Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 27, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1947
Page 5
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•\vilh L.OU and His Orchestra (Sundays Excopted) DAXCLVd Every Nitfht dilettante of tho Piano JACK CAMPBELL, Your Favorite Selection* ****+*•••*••**+0+4 'KI3M.KMBEB the finest luncheon In town with Chef Amato's Dally Special, * it's Melody Lune For Choice Food 2?, HAKKISON AVE. Water bury Just Off Leavenworth >«......,, ticrttitjMj V ujaiuS!;, YOUR .FLANS NOW • ESTIMATES SUBMITTED • NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Office: 193 Ruhbor Avo' Tel. 3800 BU/INE// PER/ONALITIE/ By DOROTHY AND PATILQIUZfl HOME-MA JO CUfltCII ST. UAKKLUV Product* ELITE Bakery NAUG, 3087 GAS — OIL LUBRICATION TARTS \. Si E. SERVICE STATION I7U Maple Street Kntlre Stock of AXD WOMEN'S HOUSECOATS llnir this week at 20% REDUCTION All Sl/es — Silk — Cotton — Chenille anil Quilted KENNEDY DRY GOODS STOKE ISO Church St. — Tol. 3401 Naugatuck WAI.TKR BONCAI. Bl»2 Lord's Servicenter 'Service for Kveryone" LUBRICATION - TIRES RANGE and FURNACE OIL IIG N. Main St. Tel. 48H3 EGGS FLORA'S POULTRY RANCH KstiihlHlxd 1930 FT.ORA K. riNKHAM rine-i Urldce - Beaton Fall* Duren Roofing 1 Co. - Siding - Institution »» RAMONA AVKNUK Wuti-rbiiry — Ti-l. a-7!M3 RODMAN Convalescent Home 159 Meadow St. TEL. 3354 Proper Type Curtains Stocked At Boston Store Just the proper type curtain in a room can smarten Us appearance a hundred per cent, but so often t/iij item -is sadly neglected in preference : to r.citne other article, A bright curtain for the kitchen will add attractiveness to this busy room and brighten the spirits of- the housekeeper, who must spend a. great deal of-time thnre. There is the ..dainty white Huffy curtains for bedrooms, or the more sedate but pretty curtains for tho living room. But. perhaps you .lave venednn blinds In your home, :hcn the necessity comes for th».' essential drapery. Whpp it comes to windows, there s an important problem, for they re not only seen by yourself and :'amily, but by neighbors and pass- jrsby. Many people forget that this article can mean a great deal to- .vard ascertaining the personality of a person. So, if you are ponsldcrlng pur- ..•hasing new curtains for your iiomc be sure and visit the Boston Score, 70 Church street, owned and jperutocl by Mrs, Eva M. Saffran. Some of the smartest and most up-to-the-minute curtains may b I'ound among the stock of the ^lore. Naturally, other merchandise is found In the popular dry goods establishment, and it will be worth your while to patronize the jt.nre the next time you are In neon of home accessaries, which are olit.iinabli> at. a dry goods store. Clyne Glass Shop Appropriate gifts for every occasion, us well us practical home accessories are found at tin? Clync tilnns Shop, 2!) HnrrlNon avenue, Wnterbury. Tho quaint, but modern eshihllshnii'nt Is operated by Mlso Josephine Miut/.o, who is asHlKted ny an nhle wfuff of saleswomen. In eon junction with the shop, there Is'a factory where plute glass tops for tallies, desks und othf-r furniture Is cut, und set liy expert workmen. Mirrors und pictures iilso an- framed or set in the efficiently „ ' ' operated plant. . • , JANUARY CLEARANCE — in — All Departments BOSTON STORE Dry Goods 70 Cm'KCll ST. TEL. 5850 i D. Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS Call for Our PROMPT PICKUP and DELIVERY SERVICE D. LIEEERMAN FUEL OIL IIUIJIIKH AVKNUIS . Niuigatuck ~2li9 SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Complete Auto Service Body Work Day and NiBht Houd Scrvic* 1835 SOUTH MAIX STREET YViitcrlmry Phone 3-12M Calls - Phone 8-G708 J Vic's Smoke Shop 'Cli;:irM, ClKurettcfl, Newspaper* Ciiiiily, let- Crcum, Soft Dr'ukft Magazine*, Toyn I CIIUItCH ST. Nougatuclc EAT IN COMFORT In Our Dining Room TEDDY'lFblNER South Main St. Tel. 4898 FRANKIE'S ROADSIDE INN Featuring • COUCH 0 HunihiirfinrH ^ llar-H-Q • Sllfx C»ffno Ire Cream k Hoild Joe's Restaurant FINK FOOD and LIQUOR •Spcclul Attontiion for Wedding Turtle* 1S3 MAIN ST.. SKYMOUR Tol. 3833 George J. Demers ROOFING OF ALL TYPKS Clilmnc.r.w Clcniird, Rpniilred M7 CITY HILL ST. Tol. 01)03 DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT 015 BANK ST. FREE PARKING • THE BEST IN FOOD • THE BEST IN MUSIC • THE BEST IN SERVICE DANCING TIIUKS., FRI. AND SAT. WITH THE KEN THOMPSON HAMMOND ORGAN TRIO FLOOR SHOW SAT. NIGHT (.'utcrlNK In Iliinqiicla »»il 1'lir- II,-H—Kor rpKcrvullniui Call 3-OH74 Teddy's Diner A Favorite Eating Place In Borough The familiar phrase, "Let's have eolTce," when said after an eve- .lint; of fun in Naugcituclc. usually .iieans Teddy's Diner on South Mtiin street. Open between 20 and 22 hours .1 rluv, the diner does a startling business in the daytime as v>-ell :i;>' late evening hour.3, But, it isn't only delicious coffee one orders at the diner, for the delectable juicy | harnb«rpers and combination three decker sandwiches are; famous products of the establishment. Tnsty full-course meals also arc obtainable at 'teddy's, with the per ionel of 'five g-i'.«vng prompt and courteous service. Operated for nearly two years by Theodore and Thomas Dicmisio, the diner is one of 'the favorite oat- I.iff places in the borough. Besides the diner service, 'there is also a good-sized dining room in the rear of the building, where booth service is available. Satisfaction is guaranteed at the diner, which caters not only to a steady clientele of. factory employes and other busines people in the borough, but also to a large transient group, Good eating is a necessity, and I'oad' prepared and served at Teddy's is of the host quality, served appetizingly and at nominal prices, Gustafson's Displays Hundreds Of Different Items In Store OUTAFON'S—12x1 A friendly atmosphere docs a Kre.'H don) for one's senna of contentment. A ehui-ry sroetins and the feeling that you'll find what you v.yi'nt in the establishment you lire entering; ulso enters into the [.-k'lure. A store in tho borough difficult to' describe bpcui.'--e or the variety oC articles found there is the V. E, Gustafaon store, H>9 Rubber avenue. <Vnd .this is tho store -where the atmosphere is /rieji<11y and cheerful, and probably the man who has tho most -to do with this is the ownfir-opiM-ainr "Murpliy" Guat.i.f- jion. "Murpy" has si dry sense'of humor, (which sill lovf; when tliny Good Buying For Budgeteers At V.&J. Market • Those; housewives living on budget know how difficult it is those days to purchase the i-ish type of food at reasonable prices. Fortunately, prices are dropping on many items, mrfking it a little cosier on the budgetcer. Food is an important CBrtential to livinp, and persons en.ioylnK a proper diet enjoy bettor Jiving. So, it is up to the woman of the house, or whoever buys the groceries, to purchase those whhch will give the most nourishment. A store p:itroni/.ed by women from all over the borough because it gives good food at reasonable cost is the V. & J. Market, 51 Spring street. Besides having a vast supply o all kinds'of groceries, the store also carries an extremely large quantity and the best quality vegetables and fruits. The two latter items arrive daily ai the market to insure freshness to the customers. V. F. Burkus, proprietor, tries to satisfy his fast growing clientek- not only with good products, but ilso in excellent service offered in i courteous manner. To those f;>milk'n having automobiles 'the V. & J, Market is as near .•is it will take you to drive there, and those individuals who havo traded there return, again and again. building up of his .store and trade. OIIHIarson's is an unusual store. For ;i jijomiMit when you sec its interior p.'icked with cvci-y feasibl H»m Mini tho large and beautiful sod i fonnt.'ii:i 'liar you feftl as I .though yuii were entering a deluxe ] drugstore. As you progs-ess further For ovcrnitc, a week-end or 'ong trip, solid and dependable lug Luggage Of All Descriptions At Connole's Store RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. JMMUU1ATK IJKMVKUY ON IIA/LKTON LKIilGH VALLKY J'KKlrtllJM COAL and KOI'PKItS CONN. COKE PHONE YOUR OR11KR 5 Church St., Naugatuck Phone 3076 Fine Wines and Liquors Imported and Domestic H A YG LIQUOR IT A Jl 9 STORE i ! 72 CHURCH ST. PHONE SIM ! It'* Worth a Trip to V«tJ Market For Finest Food* .11 Spring St. Union City Phone Naugutuck 4070 THE INC. Telephone 2226 PRINTERS SINCK IN* Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service and Part* Factory-Trained Mechanic* \'.,1 N. Main St. Naugatuclc LEYNARD'S GIRLS' and BOYS' WINTER OUTFITS UNC Our Lay-Awny Plan . 170 CHUECH ST. in you might think you were in s. gracory store, but it's only one corner- of the store where a goodly assortment of groceries .arc come :ico.ij;iinted 'him, and it and if's ;i i.< with pride that he can recall the • t-ifKon's'. found, put in for the convenience .irul to nccomodatc the many <:us!.omprs. Patent • medicines, g r c e t i n s c-ir-cls, to '.'.--•.• f.-totlanery, aosmetias and ;i liiindrcd nncl one other ..- items are fotmrt ;u. tin- store, You'll be-1 be scrvi.-d-pfomplly and clliciontly, io trade at Gus- LITTLE DEAR AND HER LAMB Naming Street Stumps City Fathers Riverside, Cal. (UP)—This town is apparently poing to tiavc one street named "Whatsit St." City "fathers confessed they are stumped on finding a suitable name, At first it was christened Williams Ave., but it was discovered Riverside already had a Williams St. Residents thought they would like Sunset Drive, but investigation showo'J c. private drive nlread> claimed that name. Finally, the city planning commission, much 'head-scratchinff, suggested Gulden Star St., but the city coun cil unkejd the idea. "Sounds like the name of a. fertilizer," snorted Councilman E. V Dales. It's still known around city hall as "that street." THREE-YEAR-OLD BcUy Rose holds the bottle to feed little "Chester," a onc-wock-old lamb at the Detroit Humane Society. It all started when the little animal was born on a cattle car and overlooked when the unloading took place. Found wandering, it was taken to tho Society, where . Betty took over thi? cafc of the stray lamb. (Inlcrnational Sotuidphoto) is essential. It is not an item one purchases frequently, there fore, i-t is imporUmt that v lhc prop er type for your purposes Is bought and that considerable thought given to the purchase. Often \vo see people traveling with luRgsiye, which breaks open I nt tho most inopportune momen-ts or isn't suitalile for the kind o trips they nro l;xUinR. Sometimes seeins bnKjrufte handled on trains buses sinfl pl.'iiii's (,'ivc's one :i fee! ins of utter loss as clerks throv (he hugs a.-ound. or sUiok then hijvh one on top of the other. I ihn iiiK^'a^e is sturdy, there is n< need to lament. One of Walerbury.'s oldest Icath er soods store, the John J. Con Dole Harness Shop. 70 Grand street is completely stocked with thembs practical and beautiful luggage ob ininable. Mr. Connole, who is thoi oughly sicfiuaintcd with leathci poods, will be plajj to display his supply and ^ instruct you in the proper type~ for your immediate needs. It is important that thorough thought is frivcn in the purchase of «ny leather article. Conno'.e's. have beautiful saddles in imported Ene- ish and Western hand-tooled and plain, riding crops, boots, bridles, harness halters, blankets, billfolds, wallets, brief-cases, men's beKs, trunks, and a complete line of dress, driving and working gloves besides dog furnishing and other accessories. By William Sharp Fred's Grocery Finest Fruits and .VeRetnbles 37 HIGH ST. Tel. 4008 V. E. GUSTAFSON — I'atent Medicine.* — Liinrhooiirtte - Ice Cream Grouerie* . MiiKii/.lnoM I6D liulibor AVP. Phone 49M p -JVf IIADIO SERVICE r • "*•• 20 Years Experience Pickup and Delivery 1750 EAST MAIN ST. Hamilton Theater Building ' Wnterbury — Tel 3-5407 TRAFFIC tf PS AN£> QC/1PS HUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION Lubricating SpoclalUtu GAS - OIL - ItEl'AIIUNG 1M Rubber Ave. Tel. 4847 LOG'S BAR and GRILL SO BRIDGE STREET Tel. 4897 IP YOO'Bi A« IRIGHT AC YOUR tKJWT*, /'U MM 'MM' HJXICHM unrt cauHcm MQZ/W'S MITE TOD TO KEEP H/M AWAKE ware DON G/OMA/M U TRAViATA JtfS WGNEK eor THE IDEA roz LOHENGWN W A PUBIK firtW-ROSHED HOME 'JM£/I' wimww mre irsom A TREASURY Of 6M*JD OPERA Plane Dedicated In Church Sanctuary Minneapolis (UP)—Special religious services were held in the First Baptist church to dedicate a two- Dassentrer airplane to be used by j the Minneapolis Hospitality House 'for expanding its youth work. ; T-he plane was dismantled and brought to the church sanctuary, assembled in front, of the confi'ro- jration and officially dedicated. It will have a loud speaker attachment on it when it flies over Minnesota communities to urge attendance of town and rural youth "f. ^uecial meetings planned for them. Quality DYERS and Our Modern Cleaning Plant ANNiireN Voii Better Cleaning 5 No. Main St., Naugatuck JACK'S AUTO BODY ' 100 Su. Main St. Tel; «1S» * ******** 4 ;*****• ******* { . I'HO.VK DERBY 3489 Walsh's Green Acres Catering to Wedding;*, Banquets, Partlei, Choice Food* und Liquor* I Derby Avenue Seymour SAVE .... As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Kvery I'urchu»c ISAACSON'S IXC, QCAMTV DRY GOODH SEYMOUR : IIK.M>RYX ANO STANDS Caifps at $4.95, $9.95, $10.95 And AII-Chronu> Cuci- at $15.00 Stand* at 54.95, $9.95 and $13.95 JOHNJ.CONNOLE TO Grand St. Wtbry. Trt. «-7S8S. Dancinir Siit. and Sun. NI B lib« •o Music of F«ilx Z^mltriiKkl'N Orchestra Valley Grill 158 Np. Main St. Tel. 4WW 109 So. Main St. SERV I< STATION • I'h. Vauj. 4908 1 Clyne Glass Shop " Table Lkrnp* $7.95 up Bed, Boudoir Lamp* $S35 up Gift* of AH Dcicrlpttoiw noalUtlc Artificial Flower* Joccpbtn* Maitto, Prop. 29 H.MIUISON AVB. Waterbury T«l,| 4-MU MOVING and TKCCKTNQ Moving to All Conn. Point* Peter Moruska NAUGATfcCK. CO.VN. PHONE 2580 or 511Z Sloven, Moved Refrigerator* Moved THE White Meat Market and GKOCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES John Gmpar, Prop. 137 RUBBER AVK. AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated by Ex-G.I. MAURICE J. JOLLY Amity Roiid, Bethany BadUtort OH Tire Repair MIKE'S SKI »VICB STATION IS BRIDGE ST. UNION CIT¥ 492« Manning Honored HORNBECKER'S Uuck'K Hill Tol. 4-8120 Wtby. I HOME COOKED FOOD We Cater to Family Dinner* Office rurtli'R, Bnnquels, , Showers, Ktc. I PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality lleadi-d nud Automutlo Scrow Machine I'roduots AVE - NAUGATUCK SELRITE Juvenilt Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 470-173 South Main Street WuU-rbiir.v, Conn. Tel. VALLEY WELDING | and Fabrication Works. The 1'ortablR Welding Service Tel. 5492 I1ANQUKTS WEDDINGS Phono S45* PARADISE INN Win. Potl.l>ecker, Prop^ FINEST FOODS • Choice Wliio - Liquor* Terr«ce, Anionla, Conn. DECORATED in Now York with the rank of Grand Ofricier in the French Legion of Honor, the Right Rev. William T. Manning (left) is embraced by Henri Bonnet, French ambassador, whr presented th« •ward. Manning recently retired a* Proteslant Episcopal Bishop of New (international) Prospect St. Garage At I'roxpoct St. ami Locust Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOC1.8 22 Savings St. [Waterbury Tel. 5-224] The V & H Trucking Company Excavating — TruckhiK — Driveways — Road Conrtructlon The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sand' — Washed Crushed Gmvvl * Quarried Granite Building Stone 482 NO. MAJN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2531

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