The New Bloomfield, Pa Times from New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania on December 5, 1871 · Page 4
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The New Bloomfield, Pa Times from New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania · Page 4

New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1871
Page 4
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4 GIljc tints, K Bloomftdir, )n. AUVKHTISINU HATES I 3Viuitt 8 Cents per line for one Insertion. 19 " " twe Insertions 15 " " three ititartions. Easiness Noticet in Local Column 10 Cents per Una. Notices of Marriages or Deaths Inserted free. Tributes of Respect, Ac., Ten cents per line. TEAHLV ADVERTISEMENTS. One Square, one year 112 00 Two Squares per year, 20 00 For longer advertisements a reasonable discount will be made. Ten Lines Nonpareil or one Inch, ta one square. NEW BL00MFIELD, PENN'A. TuetidaH, December K, 1H71. CUE CFF2E FOB 1872 ! The subscription for single copies of THE TIMES for the year 1873, will be f 1.35. All subscribers remitting their subscription between this time and January 1st., will receive the paper for the remainder of this year fkbi of Waro. TO CLUBB: We offer the following terms i For fll, we will send ten copies to one office, nd an extra copy to the person getting up the Club. For 120 we will send twenty copies to one Office, and an extra copy to the person getting p the club. PETERSON'S MAGAZINE ad-Tin Times, will both be sent to any address for the year 1872, on receipt of $3.5. This magazine is so well known throughout the country, as the best of the monthly periodicals, and Is such a great favorite with the ladles, that we need say nothing In Us praise. Subscriptions for the magazine will commence with the January number. Ex-Comptroller Connonlly of New York has" hcen arrested upon the same charge as was innde ngulnst Tweed, and like bim held in $1,000,000 bail. But unlike him lie was not able to get the required amount, and was after being kept three days at a hotel, lodged in Congress assembled yesterday. The President's Message was read, extracts from which we will publish next week. The relative party strength of the present Congress is as follows : Senate, fifty-six Republicans, seventeen Democrats. House, one hundred and forty Republicans and one hundred and three Democrats. Bomb trouble has occurred at Havana bo tween Americans and the .Spanish volunteers, and fear is expressed that, Spain and the United States will get into difficulty in Consequence. Already more vessels have been sent by our government to cruise in the vicinity of Cuba. The Spanish Minister is alarmed at the situation, and has telegraphed to the authorities at Havana that our Oovomment has instructed it representative in Cuban waters to resent ny attempt on the part of the volunteers to interfere- with American interests. Tub sub-committee sent to Mississippi - and Alabama to look into the operations of the Ku-klux in those States, find that in Mississippi the Ku-klux are operating chiefly against the educational system, having burned nearly all the school houses in the Statu and driven the teachers off. In Alabama the same lawless band determined to bfeak up all the Methodist Episcopal church societies established since the close of tho rebellion by northern missionaries, and have succeeded pretty effectually in accomplishing their object. Although tho committee found a bad condition of affairs in both States, they believe the law can be vindicated without declaring martial law. A Curious Ineldent. A singular instance of premonition of 4vil is related by a correspondent of the Bangor Whig. A certain musician residing tu that city, after playing at a ball in a town some miles distant, last Monday night, retired to rest as usual, but was restless and unable to sleep, and a sensation of dread of something wrong took hold of his mind. He strove to shake it off, and courted sleep in vain. So strong did this un-Mirtess become that he at length arose and took the first train to Augusta, and immediately went to his home, where he found his wife and little son of four years Of age both nearly suffocated from coal gas. It was a long time before they could be revived. Had he been absent an hour longor they would doubtless both have been dead. tar A young lady, with a number of Others who were injured by a railroad accident near Boston, was carried to a hospital. Tho surgeon came around and said to the fashionable miss: "Well, madam, syhat can I do for you ? " Doctor one of my limbs is broken." "One of your limbs?" aid he ; " well which limb is it ?" " Oh, I can't toll you, doctor J but it's one of my Hubs." "One of your limbs," thundered the doctor, out of patience : " which limb (a It the limb you thread a needle with?" " No, sir," she answered with a sigh : " it's the limb I wear a garter on." The doctor attended to her, and thon said i " Young woman, never say limbs again in a hospital ; for when a woman gets a fastidious as that, the quicker the dies the bolter." Br the recently executed loaso of tho rail roads of New Jersey to the Pennsylvania It. R., the following roads come under their control : The Pennsylvania R. R. company assumed the management on the first Inst. Miles. Camden and Amboy Railroad, 114 Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad, 28 New Jersey R. R., & transportation Co., 83 New Jersey Railroad, 117 Salem Railroad, 17 Millville and Glassboro Railroad, 23 Cape May ami Millville Railroad, 41 Swedcsboro' Railroad, 11 Relvidcre and Delaware Railroad, 00 Flemington Railroad, 13 Camden and Burlington Railroad, 25 Pcmperton and Hiuhtstown Railroad, 24 Mount Holly and Med ford Railroad, A Burlington and Mount Holly Railroad, 7 Vincentown Branch Railroad, 8 Freehold and Jameshurg Railroad, 15 Hquanknm and Freehold Railroad, 4 Rocky Hill Railroad. 7 Perth Amboy and Woodbridge Railroad, 7 New Brunswick and Nillstone Railroad, 7 Somerset and Meror Railroad, 18 Frankford and Holmesburg Railroad, 4 Connecting Railroad, 8 Total, 41)8 Hew tho Tammany Thieves Did It, There is no doubt that a large proportion of the twenty millions which wo know to have been stolen have been used in the corruption of electors, and the payment of managers of both parties all over the State. We are only saying what all " the men inside politics" know well, that there has for the last few years been hardly a town or county caucus, lietween this city and the lakes, in which Tweed's hand has not been felt. Ho has his agents everywhere some stationary, some intinorant and they are as numerous in the Republican as the Democratic ranks. To some he pays salaries, to others he makes donations, and others he holds by " taking care" of a son or other relative or friend, in the city. In this way he has influenced largely the return of the members of the Legislature. Under his manipulations, a considerable number go to Albany ready to be seduced. The virtue of the others does not stand very long after he has arrived with his moneybags, and their return to their constituents enriched, no longer excites shame on the one side or indignation on tho other. We believe it was the experience of the reform Democrats at tho late convention at Rochester that the country delegates wero little if any superior in tone to the band of jail birds which Tammany sent up from the city. As regards tho ' Republicans, wo shall only say that Tweed has a book in which he has entered tho sums paid last winter to the various Republican legislators for their votes, nnd that it is expected and believed that, if he flnds'that the game is really up as far as he is concerned, he will publish it. Let us hope and pray he will. It will be tho most striking "literary event" of the season. One entry in it at least has been already revealed by him with liis usual cynism, , and has been used against a prominent politician in the western part of tho State during tho lato canvass. From tit Nation. Turning the Tables. The Madison (Wis.) Journal of the 15th tilt., thus recounts how a tormentor became the tormented : On Wednesday morning a boy ton years old succeeded by strategy in getting four or five live rats into a small upper room in Falk's brewery on the south sido from the apartments used for drying barley. He closed tho door on them and unsuspecting ly went at them with a stick, when they turned upon him with the ferocity for which this venn in is noted under such circum stances. They made repeated leaps up into his face with a rapidity and savage- ness which he dcscritx? as terrible, nipping him on tho cheeks and about the neck. For a time he succeeded in pushing them away from his shoulders, and many times they bit his hands and fastened their teeth through his trowsers into his legs. They kept him so busily on the defensive as to prevent him from seeking tho door, and would have soon overpowered him with their fierce, persistant warfare, had not his shrieks for help brought the workmen to his assistance, who found him badly lacerated in many places ; he fainted from fright on being rescued. Tho rats all cleared the room tho instant the door was opened. The Colorado Marron linage Railroad. The facts intimately connected with this road are that it is 70 miles long, and will soon be in regular running condition. It is a three feet guage. The actual cost was $12,1500, per mile. There were 85 miles of rails laid in five weeks ; the rails weighing 80 lbs. per y Rid, against ISO on the Denver & Pacific. The weight of a train complete, carrying 200 passengers, is but 70 tons, against MflJ tons for a broad guage train carrying 213 passcngors. Each car weighs but eight tons, against 20 tons on the old system. The freight ears, weighing 4,000 lbs. will carry 10,000 lbs. weight, and though tho engine and tender weigh but 15 tons they took the excursiou train along 25 miles an hour easily. The reduction of running expenses, that is, after all the great argument for the narrow guage makes two-thirds of the whole weight trans ported pay, whereas on the broad guage system four-fifths are dead, unremuneratlve and taken at a perceptible loss. Thrilling Scene In a Catholic Church. On Thursday morning last, during tho 0 o'clock service at the church of St. John the Evangelist, in Now York, a scene took place that struck terror into the heart of every mother present. Father M'Mahon, whilo earnestly addressing his congregation, was interrupted by one of his assistants handing him a note. On perusing it ho remarked: " If there is a lady present by tho name of Curtis, sho will ploaso fol low mo at once to the clergy-room, adding 'that something had occurred at her homo Bince she left it one hour ago," There was a general stir throughout the assembly, and presently a lady arose and made her way toward tho front of tho church, tho priest following her out. Ho shortly returned, however, saying the lady who had responded to the summons was tho wrong person. It was some other Mrs. Curtis whose atten tion he desired to attract; but as no one moved ho continued, that the child of the woman whoso attention ho desired to attract had been burned to death since sho left it that morning. An exclamation and a woman's shriek of agony succeeded tho announcement, aud the poor mother was led through tho crowd. A nameless fear had kept her from obeying the first summons. A Nice Income. Ono of the best paying ofllces in tho Uni- setl States is the position of Sheriff of New York City. A N. Y. paper in speaking of the emoluments of the Sheriff aud his employees makes the following assertions: The Sheriff, in the year ending Juno 30th, received f 79,810,10. For commitments ho received during January, 1 0,774; February, (0,773.50; March, $3,270.95; April, 1:1,21)7,-21); May, $0,843; June, $0,010; Julyr$0,077.-!)0; and at tho same time for services during the quarter onding March, 81, $10,823.51; and during tho quarter ending July 1, $19,- 705.00. Tho satisfact ion of belonging to the Sheriff's oflico even in a subordinate position can be estimated when it is understood that Judson Jarvis, Brennan's man Friday, was allowed $1,500 by tho Board of Supervisors for removing a prisoner from New York to Owego. Correspondingly rich pickings are allowed to all tho hirelings of this oppressive chief. There is scarcely a lawyer in the city who could not tell instances of extortion by tho employees of the Sheriff. Two Husbands. Twenty years ago John Carter and Mary Johnson were married in Philadelphia. John was a sailor not unfrequently shipped for voyages to India and Japan. But in in the spring of '01 Mary aud her children were left without a protector. In the beginning of the year John had engaged on board the clipper Columbia for Calcutta, and tho vessel was wrecked off one of tho Islands of the East Indian archipelago and all her crew wore supposed to have perished. After the lapse of years the comely widow married Oeorge Wilson, and after their manage they went to New York and took rooms at 250 East Twenty-sixth street. A month ago the first husband turned up. Mary is in a quandary. tW Among the effects of a poor fellow named William Green, who died at St. Louis hospital, lately, was found a policy on his life, in favor of his sister, Johanna Green, for, $1,000. The woman has been found in great poverty, out of which the gift of her dead brother will lift her to comparative comfort. This man, dying poor and friendless, among strangers, nn object of public charity, in his denth blesses his sister witli the fruits of his loving forethought years before. We do not know whether tho policy was in the Continental of New York, or net, but very probably it was, as they pay their losses promptly. The gondii agent for this State, is J. F. Eaton, College Block Harrisburg. t3PA gentleman of Bethel, Vermont, has made a discovery in tanning leather which, he claims, will revolutionize the business. The material he uses is dry forest leaves, and his experiments are said to have been entirely satisfactory. One ton of loaves will tan as much leather as five cords of hemlock bark, aud will do the work in one-half the time By mixing tho leaves and bark in equal proportions, one-fourth of the time is saved. Tho leather tannod by this process is smoother, more flexible, aud yet retains the strength of the raw hide in a greater degree than that tanned by bark. Specimens exhibited at tho Vermont State Fair were awarded the first premium, after being subjected to the severest tests. American Homks. The December number of tills popular dollar inuguzlno contains several excellent Illustrations, unci InterestinKarti-cles or stories by Col. Thos. W. Knox, Col. K. H. C'onwell, Julius A. I'uliner, Jr., George K. McNeill, C. Henry St. John, Miss Mury E. Leonuril, Edwin Ballard, and other uble aud fascinating writers. The various departments devoted to the Household, Tuhle Talk, Butilmth Thoughts, Physiology, Our Boys and Girls, Witty Sayings and Doings, Farm and Garden, Mechanics and Artisans, Masonry, O ld Fellowship, Grand Army, and Knight of Pythias, are tilled with Interesting; and appioprlats mutter. Thu words and music of a popular song ore also given. This mugnsiuo which Is only one dollar per year, Is meeting with great success. It Is lor sule by all newsdealers, and is circulated for subscription by ugents who work on cash commissions, and are wanted In every city nnd town In America. Chas. II. Taylor & Co., Wuter St., Boston, are the publishers. FOBEIGN NEWS. A despatch from Spain, on the 29th ult., says : The marriage of Major-General D. E. Sickles, U. f). Minister, to Scnorita Creak, which was celebrated yesterday, caused much sensation in Madrid in fashionable circles. The lody is twenty-two years of age, lovely, accomplished, and well known in fashionable society in the capital. She is the daughter of tlie Assistant Treasurer of tho Provinco of Addalu-sla. The couple embark on Saturday, December 2d, on a visit to Amorica. London, Nov. 20. In a colliery explosion on Friday near West Bromwich eight miners are known to have been killed. A similar accident is reported in a coal mine noar Havorford West by which twenty men wero injured. Rossel and two of his companions, who wore members of the Commune, have been recently shot nt Paris. Strong appeals wore made to President Theirs for Rossel's pardon. Small-pox Is spreading, in virulent form, in Plymouth, England and its immediate vicinity. The German military authorities at Eper-nay have executed two Frenchmen who killed a German sentinol. The public uneasiness over the condition of the Prince of Wales and his prospective demise is so great as to effect most perceptibly the markets of London. The Aldine"" for 1872. Much curiosity has been nrousod to see this new " Champion of American Art," and tho publishers to gain a fruitful harvest by a timely gratilication of this very natural feeling, have brought out tho initial issue a month before the usual time. The verdict, wliioh tliey havo so long been anxiously working for, must be favorable. The fulfillment is certainly up to the promise which is saying a great deal. Perhaps tho first feature to attract the attention of old acquaintances is the change from green to buff in tho color of the cover hardly an improvement except so fur as to prepare for the greater changes Inside. On investigation we find that thu almost extravagant excellence of last year's paper has leen improved upon, the paper ot tins number being nearly one hall Heavier, The surface ulso seems better adapted to the rendering of those lino tints and deli cate grays which the printers of "The Aldine" know how to render so exquisitely. We also find that the advertisements have been restricted to tho wrapper, and an additional sheet inserted, giving seven more pages to the paper space well improved under the judicious care of the new poct- euitor. ' As a first number the one now before us sneaks well for the management of Mr, Stoddard, who will well merit all that has been conceded since tho announcement of his assumption of the editorship. Of the new American feature it is not too much to say, that tho beginning is ull that could be wished by the moHt enthusias tic noting. Tho illustration on tho first page, "Maud Midler," is one of sho happiest instances that has ever come to' our notice of the power ot the pencil to rem force the pen. The perfect harmony of ideas between the quoted lines ot Whit- tier s best production nnd the delicate, graceful figure of Miss Davis' delineation will bo grateful indeed to nil lovers of that poetry which is not confined to words. f or tho artist, who wo understand is young lady of about twenty, wo predict an enviable success in the path she has chosena path unvexed by questions of woman's rights. The full page picture from a design by Darley, "Tho Nooning," Is in itself a prize: Henry Linton, the engraver, has produced, in relief, all the delicacy of flue steel engravings, and tho picture is wonderfully suggestivo ot the American Bank Note Company, for whose vignettes tho very best work ot tins artist lias been produced. "A Tropic Forest." bv Granville Perkins. engraved by Weights, is a grand grouping ot the characteristics ot boutli American forest scenery, and tho rich verdure of tropical vegetation is given by both artist and engraver in a stylo that few would believo could 1)0 produced outside of Paris. Mr, Perkins has all the strength of Pore in this particular Held, and lias the merit ot being much moro natural; tlie pago is certainly a vindication of our homo talent, and must be accepted as Inch art in any country. Two views of Venice the frontispiece, "A Venetian Festival," in all the rich glow of firelight happily suirgohted by tho very warm tint selected, and the dark melancholy " Bridge of Sighs, with not a living thing in sight aro remarkable lor the strong contrast, marking two very distinct aspects ot Venetian history. The other pictures nro very good, and wo do not hesitate to pronounoo this " new departure" a decided success from the start an artistic gain for tho periodical and a triumph of American taste and enterprise. Tho publishers should havo tho support of every public spirited citizen, and we nope our county will bo well represented on the subscription books of " The Aldine. Terms 91.UU per year. For circular and particulars address .Tames Sutton & Co., 23 Liber ty St., New York. tSySausagc-Cutteis and a complete as sortment of Hardware can be bought ctieap 01 f . Mortimer s (Jo. ACENT8 WANTED FOR A BOOK THAT WILL BELLI OT THE RKNOWKKD NIG TV O It IILIT. This I unoriginal, Interesting, and Instruetlre work, full of rare full and linninr.liclinr an account of the AUTHOU'M I'liOhfcKMONAL LIKE, his wound nil tricks unit leal, with laughable Inel-dents and adventures as a Muk'cIuii. Necroman cer, anu veiiiiiusiuisi. iimsiruieu vvltn I 10 FULL PAGE ENGRAVINGS, besides tlie Author's Portrait on steel, and nuiner ous small uiiik. Thu volume is free from any objectionable mat ter. tMlnu hlifli timed unit llioriil In it. i.lmi-iK.litr. Slid Willis read with deep Interest, both by old sud young, it gives the most grannie and thrill-tug accounts of the ellei't of his wonderful feats and inuglcul tricks, cunning the must uncontrollable merriment and laughter. I Circulars. Terms. &u., with full Information, sent 1 tree 011 appucunnn 10 I DUFHlil.D AHflMKAD, Publisher. 1 4311 ' 711 bansum Street, Philadelphia, T7IO U II KV I liHWhoever habit unity uses any alcoholic preparations a an" will lie likely to softer from four evils, viz.: an overplus of fowl In the stomach, Impaired ability to digest It, the pangs of Dyspepsia, and a diss, tors bill. Da. Walker's Vsostabi.b Vinboab Hitters, the great Teetotal Kesturntlve of the age. without ovei stimulating the palate or Irrl-fating the stomach, Imparts a heallhtul appetite, promotes digestion, regulates the llverand bowels, hurdles the blood, and thus. Instead of entailing four evils, confers four Inestimable benefits. 47d4i tW Persons wanting Boots. Shoes, or Rubbers for men, women or children, can get a good article of F. Mortimer & Co. tST For Over-Coats, irood and chean. call on F. Mortimer & Co. They also have an assortment of Ready-Made Clothine of a good quality. County Price , Current. Bloomnblu, December 4, 1371. Flax-seed,. ...;..:.$1 so Potatoes , . ..,40 . Butter pound ., 20 " Efts' V dozen, ................... ' 25 " Dried Apples ft pound ta 6 " Dried Peaches, 10 Mcts.ya. Pealed Peaches 12 O 18 cts. " Cherries ' 000 cts. " " Pitted lStJUcta" Blackberries,... . . 6 8 cts. " Onions II bushel, 76 " NEWPOllT .MARKETS. Cbrrecfed Weekly by Kovgh, Snyder & Co. DEALERS IN f GltAIN At PRODLCK. Newtokt, December 4, 1S7L' Flour, Kxtra, ; . . . .'. . W 00 " Super 5 00 White Wheat ft bu 1 40 lted W'heat,.., 13501 Kye 74 Corn '. &05Q Oats ft 32 pounds, 42 Barley 7 Clover Heed ; S 00 Timothy Seed 2 SO Flax Seed 1 75 Potatoes 35 Q Ground Alumn Salt 1 (Kl Llmcbtirner's Coal, 2 40 Btovo Coal 4 50 Q 6 00 Pea Coal 3 00 Smith Coal 25 cts. V bJ. Cross Tles,S!4 feet lonji, 4.1 45 cents rork,.. tO-OOper lOOlbs. FISH, SALT, LIME ASH COAL, Of all kinds always on hand nnd for sale at the Lowest Market Kates. CARLISLE FKODIVK MARKET. Corrected Weekly by U. C. Wooowakd. Carlisle, November St 1871. Family Flour, 7.00 Superfine Flour,. '., t.00 . Superfine ltye Flour 4.60 White Wheat 1.45 Hed Wheat t.40 ltye , 75 Corn. Oats 4S Cloversced, 4.25 Tlmothyseed Jin Flaxseed ; 1.80 Philadelphia Price Current. Corrected Wee kly hy Junney Andrew, No. 123 Market Htrkkt. PiULvuil,.!' 111 UicdU'ie',2, ITl. White Wheat 1 751 75 Wheat 1 55 1 AO Kye tiAH Corn 747I Oats 48050 Clover Seed 10 gloier lb. Timothy Seed 2 75 2 75 Flax Seed 1 Si 9 1 S5 Country Lard 8 QWt F.KK. 36 36 Butter, dull sale -.. lu 10 Washed Wool, , 74 cents per lb. MAnniAoxiB, Bowobr Bower On Tuesday, Novomber Slst, 1871, hy Kev. D. Sell, Mr. Emanuel Sou-der, to Miss Mary A. Bower, both of Parry Co. r Lot Ki.kffman On Thursday, November auiu, iwi, oy me same, nr. Anarew i. L,oy,io Miis Kebecea S. Klelfiuuii, both of Perry Co. 8PANOLEH M11.LE11 On the 23d nit., at the Lutheran Parsonage, in Arendtsville, by Kev. M. Snyder, Mr. Jahn U. Spangler, to Miss Bu-rah Jaue Miller, both of Adams Co., Pa. PUBLIC SALE MILLS & LANDS At Duneanuon, Perry County, Pa., Oa Thursday, December 11th, 1871, At 2 o'clock, P. M. I WILL sell at Public Sale, at Diincannnn, Perry Couiily. I 'a., 011 the premises, tlie well knowu and old established DLNCANNON Merchant A- Grist Mill, ALSO. THE SAWMILL, . and three acres of land In the centre of Duncan-lion, with the entire water power of tuellttie Juniata, under 'U feet head and full. The GRIST MILL Is of stone 45 feet x 45 feet, Willi two water wheels IS feet IiIkIi, S feet wide with 6 pairs of stones, ami all the ueeessary mud ern machinery to muke SO barrels of merchant flour per day. The county tolls alone amount to one thousand dollars per year. The SAW MILL Is I1I11I1 geared, and cuts 60 foot lumber Is driven by one vershot wheel IS feet IiikIi- These mills are 80 yards from the Pennsylvania Hullroud Station, and 1U0 yards from the Telegraph uud 1'ost-olllee. I will also sell my DWELLING HOUSE, ii WITH A LOT OF LAND, 150 feet X 150 feet, aud 5 Lots of SO feet by 100 feet. TICKMS OF HALK. Ten per cent, to he paid when the property Is stricken oft, or a note with security for the same at 30 days, and ten per cent, when the deed Is made and possession given. The balance In six eipiul annual wyments secured with Interest. , Possession can be given at any time before April 1st, If denlied. 01131 days notice, TITLE INDISPUTABLE, For further information address," GKIFHTH JONEV Nov. 17, 1871. . 1)u"''.ryCo..Pfc

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