Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 27, 1973 · Page 38
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 38

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1973
Page 38
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Market Reports Today Ntw York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 7% AlldCheim 33% Alld Strs 23'/4 Allis Choi 8% Alcoa 68Vi Ani Air 10 7 /« Am Caft 31% Am Cyan 23V4 Am Dist 18% 111 Pwt 2VA Inland 8tl 28% IBM 310% Int Hiarv 28% Tint Nick 28% Int Paper 34% Int T&T 3M Iowa P&L 22% ,Iohns*Mn 20% AmElPw 28% Kennecott 24% Am Mtrs 6% Kresge 3314 Am T&T 5t 1 / 8 Anaconda 17% Ashl Oil 27% AM Rich 83% Avco 9% Be a Fds 22% Bendix 33% Beth Stl 27 Boeing 17 Borden 21% Kroger 15% Litton 8V4 Lockhd 5% Mar Oil 29% Maytag 27 Merck 88% Minn Min 83% Mobil Oil 64% Monsanto 52% Nat Bis 43% Indlanapoll* Llvastoek INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Ivestock: Hogs 1,500; unevenly weak to 50 lower, closing mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-235 lb 40.75-41.00; 24 head 41.25; late largely 40.75, ew 40.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 40.25-41.00; late 40.25-40.75; No 2-3 230-270 lb 39.50-40.25; No 2-4 280-290 lb 38.50-39.50; No 34 290320 lb 37.50-38,50. Cattle and calves 300; all classes steady; 2 packages choice steers 46.50 and 47.00; good and choice 45.00-46.25; two packages choice heifers 44.75 and 45.25. Sheep 150; lambs steady; choice and prime spring lambs 37.50-38.00; choice 36.50-37.50. Cap C Bdg 40%Olin Corp 13% Oatplr 55% Outbd M 30 Celanese 32% Owens-Ill 29% Cen II Lt 22% Penn Cen 1% Oen Tel 23% Penney 77% Cessna 17% Pepsi Cola 80% Chrysler 23% Pfizer 44% Cities Svc 46% Phil Pet 50 Coca-Cola 141 Procter G 101% Coluim Gas 28 Quak Oat 32% Comm Ed 31% RCA 23% Comsat 45% Rep Stl 23% Cons Ed 23 Revlon 60% Cont Can 26% Safeway 28% Cont Oil 32% CPC Ml 29% Dana 28% Deere 39% Du Pont 162% Eastman 132% Exxon 96% Falstaff 3% Firestone .18% St. Regis 36% SanFelnd 23% Sears 92% Shell Oil 51 Simmons 17% • So Pac 31% Sperry 39% Std Bds 51% SO Ind 86% Peoria Livestock PEORIA, III. (UPI) - Live stock: Cattle 1,000; steers fully 25 higher; heifers strong to 25 higher; high choice and prime steers 47.75-48.50; choice 46.2547.75; good and choice 45.0046.25; good 43.25 - 45.00; high choice and prime heifers 46.7547.00; choice 45.00-46.75; good and choice 43.25 - 45.00; good 40.7543.25. Hogs 4,100; mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-240 lb 40.50-41.00; No .3 200-250 lb 40.0040.50; No 2-3 240-270 lb 39.5040.00, 270-290 lb 38.50-39.50; some No 34 300415 b 37.00-37.50. Ford Mtrs 54% Stvns JP 25% Fruehauf 26% Stude 33% ' Gam Sko 25% Gen Dyna 16 Gen El 56% Gen Fds 25% Gen Mtrs 66% Gen Tel 29% Gen Tire 17% Goodrich 21% Goodyear 22% Greyhnd 13% Gulf 01122% Bl Cent 17% Texaco 34% Tex Inst 83% Un Carb 34% Un EI 16% Utd Corp 8 US Gyps 21% US Stl 29% West Un 20 Wstghs El 33% Weyerh 57 Woolwrth 21% Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (UPI)-Wheat was substantially higher, corn irregularly lower and soybeans substantially lower at noon today on the Board of Trade. Prices at Noon Wheat 2.62% up 5% Jly Sep Dec Jiy Sep Dec Jly Aug Sep Nov 2.62%. up 3% 2.63% up 4% Corn 2.19 off 9 2.04 off 6% 1.93% off 2% Soybeans 1 10.60 off 26 10.45 off 40 8.71 off 39 5.95 off 17% Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 70.25-80.50 single daisies 78-82; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 87-90.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwes' eggs: Steady; prices unchanged extra large 60; large 58; medi urn 54; pullets 46; standard 49 checks 40. in Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks lower in light trading Bonds steady. U.S. government bonds slight . ly lower in quiet trading. American stocks lower , light trading. i Cotton futures higher. Chicago grain futures mixed Cattle steady, top 48.50. Mercantile Excnange CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Ex change today: High Low Close Prev Live Beef Cattle St. Louis Livestock ST. LOUIS (UPI)-Livestock: Hogs 4,000; steady to 50 lower; No 1-3 200-240 lb 41.0041.50, ew uneven lots 40.75; No 2-3 230-260 lb 40.0041.00; 260-280 lb 39.2540.25. Cattle 500; insufficient volume slaughter steers and heifers to establish a price trend; load choice steers 1150 lb 47.25. Sheep 100. Stocks Turn Mixed Today On Exchange NEW YORK (UPI) - Stacks turned mixed on the New York Stock Exchange today, alter initial extension of Tuesday's tiechnical ratty petered out. Trading was slow. Shortly before noon, the Dow Jones industrial average had diipped 0.15 to 879.29. But advances held a thin edge on de clines, 581 to 477, among 1,447 issues traded. In the first hour, gainers had been more than ibwo-to-one ahead of tlhe losers. Turnover totaled about 5,500,000 shares through noon, compared with 6,000,000 Tuesday. Norton Simon led the actives, and fell Va to 23Vi on 137 ,905 shares, including a 100,000- share block at 24. American Medical International was second, up Va at 7 on 87,300 shares and Sperry & Hutchinson third off VB at 16% on 75,300 shares Prices on the American Stock Exchange edged ahead in quiet trading. Glamors turned mixed. Upjohn added VA, and Corning Glass Va, while Avon Products iliost VA, and Wait Disney % Airlines weakened, after post ing large gains the day before Several analysts repotted they are trimming their over-all pre dictions on air traffic for 1973 TWA dropped V/a, Norfchwes VA, and UAL, Inc. 1. DuPont gained VA, Eastman Kodak fell V/a. Halliburton added 1%, Getty stopped 2V*. Other oils moved irregulanly in fractions. Stieels edged higher. Motors, rails and aircrafts moved irregularly in fractions. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 48-58, medium 42-53, small 3446; B large 43-54. Hens ice-packed broiler-fryers 39.7541.50 for this week's de livery. St. Louis produce: Eggs wholesale Grade A large 3840, standard 30-35, medium 30-35, unclassified 16-20. Interior Hog Prices SPRJNGFIELD (UPI) - Interior hogs: 19,000; 25 to mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.7540.00; No 1-3 200-240 lb 39.25-39.75; No 1-3 230-250 lb 39.00-39.50; No 2-3 250 270 lb 38.00-39.00. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. ODT stock aver ages 30 indus 20 trans 15 utils 65 stocks 877.26 off 2.18 155.06 off 1.66 102.35 off 0.38 268.10 off 1.20 while while Golesbu rg Register-MoiI, Gdlesburg, 111. Wednesday, June 27,J973_39 Shopping- 1 ^aWU^ Maft I Help Wanted ^ Mai^ll (Continued Prom Pago 21) "I thought I never would get my room cleaned up Saturday..." 41 .. It took me 70 commercials!" Blind Ad Charge—50c Card of Thanks, In Memoriam, Lodge Notices, Other Notices, 1 Inch or less—$2.75. CASH RATE—Applies when ad Is paid within 8 days from date of last insertion. Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) - Grain range: High Low Close Prev Wheat Jly Sep Dec Mar May Corn Jly Sep Dec Mar • May Oats Jiy 267V4 256'/ 2 267 257^ 268 7 / B 258 267 259 269 258 267 1 /! 258Ms 268 5 /a 259 266% 258% 263% 253V 2 261% 253% Whale Kill Ban Fails to Pass World Board LONDON (UPI) - A move by the United States to ten the killing of whales and save the mammals from extinction failed Tuesday at a meeting of the 14 - nation International Whaling Commission. The commission voted 8-5 to prohibit killing whales for commercial purposes, but the vote fell one short of the necessary ifchree-iflourfhs majority for passage. There was one abstention. Officials refused to disclose how individual nations voted. Other conference sources said those who opposed the U.S. move were Japan, the Soviet Union, Iceland, Norway and South Africa. "It was a ding-^ong fight all day.and by the end we were hardly talking to each other," one source said. Chief support for'the United States was said to have come ftrom Britain, Australia, Argentina and Mexico. Despite the defeat, the commission was expected to make drastic cuts in quotas for catching the fin whale, the world's second largest whale. Martha Decision Coming Soon WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Senate Watergate Committee v/ill make a decision soon about whether to call Martlha Mitchell as a witness. Committee Counsel Samuel) Dash said Tuesday tihat "many people in the public" feel Mrs. Mitchell "has a story to tell, some information that hasn't been revealed." "We may have to call her just for that reason, because the purpose of the inquiry is to give the public the truth," Dash said. "It may be a case of popular demand." 'Bebe' Rebozo Out of Hospital MIAMI (UPI) - Alfred Rebozo, a brother of C. G. "Bebe" Rebozo has been released from Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables following an overnight stay for minor skin surgery. The hospital early Tuesday had confirmed a press report that it was Bebe Rebozo, President Nixon's close friend, who was hospitalized, but said later Tuesday that the patient was Alfred Rebozo. Library Panel To Ask Court About Obscenity LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) The governing council of ,the American Library Association Tuesday voted to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider its recent pornography decision. Delegates said it would result in a purge of libraries. William D. North, legal counsel for the group, said the effects of Monday's decision extended far beyond the defendants to some of the "most decent people in America. We are dead certain," said North, "that unless the decision modified it will result in to purge Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Live Jiy Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jan Jly 47.67 47.42 47.52 47.60 48.15 47.70 48.02 48.10 48.60 47.85 48.37 48.35 48.65 48.15 48.65 48.55 48.25 47.77 48.25 48.15 Hogs 42.35 41.50 42.40 41.60 42.90 41.55 42.70 41.90 42.30 41.25 42.20 41.62 43.40 42.40 43.15 42.80 43.80 42.85 43.70 43.40 42.50 41.60 42.25 42.20 42.75 41.85 42.75 42.50 42.50 41,80 42.25 42.32 Frozen Pork Bellies Jiy Aug Feb Mar May 59.00 57.90 58.80 58.60 59.10 58.00 58.87 58.65 03.45 62.10 63.37 62.50 62.70 61.30 62.70 61.70!"^'nines 62.20 tt'1.40 61.70 50.70 b ' 1 1 229 218 224 228 214 200V4 208 MJ 210>4 WVi 189^ l %Vt 196»/ 4 mVz 190 19514 196 \WA \Wk XWk 195 (old) 98V2 98 98Ms 98 Oats (new) Jly dm 95V4 Wh 97% Sep 103% 99>/ 2 IO21/4 102 Dec 106'/6 lOlte 105 104'/z Soybeans Jly 1085 1050 1075 1086 Aug 1080 1045 1045 1085 Sep 910 871 900 910 Nov 628 588 608 612^ Jan 614 582 603 599 '/j Mar 615 576 603 595 May 613 575 603 592 Street Complaint Sounds Familiai: SHEFFIELD, England (UPI) — The residents of Clifife Field Road, who have been trying for 30 years to get their street paved, finally got the application approved and the work completed. The next day after the paving was finished, the municipal gas men tore up the street to lay Castro to Travel To Yugoslavia Agency Reports BELGRADE (UPI) - Cuban Premier Fidel Castro accepted an invitation from President Tito today to visit Yugoslavia, the national news agency Tanjug said. "lit will be a pleasure for me to visit Yugoslavia, and I hope to do it soon," Castro told a Tanjug correspondent in Havana. "I have no doubt that I will be greeted as a welcome guest." Government sources- in Belgrade said the first meeting between Tito and Castro will represent an improvement in often cool relations between nonaligned Yugoslavia and Moscow-oriented Cuba. One of the major political differences between the two leaders in recent years was Castro's approval of the Soviet- led Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Tito bitterly opposed the invasion. Cuba and Yugoslavia have maintained diplomatic contacts since even before the Cuban revolution, but Communist party contacts in the past have been kept ail a minimum. Hitchhiker Is Truckers' Target RENO, Nev. (UPI) Charles C. Chamberlain of Fullerton, Calif., has found it's idangerous to hitchhike. Chamberlain told police three men in a pickup truck tried to run him down Tuesday on Interstate 80. They tossed a firecracker bomb at him and then fired a shotgun blast in his direction, he said. Chamberlain wasn't hurt and said he would sign a complaint if police ever find the suspects. Plant Problem SHEFFIELD, England (UPI) — Annie MeKendrtcks' plan to keep her plants watered by leaving them in a sink with the tap dripping turned out to be a washout. The sink became clogged and the water flooded the apartment below hers. . ^ is renewed attempts libraries." North said the U.S. Supreme Court decision June 21 gave the treasurer of the United States almost absolute control of what literary works could be imported into the United States "One of the decisions upheld a statute which prohibits importation of any work of sexual or obscene nature, terms rather conservatively defined by the accompanying decisions, unless they are 'classics' or works of proven value, -and then only with the approval of the treasurer and not for commercial purposes," he said. • He questioned how a work became classic or recognized if it could not be read. Earthquake Jars Japanese Island TOKYO (UPI) - An earthquake jarred the eastern part of the northernmost main Japanese island of Hokkaido today but the Meteorological Agency said no injuries nor damage had been reported. The agency said the tremor registered itihree on the Japanese intensity scale of seven in the cities off Kushiro and Nemuro. The two port cities were jolted by two larger tremors on each of the urecedinf two Sundays. za said that black people represent less than one pet cent of the store's clientele. "Black people aren't into the shopping-center thing," he said. "The few black people that we get In here shop the bargain basement. You would think that since we're so close to Newark, and to Harlem, that we'd get a Jot more black people in here. But we don't get very many at all. For one thing, I'd say they don't have the money to spend." IN PARAMUS, the shopping centers are not only havens for consumers, but they unwittingly have surrogate daycare nurseries, senior-citizen's centers and, yes, even singles bars. A waitress in the coffee shop at Stern Brothers' in the Bergen Mall said: "The old folks, the senior citizens, they get here around 10 in the morning. They order a cup of tea, 15, 20 of them. Then they sit around and talk about how their kids have betrayed them, how their grandchildren don't love them, how they have no place to go. They bring their own sandwiches for lunch. Around two, they order another cup of tea, and they go through the whole routine again. God, it's depressing." In the men's department of Ohrbach's in the Bergen Mall, a salesman said: "Young girls come in here on Friday mights and Saturday afternoons. They hang around, looking at ties and shirts. They see a guy who looks like a prospect, they go over to him and they say, 'Excuse me, do you think this tie goes with this shirt?' The next .thing you know, the guy asks the girl if she'd like a cup of coffee, and they're off. Sometimes, he'll ask her for a date right on the spot. Divorced women will drop their kids off somewhere, and 1 hang around in here, figuring it's a good place to meet a guy. "ONCE, A GIRL picked up a guy in here and you know what she did? She took him upstairs, to the furniture de partment, way in the back. They were caught hanky pankying on one of those $750 black, leather sofas." Qatabufg fester -Mall Galesburg, 111. Classified Advertising Dial 343-7181 OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday— .... 8 A.M.4:30 P.M. 8 A.M.-3 P.M. SIENT CASH RAM. Effective March 1, 1971 Saturday TRAN Words_ 1-20 7-days 4-days i^da^ "26-30 J>.21_ 6.13 "6.78" 3.78 1.50 4.20 4.40 1% 1.82 31-35 7.84 5.24 2.13 3M COMPANYrrra ^ Cordova Chemical Division hail opening for experienced" 1 ' * ELECTRICAL-• 7, INSTRUMENTATIOHMAN; Minimum S years plant indiis- trlnl experience, et^Jffleal trouble shooting experience required. Individual selected must be qualified in all aspect/),o> Industrial plant electrical work. INTERVIEW BV APP'TVOMLY. Notices - Lodge—3 Pacific Lodge No. 66 A.F.&A.M. Please call Personnel Dept. A/C 300-654-2201. for apr/t.^An equal opportunity employer. SERVICE Station attendant wasted, experienced, 40 hr. week,,.must be able to work Sundayij^Apply In person Dave & Andy's..Texaco, _ T 'I? & E. Main, PART TrME bartenders,,, 2.,,or 3 nights a week, 5 P.M. to 1 A.M. Ideal for second lncome*-*xper- lcnce preferred but not- >necessary as wc will train propel* person. Northeato Lounge, 343-8645 before 5 P.M. 342-6419 after 7 P.M. Ask for Jack Enc,s a .,,, Knoxvllle. 111. SPECIAL, meeltng Friday, June 28 starting at 7 P.M. Work in the Entered Apprentice Degree. All Master Masons welcome. Wilber G. Gooding, W.M. Walter Collins, Secy. Notices - Special - Personal—5 PREGNANT and NEED HELP? Call Birthright 343-4913 DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do something about it? Let us help you help yourself. Phone 342-2179, 24 hours. Confidential, PRODUCTION Control.,,Take charge of getting orders td customers on time. Great benefits. $8,400. Call Tom Wlttle, 342-1112, Wlttle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. WANTED—Someone to fence by Knoxvllle. 7832. build some Phono 343- A tl TRAINEE: Eager person,, to, start in merchandising and gVbw with company. Start $7,800 plus,commissions. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, Wlttle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. ' WHITE straw purse lost at Tastee Freeze in Knoxvllle Saturday. Reward for contents. Phone 2892200 or 343-9317 CHILD'S GLASSES Found at Lincoln Park. Owner may have same by calling at Register-Mall Want Ad Dept. and Identifying. ALL TYPES Home Repair — Carpentry, cement work, tucking, basement waterproofing, roofing, guttering. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. Albert Brigg3, Con- ^ractor ; _342 : 1941,_342-3426. STEAM Cleaners and Pressure Washers. R. G. Hanson Company, Kewanee. Phone 309-853-5109 Uiila|>pe<J Oil Untapped oil shale in the United State probably contains more than 2,000 billion barrels of pet- rcleum. The richest known de posits extend through parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. HEAD THE WANT ADS! READ THE WANT ADS! j Median .sales of new liomesj I averaged $25,000 in 1971. | Lost and Found—6 Business Service—7 B & R CARPET SERVICE New & Used Installed. Repairs — All Kinds. 342-4650 TRUCK Driver wanted, 5 day week, year round work, farm—pickup route. Vacation, holiday- and Insurance plans. Apply at^Plant'on Lake Bracken Road, '/i mile East of Route 41. National By-Prdd- ucts. Route 3. SELECTED POSITIONS ' (partial listing)., ; M.E.—-Fee paid $20,000 Co. Rep.—BoUers ! 115,000 Design Engr,—'New Fac. 115,000 Urban Planner—Area flrm.J>14,000 I.E.—Advancement! Pofl.*Tr3ll3;0O0 Tool Designer—Fee Paid >...! 111,000 Draftsman—Design —$10,200 Diesel Mech.—Nice Shopl $9,100 Foreman—Warehouse - 2°'995 Tool & Dlemaker—Local —.$8,500 Welder—Mlg. or arct r J: r $8,500 Foreman Trainee—Mature ;...f7,000 Fork Driver—Reliable —,'.^..$7,000 Baker Trainee—Good Pot'l. -^.$7,000 Auto. Mech.—Some Basics _:$6,500 Call Bob Tilton, 342-1X12* • Wlttle, Pryor & Smith Personnel TREE cutting, roofing, general hauling. Call 343-2906. Reasonable rates. Insured. . MAUREEN the MAGICIAN will enchant your children. Give a party they'll never forget. Call 343-9322 for information. Available anytime. ROOFING and chimney repair. All work guaranteed and insured. 20 years experience. 342-0247 KNOX Summer painting service, professional experience, 1 o w prices. For free estimate call 343' 0865. WANTED : PLANT MANAGER 30 to 45 year. Operate liquid feed plant. Mechanically inclined. Clean, neat, gqod appearance. Be able to take in<- fitructions. 5>,i day week. Per* manent employment. CaU-Larry J. Kennedy, 8 to 10 a.m. or bei tween 4 and 5 p.m., 309-343-4214. ' CAT AND HYPRO PUMPS Sales—R. G. Hanson Co.—Service Kewanee — Phone: 309-853-5109 PAINTING^—Exterior and interior. Wallpaper hanging, airless spring farm buildings, fences. Insured. Free estimate. Call after 5, 3422574. (NEXT: Hustles and Hustlers) HOUSE Painting, interior and exterior. Barns and buildings. For| free estimates call 342-3096 anytime. Rain-Soaked Midwest Hit By Twisters By United Press International Severe weather continued in parts of the Midwest early today, with' heavy thunderstorms active from eastern Kansas and Oklahoma to the Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley and upper Great Lakes. Tornadoes touched down Tuesday night near Spring Lake, Wis., and Bloomington, Ind., blowing the roofs off several houses. However, no injuries were reported. In Michigan, at least five tornadoes were sighted when severe thunderstorms ripped across the state Tuesday night. At Carleton, Mich., three persons were slightly injured when what authorities believed was a twister struck a trailer park. At least a half a dozen trailers were destroyed in the storm. Half of the Detroit suburb of Birmingham was blacked out for part of the evening because of downed power lines. At Troy and Southfield, roofs were torn off houses. In Redford, downed wires caused several small fires. Winds up to 95 miles an hour were reported at Detroit's Metropolitan Airport. Winds of nearly 90 miles an hour were reported in a thunderstorm about 25 miles south southwest of Kansas City Thunderstorms which swept across southern Wisconsin packed 60 m.p.h. winds. Baseball-size hail hit the towns of Winfield and Beaumont, Kan. Golf-ball-size hail fell at several locations in east- central Kansas. Scattered thundershowers continued over the eastern Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Ocean today. A few thundershowers rumbled over the mountains of Colorado, New Mexico and central California. Temperatures early today ranged from 52 degrees at Dickinson, N.D., to 103 at Needles, Calif. CARPET CLEANING. Dirt is actually extracted, not just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron's Steamllner, 3424232. CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL We furnish metal containers for apts., business offices, stores and factories. 1 cubic yard thru 50 cubic yard sizes. We rent flatbed trucks or containers for one stop spring cleanup, remodeling or Honey Do special projects. Call low bidder Bill, 3421134. 24 years of experience. DYKE'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE, cleaning and repair. 1571 Beecher Ave. 342-6603. Free pickup. TYPEWRITER REPAIRS Cash & Carry C. J. Stoltie — 343-5651 ELLISON'S Refrigeration & Appliance Service 342-2567 Seeding & Sodding E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 WEED MOWING E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 Moving - Storage-8 STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE NOW! Puckett Moving & Storage Grand and Penna.—343-9149 WANTED—Young man 16-18 yaars old interested in animals and reptiles. I need you for a fuUror part time job. Must have car"or motorcycle. Call for appointntent before 2 PM. or after MJ30 P.M., 289-2946. Child Care— 10 STORY BOOK CHILD CARE CENTER 369 N. Kellogg Hours: 6:30 to 6:00 Air Conditioned 342-3060 Help Wanted - Male— 11 PART TIME help wanted. Apply in person, Bolin's Mobil, Henderson & Losey. M My grandfather is retired. That means race is over and he won!" GET LOT OF READERSHIP FOR PENNIES WHEN YOU USE A CLASSIFIED WANTED Truck Salesjgdn Young, Nice, Personable. May Be Truck Driver. Will Train. " 7; SEE " CHET SPENGE I SALES MGR. Randell GW.d. 1652 Monmouth Blvd. t WORK for a year 'roujad home manufacturer. Carpenter crews and carpenters wanted. Also can use apprentice carpenters. Call 319-355-5379. ACTIVE MEN ' Are you ready for the response bility of running your own business? Are you tired of the roifc tine of dun indoor work? Would you prefer a salary based on your talents and ability? Are you a self-starting highly motivated person capable of~working well without supervision? If you answer ye3 to all these questions and are 24 yeaTS o}lj and married Jewel Companies Inc. have an opportunity fop you to run our business in the Galesburg area. For Interview See j£ MR. RON TRUKA Z Holiday Inn, Galesburg,'111. »i- WEDNESDAY. JUNE 27 «> 2 p.m. or 7 p.m. •*> WHOLESALE Representative: 'individual with some saleo-to- train in tire business. Established wholesale accounts. $10,000. CpU Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, W11$e, Pryor & Smith Personnel. M 3M COMPANY * Cordova Chemical Division haj opening for experienced '* MAINTENANCE MECHANIC Minimum 5 years plant MHauiT*' trial experience, mechanical trouble shooting experience required. Individual selected must be qualified in all aspects of in* dustrial plant maintenance work. INTERVIEW BY > APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please calj Personnel Dept. A/C 309-634. 2291 for app't. An equal opportunity employer. INTELLIGENT PER SCiN ABLE HELP NEEDED. Age not a question. Make full Income. Car helpful. Call 343-2106. An equal opportunity employer. MANAGEMENT Trainee. Banking. Move to Commercia or., Instal­ ment officer in six montosi Some experience. $7,200. Call Tarn, Wlt­ tle, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smlth^ersonnel^ WOULD like to have someone bale 18 acres of Hay on Shares, Four miles East of Abingdon on long Blacktop. Mrs. Ennls Glruh- cr. 462-2178. r TRUCK DRIVEW ^T' We are looking for long and intermediate haul semi-drlverj out of the Central Illinois. w e 4> We are a large established company and offer year around enu ployment ($18,000 to $20,000 per yr.) and excellent company paid benefits. Cull toll fre* 1-800-558-2911, Ext. 212. Schneider Transport, Inc. •• An_Equal_ Opportunity Kwployaj, Person in feed )istric-t MaWtffii-. READ THE WANT ADS! SALES Assistant: sales to assist Distr Career Spot. $10,800 plus, bcnuUiii. Call Jim Scattergood, rm-ltfg, Wlttle, Pryor & Smith Purtoniul. WANTED-- Experlented "all- around machinist, if you like challenge, responsibility, a r} il hard work, we can offer a goid salary and a chance to thare J11 the profit and future of «n,w company. Write Box 003, c«ire Giilesburg lle«|ster^Mall. MANAGEMENI'~ Trulnc«T" . "Off Urn a 11 (I Administration. k />jDccfi>3 oriented individual whu^uKv* to net ililiiK.. done W.0OO. rail Tojn Wit lie. 312 ilia. Wlttle, Urym ft Smith Personnel. <> ^Continued on Page, 10) ; f

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