Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts on July 6, 1902 · Page 22
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Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts · Page 22

Boston, Massachusetts
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Sunday, July 6, 1902
Page 22
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22 BOSTON SUNDAY POST, JULY 6, 1902 I Msytr Jonasson & Co Walking Skirts of WHITE DUCK, with side plait...................... ^2.90 of WHITE DUCK, with box plait ...................... *3,90 of NATURAL LINEN, with side plait.............. ^3.50 of NATURAL LINEN, with box pUh H.75 of WHITE LINEN, with box plait .................... ^5.90 of WHITE PIQUE, with side plait.................... *5.00 of’WHITE PIQUE, with box pUH.................... *5.50 Dress Skirts The remaining: Stock of Broadclothp Etamine and Cheviot, in fancy strapped effects, with silk drop-Skirt. $25.00, reduced to""...i^“.."!™ *i6.50 - *20.00 «LA CORONA CORSETS" (Sommer Weigfht) Trimmed Hats Balance of Stock reduced to ....................... *4.00 Tremont and Boylston Streets To and From Europe FoHowlns an extended stay in Ixm- don, where her social and artistic successes have been moat pronounced. Miss Pay Davis and her mother have relurneiT to America for the summer, and are paying a visit to Mrs. Frank M. L.lnnell, an elder daughter of Mrs. Davis, at her home on Columbia road, Dorchester. Miss Davis Is looking extremely well and is mu<ch benefited by her TOjoum acrosa the ocean. Mrs. and .Miss Davis have arranged to return In the fall. Among the departures for the other side laet Wednesday on the New E)ng- land were Mrs. Liutz of Ba.y State road and Dedham, a sister of the Hon, George Fred Williams, and her son, lifr. R<^:er liutz, who are to pass the next few months In liJuropean travel. Mra Dutz’s daughter Helen recently married Dr. Edward Russell Willianrus street. • .JSîülfco Cambridge. tm Hawthorne There were a number of prominent Bostonians Included among the 8a:<- onla’s passengers on Thursday, ail of whom reached Amearlca In am^e timo to celebrate the holiday on. their own territory. Among them were Mra Henry whitnmn of Mt. Vernon street, who has been abroad since early spiing and who goes at once to her North Shore residence; <Mr. and (Mra Rudolph L. Afraaslz of Comimonwealth avenue and Hamilton, who have been entertaining Miss Hetty Sargent In Ix>ndon, where Mr. Agassiz distinguished himself on the American polo teamm; Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bowdltch of Pond street. Jamaica Plain, with Miss Comeila Bowdltch and Miss Fanny Bowdltch, Mr. Ogden Codman of the Somerset Club, Mr. and Mrs. EX O. D}"man, Mr. and Mrs. EYed Came, who were greatly disappointed in mdss- Ing the coronation, and several more. Of the many people sailing for England on W'ednesday last were Mr. and Mrs. CllfPord ». Constable, who have been at the letter’s place. Eden Brae, at Bar Harbor, for the past few weeks. Mrs. Constable was formerly Miss Sara Kimball of this city, the sister of Mrs. Power Wilson of Granby street, at whose home the wedding was solemnized. The Constables sailed on the St. Paul and will reside permanently In England. Mr. Henry M. Whitney, who has been spending the past few weeks In Germany, Is due to arrive In America during the late week, having been greatly benefited by the baths. • ***•••« Miss Dulu Glaser, who has Just closed the most successful of seasons, sailed from New York Tuesday on the Kronprlnz Wilhelm for a summer in EJurope. This Is Miss Glaser’s first trip abroad, and she Is anticipating It with much pleasure. Her mother and young brother will Join her later. Btoeton was represented on the Kron- prinz Wilhelm by the iBancrofts, Mr. PYtink W. HSunnewell, Jr., and Mr. Robert T. Paine. Mr, and Mrs. William I.iowell Putnam of Manchester-by-tho-Sea, Mir. and (Mra George R. Shaw of Newbury street. Miss Isabel Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Crocker, Jr., Mr. Barrett Wendell of Marlboro street, the Rev. and Mrs. Roderick Steb- blns of Milton and Mr. and Mrs. A. Dlthgow Devens with their son and namesake and Miss Devens were among the beet known people sailing on the New England last Wednesday. Mrs. and Miss E>even8 have quite lately been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Osbom of Auburn, N. Y., the latter having given a tea In their honor, w’hlch was a very brilliant affair. I.ietters froA Mr. Blrge Harrison, the artist, and Mrs. Harrison, who lately went abroad, state that they have concluded a visit to Elxeter, Eng., and are now enjoj-ing themselves Immensely at St. Ives, Cornwall, wb.-re Mr. is making gome beautiful sketches. In accordance with his usual cus>- tom at this season of the year, Mr. Percy D. Langley of Winchester, ha» gone abroad, having crossed on the FYederlck der Grosse. Mr. Langley’s trip is undertaken, partly for pleasure and partly in the Interests of his firm, Langley, Burr & Co. ^ *••••••• The return from EJurope last week of Mrs. J. H. de Hegermann-Ltnden- crone and her husband Is of especial here. Mrs. Hegermann-Lln- dencrone 'was Mrs. Charles Moulton when she married the present Danish minister in Pari*. Originally she was Miss Greenough of Boston, and her acquaintance and afllliatton In this city Is a large one. The marriage of Mrs. Moulton and Mr. Hegermann- Lindencrone was solemnized In 1888. Dr. A Kidder Page of Westland avenue baa concluded his special studies abroad, which hav’e occupied the past few months and has returned to his home In Boston. The Saxonia will take out on Wed- ne.sday next Miss Ethel Shackelford and her friend. Miss Amy W. Gas- klll of Rlverbank court who are to pass the remainder of the summer In Europe, where have arrange<l a tour through England, E'rance, Belgium and Holland. Mme. DeAngells of Beacon street has just sailed for Europe, her Intention being to visit tne German baths. Mrs. Sarah E. Pratt of the Oxford also nailed yesterday for the other side, and will travel quite extensively on the continent. The Rev. and Mrs. C. 8. Davis of Lowell avenue, Newtonvllle, took t*heir departure for Europe on the Cam- broman Saturday, having arranged to pass the next eight weeks in continental travel. Mrs. Hugh K. Norman was Included In the past week’s European exodui, having gone to Naples to Join her mother-in-law, Mrs. George H. Norman. and to pass the summer In travelling. Mr. and Mrs. John O. Hall, Jr., of Quincy, have sailed from New York for the Me<llterranean, and are to pass tbe summer in continental travel. At Various Resorts iDr. James R. Chadwick, whose city honae comers on Clarendon and Marlboro streets, and Miss Chadwick, left town Thursday for Chocorua, New Hampshire, where they have a beautiful summer residence facing the lake, and where Dr. (Chadwick owns a wide tract of land. • ••••••• Dr. William A. Brofjks of Ha.rvard eleven fame and Mrs. lirooiks have closed their hotme on Beacon street and Your Busi Developed MX MOHCS FREE Thm r/tafom m ammtrtliul Burnt mud m Pmtdmot Figurm. Do you feel yonrtelf deficient as to a plump, well-round- M flgure? le your Imat, meamirement all Ibat you deelret Are tbere hollow E m above wd w your collar »7 whatever you may lack In the way of perfect form or flKtire Nature will method. A requeit from you to the Aurum Co., Chicago, will bring to you free of con a Maled package in a?iSg^T5 rnformatton Imw you can tq the privacy of your own room, Increase a short time and TUB Social side With a dearth of new.s on this side of the Atlantic, society is keenly Interested In overyithlng that is going on across the water. In spite of the improvement In the condlt'on of King Bdiward, miany Americans who went over tor the coronation are returning. No one seems to take with «ny assurance the statement that he will be crowned in September, and most travellers appear to have lost he^t and Interest in the evmt. On the other hand, a number of our' people have accepted the situation phllosopnl- cally, and have planned tours aboait the continent and watering places so that they may return to London when the day Is finally decided upon for the coronation. Included in Ihe latter contingent are Mias EJdlth Andrew of Beacon street and Hinghami, with Miss Cornelia Andrew and Miss EJllzabeth Andrew: Mrs. Edward S. Eatchelder of the Vendôme, who Is summering at the French w’atering plaças and in Paris: Mr. and Mrs. Willlani Bndlcott and the former’s mother, Mrs. Alanson Pdgelow, who w’ill conclude her aittay at Alx-les-Badns in the early fall, and Mr. an^ Mrs. George Beale Emmons of Brookline, who .are summering on the continent. Of those who are returning are the J. Hampdon Robbs of Nt^'W York and the Misses Robb, Mr. Edward R. Tyler and Miss EJdith Tyler of Beacon sti*eet, the Rudolph Agassizs and HKany more. In Bo-ston the soiclal Hie Is quite a* dead as the proverbial door nail ” and It will be many weeks before anything of interest transpires. It is at the fashionable resorts, Newport, Bar Hari'or and Lenox, that we are looking f>r entertainment just now. Newport's early season of rest, when the cx>ttagers are able to avoid the routine of th(> social game of give and take, has ended. EJntertainlng has been taken up. The first large dinner of the season last week had for Its hosts Mr. and Mrs. William Denison Hatch, and for the guests of honor Mias Lucy Hatch and Miss Carrie Hatch. The party rounded out a pleasant •hospitality with a visit to the vavidevllle show which opened evening at Freebody Park. Bar Harbor came largely to the front with a brilliant wedding. In which New York and Boston were pretty equally interested, the groom, Mr. Reginald M. Johnso'n, being a relative of Mrs. Curtis Guild, Jr., and Mrs. John Lavalle. Lenox will contribute to the general the eomlng week In the nuptials of Miss Lila Sloan© and Mr. Field in Trinity Church Tuesday noon, which promises to be beautiful Llmost beyond description. There will be a large house party at Elm Court over the <nent, and additional guests will be entertained at the Curtis. A large has been arranged to follow the ceremony at Elm Court, The Reid-Lincoln Reception There has been no more delightful hospitality during the past week than the reception given Wednesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Lincoln, Jr., of Walnut place, Brookline, In honor of the marriage of their daughter, Christine, to Mr. William T. Reid, Jr., of Belmont, California, which took place earlier in the evening. Both of the large drawing rooms were thrown open and beautifully decorated with a wealth of roses and cut flowers. In the conservatory adjoining an orchestra was stationed, while tne receiving party stood In front of a large bank of palms, ferns and hydrangeas. The bride’s gown was a speaking tribute to the skill of the Parisian modiste. It was of white satin over white taffeta, the front of the skirt adorned with wreaths of white tuUe and white satin, in empire effect. The bodice was of accordion-pleated silk chiffon, with transparent neck and sleeves, the latter being banded with white satin and insertion. A pearl necklace, Mr. Reid’s gift, was worn, and the tulle veil was fastened with orange blo.s- soms. A shower bouquet of bride roses completed the ensemble. The bride’s and the groom’s parents were In the receiving line, as were the maid of honor and six bridesmaids. Mrs. Lincoln was daintily attired in a Paris gown of dove gray taffeta, veiled with mousseline de sole of the same shade, and elaborately trimmed with white silk lace. The waist corsage bouquet of tea roses and some diamonds were worn. Mrs. Reid was elegant and distinguished in gray louls- ienne, in combination with duchesse lace, and wore some beautiful gems. Miss Agnes Lincoln divided the honors of the evening with the bride. She is a handsome, well set up girl, who has been a groat favorite since her presentation last year. - On this occasion she was looking particularly well In white mousseline de .sole, with beautiful lace trimmings, and carried a shower bouquet of pink sweet peas. The bride’s • gift, a gold chain bracelet, with ruby clasp, was also worn. The maids were clad alike In white taffeta, veiled with pink silk chiffon, trimmed with large plaques oi white lace, joined together with narrow strips of pink velvet. They wore the bride’s gifts of Etruscan gold pendants, set with pearls. Mr. Reid generously presented his ushers with pearl scarf pins and his best man with a particularly handsome pin, in thistle shape, set with pearls. As the elements were most auspicious, the reception wa.s largely an al fresco affair, the lawns being gay with a profusion of Japanese lanterns, and a .’aia... ipnt, hand.somely decorated. was used for serving supper. The bridal party «Unefl nt io in, and had the happiest sort of a time. The bride cut the cake, which contained the customary thimble, ring and coin. Later they danced the Virginia reel. Mr. Reid and his bride leading, and It was quite midnight when the young pople departed, amid a shower of white confetti, on their bridal trip, which will terminate with a five month’s tour abroad. Mrs. Reid took her departure In a chic little frock of blue linen, with white lace collar and white hat. The cab which bore them away was gayly decked and one Japanese lantern twinkled at the rear as the carriage wound down the long driveway to the street. Among those nresent at the reception were Miss Mary Lincoln, who was beautifully attired in heliotrope crepe de chine and veiling, with cream lace in combination; Miss Barlow, in gray nun’s veiling, with yoke and sleeves of white lace and touches of rose pink; Mrs. Harold Williams, looking vefy handsome In a richly embroidered go’wn of gray, with beautiful gems; Mrs. Charles Williams, appearing to particular advantage in gray; Mrs. George Foster Williams, who had with her Miss Maude Wll- llam.s. attired in white chiffon; Miss May Williams, who was also In white, and Miss Constance Williams, looking exceedingly pretty In a gauzy frock of rale green; Mias Craig of Washington, whose engagement to Mr. Harold Williams has been lately announced, who was greatly admired In a lovely creation of white soie de chine, with blue sjish and trimmings; Mrs. E. H. Lincoln, wearing black Chantilly lace, over white taffeta; Mrs. George H. Francis, in green, with white lace and many jewels; Miss Ethel Thompson, in palest gray, with rope of pearls; Miss Katherine Sabine, In light blue; Miss Margaret Hlggin- son, who was also attired in a pretty creation of pale blue, and Miss Margaret Winslow, whose engagement to Mr. Collins has lately been made public. was delightful to behold in white chiffon, with sash and trimmings of pale blue. Others noted were Mr. and Mrs. Whitman and Miss W'hitman, Miss Rebecca Whitman, Mrs. Gardner Bullard. Mr. E. R. Lincoln, Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel H. Crocker and Miss Marion Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Knowles, Mrs. Andrew Robeson. Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray Kay and their daughter, Miss Winifred Kay, Mrs. John L. Batchelder, Jr.. Mr. J. Fo.ster White, Dr. George H. Francis. Dr. Carleton Francis and Mrs. Henry E. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Reid will make their future home in Belmont, cal.. much to the regret of their many friends. Although they "were rather non-com- munlcatlve regarding the date of their sailing, it is inferred that they will return to Boston, and sail from this . port, so that their Intimates may have \ the opportunity of bidding Iheir bon vnyage at the pier. Blake-Hunnewell Nuptials On Monday the marriage of Miss Margaret Hunnewell, daughter of Mr. and M m . Arthur HunnewoH of Dartmouth «treet and Wellesley, and Mr. George Baty Blake, proved of exceptional Interest to society. The affair took place In the little church at Wellesley. with which the Hunnewells have been Identified, and which was beautifully decorated with potted palms and other greenery ranged on the shelves along the sides of the edifice. The chancel was most effectively banked with potted flowers of various colors, many orchids being included In the display. Down the main aisle the pews were decked with large bows of white ribbon. The bride was very lovely In white mousseline de sole, almost covered with applications of point applique lace, which was arranged on the skirt and bodice In shawl effect, the veil trimmed with rare lace and caught with orange blossoms. Mrs. Hunnewell was beautifully attired In White taff veiled with chiffon, trlrtomed lace, and a toque of whfite and black. Owing to a triple bcreiiveme»^ in the family, the deaths of Mrfe. Be L Hollis H. Hunnewell and Ilttlfe Fith Bargent, all having occurred ifhln a few months, the wedding was a strictly private affair and there were few guests outside the family at the church and at the reception which followed. Among those present, in addition to the immediate families, werf Mrs. Oliver Ames, Jr., who was lovo'y to behold In her light mourning atJre and becoming hat;. Miss Minnie vmes; Mrs. Arthur Welland Blake > nd her daughter. Miss Beatrice Blal«: the Herbert Melville Harrimans, who came over from New York for the ">ccasion, and the Hollis Hunnewells a‘>d Victor Sorohans, who came up fro;n Newport. The gifts were unusual;’y beautiful and so valuable as to afgregato In themselves a small fortune Mead-Wing Weddinfe âUiUMOO.. 0»9t.a.0.. Uttatott. CHIGAtO. ape occupying their Bumimer residence, the Bungalow, at IJncoln, which Is picturesquely situated at the summit of a hill, and comman»!» a widespread and unsurpasBi'ti view. D t . and Mrs. Brooks are entertaining quietly, and will have serveral friends with them for SeiVtemlber. ^ •****•#• There ha* been quite a scattering of the Rlverbank Gourt residents during the past fortnight. Mr. Horace Eaton and Miss fOaton oi that hotel are at Greenland, N. H., for the .summer, Mrs. Peroy V. B. Baldwin loft on 'VVednesday for u season among the Adlrondacis, Mrs. Bopaia V. Morse (a granddaughter of the late Gornelius Vanderbilt) Is at the 8>uth Shore and Mr. and Mr.s. Charles Clapp are pleasantly established In Duxbury. • ••••••• Mr. and Mrs. Qarmre Baldwin of Chicago and the latter’s paren'ts, Mr. and Mrs. Wllllnm M. Scott of Newbury street, axe among .'e.’ent arrivals .at the Crawford Iloiuse, White Mountains, where B«.>«ton is morewer represented by Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Blake and Miss Blake of Beacon street, w'ho, earlier In the season, w'ere aJt ihe Sweetwater, Bedfoird Springs. • **«••••• The Rev. and Mrs. William Copley Winslow and family are at Bam.stable f.)r the sojison, and Mrs. H. T. Baldwin and family of Chestnut Hill, who have been at C?ape Cod for the early summer, have gone to the White Mountains for the remainder of the season. iMr. and Mrs. George A. Draper t/t Commonwealth avenue will l>e at the mounltalns for July and August, having an apartment at the Profile Houas. Mis* Velta Saw'telle and her sister, Miss Pauline Hawtelle, loft town ou •Monday to pass the .><wnimer at the Thousand Islands, where they will be the guest* of Philadelphia friends. • ••••••* Mrs. C. H. Turner of MJt. Vernon ■tre-st left txxwn on Wednesday for Jackson, N. H., w^hore Mr, Turner has been staying for several week». The wedding of Miss Ajdn Geneva Wing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Wing, and Albert D. Mead of Brown University, Providence, drew many soetety people from Boelon, Providence, <."ihlcago and many other places to Palmer la*t Wednesday evening. The marriage ceremony wns jierformed before the brilliant as- i*emblage of gueffts In the Second Congregational Church, which wa.s tastefully decorated in green and white. Tme ceremony wa.s performed by the Rev. Charles Dlnsmore of Boston, assisted by the Rev. F. B. Harrison of Palmer. The ^r^ T«ipi«oopaJ service was used. The bride wore white crepe de chine, with a bertha of rose point lace, with a veil and orange hlossoma. She carried a bouquet of Golden Gate roses. The maid of honor wore jdnk silk muslin and carried a bouquet of white carnations. ITie brlde«ma.ld3 were dres.'sed In pink and white flowered organdie over pink, with white .satl'n sash and trimmings, and each carried i ho\uiuets of maiden-haJr fern and whate sweet peas. After the ceremony a rert ption was held at the homo of the Main .street 'Phe u.-<her hrhle’s brotl of I'roviden Hams of B O. ibishman mald.s were: of Monson. (Boston, .M1 k . s M iss Anna The maid of brliie’s parents on North were: C. M. Wing, the er; Robert B. Greenwood e, I>r. Tjoonard W. Wll- own University and T. of Monson. The brides-MI h . h Hat'tle F. Cushman Mi.s-i Marj' Barrows of Elizjibeth W. Braley and traley of New Bedford, honor was Miss Effle G. Shaw of Palfriior. Mrs. Mead Is a graduate of Welle.s- ley, and loo» her second degree at Brown CnlveftJty, where she was for five years as.'<!sty.nt professor of phys- lolcgy and hygiene. The groom is the head of the department of compara- tlveanatoiny at Bi'own. Tuesdayeven- Ing the bride gnv? a supper to her brldevsmaid.« and ntoers at her home The bride.«.nalds e\eh received pearl pins and the u»her.«\were given scarf pins of laurel lenve.q. and pearls. \ Mr. and Mrs, Estes Entertain A pleasant event of the week was the dinner and ping pong party given on Tnursday evening at the Commonwealth Country Club, Chestnut Hill, by Mr. and Mrs. Dana Estes. As the evening was a bit damp, owing to the downpour earlier in the day. the dinner was served In the cafe’Instead of on the veranda as was originally Intended. The table was very prettily decorated with a profusion of yellow naaturtlum.s and an InvKj'ug menu was prcnided Among the guests were Dr. and Mr.«. J. Warren Stearns of Wln- che.ster. Mr.s. L. Cowes Page of Brookline and Mrs. George A. Page of New­ tonvllle. MI hh Louise lUird of Nutley. N. J., Mr. Robert Eaton Cowes of Cambridge and Mr. Dana Ei?tes, Jr. Tho ping pong prizes were two handsome Rockwood vases, which were won by Miss Hurd and Mr. Robert E Cowes. Gala Occasion at Hoosic-Whisick Ijast Satimlay proved to be a gala occasion at the exclusive Hooslc- Mhlslck Club, In Milton, w'hlch la al- way.s a fcetm of conviviality at tho week end. The usual programme of golf was enlivened by n band concert, and after the members had played over the course tea was served’ at the club house. The aliendunce was not large, as many of the members are away fbr the summer, and few guests were asked. <>f those present were Mr. Edmund J. B. Huntoon, president of the t?lub; Mr. and Mr.«., Joseph Hall. .Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wattles and their daughter. mIh.s Ella Wattles, eir. and Mrs, Eugene Endlcott, both of whf.m are as devetcd to golf as before their marriage, and Mr, William Tleknor, Marriage of Harvard Man Announcement wu made early in ttie week of the marriage of Mr, Joseph 1>. Forbes, a memlier of the fHshlonable Morristown colony and a graduate of Harvard, ’1», to Miss Madeline Clifton MeOulre. Mr. Forbes has many frlend.s In Boston, who have known of his engfigement for some months, although the marriage was ing "liirrled Mr. vluiiHon Shaw, th*-' «4 oîi of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander I). Shuw. Enlargement of the Meyer Residence A great addition to the show places about Hamilton will be the residence of the Hon. Gt orgc von L. Meyer ou Main street, which 1* being much en» larged and remodelled with a vley to future entertaining. Mrs. .VIeyi has written that she has decided nit to return to America in fhe fall wllh the ambassador, but wlU remain fn the other side until his responsibilities make It po.sslble for him to rejoin her. The ab.senee of the Me.vers from the North Shore colony ig greatly lamented, and people are feeling sorry not to have tho opportunity of welcoming Mr.s. Meyer for rhe brief time her husband ha* arranged to spend here later in the season. A. CRAWFORD. Qeo. E. Plummer Qo- 831 and 533 WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON. Clearan(»$aleüMiilsuinmer I»nES-VlOTJS TO STOOKXTiVK-IISr Suit Dept. Dress and Walking Suits. Foulard, Taffeta and Pongee Sultsr, in dross and 'walking lengths. Black, navy, royal and white taffeta in plain colors, foulard in polka 12.98 Walking Suit. All-Wool Walking Suit, skirt with str.ip seams and 18 rows of stitching around bottom of flounce. Norfolk coat lined with satin, In blue 9.98 and black. Linen Walking Suit, Norfolk style, made from heavy Irish thorough- ^ ly shrunken ............... \J Tailor-Made Suits. All-Wool Tailor-Made Suits, onl.v one of a kind—different effects—in cheviots, home­ spuns and Venetians ........................... 7.98 Misses’ and Children’s Department. Grand opportunity to clothe the children for vacation—33 1-3% reduction on all our wash dresses, sailor suits, reefers, jackets, in cheviots and coverts and Monte-Carlo coats, from 6 to 16 year si/.es. Garment Dept. “Frocks and Frills** Coats. By an extensive purchase we are enabled to offer our new “Frocks and Frills” coat, sold "7 C(\ earlier at’$15.00> for.. / •■JvA This Is not equalled In value In Boston. Travelling Coats. Long Silk Travelling Coats, in taffeta and peau-de-sole, 32 to 44 inch bust measure, in stock at all times—equal to any | ’’7 ^ C shown at $18.00 ........... IZ«* / »J Raglans and Newmarkets. An exceptionally flne line of light and medium weight cloth raglans and newraarkets for travelling, from 9.98 to 25.00 Dress and Walking Skirts. Denim, Duck and Linen Skirts, dress and walking lengths, in all styles and sizes; prices lower than any other store in the city. White Lawn Short KImona, With blue, black, pink AQkn and red polka dots ......... Belt Department. We are closing out our Belt department, and have made a discount of 50% on the prices of all our silk and leather belts—also neck and shoulder ruches. Shirt Waist Dept. Odds and Ends. We have marked ill our odds and ends of whife and colored shirt waisp, formerly sold for $1.00 and $1.50, to........................ 49c Persian Lawn^alsts. 150 Persian Law Waists, button down back, with 5 rows Hamburg insetion on the front—an exceitlt^al value— formerly sold at $3^50— while they last. All our bet Waists propor 98c grades of < ately cheap. k Waist, White China Sizes from 32 tc44, trimmed with rows of iner- | tlon and tucks. „... l.iyO Walkieg Skirts. On the Sti t Floor, All-Wool WalJig Skirts in kilted effect, it black, blue, brown, oxford medium and )cfect hanging “ 2.98 light gray—a skirt and made this sale .......... We have male the prices of and fine tailoi ■a great cut in I our costumes aade suits. t Events of the Week The marriage of Miss Jeanne Lang'try last week was a very smart affair, attended by all the notable society people in London, who have watched wlt'h Interest, the career of this young woman. She Is .said to be lovely ana winsome, and much liked by all who know her. Several of the Indian rajahs, in all the splendor of their native costumes fteve the picture made by the fakhlonably attired English wimen. Mr. and Mrs. Malcom have begun hie with many gifts of great value and the good wishes of a tost of friends. Mr. .and^Mrs. C^orge R. d^sus of Hotel Boulevard, Chestnut Hill, entertained at a .«mall dinn^ at the Commonwealth Country Club, on Wedne.sday evenlfiK. which was served on the veranda; at a table prettily decked with crmson rambler roses- Mrs. Angus and Jer friend, Miss M^el Vaughn of •Cai^brldge, Mrs. J. Edward Mullen oil Newbury street, and Mrs. Frank iW, Gaskill, were a few of the ladles’nJted on the club house ^azza during the tea hour on Wed...................... Among the initial of the season’.s hospitalities ai Bar Harbor last week was the dlnnor-dance given on Monday evening ly Mrs. C. F. Wlnthrop In honor of th* marriage of her nleoe, Ml.«s Julia Plirrepont ESdwards, and Mr. iReglnaJ# Johnson. The deoora- tions were on a most lavish scale. The entire bridal party were inclu'ded In the Invlta'tions, and there «were present. In addition to the guests of honor. Miss Dorothy EJdwards, Miss Rosalie Campbell, Miss Alice Van Doren Ripley, Miss Edith Greenough, Miss Hinckle, Mr. C. Clifford Payson, Mr. Archibald Blanchard, Mr. Theodore Hoague, Mr. John C. Rice, Mr. Langdon P. Marvin. Mr. Gouverneur Harris. Mr. Archibald C. Harrison, Mr. Elliott Johnson and Mr. Edward S. Thurston. Announcement Is made of the marriage on Wednesday last Of Miss Charlotte Parker to Mr. Frank Wilson of Winchester, which took place at the bride’s home. In Wairtiington. D. C. Mr. Wilson’s mother went over to Washington for the ceremony and remained during the week. Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Chase of Beacon street. Brookline, gave a large house party over the Fourth at their country place at Harwich, many of the guests remaining over until tomorrow. «•««•••• Of especial Interest to tho fashionables was the Friday and Saturday meet of the Rhode Island Jockey ^lub a't Narragansett Park, Providence, which event numbered among the honorary stewards Mr. EteFkirest Danielson, Mr. E Rollins Morse, Mr. Eugene V. R. Tliayer, Mr. A. G. Vanderbilt, Mr. Elisha Dyer, Jr.. and Mr. E. R. Bulkley, whose skster Is Mrs. Prescott Lawrence. Along the Coast Mr. and Mi-s. James B. Forsyth of the Victoria, who are very loyal In their allegiance to Hotel Preston at Beach Bluffs, are once again Included among the patrons of that favorite hcnise, where they are to pass the early season. Mrs. Joel Goddthwalte, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gray and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson ’Curtis are others who were among the first from this city to arrive at the North Shore, and Mi». H. O. Stone of Chicago, one of itho Windy Citv’s prominent .«iocial leaders, is at the Preston for the entire season. • •«••««« ' Of the notaibles at Kasthampton this summer are Mr. and Mrs. John Drew, who have a wide acquaintance among the fashionable*, with whom they and tbelr debutante daughter are x’^ery popular. J'he Drews are devo<ted to horseback, and the actor takes his dallv ride on a tine iron-gray cob, while Drew appears to great ad- va.ntage on a black one. Mrs. Kean, mother of Senator Kean, Is at Pride's Crossing, where she has a cottage, and where her son and one daughter will be with her during the season. Tho Misses Lucy and Elizabeth Kean have gone abroad to travel In Sweden and Norway for the summer. *••••••• Mr. and Mrs. H. Staples Potter of Commonwealth avenue are at Shelter Island for the next six weeks, where Mrs. Potter’s beautiful gowns are greatly admired. Dr. A. Carleton Potter has just sent out announcements of his change of office to the Abbotsford, 186 Commonwealth avenue. Mrs. Charles F. Sprague and family of Brookline are pleasantly estab- llshed for the summer at New London, where they have succeeded In leasing a beautiful estate. They will have for neighbors at that resort Dr. and Mrs. William Appleton of Beacon street. Mrs. Knyveit Sears and her daughter. Miss Clara Endlcott Sears, of Beacon street, who have been at Groton for the spring season, will pass the mld- «ummer at their Naharit estate, returning to Groton In the autumn. IDr. Franklin Dexter Is one of the several enthusiastic yachtsmen at Marblehead this summer, where he and hie family haive the Tllden cottage, and where Dr. Dexter is spending as much time as possible on his boa't. «••••••• iMr. and Mr.s. Thomas B. Tleknor of Cambridge have lately left town for Marblehead Neck, where they are to pass the summer. Mrs. R. W. Morrill, Miss Dorothy Morrill and Miss Katharine Morrill were Included among the arrivals of the season at the Lincoln House, Swampscott. • ••••••• Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Ward of Newton are occupying their attractive summer place at East Gloucester, where Mrs. Ward la engaged In her literary' pursuits. Plans are being prepared for the pretty cottage Mr. and Mrs. George B. James of Lawrence avenue, Roxbury', are preparing to hulld In the late season at Marblehead to replace the Wells villa, which they recently purchased. Mr. and Mrs. aames and Miss Adelaide James are at Marblehead Neck for the season. The Maine Resorts Mrs. GcorgQ Munroe Endlcott of Trinity court, with Miss Endlcott and Miss Alice Endlcott, have gone to Oak Island. Me., for the summer, where .Miss Ella Wattles Is now thetr guest for a fortnigh't or so. A third tlaughti r of Mr.s. Endlcott. Mrs. John Hurd Hutchins of Beacon street, Is domiciled at her beautiful North Shore home at Beverly for nid summer. Mrs. Henry' F. Dlmock ,1s still at her country home, but Is arranging to go on to Bar Harbor the middle of .luly, where Mr. and Mrs. Cary \Talbot Hutchinson will be her guests kor a part of the summer. Mr. and jAJrs. Henry M. Whitney and the MVssais Whitney have aJso been asked tot. a norllon of the time. Mr. Whlt- iiey'\being Mrs. D1 mock’s brother. Monday proved the most pleasant and auspicious of days for the departure of Mrs. Walter Channing and daughters for their cottage at Cam- pohello, where they are to pass the entire summer. Campobello Is a favorite resort with fashionable Bostonians, and the colony on the exclusive and cool little island Is a comparatively iqrge one. • A**«««» Dr. George B, Dorr of Comm,on- wealtK avenue spent a latrtion of the week at Bar Harbor. Mr. Dorr has rented his b^'autlful estate at that resort. "Old Farm.’’ to Mr. A. J. Cassatt. president of the Pennsylvania • .......................... Mr. and .Mrs. Lyman Greenleaf of Beacon street, with their young daughter—Mrs. Edward P. Shaw of Brookline—JMiss Pauline Shaw and Mr. Andrew Winslow of the University Club, have been among recent arrivals <ot prominence at the Poland Springs House during early July. • ••••••• Mr. and Mrs. C'lement G. Stlckney of this city and the latter’s mother, Mrs. .1. J. Walworth, are among the earliest hotel arrivals of the season at Kennebunkport, where they are guests at the Cliff House. At Kennebunkport the Boston colony Is never a large one and is materially lessened this year by the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Abbott Graves. Mr. and Mrs. JiOrin F. Deland, however, continue most loyal In their allegiance and have been for some weeks established at their picturesque villa, Greywood. The cottage colony at Kennebunkport has recently been augmented by the arrival of .Mr. Chester Guild and family of Park street. Newton. Mrs. George Sllsbee Hale of Bay State rojul has gone to her summer home at Schooner Head, Bar Harbor, where her sons, Mr. Robert Sever Hale and Mr. Richard Walden Hale, are with her. Both the Messrs. Hlale are Harvard men, having graduated In ’91 and ’92, respectively, and are In great demand socially. *••••••• Mr. and Mra. Charles William Dabney (Lucy H. Russell) of Hyde Park are arranging to occupy The Breezes, their Alt. Desert summer home at Niortheast Harlwr, about the middle of the month. Personil Notes Boston’s and Brookline’s young social elements jre regretting the near-at-hand degrture of Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Cwby for California, where they areio make their permanent home. ni. and Mrs. Crosby’s wedding took pice last summer in Alameda, Califolia, and the young people returned 1st that Mr. Cro.shy might take his dtree at Harvard la.«t month. They hJe been staying with Mr. Crosby's pAnts, Mr. and Mrs. WllHam Sumnerlcrosby, on Gardner road. Brooklinel Airs. Crosby is an unusually .prettjfv’oung matron of the purest blonde twe. She was married shortly after hefCTaduatlon from one of the fashlofcble Commonwealth avenue flnlshln#c'hools, and Is highly accomplished «d a fearless equestrienne. She is'he heiress to an immense fortune. Among the wck’s departures were Dr. W. W. WHiams or the Harvard Medical School, who has joined his family In Baltlnore for the sumfner. When jL»r. Wiliams returns to town In the fall he Till bring with him a younger brother who is to enter college, and both ;entlemen will occupy a double suite a the Rlverbank court. The Rev. and Mrs. Charles Edward Hutchinson, vhose marriage took place some 10 iaj's aero In Cambri'ig«, are en route f>r their future home, Cincinnati, wlwre Mr. Hutchinson is rector of Gra»e Church. The groom ? :raduated fron Harvard In 'kt and our years labr from the Theological School. His bride was formerly I.,oulse H. Kendall of Cambridge. Mrs. John Chester Inches of the Empire, Commonwealth avenue, is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Lucas Moore of New Orleani, and her nephew, who enters Harvard in the fall. Mrs. Inches’s new Rummer home at Needham, near the; Dedham ime, 1s nearly ready for occqpancy, and the Moores w'lll remain for .«several weeks in order to visit Mrs Inches and Miss Natica Inches at thar country residence. Mr. and Mrs. W. Perry Fiske have concluded their bridal tour, which conssted of a driving trip through western Massachusetis, and have returned to Jamaica Plain. Mrs. Fiske was fmmerly Miss Ruth Tucker. When Mr. and Airs. Henry B Temhy of Park stnet, Brookline, return from their visit to the Delaware Water Gap, next veek, they will bring with them the termer’s sister, Mias Charlotte Temly'. who will be their guest until the lime of their departure for Bar Harbrr, In August. Allss Temhy is already quite a favorite In Brookline, havhg paid frequent visits to that subuib. She Is a bright. inter*'sting girl, end possesses a very beatiti- ful voice, which has been carefully cultivated by Damrosch. *••••••• Miss R«beoca Lane Hooper, daughter of Prjfessor Hooper of Brooklyn, hM been paying a visit to her friend, Miss Malel Daniels of Babcock street, Brooklln», which concluded the nild- dle of th? week. Miss Daniels l.s satl- Ing for Ccrmany this month. Mrs. Sdney Palmer and Afiss Isabel Palmer have returned to their horn« New York from Cohasset, where they na.'e been the guests of the .Albert Hardings, Mrs. and Alias Palm r a*"® the aunt and cousin of Mrs DeFord Bgelow, and were present at I’.er recent veddlng. . On Wednesday last Mrs. Isaac Foster Ma«k of New Jersey, who has been for several week.«, visiting ^r sor.-ln-law and daughter, Mr a ml P^A^rank W. Gaskill, at the U.ver- bank Court, left town for her summer Ora(lelle-on-Hudson. wh-re ’ ^’*th her .son for th- next few rrontha. Nourse and h!« mother ®“kaged a beautiful Hlverbank Court, which ^31 occiupy directly .ifter their return to town In the fall. oulw-. McLean, w ac- one ho In Boston is a very large o ««ranged to pass a portion of BrnroK at West End. Eong or her friend, Mr.«. Georg-- Ryitcr- berf. of the Empire. C'om- ™ofnv oaiti, avenue, is in CuniN>r and. K’ a. visit to her friend. ■ A. .Strout, The Bfown-Baxter Nuptials Invitations w»nt om last Thursday from Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Baxter, for the marrtîJÇe reception of their daughter. Clara Virginia, to Mr. Harrison Hltehcrtcik Brown, to take place on the evening of Wednesday, July 16, from 8:3« unill 10 o’clock, at thetr ’f»ldence, 100 Melville av»nue, Dor- chester. Mr. Brown is a Harvard man, who has given much time to literary pursuits, and Miss Baxter Is a very winsome and attractive girl, who will make the prettiest of brides. young people have arranged to spend the summer in the East and to take up their permanent residence In California in the fall. lHarrl«on W. Smith "f a n*.« Yacht Cluh has add. -! ^'«"’1 to th< fb' t. which IS admiration. The b-at in iTK? capable of much nmml nnd «« ’««hloru-d on graceful llm-.s the Nahant Church this morning, to r. Uaul Revere l-’rothlngham M *0NATRip?r,ur:n are equij,pej| electricity. How \ml yo’l heat your Curling; Irons? Uvcr woman needs an American Curling Iro ^Water Heater, compact and plc.isinj- •• iHmptoii Minufacturlno Co Ailiirtio A vmuo . Bofton. I I

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