Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England on December 31, 1956 · 8
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Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England · 8

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1956
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X Adulia A Cauaova's Bli Nil hi U Boh Hop Color CLASSIC Baker St-nene Tierney Corinne Cal vet ON THE RIVIERA (A) CONTINENT ALE WI— MUS 4193 - The Kina A I IUI Once Upon a Time (U) CURZONw— Gro 3737 Cousuen'l The SUant World (UK Colour 1240K 350 6-30 t£IONHtotakBiMkid (U)" Murder (AK Pron at 12-55 5 55 720 DO! Bins Crosby Grace mis Armstroas — ROB Caifocd— Mania "j? 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BaH Lic’d LOOK BEFORE YOU SHOP— ConataMU chrngmg diaplxy of erell-detiyntd lh:rg ror ' office THE DESIGN CENTRE home and office THE DESIGN CL Haymarkel MON -SAT 930-330 FREE! RICHMOND ICE RINK— Pop 5646 Skat ay Dsilv Tue 6-850 Cnri 8o ?k' SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN EXHIBITION— Hon 1-gdtural Hall WeitmtaMcv 9 am to 7 pm Daily Dee 5l-Jaa 12 Adm 16 " 730 STREATHAM KT RINK— Gala "730 36 novcltim etc Gen kte a ihuxI m-mr TRANSPORT TREASURES EXHIBITION Relic that bnna to life (be ttory ot fane-port Hi Britain Euttoa Sutma weekdiv 10 am to 6 P-nc Sandaya 2 P-m to p a Adiniaaioa 6d Childrra aadcr i 4 RESTAURANTS ALDWYCH BRASSERIE— New Year’a Eve Dinner Dance Eddie Edward' Band Party A Cabaret l Aldwycb WC2 TEM 9857 BBAGANZA 56 Frith Sirect Wl —THE Rctaurant of Dritinction GER 54126 New Yetr'i Eve Gala Dinner A Dancing Book now to gvoid diMppointment BRENT BRIDGE HOTEL Hendon— New Veari Eve Gaia Dinner Dance 50- Telc-pbonc Sunnyhiil 0066 CAFE DE PA RHL— JOHN MOBLEY nightly New Year' Eve Gala 5 guineas Few tablet till avxilabe GER 2036 CAER ROYAL Begem 8L— Rraeearta Ran MihIc Drink Food at it bnt Open tdl midnight Phone WHI 2473 CASCADE Mayfair Place Wl— London's Newest aad Smartest Restauraat New Year's Em Grand Gala Night Dancing to BERNARD MONSHIN and Im Mimic Cabaret: the raboloiH HUTCH GRO 1128 CELEBRITE Bond Sl— HYD 76562677 New Y oar’s Em Gala- DHtaar Dunes 9-3 ajn Cabaret The TIM-WU-KEE MX A ROBIN RICHMOND CHEZ AUCUSTE — Perlect tar New Yetr'i Ee Dinner with aiuilc Book now Lie cat to 2 ' am 58 Old Common Sl Soho Gcr 5952 CHEZ HELENE CORDET Society Reel 40 Jcrmya St SWl — Reg 0565 Dint 1 Dance from 830 CB 2 am GTpey Mia c GRAND New Year’s Eve Gala flans me COLONY Berkeley Sq— MAY 1657 Lunch Dinner Supper Dance fr 830 Felix King Cabaret: SERENELLA COO DOR RUf Stratton Street Wl— Lunch Dinner A Supper Mayfair 78079 EL SOMBRERO 142144 Kenringrnn High St W8— New Year Em with pink chant pagn at London' Imimats rendervout GALA DINNER DANCE Licence extended until 3 am Star cabaret Aliractiom "Todo Loco' Gifu for ail Retenration Wee 0572 PORTE'S POPULAR RESTAURANT Piccadilly Circu— Lnnch Dinner Supper Full lliwnard Colnured Muriral Fountain a HATCHETTS Piccadilly Wl— Lunch Wine Dine A Da ace Theatre Dinner from 6 Pm Dancing 8-30 pnv-250 em Drew optional HYD 1804 HUNGARIA REST Lwr Reamt St— WHI 4222 Dinner-Donee Rudy Rome's Band Olpiy Music Open Sunday Dinner LA BONDE Swallow St— New Year Eve (bit Dinne'-ryance 3 gn REO 0562 LATIN QUARTER 131 5 Wardour Street r 1666 New and Magi YULETIDB FANTASY? Magniflceni Stvctadf lid's “YUL am DinDcg Eva 3 1" LE PTIT MONTMARTRE — London’t latest Intimate mtaurant Rourhonnatoc ipecialitie Music New Ymri Em Oala 2 gn 15 Marytehona Lane Wclheck 2992 LO XPIEDO Pice Circ — lulian Rcstanrant A Bar Lie Mdnt Manager Gino WHI 5339 (eontlnttti foot of next column) TO ADVERTISE — ESPECIALLY IN THE EVENING SITUATIONS VACANT 1 7a M s- line i3 famrlfou 5a s ling Agenciet 25t i line CHEMICAL ENGINEER WELL-ESTABLISHED Chemical Engineering ' Contractors hav a vacancy tar a Qualified Engineer to deaf with the ptwcoai datiga af a variety of httciaHlas Phae Applicanta vhoutd have Is chemical anghuweina Md ham at leant thrm ymta taduMrial MlIkllkBa - Salary wfll be hf (M rngtoti ef Cl 500 p a dcpcBdlns no aapariosm 1 ami quailllcationa AppUcatiom win ha treated tn the Ctrl dot conddeaea and ahould ha Addnsaad Id! Boa 7867 Evenlna Suadard The Distillers Company Ltd TECHNICAL ASSISTANT leal Aaaiatant (Mala) gRulted ror amoll leboralory ia LtwdtM ansaaed hi corrotioa imearrh Aft ap m26 yearn HNC la Chemwtrr or equivalent preferred but eppfl-cbbm about to uka euch qualiflca- -liona will ha comideied Fravloua nperteoce in deallna triju proMctm of comuioa la dcajrabte but aot oaacnrioL Dutiee — — — eapailmantal work la lit United Kingdom Good mlary and condb af eerviue aon-coalribiuory will Write Staff Maoeaer Tba DMfflem Quota Ref No 8056 STATISTICAL CLERK The Distillers Company Ltd A vacancy extol M the London office of the company tar a Con- ii mt-k m a— — HuantalUiM omen ot mo noimr lidontial Clerk m a Senior Eaecuiive Applicants moH be of sood appearaace well educated and ahla to prepare and preaent uaijerical saccumtcly Aec 28-55 Salary ling to qaalMcatiom ant aevwrdlng to qaalMcatum eapericace but eot iem than £750 pa Noo-cootnbutoty pouioa fund Write The Staff Manager THE DISTILLERS CO LTtK 21 Sl Jamee Sq London SW1 London County Council REQUIRES (1) MACHINE OPERATOR with experience of RtmiDSMj86 and 6B6 machiaea Varied iag wage accountx ctwting budgelary coolroL ICOMPTO (2) METER OPERATOR for Ouaniliy catcmioai and Surveyorf work including catena qbarfng dhnemiom Pay in each cam up to £10 4 riarV euwftoSa HaU SE1 (2437K LEWIS LTD CENTRAL BUYING OFFICE eqmre the follow in Female Staffr BOUGHT LEDGER CLERK with fcaerai o9lce eapericace Age not under 25 Preference livta 'i nr non u-d to temple lovoicci BUYER’S CLERK an 18-22 for faihioa lection Mint be good at Sgure A ternatc Saturday Canteen on prcaa-M Shopping Khcme Staff Managerew 117 Great Portland SL Wl MUS 8686 ABANDON CARE I Foe office Job St PauT Aa 160 Cheamide MET 85S3 call ABANDON OFFICE JOB WORRIES Call In A ee m we're friendly people ACME AGENCY 4 Blenheim-! Bood-it Wl (Oxford -it end) GRO 4577 ABLE SECRETARIES £0 to £12: STENOS f8 10 £9 A all Office Staff m XCEPflONAL win MAYFAIR EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 55 North ApiPcy-ft W ACCOUNT CLERKS required at Head Office of well-known Life Assurance Company in West End Age 17-55 Good pro peel for young men and women of character and initiative Good mtory ecale and working eomlitionf Luncheon voucher Write Box E-c41 6 LPE 55 St Martinto-tane W C2 irv-O'INTING M (CHINE OPERATOR tar Underwood “ Sunthtrsnd-E ledger postifig machine required Good salary and condi tion canteen etc Apgl Secretary John Dxviex-il W 1 w vr-lr 6617 ACCOUNTS A STATISTICAL ASSISTANT -cquired tar Puh'icity Department of wel known electrical minufacturlni company Excellent pro peed 5-d week Prmtoii tchnm Cnmnwnrm salary £400 £500 — ordine to age and experianm Boa 7855-ACCOUNTS CLERK reqd for timber yard to be accwraie at Agurev 5-day werk Good p-ovpccti Write to H Cam A Son J6 Old Bethnal Gra-rd E2 8262 9-450 Bonding AJont Ltd (continued in next column) V RESTAURANTS — cont& (from foot of Column 2) M4KON BAROUE— HYD 2652 11 Dover St Wl “CCF Finders “Go Earope end “Diners’ Club members welcomed MARGARITA Spnnlth Rest 17 Coffi Ren 5A8a Bk now New Year's Ere Celebration Dnca Spanish Dan-era Guitar A Songs MAXIM’S Chinese Restaurant— 3a J Wsrdour Sr Wl Den Mon to Fri 1 sm Ger 3724 REffTAURANT-DnncIng MAY FAIR HOTEL 830 Pm ta 1 am Albert Martand and hisMiHfc Nlftwy ni 1115 the frbulous “ HUTCH" Rrtervatlons : Mayfnir 7777 PICCADILLY HOTEL— Re MOO Dinner 6 0 pm to midnight Dancing 8 0 pm "i u-nri" Cn!e snd hi Band PIGALLE— From To-au 9 15 8 Midnight International Cabaret C Hanning Poilo-k Die Kaye Staten Fredyc Manhrlt Dsiur Dance and Show 276 Oro 6425 QUEEN'S RCSTAUBANT Leieetter Sq— New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Dance and Cabaret with vtage radio Mtevtalon arttotes 8 pm" to2 am 'Tkn 526 GER 2742 SPIDERS WEB REST — New Yrnri Eve Oala Dinner Full Lie Bra Bnshey 2291 THE CZECH PEST Marble Arch — TONIGHT GRAND NY FV GALF Mid-niaht Cabaret whb the RIHARI CZARDAS TROUPE Hungarian Aral thne in London RUTH SYLVESTER ROSSI and JAR OK A and Gipsy KOVACS TaMn bkgs Pad 3710 VF UREY'S 233 Regent Street— Famed L tar (In food and drink NEW YEAR’S EVE AH tlM chef apecialittaa pM special difhes but no increased prices Hats imcshies eatemion of license Open to 1-50 a m Bnnkin Resent 4495 WOODEN HORSE Hieb St Eentington— Wev 1030 New Yesr’l Fvo Oats Night Music Lic'd 3 s-m Join the party CLUBS ASTOR Brheley Sq — Fabulous comedy ahow starrin LIBBY MORRIS BILLY BAXTER MACK A KIRK EDDIE ASH plus BERTIE GREEN A HIS LOVELY ASTOR GIRLS Res GRO 3181 CABARET Beak Sl Wl— Dinnsr dancing 7 50 pm to S am London) largest floor mows 10 and 1 Nw Year Eve Gaia Dinner £4 4 GER 4 CAROUSEL CLUB 4 Duke of York St— A few ticket available for New Yetr'i Eve Gale Dinner 42- Cab Whi 4660 EDMUNDO ROS CLUB— Reg 7675 Dine A Dance from 850 M Edmundo Re A Arnold Bailey Cabaret: HARRIOTT A EVANS ISSY 6 " 6 Old Bond St— Open 10 pm ln!timaic A Cosy Embaaty Lovelies A 1 hoar “ ' Band Hyd 5275 Reg 0557 Cab Once 2 pamotM Band Hyd EVE 189 Recent St— 850-3 50 Reg 2 -count Dinner before 1030 50- Inc nvih New Show POSTMAN’S KNOfX STORK ROOM 99 Regent St— Re 368g GREYHOUND RACING H A R RINGA Yv-Toidghi A Fri 'next A every Man A Fn al 7-50 pm Fully Licensed R“ tvuranl Table bookings STA 5474 HENDON StADIUM— ' Tonight at 745 nnd every Monday and Friday at 743 PARK ROY ALj— Every Monday and Friday at 2 L5 pm Full lote Clubs it WALTHAMSTOW STADIUM— Tdmorrow at 7 43 and every Tnes 745 and Sal 73() WEMNIEY STADIUM—' Tonight A every Mon A Fri 750 P-m Lie Rest A Buffet t yanyynwwayugyqp g yn— -x — riR 'ffHf af I1 ady bookkeepiaa eo Ourie igtcway Housa wceklT pettokia achemc: staff canieea - fca: biS ln w" End Salary scale aa Civil Service Apply ADVEBTISING for check Ini admrttocmenta 5-day weak ram (uv a 771 Eat 23 AGENT reprevealina Britnh and Coatlaeami manufheturera rayon pea goodn requlr tapcrlenoed traveller with coanoctjon whole-at 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Insurance - Association 21 Greavenorlace B Wl SU 9991 CLERK (female) 19-ai with aptttnda for figures required for printing efllce of leading advmttolng egcncy KnowMgt of bookkeep- nor -place SW1 SW (female) 19-21 with required for printing al IFIg IHIWi 9081 W1U (jmwviw Writ fully ta "Box 8849 3IIL Win Txmoiil pKIWl £ka: m - statistic CLERK Uuly) goad ot flgurcs for nodcra office dept for pieiiani Warren-at A Euiion-sq - Sim luf &!! v'3 fS“ CLERK 'maicUtar7Bmini1 office wotlt AMY citss1 rtaftSd7 Psihoioey Department Must be loot typist biti shorthand nct tiseatiaL Apply by letter to Secretary Eltoabcth Garietl - Anderson HoepTbiT Euatoa-rd NW1 CLERK aoms cap ot ahippma and amall taata AMn to typa Perm programivc pant Fuumf office Slats tap and wans reqd Boa 8820 CLERK TYPh assist cnaniar pain WJL No Sow £9 Call: LONDON TAFF AGCYj 527 Oword-stw wl (Nr RpodotJ CLERK TYPIST previous knowMjra of mtosj purchaj9 officejclephoneSDdngure work a £7-£ Ago 25 upwards ' £7-£7 10 to- ago and 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required Age thnii 94(40 ear Boa 8842 COPY TYPIST required by Oivana of Bond at Phone MAY 5522 COPY TYPI81 junior Congenial wtroani-inai Hoi bora area 9 to 5 Na Sal Rina Credit Manager CHA 8855 CORRESPONDENCE CLERK female able to work on own Initiative Knowledge at ihort-kand gg edvantaic 5-day week Applr hi writing Manning Director Correspondence Schooli Ltd- 7J Kingawey WC47 CRANBOURN AGENCY I for director £10 CITi Crenbourn-et Lelcratcr-go GE CUTTER female for children'! drama 5-day week Apply Jgmce Badcodt A Sod DENTAL RECEPTIONIST required Knupg tan diitrict 5-day week EseeBcnt weiaa WES V461 D H EVANS A CO LTD Oxford-M Wl require SENIOR CLERKS (female) for their counting houa Experience la flnum emcn-tiaL Five-day weak Good wanes Peaalon c'aenM "or permanent naff Cafeteria a pre-mira Diacount on penotul ahoppioi itore App’y guff Manager 4th Floor DIRECTOR’S SECRETARY required by targe (London) Wen End company Interesting lob with great scope for someone with initiative and good educational background Applicants should write aiviag full particular of age qualifications aad experience m Bos 7824 DRER8 FOLDER required by Ltuai Dremei Ltd Eaceilcni wince for experienced lady Apply Mr Cully Culquhoun House Broad-wickun WL DRESSMAKERS (outdoor) ebie to eot and make complete model towns Apply in ptnon with eaatata after 11 am to Mary Fair 18 Bakcr-tt Wl DRESS SHOPS BUYER requires A met ant wnh sale experience Fkooe MUS 5015 appointment DRIVER required for Hour 8-5 Phono for appointment EDUCATED ST read oa own Temporary Outdoor Staff Caii STELLA FISHER BUREAU 436 Rtr-idL WC2 TEM 6644 EFFICIENT SECRETARY J Short Ira ad-IVolst C5W& VSSt'UHXlS'M: ESSO PETROLEUM COMPANY LIMITED hat vneandee tar (killed craftsmen al Fiwley Refinery near Souths me ort Fewtcy in eiiuated on Southampton Wotoe m the borders of I he New Forest Vacancies are tar i INSTRUMENT FITTERS i tar the araintenance of modem electrical aad SMchaaifal oonlrol iBMnt-menta araien and vnlvm BOILERMAKERS in 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dar-work (JO-br woet) Top Jb bonne Apply Pbyflta Taylor Ltd S3 Great Marlboruygh-at Wl — lg ft W g 1 EXPERIENCED FEMALE CLERK for oul-piiicntt appointment depertmenc Salary oa Grad B at age 25 or over £404 per annum riling to £560 per enaum both Inciueivg of London Weighting Apply In wruino with copies of two tcmtimoareto to Hou Governor Royal National Throat Nom and Ear HotpitaL Grayto band W C 1 EXPERIENCED MALE SHIPPING CLERK for old cvuMwhcd City Arm Adaptable reliable and aMc to me initiative Pension echcm nno htnebeon voucher exrtttrat aal-ty 5-dey week Pleera phone AYR 1849-EXPERIENCED PACKLR required Hector Powc of Rcgeat-et require an experienced pecker for tailoring and ou'ff'fina This a permanent position and there to ttalT fund in eonally or ta tatter toMr W L paatSy operetion Hector Pont Ltd 165 Resent -at London Wl EE PER (ENCED Sal 'MONDAY DECmBKB Si'M EXPERIENCED rtgiintEU - PRIVATE required by mamiinn djlw”frR?TRY r far EmlWinM SrJi15S"toal Perfect German Oawict??ytitw 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