!, ISf.2. Eatcs of Tuition. First Class Spelling, Heading, Writing, .Menial Arithmetic, Ac $,l"i Second Class Kngli-h l.'riuninar, l.'i-ogra-rnphy. Arithmetic, llcclaiiialion atnlCoin-prisiiion 10,1111 Third Class Miiihcuintics. X at oral sciences, Languages, Ae., in.lin Onntingent l'Ve I-1"1 I'avi'lilc in ndvance. I!v order of Ihe Hoard. T 1 1 OS. A. CbEAliU, Sec'y. .Tilly IS, !Sft2-tf-721 BOTTLES WANTED ! mm-: ,srii.sciiiiii:u Avi i,i. 1'av a biui;n- J nl price for nil the uar1 Hollies thai may be otlcre.l. Apple ut Ihe Uing Soie. H. T. MAKSIIAbb, Alliens, July IS, lSiV2-72t STRAYED. STIIAYKI) OKI- FK0M I II 10 fHIHSCHIUKH, about three week." ago, a 1.1(1 UT It K.I) A X I) Wild's COW, pi. led nil her large. Anyone returning the same to the puhscrlher, or inform-in biin of bur rfherenbonls, will he suitably re warded. . K. M. KlbOOKIi. Allien-, July 1, lsl'.'J IC-721 ENVELOPES, X HAND AND I'OIt fiM.l July II o at llKKDlUi'.. Cigars !. Cigars ! TI'oT IUXKIVI'D AND 1- -l! PALE. A Jar-c lot ol Cigar,. K. II EUD Ell. July II, s'i!2 ni.l.;r(:ifpo.s;T q 1 ; iTt 1 1 H At A ."T E It , i Kn...vcil!c. Julv 2, lsc.2. ( IAVL-H TO MAKE CO.VI ItACiS l'OH KI'll-Tiishing thirty llioiisanil ( :i.noii ) suits Jeans Clothes, and thirty tliouiand pairs Shoes. JAM US (1 1.0 Ell, Major and IJiinrtcrinnstcr. July II. tn;2-:il-7'.".i ... pjoTIOB. TOWN LOT FOR SALE. v i.m- li. I-: V( i: T.i A DKI'IIETAI. Ofl- X der of the C.mniy Court r .AleJfinn poimiy, lnadn nt the Jorf tc'iui, lsi',2, I will, on Monday, the 4th 'lav of Aiigii'l. I offer for mile, lo the hlghoal bidder, at lh" Coiirt-hniisednor in Allien, "ti n credit of twelve inouiiis, witli th" eTeci.i ion of tlfl v dollars to be paid in b in 1, 11 II'IIVE I LOT,'Xi. .'II. lying in the Wu-t end of town, adjoining Ihe Lot of I'lioa, Caldwell and other. Don I und np rnvj'l iieciiril.y wisr no re'imrad, nnd ft Hen rclikined ui i'ii Ihe same till thr purehiise money Is pai kllK.S. Kfil.TJlS, 1'tmi'n. M. IIEOItllE, lirk. July II. Ho2--lt -pm l'eel-72H . """chanceryIaIeT Tliof. Caldwell, ir-' David Cle and Henry Walker. IX THIS C.U'HK, 1 WILL SELL, o.N THE 2d day of Aunl in xl, mi the. premise.-, In Ajuens. MiOtiilil roun'y, 1'. 11.11 . .cj, i'"r i'j-1i iu band, Iho Ijr.OTJM3?l fvvicl LOT cituaiB in t!ie A eHtiO part of Atb?ur, kn n i tho Ci'-4 "M"lk-r Gtncef' 'lfn "ht-h ih bii- b 0 n'i I'n'ii 1 11'. i" nr. led - .. .1011 X T Rf.IDUF..-. '.- V WHO WANTS PROPERTY. 1 I'KKEH 1'dt SAl.C IN TIIF, TAWV i.K J Svrotwatrr. one of the HKsr l;t SINKS-; liJl .sKS In F.i.t Tcnuiure. three iri,, bicb; C'inicvlfd with it a span. lid Yarehonn uf uu i!iuiei..ioiM. All"'. '"! einl'orlaUe Ihrrlliuc t'u iorie' liigli. by -l.' (cel. with food Wni-iu- uUIUVIinI, ucb Mf Xr.'ro-houte. fii.lf hou.-. I)ii v, e., .G Alf. a Lot, with a good .'table. Crili, Ac. Abo, four tacant Lot, hiih ' aro.lolined-to lie verv tjtualdr. Abo, a good l:nines lbnie. idglitMiilea XorlU aest of S-wrel-. water, in a cood eonntrv f-T d-'inu l'ieiiie. Aim. KliillTY Ai'lll'S OF I.A.Miii McMina-eouii'v. a li"iuini the bauds (ormeilv owned by Jame. M. Ilrowdcr. I have a .No. I STALLION and .1 VI'K which c.iu he boiigbl nt a fair price, AM ihe properly can be bought upou liiue or bo pai l for in Itaiik -Me currency. My luallli Bui , iidintnin; of n continuation oi" ni lusineu U tlier only reaton the properly i an be bought. Persona wan'ini; particulars can address- ine by letter ot otherwise. WM. II. TAYI.OK. - t-wwiwater, Tenn., Juae , tStV-?ui-J I DR. MANLY AyiU. V-IT AT IrKXS ON" TIIK FIUST .Munduy of every month, at llltllnlKt-' lV'TKb, where be lt consulted free of charge by tho-e ir!i i are suffering from cbroiiie or long shinoio? diseases. Mr. M. ivjll not interfere with die practice nf n-i lent I'bysieians. and a.ks none to call riept tbo-m who cannot obtain help clsrwbere. .1 line 11, lSI'i2:(m-71-' 'COMBS! : rlOOM LOT OF FIXK-TOOTIIKK CIlMII?, II recciced and for salel-y CATK t XKlb. -Mnv 2.1, i siij RICE! 'itnsii mti'I.y or KICK. ON HANI (.'ATI-: .f XKlb. id l'..r GOOD BARGAINS, I X MUX'S AX1) HOYS' St 'MM Fit C1.0TII-ing. mnv be had bv callinc n April IS.' I sr..'-It ' CI.KACi: A bHKTT. JT. A. ANSLEY, . Gen'l Commission & Produce Merchant, Office No. 8I0 Hroad street, jtlllTltMffta l,aa w Tll.blilYK lMlO.Ml'T AND IM'.HSOX Al. nitonlom lo Ihe sale of ltuertl. bard. (1 mill. Flour. Cotton, and all articles; of Merchandim consigned to him. Liberal ndvaiicrs ellhrr in cash or br acceptance, ina-le on articles In Wore, or when iiitls of Lading nivoinpiiny lr.ifts. l!i;i rni:M'i s: Kither Hank in Augiisln, (!a;: Paddleford. Fay A Co., Savannah. .: Hon. AV. Williams A Co.," Charleston. S. C: Veatinim, Rob-erson A Co., St. Louis. Mo.: AV. A. Hicbardson, Louisville, Ky.; W. II. S.uipard A Co., Xasbxille, Tenn. ' , . X. 1!. -A rl -i.l adherence to tho pr..iriplcs or Icilimate Commission Bnincss "'ill bo observed. July 12, lSnltf Circuit Court, Monroe County, Tenn. Ivlwar l Jaclfton, ) r. I'i i James Steed. lii.'c XX THIS CASH IT APPEARING THAT F.dward Jackson, a free 'nan of color, has filed his petition in this Curt on the 1 (111 day of May, I "(12, to go Into voluntary servitude and ehooes for bis fuluro rnantor Jnmcs Steed, a of Monroe county, Tennessee, It is therefore ordered thnt publication be made- of such intention in the Athena Post, a newspaper published In Alliens, Tennessee, reiuiring the petitioner. IMward Jackson, as well ns James Htcerl, the master. In appear at the next term of this Cunrt. in Mad-isonville. nn the 1st Monday or September next, and answer the Court nn fnid petition lis required bv Act of As.-emMT in such ense. ' ' J. K. IIOCPTOX, Clerfc. Jnne 1.1, lSlS2-lt-prs Tec $.".-71-1 RAN T-HE BLOCKADE 1 WTfi HAVU THIS DAY UIXKIVED ONE' of the best, assortments of Quecnwiire thai has been in East Tennessee since tho war hecuTl. Cull snon. CATK i N'LTL, March 2S, 1 8f2-tf -70 .1 Kountain Hill, Tenn. CONFEDERATE NOTES WANTED ! IOlt SALE. A lIOllf-H AXD LOT IX THE ; town of Alliens. The property is In fi plenK- 11 ut and desirable part of Ihe town. Also, nuvoral pieces of tine Furniture. Confederate Notes will be taken in payment. Any ono wishing In purchase, can learn the name of the party by applying to the editor of Ihe f'.uf. April 4, S2 tC T ' FOR THE SOLDIERS! OlY. ilOOH HOME MADE AVOOI HATS, for sale bv CATK .1 XKll., Kountain Hill, Ten. March 2. ts2 SNUFF! LAWKS Wn.b KIND A (iOOl) AUTICLE of SnuA", by railing on ' CATK A XKlb. liny 2, Sri2-tf Kountain Hill. COPPERAS, TILL YOU CANT REST ! rrfYfYbnK. JCST HKI'KIA'KD AXD K0H f)UU sale by CATK A XE1U Mnv , ISI12 TAKE NOTICE! J standing open with tho luiilwrsigned must, conic Kirwanl and closo Ihein. either by wt o not, Isilwwn tbis nnd tho 1st nf June, other-. thev will have the pleasure of settling wilb AVm. liurk. CAT K .1 NKIL, Mar 2, 1SK2 If Kountain Hill. INDIGO. A SMALL LOT OK 1XDIUO JK.ST UK-reived and Tor sale by May'.MSi'.'J K. r.KF.DKB. MOWING SCYTHES AND SNATHS, 0 HAND AXD KilU r'ALK Hi CATK A XLIt. Fountain Hilt, June 1". IfU TOlHE LADIES, ESPECIALLX 1ST IlKCKl VKD, jllll 1HII.TS AiM) irr.n aliens. CATK, i XKK Mnv WOOD WANTED! riAIIL Killl.K N A 'I'1 I'lH JL clisol2 or 1.1 I Is IIK KIHIY or AWII AVO(J, for which bo will pay th" CASH on He-ivrr,.. SM. I'. IVINft. Fbll. Iil2-3t-ltl State of Tennessee, Roane County. Joel llcmhice, ) l'. All'I'tttlH'Ilt, Thos. .1. Tiiilon. I IX TIILS CASE IT AI'l'l'AllIN'i; TO M f. from ii'liiinanl's ule;''iii"ii, whii h issoru to, (before U- W, A"r, ni picli eesmir in oifln.v thnk 'itioinaa J. Tipton, the ilefcmliinl, baa lett the Suite, so lliat (lei ordiiuiiy procc of law cannot be served on him, and his efleets being at-' Inched, il is tin reforo ordered that publicatiHB be iu the Alliens I'ost, published in Allien", Tennessee, lor four rucecssive weeks, rc'jti'riii!? raid ilefeinliint lo appear hufme me, at my ollino In I'iKt o.ik Spriug'i, Uoisii coin.iy, 'ri-nnessee, n Salnr.lay, Ihe !tn 'lay "f Auirii'l, Mi2, and nittkH dofenco to ruinplainaiil'i eluini, or tho anine. will bo taken a' eonl'i'-vc-d and "!( for bearing '.rpniic. av. KiMiiKorirrt. .,'.'', 'or t'lmttr nullity, Trim. .fitly It, Hi; It-pm' fie f"-720 HIDES AND TUN BARK ANTED, Foil AVHfCH CASH AVI Lfc HE paid. Dii'inire at Iho More. cbEAOE .t IIRXT1. May lsd2- If -714 ATTENTION, FARMERS! UfK AUK MAKINU AND II A ' f. , 0 N hand uu xeeHm H'lllSL ltAKE.'for jaiheriug lln, wbi' h, with one man nnd boriie, will dr. the woik of ten men. Abo, improve! rl'OAH M 11.1.1 nnd KF.TTLKS. ZIMMEn.MAN A KILG0RK. . May Ii'. 1 1112-H-7 12 ... COFFEE! tt:bi feceived. a choice lot 01 I rnjw, Al", ti Fipfly of ( ATE 4. NEIL. May 2, I sf.2 -tij Koun,'iin Hill rti liie 2 'iU lour .lerrillas fire) nnm I rcj ted .it ' .r-'Ki-o ;ho obf.,l mi fen ItS '.ll 71 -'

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